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Republican Candidate Debate Thread – Reagan Debates Via MNSBC @ 8pm Eastern

Tonight the third GOP debate is scheduled to take place from the Ronald Reagan Library in California.   The debate will be hosted and carried live by MSNBC and begins at 8pm Eastern Time.   It will be also be available live … Continue reading

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United States Falls From #1 to #5 on Global Economic Competitive Ranking….

Yet another historic Obama first.    Obama inherited a Global Competitive Ranking of first from George W Bush.  Under Obama’s leadership the United States ranking has fallen to fifth.  Similar to the Bond Downgrade, President Obama leads us as a nation of average….  … Continue reading

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White House Says Obama Will Not Be Speech Police For Democrats…

However, they will be more than happy to coordinate the censorship for conservatives. Communications Director – Dan Pfeiffer

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Unions Claim Another Victim: Post Office On Verge Of Default Thanks To No-Layoff Provision In Union Contracts…

I sniff another taxpayer-funded bailout in the not-so-distant future…. Because the business model of the United States Postal Service is such a picture of efficiency, productivity and exceptional customer service delivery.  No? (NY Times) — The Obama administration said on Tuesday that … Continue reading

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CNN Report: Up To 20K Advanced Surface-To-Air Missiles Looted In Libya, “We’ve Seen Cars Packed With Them”…

We’ve shared multiple reports of the Surface to Air Missiles (SAM’s) being spread throughout N-Africa by al-Qaeda and the al-Shabaab faction.   20 thousand advanced technology missiles is enough to place a no fly zone over all of europe if strategically placed.  In addition … Continue reading

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Boehner Refuses to Provide Republican Rebuttal To Obama Jobs Speech….

Speaker Boehner makes a brilliant strategic decision.   By not providing a post speech Republican response the subliminal message within the non-message diminishes the propaganda.   Brilliant move.   In addition it has created another wonderfully delicious rabid leftist Splodey head because the Dems’ are … Continue reading

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg: “Don’t Call It Ground Zero Anymore”…

This is simply getting ridiculous.  This INTENTIONAL manipulation to diminish the anguish of 9-11 and further dismiss its impact is being perpetrated the same ideological forces that demand a removal of faith.   People were actually murdered that day.  Murdered.   Their bodies … Continue reading

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