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Why You Must Use Their Loss of New York #9 To Make Splodey Heads All Over…..

Losing Anthony Weiner’s seat to a horrid, vile, nasty ((shudder)) Republican, oh my, has the Democrat Leadership way, way, waaaay back on their heels.    Not only is this a major setback for liberalism, but it is also a set back … Continue reading

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The Psychology Behind Obama: “If You Love Me, You’ve Got To Help Me Pass This Bill”

For some reason I just cannot possibly perceive ANY previous President of The United States making such a statement.   Seriously, I can’t.    Why is that ?…… Perhaps “Impaired ego integration” – a diffuse and internally contradictory concept of self. “This … Continue reading

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We Need To Spend $600 Billion Because Moms are Late For Football Practice and Astronauts are Starving For Groceries….

h/t Freedom1781 (via GatewayPundit) DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: “We Need The Jobs Bill Because Moms Are Late For Football Practice“….

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The Regime Needs You – Spy On Your Neighbor – Put Your Ear On Their Keyhole – See Something, Hear Something, Say Something….

If you’re happy and you know it clank your chains….. Time to openly wear your Brownshirts and display true allegiance to the regime.   Watch those pesky patriots over there, keep an eye on them.   See them or hear them colluding together … Continue reading

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It’s The Anti-Israel Policies Stupid ! The “Substance” Not The “Message”…

The Obama Administration believes, or at least they claim to believe, the issue with Jewish voters and the growing detachment is caused by poor “messaging”.   Once again the arrogance of Obama shines through with his dismissive explanations.   It is not … Continue reading

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Obama Kicks The Fear Mongering Into Overdrive: Pass My Bill Or Bridges Will Fall Down!…

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Moonbat Stupid: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blames Loss of New York #9 District on Orthodox Jews….

Anyone want to pick up the phone and tell Moonbat Debbie that a large percentage of her own South Florida district is,….. yup,…. “Orthodox Jews”.  Give that Moonbat a fish. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is already out with the party line: … Continue reading

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