Oh My, Interesting Ramifications – FISA Court Requires DOJ/FBI To Provide Names of Targets Within Corrupt Surveillance Applications…

Things are getting interesting, potential ramifications are growing, as the FISA Court responds to the latest information from the DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG).

After a review of 29 FISA applications, from eight FBI field offices, the OIG informed the FBI and DOJ that none of the surveillance applications were compliant with the Woods procedures. Meaning zero applications had FBI evidence to support the validity of the claims within the FISA warrants.  That’s a very big problem if those FISA warrants were used to gather evidence used to prosecute the 29 targets of the applications.

In a FISC order released today [pdf here] presiding Judge James Boasberg is ordering the FBI to identify who those targets were; and asking the DOJ to explain what they did with the evidence gathered as a result of the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants.  Big.

[pdf here]

If evidence obtained by execution of a fraudulently obtained warrant was used in the prosecution of any of those targets; there’s a possibility those cases will be reopened.

Considering the twenty nine applications from the OIG go back to 2015, there’s a lot of potential for some downstream consequences not only for those 29 applications, but also for all FBI FISA applications with a similar level of neglect.

In the issue of the Carter Page application the DOJ and FBI were already looking into how far the ripple effects carried.  The FBI was already undertaking a ‘sequestration effort’ to identify the fruit of the poisonous tree; and the results are still unknown.

This order from Judge Boasberg essentially expands that type of review upon another 29 applications and demands the DOJ identify to the court who were the targets.  The court can then, on their own, look and see if any of those U.S. persons were prosecuted in court.

This is a hot mess…. And it is far from over.

You can read Boasberg’s order HERE.

BACKSTORY – The OIG began reviewing FISA applications from eight field offices (the proverbial “rank and file”). The OIG selected 29 FISA applications from those field offices over the period of October 2014 to September 2019. Additionally, every field office and the DOJ-NSD generate internal “Accuracy Reviews”, or self-checks on FISA applications; so the OIG inspected 42 of the accuracy review FISA files to determine if they were compliant.

The results were so bad the IG produced an interim memorandum to the DOJ and FBI [pdf link here]. Within the 17-page-memo the IG notifies Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray that all of the claimed FISA processes, in every field office, are grossly deficient, and in most cases there is zero compliance with FISA standards. The IG memorandum is presented before the IG even looks at the specifics of the non-compliance.

Below is the report/memorandum. Additionally I am summarizing the stunning top-lines identified by the IG memo:

  • The IG reviewed 29 FISA applications, surveillance warrants, used against U.S. persons.
  • The 29 FISA applications were from eight different field offices.
  • The FISA applications were from Oct/2014 through Sept/2019.
  • All of the FISA applications reviewed were approved by the FISA court.

The ‘Woods File’ is the mandatory FBI evidence file that contains the documentary proof to verify all statements against U.S. persons that are contained in the FISA application. Remember, this is a secret court, the FISA applications result in secret surveillance and wiretaps against U.S. persons outside the fourth amendment.

♦ Within the 29 FISA applications reviewed, four were completely missing the Woods File. Meaning there was zero supportive evidence for any of the FBI claims against U.S. persons underpinning the FISA application. [ie. The FBI just made stuff up]

♦ Of the remaining 25 FISA applications, 100% of them, all of them, were materially deficient on the woods file requirement; and the average number of deficiencies per file was 20. Meaning an average of twenty direct statements against the target, supporting the purpose of the FISA application, sworn by the FBI affiant, were unsubstantiated. [The low was 5, the high was 63, the average per file was 20]

♦ Half of the FISA applications reviewed used Confidential Human Sources (CHS’s). The memo outlines that “many” of applications containing CHS claims had no supportive documentation attesting to the dependability of the CHS.

♦ Two of the 25 FISA applications reviewed had renewals; meaning the FISA applications were renewed to extended surveillance, wiretaps, etc. beyond the initial 90-days. None of the renewals had any re-verification. Both FISAs that used renewals were not compliant.

But wait… it gets worse.

The DOJ and FBI have an internal self-check mechanism. The DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) chief counsel, and the chief counsel for every FBI field office are required to conduct an “Accuracy Review” of selected FISA applications. One per field office (25 to 30 field offices),which are also sent to DOJ-NSD (main justice) for general counsel inspection.

Keep in mind, these “accuracy reviews” are known in advance, so the FBI has all the time in the world to select the best FISA file for review. Additionally, I surmise the OIG wanted to inspect the “accuracy review” FISA’s because they would show the best light on the overall system itself. The OIG was looking for the best, most compliant, product to report on.

However, when the OIG inspected 42 of these Accuracy Reviews, the IG identified that only three of them had accurately assembled documents (Woods File) supporting the application. The error rate within the files self-checked was over 93%.

So the best FBI files are selected to undergo the FBI and DOJ-NSD accuracy review. The accuracy review takes place by FBI legal counsel and DOJ-NSD legal counsel. However, the IG finds that only three FBI applications in the accuracy reviews were compliant.

The error rate in the files undertaken by the internal accuracy review was over 93% (3 compliant out of 42 reviewed). These were the FISA files with the greatest possibility of being accurate. Let that sink in…

Here’s the OIG Report/Memorandum:

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287 Responses to Oh My, Interesting Ramifications – FISA Court Requires DOJ/FBI To Provide Names of Targets Within Corrupt Surveillance Applications…

  1. Rick says:

    Judge Boasberg’s playing a high stakes blame game on the FISA applications, yet, when did he or any other judge request to see those ‘woods’ files? Why didn’t they review those documents?

    IT was their duty to scrutinize them and they failed. This is on the judges as much as on the hell bound criminals who took advantage of their lazy complacent nature.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      This is what happens when a source, blindly trusted, is betrays them. The judges blindly trusted the FBI and DoJ and are now about to see the whirlwind of revoked prosecutions occur for their trust. It also explains why Chief Justice Roberts is getting more “active” on this front. His judges have been proven to be incompetent when they accepted the wink at the hearing from the FBI/DoJ lawyers who said “don’t worry your honor the evidence is in the office safe and is all OK”.

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      • Tulips Moran (@TulipsMoran) says:

        This is the obvious modus operandii of the DOJ/FBI as a part of Hurricane Crossfire – aimed at not only PDJT but also many other political opponents and their donors. These people are corrupt and their criminal acts are within the scope of severe felony charges and prison time…ANYONE who was involved MUST BE PROSECUTED.

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      • Tom says:

        Or the FISA judges were simply complicit in this fraudulent procedure. That is more likely, I think – considering that Strzok’s good friend Rudy Contreras was a FISA judge. Same corner of the swamp.

        Liked by 2 people

        • The Demon Slick says:

          Sounds like the fisa court could just select previous cases at random and find the problems. Corrupt. The trouble is that many people are in jail and they don’t even know there was a fisa warrant used against them. The courts need to notify anyone who was spied on. Otherwise they won’t know to appeal their convictions. Example: they spy on a muslim in the US because terrorism. They find out he’s dealing drugs and has a deal coming up. They tip the local cops, who arrive at the right time and arrest him. He doesn’t know that the feds used a fisa warrant. Now the suspect in my example is hardly a sympathetic figure, but that’s no excuse. Say it was you, and a nascar driver paid you 10k to make a few hundred gallons of his favorite corn liquor for a party he’s throwing. The government is spying on you because you bought a ton of ammo. They tip off the local cops you go down, you still have no idea about the fisa warrant. We want to see ALL OF IT. Not just the ones dragged kicking and screaming into the daylight. ALL OF IT.


      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        Secret courts dancing to the tune of secret agents is the stuff of the Soviet Union, Communist China and Nazi Germany.
        The response to 9-11 (an unforgivable failure of expensive, smug U.S. Government Agencies) is to give these very same failed Agencies more power?
        FISA has now become the political arm of the Deep State Cesspool, jackboot stepping with the Democratic Party and a few RINOs.
        So, in a perverse way, Bin Laden won. We are all captured by a Surveillance State under the guise of “safety”.
        And now, as a direct result of Chinese thugs, we a locking the nation down because of a virus incubated and distributed by our adversary/enemy.
        Will the U.S. response be more surveillance, more control of free Americans, or cutting of all means of importing Chinese viruses? Soon we shall see.

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    • Mojo says:

      Amen to that Rick.

      FISC was just as negligent as the FBI was corrupt. And these are the gatekeepers for justice?

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    • Delsa says:

      Can we say, “Rubber Stamp”?

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  2. Tacdaddy says:

    This makes me want to throw up. I was a command (executive) level officer in a municipal police department. We would call the feds in, occasionally, when we had a case that we hoped to see the bad guys do serious time (at a state level, they seldom do). Beyond that, its understood FBI stands for Fumbling Bumbling Idiots. Turns out, it seems, they’re not idiots at all. They are conspirators. Bastards.

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  3. Deserttrek says:

    Almost makes me wonder if Kung Flu and going after the drug runners from venezuela aren’t to keep this news under wraps


  4. CharterOakie says:

    Somewhere, someone wrote “FISA brings down the House.”

    Will try to remember where I read that.

    Hopefully it’s true, and hopefully “House” with an upper case “H” was not haphazard.


  5. rexrossi2gmailcom says:

    The ease with which they did this, hide this, repeatedly, only suggests that this had been done before. Many times. To who? Who was in charge of the DOJ and FBI? Think of the possible thousands of cases incompetent, lazy operatives of the DOJ did this. How many cases potentially would have to be re-opened and retried? This is a colossal mess and people need to be held accountable and the court MUST reveal who they are and what discipline was administered. Or, it’s just business as usual and there should never be any trust given to the DOJ again by the American people.

    Liked by 2 people

    • jmclever says:

      Not everyone with a FISA gets prosecuted. This is the way the left digs up political dirt on opponents in elections. The candidates drop out of the race or lose whether the stuff is true or not.
      Recall the Michael Cohen in Prague fiasco? FISA

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ray says:

    Fisa judges had to now about this and Boasberg is as institutionlized it gets. He specifically said there was not a problem before it became unavoidable.
    The FBI-DOJ premiers work is to keep their power, get rid of rival factions.
    Notice no heads rolled in spite of flagrant lawbreaking.


  7. jmclever says:

    Beneficiaries of this ruling…Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, likely all Republican presidential candidates, Don Jr, Jared Kushner…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. thedoc00 says:

    Got to wonder if Chief Justice Roberts knew this was coming during the impeachment debacle and this is the reason he actually did his job during the trial, which helped kill off the the coup attempt.

    He has a mess on his hands as HIS appointed Judges were “betrayed” by their trust in the DoJ/FBI, due to their inattention to FISC operating procedures. The cat is out of the bag and all bets may now be off with respect to anything the Swamp may have on him.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Demoncrats says:

    Why are the names with held? In order to get a warrant it has to stipulate who, what, when, where, and why! Ain’t it amazing that these FISA warrants sailed through the obummer FISA court with no evidentiary review what so ever. The evidence was not provided, didn’t exist, or was made up!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Tree Observer says:

    Gee, haven’t heard a peep from sanctimonious Comey, nor Andy, sweet Lisa, crazy Pete…all those honest, hardworking people at the fbi


  11. J.Thomas says:

    Sundance, Id love to see more analysis on this and for this to continue to be pressed forward in the public conversation. Coronavirus is sucking the air out of the room, but it is a perfect time for those who are interested in justice to heap loads of this coverage into the public consciousness.


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