Senate Ratifies USMCA Trade Agreement with 89-10 Vote…

In advance of the Senate beginning the impeachment trial of President Trump, the upper chamber ratified the USMCA trade agreement with an 89-10 vote.  The agreement now moves to the White House where President Trump will sign it.

The final ratification is the result of two-years worth of renegotiated trade reform, and the outcome gained bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.  The only republican senator who voted against the deal was Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania who is concerned the USMCA will weaken the position of Wall Street multinationals.

Nine democrat senators did not support the agreement because there wasn’t enough verbiage to support their climate change priorities, and the USMCA does not align with the Paris Climate Accord.  [Vote Tally Here]

USMCA gives American producers better access to Canadian dairy markets, and creates a cornerstone for a revitalized U.S. manufacturing base.  The deal has much more strict rules of origination for the auto-sector with 75% of parts and materials must be made in north America.  Combined with the requirement that 40% of those industrial parts must come from plants where workers make a minimum of $16/hr, the U.S. auto-industry will gain significant benefits.

USMCA closes the loophole where imported manufactured goods were delivered into Mexico and Canada, assembled, and then shipped into the U.S. market.  The agreement requires the creation of the goods in North America in order to avoid tariffs.

Other major changes include modernized rules for digital trade and enhanced copyright protections for intellectual property.   The economic gains from the agreement will be felt over many years as manufacturers now have a concrete way to estimate the total cost of production in North America as compared to Asia.  The initial estimates highlight GDP gains around .35% with an additional 176,000 jobs for American manufacturing workers.

Mexico has already ratified the agreement and with U.S. ratification the deal is now only waiting on ratification within Canada before it goes into full effect.


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123 Responses to Senate Ratifies USMCA Trade Agreement with 89-10 Vote…

  1. Caius Lowell says:

    Justin Trudeau is an idiot — just saying…

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  2. They always under estimate these deals. I think we get a much bigger boost than .35%, only because the negative impact of NAFTA was severely missed and those jobs and loss GDP has to come back in a major way with USMCA and Phase 1 China. If I had to guess, I would say these two deals together make up about 1.5% to 2% GDP growth.

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  3. MR52 says:

    Voting Nay: Toomey What a joke

    Booker (D-NJ)
    Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Harris (D-CA)
    Markey (D-MA)
    Reed (D-RI)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Schatz (D-HI)
    Schumer (D-NY)
    Toomey (R-PA)
    Whitehouse (D-RI)

    Not Voting – 1
    Inhofe (R-OK)

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  4. fanbeav says:

    Toomey needs to be removed and replaced. Voting any to show your paymasters you are still in their club is a slap in the face to your constituents!

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  5. Perot Conservative says:

    Awesome. Pelosi bogged this down for nothing.

    Analyst Alan Tonelson questions why the tariff penalty is only 2% if the goal is to ramp up manufacturing, and figures some Asian exporters will absorb the added costs.

    I’m hoping lower energy prices, stability, local access, increased local content reqs, and minimal transportation costs create a cumulative effect to catapult our manufacturing.

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  6. Waiting for Justine is going to be tedious. He’ll use this moment to draw attention to himself, as usual.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Him and his fake eyebrows….oh, also his sparkling socks.
      (I couldn’t resist–sorry for the distraction, I’ll move along now)

      It’ll be up to Great, Great, Great, Great-Grandma Nasty Peelosi to let Justine put USMCA up for the ratification. Like Nasty, Justine doesn’t care about the Canadians, only about Cubans. (Again, I couldn’t resist…. having too much fun winning for USMCA and Phase 1 China deal)

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  7. Crewdog 52. says:

    I am ashamed to admit that Toomey is my senator and I voted for him in 2016. No choice really as he was running against empty skirt Katie McGinty who was even worse. Toomey is a real tool — owned by Club for Growth and the Wall Street establishment. I hope he can be primaried in 2022.

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  8. Reserved55 says:


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    • GB Bari says:

      No, Chucky. You’ve actually proven your excuse to be false by your vote against one of the better trade deals to come along in decades.

      At this time in history, Obstructionist Socialist Totalitarian Democrats (like you, Chucky) are the greatest threat facing the planet.


  9. booger71 says:

    Promises Made….Promises Kept

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  10. Ozark says:

    Time for Pat Toomey to be voted out of office.

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  11. trudy2015 says:

    I’ve never posted here before, but read often, in awe and admiration. Nonetheless, I’m deeply disturbed by elements in the USMCA that are not being talked about. I’m a huge Trump supporter, want great trade deals, etc.

    Still, there are elements, reportedly, in the treaty that take away rights in a HUGE way. I and many friends have been writing senators and the President. I guess it didn’t help.

    Don’t be “judging” the author of this article without listening to his reasoning. He’s telling it like it is:

    This writer is not the only source of identical information.

    Others have researched and have the same views. The USMCA treaty is very long, but MUST be READ! Here are a few of the disturbing elements:

    The USMCA will:
    Take our sovereignty,
    Override our Constitution,
    Circumvent our Congress,
    Take jurisdiction over our Courts
    Establish a Single Energy Grid for Canada, Mexico and the US run by the UN
    Establish Open Immigration among the 3 countries
    Climate Change regulations & taxes will be implemented
    Effectively make us a member state of the globalists run North American Union


    • WeeWeed says:

      Welcome Trudy!

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    • mimbler says:

      He’s just parroting word for word what I’ve seen from other alarmists, and he doesn’t show a line from the treaty to support his “conclusions”.

      I’m more than willing to pay attention to people who quote from the agreement, and tell us what is wrong with what they find. This guy is not one of those people.

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      • trudy2015 says:

        Hi, Mimbler! I respect your care for detail… which is tricky to put into a “comment” when the document is thousands of pages! If I am able I will offer quotes and the link they came from. I don’t know how much space is allowed for comments!

        All quotes below are from this much longer article, with DETAIL and SPECIFICS:
        “[USMCA] runs for 1,809 pages — 1,572 pages for the treaty chapters, 214 pages for additional annexes, and 23 pages of side letters. Obviously, the mammoth size of the agreement should set off alarm bells that much more is involved than “free trade,” which should mean the absence of government intervention.”

        “The USMCA’s Chapter 23 on “Labor” subordinates the United States to the International Labor Organization (ILO), affirming all three countries’ commitment to the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998) and Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization (2008).”

        “Chapter 23 of the USMCA could also serve as a beachhead for a cross-border migration invasion similar to that experienced in the European Union. In language that is virtually identical to that found in the TPP, Article 17.5 of Chapter 17 of the USMCA states: “No party shall adopt or maintain … a measure that … imposes a limitation on … the total number of natural persons that may be employed in a particular financial service sector or that a financial institution or cross-border service supplier may employ … in the form of numerical quotas or the requirement of an economic needs test.” ”

        “Article 23.8 on “Migrant Workers” requires each country to “ensure that migrant workers are protected under its labor laws, whether they are nationals or non-nationals” of the country they are residing in.”

        “Although the USMCA does not include a separate chapter on gender-related issues, as was originally outlined among Canada’s goals, such language is sprinkled throughout the labor chapter, further advancing the LGBTQ agenda. For example, under “Sex-Based Discrimination in the Workplace,” in the USMCA’s labor chapter, all three countries are required to promote and “implement policies” protecting “gender identity.” And under Article 23.12, all three countries agree to cooperate on “addressing gender-related issues in the field of labor and employment,” as well as on “addressing the opportunities of a diverse workforce, including: … promotion of equality and elimination of employment discrimination in the areas of age, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity … and protection of migrant workers.” ”

        READ the ENTIRE linked ARTICLE… and then you will have a TASTE of what’s in the USMCA! The Dems “love this” and voted for it because they “know” the slippery slope that is contained therein!!

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          • trudy2015 says:

            Hi, Booger71 Please check the Chapters and sections quoted. They say what I’ve quoted. This is legitimate. We are awash in the words of the deceptive ones…


          • MD says:

            I just got done reading quite a few of the chapters that “Trudy” or should I say troll has stated and there is ZERO of that in there! The section on the environment specifies that each of the three countries has and follows the own environmental laws as passed by their respective government. There is nothing in there about the Paris anything.

            The only part regarding workers from other countries applies to skilled professional workers conducting business. Ex. I am an OTR trucker, I travel to Canada about once per month. It basically states If I deliver a load of say steel from the US into CA I get access with my passport. Same going back, I can take lumber from CA back to a destination in the US. I cannot once in CA pick up a load in Alberta and deliver it to Ontario. I also have to have documentation from my employer as to why I am there (manifest) and that I have been employed by them for a year. There is nothing I see in this that promotes immigration at all. The whole thing is about 100 pages not 1800. Whomever this is, is trying to get clicks, scare people and is full of sh!t.

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            • trudy2015 says:

              MD, I’m no troll.

              I appreciate that Booger71 provided a link to the actual document.
              It has over 34 chapters (no consecutive page numbers except inside a chapter) and multiple additional sections, so you would have to do a lot of counting to get the totals. I haven’t done that, but I quoted from an article that DID do that.

              The quotes I offered were from the article, that ALSO had some direct quotes from the USMCA. You have to watch the punctuation to see which is which. Reading directly from the article would help it all make more sense!

              Most of the resistance to what I’m revealing here is based on the idea that “no one else” has reported this, and it is HUGE. Well, I guess that’s how bad stuff slips through. But there are those who have written articles to ALERT the rest of us.

              I do NOT think our President “knows” that this bad stuff is hidden inside. That’s why I am trying to get folks to LOOK at it! I’m not interested in “click” bait. I’m interested in revealing a dangerous trick or trap that has slipped into the excellent trade efforts of our president


              • GB Bari says:

                China HATES the USMCA. It blocks them from the schemes they’ve been using up until now to get cheap product into the USA via Canada and Mexico.

                China bribes and supports a lot of greedy corrupt people in this country and Canada to oppose legislation that stifles China’s economic and political goals.

                So of course there’s NO WAY POSSIBLE that this virulently anti-USMCA propaganda could have been fabricated and disseminated by shrewd agents working on China’s behalf, right?



                • zorrorides says:

                  GB, not in a quarrel with you, read all your comments. Of course anti-USMCA can easily have ties back to China, but if The New American is against the USMCA it’s not because of China.

                  Sometimes they are just a li’l too suspicious and passionate in defense of liberty. Like McCarthy, mostly right about stuff but still not cool. Welcome to Trudy, we are a friendly bunch, most of the time.

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        • mimbler says:

          Thanks Trudy – appreciate you sharing the article.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      Welcome Trudy.

      I am not buying it. Sundance has been all over this like white on rice. No way Ross, Lighthizer, or Mnuchin let that kind of garbage in a new Trump approved trade treaty.

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      • trudy2015 says:

        Thank you for the welcome, Will.

        Please read my new link and comment (above) to Mimbler. I have no idea how these awful elements were hidden from our President. Do we have Deep Staters who have denied him information? And as for Sundance, would he have time to read thousands of pages?

        This is how we are DROWNED in words and robbed of our inherent, God-given RIGHTS!! Thanks for reading further…

        I sure hope SUNDANCE will look at these links, too. He’s a genius, and will know what to do about this disastrous situation!


        • willthesuevi says:

          Sorry, still not buying it and I doubt Sundance will either.

          I have read Sundance for years and I am continually amazed at the detail, effort, and comprehension he puts into his analysis.

          I doubt he needs to look at the links. He probably has the USMCA agreement dang near memorized.

          If there was any of this nefarious crap Sundance would not support this agreement, period.


    • slowcobra says:

      trudy, you just described what the DEMOCRATS want to do, not USMCA. You must’ve posted on the wrong thread.

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  12. Tom Hansen says:

    Thank God the people voted in 2016 for the highly successful billionaire business man, Donald J. Trump. His performance regarding the economy has been nothing short but spectacular.

    Not only did he secure a great tax reduction plan, and allowing international corps. to repatriate and create manufacturing jobs, expand job growth and reduce unemployment to historic levels, but he also secure trade agreements with S. Korea, Japan, China, Canada, and Mexico.

    He already is working with the U.K., and once Brexit is complete, will secure a new trade with them. That only leaves the EU, and he will pressure them with new tariffs if they fail to capitulate.

    Trump has already proven by his deeds he is one of, if not the most successful President the U.S. has ever had, and deserves another term by the people to continue this amazing prosperity.

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  13. railer says:

    Well, the Swamp stalled this for a looooong time, but good it’s finally done. It’s a shame how bought off the Congress is, that something that’s a clear positive for the country’s economy can be blocked for so long.

    I’d really like to flush Toomey, too. These Club for Growth guys are a menace, and I once thought they were good too, silly me.

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  14. The Boss says:

    The bill should be brought by motorcade to the White House, after it is marched through the Capitol building by Mick Mulvaney, Rudy Giuliani and Don McGhan.

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  15. Dora says:


  16. MNBV says:

    So Chinese buy whatever they want and own 100% of it in the US without “non tariff” barriers but that’s impossible with business or real estate or any other asset in China.
    There’s some sort of self loathing gene in the US that’s very strange

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  17. Linus in W.PA. says:

    So Toomey (PA) voted ‘no.’

    Bye, Senator Toomey, you piece of navel lint.

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  18. Benedict Comey says:

    Toomey (D-PA) is in dire need of a recall…

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  19. JImmy says:

    What is wrong with those two republical senators and in fact all 10 ? The deal is good for american people, keep politics aside. it is hard to reach such deal and trump did negotiate a winning deal. Such a pathetic note.


  20. lansdalechip says:

    What’s a voter to do?
    One of my US Senators is a declared democrat: the other’s a RINO. Yup. Senator Toomey.
    I am so ashamed.


    • oldersoul says:

      At least Casey, perhaps the dumbest member of the Senate, had the good sense to vote for it.

      Pat Toomey is Tom Donahue’s stooge. When Wall Street says jump, Toomey says how high. He has stabbed PDJT in the back before.

      PA was one of the states most decimated under NAFTA. Some areas will never recover. Pennsylvanians will massacre Toomey at the polls for this flagrant betrayal. And then he will slither back to his Wall Street masters for reassignment.

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      • Crewdog 52. says:

        I would not be surprised if he doesn’t run in 2022. He is probably looking to return to Wall Street. The inept GOP establishment in PA better start looking NOW for a replacement.


        • Raquel says:

          Lou Barletta ,a former legislator, who campaigned for Trump in 2016, ran against Bob Casey, the democrat senator in PA, in 2018 and lost. If I remember correctly, I think he got forty -some percent of the vote.
          Lou was my former legislator. Fred Keller, a staunch conservative, now holds the position. I’d like to see him primary Toomey. He was VERY pro-Trump from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, and the president campaigned for him.
          Now, may be a better time for Barletta to run.


  21. MLK says:

    Schumer and Gillibrand voted against USMCA because AOC did.

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  22. I was wondering if anyone knows of the details of the agreement. The walk away group I meet with (even though I walked away many years ago, it’s the only pro-Trump group here and I am enjoying it) said that there was some not so good stuff in that agreement like the UN having some kind of role in our country, and that it would be like the European Union, etc. I don’t know where the info is coming from. I knew nothing about that. Does anyone know?


    • trudy2015 says:

      Hi, Little Flower! I posted a link earlier, which elaborates on some of the concerns. Deep researchers have dug into the USMCA and find things that I believe have been hidden from President Trump. Why do you think the Dems are voting for something Trump WANTS?!

      This treaty is hugely LONG. Please read this link, even though the author is not Sundance — the info is legit:


      • Mike Carrasco says:

        Trudy what info there was one short paragraph at the end of the article that mentions the USMCA. other than that he goes on a rather long rant about just about every other trade agreement from the past 40 or 50 years and how terrible and bad they were and are. We have all known this since their inception. What he dosen’t do is speak to anything specifically in it’s relation or inclusion in the USMCA. What a waste of time unless you’re dying to hear how he saved his town and what a expert he is about international trade. Legit hardly.

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        • trudy2015 says:

          I understand your concern with the first article, Mike.

          Please see the second link I used in my reply to Mimbler (above). That gets into specifics. I am new to posting here, and didn’t know for sure how much I could enter in a comment. This additional article is MUCH MORE specific. We do trust our President, and Sundance, too. Still, I fear some scoundrels have kept Pres. Trump in the dark about this sneak attack in verbiage. We know the honorability of our President, but he can’t know all the subterfuge to which he is subjected! PLEASE READ the article quoted to Mimbler!


        • I figured what these people were saying was coming from some out-there site. Trudy, you have not seen the agreement yet and neither have the people you are referring people to. Trump is not some idiot. i seriously don’t think he can be conned. But I do appreciate you posting here so that i have a point of reference.

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          • GB Bari says:

            It’s not just Trump. Trudy’s alleging that the entire trade negotiation team (Navarro, Lighthizer, Mnuchin, and all the others) didn’t know what was inside the agreement they crafted themselves over the last two years.



  23. littleanniefannie says:

    Toomey = Wall St + CofC

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  24. Mike in a Truck says:

    Globalcoolingwarmingclimatechangepolarbeardrowningpeguinsheatstroke is a Relgion to those people. They even canonized a saint- a 16(17?) year old retard named Greta. These JackWads are not fit to lead a flea circus. LoonyToomey? I hope PDJT doesn’t campaign for that turd.

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  25. Broc Smith says:

    If Trudy knows what’s good for him, he’ll sign it.


  26. Mike Carrasco says:

    Toomey doesn’t give a rats ass about the people he purports to serve. He is a trure multi-nationalist which I guess in a perfect utopian world he must live in is ok. One where all people and countries compete equally with access to each others markets. However the rest of us live in the imperfect real world where europe operates under trade policies implemented during the Marshall plan designed to benifit their economies at our expense. China manipulates it’s currencies, uses forced transfer of technology and forced labor crippling all true competitors. Mexico and Canada both have abused NAFTA as a means for foreign companies to skirt tariffs and shift more assembly jobs outside the US.

    He is either a globalist zealot or delusional quite possibly both but any pretense that he is acting on behalf of the American people is laughable. Get real Senator Toomey enjoy your last term in office from now on there will be consequences for your self serving actions and lack of support for POTUS TRUMP2020


    • Crewdog 52. says:

      Toomey barely won reelection in 2016. Were it not for Trump bringing new voters out as well as winning over many Dems and Independents, Toomey most likely would have lost. Other than people who pull the R lever by force of habit, his base is pretty well limited to the leafy suburbs around Philly. People in the area he originally represented as a Congressman, the Lehigh Valley, are starting to forget that he was ever there.


  27. Schumer is nothing but American enemy’s also Nancy Pelosi is enclosure Too,
    I would love to see this coup’s get vote em out,


  28. Life Coach says:

    Is Canada gonna submarine this deal? I think the meetings between Trudeau & Obama, Pelosi at al were plotting to bl8w this deal up. The D’s don’t want Trump getting credit for the USMCA months before the election. This way they can say they voted yes, but Trump was so horrible to Canada that they refused to ratify it. If a D wins in 2020 then Canada would reverse course.


  29. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    China will break it. And it will be he said/she said with China, Democrats, Canada and msm on one side and Trump on the other. The only question is, will Trump wait until after November elections to even announce the cheating and hit them with more tariffs (and he’ll hit them hard). The multi national stocks most effected by the tariffs and threats have rebounded but will lose 10-20% with an announcement.


  30. namberak says:

    Good @#$(*ing riddance NAFTA.


  31. Magabear says:

    What a disappointment my Senator Pat Toomey has become. Still better than the left wing loon he beat for that seat, but he’s still a disappointment. Truly a shill for the CofC.


  32. bkrg2 says:

    Thank you greatest speaker in history, Nancy Pelosi, for all your amazing efforts over the past two years to ensure this great trade agreement.
    And also your diplomacy in getting trade agreement with China.

    Too bad our horrible President is constantly blocking all your work…



  33. An historic accomplishment by a truly great President.

    It must be noted that this could have happened a year ago but for the vile scum who are trying to overthrow our government.

    Congratulations, Mr. President. You’re magnificent for this nation and we stand with you completely.


  34. Rynn69 says:

    Best President ever in modern times. Bar none.


  35. Sofa King says:

    I must aak, because I’m seeing it everywhere:

    Is this the creation of a tyrannical, overarching tri-party government?


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