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November 8th 2016 – Election Night Preview…

The DC chattering class have no idea… clueless.  Perfect.

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Angela Merkel Loses Election in Home District to Nationalist AfD Party….

The reverberations from open border policies, and mass immigration continue to surface.  The latest evidence is found today in North-Eastern Germany where the AfD party (Alternative for Deutschland/Germany), German Nationalists, has won a significant electoral victory in the home district … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Coffee Klatch – Chris Wallace Leads Today’s Trump Bashing Panel…

There’s a screen grab below the fold highlighting a specific moment of giggling glee for Chris Wallace.  Remember, Wallace is a presidential debate moderator; however, he’s also one of the three specific figures (outlined in multi-sourced media reports) who was … Continue reading

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Clinton Media Drag Out Senate Gang-of-Eight Member Jeff Flake to Counter Trump Immigration Plan…

You know you’re directly over the target when the insufferable U.S. media drag out ‘gang-of-eight’ Senator Jeff Flake as flack and chaffe countermeasures to Donald Trump’s immigration plan.  So entirely predictable… CNN’s Jake Tapper starts it off:

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Kellyanne Conway Interview with ABC Martha Raddatz – Good Morning America (9/4/16)…

Soon-to-be presidential moderator, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, interviews Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway for Good Morning America.

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Governor Mike Pence Interview With Chuck Todd – Meet The Press (9/4/16)…

As a direct outcome of Donald Trump’s success in discussions with democrats core constituency, the media is in apoplectic defense mode to protect Hillary Clinton while ignoring her campaign invisibility.  Enter Chuck Todd and Meet The Press:

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Venezuela On The Brink…

If, like me, you haven’t been keeping up with the escalating crisis in Venezuela, you might be surprised at the scope of the protests in the past few days. With massive food shortages still ongoing as a result of the … Continue reading

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