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Panda Plays: China Lowers Auto Trade Tariffs – The Dance Continues….

Early this morning China transmitted and interesting tweet position that was/is a transparent display of their panda mask. In essence the panda play was a call for team USA to drop the zero-sum outlook and seek a win/win. Given the … Continue reading

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Russia Opens Fire and Seizes Three Ukrainian Vessels…

The Ukraine/Crimea/Russia crisis flares up again today as Russia blockaded the Sea of Azov then fired upon three Ukrainian naval ships who attempted passage Sunday.  After wounding several sailors, the Russians then seized the three boats; igniting another crisis between … Continue reading

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Perfect – Trump Tells Macron: “They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along”…

This is what I call representing the red-blooded patriotic American.  Plain-speak, direct truth; what every middle-American would say to in the same or similar circumstance. And ironically, this is also (almost verbatim) one of the reasons Donald Trump earned my … Continue reading

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Influence in Action: Croatia Will Not Sign U.N. Migration Agreement – Brazil Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem…

Reports from European media that Croatian nationalist President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will follow with the United States, Hungary and Austria and dismiss the United Nations latest global migration agreement. (Voices of Europe) Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will not sign the UN’s … Continue reading

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Big Bear and Big Panda Just Joined the Discussion – Vice President Mike Pence Reveals Central American Invasion Horde is: “Financed by Venezuela”…

Well, there it is.  Quietly within the deliberate words from Vice-President Mike Pence a revelation that explains the origination of the Central American invasion force.  For those who are not deep in the geopolitical weeds, the subtlety can pass unnoticed; … Continue reading

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President Trump Withdraws from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty With Russia…

According to the administration Russia has been violating the terms of the INF treaty with the development of a mobile ground launched intermediate-range nuclear missile system capable of striking targets in Europe.  Russia has denied the claim and National Security … Continue reading

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History Repeating – Jamal Khashoogi and Mohamed Bouazizi as Tools…

President Trump represents an existential geopolitical threat to decades of advanced leftist policy (political globalists); predicated on the proposition that all national sovereignty should be erased in favor of an open-border society.  A one world order with a central planning … Continue reading

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