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Origin Of The Feces: It’s Gotta Be The Curry….

Meet Mr Poo: The lumpy, brown anthropomorphised faeces that is the face of Unicef’s latest public health campaign in India. Accompanied by an insanely catchy techno-Bollywood-style anthem, Mr Poo features in a very silly and surreal new video aimed at … Continue reading

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Sarah Learns Hard Lesson – Teen girl who sent terroristic tweet to American Airlines is arrested

One stupid 14-year-old now has a life on Interpol’s watch list to look forward to.   In the modern era of interconnected intelligence mining and social networking, the next generation of “free people” will be known as those few who remained blissfully off the … Continue reading

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The United Nations Votes To Support Ukraine Border Integrity With Crimea – Russia Threatens Retaliation…

The countries who voted to support Russia were: Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Everyone else supported Ukraine. (Reuters) Russia threatened several Eastern European and Central Asian states with retaliation if they voted … Continue reading

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A Trip Around Dear Leader’s Partial Globe – “Lightbringer Edition”….

Sometimes it helps to pause and reflect, then evaluate for yourself: IRAN – In 2009, from the now infamous Cairo Speech, an uprising of the student led “Green Movement” striving for a voice amid the heavy hand of hard-line Islamist governance … Continue reading

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A Euro Loving POTUS Goes To The Heart of His Admiration – Dear Leader Says He’s More Worried About A Nuclear Bomb In “Manhattan Than Russia”….

… yes, he actually said that. While presenting himself as the magnanimous leader of Planet Earth, Dear Leader accepts “a Question” from the grand gallery of swooning ‘Yes We Canners’: In a horrifyingly embarrassing exercise, Dear Leader rambles in non-answer nonsense for several … Continue reading

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White House Takes U.S. Military Support For Ukraine “Off Table” – One Hour Later The Russia Assault On Ukraine Bases Begins…

Nothing empowers aggressive action like telling the bully you’ll do nothing to stop him. WASHINGTON – The White House said Wednesday that President Obama is not actively considering military force as an option in the crisis in Ukraine. White House … Continue reading

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President Stompys’ Official Response To Vladimir Putin – A Strongly Worded Letter…

For those not paying too close attention.    Day #1 - A limp-wristed commentary from the White House;  Stompy then went directly to a DNC fundraiser to kick off “Happy Hour” - Russia moves troops into Crimea, secures airport, takes Ukraine parliamentary building and … Continue reading

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Us Response To Ukraine – President Obama Draws Another Red Line, This Time In Ukraine – Full Video Statement

The Red Line comment is at 1:25 Photo by @Stcrow of @nytimes of Pres Obama making remarks about Ukraine during photo op with Mexican Pres Pena Nieto.— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) February 19, 2014

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Media Records Venezuelan National Guard Shooting Demonstrators (*Warning Graphic Imagery) – *Update: Beauty Queen Shot In Head During Protest Dies…

A journalist working for a Venezuelan news outlet captured these images during the protests in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 12. The footage shows different scenes during the protests and it reflects the confusion that surrounded the events. At one point, … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power Killed FIVE Egyptians Last Weekend – BIGGER SHOCK: The New York Times Reports On It..

When Clinton, Rice and Power launched operation R2P in Benghazi Libya they specifically helped the Libyan “Rebels” to overthrown Kaddaffi.   This gave the al-Qaeda operatives, who made up the majority coalition of the “rebels”, immediate access to weapons warehouses and massive … Continue reading

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