Laughable and Political – Former ICIG Michael Atkinson Releases Ridiculous Political “Statement”….

Everything anyone needed to know about the motives and intents of fired Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson is evidenced by his releasing a political statement tonight protesting his termination.

Atkinson doesn’t write a “letter”, his diatribe is not addressed to anyone, it is just a political “statement” designed to be exploited by the same people, for the same intents, as his prior ICIG work product.  This transparently political effort is ridiculous.

Just as pathetic and political as Atkinson’s statement, is the statement expressed by current DOJ IG Michael Horowitz on behalf of Atkinson:

….“Inspector General Atkinson is known throughout the Inspector General community for his integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the rule of law and independent oversight.”…

What makes this Horowitz statement so ridiculous, political and hypocritical, is that only four days earlier IG Horowitz was so alarmed at the gross incompetence of Atkinson that he submitted an interim memorandum noting extreme deficiencies in the FISA work product of Michael Atkinson as legal counsel for the DOJ-NSD.

The DOJ and FBI have an internal FISA self-check mechanism. The DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) chief counsel Michael Atkinson, and the chief counsel for every FBI field office are required to conduct an “Accuracy Review” of selected FISA applications. One per field office (25 to 30 field offices),which are also sent to DOJ-NSD (main justice) for general counsel Atkinson inspection.

Horowitz detailed 39 examples of Michael Atkinsons’ willful violations of law and policy within 42 “accuracy review” files at the DOJ-NSD. The error rate within the DOJ-NSD files that Atkinson was responsible for was over 93%.

IG Michael Horowitz was so alarmed by the gross incompetence he sent an urgent interim memorandum to the DOJ and FBI notifying the Attorney General and FBI Director of the systemic violations discovered.  Two days later the FISA court responded to the IG memorandum by demanding the DOJ/FBI reveal the names of the application targets.

So it is more than a little disingenuous and self-serving for Michael Horowitz to be clutching his pearls about Michael Atkinson getting fired as ICIG, when only a few days earlier Horowitz was raising alarm bells about Atkinson’s gross incompetence in his former position as general counsel for the DOJ National Security Division.

Perhaps Horowitz didn’t think anyone would notice?

Perhaps Horowitz was so assured of MSM providing cover, that he didn’t think anyone would connect the dots from his recent memo on the DOJ-NSD incompetence, to the man who held the job, Michael Atkinson?

Regardless of Horowitz’s anticipatory outlook, the recent IG report outlining Atkinson’s gross incompetence in the FISA scandal, vis-a-vis the 42 DOJ-NSD Accuracy Reviews, is the atomic shield against the political narrative Horowitz, Atkinson and their political allies might attempt to deploy.

Funny that.


♦ IG Michael Horowitz report on Atkinson’s gross incompetence HERE.

♦ FISA Court response based on Horowitz’s report of Atkinson’s incompetence HERE.

♦ Details of ICIG Firing & Background Connection to all the above – Available HERE.

National Security Council resistance member Alexander Vindman starts a rumor about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call, which he shares with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (a John Brennan resistance associate)….

Ciaramella then makes contact with resistance ally Mary McCord in her role within the House Intel Committee headed by Adam Schiff….

Ms. McCord then helps Ciaramella create a fraudulent whistle-blower complaint via her former DOJ-NSD colleague, now ICIG, Michael Atkinson….

…And that’s how the impeachment operation was started. (read more)

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360 Responses to Laughable and Political – Former ICIG Michael Atkinson Releases Ridiculous Political “Statement”….

  1. If PDJT is upset with Horowitz’s statement then perhaps the President could give a well researched, documented, fact-laden, on-script, PUBLIC ASS-WHIPPING statement expressing his displeasure and loss of confidence in him.

    Afterwards, if Horowitz does not pull the plug on his own, have Horowitz legally reassigned to the most remote corner of the Federal bureaucracy where he can do the least damage.

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  2. paulashley says:

    These people have no shame, much less integrity.

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    • SenorPete1 says:

      These IGs are all a bunch of Democrats that oversee nothing and allow people to circumvent the rules to injure people they disagree with. Like Attkinson changing the rules on second hand knowledge to allow the Democrats to impeach President Trump

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    • Marsha Frey says:

      When you are guilty as He!! – you have to write your own defense.

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    • Gronimo says:

      I’m not sure where to post this, but wouldn’t it be easier if these people would just do their jobs? (The ones they are supposed to do… oh wait – – – they probably are doing their jobs – the ones they were appointed to do, i. e.; undermine the duly elected president of the United States.)


  3. clodfobble says:

    The deep state is deep. POTUS is surrounded by them. All they want is power and the money that comes with power. They exploit through fear, intimidation and violence. They command the media, education and almost all social culture. They have brainwashed millions, worldwide, through those platforms. They are DANGEROUS and comprise the most significant threat facing America… FAR more dangerous than any virus, natural or manmade. Do not fear them… loath them.

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    • inspectorudy says:

      The Deep State also includes Horowitz. I read a background of his life and he was a political Democrat activist in college. One has to assume that he would still harbor much of the same fervor he had then. It is hard to believe that he can be an ardent Democrat activist and then be charged with investigating two of the biggest scandals in American history. Both against or involving Trump and both initiated by the Democrat party members to unseat a sitting POTUS. When obama fired the IG who was investigating his friend, the msm made not a whimper. It makes me ill to think that the only thing between our national integrity and corruption is Durham!

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      • Rex says:

        For someone that’s supposed to be above politics, he (Horowitz) can talk out of both sides of his mouth with the best of ’em.

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      • yeison475 says:

        It is more than just “disingenuous and self-serving” from Michael Horowitz – in his role as the DOJ Inspector General -, he covers up and shields those who are exposed such as Comey and McCabe with his recommendation for not to prosecute these two. So again, after writing a scathing report on Atkinson’s incompetence and “willful violations of law and policy”, then a few days later Horowitz praises his integrity and professionalism, he again provides a cover for Atkinson. We can see Horowitz’s pattern and intention. He is part of the liberal deep state and is in a crucial role in helping those lawbreakers to avoid justice.

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        • amazed treetop downlooker says:

          Let your ‘yes’ mean “YES” & your ‘no’ mean “NO”..EVERYTHING else is from theEvil One!


      • Georgia says:

        Clearly all doubt that Horowitz is a Deep State sycophant is removed by this letter extolling the virtues of this cretin/fraud Atkinson?

        The Government is infested with Traitors–amazing–and we’re in lockdown (a term used in Prison) because 2 Clintonistas/Bill Gates sycophants are using his phony/grossly inaccurate “Models” to cause hysteria and panic to justify same (as the London “Expert” did in “Modeling” millions of deaths now rolled back to under 20,000)– over a Cold Virus that is basically about as bad as a seasonal flu based on the true numbers coming out (even given the CDC has encouraged throwing every death possible onto the CV pile, following the WHO Head “ex” violent Marxist Revolutionary who used a phony “Model” of massive death to begin the hysteria ….). People better wake up fast or we are going to wake up in the USSA devoid of all Freedoms, broke, and starving — and it is going to be a very, very unpleasant future for nearly all in this country–which it seems the Mainslime Media and the NWO Globalists want very much to happen….

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        • botchedcasuality says:

          What if this quarantine is a desensitization of the herd? Meaning when the next true killer SARS 2.X. Is introduced to humanity we will not believe it, people would shrug and go about their business looking back on this fiasco…. Globalist population control accomplished.

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    • Tulips Moran (@tulipsmoran) says:

      So we see the SES Shadow Govt circling the wagons around their own. That in itself is proof positive PDJT is draining the swamp and they don’t like it. Tough shit.

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  4. Technerd says:

    Perhaps after filing a report detailing Atkinson’s incompetence, Horowitz thought nothing would come of it. He would be justified in believing this given the evidence of the last two decades where no one in DC is held accountable for anything.

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      More like Horowitz hoped it would get Trump to fire Atkinson as part of another Lawfare operation. Based on Horowitz glowing praise of Atkinson, right after detailing Atkinson’s gross incompetence, Horowitz has incredibly poor, or biased, judgement. Fire him too.

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  5. another deep state coup Atkinson He have been Drain,
    I bet now the fake news channel MSNBC and CNN waiting for Him a job already in place,

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  6. evergreen says:

    Horowitz ought to be summarily removed for bias.

    No IG would ever pull a stunt as to undermine the President for exercising his due right to appoint and remove at will or for cause.

    Fire him publicly and make him act out in true resistance fashion.

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  7. Linda K. says:

    You mean, Atkinson really thinks he did nothing wrong?

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    • G. Alistar says:

      The real question is what with Judge Boasberg think and what will the rest of the Judiciary think of the FBI unconscionable lying, violating the law and especially the 4th amendment, in addition to lying to multiple FISA courts???

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  8. dustahll says:

    Maybe some patriots slipped the truth in the Horowitz report and Horowitz did not even know what was released, because the disconnect is extreme. or not

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  9. mugzey302 says:

    We thank God for you, Sundance, 😇 because you DO “connect the dots” for us and do the investigative reporting that the MSM jackals are not capable of and have no interest in anyway. Listening to their stupid “gotcha” questions everyday seriously trys my patience. 😠

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  10. Your Tour Guide says:

    Would tend to think “by the book” is a signal
    to the right people that are paying attention.

    But I tend to think the worst of most of these
    jerks. I find out that you’re not disappointed
    that way.

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say about
    anybody, come sit by me”- Alice Longworth

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    • bruzedorange says:

      So, Your Tour Guide, you noticed that quote, too!

      Check in the <—-older comments for a thoughtful discussion (between this poster and MLK, if you want to use your computer's search feature) of that "by the book" quote in Horowitz's letter.

      Would love to hear more treepers thoughts on that.

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  11. Tom Hansen says:

    Horowitz’s letter is example how the DOJ/FBI glosses over and cover up the egregious errors, mistakes, omissions, incompetence, and felonious actions of their colleagues, that creates a two tier system of justice. In other words, what is good for us, is not good for you.

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  12. iwasthere says:

    That read’s like a Lawfare document.

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  13. TMonroe says:

    If anyone ever wants to point at Horowitz as a nonpartisan straight shooter, his firing statement (so quickly given) so soon after the internal memo that spoke to Atkinson’s actions undermine it gives quite the clear and concise a rebuttal.

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  14. FPCHmom says:

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    • Dee says:

      Lindsay, needs to go home permanently. He is just another Dem taking up a pub seat.


      • Bert Darrell says:

        Sen. Graham is not “just another Dem taking up a pub seat” He is just as crooked a senator as his mentor, Sen. McCain, was. Both of them took kickbacks from a Ukrainian dictator and got medals for it. I knew Graham was not going to do anything he had promised because it would have disclosed his own crime. Obviously he firmly believes in the Gruber postulate.*



  15. FPCHmom says:

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  16. HellInAHandbasket says:

    Geesh …. what an…….


  17. Merkin Muffley says:

    Lawfare is representing Mr. Atkinson now. That’s who authored this statement.

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  18. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Impeach President Trump for firing an unbiased IG.

    Plus obstruction of Con gress whatever that means. Since he had a hand in crafting the whistlblower complain and delivered it to Congress instead of proper authority, Congress is losing a leaker.


  19. Maquis says:

    In related news, the TP shortage is over.


  20. Tess from Philly says:

    Two things I find interesting. The first is that the President never mentioned the IG report when he was speaking of Atkinson and his lousy job. The second interesting thing is that I haven’t seen mention of Atkinson’s firing on lawfare’s or Benjamin Wittes’ Twitter. Why? And is what’s surely brewing good or bad?


  21. BobR says:

    Does it make anyone else angry that the DOJ is not telling all of America about these crimes instead of SD, Fitton, and Powell? Who cares if Graham, Jordan or Nunez have more time wasting hearings? Is there not one govt body that will act on this clear evidence?

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    • bruzedorange says:

      The un-satisfying but truthful answer is… if Horowitz, Barr, ARE fully comitted to draining the swamp, are collecting evidence for Durham to present to a grand jury, and are appropriately guarding that evidence in anticipation of taking these deep staters to trial, then we STILL WOULD NOT be hearing about it. Right?

      Sadly, frustratingly, not hearing anything is both the best possible and worst possible news we could (not) be hearing.

      For now, we’ve just gotta hang tough, channel our frustration and fears into prayer, take names, and stay alive through this pandemic so in November we can vote and get our Very Stable President re-elected!


  22. Everett Miller says:

    Now, President Trump–keep it up! Fire Horowitz today, please.
    BTW, Mr. President, also take a minute to call AG Barr and ask him to go ahead and drop the 54 RICO indictments on the Organized Crime conspirators tomorrow morning round about 2:00am


  23. CanaCon says:

    When the Acting DNI stated that the Ukraine affair was handled by the book, he unfortunately failed to mention that, in order to do that, Atkinson had to change the book by removing the requirement that a Whistleblower must have first-hand knowledge of alleged abuse.

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  24. sync says:

    U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Taken to Intensive Care Unit


  25. Mr. Morris says:

    As I understand, Michael Atkinson as general council for the epartment of Justice/ National Security Division was responsible for vetting the information sent to the secret FISA Court. This is the court that authorizes spying. Apparently Mr. Atkinson’s work product was so shoddy that Inspector General Horowitz called him out. On many occasions there was no corroborating information to warrant FISA court approval. Mr.Atkinson lied. I seem to remember Sally Yates, also an Obama appointee, said the Inspector General was forbidden from investigating the NSD. I guess hinky and deceitful behavior was okey-dokey and never to be seen.
    Mr.Atkinson continued his deceitful behavior as Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.


  26. dottygal says:

    A lot of the deep staters seem to have early-onset Alzheimer’s. They can never remember what they just did or said.


  27. rjones99 says:

    Disgusting POS. These people are beyond shame. When I was a young student, I was always awestruck by those guys operating the guillotines. Now I understand, and I’d happily pull the chain on this guy and his collaborators. I never believed I could get to this point, but the way these guys are getting away with what, in any other place on earth, would be clearly seen as betrayal of country and constitution has led me to conclude that moral restraint is for suckers. Mr Barr, I hope you’re doing the right thing because otherwise our greater good is going to confront their great good.

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  28. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    A complain
    Too late to try to covertly destroy President Trump and save face.
    Getting FIRED is very painful for big egos.
    Sundance study the words and see how much the wordcraft style matches the weaselblower complaint he coauthored.


  29. M W says:

    Atkinson knew good and well that he was assisting and participating in a coup conspiracy to overthrow the President of the US on a faked and fabricated predicate…. Atkinson is a Traitor and enlisted Ukranians to assist in his Government Overthrow attempt… Seriously, that is Treason and a Death Sentence is the customary punishment .


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