CBS Obtains 94-Page Outline Showing FBI and Chris Steele Collaborative Use of Media Reporting…

CBS News Catherine Herridge has obtained a 94-page spread sheet (pdf here) showing dates of media reports, dates of Steele reports on the same material, and the FBI effort to verify or validate the circular process.   In essence this is evidence of the process we initially shared almost three years ago; only now we know the names.

Former SSCI staffer Dan Jones, former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, and Simpson’s crew at Fusion-GPS, pitched and planted phony Trump-Russia evidence with the media and simultaneously gave those fake points to Chris Steele to supplement the dossier.  Using the same method of Ezra Klein’s “JournOList” replication, Dan Jones and Fusion-GPS paid the journalists to run the stories.

…”media reports on FBI reports of media reports”…

Steele then used the same information from Jones and Fusion in his Dossier and cited the planted media reports; as evidence to substantiate.  The Dossier is then provided to the FBI.  The journalists then provide *indulgences* to the FBI as part of the collaboration.

The FBI, specifically Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and public information office Mike Kortan, then leak the outcomes of the FBI Dossier investigative processes to the same media that have reported on the originating material.   It is all a big circle of planting and laundering the same originating false material; aka a “wrap up smear.”

Here’s the 94-page spread sheet:


Michael Isikoff highlighted the level of how enmeshed media is with the Fusion team in February 2018 when he admitted his reporting was being used by the DOJ and FBI to advance the political objectives of the intelligence community.

Additionally, FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were shown in their text messages to be leaking stories from the Clinton Investigation, the Trump investigation and the Mueller investigation to journalists at Politico, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. –SEE HERE

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted by the Inspector General leaking stories to the media and then lying about it to INSD and IG investigators. FBI Director James Comey admitted to leaking stories to the New York Times, and even hired his friend Andrew Richman (off-the-books), gave him access to FBI and NSA databases, and then leaked information to Richman along with another friend Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Lest we forget, the IG report on how the FBI handled the Clinton investigation revealed that dozens of FBI officials were actually taking bribes from the media for information:

IG REPORT – We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters. Attached to this report as Attachments E and F are two link charts that reflect the volume of communications that we identified between FBI employees and media representatives in April/May and October 2016. We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review.

[…] We do not believe the problem is with the FBI’s policy, which we found to be clear and unambiguous. Rather, we concluded that these leaks highlight the need to change what appears to be a cultural attitude among many in the organization. (link to pdf – page Xii of executive summary)


This is an IG fact-based criticism of the institution of the FBI, not simply a few rogue officials within it.

But wait…. Perspective:

Later it was revealed that Andrew Weissman, Robert Mueller’s #1 special counsel prosecutor, was coordinating investigative efforts with the full support of four AP reporters who were giving Weissman tips.  That’s information from journalists to use in his court filings and submitted search warrants.  Make sure you grasp this: The AP journalists were feeding information to their ideological allies within the special counsel.

Nuts; simply, well, nuts.

And then there’s Devlin Barrett, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

(Source Link – pdf Page #5)

Additionally, Christopher Steele has stated in U.K. court records the person in charge of the Clinton Campaign’s opposition research firm, Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS, arranged and coordinated for Mr. Steele to talk to several journalists (CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo News and Mother Jones) while Mr. Steele was also the primary source of information for the FBI investigators (including Strzok and Page):

(Source – page #8)

Make sure you read that full response from Christopher Steele above to see the scope of the media engagements he was conducting.

As more evidence surfaces the relationship between journalists, Fusion-GPS, Chris Steele and the media’s DOJ/FBI sources begins blending together. The FBI was using media reports, which were based on Fusion-GPS pitches, to bolster its investigative documents to the FISA court. It is an intelligence laundry operation:

According to the U.K records, Christopher Steele reports this September 2016 meeting with Isikoff was arranged by Glenn Simpson. According to Michael Isikoff on his February podcast, he met Christopher Steele at a Washington, D.C. hotel in Sept. 2016. They were joined by his “old friend” Glenn Simpson, the founder of opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who Isikoff now defines as a “private investigator.”

So Christopher Steele was meeting with journalists, the journalists were writing articles; the FBI was leaking to media and simultaneously citing those same articles as underlying evidence to support their counterintelligence investigations; and all of this was used to validate the investigative documents the FBI was receiving from Christopher Steele; who, along with the leaking FBI officials, was also the source of the media articles.

FUBAR! This is exponentially bonkers.

This is a circle of information, all coming from Dan Jones and Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, who was the opposition research firm being financed by Hillary Clinton, along with FBI officials who were using their own strategic leaks to validate their own investigation.

Think about the scale of the reporting, and reporting on reporting, of anonymous leaks, false leaks, lies from “people with knowledge of the matter”, “government officials involved in the matter”, “people familiar with the matter”, “government sources” etc. all going in one unified and semi-coordinated direction – against the aggregate Trump administration.

Now, it actually gets even more convoluted.

Christopher Steele has sworn under oath that he met with multiple journalists (at least eight organizations) in September, mid-October, and late-October 2016: “at Fusion’s instruction“. (pdf page #7)

Overlay upon that sworn admission with what Glenn Simpson (Fusion-GPS) told the House Intelligence Committee while also under oath about his involvement in sharing information derived from Christopher Steele:

(Testimony – pdf link, page #147)

…”without my knowledge and against my wishes”?


FBI Director James Comey admits to leaking his ‘memos’ to the New York Times. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted for leaking and lying about it. FBI #2 Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page are caught in their text messages leaking to Politico, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

…. AND the FBI is caught, in at least one FISA application, using Yahoo media reports provided by them AND their investigative source Christopher Steele to establish a basis for FISA “Title I” surveillance; the most intrusive and wide-open search and surveillance authority possible.

The Clinton Campaign is paying Fusion-GPS to conduct opposition research against Donald Trump. In addition to the collaboration between Dan Jones, Glenn Simpson pushed that opposition research into the media, and Fusion GPS is also providing that opposition research –including information from contacts with media– directly to the FBI:

(pdf link – page #4)

… In addition to using the Fusion-GPS opposition research to underpin their counterintelligence investigation, the FBI then turn around and leak the same opposition research information to the media to create secondary support for their counterintelligence investigation.

Tell me again how the media can possibly write about this now?

The problem is not just corruption with the U.S. Justice System, the DOJ and the FBI; the problem is corruption within the media.

We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written, and almost every scintilla of it based on originating intelligence sources -from the larger intelligence system- that are now being exposed as duplicitous and conspiratorial in the scale of their malicious intent.

This larger story-line has traveled in one direction. The narrative has only traveled in one direction. Each thread converging on codependent trails for collective stories all going in one direction. One big engineered narrative endlessly pushed. Think about how far the collective media have traveled with this story over the past eighteen months?

Hell, twenty-something-year-old “journalists” were so committed to the resistance narrative they were even sleeping with their sources to get any little engineering angle possible.

Now, over a period of several years, it has become increasingly obvious the collective journey, using all that expended effort, was intentionally going in the wrong direction.

The media have fully invested themselves in four months of narrative distribution in only one direction. Not a single MSM entity has questioned their travel as a result of false leaks or false sources in the totality of time they have covered the DOJ and FBI story.  They have even won Pulitzer prizes for writing stories about the lies and manufactured evidence.

Nothing within their collective need to will-an-outcome will change the media’s proximity to facts as the truthful story behind the DOJ and FBI corruption is finally exposed. The media are so far away from the place where this story ends, they have no inherent capability to even begin to travel in the opposite direction, toward the truth.

The only way they could align with the truth is to admit that virtually every scintilla of their reportage over the past four years was inherently false or manipulated by the “sources” distributing the material for their willfully blind reporting.

There’s not a single media outlet capable of doing that.

Think about a New York Times, CNN, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Yahoo News or Washington Post journalist having to write an article deconstructing a foundation of four-years worth of lies they participated in creating.

Do we really think such a catastrophic level of corrupted journalism could reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?




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366 Responses to CBS Obtains 94-Page Outline Showing FBI and Chris Steele Collaborative Use of Media Reporting…

  1. ALLAN CRAIN says:



    • G. Alistar says:

      Not just admit that they(media) were wrong, but also that President Trump was right. TDS simply will not allow for that!

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    • stillwater66 says:

      AND….U.S. Attorney John Bash found nothing. Found nothing, no leaking to the press, no irregularities, nothing, as clean as a Sunday morning white shirt. What a waste of Taxpayer dollars. This looks like another Barr/Durham smoke screen to pacify the Public, and get us to the 2020 election, so President Trump can be removed from office through voter fraud, and other means. Then all of this goes away, never happened, get back to normal, the way things use to be. No Republicans, Democrats, MSM, FBI, DOJ, CIA, swinging from a gallows, by the neck, or in prison for fifty plus years. All of the guilty will die in their sleep, filthy rich, at a ripe old age of ninety, or more. America will look like Europe at the end of WWII. U.S. Attorney John Bash found nothing,…yeah, right.

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      • whoseyore says:

        Yes, but there will be Hell to pay for each of them.


      • Yvan Schmidt says:

        That’s not entirely true. Bash will not issue a report, but the truth is, both Bash and Huber have kicked information over to the Durham Investigation, mainly because Durham has an impaneled grand jury, which neither Bash nor Huber ever had.

        These are NOT dead issues.


      • downtoearththinkingcom says:

        Yep, we were had and played for fools, again !

        Excellenet article Sundance !


      • Chris Vhfan says:

        Response from a poster on the G P .

        Bash ABRUPTLY resigned his position as US Attorney on Friday 10/6, NOT just this investigation. He is quite young and served just 8 years as USAO.

        Somewhat odd that someone so young would resign this coveted position.

        Of note: John Bash’s wife Zina was somehow involved with Texas AG who is now under investigation. She is ALSO the woman who sat behind Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing and flashed the ALLEGED White Supremacist sign (OK) with her fingers.

        Barr appointed Greg Sopher to take his place last week! NOT hearing good things about Sopher. “Reports” indicate that Sopher was assigned to the unmasking “investigation”.

        Some are speculating that Bash has been advised to IGNORE what he has uncovered for his own good.

        Something is VERY FISHY about Bash’s resignation as well as this “report”!


  2. Bogeyfree says:

    Every American should start with this very poignant question #1 below and then drill down and follow it up with these 25 specific questions that AG Barr owes answers to every American.

    IMO the answers will tell us all everything we need to know as the truth can not and must not stay hidden.

    But first We the People already know that……

    The Dossier was a fraud
    Russia Collusion was a fraud
    The DNC hack was a fraud
    The FISA warrants were based on a fraud
    The charge on Gen Flynn was a fraud
    Impeachment was a fraud
    The plan all along was to frame/smear PT to distract from THEIR crimes

    AND there was a massive illegal NSA Contractor spying operation conducted against hundreds if not thousands of Americans for years.

    And yet NONE of this has registered any indictments.

    It truly is stunning that ALL of this has resulted in a big ZERO from Barr and Durham after 2 years.

    Now let’s begin with the questions.

    1. How does the office of a U.S. president; and more importantly the republic itself; survive a coordinated coup effort involving all three branches of government; while simultaneously those in charge of exposing the corruption fear the scale is too damaging for them to reveal?

    2. Is the Wiener Laptop still in the possession of the FBI and have you or Durham ever seen/reviewed its contents? If not why not?

    3. Have you or Durham ever deposed FBI SSA Robertson who was a first hand witness of the contents/investigation of the Wiener Laptop 600K emails? If not why not?

    4. Have you or Durham ever deposed Julian Assange, a first hand witness on how Wikileaks got the DNC emails and if indeed it was via Russians like the Mueller team told everyone? If not why not?

    5. Have you or Durham examined if the FBI ever investigated the murder of Seth Rich as there should be an easy FBI report in the system? If not why not?

    6. Does the FBI still have the 47 hard drives turned in by the Hammer WB back in 2015? If not what happened to this evidence?

    7. Have you or Durham ever deposed the Hammer WB who was the actual USER and first hand fact witness of the Hammer Program and who they spied and extracted data on? If not why not?

    8. Was exculpatory evidence withheld by either Attorneys and or Agents in the Flynn case and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime or at least referred Attorneys if applicable to the Bar?

    9. Do you still have Mifsud’s phones that you and Durham personally confiscated in Italy and what was on them and is there any communications between him and people on the SC team?

    10. Where is the missing Flynn 302 and isn’t it a crime to alter a 302 and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    11. How many Americans were unmasked by the Obama administration and isn’t unmasking a crime? If so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    12. Have you or Durham gotten FBI SSA Dugen’s testimony and read his surveillance/investigative report about the Carter Page FISA Leak that possibly includes people in the Senate? If not why not?

    13. Is leaking a FISA to the media a crime and if so, why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    14. If you and Durham knew the Dossier was a lie and it was used in the FISA Court application and lying to a FISA Court is a crime, then why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    15. Have you deposed Warner and asked about his involvement if any of the CP FISA leak? If not why not?

    16. Did you confiscate any Senate staffer’s phone and if so did it show any texts pages being sent to a reporter?

    17.Did you find anything relating to the CP FISA leak on Senator Burr’s phone that we know you confiscated?

    18. Have you or Durham depose Crowdstrike regarding the DNC hack? If not why not?

    19. Why have you not declassified all of the RR scope memo?

    20. Knowing via Adm. Rodgers NSA Search Audit and Judge Collyer’s 99 page report that there WAS massive illegal searching and abuse of the NSA database by contractors, making it a National Security Issue, have you or Durham done or requested a COMPLETE audit going back to 2012 of this NSA Contractor Abuse to fully see the extent of the illegal spying as documented? If not why not?

    21. Did you ever trace the PapaD 10k dollars they used to frame him and where it came from? If not why not?

    22. With 31 government issued phones that were wiped and are potential evidence in Durham’s Investigation, have you gone to the NSA or carriers to retrieve these emails and texts? If not why not?

    23. Based on hard documentation, is it not a crime to plan and approve a fraud/hoax on a sitting President that led to an impeachment hearing and 4 years on Presidential abuse based on a known lie and if so why have you or Durham not prosecuted anyone for this fraud?

    24. With the recent evidence that shows Obama knew as far back as July 2016 about the fraud on PT are you or Durham going to interview the ex President to better understand his knowledge and or involvement and why he didn’t warn PT post Nov. election? If not why not?

    25. How is it after 4 years of non stop abuse, fraud, lying, leaking, money laundering and a coup on a sitting President you and your entire DOJ team can’t seem to find one crime?

    The bottom line is ALL of what we have seen these past 4 years has been a lie, a frame job with the clear intent to smear and take down PT and many in the FIB, DOJ and IC KNEW it from the start while also conspiring with many in the media to feed this lie and coup.

    The more people we can equip with these questions the better chance one day somebody will hold AG Barr accountable to the American people.

    So everyday I am going to be like that CTH poster who posts “anybody arrested yet” except mine will be these unanswered questions.

    Because the answers to these 25 questions IMO will tell all Americans if we truly have one system of justice or if that was all lip service and if this investigation was ever truly about getting to the truth and justice.

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Small lies within the BIG LIE:
      “Steele was ‘passionate that Trump not be elected’ ”
      What ridiculous, contrived language. Steele was an errand boy. His employer was DESPERATE to hide her crimes.

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    • JamesD says:

      26. Why wasn’t a 5(k)1.1 plea agreement with Kevin Clinesmith filed with the court? If a plea agreement wasn’t reached, why not?

      ANSWER to all: You say it in the opening. Institutionalists like Barr won’t pry off the lid. Durham is a fixer. He cleaned up the Boston mess and he cleaned up the CIA mess. Barr’s goal is REFORM, not JUSTICE. He’s not evil, but he’s wrong.

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    • Janus says:

      All great questions, except the problem with asking uncomfortable questions is you might get an uncomfortable answer. Your questions (and the potential answers) would be exceedingly uncomfortable for a great many people.

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    • Right to reply says:

      The thing people always ignore with Christopher Steele, is he couldn’t have done anything without the blessing of Prime Minister David Cameron, and MI6. Cameron didn’t want Brexit, and Trump was a threat to that.

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      The media has become the message and what Americans are wakening up to does not bode well for the Republic. President Trump was accurate in defining the media as the enemy of the people! The President has been right on many issues one could almost believe that he is prescient.

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      • keystonekon says:

        Maybe not prescient, but President Trump sees things in the context of how things are and not what we e been told. He lived with facts, engineering mistakes will topple a building sort of scenario. There’s absolutely no room for error.

        As a observer from outside the Swamp bubble, he sees accretions of years of outright lies and back-scratching of those who have made careers from this circle of hell, robbing us of our rights so they can have their acclaim and ill-gotten money for their votes.

        President Trump did not get to our White House because of them, but because of us! He peeled back a couple of layer of the onion, the tears washed the dirt from our eyes, and we voted him into office. We simply must keep him there!

        Why else is the left trying at this late date to cheatIng their way back in with unsolicited mailed ballots? When long-deceased relatives and your dog or cat gets a ballot, it’s so obvious, even Stevie Wonder can see it. Swamp Creatures, all!

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        • Eileen McRae says:

          It is that ability to “see things in the context that they are” which makes him prescient as he uses that insight to drive policies and to drive the decisions he makes.


    • Pineo Man says:

      It’s over. Barr has decided – no one will be held accountable. His announcement yersterday that they fould no criminaility in the unmasking investigatiuon says it all – he’s paivng over this whole scandal knowing the fix is in on the election. We’ve been lied to for 2 years.


      • drse12 says:

        Yep. I admire Sundance and his excellent work. But he is wrong about one thing, and it’s a big one. Barr’s mission is, was, and always will be, to cover up the crimes of his precious deep state. of all the criminals and crimes connected with the 2016 coup, Barr and his coverup are the most serious.

        I would like Trump to explain all of the circumstances around his appointments of Barr, Wray and Haspel. I want him to name names. I want to know McConnell’s involvement. I want to know Pence’s involvement. I want to know who on Trump’s staff put those names forward.


    • whoseyore says:

      Hope you don’t mind, Bogey Free, I had to break your questions into three different messages (limited characters), but sent those messages off to the White House. I signed it as ‘The American People’. I am now going to copy it again in three parts and send to President Trump to let him know that these questions have been sent to William Barr.

      Thank you SO much for your hard work on this! May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America!


    • Chris Vhfan says:

      WASHINGTON, DC: The Obama White House used the most sensitive intrusive surveillance systems of the NSA to spy on Americans. A ruling by FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer finds that 85% of NSA database requests under FISA section 702 authority at the DOJ were illegal or noncompliant. Surveillance systems, including PRISM, spying on hundreds if not thousands of Americans. Including Donald Trump and those around him. (United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review Amicus Brief)

      Moreover, Collyer finds, that the Department of Justice showed an appalling “lack of institutional candor”.

      FISA Judge Collyer rules illegal spying occurred
      In April 2017 Judge Collyer found that unwarranted and illegal surveillance of American citizens was done by the highest reaches of the Obama Administration for at least 4 years, starting in 2012. (Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens – MAY 26, 2017 ). Moreover, James Comey did authorize and allow for limitless, continuous, unlawful, and warrantless access by three Federal contractors. (Institutional Lack of Candor – FISA Violations January 24, 2018).

      That those contractors had accessed over 40000 searches of the NSA programs and


    • Righton says:

      #26 If the FBI had hunter’s laptop since 12/19 why wasn’t it turned over and used to squash the impeachment. Where is the laptop and what is the status of possession?


  3. I wonder how KM4UDZ figures into all this….gotta be a reason to hit the airwaves.


  4. Bogeyfree says:

    Based on just how many people who could/should be indicted for this MASSIVE conspiracy, RICO, seditious, coup on a sitting President and the American people, I truly would not be surprised to see Biden get more total fake MAIL-IN votes than he does total IN-PERSON votes.

    They are this desperate to keep PT out of the WH for 4 more years AND to not allow him and Sidney Powell to indict hundreds if not thousands of co-conspirators.

    How many people do you think the DS has right now sitting in warehouses filling out fake ballots?

    I truly believe people have totally underestimated the tsunami of fake mail-in votes that are going to come in and try to steal this election.

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    • lambgraham says:

      I wondered why Soros has not spent money to have more people at Biden’s events. The optics are so negative. Which brings me to your point Bogey, he must be directing it towards the mail in voting scheme.
      Why not, he beats Barr-zini and Pompeo like a drum whenever he chooses.

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    • “try to steal this election”.
      If what you portend is true:
      Do you have ANY IDEA, how PDJT will Destroy those involved?
      Do you have ANY IDEA what his level of anger and wrath will be?
      We should all be very aware by now that When President Trump Promises something he Delivers.
      I believe President Trump knows all about the attempts to steal this election, who is involved, what they are doing and most likely an approximate count of ‘illegal ballots’ and where they are located.
      Not a good idea to underestimate President Trump.

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      • r2 says:

        true, but PDJT has absolutely GOT to find somebody who will actually PROSECUTE somebody!!! all those zeroes are doing is talking, not even sure they have investigated anything since they came up with the “political silo” non-excuse 🤬🇺🇸


    • gmbliss says:

      On Sunday Morning with Maria, she had Lindsey Graham on and he said ( and I paraphrase) that as despicable as these actions are, a crime hasn’t been committed..

      Did anyone else hear this and if so does that mean they’re not pursuing charges??

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    • Janus says:

      Trillions are at stake for the globalists in this next election. You can buy pretty much anything with that kind of money–even a transparently rigged US presidential election.

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    • whoseyore says:

      You are right, Bogey. There will definitely be more mail in votes for Biden will will most all be fake. He has no one at his campaigns and neither does Harris. Here is another test – go to Amazon and compare the number of reviews for Joe Biden Flags to the number of reviews for President Trump flags. It is amazing! Biden is in single and double digits. President Trump is in thousands and tens of thousands.


  5. lambgraham says:

    Since the lying/corrupt Barr-zini protected the subjects in this article “We the People ” risk having Weissman as Biden’s AG.
    Someone please inform me why Bruce Ohr has a senior position in Barr-zini’s DOJ?

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  6. StanH says:

    WATCH: Acosta Snaps At Trump Supporters Chanting ‘CNN Sucks!’ During Florida Rally

    This kind of direct verbal attack on the MSM is emblematic of the world that they created. A parallel universe that exist in the brain of the swamp rat. They are so engrossed on getting the Evil Orange Man they don’t see how transparently silly they all look. Of course they are speaking to the irredeemably hypnotized mouth breathers whose only concern is, “whats in it for me”.

    Maybe, just maybe we will start to see a change in the MSM after the president is reelected. Where perhaps journalistic curiosity, speaking truth to power and all that fabled rot will move back into the fore. One can dream.

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  7. Bill says:

    Almost three years…we, the followers of this great website, have known about the nature of the attempted destruction of our President. A willful, coordinated attempt at a coup. The FBI, the intel agencies, media, and political figures within our own government-they all knew- and assisted. May the Good Lord bring HIS wrath down on thee.

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  8. bigsky51 says:

    Somewhat of a conundrum. Freedom of the Press vs. a press who were active participants in the coup to destroy the constitution. We should be at a point now where we are focused on this issue instead of still waiting for all the conspirators in government to be held to account.

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    • JamesD says:

      Holding people accountable IS the issue. Let them walk, and you have no justice. think of the caustic effects. How will you feel paying a speeding ticket going forward after Clinesmith was sprung from an easy 10-yr sentence? That Rosenstein wasn’t even indicted? This is what destroys our society.

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  9. joebidenunauthorized says:

    Obama will be writing the next installment of his memoirs from jail

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  10. Mike in a Truck says:

    You- you Cretins cease posting pictures that show the lovely Nellie Orr in a negative light. Ya hear me you scoundrels of unappreciated natural beauty?( feel free to post pictures of the B.J. artist Ugly Ali)

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  11. Daniel says:

    The complexity of all of this is too much for the general public to handle. If you’ve been following this along for all of this time and have also managed to retain “most” of the details journaled here (and to be fair other places too but mainly here) then you are either a complete geek-nerd type or some other superior intellectual. I’ll tell you I’m not a superior intellectual — more of an average intellectual in my view. But even this is far, far above and beyond the public capacity to understand and accept all of this.

    We live in a society informed by marketing.

    So similarly, there should be a push to get this information DISTILLED and MARKETED to the public. Sundance backs EVERYTHING with indisputable evidence and detail; When the media and others come to challenge the fact-based claims and try to shut him down, he’s armed prepared to shut them up. Sundance’s stockpile of fact-ammunition is virtually inexhaustible.

    …but it’s not marketable.

    I’m NOT a marketing person by talent or inclination. But because we live in a consumer culture informed by marketing, we desperately need people with talent to work with Sundance to distill these facts down into productions which have impact on the people.

    This circular pattern of “intelligence–>media–>investigation–>media” needs huge exposure. This is something the public can understand. And it needs to be “memed” (depicted with pictures and simple worded statements) all over the place.

    I can’t emphasize enough how critical this actually is. And I promise you, Trump will tweet it out.

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    • Daniel says:

      Maybe something like this…

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    • Puzzled says:

      I believe it is less ignorance than willful acceptance by the left of the use of any tactics to win, whether that be lies, propaganda, violence. There’s no shortage of ignorance but there are a lot of people who know the Russia collusion story was fraud, but they dismiss it because it was for a good (their) cause. Knowing this it makes it difficult because my views can’t be reconciled with people that willing accept of this corruption.


    • Disgusted says:

      What about all the hype we heard a few years ago about Guantanamo being readied for new inmates!,Many improvements paid for by the tax payers? it all sounded

      perfectly believiable to me. High end inmates and a new air strip, etc. They could all feel like the cool kids all together again. Remember all that? Could not happen with out charges and trials and lots of work! What happened to all that good stuff?


  12. Do you have to be dog arsed ugly to be a Liberal? It seems they are almost all, with the exception of some Hollywierd types butt ugly. Maybe that is a reason among many that they are so angry.


  13. EBL says:

    It’s why these journalists and media companies must be included in RICO and treason charges. Freedom of speech does not include treason.

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  14. ReglarMerican says:

    ” … exponentially bonkers … ”
    You described this web of overlapping crimes of fraud perfectly, Sundance. Holy mackerel.


  15. skip says:

    I understand why everyone, And I do mean everyone want all the corrupt politicians , media etc to be indicted and sentenced. However, when one thinks of the thousand maybe even hundreds of thousands who have and are involved in the Coup plot and the destroying of America; it’s mind boggling. i suggest the following very well may be happening. Top, top leaders are either are or will be in GITMO or executed. As you move down the levels of complicity ankle bands and closely monitored for years with the knowledge cross the line and whatever punishment originally handed down will be immediately enforced . death or prison. Our minds can imagine what some of the sentences bring bring the Plotters. As Citizens we really want the top leaders dead or in military prison for life. No exception. From the point downward prudence has to be employed because we just don’t have the prison space… The biggest take away for me is for this Nation to survive in the future a few things must happen: Better education about citizens obligation in keeping a clean simple government; involvement of citizens in all levels of government. There are many, many other changes that need to happen and if POTUS is successful I’m sure they will be implement. But Citizens must from now on interact with government and the level of government must be cut back to the absolute bare minimum. .

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Queenouniverse says:

    There are lots of moving parts and many people who have given their very souls to the devil, however, DO NOT lose sight of where this started. HILLARY RODAM CLINTON. She couldn’t give a crap about anyone but herself and being found out to be the epicenter of all corruption. She was driven by her own insatiable, greedy, power hungry desires. All roads lead back to her. And I would just love it if Brennan and Obama sold her out. Absolutely delicious and truly popcorn worthy. Everything else is just a smoke screen, even the Democrat Senators grilling Her Honor this morning. Get Hillary. Everything else will fall into place.

    Liked by 5 people

  17. maxxheadroom777 says:

    The brazen corruption of government bureaucrats (city-county-state-federal) plus the continuing violence of antifa and blm is the logical conclusion of the Cloward-Piven strategy to overload and destroy the rule of Constitutional law in the United States of America. Cuomo & DeBlasio are killing New York and New York City. Every other Democrat-bossed city is the same The Communist Democrats are destroying America and the American way of life. They will not stop until they are stopped. Cold. Here’s the endgame:

    Liked by 1 person

  18. dunewall says:

    FBI activity were / are acts of insurrection. Shut the bureau down.

    Liked by 6 people

    • drse12 says:

      the last three fbi directors are mueller, comey, wray. anyone see a pattern here? america’s kindergarten teacher, sean hannity, is so fond of saying that the fbi is 99% patriots. nope. they’re 90% democrats, just like all the other federal agencies. even the ones that are under the republican umbrella (like the three names above) are filthy criminals. the fbi needs to be abolished.


  19. HickTick says:

    So a company called Fusion GPS was being fueled by foreign money from Hillary and the DNC . Using a known Russian agent to create propaganda to distort the election and to overthrow our duly elected President and you tell me we dont have any laws against this . not to mention Fusion had access to the NSA data illegally

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    In the last few weeks, it becoming evident that Barr/Durham may be forced to disclose some of their damaging findings implicating (yet a few) deep staters by its own inertia after election. Of course, this is with a Trump win. Biden wins, it’ll all be bleachbitted and those with any info or even one or two on a grand jury who heard testimony may have to be ‘Seth Rich’d’ as a warning to others.


  21. D3F1ANT says:

    Where the fvck is Barr?

    Liked by 1 person

  22. john edward lorenz says:

    But don’t tell those deplorables whether or not the actions were even properly predicated before the election.


  23. shipley130 says:

    Hello…remember “insurance policy”? Why isn’t the top former FBI brass in jail yet?


  24. nvbob says:

    Gee, I wonder why Catherine Herridge would now want this information. Back when she worked for FOX she had ample opportunity to follow the bread crumbs laid out by Sundance.

    She revealed her hatred for the Orange Man on several occasions while at FOX so she is a good fit for CBS, but why now with the document dive? This is puzzling to me. CBS will never let it see the light of day.


  25. dustahl says:

    Barr protecting the DOJ and swamp , because it would be a shame to lose , the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and so forth.
    How about losing the F ‘n country, Barr because that is the risk, by not blowing up the traitors,
    save the traitors not the U.S. citizens


    • Chris Vhfan says:

      If democrats steal this election i’m not sure American patriots will allow it , i think major war will happen because we know the countries over with once they get in and there’s just too much to lose .


  26. Strelnikov says:

    The important point is that no one ever gets indicted, not ever, and they all keep their jobs and/or cushy pensions. Mark my words: The coming Durham whitewash will only confirm this.


  27. cantcforest says:

    Sundance, I hope that you have nice thank you notes from Catherine H and Maria B. for put a top of the news story in their laps.
    Thank you for all you do.
    God bless you and yours.


  28. Tom says:

    Can’t “Make sure you read that full response from Christopher Steele”. SCRIBD has it behind a subscription/registration paywall.


  29. Pineo Man says:

    As announced yesterday, Barr has decided to ignore the NSA 702 database abuse uncovered by Adm. Rogers and documented in judge Rosemary Collyer’s 85 page brief. To me that is the last straw – Barr is in on the fix – slow walking the entire Russis/Spygate scandal in hopes PDJT loses on Nov. 3. I wouldn’t put it past Barr to be actively working to undermine PDJT’s election. We have lost the battle if PDJT is not relected – it is over folks.No one will be held accountable.


  30. Pineo Man says:

    Collyer’s 702 abuse report must go public to expose Barr.


  31. Dennis says:

    Remember this, when you are wanting to hold all those who are guilty accountable, we are all sinners; the LORD is the Savior and He can’t be the Savior unless He saves ALL of us.

    And, He will save all of us by having us to know the Truth: Ecc 12:14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. }}} – He will change our thinking !!!

    But it is His Truth that we need.

    Maybe those who want to BAN GOD can tell us how we can otherwise SAVE ourselves.


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