House Scheme Unfolds – Adam Schiff Transmits "New Evidence" to Nadler…

Yesterday’s ridiculous, albeit proactive, New York Times narrative about Russians hacking Burisma now makes sense.  Today the Lawfare team (Mary McCord et al) within Adam Schiff’s impeachment crew send additional files of evidence (pdf below) to be included in the impeachment articles constructed by HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler.

It is all coordinated. The “new evidence” relates to information turned over by Lev Parnas, an SDNY indicted former associate of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.  The Lawfare purpose is to bolster their premise that President Trump was trying to force Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden’s corrupt activity around the Ukrainian company Burisma.
The Lawfare crew behind Schiff waited until the last minute to push the new “evidence” because they didn’t want republicans to deconstruct it during the impeachment evidence gathering phase. Aditionally, the Lawfare crew anticipate a Trump impeachment defense surrounding actual evidence of the Biden corruption, which makes the Trump request to Zelensky valid.
So the proactive democrat strategy was/is to use the New York Times presentation of Russia hacking Burisma to negate the provenance of the evidence against the Bidens.  In essence, to cast doubt upon any documents that would show Joe and Hunter Biden participating in an actual influence and money-laundering scheme.

Here’s the letter and documentary evidence from Adam Schiff (House Link Here):
[scribd id=442957052 key=key-OFnY8AV1SNfbRb50PABH mode=scroll]
The SDNY created legal leverage upon Lev Parnas using the familiar strategy of charging “FARA violations”, as noted in the background of the House explanation.
The purpose was/is to extract anything from Parnas that could be twisted or construed to show evidence that Rudy Giuliani was working on behalf of President Trump to pressure Ukraine into investigating Burisma, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.
To counter any evidence that would highlight the truth that Hunter and Joe Biden were indeed participating in a pay-to-play influence and money laundering scheme for personal financial benefit, the same democrat operatives created a 2020 Russian ‘hacking claim’ using former Crowdstrike employee Blake Darché and his colleague Oren Falkowitz.

NYT – […] The hackers fooled some of them into handing over their login credentials, and managed to get inside one of Burisma’s servers, Area 1 said.

“The attacks were successful,” said Oren Falkowitz, a co-founder of Area 1, who previously served at the National Security Agency. Mr. Falkowitz’s firm maintains a network of sensors on web servers around the globe — many known to be used by state-sponsored hackers — which gives the firm a front-row seat to phishing attacks, and allows them to block attacks on their customers. (link)

Blake Darche’ and Oren Falkowitz formed a new cyber-security company named “Area-1 Security”.  It is analysis from this group that the New York Times uses to push the Russia hacking of Burisma narrative.  It’s all the same players, just switching around the subject.

  • The 2016 Lawfare group is now 2020’s Just Security;
  • the 2016 CrowdStrike group is now 2020’s Area-1 Security;
  • and the 2016 Russia DNC hack is now the 2020 Russia Burisma hack… 

It’s the same players, the same story, the same approach.
Go deep on Oleg Falkowitz and Oren Falkowitz HERE

In February 2008, Oleg Falkowitz was hired as the Iran Mission Manager and Special Assistant For Policy and Cybersecurity at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

In February 2009, Oleg Falkowitz left his position at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

In August 2010, Oleg Falkowitz was hired as Director of Technology and Data Science Program (J2 — Intelligence) at the United States Cyber Command.

In July 2012, Oleg Falkowitz left his position at both the United States Cyber Command and the National Security Agency.

The same month, Oren Falkowitz co-founded the organisation sqrrl and became the Chief Executive Officer.

In January 2013, Falkowitz left his position at sqrrl.

In November 2013, Oren Falkowitz, Blake Darché and Phil Syme founded the organisation Area 1 Security.

Blake Darché published the article “Once a Target, Always a Target” in Medium, which was about “Cozy Bear”.

Between July 17–19, 2017, Oren Falkowitz, John Brennan, Andrea Mitchell and David Sanger attended the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, CO.

LINK to Background


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326 Responses to House Scheme Unfolds – Adam Schiff Transmits "New Evidence" to Nadler…

  1. kris2025 says:

    Democrats 100 Republicans 0
    “Handwritten notes” Yeah right.
    Democrats steamrolling Republicans.
    And NeverTrumper Republicans in Senate have their excuse to run the show in any way they like.

    • freepetta says:

      So pathetic!! This is a total kangaroo court!!

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Even their supporters are laughing at them over this one…

        • Bill Durham says:

          Does Trump look worried? Nope. Does Rudy look worried? Nope.
          CIA FBI and doj couldn’t get him!
          Lawfare? Seriously? What’s their record against Trump? Mitch will ride Trump coat tails for another term. He ain’t taking on the champ.

      • Bill Durham says:

        Guys, stop the fear porn. None of Lawfare schemes have worked. Trump beat them at every turn. If they really had him, would they being doing this now? If the Senate was rigged, would they need these hail Mary passes? If there was a Senate coup, is this is all they have? Is this a confident move or desperation? Please. It’s transparently bad. Read Ben wittes latest article, it’s over. If you had the goods, do you do a midnight documents dump? Nope. Trump and Mitch made a deal long ago. A coup is not in the cards. Collins and Gardner and murkowdki are posturing. Mitch controls them. They have to appear to be open minded. The votes were counted and secured long ago. Trump ain’t going into this blind folks.

    • Green Bucket says:

      They will do ANYTHING to take President Trump down. We cannot let them get away with it!!
      Please everyone, light up the phones in DC over the next few days to let them know we are paying attention and we expect the republicans to support our President!
      If not, here is advance notice that we are taking names (Romney, Lee, Collins, Murkowski, Thune, Blunt, Burr, Gaetz and yes, even McConnell etc.) and we will work to ensure you are never elected again!

    • justlizzyp says:

      Handwritten notes from a guy who has previously telegraphed his willingness to say and do whatever he needs to for anybody that can help him out with his legal troubles.

    • The Demon Slick says:

      Too clever by half. They will fail. Eric Ciaramella hardest hit.

      • ms doodlebug says:

        Democrats will have to call at least some of their ‘star’ witnesses to testify again before the Senate. President Trump’s attorneys can impeach their witnesses pretty quickly. And just because House democrats consider hearsay, opinions, and presumptions as evidence doesn’t mean the Senate will consider any of it to be evidence.

    • Shyster says:

      Yeah, handwritten notes creation date cannot be determined like audio or computer entries.

    • Garavaglia says:

      uniparty 100

    • sharon goodson says:

      Trump can still be ousted – to believe otherwise is naive’. Get you program! You can’t know who the players are without your program! Romney, Collins, Flake, Murkowski and the game is over – Trump is convicted.

      • Somebody says:

        Sharon #1 Flake is no longer in the senate. #2 it would take more than the three you listed that are still senators to convict. It takes 67 votes, if the 3 you listed vote to convict that would make the count 50/50.
        I’m not saying it’s impossible, but a conviction is a long shot and it certainly takes more than a couple of weak rinos.

        • dd_sc says:

          But that may be the next s* they throw at the wall to see if it sticks. The vote will be 55-45 to convict – RINOs not up for re-election in 2020 will be allowed to vote to convict.
          Democrats can say there is bipartisan support for removal, but Trump remains in office on a “technicality” – that pesky US Constitution again. GOPe can tell Trump he’s lost support. The goal has always been to get him to resign.
          Extremely desperate and risky move. 20-something Republicans up for re-election in 2020. If the backlash against the impeachment vote result in Democrats flipping 13-15 seats (the I’s caucus with the Dems) McConnell could be minority leader of 40 or fewer Republicans. Schumer wouldn’t have to talk to him or return his calls.

          • Linda K. says:

            Nice try dd. They will be lucky to get 47 in favor, if you think of the dems in Red States up for reelection. Any Republican who votes to impeach will not be reelected.

            • dd_sc says:

              I don’t think it will actually happening. Just thinking about what scorched earth method they may come up with.

        • ms doodlebug says:

          Democrat senators who are running for President should recuse themselves from voting in the impeachment trial as they clearly have something to gain by a conviction of President Trump.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        Nope—it takes 67, not a simple majority. The Constitution matters. The House can vote in their rules to make their hearings a sham but they cannot overrule the Constitution!

      • Linda K. says:

        4 is not enough. the dimms need 67 and they only have 47.

        • I believe it is 2/3rds of those PRESENT. Cowards may not show up.

          • GB Bari says:

            H&HC is CORRECT, per Article 1 Section 3 the US Constitution.
            “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.
            In other words, conviction does NOT require 67 votes unless all 100 Senators are present (VP does not count in impeachment trials).
            HOWEVER, I do not know if current Republican Senate rules stipulate that all 100 Senators must attend and vote. If not, Republican Senators who decide to not attend increase the chance that the president is convicted.
            Despite this, I personally am not worried about this president being convicted. Not in this trial.
            I am more concerned about the massive COVERUP of DoJ, FBI, State Department, and Congressional criminality and corruption in attempting to overturn the 2016 election via fabricated evidence and corrupt IC officials, agents, lawyers, and judges (espec. FISC). I am concerned that AG Barr appears to be overwhelmed by and thus uninterested in effectively fighting the rampant blatant corruption in these agencies and elsewhere throughout the federal government.

  2. Shyster says:

    Wash, rinse repeat. Here we go again, strap in!

    • So true FofBW.

    • steph_gray says:

      It would be nice, if for once, at this juncture, we didn’t have the usual commenters spreading FUD while remaining firmly seated…
      And thanks to those above more grounded.
      As Bette Davis famously said, “Fasten your seat belts – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!”

  3. Dekester says:

    Crazy stuff…The U.S. is truly at a crossroads here.
    There are many nefarious players, but few more so than Paul “ the rat” Ryan.
    What’s next?

  4. kleen says:

    Go after Soros. Get him to testify.

    • Jederman says:

      Precisely. Why continue to flail and expend energy on low hanging fruit like schitt. Time to expose and make accountable the unseen hands. They appear to be the true center of gravity in the DS/Lefty resistance.

    • margarite1 says:

      I’d love to have him cross examined by an honest, pissed off, America loving, relentless attorney.

  5. Reserved55 says:

    Where are the Burisma servers?
    Did they leave with the rest of Ukrainian servers when Poroshenko was ousted by Zelensky?

  6. jx says:

    And to think, Republicans could have shut this down and didn’t.

    • Garavaglia says:


    • thedoc00 says:

      It takes leadership that does not exist in the Republican Party. This is the unreported secret to President Trump’s success at being elected President. He is not a republican nor democrat. He saw a vast leadership void and lack of balls in the Republican Party who’s constituency and objectives more closely align with his own than the democrat party’s. Plus, he would never have been able to overcome the Democrat Party puppet masters as he did the weak (actually non-existent) Republican Party puppet masters.
      McConnell does not have control of the senate and he is nearly as feckless as Boehner was running the House. Its all about sustaining position.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        If they think their positions will be sustained, then their plan must be to run as Democrats! Otherwise, they have no chance!

      • David A says:

        McConnell is far more competent then Boehner. The problem is his competency is a bit twisted.

    • Jederman says:

      I think PT deserve a chance to clear his name and in the process destroy schitt, nadler, lawfare… . I’m more than happy to see a blood bath. The dem house bs was railroaded through.
      Their bs “peachment” needs to be ground into dust on national TV. Let the cards fall where they may.

    • dd_sc says:

      Ryan and his herd of RINOs enabled it when he didn’t vacate the Speaker’s Chair and 40-some House Republicans resigned in a critical election year.

  7. dottygal says:

    If only they spent this much time and energy and effort to something good for this country. God, I hate these people! They are like bullies that never give up.

  8. deepdivemaga says:

    Sickening. Truly sickening.

  9. Lion2017 says:

    This COUP needs to stop!

  10. islandpalmtrees says:

    Sundance writes: The 2016 CrowdStrike group is now 2020’s Area-1 Security.
    CrowdStrike and “Area 1 Security”. have NSA people working for them. “Area 1 Security” founded 2013, CrowdStrike founded 2011.
    Blake Darché started his career at the National Security Agency in the field of Computer Network Operations. Since then, Blake has worked for CrowdStrike as an Incident Response Lead and has co-founded Area 1 Security, an anti-phishing company focused on stopping phishing attacks comprehensively and preemptively.
    “Antivirus is the ultimate back door,” Blake Darché, a former N.S.A. operator and co-founder of Area 1 Security. “It provides consistent, reliable and remote access that can be used for any purpose, from launching a destructive attack to conducting espionage on thousands or even millions of users.”
    Oren Falkowitz, a former NSA official and the chief executive of the cyberdefense firm Area 1 Security, said WikiLeaks, run by Julian Assange, had again succeeded in disrupting the status quo, as it did during last year’s presidential election with the release of e-mails from the Democratic National Committee. “If you understand the Assange playbook,” Falkowitz said, “a lot of it is just to create chaos.”
    The October 26, 2016 Notice informed the Court that NSA analysts had been conducting such queries in violation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had previously been disclosed to the Court.

  11. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    Fox just covered this, and showed a couple of bites….including Senator Burr as he ran away from the cameras, but briefly responded to a reporters’ question, saying about the so-called-new-Russian-hacking “….they never stopped” spying….
    ….there is only ONE way to stop this.
    TRUMP 2020.

    • snarkybeach says:

      if they remove the President, do you really think President Pelosi will allow elections to happen?

      • DebbieSemms says:

        The VP is next in line.

      • Wethal says:

        Pence moves up to president; nominates a new VP, who is quickly confirmed by the Senate (Cocaine Mitch will see to that). Pelosi stays in third place.

        • Randall Wenger says:

          Or this.
          Pence nominates Trump as VP. Trump gets confirmed.
          Pence resigns as President.
          Trump becomes presidency.
          Trump nominates Pence as VP.
          Trump get re-elected in a landslide.
          They could do this ad inifinitim.

          • littleanniefannie says:

            I believe that if Donald Trump is removed, he becomes ineligible to hold major office. Maybe Pence could nominate Ivanka. Wouldn’t it chap the leftists jaws for the Republicans to have the first female VP?

            • dd_sc says:

              It will still chap the Democrats, but it will be Nikki Haley as first female VP. GOPe will ignore the fact she is (most likely) an anchor baby.

        • snarkybeach says:

          I know that. They think there will be zero blowback and their public plans include getting rid of Pence too.

  12. Chiggerbug says:

    We’re totally FUBAR.

  13. donnyvee says:

    It’s difficult, but I’m an optimist by nature. One thing that keeps me going is looking at all the crap that the left has spewed at our POTUS and yet they have not brought him down. I keep praying for a just result but I do worry about how much DT can take. Has any leader in the history of the world been so tested?

  14. CNN_sucks says:

    Good thing that Burisma server hacked is now with Putin. We are going to settle this now once and for all. s/

  15. Bucknutguy says:

    Where’s our Crowdstrike?

  16. gda53 says:

    Desperate tactics doomed to fail. These Lawfare loons are nothing if not persistent, like an angry deerfly on your cottage dock who just won’t take the hint and go away until you smush it.
    Nancy took advice from a deerfly, and now that things have gone all “pear-shaped” she’s reduced to spreading the Russia Russia nonsense anew. It’s Mitch who’s in league with Putin now, apparently. Under direction of PDJT presumably.
    These folk have been digging in on defence for 3 years. Their arms must be exhausted from backfilling to hide their multiple culpabilities and clearly the brains of their erstwhile leaders are now totally fried.
    Anyone REALLY fancy their chances at this stage? Because they’ve been SO successful in moving the needle on public opinion so far.

    • sharon goodson says:

      Public opinion does not matter. They will sacrifice everything to stop Trump and his movement. EVERYTHING. Polls do not matter. Trump rallies do not matter. The only thing that matters is our defeat. They will figure out the rest after they win.

      • DebbieSemms says:

        They will try everything but still lose.

      • gda53 says:

        That’s a ridiculous statement.
        If public opinion does not matter, why then were they trying their level best to affect public opinion by running constant focus groups on how to impeach?
        They are completely controlled by the polls and they are now thrashing around wildly because the damn polls just will not cooperate with the intricate, ridiculous schemes that Lawfare keeps running out for them to follow blindly.
        How stupid is that?
        In fact, are we sure that we don’t have some moles within that very Lawfare Clown Car?
        Keep doing what you’re doing Dems. Do keep throwing us in that there briar patch.

        • I agree gda53, public opinion matters greatly and that is why the left has spent so much on the msm.
          They have spent billions and billions of dollars trying to influence the public and to make all of us believe that Donald Trump is a very bad man that needs to be removed from office.
          And they have not been able to change the polls one little bit.
          Yes, public opinion and polls matter very much to the Democrats.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        Barr needs to get off his a$$ and start releasing declassified documents with explanations.

      • GB Bari says:

        ROLCON alert.
        (Fear Porn spreader)

        • dawg says:

          As far as identifying a ROLCON, it doesnt seem likely to me that a ROLCON would be spreading opinions that would have the effect of putting “Us” more on guard. Spreading fear porn would have the effect of engaging more people. Seems like the opposite of what they would be trying to do.
          It would seem to me that ROLCONs would be saying things like “Trumps got this”, ad nauseum. False sense of security, lulling us to sleep, etc, etc….
          Kinda like Q, for example.
          Just my 2 cents

  17. Bogeyfree says:

    The RINOS needed more in order to protect their hides and provide cover so they could vote to oust PT, so here we go 11th hour additions.
    More fabrication of a fraud on a sitting President and our DOJ hasn’t even begun to look into Ukraine.
    I wonder why?
    My guess is this BS will be enough for the 20 RINOS to say they had to go with the “evidence” and no one is above the law (regardless if it is fabricated)
    Get ready, trust the plan lovers, PT is about to be ousted by the greatest corrupt coup the world has ever seen and I repeat……..
    All of this could have been stopped and exposed as a fraud but the people who could have done so chose not to.

    • Garavaglia says:

      Agreed. But..are you so convinced this “court” has the final say in anything? We have the final say my matter what nonsense they pull. Be prepared.

      • Bogeyfree says:

        Once PT is gone the left rules unless the patriots of this country replicate what our forefathers did.
        Evil and tyranny must not be allowed to thrive. Our forefathers didn’t allow it and we must not either IMO.

        • icthematrix says:

          With all due respect, do we all recognize what level of opposition would be required for us to stand up against the power of our government run by leftists…in control of the military? Our revolt to gain our freedom from the Brits was amazing, astounding. But, the rulers were a foreign body far from home. If the evil cabal gets rid of our President, who in power will stand against them? The Uniparty will rejoin their natural place as the “opposition in name only” while denouncing any protests or violence as “radicals” and “terrorists”. Massive force will be used to quell such uprisings, with the help of the propaganda media to impart the collective mantra.
          Frankly the best defense in all this crap is a great offense. It’s time for our President to lay bare this treasonous brood for the evil plotters they are. It will not happen in the Senate trial as I doubt Turtle gives him the full chance to call witnesses.

    • DebbieSemms says:

      I don’t think there is 20 Republicans willing to give up there political careers I think your crazy.

      • DebbieSemms says:

        Typo – “you’re”

        • Lady Sid says:

          A couple of other typos: use their (possessive pronoun) instead of there (location). Also, plural, “there are 20 Repubs” etc. Period after careers.

      • dd_sc says:

        May not need 20.
        If 6-10 Uniparty RINOs vote to convict, Democrats and GOPe can say there is bipartisan support to remove President Trump, but he remains president on a “technicality”. GOPe and donors will try and get Trump to resign – the political equivalent of the Board removing a CEO.
        Risky move for Republicans, but the Uniparty may be willing to go scorched earth.

    • Diana Allocco says:

      “PT is about to be ousted”
      Everything else this bunch has tried, all their oh-so-clever schemes, every genius plot, has utterly failed. Yet people still go into “woe-is-me” mode at the drop of a hat.
      Beyond tiresome.

      • steph_gray says:

        I continue to believe firmly that there are plenty of visitors to CTH who are paid (probably only in cocoa and plaid pjs) to hang out at CTH and woe-is-me all day long just to worry us.

      • GB Bari says:

        These appear to be ROLCONs trying to spread Fear Porn.
        I went back and read almost every post they make recently. It’s never or hardly ever positive – nothing but “the worst scenario will happen and we’re all gonna die.”

        • willthesuevi says:

          Either ROLCON’s or it could be, they have the dreaded Munchausen by Comment Board disease.
          Many people realize they can get attention being professional victims. Once started it is addictive. The disease carries over to all aspects of their lives. These folks need drama to get through the day.
          I am only partly joking.

    • dawg says:

      I agree with everything you are saying, I have been saying it since before the House passed the articles, EXCEPT the part about there ultimately being 20 R Senators to vote to convict.
      This is where Sundance’s description of McConnell’s preference for being MINORITY Leader comes in.
      Mitch is gonna sell the votes to Pres Trump to acquit. It defies all logic to think that Mitch would NOT do this.
      Word is there are not 51 votes to dismiss. And the subject of whether or not to call witnesses still has not been voted on.
      Only THEN will we get to the point of WHICH witnesses get called.
      There are so many opportunities for Mitch here that there is NO WAY he wont take advantage of them. He is going to sell every little thing along the way for as much as possible.
      Its why he is insisting on taking everything step by step.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      All of this could have been stopped and exposed as a fraud but the people who could have done so chose not to.
      Guess Donald’s just tired of the job and that’s the reason he chose not to expose it.

  18. justlizzyp says:

    Good thing Joe and Hunter did nothing wrong, as we have been assured by them, the media and every Democrat and Never Trump politician. So we know for super sure that anything bad is a hoax- remember all the talk of deep fakes, too?

  19. dustahll says:

    Looks like a grade school tactic, D.C. is so corrupt, will they dig their own graves, Probably, dumb is dumb

  20. beach lover says:

    Does anyone else wonder why the Dems are continuing this charade when all it can do is incriminate Biden ? If I didn’t know better I’d think they were trying to get rid of him to make room for someone else.

  21. Ellis says:

    So what?
    The president still hasn’t committed a crime and it’s too late to defend Biden.

  22. mr.piddles says:

    So I just read every one of Schiff’s bullet points. So this is his “evidence” from Lev Parnas’ cell phone? This ties it all together?
    Everything I read is either public knowledge, or can be reasonably surmised from public knowledge. It’s a desperate attempt to throw out more innuendo to make WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW seem more nefarious THAN WE ALREADY KNOW IT NOT TO BE.
    Look at this nonsense…
    “The evidence you are receiving today shows:
    In January of 2019, Mr. Parnas and Mr. Giuliani exchanged text messages about securing a visa for former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. When Mr. Parnas advised that the United States had denied Mr. Shokin’s visa, Mr. Giuliani responded “I can revive it.”
    Mr. Giuliani later revealed, “It’s going to work I have no 1 in it.” He also gave Jay Sekulow, President Trump’s personal attorney, Mr. Parnas’ phone number.”
    Ummmmmmmmmm….. SO WHAT?!?!? The denied visas…. aaaannnd?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT the denied visas, Schiff???? Giuliani was pushing for them, and they were denied??? Oh my!!! this would be a BOMBSHELL if we didn’t already know it!!!!
    More nonsense from Team Moron…
    “Mr. Parnas’ communications with Mr. Lutsenko included frequent reference to Ambassador Yovanovitch, often in deeply offensive terms.”
    Seriously. This moron, Schiff, and his Moron Crew mention Yovanovitch like five or six times in those bullet points. Who gives a crap about Marie Yovanovitch???? Who??? Besides her children and her parents???
    Same crap, different document, folks.

  23. oldersoul says:

    Too many nervous nellies and eye-ores around here. I’m embarrassed just reading the knee-jerk gloom and doom at times. Sundance is merely calling their next play.
    How have the last six impeachment innings gone? PDJT’s approval numbers have gone UP with every DNC lawfare play. Nancy Pelosi is a private laughingstock in her own caucus. They are getting hammered in the court of public approval.
    Right now, the score is PDJT 15, DNC 0. And PDJT hasn’t even taken the field yet.
    So buck up and stop borrowing trouble. As I detailed a while back, PDJT has already won this battle.

  24. When an espionage involved scenario is fabricated to provide “plausible deniability”, or a “story” is for whatever other purpose needing a plausible “fabrication” …. by definition the fabrication should actually be plausible, and not appear to be transparent propaganda fabricated for deception of the cognitively challenged.
    When it comes to BULLSHIT, Buy only GENUINE. Accept no cheaply manufactured substitutes.

  25. DebbieSemms says:

    Even if the Russians did hack Burisma (which is bogus) it does NOTHING to make Biden look less guilty. This sounds more like desperation than a sound strategy.

  26. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    Hey, Sundance….do you know where Ezra Cohen-Watnick is??
    Is he over at DOJ???

  27. benifranlkin says:

    I don’t see anything new here. Does anyone else? More nonsense. No crime.

    • mr.piddles says:

      It’s the Cliff Notes for the House Impeachment Inquiry covering the time period November 2019 through December 2019.
      So it’s nice to have it all summarized in one tidy document, if you think about it.

  28. luke says:

    The Left will obfuscate but fortunately we have a couple very powerful sound bytes courtesy of Joe and Jr. The best thing that can happen here is a quick dismissal and shut the door (for now). But if the left and others really want to go there our side needs to make it clear that this goes all the way to Obama. If Mulvaney, Bolton, etc are forced to testify although Trump has an established Exec. Privilege then Obama’s henchmen (Kerry, Biden, etc) will too.
    That is why I think the Left is simply playing a game of chicken. This is going to be another dog n pony show muddying the water. Something you cannot beat the left at so it is probably not wise to even try. We have a real chance to marginalize the left this November and the person to lead the charge in PDT. We must all do our part whatever that entails and do whatever you can.

    • Chicken! That is exactly what it is. Perfect description.
      They continue to brazenly blanket the airwaves with their propaganda, secure in the knowledge that it has always worked for them before, and besides, their target audience is palpably gullible. Sundance, Solomon, Herridge and others try and expose the truth … whose voice is louder?

      • steph_gray says:

        VSGPDJT’s voice is the loudest and best.
        And the “airwaves” ain’t what they used to be either.

  29. A2 says:

    Jamie Dupree has a preliminary thread on this move.

    • snarkybeach says:

      Yovanovitch, the ambassador that requested monitoring on reporters, pundits & American citizens… I am glad she was removed from her post.

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      See any date? See any notary mark? How about a witnesses?

      • MaineCoon says:

        Is that McCord’s handwriting?

      • Wethal says:

        I hope one of the rules in the Senate trial is that the Federal Rules of Evidence apply. Hearsay would be out (Ok, there are exceptions to hearsay, but second and third-hand hearsay would be out.)
        Also rules on the authenticity of documents would apply, including the accuracy of any documents that are not originals. Given how easy it is to or alter documents these days, copies or scans of documents should be kept out unless the writer or custodian of the document can testify to its authenticity.

    • littleanniefannie says:

      There is zero identification on the Ritz Cracker note. Give me a few minutes. I’ll send some notes about Nazi P, Pencil Neck Schifft, NoNads Nadler, any Lawfare bigots, whatever.
      Get real. This isn’t a SchittShow but it’s close.

    • joshashland says:

      That undated hand written note on unwrinkled perfect looking hotel note pad was supposedly written and carried halfway around the globe…..when?
      Finding it hard to believe they call hat evidence.

    • Hans says:

      Interesting…under get Zelensky the “to” is centered like a painting. I don’t know about other people no one normally paints a to in the middle of a line. A normal note would have read “to announce” on the next line. The next line also does not start at the left edge. So I don’t believe this was a note written in the spur of the moment . IMO IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN SLOWLY EACH WORD THOUGHT OUT….FAKE.

    • Your Royal Highness says:

      Zelensky isn’t even spelled correctly. Quick someone get Nancy to spell Zelensky!!

  30. Brian Baker says:

    So the Dems are still playing dirty pool and using DOJ/SDNY as a political bludgeon. Where’s William Barr?

  31. Bubby says:

    “The SDNY created legal leverage upon Lev Parnas using the familiar strategy of charging “FARA violations”, as noted in the background of the House explanation.” – Sundance
    I’m assuming this was done with AG Barr’s knowledge if not approval? I think the President has entered a new danger zone and like others I fear for his removal. Godspeed President Trump!

  32. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO many, many Republicans have dirty hands via Ukraine too.
    The Dems realized that and the best way to force them to vote to oust PT was to make it a him or you scenario.
    The rRepublicans who are dirty and if they allow any investigation into Ukraine to go forward knows the money trail will incriminate them so the choice is simple.
    Take myself down or PT?
    Self preservation always wins out except in the case of Jesus! Amen!

  33. snarkybeach says:

    they are going to say the Biden evidence was planted by Russia

  34. islandpalmtrees says:

    The DNC hires a CIA run company called Crowdstrike to investigate “Russia hacking”. Then they turn to another NSA run company called “Area 1 Security” to backup their claim. One that worked with them to spy on American citizens by performing illegal NSA Database searches.–360×188.jpg
    I call BS on this one.

  35. Ronald Robinson says:

    We need to descend on dc! I grew up there, I know they can’t ignore numbers. There needs to be someone who can organize all the groups. Walk away, Rolling Thunder, dems for Trump, Women for Trump, Blexit! One million people has never been done. We shut it down for a day or have to burn it down later.

    • steph_gray says:

      One million people, at least, was done in the Tea Party march of 2009.
      If PDJT said he wanted it, I’m sure the deplorables could dwarf that.

  36. DebbieSemms says:

    You would think these arrogant fools would be more concerned with all the US servers hacked by China.

    • willthesuevi says:

      I have been concerned for a while the “Russia-Ukraine” debacle is a welcome diversionary sock puppet for the ChiComs.
      Hey everyone, look over here…………..squirrel!!

  37. Wethal says:

    This could be a foot-in-the-door for more new evidence, such as witnesses, in the Senate. “Look, we added new documents after the House voted on the articles; why not some new witnesses, too?”

  38. redhotrugmama says:

    DemocRATS=500 Republicans=0
    I don’t trust most of the Republicans. The 64 million dollar question is how may Republican Senators are willing to lose their seat in order to convict PDT. I don’t have a good feeling about this trial.The DemocRATS are organized while the Republicans are not:( How many Dem protesters will show up daily I wonder? I wish we had a Republican organizing some kind of march or something. Prayer is a given, but thousands showing up to march/silent protest might make the Republican Sentaors pause (heavy sigh)
    Oh well………..we shall have our answer in the next few weeks.

  39. themortgagedude says:

    All Cocaine Mitch needs to do to shut this down is state that impeaching and removing a President would be the most important thing Congress and Senate would do in their lifetimes. As such he will grant President Trump the right to call any and all witnesses he wishes to make his case if the Democrats want witnesses. Then have Guiliani leak a list of who the President plans to call. The Dems don’t want this in any way.

  40. Wethal says:

    They want to put in enough dirt in the Senate trial to try to flip a few RINO senators, or failing that, using the RINOs votes to acquit, using those votes against them in their re-election campaigns. If they can take the Senate, they can stop Trump from nominating new judges, or a SCOTUS justice, force government shutdowns if he doesn;’ sign their budgets, etc.

  41. Don McAro says:

    President Trump should demand the 1st witness be the whistleblower… then when it throws Schiff under the bus then call in Schiff… Screw Hunter
    Its time to take out Schiff

  42. allhail2 says:

    No new evidence, PERIOD.
    The articles were passed with the “evidence” presented in the House. The Senate should flat refuse to even acknowledge the new garbage.
    The concept of run what you brung applies. If the House brought a broken down, rusted out piece of trash to the race, well, then that is all they get to run with. There is no backup motor or parts allowed once you’ve signed up.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      But they won’t!
      The RINOS will stand high and mighty and profess that we should know all of the evidence.
      It’s is such a fraud but was necessary to provide more “cover” for the RINOS.
      Who on the Republican team outside Rand Paul is DEMANDING that Joe and Hunter Biden testify, that Shifty and Pelosi testify and very few are screaming that even the WB should testify.

  43. JamesD says:

    We finally know why Pelosi held up the impeachment. She was waiting for a Schiff staffer to fly to Vienna to pick up the stationary.

  44. littleanniefannie says:

    By what right do they have to change the articles of impeachment that were voted on by the House. Does Nazi P, coupled with her other stooges (Pencil Neck and NoNads) have the ability to unilaterally change the articles?
    These people have no shame. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nazi basically admitted late last week that her sole focus as Speaker this time has been to make sure President Trump cannot win election if he hasn’t resigned or been removed before. She kicked it into high gear when Paul Jr’s immoral dealings were brought up by the President. She didn’t necessarily object to the Where’s Hunter campaign but the Mama Bear really came to the front when little Pauly began to draw scrutiny. What she has done (and tell me again about your moral, Catholic upbringing. I promise Nazi, most Catholic Churches will not consider serving you Communion because of your anti-Catholic views (killing babies, etc).
    Your name and moral can only appear in the same sentence when moral is preceded immediately by “im”!!

    • If the Senate agrees to hear this Bill of Attainder, then the precedent is clearly set that §1.9.3 is not, in fact, an enforced part of the Constitution. The House can, in fact, “pass a Bill of Attainder” and it … since it once was … by precedent must always be … accepted by the Senate.
      During the month of January, the House could pass at least three new Bills based on some new “evidence,” and demand that the Senate must “try” them all. February could bring fifteen new versions; March, thirty. Congress will do nothing else this year except to be dragged-about by Lawfare, Inc.’s puppet strings. By November 2020, our President could have faced impeachment more than 250 times.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Where are you seeing they are changing the Articles of Impeachment?

  45. Ellis says:

    So Schiff introduces evidence that confirms the president was investigating corruption by Joe Biden.
    Is this an attempt to take out Biden? These notes further exonerate the president and are simply more innuendo about a non crime.
    Also, in case you haven’t heard, Yovanovitch didn’t like president Trump.

  46. Same old same old!! I stand with President Trump!!

  47. Pencil neck sends No Nads some of the garbage he sifted from his basement tapes and phone taps and the surrender monkeys declare removal is a fait accompli…. because omnipotent Lawfare…. Right.

  48. Merkin Muffley says:

    And now the RINOs can say “OOOOHHHH! This changes things COMPLETELY!!!!” I blame McConnell for letting this Schiff show reach the Senate. Get used to this show. It’s going to run longer than Phantom of the Opera!

  49. Yet another server, supposedly “hacked.” Yet another source of secret “evidence,” surreptitiously presented to a tribunal but never to opposing attorneys, supposed to be accepted at face value because of the testimony of “experts” who were employed by the known-to-be malicious accusers. “All of this is true. Really. Because we say it is. Trust us.”
    Still no alleged violation of the United States Code. Still nothing for which the accused could face “indictment, trial, conviction and punishment” in any Court. Still a Bill of Attainder and nothing more. Transparently an attempt by corrupt politicians to deflect and to prevent any actual criminal investigation of what they have done – in short, obstruction of justice on their part.
    Still unconstitutional. And right here we see the wisdom of our founders, who were Englishmen and therefore familiar with how impeachment had been abused “over there.” There was a reason why they insisted that impeachment could only be for actual crime. And why they expressly forbade Bills of Attainder at both the Federal and the State level.
    If the Senate is foolish enough to accept this Bill of Attainder and to agree to bring it to trial, both they and our nation will rue that decision forever.
    This is how Constitutional Precedents are made. The Senate now has the opportunity to assert that it has the Constitutional prerogative – matching that of any Court of Law – to refuse to hear a case that is defective; that is Unconstitutional. And to, on its own authority, declare it to be so.
    Maybe our Founders anticipated that one day an unscrupulous group of politically-savvy lawyers would mount a four-year long attack on the foundations of our Constitutional order. But, probably not. Nevertheless, they did entrust their successors, 230 years in the future, with the tools that they would need to counter it … i-f they will.

  50. hocuspocus13 says:

    DemoKKKrats held the Articles of Impeachment and for nearly 30 days this is the best scheme they could come up with
    The Russians hacked Burisma???

  51. Bigly says:

    We are all watching this happen, helplessly aware that trump better up his game or this scam might actually work.
    By upping his game Push Barr to fricken act , fire Wray, appoint a special counsel – blow the deep state up!
    Sundance has been sending smoke signals for 3 years – someone DO something! So maddening.
    Ok. Back to my cool.

  52. CTH Fan says:

    Question: Does the Defense get to cross examine new witnesses. I put my money on President Trump’s team. Anyone who thinks that his team has been idle is very much mistaken, they finally get to have a say.

    • trnathens says:

      My theory is that he wanted to get impeached, and knew that losing the House allows him to disclose EVERYTHING as a defense, in a trial, under oath, subject to perjury, knowing that the press will be covering it live, to the whole world.
      That’s why Rudy is bullet-proof on any allegations of wrong-doing, because he was acting as a lawyer, representing a client (not the Office of the President, or as a government employee of the President, but the man himself, the defendant Donald J Trump, not PDJT), who is allowed to lawfully search for any exculpatory information, and can get their own subpoenas.
      But he really wanted to wait and drag it out closer to the election. But this way will work, too.

      • The Demon Slick says:

        First they leak to the press that Burisma is hacked by Russia. Next they gather up all the news stories and use them to get surveillance authority. Then they spy. Expect that Giuliani and anyone close to President Trump are under surveillance, lawyer client privilege be damned. Also newsflash Flynn withdraws guilty plea Go Sydney yay!

        • justlizzyp says:

          I’m still of the opinion that what you describe is how Schiff got those phone records. FISA warrant.
          I think step 1 was actually all the stories about Deep Fake technology. Which means there are pictures and/or video somewhere that they needed to counter.

      • Prof. Woland says:

        The problem with the Senate impeachment trial is that the average Democrat is brain dead and cannot be persuaded or convinced of the truth even if it walks up and bites them in the face. They are impervious to shame and facts. And the Lawfare scum is even worse. They know they are lying and don’t care. They know that the cost of this thing blowing up in their faces is the loss of the moral high ground and 40 years in the wilderness like the Republicans after Watergate. So time to put the sword in their necks and send them all back to hell.

        • jimmy D says:

          he problem with the Senate impeachment trial is that the average Democrat is brain dead and cannot be persuaded or convinced of the truth even if it walks up and bites them in the fa
          So freaking true about Dems are brain dead, tried to tell them about whole thing and continue to ignore reading what’s on MSM…alot of them don’t know what’s really going on and still have trump is impeach and senate save him, they got no freaking clue how end up in their face.
          i want this on trail expose their bullshit

      • Spooky says:

        “My theory is that he wanted to get impeached”
        Good Lord! Sorry to be blunt but your theory is absolute nonsense. No President wants to be impeached. No President wants to his party to lose control of the House of Reps. Stop assuming that there is some kind of super duper 8th dimensional chess going on here. There isn’t, really! It’s just the inevitable machinations of incredibly corrupt and arrogant swamp creatures allied with a stupendously dishonest MSM and Demonrat Party. President Trump is fighting for his political life here and he doesn’t have a magic plan of any kind.

      • americalsgt says:

        He did not want to be impeached.

    • mazziflol says:

      This assumes people on his team are not swamp…

    • Carly says:

      God be with them.

      • botchedcasuality says:

        This is the excuse for McConnel to go lame on P. Trump watch the RINOS go limp now that they have the last minute justification to turncoat. If I am wrong why haven’t we heard raging and seen tearing of flesh protesting against the faux impeachment? The Senate (Mitch) should have the votes to say no impeachment trial, pound sand take it to the Supreme Court. They could have been calling witnesses to make under oath statements.

      • botchedcasuality says:

        This is the excuse for McConnel to go lame on P. Trump watch the RINOS go limp now that they have the last minute justification to turncoat. If I am wrong why haven’t we heard raging and seen tearing of flesh protesting against the faux impeachment? The Senate (Mitch) should have the votes to say no impeachment trial, pound sand take it to the Supreme Court. They could have been calling witnesses to make under oath statements.

    • 6x47 says:

      In a word – no. There will be no witnesses, no cross examination. A Senate trial is basically dueling opening statements, followed by a period of Q and A.
      But that’s some pretty weak sauce: “The Russians hacked Burisma and planted evidence.” Yeah, right. Going to be hard to square that assertion against the corroborating evidence (i.e. cash payments to Biden, timeline, etc) but it gives the Democrats something to hang their hopes on.
      “I got hacked!” is the lamest and least believable excuse going.

  53. Eric says:

    Problem for the bad guys is that people have stopped paying attention to this. Minds have already been made up. And it’s gotten too complicated for everyone else.

    • Carly says:

      I think the objective is to sway just enough of the senators, to hold fast with their (shrinking) base, and to rile up a crazy tool who will do their bidding. Frightening how desperate (wild accusations) and emboldened (above the law) and empowered (embedded in media and government) they are. A dangerous combination.

      • Dutchman says:

        Oh, NO! NOT another nefarious plot, cooked up by; Crowdstrike, SDNY Prosecutors, Lawfare, and House Dems!
        WHATEVER will we DO? Unlike the last,…359 nefarious plots to take down DJT, this one might actually WORK?
        PLEASE,….PLEASE don’t throw us in the briar patch!
        ALMOST don’t know whether to laugh at these Clowns, or feel sorry for them.
        No, I take it back, I’ll LAUGH!
        The U.S is back where we SHOULD be, and historically HAVE been. About 1/3 of the populace are hard core libertard Conmunists, and 2/3rds,…not, being an historically center right nation.
        Through manipulation, intimidation, propoganda, indoctrination and MANY years of slow, steady stealth mode Democrats and complicit, compromised and corrupted Republicons, they managed to fool enough people to make it almost 50/50.
        And in 3 years, PDJT and the Democrats have, by showing a clear contrast (instead of Uniparty mediocrity) have succeded in getting us back to where Dems are a 20-30% minority.
        I say this after seeing a poll that 2/3 of respondents thought House Impeachment was unfair.
        So, 1/3 thinks it IS fair. The hardcore, conmunists of the Democrat party.
        Not sure who deserves MORE credit for this fundamental shift in opinion, Nancy or PDJT.
        Perhaps, like they sometimes do with Nobel, they should share the credit, equally?
        Way to go, Nancy! Give the House to Dems for another two years, the Dem party would cease to exist!
        No one has done this much, to damage their own side, since “LOOK, its a statue of a HORSE! Lets roll it inside the fort, and have a PAAAARRR TEEE!”
        Historians will marvel at these events we are watching live, for MANY, MANY generations!

    • joebkonobi says:

      All they have to do is convince enough Republican Senators who are looking for an excuse to vote against POTUS Trump. I would surmise that this will mean there will be additional witnesses called. I’m not worried that POTUS has done anything wrong but am worried about the truth and law getting twisted to give the UniParty republican senators the cover they are looking for
      By not dismissing the shampeachment charges because the process and charges are unconstitutional McConnell has legitimized, by precedence, the dem House unconstitutional procedures and allowed an impeachment trial on charges that are not crimes. When POTUS wins re-election they will come after him again with the same process and procedures. The dems have nothing to lose. I have a lot of cold anger right now towards McConnell & Co. Add that to the cold anger towards Lawfarse , the dems and the MSM II feel I may spontaneously cryogenize.

      • tav144 says:

        This is what I’ve been upset and stating for weeks. By allowing these woefully deficient articles to be given the benefit of a full trial, they set the precedent inferring the procedures the House used were lawful. Before they are even finished with this one in the Senate, they will have more to try in the House….and it will be a never ending “Impeachment inquiry” star chamber in the basement. They aren’t going to stop..
        …Unless they get the message by dismissal that an Impeachment must be done according to lawful precedent and due process.
        If they do not dismiss it, then the Senate rules must be changed to to prevent this from happening again.

  54. Boots says:

    None of Schiff’s BS changes these facts:
    1. Biden on tape bragging he blackmailed Ukraine to stop their Burisma investigations,
    2. Former Ukraine prosecutor interview by OAN’s Chanel Rio, where he says Yovanovitch asked him to stop specific ongoing investigations,
    3. Witnesses who claimed Yovanovitch asked them to spy on reporters,
    4. Witnesses who claimed Yovanovitch denied visa’s to Ukraine officials who wanted to warn Trump certain Ukraine persons were trying to undermine his campaign.
    Finally, Ukraine itself can claim the alleged Russian hacking via phishing is untrue, and that untruth verified by their own experts, who found no data intrusions at all. Thus calling Darche and Falkowitz what they are, Damn Liars.

  55. Elric VIII says:

    They aren’t just making this up as they go along. They plotted this out just like a screenwriter (or wanna be screenwriter like Schiff) would have. This is pure fiction.

    • joeknuckles says:

      Hence the need to require every politician to recite the mantra “Russia meddled in the 2016 election”.

    • Snellvillebob says:

      When Corey Lewinsky flabbergasted Nadler with unrelenting truths, they shoveled it into Schiffs basement house of horrors.
      When it appeared closed to all interviews was not going to work they went to more open interviews, then promised to publish the interviews.
      That was not working so Schiff punted it back to Nadler’s kangaroo court.
      When it became apparent that nobody saw or heard anything first hand it became apparent that it was a circle jerk. They changed the charges to Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power.
      Then Nancy was too embarrassed to send it to the Senate.
      Let’s just say their original script has been changed many times.

  56. ChampagneReady says:

    Wait until Peter Schweizer’s book comes out which is being released January 21st.
    For those who don’t know, this is going to increase Biden’s legal troubles by leaps and bounds. Peter has been investigating for a year and a half and is revealing BRAND NEW money laundering evidence he has uncovered. By FIVE of the corrupt Biden family.
    The incredulous thing is when you read what the book was ranked at by Amazon before Breitbart profiled it and then what it was two days later. You will cheer and laugh out loud.
    This is coming at the worst possible time for Biden and his drug addict money-washing son. Not only is it likely to blow him totally out as a candidate, it’s going to be prime material for the Trump lawyers in the impeachment trial lol. Lawfare is just going to look stupid and complicit in the coverup.
    Enjoy …….

  57. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    So the Demoncrats are up to their usual dirty tricks? Leader McConnell would be wise to quickly move to dismiss the charges after the House impeachment managers present their phony case against the president.
    Then let Pelosi and her comrades start over and dig up some other phantom reason to impeach. Have a feeling that the general public is tired of the crazies running the Democratic Party today harassing the president.

    • RC23321 says:

      How does that expose anyone? Quit siding with that SNAKE, Mitch. He’s not on Trump’s side!

    • Jonah Kyle says:

      Romney, Collins, Murkowski, and now Portman have bought the line that the impeachment is valid and needs investigating. McConnell doesn’t have the votes to dismiss. (Romney is the Deep State RINO, of course.)

      • dd_sc says:

        They are all Uniparty RINOs.
        Senator Collins is on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        When push comes to shove at least one of those RINOs will blink and vote to dismiss. Then VP Pence can step in and get it over with. Force their hand.
        As far as exposing goes, that is not the job of the Senate. That’s a job for the Department of Justice.

        • justlizzyp says:

          I heard somewhere that Pence doesn’t get a vote since it is a conflict of interest for him to cast a vote in a proceeding in which he could benefit from the outcome.
          Now, why that means certain senators running for president don’t have to recuse themselves is still unclear, and what I heard may have been an opinion and not actual fact. So – grain of salt?

          • steph_gray says:

            That sounds like nothing but an opinion and a DementoRat stupid one to boot.
            They are always claiming mythical conflicts of interest. Never mind that most of them are walking conflicts of interest themselves.

          • GB Bari says:

            The VP has no role in an impeachment trial of a president.
            In such a trial, it’s arithmetically impossible for there to be a tie with 100 senators voting and 67 votes required to convict.
            The only possible tie would be 50 to convict and 50 to acquit, which would by definition result in an acquittal, so the need to break that tie would be moot and also impossible anyway since a tie breaking vote could not be cast by any individual other than a senator.

            • GB Bari says:

              Sorry, somehow hit the Post button before adding my last paragraph.
              Even if less than 100 senators were present to vote – if Senate rules permit that – one vote cannot mathematically achieve 2/3, if without the vote, it would be a tie.
              UNLESS only 6 Senators are present:
              50% of 6 = 3 thus a tie would be 3 Yea, 3 Nay
              .667% of 6 = 4 which if 4 Yea, 2 Nay means conviction
              Thus only 1 vote changes from a tie to a 2/3 majority.
              This is the only way a VP could both break a tie AND achieve the 2/3rds necessary to convict. No way the Senate will run an impeachment trial vote or any other full chamber vote with only 6 Senators present.

          • BitterC says:

            Correct. Chief Justice Roberts is the tie breaker for the impeachment procedings in Senate

        • RC23321 says:

          NO! The DOJ isn’t exposing anyone! That’s almost as bad as putting hope in Lindsey and his SJC. These people are FILTH!

  58. Blind no Longer says:

    I am soooo sick of this ridiculous bullshit!!!! Notes with no date, written on hotel stationary, could have been written anytime by anyone…maybe even James Comey and John Brennan!!
    These idiots in the Deep State think they’re so smart and always have a scheme waiting in the wings for just the right moment, but they have been revealed to those who are willing to see the truth!!
    Another Crowdstrike plan to blame Russia and start the election will be interfered with in 2020.
    Our team—scared of their own damn shadow…or just looking for a good excuse to find any reason to vote with the Dems during impeachment trial.
    If President Trump ever plans to release the Krackin, then I’d say now is the time!!! Releasing damning documents on Shitt and team will stop this coup cold for the moment, until the Dems can regroup and come up with some other bullshit charge!!!!!

    • Pale rider says:

      They promise to continue until he is gone. So basically our elections are over.

      • RC23321 says:

        It’s to the point to where they LOSE supporters the more they continue this. They clearly have nothing damaging on Trump.

      • James Groome says:

        Our elections have been over since 2000 since then when A DEMOCRAT LOSES the republican is blasted as illegitimate. Which illustrates they do not want to share power, they only want power to exert it over YOU and me.
        Notice how Democrats in power have unfettered ability to change anything… Republicans cannot even UNDO what the previous democrat CHANGED without being charged with crimes, it’s beyond ludicrous and at this point nothing is going to change their minds… I fear they are going to get CRAZY violent.

        • RC23321 says:

          Good. I hope they get violent. That’s the only thing that will wake people up. MANY of us are just waiting for an excuse to F these Leftists up. We’re fed up!

        • Screaming Eagle says:

          Well, that’s a good thing, cause I am about crazy violent myself. …….All these crooks walking around, writing books, working for MSNBC and CNN. Folks, its right in front of you. Law breaking Lib Mayors, Governors, declaring sanctuary cities and states. Conservatives declaring sanctuary gun cities. There is NO LAW NOW, TODAY !!. This only goes one way.

      • Whats the bet bet they already have Bandy Lee and 100 top psychologists in the wings ready for the next chapter.

    • John says:

      Could be written on toilet paper.

  59. FreedomLover says:

    Why does anyone think this is going o sway anyone? They keep repeating the same story.
    On an unrelated topic, I think I understand the historic amounts of money being spent by Bloomberg and Steyer. They all know they have no chance to win election, they’re just saturating the airwaves with messages meant to help state and congressional dem candidates, using their own vast fortunes.

    • RC23321 says:

      They’re not trying to sway anyone, they’re trying to keep this in the news instead of THEIR corruption. Honestly, they’ve been on the defensive since Mueller testified. It’s all a distraction.

    • The Deplorable Tina says:

      @freedomlover – yes, and getting a tax break at the same time. Taxes are less when spent on a presidential campaign than if they donated to the DNC or the candidates as a regular person = more bang for their buck.

  60. Streak 264 says:

    Dam Russians hacked my note pad.

  61. lizajmoon says:

    i been watching CRWD stock price since the IPO. interesting how it went way up then hovering at down. interesting to correlate ups and downs with news stories.

  62. jrapdx says:

    Transparently manipulative BS, IOW same old…stuff. If in fact it’s an excuse for the inexcusably disloyal RINOs to bag in with the leftist horde (aka Democrats) and they get their “witnesses”, it won’t be the same in the Senate “trial” scenario.
    The “witnesses” by all accounts have nothing to add to the lack of information given by the earlier “witnesses” in the House charade. Furthermore, unlike the House nonsense “inquiry” in the Senate the President’s legal team will be doing the cross-examination. Very likely the “witnesses” will be unable to withstand the withering blast unleashed on them. They’ll be forced to reveal their hidden agendas, the illegal actions perpetrated by their Democrat “handlers” and the schemes underlying their participation.
    Furthermore the Trump team will call their own witnesses with all the ugly inconvenient (Democrat) secrets they’ll have to involuntarily reveal. Call the Senate trial a “sh!tshow”, it’s almost certainly not even an exaggeration. For such reasons a very good chance the Senate will forego a witness phase re: too much potential embarrassment for Unipartisans therein.
    President Trump tweeted the other day about the Senate dismissing the House impeachment charges forthwith vs. earlier on the President saying he wanted a full trial. Leads me to think it’s a “briar patch” moment with rumors flying around that some Senate Republicans are softening and favor witnesses.
    Pres Trump probably will be saying, “please, please whatever you do don’t throw me in the briar patch”. Let ’em go ahead and do it anyway, it’s making a big mistake, as usual they underestimate President Trump at their own peril.

    • RC23321 says:

      In unrelated news Chris Christie was on tv the other day talking about how Trump should just listen to Mitch and have no witnesses. That guy is a TRAITOR. There was a lot of speculation that he was the one suggesting these RINO snakes to Trump. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      • jrapdx says:

        Yeah, Christie was never trustworthy from a Republican viewpoint and Democrat too for that matter. It’s a sorry commentary on a guy when nobody trusts him. He should go hide out now, better to cut losses rather than continue to alienate people.

        • tommylotto says:

          I’m not sure you are right there. Christie took a lot of heat from the establishment types after he seemed to take down little Marco to benefit Trump. Then he dropped out and vociferously supported Trump early. How did Trump pay him back? Christie was leading the transition (maybe even in line for a high ranking position in the administration) until Trump kick him to the curb for Jared. Things went sideways AFTER Christie was sidelined. He is no tool of the establishment. He seems to be a man who has alienated everyone. A ship without a port.

          • jrapdx says:

            > “Christie was leading the transition (maybe even in line for a high ranking position in the administration) until Trump kick him to the curb for Jared.”
            Something went wrong between Christie and Trump at that time. I sure don’t know exactly what happened, but I don’t believe Trump would have booted Christie for no reason. Doesn’t make sense to me that it was “for Jared”, though it’s conceivable that Christie managed to get into conflicts with various others, maybe with Jared among them.
            From what we can observe from the public perspective, Christie has indeed made himself on the outs with everyone who counts. I surmise his personality that comes to the fore, ultimately his doing to undo his opportunities for success.

      • Magabear says:

        Hasn’t PDJT himself tweeted that the Senate shouldn’t dignify shampeachment with a trial and just dismiss it instead? Yes, he did.

        • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

          Exactly, a vote to dismiss is the best option. Going for more witnesses, ie doing the job the House was supposed to do, would only open up a can of worms. The democrats, the crooked media and their lawfare pals are hoping to drag this out.
          Let the DOJ nab and prosecute all the swamprats. That’s not the Senate’s job.

          • amjam308 says:

            I agree. This sham deserves zero consideration by the Senate.

            • zorrorides says:

              The only correct and right position a Senator can take before the public is this:
              “I will not be part of an action that the Constitution forbids. Congress shall not pass a Bill of Attainder. The Senate will reject this House product and explain to the Democrats that it is unacceptable. They have to do it over and do it by the Constitution.”

        • RC23321 says:

          Yeah well whoever is advising him is a traitor then. A trial with witnesses would HELP Trump. Bolton doesn’t have anything damaging. Give them him and we want Ciaramella at a minimum.

  63. gsonFIT says:

    These folks are so damn childish. They should get a life.

  64. So the plan is to handcuff POTUS with incessant impeachment articles. What are the abilities of POTUS to hamstring the HOR with similar legal filings? Also can he recess appoint an AG?

    • deplorableelhavlco says:

      Theoretically, yes, he could recess appoint an AG,—EXCEPT: Turtle has not recessed the Senate once, since Donald Trump has been President….as has been pointed out in these pages by Sundance on several occasions. Beware Cocaine Mitch, the Snake…

  65. Being impeached has now evolved into
    A Badge Of Honor.

  66. WES says:

    And WBTW probably built another 1000 feet or more of border wall today!

    • mr.piddles says:

      Good. Sure the Government and your former legal “counsel” while you’re at it. Just Tweet the link to the GoFundMe.

    • tommylotto says:

      This is great. Powell is a great lawyer but I think she made a tactical mistake in her prior motion. Trying to keep the benefits of his guilty plea deal while claiming innocence and asking for dismissal for outrageous governmental conduct was like the proverbial “trying to have and eat your cake too.”
      Is he innocent or not?
      If innocent, withdraw the guilty plea.
      If guilty, shut up and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.
      This half-way crap won’t fly.

  67. Magabear says:

    Desperation is thy name.
    Lawfare & Co. are just throwing crap at the wall now. They lost, their last resort now is to say if only that wascally GOP Senate hadn’t gotten in the way, why, we could’ve gotten rid of that bad orange man. Losers.

    • Screaming Eagle says:

      They were going to scream “fix” regardless of any outcome other than guilty anyway. McConnell should see this. Move to dismiss, Gimmydats have emphatically made the point that they no longer will accept ANYTHING that doesn’t go their way….Elections, Trials, Laws, etc….. Just dismiss Mitch, even the looney wings of the Gimmydat party know its a sham. There more riches to be made elsewhere for you and Elaine. Don’t fall for Lucy and her football again Mitch.

      • Magabear says:

        Problem for Mitch is the Pierre Dilecto wing of his caucus. I think Mitch would dismiss shampeachment if he had the votes to do it.

  68. L. E. Joiner says:

    The Constitution does not define any specific rules for the Articles of Impeachment, nor what they should consist of. So can the House just equip its Managers with additional ‘evidence’ for the Senate trial after sending over the Articles?
    I would suggest that it is up to the Senate to decide what it will or will not accept as evidence, and when. In a judicial trial, at least in the Perry Mason TV versions, unexpected evidence can show up at the last moment, deciding the case. However, the Senate, i.e. Leader McConnell, can decide that he will not accept any evidence that is not already specified and included with the Articles. I hope that will be his policy. /LEJ

  69. Shyster says:

    These Lawfare scum are like a psycho ex and will never stop until someone puts them down.

  70. islandpalmtrees says:

    Looks like these two companies are doing the same thing. Very, interesting don’t you think, because one company is backing up the other company even though they are competitors? Unless, they are ,not competitors?
    Comparisions of Threat Intelligence products
    Area 1 Security Area 1 Horizon -vs- Crowdstrike Falcon-intelligence

    • Blind no Longer says:

      I wonder if President Zelensky will be allowed to have his people look at the evidence and the servers!? Probably work out like the DNC allowing the most corrupt government agency in the world-the F. B. I. to examine the servers…it won’t.
      Another bullshit Dem scheme to keep Russia hoax interference going.
      Draining the swamp has turned into quite the task, since draining the swamp would be scrapping every government agency we got!!

  71. Interested Observer says:

    This whole entire thing bores me.

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      It’s normal for people not be be interested in the same subject matter. May I suggest, that you find something that really interest you.

  72. Robert Hope says:

    I do stand. I have for several years. I’m standing by adopting a victim of this war. I’ll continue seeking Truth and living as best I can until my fate becomes sealed.

  73. The Predident’s counsel moves to call Eric Ciarmella.
    Kamala Harris “objection your honor”
    John Roberts “sustained”
    Senate Democrats move to call John Bolton
    President’s Counsel “objection your honor, Executive Privelege”
    John Roberts “denied, Constitution blah, precedent blah blah, 5’th Circuit ruled in 1923 blah blah blah blah”
    President’s Counsel “but, your honor the Supreme Court held 15 different times that the President has a right to private strategic conversations”
    Mitt Romney runs to microphone “I’m disturbed that the President’s counsel has besmirched the integrity of our beloved and revered Chief Justice.”
    Rinse and repeat

    • tommylotto says:

      I agree. Those who think the Senate are going to allow Trump to blow the lid off of the swamp in his defense are kidding themselves. Mitt and the gals from Maine and Alaska will want to hear from Bolton and Mulvaney and whoever they think will hurt Trump, but as for witnesses that might suggest that Trump was justified in asking for an investigation into the Bidens — we cannot allow the Senate impeachment trial to be turned into a politically motivated sideshow based on debunked conspiracy theories based on Russian propaganda.

    • Rileytrips says:

      Senators are not allowed to speak in the Senate impeachment process. They are the silent jury…..thank God. They can only submit written questions.
      The prosecutors (House managers)will present their crazy stuff, then the President’s attorneys will refute and present their own stuff, with Chief Justice Roberts presiding.
      No Senators will be allowed to interrupt or speak. We will see them frantically writing on notepads and their aides rushing them off somewhere, though.

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      It’s not going to work that way. It’s unlikely any live witness will appear without having first been deposed by counsels. The last thing any attorney wants is a witness on the stand not having been questioned beforehand. IOW….both sides will need to agree on the witness list before the trial proceeds.

  74. Superman says:

    Ever notice when Democrats are having issues the source of their problems suddenly is hacked? When I saw this it was a ,” well of course it was” tale.
    It really is sad we take this shit seriously

  75. Boots says:

    Crowdstrike, former creation of Darche and Volko-whatever the F his name is, lied about DNC server and lied again last December when they said Russia hacked Ukraine military launch systems.
    Problem with this newest allegation is, these two bozo’s Darche and Volko, are super, super geens and former NDA, ODNI nerds who could easily leave server tracks looking like Russia was there.
    McConnell, Trump, et al out to demand their own experts review Darche/Volko findings and conduct their own tests to see if Darche/Volko are the liars everyone knows they are.
    In a Clancy novel, the hero would slip forth in the dark to pay Darche/Volke visits they’d never forget, if they even lived to recall. Only Clancy would know, for sure.

    • TarsTarkas says:

      And if there are bear tracks anybody with a brain would realize they were planted. Just like with Guccifer 2.0. It won’t matter. The Senate trial will be based on self-interest and self-preservation. Whoever has more and bigger swords hanging over the heads of the weak-willed will win.

  76. David Vicknair says:

    Wait. Didn’t the House already vote on articles? How does the house now modify? How can a prosecutor add additional, unvetted evidence after the case has gone to the jury?

    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Check it out, the Democrats can change the rules as they go along. Nanzi said it was OK and the crooked media goes along with anything the DNC comes up with. So, welcome to the new normal and it won’t change until the Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives.

    • joeknuckles says:

      Very good question.

    • joebkonobi says:

      Might want to check out the document link in Sundance’s Twitter. It is the first tweet that is pinned. IIRC, when the House presents the articles of impeachment they can reserve the right to file additional articles later (page 614 in the doc link).

  77. Fred says:

    The Senate should just throw the whole thing in the trash. The president’s job is to obstruct Congress, and he has not abused his powers of office. The Dumocrats in The House of Reprehensibles have abused their power, and are also guilty of sedition, if not treason.

  78. Keystonekon says:

    These SOBs!!! They need evidence to shore up two blank pieces of paper? It is so maddening. They, the Dems and these horrible organizations of lawyers who change names like we change underwear, plus the hateful media make me want to scream. Underhanded SNAKES,

  79. Keystonekon says:

    These SOBs!!! They need evidence to shore up two blank pieces of paper? It is so maddening. They, the Dems and these horrible organizations of lawyers who change names like we change underwear, plus the hateful media make me want to scream. Underhanded SNAKES,

  80. Bubby says:

    I would like to see a vote on the motion to dismiss to see which Republicans vote against it. But that’s not going to happen is my guess.

  81. paulashley says:

    This is why the GOP response never should have been that there was no QPQ. Asking to look into the Bidens was legit and not an impeachable offense. They can still argue that, but their case, at least as it will be spun to the low info Dem base, will be weakened.

  82. akaPatience says:

    What a perfect excuse to investigate Burisma!!!

  83. Genie says:

    “Adam B. Schiff” — no question now about what the “B” stands for.

  84. jus wundrin says:

    The way that Ive been watching this, and figuring in for past practices, the vote tomorrow will be the actual vote to impeach minus the repubs input.
    So will some more fascist prog slight of hand come in to play to put a hold on the impeachment to allow the “new” evidence to be heard in committee since it appears the senate wont play the dims game?
    One truly must not have a heartbeat, or functioning brain matter to see how evilly corrupt the dims are at this point….along with many repubs.

  85. James Groome says:

    When is the DOJ going to come out and state that the DNC was NEVER HACKED… and unless the Burisma servers are sent to the FBI for analysis there is nothing anyone can directly attribute as to having been hacked AT ALL!

    • ezgoer says:

      They aren’t. Please realize that AG Barr was confirmed to protect the conspiracy so there would be no indictments and to sweep the garbage under the rug. That’s what he’s doing.

  86. mikeyboo says:

    “Between July 17–19, 2017, Oren Falkowitz, John Brennan, Andrea Mitchell and David Sanger attended the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, CO.”
    I have always had a visceral dislike of Andrea Mitchell. And obviously Brennan is beneath contempt. With company like those two, the other duo must be of similar stripe.

    • CanaCon says:

      Isn’t that the shindig where Schifty was caught fraternizing with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS? Or was that in 2018?

  87. ezgoer says:

    So now the House Dems have a whole bunch of “new” evidence that’s complete lies, and twisted nonsense. Only the House patriots are not going to be allowed to destroy it because Turtle Mitch Decepticon won’t allow them to speak in the Senate. No GOP Senators will actively help the Trump team. Mitch and many other GOP establishment Senators would love to see Trump smeared and bloodied to damage him for re-election — as long as they can blame it on the Dems and not take the blame directly. 4-5 of the GOP Senators lead by Romney, Murkowski, and Collins will consistently vote with the Dems to get the rules they want and stop the GOP from dismissing the impeachment. Trump’s legal team is over matched. This is not a legal trial. It’s a political trial for public opinion and they are not the guys to put on TV. Sekulow will argue arcane points of law which will not register with the TV audience. This is not going to be good for Trump. In the end 4-6 Republican traitors will vote for conviction enabling the Democrats to leave with a campaign platform that the majority of the Senate voted that Trump is a criminal who should not be in office — even though they fell way short of the 67 votes required for removal. This is not about removing Trump and never was. It’s about wrecking his chances for re-election. And the feckless, weak GOP is not going to protect him.

  88. convert says:

    The Dems are like that kid who keeps coming in repeatedly with the “dog ate my homework” or “I missed the test because my grandmother died” excuse expecting you to believe it. Nobody will believe this nonsense except the media, the Moonbat Dem base, and the bunch of old gray-headed women who watch MSNBC all the time.

  89. florida91 says:

    If the Democrats try to pull this shit on our president, thousands of us MUST converge on DC and seriously start declaring open season on Confress. Take out as many as we can in defense of our president and the Constitution. I am not exaggerating! This is war and its long overdue.

  90. alliwantissometruth says:

    The thing is, even if the democrats accusations were true, a majority of Americans would still be sick and tired of the absurd clown show the democrats are putting on
    But, being that the democrats accusations are false, completely outlandish and it’s nothing but a mountain of convoluted bull****, it’s going to turn a lot of people against them that would otherwise be on the fence

  91. MD says:

    Let these idiots continue with their never ending impeachment quest all the way up to the election. People are tired of it and tired of them. Every day they continue this Shiff Trump gains support and they lose votes. Also with the trade deals getting done the already great economy will get even better making them look even more like a bunch of sore losers and morons.

  92. BigAl says:

    The evidence Rudy and the Ukraine’s have trumps the Burisma hack

  93. pucecatt says:

    That note from Vienna is highly suspect , the writing ✍️ style seems weird in some parts almost like somebody was adding stuff because not all of it matches , ie; the T’s , Y’s etc .. also can’t they test the ink to see how long ago it was written ?

  94. MIKE says:

    The entire impeachment package of evidence is predicated on the slim very slim chance that Joe Biden will be his 2020 opponent?
    Weak. Normally this would be considered frivolous, easily cleaned up by any swamp-free lawyer.
    Need Trump judges in jurisdictions that count. Need a real court of law, not this corporate admiralty/maritime nonsense.
    I am pleased with the president’s progress. He’s packin’ and stackin’ them pretty good.
    Just wish he’d stash Roberts.

  95. Hans says:

    Would love to get a expert hand writing analysis look at this “lev Parnas” hand written note… lots of letters are really different. Take the “y” in Zalensky at the top and the “y’ at the bottom.
    Similarly the “t” in “get” is different then all the other t’s in the document. A straight cross vs a sweeping t.
    Also The lower Zalenski appears to have been written as Zalinsky the e added later over the i.
    Per Adam Schiff ..Lev Parnas lawyer says the “notes” were written by his client in the transmitter letter … but no date. So then maybe other notes not presented by the lawyer were written by Lev Parnas . but then given Democrats honesty the get zalenski note might just be written by the lawyer.

  96. hawkins6 says:

    Is A/G Barr pleased that his Trump hating, hunting and badgering SDNY has released copious “political evidence” from its own ongoing court case (of a Guiliani associate) to assist the latest contrived plot against Trump by the usual Dem plotters?
    Barr should have opened 2 DOJ battle fronts by now, if he was committed to ending the vast DS corruption. Durham investigating the past Coup attempt in a fair and judicious manner on one front and the other keeping up legally with the latest corrupt coup efforts rather than investigating them years later.
    Oh yeah, considerable DOJ resources are occupied on other more “important” cases like Van Grack’s multi year effort to ruin and now imprison retired Gen. Flynn.

  97. Reitered IG says:

    I am very confused. The House has yet to submit its first two article of Impeachment to the Senate, and now they want what? Introduce a third based on their “new” evidence? WTF? At this rate, this could go on infinitum. I hope only that Mitch McConnell pulls his pants up really tightly in a wad, and says “FORKING NO!.” The Senate gave you 25 days to submit your articles of impeachment to the SENATE. PERIOD. Time is UP.
    Angry I am. Think I’ve posted this before:
    Scent of a Woman
    A FLAMETHROWER may be the best option re the House. Not literally. But the games are beyond my ken.

  98. David K. Peers says:

    I do not trust McConnell or Graham (or Pence or Esher or Pompeo for that matter).
    The Uniparty is going to take Trump out in the Senate trial vote.

  99. TheDAwg says:

    Noone is claiming Russian interference in Hunter’s court case.
    So, i think there is no merit in this nonsense and anyone worth a damn could prove it.
    Plus there are bank documents showing the payments that have been revealed by court filings.
    Strawman argument much?

  100. Beth02 says:

    I had really hoped that after the Congressional Impeahcment sham, the adults would be taking over and we’d be done with all this stupidity and our Congress and elected officials could move on to addressing the needs of our nation. When I saw the Lev Parnas “news” Itoday was really disgusted. More dirty tricks – Really !!!
    When are we going to be allowed to move on as a country and start getting things done in government?
    After further thought, I realized this is just like the Kavanaugh hearings. The Senate is going to become a clown show – the sooner Mitch gives up the idea that it will be an austere, deliberative body, the better. It’s clear that the Dems are never going to move on and they’re not going to let us do it either. I’m absolutely exhausted by their disgusting tactics. I don’t recall a time in history where the political dirty tricks have been this outrageous.
    I will be taking Sundance’s sage advice and calling my senators this week.
    It’s hard for me to believe that the majority of Americans aren’t really sick of this too. Thank goodness our President is focused on the people. We are very fortunate to have him as our leader.

  101. mtk says:

    So the proactive democrat strategy was/is to use the New York Times presentation of Russia hacking Burisma to negate the provenance of the evidence against the Bidens. In essence, to cast doubt upon any documents that would show Joe and Hunter Biden participating in an actual influence and money-laundering scheme.
    Yup… Here we go again, if this ‘wash cycle’ goes unchallenged, guess where we all end up, Right back at Russia and the President colluded to win the 2016 election.

  102. Dad's son says:

    It is time for all patriots to gird loins.
    This duly elected president shall not be removed by the rolling fraud which began in 2015.
    Time is coming to defend the Republic against the enemy within. Wait and watch, Be ready.

  103. dawg says:

    McConnell is going to hear opening arguments and then sell the vote on whether to acquit or hear witnesses, and THEN sell the vote on which witnesses get to be heard.
    Far too many opportunities here for Mitch to play vote-horsetrader-negotiator for him to pass up.

  104. Another Democrat Cyber-Security Firm Finds Another Russian Hack of Another Democrat Institution With More Secret Evidence That No One Is Allowed To See In Another Democrat Media Campaign to Help Yet Another Flailing Democrat Candidate and Prop Up Yet Another Phony Schiff Impeachment Scam With Another Phony “Whistleblower”
    Does This Mean Another Democrat Staffer Will Also Be Rubbed-Out Mob-Style With Two Bullets To The Back At 3 A.M. On a D.C. Sidewalk Again?

  105. TomB says:

    Is it just me or has every photograph of Mr. Schiff in existence been Photoshopped?

  106. Benedict Comey says:

    Funny that Sundance brings up Area 1. If you care to research, Area 1 received their fourth C round of $32 million from a VC outfit called Kleiner Perkins in October 2018. If you roam around the Kleiner Perkins website, you’ll stumble across their list of advisors.
    Al Gore, it figures.

  107. USA Citizen says:

    All of the Democrat Candidates are Socialists. Joe Biden talks like he isn’t, but he is. He lies continuously on the stage and no other candidate calls him on it. Joe Biden was a liar when he was a Vice President, and he’s still doing it. How can liar Joe Bide ever be our President, when he’s so incompetent. All of the Democrat candidates are lying to you. Is that what you want for a President? I don’t think so. The Democrat party is a do nothing party, while President Donald J. Trump and the Republican party are the hard workers that get great things done for the people in the USA. Remember this when you vote. Watch FOX NEWS and FOX BUSINESS to learn the truth.

    • woodstuff says:

      One America News Network is by far the best. Fox Business is good, But much of Fox is going left (Not all, but much of it).

      • sat0422 says:

        woodstuff: Yes to your comment, however, those still operating as friends of the “deplorables” must work under much constraint. They have a leash on them a mile long. Conversations get interrupted and guests get talked over all the time. It’s paper thin and easy to see that the real FOX NEWS is gone left.

  108. rustybritches says:

    One of the Reporters on OANN just debunked this whole article and if you look at the timing of when it was done, You will see that it was put together in 2019 and this investigation has been going on since 2015 into Burisma and that should stop all this nonsense with the information that has now been turned over to the house Just more crap and nothing more.
    but I will wait and see how the Republicans act in the senate I know the House Repubs are fighting to help the President and they are great but so far I have not seen the same coming from the senate and so lets hope that this will happen
    I just hope that the senate will do the right thing here but I have no faith in McConnell after the last presser and sorry, wish I could agree about Fox but I cant they don’t always tell it like it is in the face of their programs moving further left..

  109. justlizzyp says:

    Still hoping for an answer to a question I have about the transcript from the Ukraine call:
    Pres Z says:”I would kindly ask you if you have any additional information that you can provide ·to us, it would_be very helpful · for the investigation to make· sure that we
    administer justice in our country with regard to the Ambassador to the United States from Ukraine as far as I recall her name was Ivanovich. It was great that you were the first one who told me that she was a bad ambassador because I agree with you 100%. Her attitude towards me was far from the best as she admired the previous President and she was on his· side. She would not accept me as a new President· well enough.”
    The transcript clearly says “Ukraine ambassador to the US” but it sounds like they’re talking about Yovanovitch. Vindman testified that the transcript was accurate, and he is the one who prepared it. Could he have played a little word game in order to give cover to Marie?
    This seems more relevant now that Schiff has ‘uncovered’ so much new and very sinister sounding evidence. I did a little Google searching and couldn’t find anything about a Ukraine ambassador named Ivanovich, male or female. But I don’t have the mad research skills some of you have!

  110. askandgettruth says:

    the HONORABLE NADLER ??? now there is a big fat swamp rat. pig-losi honorable shiffty shiff, what a joke these corrupt socialist commies are

  111. constreeper says:

    I think the Dems have opened themselves up on 2 major fronts with this impeachment
    1. The sanctity of elections. Ppens the door to voter registration, voter ID, … Ok Nancy, EVERY VOTE MUST BE SACRED AND THE SYSTEM FULL OF INTEGRITY . How do we assure that?
    2. Draining the swamp
    Trumps defenders can use this to interview every single person in the Whitehouse, all of the embedded resistance leftovers including Vindman, the whistleblower everyone PLUS weren’t there recently videos around about Pelosi’s son in the Ukraine w Pelosi in an ad ? Call him, her.
    Like Bannon is. saying, let them open the door and then Trump can put the whole system on in the name of his defence investigation.

  112. minnesotamike55 says:

    It’s the same kind of “evidence” they talked up so much before! All these democrat lawyers need to go back to school to learn what real evidence is. New? evidence from an old investigation that supposedly was never never looking at the Bidens? And now suddenly there seems to be a bunch of Biden stuff coming, but of course all made up by Russians. How pathetic.

  113. lettruthspeak says:

    Honestly, who cares? All BS, and boring to boot.

    • sat0422 says:

      If you are a constitution loyal patriot to the fundamental basis on which the United States of America operates, you better damn well care!

  114. Benedict Comey says:

    Sleuthing this kleptocrat nonsense is pretty easy, just follow the money …

  115. sarasotosfan says:

    Barr needs to take control of the DOJ at some point or resign.

  116. JeffB says:

    The House already voted on whatever ‘evidence’ they had for the Articles. Shouldn’t they have to vote on any new ‘evidence’ added in subsequently? Otherwise, any House can just impeach a President on a wide open non-specific charge (like they’ve done here) and then hold up the articles AND the Senate while they run around gathering ‘evidence’. How is this legal or right?

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