Canada Ratifies USMCA Trade Agreement…

Canada completes the North American cycle with their ratification of the USMCA to replace NAFTA. Mexico and the U.S. ratified the new trade agreement last year and January respectively.  The Canadian parliament did so yesterday.

CANADA – Canada on Friday formally approved the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), taking the last legislative step to implementation of the deal to replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The trade deal, ratified by the Mexican legislature last June and by Congress in January, was formally ratified by the Canadian Senate Friday, and shortly thereafter received royal assent, the Canadian governor general’s approval.

The deal was passed through the legislature before Parliament shut down for five weeks in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

[…] With royal assent, the USMCA has cleared its last continental legislative hurdle to become the law of the land in all three signatory countries.

Canadian approval kicks off a three-month period for all three signatory countries to agree on implementation regulations, including naming each country’s representatives for the conflict resolution mechanism. (link)

Washington, DC – United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today commented on the Canadian Parliament’s approval of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“Now that the USMCA has been approved by all three countries, an historic new chapter for North American trade has begun.  This landmark achievement would not be possible without President Trump’s leadership and determination to strengthen our economy, and the hard work of our negotiating partners in Canada and Mexico.  USMCA is the gold standard by which all future trade agreements will be judged, and citizens of all three countries will benefit for years to come.”


USMCA was signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on January 29, 2020, after it received overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress.  The President was elected on replacing NAFTA with an agreement that puts American workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses first. He achieved this goal with the USMCA, an agreement that will bring manufacturing jobs back, help service industry workers, and raise wages.

All three countries are working together closely on implementation in advance of the Agreement’s entry into force. (link)

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93 Responses to Canada Ratifies USMCA Trade Agreement…

  1. Robert Smith says:

    Barney in the Red Dress had nothing to do with it!

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  2. Nigella says:

    And life goes on….


  3. Richie says:

    So will the media now correlate trade with the spread of disease and blame Trump?

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  4. ‘Bout damn time. Sparkle Sox and Thunder Thighs couldn’t wait it out any longer.

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  5. JohnCasper says:

    Oh, so now they sign it. But only after we are told hundreds of trillions of us will die from C19. Which has to be at least 10 or 20 times as many of us as the 150 million that Joe Biden revealed were killed by guns in just the last 13 years. OMG! Did I just say 13? That’s so unlucky, so all this settled science must surly be true and at least 13 times over!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Did I just say 13?”

      Your a day late. Yesterday was Friday the 13th.

      I have not heard a peep about this on any other news outlets, so far. Not like I am parked in front of a boob tube watching, though.

      Local and national, all I seem to hear is all-virus-all-of-the-time.

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  6. Raptors2020 says:

    The western world, and certainly Canada, requires another Enlightenment. Leftism is a deeply atavistic, superstitious belief system.

    Canada is currently governed by people who think electricity comes from little holes in the wall.
    Gasoline comes from the gas station, of course, and food comes from the supermarket. The migration of people from country to city that has marked the modern world has created a population divorced from the basic facts of life. Affluence is not our birthright: it’s the product of centuries of strenuous effort. It can be lost far more easily than it came.

    Prime Minister Trudeau strives for a post-industrial world. He assumes the fruit of industry will still fall from the tree, after he cuts it down. Uh, no..

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  7. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Should really help the Virus Rebound that is to come in the economy and the markets, IMO.

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  8. Thank God.

    And thank you, President Trump.

    MAGA 2020

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  9. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Aw!!! What happened to the purple dress?


  10. MaineCoon says:

    After a 9-month Piglosi and Socks delay.

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  11. Dances with Wolverines says:

    The trade train was pulling away from the station and it was either get on board or get off the tracks.

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  12. Publius2016 says:

    45 is the Master!

    of course Dimms will disown their contribution on delaying the agreement to strip out the pharmaceutical medical areas…right?

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  13. Well, at least this new treaty promises to avoid the worst abuses of NAFTA. A little step in the right direction, but at least in the right direction, and negotiated in part by someone who at least can spell the word.

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  14. mainecoonman says:

    Princess Sausage B1tch still looks as lovely as ever.

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  15. Maquis says:



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  16. I want to personally admonish Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton for approving NAFTA and helping to destroy our manufacturing sector while causing the closing of over 60,000 factories in the US over that past 25 years. I want to personally thank President Donald John Trump for correcting this horrible financial injustice!

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  17. margarite1 says:

    One of Melania’s causes is cyber bullying. So without the snark I’m just going to say – GREAT JOB POTUS for getting this done and thank you to Canada and Mexico for agreeing.

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  18. scrap1ron says:

    My community of WNY is just one of the rust belt areas that were devastated by NAFTA. Thousands of good paying heavy industry jobs were lost to Mexico & China. Now if we can just get rid of Cuomo and his leftist ship of fools who are ruining the business climate in New York maybe we can recover. It’s been a long time coming. Thank you President Trump, and your team of Wolverines!

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    • riverelf says:

      I volunteer to cut down all the cedars on the hill out back to provide rails to run these bishtards out of state upon.

      Of course no other state would take ’em, but there’s always Long Island Sound….


    • BigTalkers says:

      Were it me, I’d make plans to save myself ( offense, I was born there).


  19. vikingmom says:

    For all of Justine’s preening and posturing he is well aware that if he didn’t agree to this his country would be economically destroyed, which he doesn’t care about in the least, but which does affect his political future, so he went ahead and signed on the dotted line.

    Probably hoping the current COVID hysteria would hide his capitulation to a man he hates but who has continued to best him every single time their paths cross!!

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  20. Charlie Currie says:

    That picture would be more realistic if they were all frowning. As is, it’s fake.


  21. JMC says:

    Canada has been slow to confront Covid. Let’s hope they don’t start sending it to us now.

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  22. Deborah Fehr says:

    Very arrogant woman!

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  23. Deborah Fehr says:

    Very arrogant woman!


  24. Deborah Fehr says:

    Very arrogant woman!

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  25. Deborah Fehr says:

    Very arrogant woman!

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  26. rayvandune says:

    Ahhh… could we perhaps use the term “hidden” rather than saying her bottom third is “obstructed”?


  27. j'accuse says:

    I think USMCA can have great symbolic effect. Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil & the other south & central American countries should maintain the closest alliances. The Euros aren’t going to be able to keep the EU lash up together for obvious reasons and Trump sees that. Also the Euros of course think only they are competent enough to be in charge of trade matters and want to bind and subjugate the US economy to Europe’s. They also want to continue to fuse NATO to the EU as its defense and enforcer. That was never the mission of NATO and it is not the mission of our agencies to meddle with the affairs of nations to pressure them to join NATO/EU, yet that is what has been happening. We should keep friendly trade relations with all nations but no complex multilateral agreements like the TTIP, which Trump wisely didn’t sign.
    Trump rejecting the TTIP and the Paris climate accord, supporting Brexit and questioning NATO and the future role of the US in Europe is certainly at the root of much of the rabid, disingenuous opposition to him and his presidency. The euros and specifically Soros were the ones that branded Trump an ‘isolationist,’ ‘nationalist, and ‘populist. He is not an isolationist and there is no populist movement in the US that resembles the populism/euroskepticism in European countries. The most offensive is the political left latching on to American nationalism as an evil somehow similar to the nationalism of Nazi Germany. Of course we’re nationalists, which is that we are bound together by a shared belief in democracy, liberty, equality and self-determination as expressed in our foundational documents, or at least we used to be. Good Lord.

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  28. TreeClimber says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Sundance say awhile back that Canada would agree to USMCA if PTrump weathered the impeachment, but they would refuse to sign if he was removed? That Pelosi promised Trudeau the “Trump Problem” would “go away,” but that he’d be forced to capitulate when President Trump wasn’t removed?

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  29. PJ says:

    I have NEVER commented on ANY form before… I don’t do Facebook, or Twitter or upload videos to Youtube. I just read/ watch and learn. For years I’ve read articles here. Sundance is one of my favorite writers. I trust him, a lot. I don’t agree 100%, but almost.

    I also like Alex Newman from The New American. Real sharp guy.

    Months back I became aware that Alex was very concerned aboout the USMCA deal, and that concerned me… just as it would if Sundance wrote those words. Instead of me going on and on about what he said I will sum up a few things here and then ask, please, would some of you, expecially Sundance, read or just watch a few of the videos and tell me/ us if there is reason to be concerned!? I love Trump… since day one… still do -but- I still think it’s always wise to question and do our own research, always.

    So, what I am learning is that the USMCA:

    1) Promoting UN’s Agenda 21 “Sustainable Development”
    2) A TPP Redo
    3) Threatens American Sovereignty
    4) Leans Towards a North American Union
    5) Overrides the U.S. Constitution

    As you can see… VERY concerning! I’ve watched all the videos (Go to: The New American Video and type in their search engine “USMCA” and these ^ will be the top (5) videos). Plus they have a web site where there are tons of articles. I’m putting this info here so you can see for yourself. Watching the videos are probably the quickest way to go.

    I really, really hope MANY of you (and Sundance) say they are wrong… that they are missing this or that. My hope was that Trump wouldn’t sign it… then he did. I do see there is a way out of the agreement. If I remember correctly, to get out of it takes 6 months. I may be wrong, it’s been a while since I read it.



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  30. IGiveUp says:

    I’d like to see Canada punished. badly. I’d like to cut them off.


    • TreeClimber says:

      Once upon a time, I had Canadian friends, before we dropped out of contact. Very nice people, I miss them. I wouldn’t wish ill on them, and I’d prefer the rest of the world not punish the entire US for (largely) California’s and New York’s mistakes.


      • IGiveUp says:

        Of course there are good people in Canada. But Canada’s government, and its majority liberal population, are ideological enemies. I wouldn’t have included Canada in the new Nafta. I would freeze Canada out. I would make entrance to US more difficult and more restricted. I would raise tariffs on Canadian products, etc. I would teach them not to tweak the elephant who lives in their basement. I would teach them not to ally with our homegrown enemies. I would teach them not to allow their media to bash the US day after day. I would teach them that they’re a small, unimportant country, lucky enough to be tied economically and culturally and militarily with their savior, the US. I would teach them that they’re totally unimportant and unnecessary to us.

        Rant over. Sue me.

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        • Wow, don’t hold back.

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        • JonS says:

          Canada is a big, fat financial parasite for the US. They send us their entertainers to preach to us. They produce much of our propagandatainment that’s on TV. They covet and spend our military research dollars. They’re generally smug and aloof. Their cities have a lot of prostitutes.


        • Sparky5253 says:

          Really? You do realize that in 2018 Canada was the largest foreign supplier of crude oil to the US accounting for 48% of total US crude oil imports and for 22% of US refinery crude oil intake. Canada exported 3.5 million barrels of crude oil per day to the US in 2018.

          The US is not entirely independent regarding oil production and is buying Canadian oil pretty darn cheap, So, go ahead, cut off your nose to spite your face.


        • John Good says:

          Exactly the way that I feel about my “dis-owned” Country! I am retired now, in Florida for the winter & dread having to go back to “Canukistan” at the end of April!

          IMO, Canada will probably NEVER re-cover from this Economic mess that it’s people have allowed themselves to get “brain-washed” into by the MSM, the Politicians, PC culture & Acadamia!

          Canada is now a full-blown Social Country & it started in the 60’s, when Tommy Douglas brought in Gov’t Healthcare for all! Pierre Trudeau (Justin’s father?) was PM from 68′ to 72′ (if I remember correctly) & he set a lot of the path to Socialism during his term & now the Globalists put Justin Trudeau in power to finish the job!

          Even IF the Conservatives manage to win another Election, they would be “powerless” to do anything about all the un-vetted “illegals” that Trump did not want in the USA & Trudeau told them to come into Canada, because “Diversity is Canada’s Strength”! And Canada has spent the last 30 or so years “assembling products using Foreign materials & parts” in order for these foreign countries to by-pass the American Content rules for imported goods! Canada has gutted it’s manufacturing, natural resources or sold out to foreigners & now there are no sane investors that would invest in Canadian Business anymore, because there is no viable Canadian Industry available!

          Canada in my lifetime has always relied on the USA “big-time” for almost everything, & now I feel it is time for Canada to join the USA for it’s survival!

          The Liberals, the NDP & the Greenies that don’t like this idea, can always go to Quebec & the Maritimes & be happy there.

          There you are, I just solved Canada’s problems, the West can join the USA & the East can still be as Socialist as they want!

          Someone call Trump!


          • CountryDoc says:

            Isn’t USMC ensuring that Canada (and Mexico) cannot do business with us, without it contributing even more to the well being of Joe Citizen in the us (not the globalists)?


            • John Good says:

              My point was that Canada has sold-out to China & other foreign countries so much in the past 30 or so years, that it cannot go back to the way things were 30 or so years ago.

              And on top of all of Canada’s self-imposed problems, the “Socialist-Twit” in power again, has “kissed-ass” to China, Iran, etc. by allowing Hauwai 5g into the country, stopped all the pipeline projects so that Alberta cannot get their petroleum shipped out to it’s customers, killed the mining projects, etc.

              ALL these problems could have been eliminated by requiring everyone interested in running for ANY public-sector position to pass a “real-life” business experience test! For a real-life example of this, just look at Donald J. Trump’s success in turning around America, after the Obama administration tried to “ruin” America.

              A Country has to be run like a Business to be successful, & Donald J. Trump has proven that to be true.

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    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      Canada is a very large and beautiful place. Not all Canadians are liberal and on the government dole. Just like here in the United States. They need to be freed, just as much as we do, from the government parasites that tax us unfairly, enrich themselves, and try to control our lives.

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  31. fred5678 says:

    Sundance –did not Pelosi and Dems in the House change some of the USMCA labor protection terms long AFTER it was approved by Mexico???

    Will Mexico have to vote again??


  32. Jan says:

    We have the best trade team ever, a President who loves us & Sundance to explain it all to us. We Treepers are indeed blessed.

    Our economy will bounce back because we have the best President ever. Thank you, God!

    Go to H**L Congress, Deep State, lobbyists, RINOs & ALL DEMOCRATS.

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  33. I am embarrassed how long it took our government to get this passed


    • maggie0987 says:

      Morehopeful – are you writing as an embarrassed Canadian?? ‘cos that is the way I feel too.
      Also, see how graceful PDJT was re Sophie Turdeau getting the Wuhan virus? She was probably swanning about in the UK with Megan Markle et alia when she caught it!!

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  34. Sammy Hains says:

    Had Pelosi not delayed ratifying USMCA for a year, we wouldn’t have empty store shelves today.

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  35. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Mrs Sparkle Sox has Xi Chi Bug and Sparkle is in quarantine.


  36. Brian says:

    The Liberals under Trudeau have been working hand-in-glove with Pelosi and the Democrats in an attempt to stall USMCA , but events have forced their hand and Canada signed on.

    It will be interesting to see how or if Canadian auto industry survives under USMCA and that is no doubt the cause of the grimace on Freeland’s face. Under NAFTA China managed to ship steel via NAFTA into the US in one form or another , but hopefully USMCA will shut down that pipeline.

    Currently Canada has an anti-Canadian pro China Prime Minister as he is actively shutting down mining and oil extraction by means of onerous legislative requirements which have recently cause several major multi-billion dollar oil projects to be cancelled.

    In addition , Trudeau and the Liberals are either being blackmailed by the Chinese or expect that many Liberal apparatchiks hope to get rich via China .. or both.
    For example , Trudeau directed a $42B construction assembly project to China , which make no sense unless one of the two possibilities above are in play. Link below.

    “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime” : Trudeau quote.

    With regard to blackmail , Trudeau has a sordid past when he was teaching at West Grey school in Vancouver BC , with allegations of sex with a minor. One of his friends at the time was later a convicted pedophile. The Globe and Mail was about to publish details but the Liberals managed to get the Saturday evening paper pulled and ostensibly paid the now adult victim to keep quiet .

    In summary the Trudeau Liberals are anti-US , anti-Canada and pro-China , so it is no wonder they stalled signing USMCA.

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  37. Somebody's Gramma says:

    My two cents: Pelosi obviously has spent her ammunition. I’m sure she’s quite pleased with the current panic, but all I see is Trump winning, winning, winning. So glad Canadian leadership came to their senses, as they obviously could see that Pelosi is not holding all the cards. Go Trump!

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    • nimrodman says:

      I just tell my Liberal friends they’re stuck in last-century thinking and hopelessly hippie idealism, they need to update to face the new realities of the MAGA era

      “Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost.”
      – The Big Lebowski to The Dude, in the film “The Big Lebowski”

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  38. rah says:

    Look at them all smiling as if they really liked signing that treaty when the truth is they hate it but have to. Too funny!

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  39. hawkins6 says:

    Last time I checked the Bill C4 was stuck in a 3rd Reading Report or something similar. Trudeau must have pressured the nominated token Senate to pass it without thespian delays.

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  40. Sandbar says:

    For those of us behind the curve on Canada’s politics, who is the “Barney” gal? The gal in the red,


    • Serena says:

      Yes. Chrystia Freeland, who is deputy prime minister. Up until last year she served as Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2017 to 2019, and Minister of International Trade from 2015 to 2017. A really smug and arrogant person.


  41. I have been waiting for about 2 two years in the hope that I could write the post on USMCA. I have been around the politics game since I was county chair for Jesse Helms first Senate run, for those old enough to remember who he was. My experience and logic told me that this is not going to happen. You have a Dem House that would trash a cure for cancer to spite Trump. You have a socialist elected as Mexican President. There is Sparkle Socks in Canada who wants to rid them of all of that manufacturing industry and live off of fairy dust. If all of that were not enough, there is a RINO hidden behind every tree looking for a chance to shoot him in the back. No way possible to do any more than put a little lipstick on Bill Clinton’s pet pig, NAFTA.
    I never knew it could feel so good to say “BOY WAS I WRONG!”
    I am in awe of Trump and his team of Light, Ross, Nuch, Varo and the Koala.

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  42. bessie2003 says:

    Glad to see that final step completed;

    now the realignment of industry and building up the means of these 3 nations to better serve the interests of their citizens can begin in earnest.


  43. John-Y128 says:

    Thank You Chuck and Nancy for correcting your original trade deal errors. /s


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