Sunday Talks: Steven Schrage Appears to Discuss His Role in “Spygate”…

We have a saying in the south: ‘hang around a one-legged man long enough and eventually you’re gonna start limping‘.  This interview is an example of how that cuts through the BS, spin and political chaff and countermeasures.  Steven Schrage should be trusted as far as you can spit into a hurricane – which is to say, not at all.

First, in an article to accompany his media effort, Schrage waxes philosophical and woefully about how his years-long good friend and phd supervisor, Stephan Halper, the one-legged character in the metaphor, turned out to be a politically motivated snake and spy.  Oh, but all the years previous this wasn’t noticed?  Not buying it.

Second, Schrage sat and watched Michael Flynn and Svetlana Lokhova get raked over the coals for three+ years only now, right now, to find his conscience bothered by his participation in assisting the lies pushed by his friend against them?  Isn’t that convenient timing?… Yeah, sure. I might have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.

Third, Schrage notes he was interviewed by John Durham. Horsepucky. Durham doesn’t interview anyone; someone else does, someone very specific; and the fact that Schrage has no clue who that person is implies an aspect to the side-show he now presents as total nonsense.  In short, this is a distraction story…. Look over there…. shiny things.


I’ve watched and researched these intelligence characters for so long their M.O. screams like visible strings on marionettes. And yes, once you see the strings it’s impossible to return to a time when you did not see them. This interview is a purposeful ruse.

[His article here]

I also do not fault Matt Taibbi or Maria Bartiromo for falling for it.

Devin Nunes was right about Schrage a YEAR AGO:

[…] What you have there is, you have an American citizen, somebody who’s long been involved in politics, and the guy’s name is Steven Schrage. Now, knows that the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the FBI, we want to talk to anyone and everyone who was dealing with Carter Page and other Trump associates, especially in early 2016.

Schrage is the one who invited Carter Page to this event. Schrage is the one who organized this event. So — but instead of coming forward, a guy who’s been involved in politics for this long doesn’t come forward? I want to know, did he know about the Steele dossier at that time? When did he find out about the Steele dossier? Did he have control of the Steele dossier at any time? Did he give it to anyone?

Those are the types of things that Steven Schrage needs to come clean on, because, you know, look, maybe he was just a guy working for minimum wage sweeping the floors around Cambridge. I highly doubt it.

And the fact that he hasn’t come forward in two-and-a-half years is highly suspect. Now, when you look at the other Brits that were involved there, Maria, if you — this also ties in with General Flynn, because these Brits were the ones who went public and said — specifically, Christopher Andrew said that General Flynn had a Russian girlfriend.  (more)

Nice try…

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403 Responses to Sunday Talks: Steven Schrage Appears to Discuss His Role in “Spygate”…

  1. Marygrace Powers says:

    Between now and the election the
    screening/vetting of all persons
    coming forward should be the
    equivalent of a full sigmoidoscopy.

    As is evident from the mess our
    country is in anything less will not do.
    We are up to our eyeballs in BS.

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  2. Fools Gold says:

    Looks like this one needs to layoff the alcohol and get himself some blood pressure medicine. He seems to be quite stressed. I hear Lexapro might help is depression but one has to give up finding the corruption and participating in it. I’ve also heard the truth will set you free but he damn sure ain’t on wagon…/spit

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    Steven Schrage, Halper, Carter Page with his two decades. The CIA is well represented in this coup.

    Halper, who has longstanding connections to the CIA, met with at least two other Trump campaign advisers

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    • maggie0987 says:

      This is a little bit off topic but it has the snooty, know it all, UK, Chris Steele Dossier connection………
      It is a podcast done Aug 6, 2020, with Steele and a UK Member of Parliament, Damian Collins (Conservative).
      Steel is being feted in the UK as someone whose opinion is of some value!! He contributed to some thing called, The Russia Report, which the Brits just put out.
      I was astounded and sickened to listen to it! –
      Steele comes in at about 8:00min

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      • DonaldsonLJ says:

        Damian Collins MP is an ardent remainer ( anti Brexit ) he headed up one of the DCMS sub committees on basically fake news, which he used to push some sort of nonsense that all these political groupings that were supportive of Brexit were either guilty of being fake news ( Aaron Banks, successful business man and pro Brexit group supporter laughably told Mr Collins and his committee to shrove off ) or being helped by Russians in some way. He is an idiot, same as Chris Steele – who was ” let go ” from M16 years ago, which is rather incredible since you have to be unbelievably shit to be fired from the Rubber Sole Squad !


  4. Stevo says:

    I had the exact same impression of Mr. Schrage’s interview.
    His narrative is too well defined. The word is “Rehearsed”.

    A puppet of deep state deflection….

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    • Linda K. says:

      I became suspicious when he said he wanted to come forward before Flynn’s hearing next week…..I guess he missed the previous 3 years of hell.

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  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    I’m not one for posting videos, but this thread made me think of one called “Liar” by the Rollins Band. It’s a really cool song. Check it out…


  6. permiejack says:

    Ok, so I got this from wiki. Please no stone throwing.

    In July 2016, Dr. Schrage convened a high-profile conference at the University of Cambridge on the upcoming U.S. presidential election, entitled 2016’s Race to Change the World, which was based on his Harvard and Cambridge research and experience on Campaigns and Foreign Policy.[11] Conference guests included former Secretary of State and UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright; Republican Congressman and presidential campaign adviser Vin Weber; head of Mi6 Sir Richard Dearlove; UK Foreign and Defence Minister Malcolm Rifkind;the BBC’s lead diplomatic correspondent and head of Peterhouse College Cambridge Bridget Kendall, and several ambassadors and leading U.S./UK scholars.[12]

    At the symposium, FISA warrant subject Carter Page met FBI spy Stefan Halper for the first time, which launched the Russian collusion and Spygate controversies. Analysts on both sides of the political spectrum have called this “bigger than Watergate.”[13] Only a few weeks after this conference, the FBI’s controversial Crossfire Hurricane investigation of Trump campaign officials was launched.[14] No allegations of impropriety have been made related to Schrage’s involvement in this conference.


    • From Vin Weber’s Wiki page:

      Weber was one of the Republicans who turned against the surprise Donald Trump candidacy, telling CNBC on August 3, 2016,”I can’t imagine I’d remain a Republican if he becomes president.”

      For his lobbying Congress on behalf of pro-Russia entities, Weber received at least $700,000.

      From 2012 until February 2014 and directed by Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, Weber, who was the principal for Mercury’s Ukraine-related lobbying portfolio beginning in 2012, acted as an unregistered agent of a foreign government and foreign political party, a felony offense under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), with a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

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      • Raven says:

        OH MY!

        At one point in my dive into politics for candidate Trump I had been fighting against the “leaders” of the GOP at the congressional level for the lies and rule breaking that constantly took place — by them. After one meeting a former CD Chair pulled me aside and whispered, “Be careful,” because, ‘there are people in high positions with a lot of power.’

        Besides the fact that I fully supported Donald Trump for President — and they did not — I was seen as a big time trouble maker.

        At the time I received the warning to be careful I totally blew it off and said I didn’t care. Later on I discovered the person with power was Vin Weber and I still didn’t care.

        Reading here what a disgusting dirtball Vin is it is not hard to see why Minnesota is a rotting corpse covered with maggots.


  7. burnett044 says:

    lmao…from all the praise this guy got in the comments this morning …seems like a bunch of Treepers feel for his pitch……now Sundance comes out and b!tch slaps him and …every one looks like fools…
    it is always wise to listen to the music…before ya put on your dancing shoes….

    but we all just want some justice…easy to be mis -lead…hang tuff

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    • gary says:

      when he expressed his discomfort about flynn, years late, i was done.

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      • 4sure says:

        I read it as:
        A lot of what this clown said mimics what SD is doing right now.

        1. Coming out now because he does not think Barr is going to do anything before the election after talking to Durham.

        2. Wants to get the info out now because public needs to know since none of the swamp will do anything.

        Was he sent out to undermine SD’s efforts? Don’t put anything past the CIA and swamp.

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    • Hey Burnetto- we all make mistakes!

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    • thedustmaker says:

      Yeah, ya know, I saw a link to the article earlier, read it on & off while doing other stuff. About 3/4 of the way through I commented to my wife that there is nothing new here, nothing I have not heard, and if I was a writer, I could….
      Suspicious yes, but no, cannot claim that I pegged him as a wanna be!

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    • MaineCoon says:

      You must have read the early comments. As things progressed quite a few had figured it out so everyone doesn’t look like a fool just one’s foolish perception.


      • burnett044 says:

        Maine..yes it was early i read …some were even asking if this guy was indeed Sundance….so yes many fell for his crap……all I am saying is be careful.


        • Peoria Jones says:

          For what it’s worth, I got the same impression as you…which is why I tend to reserve my comments until there’s been substantive info to digest. Good that SD is giving his perspective for clarification.

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  8. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    Great lesson SD. Anyone exposing things out of the blue and claiming first hand knowlege at this juncture is simply hedging.

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    • Mike says:

      It is good to be critical but that doesn’t mean Schrage’s account is false. If Trump wins reelection, which is looking likely, then the full story is going to get out eventually. Remember, Durham is trying to delay the big game until after the election to allow Biden’s handlers to squash it.

      It looks like Schrage wants his version where the setup was accidental to be the true version, and it yet may be, to ensure he still has a future after the election.

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    • Yy4u says:

      Or trying not yo be the fall guy. Or with Mifsud. Where IS Mifsud by the way? Seems to me his story coincides with what we already know from Papadopoulos’s book. Or maybe he read it too. CTH “knowing” machts nichts if nobody is indicted. We think because we know, so does the country. WRONG. Most of America has no idea. And they don’t want to know because NOTHING can be done about an out of control Leviathan.


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Last I heard, no one had been able to locate the infamous Mr./Prof./Whatever Mifsud, and he was “presumed dead.” Perhaps he has resurfaced somewhere. I confess that looking for mention of him has not been at the top of my to do list.


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Last I heard, no one had been able to locate the infamous Mr./Prof./Whatever Mifsud, and he was “presumed dead.” Perhaps he has resurfaced somewhere. I confess that looking for mention of him has not been at the top of my to do list.


  9. Alex1689 says:

    Love the sniper fox!!

    Go get ’em.

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  10. Leon Brozyna says:

    SD nailed it … look – shiny things.

    When I caught the two pieces on Shrage on CFP, the needle on my BS meter got all bent out of shape. This is just too convenient. Just as things are about to come to a head, bit players start crawling out of the woodwork, spinning fanciful webs. Enough of these webs and all the players are going to really get tripped up.

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  11. Magabear says:

    Well, at least the rats seem to be ratting on each other now. Baby steps in the right direction I suppose.

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  12. Howie_roak says:

    I concur with CTH this is a red herring, a distraction….

    the actual investigator is gonna surprise a lot of folks because there is also a red herring investigator just as there is a red herring whistleblower for congress. The actual whistleblower is so respected that even to mention his name would be an earthquake.

    The 2 most important folks to blow this coup wide open was Adm. Rogers and Mr. XXXXXXXXX.
    Mr. XXXXXXXXX is also the guy that gave the roadmap of Internal USDOJ/FBI operations to Durham’s investigator as well…..

    What I like is the “whose who” of the coup know who he is and are terrified of him….. so much so to even mention his name requires a immediate report to the director and a 302 to be generated….

    Now if I just I had faith that they will do something — I don’t because I know the 1st and 2nd tenets of USDOJ:

    We are the law, the law is whatever we say it is; besides who is gonna stop us we are law

    The punishment for the insiders is being kicked out of the Justice club and the magic handshake doesn’t get acknowledged anymore… nor the “College tie”…..

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    • sanitizer01 says:

      Why the secrecy. Just name him already… While I appreciate SD analysis and deep dives these comments are getting weird. It’s turning into I am smarter than you, I know the secret lynch pin and you don’t contest.


    • corvairfan says:


      “We are the law, the law is whatever we say it is; besides who is gonna stop us we are law”

      Or, the other version I’ve been told “oh you’re going to tell on us? we are the Feds…..who are you going to call?”


    • MaineCoon says:

      Hmmmm…….and why would I/we believe you knew the investigator, Howie? Not buying it, based on all Sundance has written on the topic. First Schrage, now Howie…who’s next in line to claim they know the investigator? On the inner workings? Nonsense a/k/a bs.


  13. Patriarch says:

    When I saw his fantastic fairy tale this AM, I thought his alias was Col Mustard I. The Din8ng room off the Oval with a revolver & rope.

    (The revolver has been secured, but the rope was left behind but is now available to POTUS for defensive acts)

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  14. DJ Snyder says:

    “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me! It was them! I was just following orders!”
    I did not watch the video, but he may as well have said that.


  15. Bogeyfree says:

    So where in the WH did Schrage work? Who did he work for.

    Maybe we should be looking for his handler?


    • WhiteBoard says:

      London Strozok vacation


    • Sassy says:

      Interesting that Halper’s recorded quote begins, “If you go to the NSC, you have to consider if you feel it’s appropriate for you to work for Flynn.”

      What exactly does this mean? Was Schrage considering going to the NSC to work for Flynn? There’s no context given. Halper simply starts talking in this excerpt about “you” going to the NSC.

      It’s obviously not about what Flynn himself might encounter at the NSC; it’s specifically with regard to someone working FOR Flynn.

      Was he using “you” as an impersonal, indefinite pronoun–meaning he’s speaking hypothetically about anyone going there to work for Flynn?

      Knowing that Schrage’s the one who invited Page and introduced him to Halper and knowing his connections to anti-Trump people like Romney, was perhaps there a plan for someone like him to be embedded into Flynn’s sphere? Another “insurance policy” on the off chance the coup against Flynn failed?

      Seems like a CYA to whitewash (cover up) any motivations for how Page came to be there and to get introduced to Halper.


  16. Mreed01 says:

    Do we know when this guy got married? An important reference date in his story for when he felt he needed to air his laundry involvement.

    We know the Shearer/Talbot/Blumenthal dossier was being information laundered earlier than the Steel dossier. And Fiona Hill testified she 1st learnd of “a” dossier from her “colleague” at the Hudson Institute Strobe Talbot. She also testified the information was not public yet, being before the election. Very few people seem to understand the significance of this part of her testimony.

    My question is, since Halper is very close to the Clintons, was this Steven Schrage character part of the original opo research dossier by the slime Blumenthal. This has his MO all over it.


  17. somebodysgramma says:

    Nunes – a Patriot. I don’t know how he does it. I couldn’t operate in the swamp without wanting to get out a firehose and wash the slime off every day. May God bless Devin Nunes for being a Truth Teller.

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  18. lambgraham says:

    So where do we go from here??? The deep state seems to have all the bases covered.
    1- Justice Roberts on FISA court
    2- Senate Intelligence Committee (Rubio. Burr. Warner, et el)
    3- Senate Judiciary Committee Lamb Graham
    4- Federal Court in DC (just look at Flynn case)
    5- Wray heads the corrupt FBI
    6- Democrats control all the House Committees
    7-State Department controlled by Soros
    8- Time – Results needed before election
    9- Media running interference
    10-Barr limits subjects in the investigation
    11- The 15 or so Republican RINO’s that will sabotage the President when called upon.

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  19. beach lover says:

    Interesting question within the interview from Maria B to Nunes..(the 7-28-19 show)
    speaking about Schrage…

    BARTIROMO: Did he work for national security for Mitt Romney? Was he working with Mitt Romney in national security?

    NUNES: Yes, I think he worked on the Romney campaign, and I’m not sure. He may have worked on the McCain campaign also.

    so… why would Maria know to ask that question? This guy is supposedly unknown yet she asks if he worked for Romney! She had to have known the answer or she wouldn’t have put it out there!

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  20. Madglobal says:

    Two realizations..
    First, the swamp is willing to sacrifice the FIB if the blame can be limited there.
    Second, this BS artist who appeared on Maria’s show is a link to the treasonous acts of the IC and Replublicons.
    Barr and Durham are over the target. The swamp is petrified. Theirs is very heavy lifting and they can only go as far as our engagement or disinterest necessitates. We have to let these Jackass know that we know and not accept their BS.

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  21. Shop says:

    6 more days to the Ides of August!

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  22. WhiteBoard says:

    People are sneaking out of the woodwork – using mockingbird avenue to reframe the the perception/lie/narrative to maintain a usefulness to the intelligence agency.

    when brennen use the National Security Aspect – our Allies agreed out of respect. STEEL WAS NOT UK – stelle was a poor punk being pimped by our FBI to fake legal survelillances of Honorable Americans.

    exactly as Sundance has indicated. We Do Not Fall For The Justification Trap.

    In summary, to inform people – you say “the FBI/DOJ system attacked our vote by fabricating a source’s information, into an investigation, that was brought to impeach an elected president ( Attack the vote and remove the elected president)”

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  23. trumpthepress says:

    Sundance – thanks for posting this.

    Being on this site for 4 years it has become second nature to identify the frauds.

    I saw the interview and knew it was a ruse.

    It’s been such an educational experience at CTH.

    Thanks for all the incredible work. Amazing stuff here all the time. Feels like I am cheating with all the information.

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  24. Superman says:

    Sure I was intrigued by this interview. Know what? It seemed so….so who cares! Ya know? He says he will tell more over the coming weeks…huh. Weird…there is more? Uh yeah no.
    In the end he provided nothing new. The big tell? He supposedly gets interviewed by Durham and he has an apipahny that he started the whole gammut.. So he tells Durham he need to go on Maria’s show? Sad.


    • Mike says:

      Watch the whole interview. His tape of Halper on Flynn is new useful information.

      It seems there is some paranoia going on but just because Schrage has suspect motives doesn’t mean he hasn’t contributed a piece to the puzzle.

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      • Contrarymary says:

        The tape seems like a prop. Probably made after the fact. For a person involved in politics, schrage seems oddly uninquisitive. When Halper says Flynn wasn’t going to be around long, schrage never questions why he thinks that. He just says “uh huh”. In fact, that’s all schrage says about everything Halper says, “uh huh”

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    • Harvey Lipschitz says:

      He is not alone. His buzzwords and facts almost look like he reads Sundance chronicles.
      “gets interviewed by Durham” could mean chatted with a Grupo Durham contact.


    • permiejack says:

      I looked him up on twitter. He has zero tweets and his account just opened August 2020.
      I guess he’s now getting set up for his spin machine.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        Oh, really? Is it verified? If so, that’s quite telling. Maybe there’ll be another book-laundering to suffer through.

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        • permiejack says:

          Has his beard, no red nose. Sundance caught it, why wait so long? Another globalist, Romney, Bush man. I don’t trust him. I hope if María B. Has him on again she ask about his silence for 3 years.


  25. this guy sure looks like a Halper protege with his jowls and red nose

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  26. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Typical political hoe. Swings with the wind.

    He is story telling like liars do to claw for credibility.

    As a Psychologist stumbled into some sort of mess. My company moved into a large bank tower and i brought video conferencing services into one of my conference rooms. I would rent out the room to lawyers which did video conference depositions under oath. Only a couple hundred lawyers in the building.

    So I had a little hobby of watching and studying how perps lie. They got video tapes of the depositions which are better than just transcripts.

    My experimenters bias I admit because I read posts before watching him for a few minutes.Watching how he conducts this show alone brings up questions on his candidness.

    One more comment. He has a lot of holes/gaps in the timeline of events.

    I really had fun watching 2-door Ford lie in the Kavanaugh hearings.

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    Schrage is insulating Halper from the invitation of Carter Page to the Cambridge event and suggests that Halper was not interested in Page until the actual event.

    But Schrage also throws Halper under the bus as the possible leaker of the Kislyak/Flynn calls to Ignatius (along with unnamed Republicans).

    These two tidbits are seemingly inconsistent but they can be reconciled as consistent if Schrage is trying to distract Durham (and the American people) from the actual identity of the leaker.

    We know James Baker (DoD) had close connections to Ignatius and that Baker had worked with and/or paid Halper big $ for his “work” during this general time period (remember the whistleblower?). If payments to Halper through Baker cover this timeline, or if Schrage had any dealings with Baker before going to Cambridge to complete his PhD, then Schrage could be covering for Baker.

    Just spitballing…

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  28. borwarrior says:


    Nice try Schrage. This group is too sharp.

    Shiny things – stay far clear of – like a shark fin skimming the water.

    Continue to focus on the origin. No origin, no PC, no dice – go to jail!

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  29. The Boss says:

    The lesson here (for me at least) is to never forget to ask “Why now?” when these sorts of things arise. I saw through Graham, but admit I got caught up in the intro to this interview.

    One other observation. Today could be called Bullshit Sunday on Maria’s show. Between this guy and Lindsay Graham, you have to wonder who got to her producers? Not if someone got to her producers. But who.

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  30. Shyster says:

    Another head fake like Huber….


  31. islandpalmtrees says:

    Get to know Steven Schrage, CIA in Education

    Campaigns on the World Stage: Madeleine Albright and Vin Weber
    14 July 2016

    11 July 2016 – Keynote address as part of the 2016’s Race to Save the World conference.

    Madeleine Albright (Former U.S. Secretary of State)

    Vin Weber (Republican Party strategist and former Congressman)

    Chair : Steven Schrage (University of Cambridge)

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  32. beth02 says:

    Romney? So who suggested Romney for Sec State? PDJT hated Romney – and yet someone talked him into interviewing him for this position. Same goes for Comey – I’ve heard Devin Nunes say at least 100 times, PDJT should have gotten rid of Comey during transition. So who talked him into keeping Comey? I want to know who that guy was – because there are clearly several dirty R’s who enabled the D’s. And that rat was taking advantage of PDJT and my country in the early days of the admin.

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  33. cheryl says:

    I fell for it. Dammit.

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  34. ropala says:

    Looks like the cast of Stingray is missing a character, or the Thunderbirds.

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  35. CNN_sucks says:

    If you read, Tbibi essay on Schrager. All gibberish.

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  36. One thing that has always bothered me and no one has ever asked…..One of the 1st interviews Bill Barr gave right after the fake Mueller investigation was shutdown and Bill Barr appointed John Durham…..Bill Barr says he doesn’t know John Durham and only briefly met him roughly 10 years earlier at some luncheon….How would Bill Barr know to appoint Durham??? Who advised Barr that Durham is the guy???


    • Tall Texan says:

      Easy to answer. John Durham has a well-known record of rooting out corruption and has hit both sides of the aisle in high profile cases. He took the Boston FBI/Whitey Bulger conspiracy down, which was Democrat corruption – much of which incidentally happened right under Bob Mueller’s nose. (Mueller was head of the criminal division of MA US Attorney’s office.)

      Durham a,so investigated, exposed and took down corrupt former GOP Governor of CT John Rowland. Durham was the obvious choice. Now he has to deliver.


      • Alex1689 says:


        The problem with this take on Durham is that although the Bulger investigation revealed some truths, no very higher ups in the FBI were held accountable, and Bulger received protection for YEARS on the lam (and somehow managed to eat during those years). It literally took going around the FBI in a surprise capture to bring him in. The evidence points to the FBI giving him heads ups every time anyone was close to finding him.

        Bulger, product of MKUltra experimentation with LSD injections, never snitched. But PDJT gets elected and as quick as you can say Jimminy Cricket, Bulger is transferred by Bureau of Prisons and beaten to death within 48 hours of arrival.

        FBI didn’t want to take a chance, IMHO.

        Remember, in the Bulger case, Mueller and Comey consciously left four innocent men to rot in prison. At least one died there.

        Where the H was awesome fearsome Durham then?

        BTW, there we have yet another CIA connection for those in the audience who are paying attention: Bulger and MK Ultra, which was run by the CIA’ s Richard Helms, Allen Foster Dulles, Sidney Gottlieb, and carried out by Louis Jolyon West, among many others. Dr. West, by the way, “treated” Jack Ruby into incoherent paranoia shortly before his interview with the Warren Commission, and gosh darn it if the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence didn’t run the interference on that one . . .

        Nothing is new under the sun. Nothing. Same creeps, fifty years later.


  37. truenorthseeker says:

    Sundance…thank you for helping so many of us Treepers to see more clearly. This guy came across as sketchy from the “novel” he wrote explaining his actions. I’ve learned so much from reading your writings on CTH, along with other Treepers’ posts. I spotted him as a fraud from the start. We are truly blessed for the sharing of knowledge in our treehouse.❤

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  38. old45model says:

    I know people go all squeamish at the thought of ‘cruel and unusual’ means being used to elicit information from people – but I still think sitting each of the suspected perpetrators down in a hard backed chair and showing them a handful of different ‘vice grips’ – as well as explaining the proposed use of such instruments – is my preferred method of obtaining clarity in these matters.
    Of course, I would simply ask them to tell me what I would like to know – and I can be quite unmoved by protestations of pain and anguish.
    Whilst they deserve much harsher treatment, I think that this methodology would suffice.
    Of course, they would forever be ‘branded’ by the funny stiff fingers on their hands…
    I should note that I’ve long practiced the art of “Don’t get angry, get even – and laugh whilst so doing”.


  39. Sassy says:

    Got suspicious as soon as he started talking about how this needs to come out now and not as an October surprise. Suddenly, he believes the truth needs to come out.

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  40. JE says:

    Thank you for clarity.
    Putting aside Schrage, what jumped out at me was Halper’s awareness/confidence of the fact that Flynn would soon be gone—on January 10, 2017, prior to the Strzok/Pientka interview of Flynn.


  41. Zy says:

    I won’t get fooled again…maybe. I keep thinking there has to be 1 good person of integrity in DC. Wrong assumption.


  42. Well I must be learning from hanging around the CTH!

    While watching the interview this morning, I was thinking. Yes, thinking.

    Skeptical questions, like, where’s this guy been? Why is he coming out now? What kind of PR blitz is this? When he mentioned Madeleine Albright, I started web surfing and came up with the Taibbi article and Devin Nunes’ mention of him last year, among other things. So he’s been a known entity, and I don’t trust what he’s saying . . . Sundance, you are an excellent teacher. Thank you.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. MLK says:

    I agree entirely with your take. These things always taken on the character of a high stakes game of musical chairs. Schrage seems to have woken up to the prospect that Stefan “Guttman” Halper and some filthy Brits want him to take one for team.

    In the Taibbi piece he even squeaks complaint about Nunes without mentioning his name. What kind of an idiot thinks that anyone is going to believe him over Nunes?!


  44. Han Solo says:

    Marsha Blackburn (TN) was just on Fox with a clip of this faker and its over her head too…apparently buying the Lindsey line as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Zydeco says:

    Sundance right again. He has a pretty good track record.

    Liked by 6 people

  46. corvairfan says:

    Kinda disappointed to hear Durham doesn’t interview anyone, and apparently only has one, specific person that interviews people. In my experience, federal agents usually interview in pairs, or if the interview is done in, say an FBI field office, 2 agents in the interview room and 1 or more watching through the one way glass.

    If only one person is doing the interviews, an investigation of this scale will move at a glacial pace.


  47. Watched Schrage interview a second time.

    Carter Page told Maria B. that he had a “decades long relationship with the CIA” a while ago.

    Although he hasn’t broken cover fully, I’ve been fairly convinced Page was a CIA plant in the Trump Campaign from the get-go and was used as an anchor for the two hop FISA surveillance, whether he was told that would be his role or not. To me, Page has always seemed to be a man without direction, not knowing whether it was safe for him to come out and tell the truth or continue playing the patsy, wrongly targeted by the FBI.

    What I think Schrage, also a spook, is doing, is offering up Halper to protect the actual role Page played because, he (Page) is the lynchpin holding the entire charade together.

    Once it is discovered that Page was a government plant in the Trump campaign, its GAME OVER.

    I also question the authenticity of the Halper audio recording. . . . , seems too clean in quality and purpose. Flynn was targeted because he was going to blow the whistle on 0bama’s treasonous Iran deal – and that’s just for starters – and not because he was a hot head as the recording suggests.

    Liked by 4 people

  48. sunnyflower5 says:

    Liked by 1 person

  49. RAC says:

    Yes, as well as being strangely late, Schrage’s story smelled a bit overly concocted.
    Twas like he’d pre-thought out the questions a skeptic might ask and answered them unasked.

    Liked by 7 people

    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Sort of like Susan Rice’s memo to self on President Trump’s inauguration day. Uh huh.

      Liked by 14 people

      • H.R. says:

        Very good, delighteddeplorable. That’s it. Perfect tie-in.

        “Rice: Yeeks! If Trump stumbles on any of this I’m so screwed. Gotta, GOTTA come up with something.” (Writes CYA memo.)

        Schrage follows suit with a CYA interview. As Sundance often writes, once you have seen the strings, you can’t unsee them. Schrage is in full CYA mode.

        Liked by 3 people

  50. More Bore says:

    Combined with Yates testimony tossing Comey under the bus, and the rumor mill about no charges for Brennan – seems like the deep state is coalescing around their exit strategy.

    Liked by 7 people

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