Joe Biden Promises Forced National Mask Mandate and Regulatory COVID Nightmare When Elected…

Earlier today those behind the Biden campaign dropped all pretense, openly having their candidate state publicly his intention to control the lives of all Americans using the authority of a weaponized federal government to advance national COVID-19 regulations.

As you watch this video from Biden’s campaign today it is important to remember state government officials have already moved to define “essential businesses” and “essential workers” during the forced shut-downs.  That is going to become a bigger issue downstream; however, for now just watch closely what Joe Biden is saying here:


The Dept of Transportation would be the agency enforcing a national interstate transit mask requirement. However, don’t focus on the DoT part of what he is saying… that’s only one creek… Instead focus on the downstream use of all federal regulatory agencies and how they align within a Federal COVID compliance network… that’s the river.

Think about the Dept of Agriculture, the Dept. of Labor, the Dept of Education, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and how they would join with the DoT to create the aggregate raging river of regulation.

Here’s what I mean:

Think about the federal government using mandates for enforced national COVID-19 compliance rules. Think about USDA (Dept of Agriculture) and OSHA federal inspections for social distancing (etc) in all businesses, not just restaurants.

Think about the COVID-19 regulatory and compliance system and what political beneficiaries stand to gain.

Think about how the Dept. of Labor (complaint division) can be weaponized against political opposition based on arbitrary inspections under the guise of employee health and safety…. using federal COVID compliance rules.

Think about the larger Green New Deal (goals and objectives), and then contrast those objectives while aligning an overlay map of how federal COVID mitigation rules can be applied as a back door to the EXACT SAME objective.

Far, far, far, beyond masks…. Workspaces being forced to be redesigned. New rules on labor density. New rules on labor proximity. New rules on uniforms. New rules on hand-washing stations. New rules on sick pay, shift hours, time-off when a COVID infection is detected in the workplace.

Think about everything from rules on surfaces, to rules on packaging, to rules on ALL business operations as an outcome of federal regulatory policy under the guise of CVOID-19 mitigation. OSHA, Labor, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Education, Housing, Health and Human Services, and even federal building permits… the entire regulatory system and compliance network.

If you think this is fear-mongering, I want to to evaluate that cynicism while contemplating the latest example from California:

Think about those types of business regulations applied on a Federal and National level…. and then, as seen in prior Democrat administrations with IRS etc, think about them also being enforced through the prism of political affiliation.

Think about what happens to Main Street USA?

Think about companies on the NASDAQ or national companies on the stock-market?

Think about how those USA-specific federal COVID compliance regulations apply when considering U.S. business operations -vs- just taking operations overseas without those worries. Think about who in Washington DC determines winning and losing.

Think about how Federal COVID-19 regulations can be used to put the multinational corporate world back (the globalists) on their former financial pathways, even without TPP and TTIP trade deals. Every domestic regulation weaponized against Main Street USA is a win for the Wall Street multinationals.

Think about how much China and Europe would love to see our economy knee-capped in a Biden regulatory stranglehold; essentially achieving the same objectives as the Paris Climate Treaty.

Think long and hard about how far the tentacles of achieving the Green New Deal can extend under the auspices of federal COVID-19 mitigation. Remember, those who are working on this don’t care about the middle-class and they have not for decades. This is about government bureaucrats using their DC power-base to control trillions in economic value and sell their ability to influence the winners and losers to the highest foreign bidder.

Look at what blue states have already done to seize power and control. Now think about that same manipulative intent spread throughout the entire country by weaponizing federal agencies with advanced regulation.

That should scare the hell out of anyone.

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463 Responses to Joe Biden Promises Forced National Mask Mandate and Regulatory COVID Nightmare When Elected…

  1. furtive says:

    Howie Carr poll question:

    What was Joe Biden’s biggest lie of the night?

    Nobody lost their health insurance because of Obamacare 19%
    I didn’t say I would end fracking. 19%
    The laptop is Russian disinformation. 6%
    I haven’t taken a penny from any foreign source 17%
    Nothing was out of line in Ukraine 1%
    Rudy Giuliani is a Russian pawn. 1%
    We had a good relationship with Hitler. 5%
    My reputation is for honor and telling the truth 32%

  2. McGuffin says:

    Now masks are not enough control over us. Next step activated. My local Target store in Allen, Texas has a sign at the front door:

    (I don’t shop there, a relative told me this information today)

    Small steps.

  3. Feisty Hayseed says:

    MUST SEE: This Mini-Documentary makes the powerful case that the ONLY thing standing between We the People and Global Governance is President Donald J. Trump.
    The Globalists are Demanding a Global Reset to accomplish their many goals and they are using the Planned and Well-Orchestrated Media Driven Coronavirus PANIC-demic Hysteria as their vehicle.
    The Global Reset

  4. Liberty ONE says:

    I have two words for Bargain Basement Beijing Joe and his Commie/Socialist buddies…FU ! The patriotic Americans WILL run ALL of you into the ground. Bet on it!

    • oldjunkfixer says:

      when you have nothing to lose will be the time to take one for the team
      that day might come soon.

      • Dutchman says:

        People, or a people, continue to “go along to get along”, when they percieve that that coarse of action is less likely to to have them losing the things they hold dear; jobs, livilyhoods, families and way of life.

        However, if they have the realisation that such a coarse makes it MORE likely that they will lose that which they hold dear, than the alternative action of standing up and saying “NO”; well THATS when they become a Patriot.

        The point can be different for each person, or there can be a “trigger” that causes many to have the realisation, all at once.

        Its a scale in our head, a decision making process, rooted in survival. And once you SEE it, you can’t go back, you can’t unsee it.

    • Mariposa323 says:

      That’s what I want to hear ! We surround them . They are the ones who should be afraid of us . We have the constitution , the Bible , the Bill of Rights , our human dignity . Come after us and you will feel our HOT anger . Time for THE Great Divorce! You want us divided ? We’ll show you , the second civil war will be the one that separates us ! It’s YOUR call now , you UNamericans. Bring it !

  5. ezpz2 says:

    @Moderare Man,

    No big deal??

    There is a school of thought- by SCIENTISTS- that constant mask wearing is more harmful than helpful.

    We were not designed to breathe in our own ‘emissions’ on a constant basis.

  6. gritsgirl2020 says:

    Dear God in Heaven, please give us the strength, to search for the truth, the will, to deny and defy those that have and continue to lie.

    We need to trust our God given instincts, our gut. The mask is not the problem it’s the dam Mandate(s).

    The compliance and fear is astounding. Why would we believe anything the “fake news” spouts when our beloved President is telling us every day “they lie”?

    The data, the stats, the so called safety measures, the closures, the essential vs non essential, the treatments, the vaccines and the testing, all of it, has been called into question, by professionals not beholding to big pharma, the swamp or China!

    So why are so many, so willing to “comply with the lie”?

    God help us?
    God Bless President Trump
    God Bless Sundance and Treepers
    And God Bless the USA??

    • Mariposa323 says:

      This is exactly it ! We win a Phyrric victory if we win this election and yet we continue to “ believe “ in health mandates . The Trojan horse is already within our gates . When are we going to truly fight back ? We can not afford to wait any longer . Let’s win this election , but let’s be sober that our window is short in ending this ridiculous fear-mongering based on Fake science pushed by Fake news!!

  7. Gramadeb50 says:

    All this has been a concern. It can happen easily and quickly. I don’t plan on getting a covid vaccine. In Sundance’s scenario it would take VA two seconds to drop me from receiving their Healthcare, Medicare, I would be barred, same with any Healthcare. As it is now, I cannot enter a VA hospital or clinic without a mask and my husband has to wait in the car since only the patient is allowed entry.

  8. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Americans were victimized in 911, we did nothing wrong, 3,000 were murdered, we were the ones attacked and yet we were treated like we were the perpetrators of an evil deed and required to lose freedoms, get groped and scrutinized at airports. Each one of us placed under suspicion by a governmental authority under the guise of keeping us safe when in fact enough intelligence has been gathered to know who the bad guys are. But 911 was an orchestrated event to force a low level form of tyranny upon us, setting us up for the next round.

    China with the aid of the corrupt US politicians controlled by China set this new one up years ago, well after we had become conditioned to be compliant to Homeland security, TSA controls, etc. Now they want us to wear face masks, and slowly squeeze the life blood out of small business until we’re in a full blown depression. The WHO, the CDC, like every other agency, has been weaponized. The CDC runs the EIS, the Epidemic Intelligence Service, their logo is a footprint over the US, stamping us out:

    COVID is a bio weapon act of war, our government and its agencies are infested with China’s corrupt money, so too are all sources of information save a few. The monumental security agreements PDJT has delivered is based on the realization between historically adversarial nations that economic cooperation is the underlying essential to fundamental security. The scamdemic and its sustained tyranny is designed to kill our economy, our security. As PDJT has said, and has been presented here by many, their cure is worse than the illness. If Biden wins, mask mandates will be a soft tyranny compared to what else these monsters will unleash. They will kill us.

    • Read “The Project for the New American Century” (PNAC) written in 2000 by the neocons affiliated with Bush.
      Then we had 911.
      massive steel skyscrapers collapse into dust. Even one that was not even hit by any flying object ( Building 7).
      The govt spun a fantastical tale of 19 Saudis hijacking planes and flying all around US airspace for an hour, at the same time that all our airpower was distracted by a simulated exercise of a hypothetical hiujacking. You cant make this stuff up. That pentagon ting – nice neat circular hoile, no bodies, liuggage scattered everywhere nothing.
      And …. the public bought it. No one protested, 3000 American loives were sacrificed for a greater cause – the PNAC.
      Within a couple of weeks of that a fully formed Patriot Act was rolled out – I dont recall any impassioned Congressional hearings on this massive restriction on Constitutional freedoms. Do you?
      And then we attacked Uraq and Afghanistan that had nothing to do with anything – and flew Saudi families back home ( the only flights that were permitted in US airspace following 911).
      They learned a lot from this first strike – there will be no push back from the American public, even in the face of the most ludicrous , tall-tales that we make up.
      Now we are in phase 2 of the removal of any remaining Constitutional freedoms.

      The Constitution protects individual rights – granted by who? By “God”. The US Constitution is opposed to that other seemingly rational philosophy – Greatest Good fo the Greates Number , which makes sense until you go in for a routine medical checkupo – and they put you under to remove your organs to save 10 others waiting for various organs.
      A Pandemic is perfect – after all individual rights must be restricted right? For the greater good? It brings that old philosophical debate into stark focus.
      Once we accept that individual rights must be relinquished “for the greater good of humanity” – They will have succeeded.

      • War Against Terror:
        – Submit meekly at airports – remove your shoes, remove your bely , puyt all your personal stuff , especially laptops on a plastic tray. Then present yourself to be body scanned ( xrays) and patted down. Surveillance of all citizens every communication, movememt etc.

        War Against the Virus:
        – Wear a face mask , quarantines (house arrest), no church, no weddings, no thanksgiving gatherings . Dont be silly. Just forget about all that.
        – next up: vaccines and ID chips mandatorily inserted into your body. You have the right to refuse – but you will then lose the ability to have a normal financial life , get a job, get social security or travel anywhere – ie. you will need to live like a fugitive in a hut up in the hills.

        • So – what is necessary to enjoy Individual Rights but at the same time have a functioning society? Culture , shared values, norms, religion. So if those things can be systematically destroyed, then individual rights become dangerous . If you trust the govt more than you trust your neighbor – Then They will have achieved Final Victory.
          So to summarize, their plan is diabolical:
          – Create some great outside threat – Terrorism, Virus , Climate Change etc
          – require restrictions on individual rights as a temporary “emergency” measure. That slowly turns into a permamnent situation . ( after all 911 was 20 years ago! – and we still have to take our shoes off at airports – for what?).
          – Destroy all the things that hold society together – marriage, kids, celebrations, religious gatherings, values, social institutions. Substitute brutal prison-ward ( or psych-ward) type culture to embrace extreme sexual deviancy, racial segregation, anti-religion type behaviors. Indoctrinate the kids.
          – Then – lock everybody down – total control. And possibly a culling of a large portion of humanity – Then a couple of million “elites” will rule the world – like Gods.

  9. palafox says:

    Those under 70 years old have a better than 99% chance of survival. Get lost with this ridiculous take. Mask = subjugation. For most Americans, the subjugtion you accede to is NOT in our DNA.

  10. Julia Adams says:

    Last night on a nationally televised Nashville debate stage under the brick and mortar of the leftist beast, President Trump fought gallantly for us with all his might. We owe him our support. Let’s get out there and fight for him and for the nation we love. Vote!

  11. Feisty Hayseed says:

    The following are what we have been subjected to over the last six months by the dictates of the Democrat Governors, Mayors, City/County Commissioners controlling out lives to “Stop the Spread” or “Save Lives” or keep the positive rate of Testing under an arbitrarily small number. Imagine if this Medical Tyranny is concentrated at the Federal Level by a Democrat Administration.
    COVID-19 Tyranny Agenda
    a. As Americans start to realize that the Coronavirus PANIC-demic Hysteria is a Planned and Well-Orchestrated Media Driven Hoax, keep the Fear Level as High as possible by frightening people about the number of New Cases, Probable Cases, Possible Cases or Potential Cases of COVID-19 – whatever it takes to continue to Scare the People.
    b. Create Civilian Army of Public Health Workers to Test, Track & Trace, Isolate, Quarantine & Vaccinate Non-Compliant and Problematic Citizens.
    c. Maintain the Destruction of the National Economy by Keeping Non-Essential Businesses Closed and Partially Closed as long as possible and for any quasi-probable reason.
    d. Maintain the Lockdown / House Arrest of the American People as long as possible and for any quasi-probable reason.
    e. Keep the elementary, middle and high schools Closed as long as possible or Partially Open them to continue to disrupt family life and the ability of parents to go to work.
    f. If you want to harass your constituents, use Police to harass, threaten, arrest and jail people for violating Social Distancing or Mask Wearing recommendations.
    g. Continue to Harshly Restrict the number of people allowed to congregate at Religious, Physical Fitness, Entertainment, and Recreation establishments (Churches, Gyms, Bowling Alleys, Skating Rinks, Beaches, Parks, Movie theaters, Family Entertainment Venues, Zoos and Museums, Recreation Areas & Destinations) as long as possible for any quasi-probable reason.
    h. Demand that the Federal Government Pay for the consequences, including loss of Tax Revenue, of State and Local Government Decisions (Closing Non-Essential Businesses).
    i. If you want to Terrorize your constituents, Mandate that COVID-19 patients be transferred to Nursing Homes (Way to Go! Governors Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf & Newsome!)
    j. Due to COVID-19 fears, release criminals from prison to commit more crimes.
    k. Mandate Mask Wearing whenever the people are out in public (or in some jurisdictions, 24 hours a day, even when at home).

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “The following”

      Are you copying and pasting from a word processor document? If so, often it is necessary to inset an extra space. The document looks good in the original; however, when it gets transferred to WordPress those spaces in the original disappear and you wind up with a massive block of text. I know this from my daily post on the Open Thread.

  12. trapper says:

    now you do what they told ya
    now you’re under control
    now you do what they told ya
    now you’re under control
    now you do what they told ya
    now you’re under control


    –Rage Against the Machine

  13. vikingmom says:

    “Remember, those who are working on this don’t care about the middle-class and they have not for decades….”

    Absolutely correct Sundance! And this applies to the Republicans just as much as the Democrats unfortunately! The middle class has been the last obstacle to a complete takeover of the entire United States economy – along with that pesky 2nd Amendment! People who are independent, who don’t want or need the government to take care of them, and who have the ability to defend themselves, their families, and their property were the dream upon which this country was founded and we must continue to fight for it so long as we have breath!

    “…that we here highly resolve….that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
    Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

  14. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Wearing a mask is no big deal.”

    It is when you KNOW that your not not suppose to be breathing in your own waste product.

    2 Kings 18:27 But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?

    The LORD God does not want us disguising/covering out faces. I did a bible study earlier this year. Of the 444 times “face” occurs in the King James Bible, only twice did it not have a negative connotation associated with the verse in the context. They are:

    Genesis 24:63 And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, the camels were coming.
    64 And Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac, she lighted off the camel.
    65 For she had said unto the servant, What man is this that walketh in the field to meet us? And the servant had said, It is my master: therefore she took a vail, and covered herself.

    Exodus 34:29 And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses’ hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.
    30 And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone; and they were afraid to come nigh him.
    33 And till Moses had done speaking with them, he put a vail on his face.

  15. Kaco says:

    Moderate Man,

    The only kind of mask with any kind of efficacy against a virus is the N-95. Us walking around with these cloth masks aren’t really doing squat except making us uncomfortable. I am a registered nurse and I know what kind of masks are capable of what. If it were tuberculosis, the surgical masks would be more effective. Really, the masks are just theater. It really is as Dr. Fauci says, it may stop a large droplet, and that’s about it. But people are walking around with masks and not coughing those large droplets either.

    By the way, what do you mean by “moderate” because moderate today is not what moderate meant 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. The Left has gone that far left.

    It makes me wonder if the mask wearing will be a part of regular flu season. Nobody is going to put up with this.

    You know the young people will continue to date, looking for a future spouse. Do you really think it’s going to happen with a mask on? They won’t put up with it much longer. My sons do not wear masks socializing at all. Only where required but you’re not going to stop people from dating and what not. Life will go on.

    • Kaco says:

      Sure, but my point is that what is “moderae” today is not the same a what was considered moderate 10-20 years ago due to the Left being even further left.

      Now my normal “moderate” views are actually considered far right today. Bill Clinton couldn’t even run on his platform in ’92 in today’s Democrat party.

      So, in consideration of that, what is your view of what is moderate?

  16. john says:

    Have we not “slowed” it during the last 6 months? When is mission accomplished? It’s no longer about slowing it, if that was ever really the goal. No hospitals here in the USA were ever even close to capacity. And with a death rate of 1% or less there’s no excuse for quarantining the healthy population. It’s about control, self-esteem, morale. Eventually that takes a toll on the mind and heart.

  17. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    The good old UPSA: The United Police States of America. We’re almost there.

    China paid good money for what it believes it rightfully owns. Those who sold China those US assets do not have the guts to tell us, so China is telling us systematically.

    • Dutchman says:

      When PDJT wins, and more importantly when the China surrogates lose,….CHI-NA is gonna be piiiiissssed!

      CHI-NA is not gonna look to kindly on those they bought and paid for, not delivering the USA as promised.

      For instance, CHINA gave Biden family a 5 million dollar “forgiveable” loan, which they can decide NOT to forgive, any time they want.

      They loaned McConnells wifes family, the $ to start a yuge shipping operation.

      They EXPECT to get what they paid for, and thats NOT a PDJT victory.

  18. Magabear says:

    When the demonrats look at other nations that have essentially put their peasantry under house arrest, they get that Jeffrey Toobin feeling all over themselves. Being able to control your every movement and decision is what the left dreams of. Power is what they crave.

    Someone made a great distinction between the left and conservatives. We want what we need. The left needs what it wants.

  19. justsomeguy says:

    Moderate – wearing a mask may not be a big deal…being forced to wear a mask is beyond a very big deal.

  20. Magabear says:

    And this is how these human rights criminals/politicians will justify their tyranny:

  21. jus wundrin says:

    What ever happened to 14 days?

  22. Ackman419 says:

    Sounds a lot like mascism.
    Literally Hitler

    • 24may98 says:

      When there is a “Mask Mandate,” there will must be a “Mask Gestapo” conducting mask surveillance.

      • tucker7518 says:

        And there should be a “Mask Court” if you disobey.

        • jx says:

          And there are many blades of grass awaiting them.

          • mac says:

            I LOVE that last picture! President Trump and PM Abe look as resolute as Jackson’s “stone wall” at First Manasses. If Merkel attacked bringing all of Hell with her, they would still be unmoved!

            I am glad we have the Japanese as an ally, because they have traditionally been a good one. One of their most treasured national characteristics is courage in the face of dire adversity, and the time may not be far off when we need strong and reliable allies.

          • VVV VVV says:

            And yet 95% of the people on this blog are good little sheep and wear a mask when out.

            • Old Dawg says:

              Want to bet? Walked in a store the other day and the owner pointed out missing mask. Told him I was happy to leave and would go to the other auto parts store….he said, “No, that’s OK, how can I help you?” Besides, IF masks actually work, why are 80% of covid cases people who wear a mask continually?

            • VVVV I resent your comment! If we want to buy food, visit our doctors, go shopping, visit a relative in the hospital (if you are lucky enough to be allowed admittance), if you want your children to go to school. There are some times when discretion IS the better part of valor. I refuse to cover my nose and anyone I speak to I tell them why masks don’t work. . . . to those who don’t understand I simply say “It’s like putting up a chain link fence to keep out the mosquitos.”

              • VVV VVV says:

                so you comply for convenience. As I said, sheep. I don’t wear one anywhere. When I am confronted I ask them what they are going to do about it and go about my business.

                • Well VVVVV, Good for you!! I live in a blue state in a navy blue area. If you want to buy food or anything else a mask is mandatory or you are not allowed entry. Saying you are going to do business elsewhere makes them laugh because they know all the merchants follow the mandate. You think we LIKE this? If I said “what are you going to do about it?” I would be thrown out or the police would be called.

                  The merchants aren’t the worst ones, it’s the regular people. the Democrats who will report you after they berate you for being selfish. Sure, you can go into a place or two without a mask . . . . . a gas station, Dunkin Donuts but that’s about it. You wouldn’t fare very well in my area.

              • Missy says:

                Please go to, run by Peggy Hall. She lives in CA, and was successful in getting her county rescind their mask mandate, by appealing to the LAW. She also has great videos. Her followers have also had great success.

                • Thanks, Missy. glad to hear it worked for some people. Unfortunately, my area has a lot of older people who are scared to death . . . same with the people who run the town. Most are still in lockdown and will not go anywhere until they get vaccinated. Many have their groceries delivered and will take a walk on the beach only if no one else is around.

                  The idea of getting rid of masks would be equivalent to attempted murder. It is hard to believe so many can be so scared and able to be controlled. I know if the day ever comes when masks are not needed, these people will continue to wear their masks and shun those who don’t. Roosevelt was right about fear.

            • boogywstew says:

              I wonder if you have a guaranteed income? Retired? Disability? Social Security? Welfare? Trust Fund? Unemployment? Spouse, significant other or family member supporting you?

            • Peppurr says:

              Not true where I live.

            • LookUp says:

              I’m the 5% who do not. And I live in a “Red Zone” in NY. I am shocked at how little me is so much more brave and resolute than others.

        • daniel1335 says:

          Executive order 13295 tells the story. If SARS was so dangerous, why was nothing done for the past 17 years? I think we all know the answer.

          • bill johnston says:

            You save the biggest gun(s) for the biggest battle(s).

          • stripmallgrackle says:

            Amendment Z: The Feral Gubment shall have the power to protect the population, for it’s own good.

          • Daniel, has anyone ever wondered about illnesses prior to ’67 . . . we had colds, no flu, no flu vaccines. Then came the Hong Kong flu and periodically other kinds of flu and then flu vaccines. Every virus that caused an epidemic was NOT NATURAL. The elderly people who died in Italy had received the latest flu vaccine. How many here did?

            Something is not quite right especially when you read what is in the vaccine might make one more susceptible to covid-SARS-2.

            • Judith says:

              Ahhh.. the VACCINE.. you are getting warmer @Bebe.. you are getting warmer..

              • WhiteBoard says:

                retroviruses – animal viruses foreign to human – collected in the vaccine making process..

                those retros seem to interact with other retros… retro in air, reacting with injected retor in body – that otherwise NEVER would

                if a mask wearing LOSER doesnt know what a retorvirus is , then they might as well join a nambla day care.

                • Judith says:

                  The sheeple “know not what they do” @Whiteboard. Those who get a clue will have to lead by example, as PDJT has done.

        • InAz says:

          Communist Jane Fonda was correct when she said Covid-19 was a gift to the Stalinist left.

      • Jan says:

        Contact tracers with arrest, jail & isolation powers are going to be the “rethought police dept.” Refuse to wear mask, refuse to obey lockdowns, refuse to cooperate if you test positive, etc. will get you removed, jailed, w/o judge if caught by a contact officer.

      • Seneca the Elder says:

        In states like Killer Cuomo’s NY we not only have a Mask Gestapo, we have a whole army of mask enforcers known as Karens.

        Masks are the new Jew Badges except worse. Much more intrusive.

      • Snellvillebob says:

        Within a year, China will start producing “Smart Masks” with G5 locating you and listening to your conversations. Your social score will reflect your paycheck. If you toss one, it’s off to the re-education camp with you.

        • stripmallgrackle says:

          “We might have to kill as many as 25,000 Capitalists after the revolution in order to get everybody in line.”… or something like that. Bill Ayers. I’m thinking Bill was shooting a bit low there. Inflation.

          Burn the mask. Free the breath.

          • dd_sc says:

            It was 25 million capitalists they figured they would have to kill because they would resist re-education.

          • Snellvillebob says:

            The first ones they will kill are the Socialists who helped them and thought they had won.
            Lenin murdered 4000, Stalin carried on his good work. Mao murdered…

      • Janus says:

        The Mask Gestapo will be staffed by every “Karen” on the planet. The will be as relentless as they are efficient. It’ll be a nightmare.

        • Judith says:

          I’m thinking of switching to a plastic face shield for a change. On the inside, I will smear green rubber boogers, all up and down the shield, and soon as I spot a Karen, I will SNEEZE like a bullhorn. (What a great Halloween mask! Do they make them in kid size?)

          If I cough, THEN I must go home,
          of course. Everybody knows that. But *sneezing* during allergy season is currently permitted..

      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        That is funny. They are de-funding people of The Badge. They don’t see defunding Law Enforcement and Brown Shirt activities as self contradictory.

        So the real plan is having you stopped by a Social Worker with flashing lights?

        A Finger Pointing Karen to shame you riding shotgun with the Social Worker?

        Who can tattle to your boss and get you fired. But you are already fired by reason of lockdown in a “non-essential job”

      • stripmallgrackle says:

        Amendment Z: The Feral Gubment shall have the power to protect the population, for it’s own good.

      • Jimmy Jack says:

        It already exists got Trump supporters walking the streets of Nashville.

    • Eagle Driver says:


      • bill johnston says:

        How about land reclamation? Fill in the surface mining pits and unused gravel pits.

        • Eagle Driver says:

          Don’t forget…”USED” solar wind mill blades are cutup and dumped there so yeah, the dems like go “green” and “recycle”, let’s help them out!!!!

    • Eagle Driver says:

      SOMETIMES, Sundance produces a work of ART and this is it…
      That is EXACTLY what is at stake in this election. These are nothing more than examples of WHAT COULD HAPPEN…And I for one am VERY GLAD THAT SUNDANCE DID THIS…

    • The Gipper Lives says:

      The old joke: “Hitler wasn’t so bad. After all, he killed Hitler.”

      The other Old joke: Joe Biden.

  23. MightyConservative says:

    The virus is .125 micron in size. The weave of your useless mask is anywhere from 1-8 microns wide. It harbors a tremendous number of bacteria. You are inhaling your own carbon dioxide. Tell me, what about a mask appeals to you?

  24. Kadi says:

    What about the fact that this virus is mutating up to 5 different strains, last I heard?

    The first two were the deadliest, but the later ones might be more contagious but less deadly. This might be why less people are dying and numbers getting better.

    Someone here posted this chart.

    But I have no doubt this virus was manufactured by China and not an ordinary one. Remember all those doctors in the beginning? The glass lungs? How they had a hard time treating it? That’s still real. The deadlier strains are abating.

    I think it’s time for some kind of real update.

    My husband’s sister’s husband’s work had 5 people now testing positive as of last Tuesday. I have no idea what their sympotoms are, and why they got tested. How bad off were they? But I do know of one who have died or one in the hospital for almost 3 months and one where the only symptom was a headache.

    • Kaco says:

      I’m supposed to be Kaco

      • Judith says:

        Kaco(s): even the *original* strain is not nearly as deadly, now that we know what treatments work. Ventilators are not the first course of treatment nowadays. In March, doctors ignorantly advised us to go home and “self resolve” until we need a ventilator (!)

        We knew about HCQ early on, and those who used it with Zinc as an *early* intervention did *not* need ventilators, because this treatment prevented the virus from replicating in the lungs.

        Of course, those who WANTED us to die
        would *not* permit the use of HCQ, an FDA-approved medication widely prescribed for off-label use for over 60 years. So people
        died needlessly.

        Even the original strain is well under control with early intervention.

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      There was most likely an original strain and then an inoculate strain to protect the majority of people. Looking at things critically that seems obvious. This is biowarfare – a bioweapons with a bio response.

      One strain appears to be spread via fecal matter (then picked up from surfaces by others due to lower sanitary conditions/practices) which is why the CDC was collecting fecal samples nationwide and why slaughterhouses both here and in Germany saw clusters of deadly outbreaks. That isn’t a mutation – that’s two different strains spread intentionally at about the same time.

  25. gigi says:

    This is demonic. As is Everything about the Democrat party. (No, not much has changed: the party of slavery, -the KKK, -against the Civil Rights act, -for abortion, -for infanticide. BTW, could someone please explain to me what the “old democrat” party is/was exactly?)
    And someone get this man prune juice or a laxative. What’s up with the perpetual grimace and squinting?

  26. Why do you automatically accept those figures of 81,210 and 903? The minute I heard that there is a bonus paid for reporting any death as a Wuhan Flu death, I stopped believing the “experts” about how many cases, how many deaths. There are no experts. There are no standards. Everybody has an agenda that competes with everyone else’s agenda. You want to wear a mask and hide under your bed for the rest of your life, fine. Do it. I don’t want to do do that. There is nothing that will convince me that wearing a piece of cotton cloth over my nose and mouth is going to do anything to change what happens for the better. In fact, it’s a germ factory that is extremely unhealthy.

    • littleanniesfannie says:

      Have you tried to find data for typical strains of flu? They cannot be found. The Feds have some 2018 info out there but only “projected” info and it is buried in the middle of other data. Death certificates are there. I understand there can be 4-6 weeks lags in instances where autopsies must be performed but why does it take 2 years to tally? Why does the government pay more for CoVid than for regular flu, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc? Why don’t death certificates list a primary cause and then secondary causes? Having CoVid is not a death sentence and should not “go to the head of the class” for causes. It will be interesting to see how the next pandemic under a Socialist is treated. I will venture it won’t be the same as CoVid has been treated.
      I am by no means downplaying the severity of the virus, I am concerned about how it is being treated politically. Polio was horrible but governments didn’t shut down down cities, states, countries and continents. Smallpox was horrible but the government didn’t shut the countries down. We’ve had pandemics multiple times without this treatment. I don’t know of a single time in history where a pandemic was weaponized in order to destroy an administration. Until now!

      • Dixie says:

        They paid more for covid to get doctors and hospitals to report more cases. And their underhanded tactics are paying off for them.

        What I want to know is who made those decisions to pay more?

        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Biden also said something in the debate no one seems to be talking about. When he was trying to attack Trump for getting rid of or existing condition protections (lie) Biden said anyone with Covid19 would be on the line bc they have a preexisting condition.

          This is also why they have pushed as many people to get tests as possible, even when asymptotic (under the guise of you might be a spreader). Now anyone who has had a positive test even if they were never sick will be considered to have a preexisting condition because of the reported unknown future long term health problems or the boomerang effect seen in some of the sickest patients.

          That was said not only to scare people to vote Biden, it was said because all of those people can now be controlled and treated differently than the non infected. Weaponized diagnosis.

          Weaponized diagnoses to go along with weaponized regulatory agencies. Everyone here has got to think about that.

      • ann230 says:

        Bravo! For stats local health dept just refers to state health site. Found a neighboring towns site that is excellent- reports number of probable cases, positive cases,cases according to age(in decades) .percentage of those recovered, those recovering and those hospitalized,and deaths according to age(in decades) and where the person lived(home,,assisted living or nursing home, Town had 79 deaths and almost 3 months with no increase, Over 50 deaths were in AL/nursing home This town also has a wonderful historical society and people wondered what it was like in 1918, The society found old newspaper articles. For month of Oct 1918 there were 240 deaths, Prisoners from a jail in a neighboring town set out daily to dig trenches at the local cemetary. If you did not own a cemetary plot your loved one had to be buried in the trenches Carriages and surreys could not keep up with burials without the new motor hearse, Surprisingly no prisoners died It was thought the walking and exercise maintained their health, Article also reminded people to cover coughs and isolate if they had symptoms, No mention of business being closed.

    • So true! And I keep saying it to people but it doesn’t seem to sink in! They confuse people – deliberately- with the data. I have taken a couple courses in statistics and I may not have learned much about statistics, but I did learn how easy it is to confuse your average person with all kinds of fancy charts and graphs.
      In the past when I would read my local newspaper, I would see poorly constructed graphs with color keys so close in shade that you couldn’t tell the light blue from the medium blue. The line graphs were the most confusing of all, especially with multiple lines on one graph. I know many people can decipher these kinds of graphs, but your AVERAGE person cannot.
      Add to that the purposely misleading graphs and the overload of data and your average person just relies on the headlines, which the media spin.

      • RobInPA says:

        Changing the scale on the ‘y’ axis is a good trick too, is it can make relatively minuscule data points look humongous.

        This tactic is used regularly in the “global warming” hoax.

    • Black Irish Rose says:

      I don’t know how prevalent staph infections from madks are, but I do know people who are breaking out with acne and cold sores from mask wearing.

      In this article is a link to the German lab test where a lab tested 20 commuter masks. Some of them wore the same mask day after day, often without washing. 11 of the 20 masks had 100,000 bacteria colonies growing on them; 3 had over 1 million. And they also found staph.

  27. C2C says:

    PCR test is kinda like a xerox machine, you are making copies of a sample, each copy doubles the last, each round is an amplification, you amplify rounds until you have enough to be detectable in the lab.

    It’s developer, Kary Mullis envisioned it as a great manufacturing tool, you can see why.

    Let’s say you run test samples at 25 amplifications/ copies. At the end you test your sample for a specific nucleotide sequence of the virus you are looking for. After 25 amplifications you either have virus that can be detected + or not –

    Now let’s say you run samples at 30 amplifications instead of 25. Surely more + will be detected.

    My question is, is there a national standard for the number of amplifications that Covid PCR tests are run at? Every lab, every city, county, state? Is one running at 25 and another at 30?

    In addition, the nucleotide sequence of the Covid PCR test is not exclusive to that virus. So, you may test positive but it’s to that sequence, it could be a different virus that has the same.

    I hope there is a standard and that it is a fixed number, but my ability to trust is gone.

    With what we have witnessed these last few years, the deep state is evil and has an agenda.

    Seems it’s something easily manipulated.
    Need more positive tests to justify lockdowns and fear? Amplify 50 rounds!

    Can treepers correct me or add more please?

    • buzzybee says:

      C2C, there’s no need to correct you. You’re right on, IMO. It’s my understanding that most everyone carries around a certain amount of bitty viruses anyway, at all times. With the amplification, it’s easy to come up with a positive ‘covid’ or in other words ‘corona’ virus. Yes, I think it can be manipulated easily. I don’t believe the test distinguishes between the novel Covid 19 or just a run of the mill Covid, which means a positive result most of the time. All too convenient for people like Dr. Fauci, big pharma, and others.

      Yes, the Deep State is evil and has an agenda. PDJT is smack in the way. Keep researching, asking questions, and sharing. More of the country is awakening to the plots and dangers that the villains have in store for us. I think it’s well for us to remain aware and help others become aware as opportunities come along.

    • amanda4321 says:

      Yes, the PCR tests are NOT designed for diagnosis and they have an extremely high false positive rate. Doctors (who are being censored) are saying that we no longer have a pandemic and that what we have is a “casedemic” with lots of positive tests but low deaths.

      Here’s a German-American lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, outlining the scientific fraud in the Covid PCR tests (not designed for diagnostic purposes with high false positives) and crimes against humanity in the current public health policies set forth by “experts” in various nations: (video, summary notes, and full transcript at link)

      In case you don’t know, doctor around the world are speaking out and calling this a false pandemic (whatever is making people sick is no more serious than the seasonal flu–they are hijacking deaths from all causes and calling them covid). Doctors and lawyers in Germany set up a formal corona inquiry and here’s a book they put out (includes CDC data): Global Covid Report- there is no deadly pandemic

      Ex Chief Scientist for Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, says the second wave was faked with false positives ( Dr. Yeadon says “the likelihood of an apparently positive case being a false positive is between 89 to 94 per cent, or near certainty” (

      So, given the scientific fraud inherent in the Covid PCR test, they can continue to create the illusion of a pandemic for years to come (a perpetual casedemic), which looks like the plan, so they can usher in the Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution.

      • coastermomohio says:

        My 70-year-old brother recently tested positive for the covid. His only symptoms were extreme fatigue and an overall “strange” kind of feeling. No fever, no cough, no respiratory issues. He’s on about day 10 now since “diagnosis”. Yesterday he told me he rode his motorcycle all day throughout parts of Ohio, PA and West Virginia. He’s feeling pretty good now. We’ll probably never know for sure what he had though.

      • Kimmy K says:

        Seems global research is censoring both links.
        Hmmm, funny that. NOT

    • Beverly says:

      Kary Mullis (didn’t Mullis win the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the PCR assay?) came out and said this test IS NOT VALID FOR DETECTING COVID-19 or any other disease as active and present.

      Because it also finds fragments of dead virus, etc.

      • C2C says:

        All virus’s are dead, they are basically RNA (single strand) or DNA (double strand) wrapped in a protein shell. On their own they can do nothing, they need a host cell to commandeer. They have no organelles or nucleus like a bacteria or typical cell does, they take over the hosts, alien invasion style. They cause the host to replicate the virus & kill the host cell in the process.

        PCR COVID-19 test is the most popular test, but the fault is it only detects a very small segment of those long genetic chains which also occur in other i virus’s as well. That means the test is not specific for just COVID-19, but for any virus that has that sequence in its RNA or DNA. So you can have a positive test & not have current COVID-19

  28. The Devilbat says:


    Read this article it is an eye opener.

    Now read about the arrest of Dr. Heiko-Sconing for giving a speech at Speakers Corner in London’sHyde Park. Speakers corner was designated a free speech zone since 1866. Not anymore I fear. The UK is becoming more and more like the old Soviet Union.

    See this 51 second video of Doctor Heiko-Sconing’s arrest:

    Here is a video of Doctor Heiko-Sconing explaining what happened to him on a German news program, it is eye opening:

    Attachments area
    Preview YouTube video Dr Heiko Schoning Full Arrest Video

    Preview YouTube video Heiko Schöning, M.D. arrested unlawful at Speakers Corner London 26.09.2020, Interview on English

  29. The Devilbat says:

    Here is a transcript of the speech the doctor was trying to read. YouTube has taken it down.

  30. leavemygunsalone says:

    Remember when barry purchased all those guns and ammo for the ABC agencies, agencies that didn’t need or had no business having guns and ammo? To this day I wonder where they all went. Anyway, I see things transformed every day because of these Covid crap. It makes me sick.

    I wonder if Lesley Stahl is going to stay home alone in a hazemat suit for Thanksgiving?

  31. Oldspeak says:

    Here is my hypothesis on the supposed “2nd wave”. Firstly, we may have to remind ourselves that people actually are admitted and do die in hospital EVERY DAY – for a variety of illnesses – thousands of them. We just never pay attention or care for that matter, as long as it does not impact our own lives. Now we KNOW that many, many of these daily “customers” have been putting off/staying away from medical facilities out of the near hysterical fear induced by the media and others. So, what has happened to their health?? Did all these “daily” ailments just go away? – of course not. They have just made their issues worse, and the cue longer. Now lets add in our hyper testing, with its inherent flaws
    So now we have a “wave” (see link) of “cases”, and undoubtable an increase of hospital admissions, but not due to Covid symptoms, but due to our backlog mentioned earlier. All of these admissions will be tested for CV19 and if pos will be reported and counted as a Covid patient. If any go on to die, bazinga, we have another covid “death” and if the method of counting is anything like the UK – A person who dies within 28 days of receiving a positive cv19 result will counted as a covid death . If one now combines the two, it is easy to “create” the “2nd wave”. Finally, they may well be “protecting our health service” – but it’s not from any pandemic 2nd wave, but from a mand made self-induced medical and policy blunder of epic proportions. One statistic should tell us is the sCFR (symptomatic Case Fatality Rate) that ALL hospitals should be using, because the “real” covid patients should be diagnosed and admitted after presenting COVID symptoms, not their neglected cardiovascular/AIDS/TB/Cancer/Diabetes, etc issues. I welcome any corrections or proof to the contary.

  32. Richie says:

    why are so many comments missing? Moderators know why?

  33. Well, you guys have still an option. Only choice between less or more socialism is here in Europe 🙁

  34. TJ says:

    Police in New York are now entering PRIVATE residential property to crackdown on Jewish gatherings.

    • Jan says:

      I can tell you as being someone who was told not to go to the ER by my dr., whose office was closed down in February, that once offices reopened in July, there was a tremendous backlog in getting any medical care, treatment, diagnosis, surgery, etc. Now it’s flu shots.

      I tested negative for COVID & got back surgery a week ago after 8 months of agony. Recovery is going to be a while. I didn’t want the test, but I needed the surgery. Was scared to death they would lockdown medical care the 2 months I waited on surgery.

      So I think I saw an estimated 64% of people needing treatments, surgery, diagnosis, tests, went without during the medical shutdowns. Deaths from being denied care or being afraid to go get care, may be higher than China virus deaths.

      If the Democrats pull this government takeover like we suspect they intend to do, we won’t need to worry about health insurance.

      Conservatives aren’t going to be offered much in the way of health care, whether it’s the virus or something else.

      An interesting statistic I heard from Degan on “The Five” today, was of Americans dying from COVID, 84% died in blue states.

      What was that Biden was saying about “there are no blue states or red states when we’re talking about money for COVID?”

      • Dixie says:

        Somewhere here in the comments this morning, someone reported Biden said that the majority of cases had been in the red states…..another lie?

        C’mon man….he sure can lie.

  35. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    I thought it was stated the china-flu would just disappear after the election, no matter who is “elected?”

    • Judith says:

      @Charlotte: That’s *only* because of the mandatory vaccine. All this Covid hoopla was contrived and weaponized to propel us toward their mandatory vaccine.

  36. EnoughIsEnough says:

    Sundance paints a very real scenario. This is EXACTLY why there is such pushback whenever any voices of reason try to introduce common sense into the conversation. Many experts have sounded the alarm over mask-wearing, encouraged the use of hydroxychloriquine as treatment, tried to put out stats in some type of context, only to be be deplatformed and labeled “dis or misinformation”. Yes, big tech also has a place alongside all of the government agencies that Sundance mentions. It is evil, and once you see and understand it, everything happening makes more sense.

  37. comgri says:

    OScamacare was an attempt at totalitarianism using the jealthcare system

    Bidenplan would BE totalitarianism using Covid as the excuse to control every aspect of your life

  38. jenevive1 says:

    If Joe wins, stock up on supplements (especially those for COVID and Quercertin)
    they will likely regulate that stuff..Buy things like Mace etc cuz they likely
    will regulate that as well , they already do in certain states.

    I found it interesting that I read one piece talking how to prepare for COVID
    and one was have an emergency kit (like you do for a storm) in case you have
    to hunker down for like 2 weeks..

    And I wonder when they use the term DARK winter if that could mean
    electric grid problems what better way to force us to stay home if power
    is down and there is no where to go.. We here in CT has a storm back in
    August nothing overly severe but we lost power for 4 days.. Eversource
    (the power company) was ill prepared..we learned our lesson and bought
    a generator for the future.

  39. teaforall says:

    Biden Is done
    President Trump Landslide victory… can take that to the bank

  40. Mikey likes it! says:

    Political correctness is destroying everything. Masks DO NOT WORK and it’s high time we started to push back. We need to take back the schools first, it will take some time, but it all starts at a very young age. Liberty NOW!

    • PatriotKate says:

      So what are the plans for pushback? It’s usually all talk and no action — just complaining online.

      For all the talk about people refusing to wear masks (I WON’T), I see 99% compliance and I don’t live where there’s strict law enforcement.

      I was at Target yesterday, sans mask as always and I did not see another person in the entire store without one and I could see out of the corner of my eye others studiously avoiding me.

      It’s disgusting.

      We could stop this tomorrow by simple refusal

      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        So if a dude goes into Target with no mask, he sees security coming his way, his safe space in women’s rest room.

      • Judith says:

        @Patriot the “pushback” is walking out of establishments that mandate masks. Hell, I haven’t been back to Target since they grandstanded over their bathrooms.

        Target and Macys are among the original “virtue signaling” stores that piss me off. And Starbucks is another.

        Gee, how did the sheeple ever figure out where to urinate before they came along?


  41. Ladyredneck says:

    This scenario is eerily similar to what has been put in place here in Victoria, Australia. Now the inspectors, with full powers to coerce, lockdown etc are being appointed. The 17 page covid safe workplace plan that must be constantly updated as the next crazy edict from on high is sent down to the peons is Orwellian. Its the darkest of times here with only small glimmers of hope. But we clutch at them and muster our forces and pray that sanity, truth and goodness will prevail.

    • Snellvillebob says:

      Very soon you will start calling them Chekists. Good luck on your social scores. You never should have given up your guns.

    • darose5308 says:

      Dear Ladyredneck. We feel you pain. Rise up & rebal, Lock & Load. Oh wait………..they took away your guns. How convenient for them. They’re going to try that here. LOL

  42. Gary Lacey says:

    Rumor has it the Biden crime family is going to corner the market on toilet paper……c’mon, they can use leaves or corn cobs he said……that’s as funny as getting rid of oil.

  43. Kathryn says:

    It is the 2020 version of Mao’s actions to eviscerate China’s farming industry thus pushing farmers out of their outlaying land and into the city and Mao’s industry of choice, manufacturing…he couldnt do it by choice, so Mao did it by force, wielding his absolute power over his citizenry….
    Trump needs to hammer home Biden/Harris lust for governmental power, under the guise of protecting the citizenry…the laptop merely underlines Bidens lust for power and a huge f-yiu to all American citizens….And the fact that the FBI,, Media Big Tech and all of the Harris/Dems are ok with all of this is the biggest tell for our future….King George returns after having been vanqished by our forebears….with our indoctrinated youth and uneducated citizenry used as pawns….Our founding fathers would be shaking their heads with parental dismay annd disappointment wondering ‘why did we bother’……

  44. Hopper Creek says:

    God Bless the USA..
    The Power of Prayer is something the Left can not understand, or counter ; it is the only way to defeat tyrany,

  45. Arjun says:

    When elected SD? Not if?

  46. Minuteman says:

    This is not In Lieu Of the Green New Deal ecofascism program, it in addition to it.

  47. Laura J Smyser says:

    If the masks worked the covd cases would be going down not going up.

    • bill johnston says:

      But when you have tests giving very high false positives, and many more being tested, case numbers will rise. Which is indicative of nothing.

  48. T2020 says:

    Dear Lord God, please bless America and President Trump with another 4 years.??? Please Deliver us from evil Democrat Marxist God-hating Globalists.

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