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For $3.00, They Can Call Their Mama And Eat Well

Perhaps First Lady Obama needs to drop by President Obama’s re-election campaign headquarters in Chicago and give some tips on healthy eating and moderation:  The overworked staffers are absolutely gorging on lousy food, according to Rufus Gifford, the National Finance … Continue reading

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The Tricounty Fire, September, 2011

Note how FEMA helped (NOT).  This is a great commentary on Texas folks vs Big Govt. Guest Posted by our own Jennifer H.! Here are some stories about the Tricounty fire in Montgomery , Grimes, and Waller County, TX, Memorial week, … Continue reading

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Why I Believe Chris Christie Will Indeed End Up Running For POTUS….

No-one seems to know if Sarah Palin will run for POTUS or not, but I do believe Chris Christie will.   Why? Well, firstly the Northeast division of the Decepticon Political Class is entirely cognitively dissonant from the rest of the “regular folk” … Continue reading

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“Creating” The Optic…

You know, because everyone takes a camera photo-op when they want to be incognito, and then shares it with the media, because, well you know, if you are in disguise and all, you, well, wouldn’t want people to miss that you were … Continue reading

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Because Everyone Deserves A Trophy For Participation NOT Contribution

It is the progressive fairness doctrine.   Dr. Spock convinced a progressive generation that everyone’s fee fee’s needed to be considered, and it was unfair to reward some more than others.   So during the indoctrination process things changed and kids began … Continue reading

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Dear Joe, “Shut Up”. Thank You.

Biden To Latinos On Immigration: “You All Were Here Before Us”… Yes, he actually said that.  *shakes head* (Politico) — Vice President Joe Biden compared Irish immigration the United States to Hispanic immigration — but noted Hispanics were here first. … Continue reading

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Even Buffett Does Not Support The “Buffett” Rule….

Disagrees with Obama who set the tax increase to begin at $1 million. Said he wasn’t talking that low, he advocated over well over $50 million per year.  Refused to comment on Obama’s other plan to increase taxes on Americans … Continue reading

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