Rand Paul: President Trump Does Not Support Clean FISA renewal – McConnell Meets With President Trump to Discuss…

In November of 2019 buried deep in the congressional budget Continuing Resolution (CR) was a short-term extension to reauthorize the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], all parts of the Patriot Act.  As a result of the FISA CR inclusion the terminal deadline was pushed to March 15, 2020.

AG Bill Barr is requesting a clean FISA renewal with no reforms or revisions. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham support the AG request.  The American people want it scrapped, or, at a minimum strongly revised. Congress is trying to hide the FISA renewal within the Coronavirus appropriations bill.

According to media reporting, Rand Paul said he talked to President Trump yesterday, and President Trump does not support a “clean renewal” of the FISA authorities that were used against him and his campaign:

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump told Sen. Rand Paul that he does not support a clean extension of expiring surveillance authorities, throwing the future of the program into doubt ahead of a fast-approaching March 15 deadline to re-up key features of the Patriot Act.

The Kentucky Republican told reporters that Trump made the comments to him on Wednesday, just a day after Attorney General William Barr told GOP senators that Congress should extend the expiring provisions regarding roving wire taps, lone wolf actors and the most controversial provision: call data collection.

Asked about the discrepancy between his conversation with Trump and Barr’s remarks to senators, Paul said there was “misinformation that got out from some people in the administration” about the expiring surveillance authorities.

“The president was out of the country and somebody mischaracterized his positions. I’ll leave it up to y’all to figure that out,” Paul added.

Paul said Trump is “very supportive” of his amendment to prevent the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act from targeting Americans, a reflection of conservative unease over the way the Trump campaign was surveilled in 2016.

“FISA warrants should not be issued against Americans,” Paul said on Thursday afternoon. “Americans shouldn’t be spied on by a secret court. I think he agrees completely with that and that’s the amendment that I’m going to insist on. I’m not letting anything go easy without a vote on my amendment.”

Paul’s conversation with Trump could blow up plans by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to extend those expiring authorities, which McConnell said was his preference on Tuesday. (read more)

Yesterday CTH warned of a scenario where congress would attempt to slip a clean renewal authorization into the Coronavirus appropriations bill.   Today, that exact scenario was being discussed on Capitol Hill.

Following the conversation with President Trump, Senator Rand Paul is planning to propose legislation that would force reform to the current FISA authorities.

While CTH disagrees with the Rand Paul proposal, and would rather see the bulk data gathering/collection and opportunities for exploitation eliminated, at least Senator Paul is attempting to stop the system from being abused against political campaigns. WATCH:


Two issues…. and again CTH is not attempting to dismiss the righteous effort by Senator Paul… However:

(A) Isn’t it already illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional and grossly corrupt, to use FISA as a political surveillance tool? If so, why do we need another law or rule change to make it more illegal, more unlawful and more grossly corrupt?

(B) Why do only elected officials or candidates for office get protection from having their fourth amendment rights violated by exploitation of the FISA courts? Shouldn’t the same standard of protection apply to everyone?

CTH understands what Rand Paul is attempting to do, but it’s the FISA process being used against *any* American that is the problem. No American should have their constitutional rights travel through a secret court in order to usurp them. Let FISA apply to “non Americans”; and if there is a need for surveillance or collection of information on Americans, then let the government approach regular Title-3 courts for domestic warrants.

Lastly, with all of this taking place it appears Senator McConnell went to see President Trump today about this issue.

Prior to the December 9, 2019, inspector general report on FISA abuse, FISA Court judges Rosemary Collyer (declassified 2017) and James Boasberg (declassified 2019) both identified issues with the NSA bulk database collection program being exploited for unauthorized reasons. For the past several years no corrective action taken by the intelligence community has improved the abuses outlined by the FISA court.

Keep in mind the deadline for the DOJ to respond to the FISA court about the abusive intelligence practices identified in the Horowitz report was February 5th, more than two weeks ago. The responses from the DOJ and FBI have not been made public.

FISA Court Order – FISA Court Notice of Extension.

It appears the DOJ is trying to get the FISA reauthorization passed before the FISC declassifies the corrective action outlined from the prior court order. This response would also include information about the “sequestering” of evidence gathered as a result of the now admitted fraudulent and misrepresented information within the FISA applications.

The FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], again all parts of the Patriot Act, must not be reauthorized without a full public vetting of the abuses that have taken place for the past several years.

At a minimum the pending DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court needs to be made public prior to any reauthorization by congress. And to better understand the scale of the issue, the consequences when the system is abused, the upstream sequester material needs to be made public.

Let the American public see what investigative evidence was unlawfully gathered, and let us see who and what was exposed by the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants. At a minimum congress and the American people need to understand the scale of what can happen when the system is wrong – BEFORE that exact same system is reauthorized.

Declassification of existing records would reveal the November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702 search query abuse as outlined in the April 2017 court opinion written by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer.  Who exactly are these private sector FBI contractors behind the 85% fraudulent search queries?  This was a weaponized surveillance and domestic political spying operation. [The trail was laid down in specific detail by Judge Collyer – SEE HERE]

The U.S. constitution’s fourth amendment is being violated by the continued abuse of bulk metadata collection, particularly when private contractors and government officials illegally access the system.  The 2016 FISA review (party declassified in 2017) and the 2018 FISA review (party declassified in 2019) both show ongoing and systematic wrongdoing despite all prior corrective action and promises.

This needs to be stopped.

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273 Responses to Rand Paul: President Trump Does Not Support Clean FISA renewal – McConnell Meets With President Trump to Discuss…

  1. coldanger says:

    First of all, $7billion for coronavirus? That’s a freakn scam! Second, I pray Trump won’t cave to McCoward…


  2. OhNoYouDont says:

    FISA’s sunset provisions ending on March 15, 2020.


    PUBLIC LAW 107–56—OCT. 26, 2001 (PATRIOT Act)
    Section 206: Roving Surveillance Authority under FISA

    Summary: Allows FISA court to authorize “roving surveillance” when it finds that the target’s actions may thwart the identification of a communications company or other person whose assistance may be needed to carry out the surveillance.

    (aka: “Roving wiretaps” provision)

    Roving wiretaps give the government the authority to issue one surveillance order for a target that is intermittently using multiple communications identifiers. For example, the FBI could use a roving wiretap to be able to surveil a target jumping between different phone numbers by using “burner phones.” This is a logical tool for intelligence agencies to want, but it does raise concerns about whether targets will always be properly designated.


    PUBLIC LAW 107–56—OCT. 26, 2001 (PATRIOT Act)
    Section 215: Access to Records and Other Items Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

    Summary: Allows the FISA court, in an investigation to protect against international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities, to issue an ex parte order requiring the production of any tangible things.

    (Note: Section 215 exists in law as the “business records provision“ of FISA)
    (contains the “call detail records“ aka CDR program)

    A particularly controversial provision of the PATRIOT Act, Section 215, gives the government immense power to demand records from companies for national security investigations. Section 215 exists in law as the “business records provision” of FISA, and authorizes the government to demand virtually any “tangible things” that do not consist of communications content, and without any suspicion of wrongdoing. The executive branch has repeatedly abused the authorities in Section 215—a problem that has been reduced, but not fully resolved.

    The call detail records program uses what’s known as “contact chaining,” which grabs all the call records of an individual target as well as those of everyone they talk to. So even if you never spoke to the target, but had a mutual contact, such as your doctor, lawyer, or pastor, your call logs with that mutual contact would be collected by the NSA.

    The program has been shut down for over a year because of the technical issues mentioned above, not because of how invasive the program is. If the NSA feels that it has sufficiently resolved those technical issues, it seems likely the agency would restart the program.

    Removing the portion of Section 215 that creates the authority for the program would rule out the possibility that the NSA could restart it.


    Section 6001 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 amended the FISA by expanding the definition of an “agent of a foreign power” to include any person, other than a United States person, who “engages in international terrorism or activities in preparation therefor.” This authority is sometimes referred to as the FISA “lone wolf ” provision.

    Summary: Allows federal agents to follow sophisticated terrorists trained to evade detection. For years, law enforcement has been able to use “roving wiretaps” to investigate ordinary crimes, including drug offenses and racketeering. A roving wiretap can be authorized by a federal judge to apply to a particular suspect, rather than a particular phone or communications device. Because international terrorists are sophisticated and trained to thwart surveillance by rapidly changing locations and communication devices such as cell phones, the Act authorized agents to seek court permission to use the same techniques in national security investigations to track terrorists.

    (aka: “lone wolf ” provision)

    The lone wolf provision, which was added to FISA as part of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, allows the government to monitor a foreign national who is suspected of aiding international terrorism but is not connected to a terrorist organization. This combination may sound unlikely, and in fact, to the best of our knowledge, the provision has never been used.







  3. Sue says:

    FISA is an anti-Constitutional disgrace. Any Republican who supports it applying to Americans should be buried under a mountain of letters, phone calls and emails. Anyone who supports it, including Barr and McConnell, is a disgrace. Maybe if it were proven to have been used against Pierre Delecto, the GOPe would be against it. Just another tool to blackmail and intimidate candidates for. Congress and get them to do the bidding of the Deep State.


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