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Remember That Pesky “Unauthorized” War In Syria?… (aka Why I Hate Congress)

Yeah, apparently Congress is well, not too terribly concerned about the missing AUMF.   Either that, or, well, they were quite comfortable relying on Hank “Tippy Guam” Johnson to ask all of the insightful questions…. If you were to review the participation … Continue reading

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One Third of Egyptian / Gaza Border Houses Contain Hamas Terror Tunnels… (so far) – Egypt Will Not Compensate For Demolished Houses If Tunnels Found…

This is a pretty sobering statistic.   Last week in response to continued terrorist attacks in the Sinai region, Egypt began to widen the border between Gaza and Egypt.  A “buffer zone” is being built and homes on the border are … Continue reading

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Libya: The Dirt Brushed Under The Rug…

For all intents and purposes Libya is the forgotten mess created by President Obama’s team and their insufferable incompetence.   Perhaps a time will surface when someone in the Western media will actually call Obama or Hillary Clinton to account for the … Continue reading

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Australia Stops Issuing Visas for West African Nations

Reuters […] Australia on Monday issued a blanket ban on visas from Ebola-affected countries in West Africa to prevent the disease reaching the country, becoming the first rich nation to shut its doors to the region. Australia has not recorded … Continue reading

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President Obama’s “Team of Bumblers”… Inept, Incapable, Incompetent and In Charge

We were wondering why the White House put out last week’s meeting of the National Security Council so quickly – they never do that, ever.  Reading this lengthy Politico article the urgent optics now make sense…. there’s always a reason with this … Continue reading

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Secret Ballot Results – Turkey Loses Bid For U.N. Security Council Seat…

This is considered a staggering, albeit splendid, defeat considering Turkey was anticipated to be a shoo-in for a non-permanent U.N. Security Council seat. Previously Turkey had claimed letters of support from 160 countries. However, the actual voting by secret ballot showed … Continue reading

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President Obama Authorizes National Guard Reserve Activation For West African Ebola Deployments… “Operation FUBAR” !

Reminder – healthcare workers in Liberia are now on strike. Pres Obama signs Exec Order authorizing use of Reservists to assist in US Military mission building Ebola treatment centers in West Africa. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 16, 2014

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