Two Hour Interview – Donald Trump Says: “America First” – New York Times Is Gobsmacked…

How dare he.  Just, well, how dare he.  That’s the takeaway sense you get when you review the New York Times framing of a two hour ‘on-the-record’ interview with Donald Trump referencing a world-view and foreign policy outlook.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he takes the stage for a campaign town hall meeting in DerryIt is refreshing, and it is bizarre we can even use the word “refreshing“, to see an American candidate for the American Presidency, say their goal is to actually put America-first in all policy decisions.

It’s not protectionism, it’s patriotism.

It’s not isolationism, it’s common sense.

Almost all of Europe and most of Asia are capable of spending Trillions of dollars on their infrastructure, Airports, bullet-trains, high-speed rail, bridges, ‘Chunnels’, and the list goes on…. quite simply because they don’t spend much on their own national defense, and prefer to hide behind our military apron when needed.

To pay for this enomorus international military/police force, and overly generous commitment, we, in turn, put ourselves into debt and can’t spend on our own domestic needs.   This is not international economic theory, it’s a reality – and for the first time in decades a politician is saying enough is enough.   Charity begins at home!

Trump flag


(New York Times) – […] Mr. Trump’s views, as he explained them, fit nowhere into the recent history of the Republican Party: He is not in the internationalist camp of President George Bush, nor does he favor President George W. Bush’s call to make it the United States’ mission to spread democracy around the world. He agreed with a suggestion that his ideas might be summed up as “America First.”

“Not isolationist, but I am America First,” he said. “I like the expression.” He said he was willing to reconsider traditional American alliances if partners were not willing to pay, in cash or troop commitments, for the presence of American forces around the world. “We will not be ripped off anymore,” he said.

In the past week, the bombings in Brussels and an accelerated war against the Islamic State have shifted the focus of the campaign trail conversation back to questions of how the candidates would defend the United States and what kind of diplomacy they would pursue around the world.

Mr. Trump explained his thoughts in concrete and easily digestible terms, but they appeared to reflect little consideration for potential consequences. Much the same way he treats political rivals and interviewers, he personalized how he would engage foreign nations, suggesting his approach would depend partly on “how friendly they’ve been toward us,” not just on national interests or alliances.

At no point did he express any belief that American forces deployed on military bases around the world were by themselves valuable to the United States, though Republican and Democratic administrations have for decades argued that they are essential to deterring military adventurism, protecting commerce and gathering intelligence.

Like Richard M. Nixon, Mr. Trump emphasized the importance of “unpredictability” for an American president, arguing that the country’s traditions of democracy and openness had made its actions too easy for adversaries and allies alike to foresee.

“I wouldn’t want them to know what my real thinking is,” he said of how far he was willing to take the confrontation over the islands in the South China Sea, which are remote and lightly inhabited but extend China’s control over a major maritime thoroughfare. But, he added, “I would use trade, absolutely, as a bargaining chip.”  (read more)

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367 Responses to Two Hour Interview – Donald Trump Says: “America First” – New York Times Is Gobsmacked…

  1. fernleygirl says:

    “Norpoth created a statistical model of presidential elections that uses a candidate’s performance in their party’s primary and patterns in the electoral cycle as predictors of the presidential vote in the general election.”

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  2. fernleygirl says:

    Oops, I forgot to ask if someone who tweets could do whatever it is that needs to be done to get the “general election winner” story circulating?


  3. Linda says:

    Ann Coulter is hilarious:

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  4. Bull Durham says:

    Monday we shall discuss the state of the campaign. Clear-headed, no delusion.

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  5. MVW says:

    Trump seems to be bringing a lawsuit to deal with Louisiana’s delegate steal by Cruz.

    Good. RNC could be sued for $ billions for monkey business. LOL!

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  7. M. Mueller says:

    It’s Easter evening; everyone’s gone home and I’m sitting here alone crying after reading this BB article. I always knew this was going on in some back village somewhere in the world, but for it to be going on in America is a total disgrace! How long has it been since America has actually protected its children? Why do we let these people in? As far as I’m concerned, these feminists can all rot in … I only hope Mr. Trump will take office in time to stop this wave of people, since Obama keeps bringing in more. If you read the article, read the whole thing. The descriptions… There is a hell, and many will be surprised to end up there. I mean, it’s getting to be insane; we can’t even protect children in public bathrooms now? Much less this.

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  8. amillionreasons says:

    Good approach to foreign policy. Hope he gets a chance to implement it.

    In other news, look like we’re getting screwed out of FL delegates too. So that’s GA, LA, SC, TX, FL….

    How many states can we afford to lose?


  9. TPW says:

    Did anyone see the “far” right protest in Brussels this AM. They where pushed back by the police and watered down with water guns……made me think of future confrontations in this country over immigrants….who would back down ….the right or the military?….how far would the govt. go or the military? were the folks in Texas that far off? It is heading in that direction if Trump is not elected? Serious times.

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    • Patriot1 says:

      That’s what happens to the citizens when they give their country over to the globalists. I for one will never go along. Trump 2016!!!


    • rodney says:

      Should Hillary win, that will be our fate and then much worse. What concerns me is that many Americans including Republicans will vote for Hillary when the time comes. If Trump win’s it will be very, very close.

      There will be do overs for the U.S. if she wins, the U.S. will cease to exist under her regime.


  10. Howie says:

    On this day the Hirohito approval rating was over 75%

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  11. thehourofdecision says:

    Donald Trump’s view of the world as expressed in this article is one of the main reasons I support him. He has expressed the exact same views in almost the same wording since the 1980’s. If you watch interviews from the 80’s and read his interview with Playboy in 1991 he is exactly the same as today. He authentically cares about our nation and knows he is the only one who can halt the slide our country is on. His view is that the United States is being ripped off, taken advantage of, and being openly laughed at and disrespected by the rest of the world; especially our so called allies. We spend billions of dollars in aid to our allies and in defending nations “for peanuts” who then turn around and rip us off on trade. Excuse my french, but America is getting the sh#t end of the stick and Donald Trump wants it to stop! He rightfully blames this on the weakness and/or incompetence of our leaders and the political system by which our poiticians are puppets of specail interests or foreign countries and entities. I write this for all the Cruz supporters and Trump haters who say Donald is only saying things to get elected or has no basic philosophy or policy. He truly wants to Make America Great Again, perhaps because he wants to be the one to pull it off, but more so because he has ultimate confidence that he is the only one who can do so.

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  12. Patriot1 says:

    What a simple platform. America first and Make America great again. Funny how all these self described genius’ on TV couldn’t think of it.

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  13. Preppin247 says:

    I think what bothers some people about Trump is that they’ve never been exposed to a true leader.. in the military leaders ” think on their feet” .. the goal is understood and decisions are made on the fly as the situation evolves. .. the goal. aka winning is the objective. Our so called leaders today have a conference to schedule a meeting to approve a study then another conference to schedule another meeting to hire a consultant .. then a meeting to review the study… oh wait time to hit the campaign trail again


  14. Tonawanda says:

    From the Times: “Mr. Trump explained his thoughts in concrete and easily digestible terms, but they appeared to reflect little consideration for potential consequences. Much the same way he treats political rivals and interviewers, he personalized how he would engage foreign nations, suggesting his approach would depend partly on “how friendly they’ve been toward us,” not just on national interests or alliances.”

    You know how we are considered too ignorant or stupid when we dare to think of government finances in terms of out own finances? Like, do not accumulate debt, spend wisely, save, plan ahead, have a rainy day fund? All those really really stupid ideas?

    That is what the Times is doing here, in sneeringly contrasting Trump’s view (friendship) with “national interests or alliances.” See, he’s just a dummy who does not grasp the complexities of international relationships? He is a simpleton who merely judges people and nations on they way they actually act toward us.

    This is why I despise leftists, elitists, plutocrats and other assorted malignant egos.

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    • avgjosephine says:

      The smarty-pants crowd is always looking for ways to belittle others in order to assure themselves that they are the smartest people in the room. The so-called “highly educated” can be such dummies. There are many forms of intelligence or smarts that can’t be measured by grades, by degrees, or by IQ tests. I hope they will continue to disparage “flyover country”, NASCAR fans, beer-drinkers, rednecks, and folks who live in the podunk boonies. It will only emphasize how out of touch they are with a lot of the American population.

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  15. paulraven1 says:

    There is a term for what the Left, the media and the GOPe are attempting to do to Donald Trump. It is called “Kafkatrapping.” It means to bind the target within a world of decreasing options until everything the target does or doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say, is prima facie evidence of his responsibility or guilt (in any particular or manufactured event) until, finally, he is implicated as morally damnable by his very existence. E.g., even thought Trump has nothing to do with Cruz’s scandal, the story becomes about him and he must explain himself (repeatedly, and to no avail). Even though Trump has nothing to do with the violence at his rallies, the obvious outsider incitement becomes a “controversy” about him and an indictment of his positions and persona. The idea is to put the target inside a shrinking and inescapable social compactor of condemnation. Is there a way to fight back, to defeat Kafkatrapping? It takes monumental courage, indomitable persistence, an ability to reach people with rough equivalence to the media’s, and a very loyal and resourceful base.

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    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      Good post
      “It takes monumental courage, indomitable persistence, an ability to reach people with rough equivalence to the media’s, and a very loyal and resourceful base.”
      Your sentence describes Mr. Trump and US.
      My sense is the Media has lost their power.
      This election is the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
      I live in Arizona.
      The Metro Phoenix newspaper is 100% anti-Mr. Trump.
      KFYI & KTAR are the major talk radio: 100% anti-Mr. Trump.
      Election result: Yuge Win for Mr. Trump with 47% of the vote.


  16. Martin says:

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    • Jill says:

      Killing us: U.S.-China trade gap an historic $365 billion, out-exports U.S. 4-to-1.


      • daughnworks247 says:

        And if you take away COAL, which we now export, to be burned in the 28 new electric plants the Chinese have built in the last 5 years, the gap would increase 100-125 billion.
        Gheez, I cannot wait to be done with Obama.


  17. avgjosephine says:

    How remarkable that so many of the comments on the NYT site are favorable to Mr.Trump. For the snot-nosed elite, it must be difficult to admit that they agree with his views. Perhaps articles like this will allow those in the anti-Trump crowd to actually take a fresh look and think for themselves instead of going lock-step with the party line. I can hope, right?

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  18. Martin says:

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  19. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Don’t be fooled by Trumps down to earth talking and views, anyone that could parley a million dollars in to $10 billion knows what he is doing and is very capable of running a country. No other candidate has actually done anything useful is life except talk about themselves and tell us how great they are going to be as the next President, really!

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  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    Americans want Constitutional America Back NOW!
    Americans are tired of being treated like criminals in their own country.
    Americans are ANGRY & want their country back.
    Trump 2016 Will Make America Great!!


  21. roxanne175 says:

    Someone above commented that Donald Trump makes “them” feel bad because he’s better at accomplishing things than they are. (Paraphrase)

    A long time ago, my husband worked in carpentry. The company he worked for was building apartment complexes and they had quite a crew there. My husband was a true craftsman…an artisan.

    His boss comes to him one day and says, “Joe, you gotta quit doing such a good job.”

    They meant it. Buyers were choosing the units he had done and not wanting the others.

    Once Donald Trump comes in, the bar will be set and the majority of the people now working in politics will not cut it. We will know what quality work is and we will demand it. Or we’re not buying what they’re selling.

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  22. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    God love and protect him!


  23. Howie says:

    Crooze/Moosecowski 2016


  24. tomholsinger says:

    Our problem is allies who won’t fight even in defense of themselves, not allies in general. We should get out of NATO, and make new alliances with some of its countries, based on our long-term interests. Our long-term interests are not served by alliances with suicidal governments. France, Germany, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway won’t defend themselves from internal threats, persist in creating those and are dying as nations. Italy, Poland, Denmark, and Portugal, etc., are fine in terms of self-defense. Our ability to help them defend themselves against external threats is questionable given the collapse of France, Germany and Britain.

    But the issue is America’s long-term interests. Our European alliances need a re-evaluation based on first principles, and that means putting our interests first.

    We learned in Vietnam, and again recently in Iraq, that we can’t defend countries which lack the will to defend themselves for whatever reason. Countries which are visibly destroying themselves can’t be defended.


  25. kinthenorthwest says:

    As I said before the Majority are US Military Vets & Families of Vets.
    There are Not Enough THANK YOUs For Our American Military Personnel & Vets!

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  26. kinthenorthwest says:

    Hard to like Cruz when his team is so full of crooked people.


  27. Suzy Kiprien says:

    Before I forget, interesting tidbit about Hillary and her law thesis. It seems she had a thing for Alinsky. Back-up info also:


  28. rondo says:

    A little old but worth seeing again.

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  29. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    If Europe or Asia want Ameica’s fleet patroling the blue oceans so their commerce get out of their ports with out pirates taking it, then pay the bill. China may brag about their new Navy but it is just bells and whistles.


  30. Darth Vaper says:

    Sundance says this is the first time a politician has said this in decades. What about Ron Paul!?!?


    • Gail Combs says:

      The Globalist Elite took out Ron Paul right after the June 2008 Bilderberg conference in Virginia. Paul promised he would go the distance the week before the meeting and quit the week after. (I was following developments closely) Dan Estulin said there was talk of an assasination of Ron Paul.

      SWAG is he traded his shot at the presidancy for his son’s political career and his son is now a Dyed in the Wool Globalist supporting the China trade advantage and the Trans-Pacific Partnership 100%


      • MA in MO says:

        This just means that Ron Paul and his son have been bought and paid for by the globalist. Somewhere along the line, they were told either saddle on over to our side or you are done, dead, outta here, or whatever. Personally, after watching John Roberts on the Supreme Court, I believe they have been told, ‘you either do what we want you to do or we will harm your family.’ Now as much as I understand this, especially when it involves your children, if they cave on these issues, what happens when they are asked to take the mark-of-the-beast?


  31. Higgy says:

    Here’s a fifteen minute interview with one of the global elites! Share at will! #Trump2016!


  32. gwsjr425 says:

    Trump Chumps still in denial of his 50 year liberal past.


    • Trent Telenko says:

      Troll alert.


    • Must be a cruzbot totally beguiled by Beck’s diatribe. Sen. Cruz is total indider controlled by deep pocket DC lobbyists.


    • Gail Combs says:

      Brain Dead Troll alert
      This is someone that can’t bother thinking on his own.

      President Reagan shaking hands with Donald Trump at a Reception in the Blue room. 11/3/87.

      President Reagan talking with Donald Trump and Ivana Trump at a state dinner for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in the blue room. 2/11/85.

      I bought Donald Trump’s books from fifteen years ago and he has not changed his core stance on the important issues in those fifteen years.

      I do not CARE if he supported democrats with contributions in the past. He is a businessman and even the Globalist Maurice Strong donated to the republicans (Bush) as well as the democrats. It is BUSINESS NOT POLITICS!!!!

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  33. Anti-neocon says:

    Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2015)

    Will They Steal The Election From Donald Trump?

    Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump continues to increase his lead in national polls and accumulate more delegates than his opposition. At this point, Trump is the clear choice of conservative voters to be the Republican nominee and presidential candidate.

    While many of his harshest critics have accepted his status as the likely Republican nominee – efforts persist to stop him.


  34. Please Jesus I hope your plan is for Trump to take the Presidency. I would love to have bullet-trains in this country and a real infrastructure. It is so unfair we are ripped off by foreign interests.


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