Chaff and Countermeasures – Senator Graham Asks AG Bill Barr for “Spygate” and “FISA” Witnesses…

Anyone who has followed DC for a while could see this one coming a mile away… including the synergy of self-interested timing.  Catherine Herridge of CBS reports on a ‘tick-tock’ letter from Senator Lindsey Graham to AG Bill Barr where Graham announces his request for witnesses.   The Graham list is an assembly of various DOJ/FBI officials who participated in Crossfire Hurricane and the fraudulent FISA application(s).

The timing of the letter, alluding to some possible hearing at some possible later date, follows a DC pattern. [Chaff and Countermeasures] In essence, cover for visible inaction; an attempt to convince people to put down the pitchforks.

A “Countermeasure” is a measure or action taken to counter or offset a preceding one.

Politically speaking, the deployment of countermeasures is a tactic used by professional politicians in Washington DC to counter incoming public inquiry and protect themselves from anger expressed by the electorate.

Weaponized government takes action and creates victims. Beyond the strategy – the countermeasures are politicians assigned a role to control the incoming righteous inquiry from voters who find out about the weaponized or corrupt governmental action.

1.) The electorate become aware of a political issue or action; often illegal.

2.) The electorate become angry.

3.) DC needs to protect itself.

4.) Countermeasures are assigned and deployed to delay, obfuscate and create the illusion of investigation of the illegal governmental action.

5.) Electorate watch.

6.) Investigation goes nowhere.

7.) Countermeasure deployment successful.


Recent and ongoing examples:

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271 Responses to Chaff and Countermeasures – Senator Graham Asks AG Bill Barr for “Spygate” and “FISA” Witnesses…

  1. MD says:

    Bongino played a new interview with John Brennan on his show today. In it Brennan states that he is on Durhams list of people he wants to talk to, but he has not spoken with him yet. Didn’t the story about him wanting to question Brennan come out last October? Is there actually a real Durham investigation going on or just the illusion of one?

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  2. Everett Miller says:

    NUNES for POTUS 2024
    [pass it on]


  3. The Ace says:

    @James –

    I think it highly unlikely this is a stalling tactic for the simple reason that Trump himself would have to acquiesce to it.

    Trump and his inner circle would have to knowingly allow us to be stalled and manipulated by the deep state – and that’s illogical. It would be the first known instance of this happening with Trump.

    I ain’t buy’ it.


    • John-Y128 says:

      The deep-state will always reserve the JFK option, and who controlled the investigation into that fiasco and what the public was told, the deep-state, then they killed his brother, and the other one started drinking heavier, silenced by MJK’s drowning, while the deep-state assigned Chris Dodd to keep an eye on him.

      President Trump is not the most powerful person in the world, the deep-state is.


  4. Kerry says:

    Make sure we mistake action for progress.


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