McConnell Appoints Marco Rubio as Acting Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman…

Against the backdrop of all things DC swamp, this move was entirely predictable.  No-one takes over as chair of the SSCI without senate leadership having (blackmail) material on the appointee to have full control over their activity.  Marco Rubio is fully compromised.

Today Mitch McConnell announces that Senator Marco Rubio will replace Richard Burr as chairman of the notoriously corrupt Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI):

MITCH McCONNELL – “I am glad to announce that Senator Marco Rubio has accepted my invitation to serve as Acting Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

“The senior senator for Florida is a talented and experienced Senate leader with expertise in foreign affairs and national security matters. Senator Rubio was the natural choice for this temporary assignment on the basis of accumulated committee service. His proven leadership on pertinent issues only made the decision easier.

“Senator Rubio has spent a decade as a leading member on the Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees. His care for our nation’s security, advocacy for our values and interests, and vigilance toward threats have earned a national reputation. On subjects ranging from China and Russia to Iran and North Korea to tyranny and unrest in our own hemisphere, Senator Rubio has been on the case for years.

“By and large, our nation’s intelligence professionals are dedicated, hard-working men and women who counter foreign threats and keep Americans safe. They deserve all the resources and support Congress can provide. But as recent years have made painfully clear with respect to federal law enforcement, we also need proactive leadership from within and thorough oversight from Congress to keep partisan bias and political interference out of these sensitive activities.

“I appreciate the Acting Chairman’s commitment to lead on all these fronts during this temporary assignment — to help ensure the intelligence community stays ahead of our adversaries, out of politics, and out of the press.” (link)

To understand numerous layers within the overall dynamic it is important to remember Rubio was a never-Trumper.  Nikki Haley, Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio formed the trio of GOPe advocates to defend the interests of the deep state during campaign 2016.  The original opposition research into Trump by Fusion-GPS came as an outcome of Rubio supporters initiating and funding the research.  That effort evolved into the Steele Dossier after team Rubio dropped funding in March 2016; and the Clinton campaign took over.

There has long been an open secret within DC that Rubio was a compromised individual and there was/is a considerable amount of blackmail material known about him.

As a result of the FBI investigation into SSCI leaks by security director James Wolfe, covert communications in the spring of 2017 between SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner and Christopher Steele were discovered.

Six months after Warner was conspiring with Christopher Steele… (in October of 2017), the FBI questioned Senator Warner’s staff and requested the messaging information.

Mark Warner’s efforts with Chris Steele were February through May 2017.  Warner waited until he was caught, then told the committee about his “no paper trail” attempts to coordinate with Steele in October 2017.  The contacts and text messages were later made public in February 2018.

As soon as the covert SSCI communications surfaced (Feb ’18); which were part of the overall committee effort to remove President Trump; chairman Richard Burr and Marco Rubio provided cover by claiming Warner was honest with them in October 2017.

Senator Warner only came forward after he was caught in the Wolfe leak investigation.

The committee was notified in October 2017, yet not a single member of the SSCI (R or D) demanded Vice-Chairman Mark Warner make an immediate, full and public disclosure of the VERY SERIOUS conflict he engaged in.  Instead the committee waited until after the covert communication was public in February 2018 and then Burr and Rubio defended Warner.

The SSCI is the enabler for a weaponized intelligence apparatus.  McConnell appointing Marco Rubio to the position of acting chair of the committee is simply more swamp defensive positioning.

That’s the larger backdrop to frame this recent tweet by President Trump:

When you peel back all of the layers of the ‘remove trump’ effort; and when you overlay those efforts in individual pieces to see the ramifications in 2020; it is clear one of the biggest scandals continues to revolve around the SSCI and the failure of the DOJ to prosecute James Wolfe for the leak.

Once the Dept. of Justice Wolfe decision was made… it set into action a chain of events that continues to go forward to today.  It’s like the old saying about once you tell a lie you have to tell another lie to cover the original lie; and then another lie to cover the lie about the original lie; and the sequence continues….


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265 Responses to McConnell Appoints Marco Rubio as Acting Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman…

  1. free2313 says:

    QUOTES: ”

    …..Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

    ‘When bad men combine, good men must organize.’

    It is high time that the law-abiding citizens of Washington, and particularly those in organized groups dedicated to civic betterment, became alert to this danger and demanded protection against organized gangdom.”

    >>>>The Corrupt current people in all branches of the government, SIMPLY WANT US TO DO NOTHING… And all will be o.k. for them.>>>>>

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  2. patti says:

    Marco has been dead to me since 2013…

    Young, handsome and Hispanic, Marco Rubio was once hailed as one of the new faces of the Republican Party. But now we learn that he actually brings two new faces to the GOP.
    One that says one thing one moment and another that says a different thing at a different moment.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      The son of an immigrant bartender. Second only in nausea to Kasich’s son of mailman, although Rubio is a much better deliverer of a story.


    • GenEarly says:

      I originally voted for Rubio to replace Charlie Crist (now a D congress critter) in the FL Repub primary for US Senator.
      Rubio was the “insurgent” against the Estab Rinos of FL who backed Crist, and relied on a very strong Tea Party at the time.
      The Rube Rubio promptly went to DC and joined the Gang of 8 to push Amnesty with McCain, Grahamnesty, and Scummer.
      Expecting anything but foot dragging, at best, or a knife in the back from Estab Quisling Rinos like Mitchy McCuckold as Senate Boss is delusional.
      Like Lyin Ryan these Rinos hate Trump as much as We Deplorables hate them and their democRat comrades.

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  3. avocadodipp says:

    Rubio is now on the Deep State gravytrain! Just watch: in a few years he will be a multimillionaire. Useful idiots in the Deep State are always rewarded and protected – they are untouchable.

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  4. ivanthenuc says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Means nothing if we can’t get rid of a known, useless corruptocrat like this in the primary!!! We conservatives need to coalesce around a different candidate in the primary and push that person across the line. And then if that person turns out to be another corruptocrat we do the same thing when they are up for reelection.
    Until we can make these people pay like this consistently, they will continue to treat us like the rubes we seem to be.

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  5. KBR says:

    I researched Rubio during 2016.
    He was Bush boy. Particularly associated with Gov. Bush of Florida. Jeb.
    (Bush, Clinton, “brothers by another mother.” I think that was possibly true.)
    Some accusations of drug associations according to Roger Stone who wrote a book about that stuff.

    So Jeb maybe wants revenge…we know Hil does.

    Nevermind, surely POTUS read Roger’s book too.

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  6. Marc says:

    Foam Party Rubio is so compromised he’ll do anything Mitch tells him to do.


  7. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    We can complain about this appointment, but please remember we vote these jerks into office. We have to stop voting stupidly.

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    • seasidemommy says:

      I would very much like to have a CHOICE of Republicans to vote for but the Fl. The Republican party is full of hardcore Rinos. I remember when I joined the exec. committee of Republicans here in Pasco Fl. and they required us to take an oath in front of the entire group saying we would always vote Republican. My husband walked out. I decided you can learn more from being within. Since Rubio is my Senator I use his fb page to communicate with him, why because if you send an email or try a phone call there is zero response but on fb they do not like the strong questions for my elected. I will say this at this point I just want to keep my Republic. I feel we are at war from within and in clear danger. As long as Trump wins again I can deal with the work in progress of trying to eliminate the deep swamp Rinos. Wishful thinking would be that the Republican party used common sense and was interested in fighting for our Republic.


  8. patti says:

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    • Michael Jones says:

      I’m ashamed to admit I voted for this useless twit, not once, but twice. He was the lesser of 2 evils the second time.

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      • avocadodipp says:

        I know – Rubio was a Tea Party darling/sensation. That’s the way he represented himself. Maybe he started out that way, but he was quickly taken down by the Swamp (and his own weaknesses). Not many people as strong as Trump – he is a force of nature.

        Often we have to compromise in voting – picking the least destructive candidate. It’s going to be interesting to see what the electorate does… Vote Trump or Biden?


  9. cruiser55 says:

    I apologize in advance but, somebody needs to take McConnell out back and slap the sh!t out of him!! Is there possibly a worse Uni-Party scumbag available? Good Lord!

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  10. cruiser55 says:

    I apologize in advance but, somebody needs to take McConnell out back and slap the sh!t out of him!! Is there possibly a worse Uni-Party scumbag available? Good Lord!


  11. icthematrix says:

    I want Mitch defeated this fall. Don’t care that we lose a seat. He and Miss Lindsey both need to fail. Pray we keep the Senate and by some miracle regain the House with President Trump scorching the earth despite all the cheating cure to occur. A new Senate without the conniving turtle and the lying spazz from S.C.

    Rubio amazes me in how dirty he plays the game. All in it for himself. A failure that lucked out on a return to the Senate by promising and lying, only to be used as a compromised tool in the deep state shed. I have penned blistering letters to him as my Florida Senator. His responses are not his own but ring true to his sanctimonious blather.

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  12. CLASSIC photograph above of the Turtle and Rubio……the Turtle looks like a happy pedophile and Rubio looks like he just got bought off with a big lollypop and a free ride on the ………… ah, never mind. I’ll keep in clean.

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  13. Right to reply says:

    Food for thought…The leaking of material prior to Trumps selection, was all about Rubio, drugs, and debt…
    We won’t be voting for him.


  14. Rj says:

    Whoever has the blackmail material on little Marco Needs to release it immediately.
    Now PDJT needs to release Elaine Chow of her duties and have the treasury department look into Her and turtles CCP wealth.

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  15. MGB says:

    Who would be the ideal pick? Cotton?

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  16. jessetmims says:

    All Mitch has to say to Rubio is, “Do what I tell you and the next time you run for president, I’ll ignore the fact that you’re not a natural born citizen;” and, Rubio will do whatever he’s told to do!

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  17. US says:

    Rubio was too special to campaign together with Donald Trump the Great in 2016. The only good in him is that he will get US into a Venezuelan war, which I would not mind myself, but others might object.


    • GenEarly says:

      The Only worthwhile War is Domestic. Unless you want to divert attention from the evil demonic deep state and the democRats. (Quisling Rino Repubs are camouflaged democRats. DC Uniparty.


  18. Rubio is “compromised”? You don’t say! It wasn’t with a dead girl so it must be with a live boy.

    Now we have Foam Boy on the intel committee- likely worse than Burr who was a total zero.


  19. Gary Lacey says:

    Good grief, John McCain would have been a better choice.

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  20. crikey9 says:

    Pool boy for Billionaire Braman…..wellworth the read…..Rubio is so compromised by his personal preferences and indebtedness that he will willingly serve obama’s thugs


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