McCord is The Key – Devin Nunes Discusses Sketchy Issues Surrounding ICIG Michael Atkinson and Origination of the "Whistle-blower" Complaint…

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss two very important issues.  The first is the origination of the “whistle-blower” complaint and new issues surrounding Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson.  The second important subject is the background of newly installed FISA Court monitor, David Kris, to oversee the FBI reform promises.
CTH has some explosive new information which has been shared with Mr. Nunes on both issues; but we start with the interview and ICIG Michael Atkinson.


Since our original research into Atkinson, there have been some rather interesting additional discoveries.

The key to understanding the corrupt endeavor behind the fraudulent “whistle-blower” complaint, doesn’t actually originate with ICIG Atkinson. The key person is the former head of the DOJ National Security Division, Mary McCord.
Prior to becoming IC Inspector General, Michael Atkinson was the Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division, Mary McCord.
It is very safe to say Mary McCord and Michael Atkinson have a working relationship from their time together in 2016 and 2017 at the DOJ-NSD. Atkinson was Mary McCord’s senior legal counsel; essentially her lawyer.
McCord was the senior intelligence officer who accompanied Sally Yates to the White House in 2017 to confront then White House Counsel Don McGahn about the issues with Michael Flynn and the drummed up controversy over the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak phone call.
Additionally, Mary McCord, Sally Yates and Michael Atkinson worked together to promote the narrative around the incoming Trump administration “Logan Act” violations. This silly claim (undermining Obama policy during the transition) was the heavily promoted, albeit manufactured, reason why Yates and McCord were presumably concerned about Flynn’s contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It was nonsense.
However, McCord didn’t just disappear in 2017 when she retired from the DOJ-NSD. She resurfaced as part of the Lawfare group assembly after the mid-term election in 2018.
Mary McCord joined the House effort to impeach President Trump; as noted in this article from Politico:

“I think people do see that this is a critical time in our history,” said Mary McCord, a former DOJ official who helped oversee the FBI’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and now is listed as a top outside counsel for the House in key legal fights tied to impeachment. “We see the breakdown of the whole rule of law. We see the breakdown in adherence to the Constitution and also constitutional values.”

“That’s why you’re seeing lawyers come out and being very willing to put in extraordinary amounts of time and effort to litigate these cases,” she added. (link)

Former DOJ-NSD Head Mary McCord is currently working for the House Committee (Adam Schiff) who created the impeachment scheme.
Now it becomes critical to overlay that detail with how the “whistle-blower” complain was organized.  Mary McCord’s former NSD attorney, Michael Atkinson, is the intelligence community inspector general who brings forth the complaint.
The “whistle-blower” had prior contact with the staff of the committee.  This is admitted.  So essentially the “whistle-blower” almost certainly had contact with Mary McCord; and then ICIG Michael Atkinson modified the whistle-blower rules to facilitate the outcome.
There is the origination.   That’s where the fraud starts.
The coordination between Mary McCord, the Whistle-blower and Michael Atkinson is why HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff will not release the transcript from Atkinson’s testimony.
It now looks like the Lawfare network constructed the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint aka a Schiff Dossier, and handed it to allied CIA operative Eric Ciaramella to file as a formal IC complaint.  This process is almost identical to the Fusion-GPS/Lawfare network handing the Steele Dossier to the FBI to use as the evidence for the 2016/2017 Russia conspiracy.
Atkinson’s conflict-of-self-interest, and/or possible blackmail upon him by deep state actors who most certainly know his compromise, likely influenced his approach to this whistleblower complaint.   That would explain why the Dept. of Justice Office of Legal Counsel so strongly rebuked Atkinson’s interpretation of his responsibility with the complaint.
In the Justice Department’s OLC opinion, they point out that Atkinson’s internal justification for accepting the whistleblower complaint was poor legal judgement.  [See Here]  I would say Atkinson’s decision is directly related to his own risk exposure:
[scribd id=427513014 key=key-Cum93CuySEZBYl3jOxgh mode=scroll]
Michael Atkinson was moved from DOJ-NSD to become the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) in 2018. What we end up with is a brutally obvious, convoluted, network of corrupt officials; each carrying an independent reason to cover their institutional asses… each individual interest forms a collective fraudulent scheme inside the machinery of government.
Michael Atkinson and Mary McCord worked together in 2016/2017 on the stop-Trump surveillance operation (FISA application via DOJ-NSD).  Then, following the 2018 mid-term election, in 2019 Mary McCord and Michael Atkinson team up again on another stop-Trump operation, each in a different position, and -working with others- coordinate the House impeachment plan via the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint.
While Devin Nunes is focused on the false statements of ICIG Michael Atkinson, the key is the contact between the ‘whistle-blower’ (Eric Ciaramella) and the House Intelligence Committee via Mary McCord.
There’s a very strong likelihood this entire impeachment construct was manufactured out of nothing.
National Security Council resistance member Alexander Vindman starts a rumor about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call, which he shares with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (a John Brennan resistance associate).  Ciaramella then makes contact with resistance ally Mary McCord in her role within the House.  McCord then helps Ciaramella create a fraudulent whistle-blower complaint via her former colleague, now ICIG, Michael Atkinson….
…And that’s how this entire Impeachment operation gets started.


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331 Responses to McCord is The Key – Devin Nunes Discusses Sketchy Issues Surrounding ICIG Michael Atkinson and Origination of the "Whistle-blower" Complaint…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    So does Barr see and know all this???

    • milktrader says:

      Shut it down (FISA]
      I’ll take my chances

      • mr.piddles says:

        I’ve thought for a while now… a catastrophic mass casualty event would be less destructive and consequential to the future of The Republic and The Constitution than what we’re seeing in the dark corners of our Federal Government. So… yeah… I think we’re better off taking our chances.

        • Issy says:

          All this info and fisa warrants haven’t stopped casualty events. The damage caused to the country we are seeing now is much worse. End the fisc. It is the ultimate abuse of power, and as long as there are crooks in the doj/fbi, it can’t be fixed. There are plenty of them left there. It is in their culture and with no prison sentences for coup plotters, there will be plenty more.
          We can’t trust any of the fisc judges either. They have shown what they are, and they aren’t going anywhere.

      • noswamp says:

        When Lindsey Graham and Hannity says you can’t shut FISA down, I say exactly the opposite.

        • TPW says:

          Mr. I’m just your everyday working guy….has obviously been promised that he can be part of the “in” crowd….The group that knows best for you and me. That as part of this favored group he must spout their propaganda to his audience of conservative renegades and help reign them in. As a perk he will be an insider to all the must know info and he and his family will live a life of privilege and security. No other way for me to reconcile his many 2 faced decisions and wanton disregard for the truth and willful blindness to corrupt individuals. JMO

      • ABN says:

        Even more fundamental is control of the NSA database of everyone’s information.
        The FISA Court, as we have seen, is just one way to gain access to the database. Obama people raided it time and again by other means. Whoever controls the database all but controls the nation. It’s scary, especially seeing how much it has been abused, but we cannot do without the NSA database.
        Why? Because it’s the very essence & substance of a new “arm’s race” or “information race.” Like nuclear weapons, if we give up our database, other nations will still have theirs. We will quickly fall behind all of them.
        Today we live in what might be called “The New World Order of Information on All People Everywhere.” And this FACT actually requires USA to have the BEST database. How do we control that? How do we keep bad actors away from it? This is the core problem.
        The FISA Court is “simply” one manifestation of that larger problem.

        • X XYZ says:

          It’s not only the FISA court that’s the problem. Let’s say we could abolish it today. Would that solve the entire problem? What about the demons in the FBI, the CIA, and the other bureaucrats in the swamp (including their appointed defenders) who were players in the coup to remove Trump?
          If we could abolish every government agency the swamp would be empty. When your house is infested with vermin, the solution is not to burn down the building. It requires an effective exterminator, who will not stop until all the rats are eliminated.

        • Issy says:

          Please give examples of what this data bass is used for that is so important. All I hear is we have to have it. It’s so important. Why? Apparently, it has been used by these bad actors with no repercussions. How would you stop it? I don’t think there is any way to stop it, human nature being what it is.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      Even if Barr is covering for these maniacs, you think he’d get tired and just tell them “enough”.
      A bloated bureaucracy: what exactly does Atkinson do all day?

    • vikingmom says:

      And even if he does know about it, will he do anything about it? THAT is the $64K question!! So far, when given the choice between exposing or protecting the corrupt alphabet agencies, he has made the call to cover it up every single time!! Gotta protect the institutions above all else, right Bill?!
      Sundance, do you think anything will come of this or just more wailing and gnashing of teeth by those of us who know the truth but are powerless to expose the criminals?

      • inspectorudy says:

        I hate to remind you but all of Sundance’s theories are just that. The people who have to make the cases against these traitors have to have hard evidence. I am hoping the Durham’s investigations will finger a lower level traitor and then the squeeze will produce another one. Then we have the classic going up the ladder case. We all hate what these people have done to our government but we still have to operate under the law, even though they apparently didn’t. It’s fun to yell on a forum that we should kill them all but we don’t really mean it.

        • ganesh says:

          Actually, no. I am not yelling, and I do mean it.
          §2384. Seditious conspiracy

          Just saying, sometimes these cocktailing lawfare radicals are going to run into serious people.

        • Did you also hope Huber would find dirt on Hillary and Uranium-1?
          According to the whistle blowers he never looked at or was interensted in their evidence
          But go right ahead and keep trusting the plan….Sessions was my wake up call

        • vikingmom says:

          I don’t believe I suggested killing anyone…and I don’t think I was yelling.

        • ganesh says:

          Actually, no.
          I am not having fun and I am not yelling.
          And I mean it –
          Like in §2384. Seditious conspiracy (see link).
          The punishment for which is a lot of time behind bars, unless elevated to §2381. Treason.
          In which case we get to hang them.
          I don’t think it is nice, you laughing! See my mule don’t like people laughing. Gets the crazy idea you laughing at him……..

        • trnathens says:

          Why do you guys not see that this IS the reveal, happening in real time. More information comes out every day. They keep coordinating, and doing stupid things together. Why don’t we have Faith that all of this is being documented, as part of an ongoing conspiracy, and we forget that when your enemy is digging a hole, don’t stop him, but rather let him continue digging. Why do we think the “good guys” don’t have FISAs on all these people NOW? Following the phone calls, the texts, the emails, the coordination.
          Most of you may be cynical, and think that PDJT can get done everything he’s done, survive, and THRIVE, but for some reason he can’t see all of this?
          Either you believe in him, or you don’t. A lot of you swing with the wind. Psyched when he does something amazing, seemingly every day, and crushed when we make another connection that shows his theory is right. Stop to think about that. About what we’ve learned. Imagine what THEY know? Right?
          Have faith. Love everyone as you would want to be loved. Hate and fear will not resolve these issues.

          • trnathens says:

            People forget the Watergate reveal was not quick. It dragged out as more and more was learned. That’s EXACTLY what’s happening here. We’re LIVING it, in real time. The connections Sundance and others make help share the story with the world. But this is how it comes out. In digestible form. Small little bites, so even DEMOCRATS (voters) can see.

          • burginthorn says:

            ^^Top comment. Each day the democrats dig themselves deeper and deeper. The big tell being the lack of interest by the public with nonstop media coverage. The people aren’t buying what the democrats and mainstream media are selling. They were planning on wall to wall outrage, the masses demanding justice. That’s about to be turned on them instead, like every example we’ve seen thus far. Everything they’ve tried has failed and backfired. Oh my Lord, they are supporting Islamic extremist terrorists? come on already.
            I know people keep taking digs at ‘the plan’ but no one can deny what we are seeing with our own eyes. The democrats are publicly supporting Islamic extremist terrorists. Calling for the impeachment of the most successful President in US history? Focus on whatever floats your boat, your choice.
            I will never be convinced PDJT will fail. Everything I am seeing proves the opposite. The 2020 election will usher in a new chapter, and its going to be one for the history books. Not a single doubt about it. They are finished and are constructing the docks from which they’ll hang. Sundances article above is yet another example of this. Sunlight 🙂

        • Joebkonobi says:

          All Barr had to do was start an investigation on the fake Whistleblower based on his own Justice Dept. memo above, not to mention it has been known that Ciaramella committed perjury on the form. Within 2 weeks the entire thing would have unraveled and a conspiracy would be obvious between Schiff, Ciaramella, McCord,
          Atkinson, Vindman, and many others.
          Why didn’t POTUS order Barr to investigate. POTUS could also order Atkinson to respond to House republicans. It’s 50/50 in my mind that Barr is there to make things go away. Barr could have stopped the impeachment simply by doing his job.

        • Freedom’s last stand is the USA, and the only chance it has appears to be to nuke this swamp. President Trump has a much better chance of bulldozing in his next term, but if he were to lose somehow in 2020, the last few months of his presidency could be interesting.

      • I should have read yours first before I posted! I feel like I’m double dipping!

    • jbt says:

      How could he not?

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Somebody should just leak the damn thing already. Everything else gets leaked. Why should this one transcript be different?

    • Ben Rickert says:

      At this point in time to me President Trump is the only person with the integrity, position and power to clean up these rotten and festering beauracies. I am very disappointed President Trump has not moved forward on these issues for the protection of the American people and the preservation of OUR Republic.

      • Greg Cox says:

        LOL! President Trump has declassified EVERYTHING to AG Barr to assist him in Durham’s Investigation!

      • Greg Cox says:

        LOL! President Trump has declassified EVERYTHING to AG Barr to assist in Durham’s Investigation!

      • rayvandune says:

        I believe the President is faced with a terrible conundrum: whether to reveal a conspiracy that is so far-reaching that it would shake their faith in him, or wait for it to be revealed by a “due process” that is potentially so corrupted and powerful that it would destroy the republic to protect itself.
        We are headed for a terrible reckoning, and we Americans do not yet understand this: our modern Lincoln faces no Lee, who will honorably accept defeat.

    • peace says:

      @bogeyfree : If Barr does not see this, then someone with importance needs to send it to him TODAY. These people are beyond disgusting.

    • Linda K. says:

      He must.

    • ezgoer says:

      Barr was confirmed as AG to protect the coup conspiracy and protect them from prosecution so the whole sordid affair is covered up and never exposed. Let’s get real here. There are half a dozen tip-offs that Barr is not an honest AG. Ask General Flynn and Sidney Powell.

    • That’s a big question. A bigger one is will he do something about it. Most critical is will anything be done before the Senate “trial”?

    • Chump Change says:

      Yes…and like Comey said about Hillary…nothing to see here, move along.
      Naked tyranny.

  2. beach lover says:

    Good work Sundance. Hopefully Nunes will get some traction with this

  3. hokkoda says:

    This will become the crux of the impeachment trial, I think. Not the Biden’s.

    • babrightlight says:

      It seems Sen Graham et al don’t want to go down the Ukraine path as it exposes lots of corruption that traces back to too many players on both sides of the aisle. This angle would appease Sen Collins/others that witnesses were called, as well as expose the small cabal of Dems that perpetuated this fraud as a trailer to coming attractions, yet not be so alarming that the bigger crooks get spooked.
      Trump needs his day in court, but best to air out the massive dirty swamp laundry at a future time and not at your own impeachment. Get acquitted, hold the SOTU, then indict a reasonably big fish sometime this summer. Win the election, hold the Senate and win the House and then go after all the Swamp creatures with a vengeance. Keep praying.

      • hokkoda says:

        My thought exactly…

      • ezgoer says:

        AG Barr and Durham are not going to indict anyone. It would unravel the whole coup conspiracy. Their goal is to make sure it is never exposed.

        • Amy2 says:

          Then why say it is a criminal investigation? Just leave it at an plain old investigation that doesn’t accomplish anything?

        • noswamp says:

          Disagree as of today. You are right with respect to Wray though. As to “late Spring” Barr and Durham? I will give them until late Spring. Then if there are no perp walks, you ezgoer, and my friend Dutchman would be correct. Until then, I give them till late Spring.

          • Issy says:

            It’s not whether I believe Barr/Durham will do anything that I am willing to give it more time. There is just too much going on right now to throw anything else into the mix.

    • Battleship Wisconsin says:

      Repeating a comment I made in an earlier thread, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams makes the point that a majority of voters already understand that the Democrats are perpetrating a sham impeachment strictly for partisan political purposes.
      From this perspective, the president has already won the argument as it might apply to the public’s perception of his innocence or guilt.
      According to Adams, to hold a lengthy Senate trial knowing that the voting public already understands there is no basis for impeachment is selling after the sale — something that highly effective salesmen never do because it opens up the transaction to more questions that might cause the sale to fall through.
      The Senate should hold a one-day trial. Grant each side of the question just two witnesses. Call Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler as the two witnesses arguing for conviction. Call Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan as the two witnesses arguing for acquittal.
      Issue subpoenas for all four of them to compel their testimony and then see which ones actually show up. If Schiff and Nadler refuse to appear, then without further ado, hold an immediate Senate vote on the entire question of conviction or acquittal.
      Schedule the final vote for the end of the day. At which point the president will be quickly acquitted. If the House decides to pass more articles of impeachment, let them play that game and then let them suffer the consequences in November, 2020.

      • hokkoda says:

        I’m in favor of whatever set of rules results in the fastest acquittal. I think it would be helpful to compel the testimony, under oath, of the people who orchestrated Coup Part Two.
        Basically, tie it off. POTUS has already won in the court of public opinion (as much as he is going to be able to win in a polarized country). I feel it is a good objective for his lawyers to reveal and document the origins of Coup Part Two. Specifically, what people initiated it, what documents were falsified to support it, and how they were all working together.
        Since Atkinson and McCord were together at NSD, there’s an obvious link back to Coup Part One and the illegal surveillance/spying of the Trump Campaign.
        It’s good to acquit. It’s even better to acquit by demonstrating that multiple Government Employees violated their oaths and acted in bad faith to initiate a fraud against a sitting President.
        Then haul those f&%^ers away in handcuffs.

        • Battleship Wisconsin says:

          hokkoda says: “I’m in favor of whatever set of rules results in the fastest acquittal. I think it would be helpful to compel the testimony, under oath, of the people who orchestrated Coup Part Two.”
          Yes, as you say, a strong argument can be made for including those additional witnesses most deeply involved in orchestrating Coup Part Two. The list would have to include Schiff, Nadler, and the Lawfare members of their respective staffs.
          Focusing on Coup Part Two has the advantage of being a less complex situation for the public to understand than is the Spygate Saga, a.k.a. Coup Part One.
          Exposing what happened with Coup Part Two has the added advantage that it illustrates with direct immediacy and clarity just how far the Democrats and their allies in the DC Swamp are willing to go to overturn the 2016 election and to remove Donald Trump from office.
          If the Senate leadership allows exposure of Coup Part Two to be fully pursued in the course of the trial — that’s a big if, certainly — the stage is then set for public acceptance of the Spygate revelations later on in the spring and summer of 2020.

          • hokkoda says:

            It is MUCH easier to help people understand the Steele Dossier and how it was used as a pretext for a phony investigation…once they have seen a smaller-scale version of it with the Schiff Dossier.
            When I talk to friends about Gen Flynn’s case, I often draw the parallel to the fake impeachment. In both cases, a perfectly innocent phone call conducted in the normal course of duties gets falsely portrayed as a problem. Unnamed sources dramatically leak that something terrible has happened (Flynn conspired with Russia, Trump conspired with Ukraine). In both cases, nobody who read the actual transcript thinks anything untoward happened…but that doesn’t matter. They just have to get the media to get everybody freaking out, and off to the races they go…

            • Battleship Wisconsin says:

              Nancy Pelosi has said more than once that Donald Trump is guilty of multiple high crimes and misdemeanors which could have been included in the articles of impeachment passed in December, but which were not covered in the interest of bringing the president to trial as quickly as possible.
              One definition of ‘insane’ is to do the same thing twice and expect a different result. OK, what would be the real corker if Coup Part Two is fully exposed in the course of the Senate trial and the president is then acquitted?
              The real corker would be for the Democrats to impeach the president a second time on a new set of charges. IMHO, these people are arrogant enough and delusionally overconfident enough to do just that.

              • hokkoda says:

                “In for a penny, in for a pound,” as they say.
                This impeachment is simply the Government Party – Democrats, Bureaucrats, NeverTrumpers and Media – announcing to the world that they do not accept Trump as a legitimate President, and that they will never accept Trump as a legitimate President. They will do this again, and again, and again, as many times as necessary until they either get the result they want, Trump is defeated, or hell freezes over.
                I said this in 2015, and it is as true today as it was then, “Donald Trump represents a mortal threat to the Government Party. If they cannot beat him politically, they will try to kill him.”
                They cannot tolerate another day in office for a President who has proved them all to be corrupt and incompetent…liars all. Think about all the conventional wisdom and the trillions of dollars that Trump as jumbled up. The Globalists are utterly wrecked. The “Free Traders” have been proven laughably wrong about tariffs and dealing with China (well, not so much wrong as proven to be liars). The foreign policy establishment, which is built on a longstanding tradition of total, abject failure to achieve anything resembling victory or pro-US policy, is in shambles as Trump has defeated ISIS, tamed China, slapped Iran like hysterical fishwife, and although they continue to deny it and cover it up, the jig is up on the corruption at FBI, DOJ and within the Court system.
                Every promise the GOP made for the last 30 years has been proven to be a lie. Every false promise the Democrats made to American workers has been kept by Trump. We have so many bureaucrats shown to be incompetent buffoons it’s getting tough to keep track. And the FBI and DOJ literally have to stamp “classified” on damn near every unclassified thing they were doing for the last 5 years just because if that dam bursts they all hang.
                They are NEVER going to let this go, not ever. They have a stranglehold on the throat of the country and will keep screaming “MINE!” until they are either dead, imprisoned, or banished.

  4. allhail2 says:

    So when do the “disappearances”start?

  5. Local Man says:

    WTF is wrong with these people?

  6. parleyvous says:

    Nope. No trust in FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc. PERIOD.

  7. hagarthorrible says:

    Jail! or armed revolt?

  8. bertdilbert says:

    For every taxpayer dollar spent on the fake FBI investigation, The Mueller team and fake impeachment, and equal amount of money should be given to Trump to do opposition research on democrats.

    • mr.piddles says:

      Don’f forget: Lawfare “outside legal counsel” are contracted by your very own United States Congress. You’re paying for this sh*t, my friend. And I’m sure that crew ain’t exactly cheap.

      • DeWalt says:

        Once it’s proven that Lawfare fabricated the hoax with no evidence of a crime, their lawyers can be disbarred. But that will never happen. Hell they didn’t even disbar B. Crump.

  9. albertus magnus says:

    It is like watching a murder being committed on tv. You get angry, want to do something, cannot, and just end up yelling at the people who are around the gunman not doing a blessed thing except saying how terrible it all is.

    • barnabusduke says:

      These people don’t get the fact that there are many of us that DO see their treasonous ways! It all goes back to, as Sundance says; “Cold Anger!” These traitors need to take a look at the citizen’s of Iran, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but understand that the citizen’s of the USA have one thing that those citizen’s do not… We have a 2nd Amendment. They need to choose wisely, but alas they never seem to…

    • Coast says:

      Along with the fact that the murderer gets to commit the same crime all over again.

    • mopar2016 says:

      I agree albertus, and it’s worse knowing that they’re using taxpayer dollars to finance the corruption.

    • Sharon says:

      “It is like watching a murder being committed on tv.”
      Wow — good illustration. What that brings to mind is the reality/existence of “snuff films”. I have never watched anything like that and never would, but I think you have nailed it here.
      The violations of heart and mind are just never-ending. We see it. Each of us could make some kind of list of “known lawbreakers” among those in authority. And to what end? Them what’s in charge of stuff decide whether or not the law will be applied.

  10. Amy2 says:

    Isn’t this called “fruit from the poisonous tree”? Maybe the impeachment being deemed null and void is a real possibility.

  11. vrajavala says:

    “Their land is full of idols. They bow down to the work of their hands, to what their fingers have made ”
    Isaiah 2-8

  12. theoldgoat says:

    What leaves me speechless about all these efforts is the lack of any interest in all the common threads that keep coming up with all these people, and how the “media” makes out that because of the positions of these people, they are above reproach.
    Vindman is in the military, so he is pure as the driven snow, even though there have been countless examples of people in the military who were traitors. Same with any who worked under Obama.
    It would be comical to write an action thriller where the conspirators keep returning to the same play book, tweaking it only with minor changes, and expecting different outcomes, but it seems that is what these swamp creatures keep doing. Is it contempt of the American people, that they think no one will notice the common plays being used? Is it knowing they have the media propaganda team working 24/7 to assist in their cover up?
    This is depressing. First that the top levels of our government agencies which are supposed to protect our country is that weak, unimaginative, and frankly stupid to keep doing these same actions over and over. Second, that we have such massive corruption in these high levels that keep their jobs, or get new ones which give them more ability to influence the cover up while continuing the framing of our President to effect a coup.

    • vikingmom says:

      And when did the media become such fans of the military? No one seemed to care what any of the SEALs on the roof of the CIA Anex in Benghazi had to say!

    • nimrodman says:

      More infuriating still is that they’re doing it all on our dime
      They’re supposed to be sitting at their desks and working, doing whatever it is that is the mission of whatever agency they work for
      Instead of working, they’re creating all this nation-destroying mischief
      With all the texting Strozk and Page were doing, when did they have time to do any actual work?
      And pulling in $100,000-plus salaries
      For f#cking shlt up, monkeywrenching the actual legitimate functioning of government, and carrying out endless schemes to hobble their political opponents and “enemies” (including US)
      Hey, but don’t get me started …

      • warrprin1 says:

        “Hey, but don’t get me started…”
        Nim, I could not have stated it nearly as eloquently as you have described. No sarc.

    • Pokey says:

      The Media are only concerned about the wishes of the people who butter their bread.

    • warrprin1 says:

      Vindman’s comportment against his CiC warrants a Court Martial. If his conduct had occurred on a ship it would constitute an act of mutiny. Or do we allow that now in the 21st century?

  13. gunrunner03 says:

    Nov 2020 cannot get here fast enough. PDJT is going to sweep both the EC AND the popular vote. The House will return to Republican control and the Senate majority will improve. This all due to President Trump. The Republican leadership at such time better start kicking some Democrat ass and getting to the bottom of the DoJ/FBI/State/DoD corruption. I cannot wait to see Nunes unleashed.

    • WIVoter says:

      I’d say Jesus Christ cannot return fast enough.

      • donna kovacevic says:

        Amen Amin!

      • VegGOP says:

        I’m going to go WAY out on a limb by disclosing something I’ve known since 1992. He’s on the planet. He keeps that past life a secret, but has let a few people in on it, including me (why me? dunno). I and thousands of others have definitely seen Him perform miracles. He is not a U.S. citizen but visits here once or twice every year. He personally knows the heads of state of MANY nations and is HIGHLY respected; He met with GWB in the Oval Office, but avoided BO and has not yet (to my knowledge) met Trump but (I’m reliably informed) has spoken with Trump by phone. When He was in the United States a few months ago, He told a group of people that Trump will be re-elected… most of them were liberals and were stunned (I was not in the room, but learned about it the next day from a close friend who was). I strongly caution Christians to drop their expectations and projections of what He might look like or what He might do. He is the absolute embodiment of Love, Peace, Joy, Innocence, Power and Divinity. And He has Trump’s back. I have heard him say that the ones who are doing the Great Evils must fall very far and very hard, otherwise they will not wake up, and God want’s us all to wake up. Enough said, and if this gets posted, I will NOT respond, nor disclose His identity. Amen!

        • Amy2 says:

          I’m never going to drop my expectation of being “caught up” to meet my Lord and Savior in the air. 1Thes 4:17 KJV. The next time Jesus comes, it will be to judge, and He will be on a white horse with a sharp sword, and everyone will know Him. I do however agree with you that He has the president’s back!

        • Westray Battle Hazzard says:

          Faith tells me “you are telling the truth”. Hope tells me”Maybe”. Pray for rain while holding an umbrella.Vote!!!

        • Fannie says:

          Veg, For now, Jesus Christ is in heaven seated at the right hand of the father as a high priest interceding for us his church. Meanwhile Satan, who is the ruler of this world, does not know when Christ will return, so every generation he keeps an Antichrist in the wings.
          2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
          15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

        • Scott B. says:

          “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.” Matt 24:13
          Read on for context…

    • warrprin1 says:

      The Republicans in the Legislative Branch had better return to the conduct and principles of a formerly respectable GOP. Many, perhaps most, have fallen far from the tree, and WE are not at all happy with their self-inflicted race to the bottom.
      Senators and Congressional Reps, from this day forward you have a bit of time to accomplish a turn-around. We need you in office to forcefully support POTUS Trump’s agenda. However, it behooves you to clean it up yourselves, you Senators and Congressional Reps, or ready yourselves to be on the receiving end of a Party purge, compliments of – us.
      Mitch isn’t a youngster. He won’t be in the Majority or Minority Chair for many more
      Legislative sessions, so who will save your sorry, conflicted, compromised a$$es then?
      Clean up your act, boys and girls. We’ve had a three year taste of a bona fide highly qualified, results driven, genuinely patriotic POTUS. We won’t settle for anything less again in this century.

  14. zimbalistjunior says:

    well id think vindman and charlie the WB are too low level to have conjured up this crap and planned it.
    theyre patsies for the true forces behind this crap.
    more importantly, SD, are you intimating/stating outright that you have a direct line to Nunes?
    hope so!

  15. Got243kids says:

    I am super proud that Devin Nunes is from this failed state of Commiefornia. Kind of sticks a fork in those that disparage us here for fighting behind enemy lines. Go Devin!

    • Abolition man says:

      Commifornia is like three states rolled up in one. You’ve got the Progressives in the SF to Sacramento corridor, the Progressives in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the good folks in the rest of the state who are mostly hardworking Conservatives outvoted by their brainwashed urban neighbors and the millions of illegals that the Dimms have added to the voter rolls. It’s too bad that such a beautiful and productive region is being destroyed by the Progressive religious fanatics, but it should make it easier to reclaim as US territory later on as they are unarmed and unfamiliar with weapons for the most part. Maybe LA and SF could be trade zones where US residents live without citizenship and voting rights! Let them have their drug and homeless problems; whenever they want to join the grownups they can try and pass a drug and aptitude test!

  16. mr.piddles says:

    “The coordination between Mary McCord, the Whistle-blower and Michael Atkinson is why HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff will not release the transcript from Atkinson’s testimony.”
    Legal question: can Team Trump sue Schiff’s team specifically, and Congress in general to release the Atkinson transcript? In the least, in the context of a “trial” and as a matter of legal principle, Team Trump has a right to view ALL evidence filed and complaints lodged against The President. I can’t imagine that smart lawyers like Sekulow and Dershowitz couldn’t convince a judge of that.

    • nimrodman says:

      I suspect judges would be reluctant to rule on an effort that could be viewed as interfering in the internal workings of Congress, who – as a separate branch of gummint – are supposed to be able to make their own rules and decisions
      That ain’t my view
      But from another viewpoint it could be viewed that way

    • hokkoda says:

      Why not just call them as witnesses, and have the GOP House members who were there the first time provide the questions? It sorta cuts to the chase. Also, I see no reason the Senate couldn’t subpoena the House testimony. Democrats are fond of (falsely) comparing this to a criminal probe…well…punish them at their own game. State that ALL House testimony is required as part of the Discovery process to ensue POTUS receives a fair trial.

      • mr.piddles says:

        Well, they could do both. But it sounds like the Atkinson testimony itself could be very damaging to Shampeachment.

      • BitterC says:

        Or Gaetz can read a fake transcript of Atkinson’s testimony into the record 🙂

        • hokkoda says:

          Or, go on the floor of the House where he is protected and publicly state the “classified” testimony that was given by Atkinson. I don’t think they can touch him if he speaks from the floor of the House. Get it into the Congressional Record, and then say, “If Adam Schiff wants to say I’m being dishonest, then he can release the transcript. That’s how Trump proved Schiff is a liar, after all.”

    • coltlending says:

      “I can’t imagine that smart lawyers like Sekulow and Dershowitz couldn’t convince a judge of that.”
      Eh…in this instance, wouldn’t the judge be Chief Justice John Roberts?
      Yea, I can see Judge John Roberts unconvienced.
      Anybody else think Roberts can be unconvinced?
      It’s obvious there’s a calculus of rot in our government that is going to take decades to drill out and a Donald Trump clone to get the job completed.

      • Issy says:

        In a senate impeachment trial, he can be overruled by a senate vote. In the senate, they make their own rules on impeachment just as the house did. I don’t think there will be any additional witnesses. It is too fraught with entanglements for both sides.
        The moralizer Susan is putting on a show for her voters. The avaricious Lisa is waiting for her bribe. (better known as a quid pro quo) Mitt the trouble maker is just being his obnoxious self.

  17. Crawler says:

    I want to see every one of these seditious D.C. bureaucratic vermin go flat broke paying legal fees, lose everything they own and spend many, many years in prison without ever seeing sunshine.
    Of course, if I was in charge, they’d all be tarred and feathered a week or so before they swung on the gallows. But that’s just me.

    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      You’re not alone….My vision is the same as yours, plus I’d have a pitchfork handy to poke ’em while they’re tarred and feathered.
      They are so manically evil.

    • 2013gti says:

      I’d rather see them all flailing their legs in the air while swinging from the end of a rope, gasping for their last breath of life.
      That would be a beautiful sight.

    • X XYZ says:

      There’s always the option of starting a GoFundMe campaign that leftists would contribute to.

    • X XYZ says:

      Ain’t gonna happen. Cruel and unusual punishment, you know.
      I’d like to see them put into the stocks so people could jeer and spit at them. Particularly Peter Strozk. Maybe that might eventually wipe the smirk off his face.

  18. mr.piddles says:

    “So essentially the “whistle-blower” almost certainly had contact with Mary McCord; and then ICIG Michael Atkinson modified the whistle-blower rules to facilitate the outcome.”
    And this type of DIRECT connection would be one of the basic explanations for why the “complaint” reads so obviously as a formal legal document. Based on this bombshell dot connection, I wouldn’t be surprised if McCord had a literal hand in crafting the document. Then spit-polished with her friend Atkinson to conform to “submission standards”, etc. While Schiff emails the legal team from home: “Don’t tell me what’s in it. Ok, maybe just the first part!”
    Walls closing in on Mary McCoup? Hopefully. Doubt it. Probably not.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Mary McCord is one evil ugly looking Kurva, and Atkinson looks like he is walking with govna in his pants, just look at those faces, they tell all. God Bless PDJT. Boze Pomozi..

      • Due Gonzalez says:

        Kurva is the perfect description of this thing McCord. Coming from a Hungarian background, I am well familiar with this word.

  19. Bogeyfree says:

    So if they made all of this up, isn’t that fraud with the intent to frame an impeach a sitting President??
    And isn’t that a crime?
    I guess that is a question for AG Barr.

    • coltlending says:

      Not it’s not.
      You have to have documented proof. Like a video of them talking about it.
      Similar to the proper standard by which you have justification to take out your enemy who has killed and maimed hundreds, thousands.
      You can only justifiably take such a person out if they are in the act of killing or maiming someone. /sarcasm.

    • olddog35 says:

      Looks like another conspiracy referral to me.

  20. This political tomfoolery has unfortunately destroyed a very valuable part of our Government system: “real whistleblowing,” which of course requires actual first-hand knowledge. You know, “the sort of testimony that could be admissible in Court.” Specifically not hearsay, which is not.
    By “conveniently removing” this requirement, we get … well … “exactly what we just got!” Someone who perfectly-obviously speaks with a corrupt lawyer’s forked tongue – footnotes and all – and with it says whatever you want to hear. Even if he had no knowledge at all. Even if his words contradict both the transcript of what he didn’t hear, and the statements made by both of the people that he didn’t hear. The value of “whistleblowing” just dropped to zero. That rule needs to immediately be put back the way it was, because the program is far more important than politics.

    • warrprin1 says:

      As angered as I am with the coup-driven departmental insiders, I feel just as much lust for payback against the lawfare manipulators. At minimum, I want to see bushels of bankruptcies, resulting from horrific legal fees, as they themselves become convinced to lawyer-up for their own defenses in criminal court.

  21. freepetta says:

    Wow!! I can barely believe how this fits together like a puzzle. Are all these people Teflon because they need to be indicted?

  22. Magabear says:

    “There’s a very strong likelihood this entire impeachment construct was manufactured out of nothing.”
    I’d say a 100% likelihood.

    • dougofthenorth says:

      I am surprised anyone is surprised the impeachment is fraud. Read the transcript and then listen to shithead Schiff retell it. There is simply no doubt. Our justice system is broken badly.
      It is all we should be concerned with because EVERYTHING else is meaningless without the rule of law.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Indeed, same script following Muh Russia are these people seriously insane to think that no one would see through their govna? I am disgusted and bewildered. AG Barr put your bag pipes down and for heavens sake do something, anything or get the F out. You, idiot are either corrupt (imho) or plain incompetent which is impossible to grasp. My heart goes out to President Trump having to deal with all this, he could just say to hell with this crap I am going to Mar-a-lago chill and enjoy. Please everyone pray for the President. God Bless PDJT.

  23. Abolition Man says:

    These crooks had better see justice or there will be pockets of rebellion against the ruling elite around the country! Anyone who participates in the coverup is guilty of obstruction of justice minimally, and possibly implicated in crimes committed after the fact. Wray needs to be grilled like a brat at a Green Bay tailgate and fired for his attempts to sweep this IMMENSE scandal under the rug. If Barr doesn’t get prosecutions going soon he can share a cell with Wray.
    The FBI needs to be abolished or completely overhauled; let the US Marshals take over in the interim! Call your congressman and senator to change the DOJ to the Dept. Of Injustice until they clean house! The SES needs to be abolished as it seems to be filled with people who are criminals, sociopaths like Strzok and Rosenstein or both! Get out and vote because you know the DemoKKKrats are going to pull every trick to steal the 2020 election! The DemoKKKrats have become the party of Krime, Korruption, Koverups and Socialism; they can no longer tell the truth about their ideology because it is adverse to the interest and wellbeing of the American people!!

  24. vikingmom says:

    They never thought the President would release the actual transcript so Vindman painted an overly dramatic version of the phone call to make it seem as if a crime had been committed and then Schiff went one step further by reading it into the record as if it was verbatim. They should both be brought up on charges, IMHO!

    • So how and when does someone get access to the $ amount that was spent in the year 2019 on lawfare councel on all these Den. committees?

    • I have very little doubt that Schiff believed that Vidman was actually in a powerful-enough position to have replaced the authentic transcript with “this forgery of his own making.” Therefore, when the transcript was released and it wasn’t Vindman’s, Schiff had to awkwardly backpedal.
      Now – since Rep. Schiff was not “on the House Floor” at the time that he said this, he likewise does not enjoy “immunity” against what he did. In the eyes of the law – should we … ? … wish to enforce them – Schiff actually committed the very same sort of crime that it now appears a General who served his country valiantly in battle is about to go to jail for.

      • warrprin1 says:

        From your touchpad straight to God’s ear, Mike. Great point and catch! Pencil neck was NOT on the House floor when he read the fictional account of PDJT’s call “transcript”.
        And this is why I stay tuned in to SD and the outstanding Treehouse company.

      • RAC says:

        Yes, wasn’t there something about the call transcript wasn’t put in the normal sort of storage, and Vindman had trouble seeing it or maybe couldn’t see it. Seem to remember they were trying to make out that PDJT was trying to hide something.

    • Issy says:

      Schiff is immune from any prosecution. Vindman should be court marshalled. He revealed privileged information.

  25. livefreeordieguy says:

    “and the drummed up controversy over the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak phone call.”
    My Dad frequently used the term “drummed up”…. You don’t hear it much today. Great phrase, though…. It applies so perfectly to SO many things in the past 3 years: the ‘Russian hacking’ (RIP Seth Rich); ‘Russian interference in the election’; ‘Collusion’ by Carter Page and George Papa-D; the ‘Hillary dirt’ meeting in Trump Tower; ‘Collusion’ with the Russians by PDJT and his team; charges against General Flynn and Roger Stone, et al; ‘Whistleblowers’ and ‘witnesses’ who didn’t witness a thing; ‘Quid Pro Quo’s’ that had neither ‘this’ nor ‘that’, etc., etc…. Pretty much everything alleged against PDJT has been “DRUMMED UP”… And somebody had better do something about it — pretty damn soon. {Cue the Bagpipes}

    • vikingmom says:

      It all comes back to Seth Rich, doesn’t it? The Bernie supporter who tried to blow the whistle on what the DNC was doing to steal the nomination for Hillary…will his murder ever really be investigated?

      • mr.piddles says:

        FBI’s on it.

      • livefreeordieguy says:

        It’s like Seth has become: ‘He who Shall Not be Named’…. A “botched robbery”?…. Please… Do they think we are idiots? Wait, don’t answer that.

    • dow40kby2024 says:

      Weiner laptop, Lynch tarmac meeting, immunity for Clinton associates/advisors, ETC………….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  26. MaineCoon says:

    They same question keeps coming up.”Who’s going to defend the President against this?”
    He is unrepresented. One recused Ag. One In absentia. Investigations which are nothing but mirages. Fantasy crimes. The only real thing are the non-indictments.

  27. Republicanvet91 says:

    “Michael Atkinson was moved from DOJ-NSD to become the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) in 2018.”
    I am not quick enough or remember enough to know the timeline of this, but I am curious if his move was after the Mueller charade fell apart.
    The Mueller charade fell apart, so Lawfare came up with the idea of some other foreign influence scheme, had Atkinson moved to ICIG as reliable foot soldier, then pulled the trigger when they had an opportunity.
    Given the players involved, I suspect his move was intentional to quickly set up another avenue of attack. Once the players were in place, they waited for some reason to pull the trigger. It wouldn’t take much for Vindman, Ciaramella and other flunkies to identify a trigger. They just needed to wait for it and pull when needed.

  28. MustangBlues says:

    Hail Thrice Sir Sundance: Another well researched and communicated deep dive into the origins and connivers of the criminal sedition of American government, enlightenment for the mind, and fuel for the forage.

  29. Bogeyfree says:

    Hypothetical question,
    If I’m the AG and if what Sundance lays out is true meaning……..
    “There’s a very strong likelihood this entire impeachment construct was manufactured out of nothing.”
    Is that a crime?
    And if so, as the AG am I required to act? Yes or No?

  30. So how and when does someone get access to the $ amount that was spent in the year 2019 on lawfare councel on all these Den. committees?

  31. justlizzyp says:

    I still have a question about the transcript of the call. At one point Zelensky is saying something about an ambassador that he didn’t like working with, according to the transcript a woman named Ivanovich. The transcript seems to position her as Ukraine’s ambassador to the US. I was not able to locate mention of ANY Ukraine ambassador to the US with that name, male or female. Is it possible Pres Z was speaking of Yovanovitch_ since the transcript was prepared by and authenticated by Vindman could he have muddied those waters deliberately? Or have I misread the transcript or not dug deeply enough into Ukraine’s ambassadors?

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Justlizzyp, no it was Marie Yovanovitch. Perhaps these idjots could not say her name properly, not hard at all even for bozos. You are exactly right in regards to her. I am still baffled by all this corruption unreal. IMHO anyone if totally interested in investigating could go back connect the dots, I mean they are getting taxpayer money and then some. Hang them all. God Bless PDJT. Sundance God Bless You and thank you so much for a fantastic job you are doing. Bog te Blagoslovijo!

    • warrprin1 says:

      Yovanovitch was the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, but since FIRED. This is the closest approximation to a perp walk we’ve seen so far. Paging AG Wm Barr…

      • justlizzyp says:

        Here is the section I’m questioning:
        Pres Z says:”I would kindly ask you if you have any additional information that you can provide ·to us, it would_be very helpful · for the investigation to make· sure that we
        administer justice in our country with regard to the Ambassador to the United States from Ukraine as far as I recall her name was Ivanovich. It was great that you were the first one who told me that she was a bad ambassador because I agree with you 100%. Her attitude towards me was far from the best as she admired the previous President and she was on his· side. She would not accept me as a new President· well enough.”
        The transcript clearly says Ukraine ambassador to the US but it sounds like they’re talking about Yovanovitch. Vindman testified that the transcript was accurate, and he is the one who prepared it. Could he have played a little word game in order to give cover to Marie?

        • Issy says:

          Sounds like that’s exactly what happened.

          • justlizzyp says:

            Nice to hear that I may not be crazy but how has nobody noticed?

            • Issy says:

              Most people didn’t read the transcript or if they did, found the names are confusing. I did, but it was when it first was released and I got completely bogged down with the Ukrainian names. They sound the same, but I don’t believe Vindman didn’t know how to spell it. He was the Ukraine EXPERT. LOL, he told us so.

  32. All Too Much says:

    I was looking back through SD briefs for more information about McCord and found this suggesting Nadler hired McCord. Did McCord work for both Nadler and Schiff? More likely, McCord just switched theaters. Same play, same role.
    “While twisted, this approach screams Lawfare…. that is, to make an indictment and then go fishing for the evidence to support that indictment. Evidence that, not accidentally, carries more political usefulness than the indictment it is intended to support.
    Also, it is worth remembering HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Mary McCord as part of his contracted team effort. McCord was the DOJ-NatSec Division head who accompanied Sally Yates to the White House to confront Don McGhan about Lt. Gen. Flynn.”

  33. jkcinsalem says:

    If the people do not give VSGPDJT both houses of Congress, it’s going to be a long additional four years. Nasty Nancy must go.

  34. jkcinsalem says:

    If the people do not give VSGPDJT both houses of Congress, it’s going to be a long additional four years. Nasty Nancy must go.

  35. Shop says:

    Nunes is seeing all the corruption and bringing it to the attention of PDJT and the public. But it seems that so far Trump uses Nunes’ findings for tweets but takes Rosenstein & Barr’s advice for actual actions or rather inactions.
    I’m not buying into the 64D chess game here. Drain the Swamp is a con game.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Drain the Swamp a con game. Why pray tell would all the American people including others around the globe watch this corruption within the government and left to hang just to shake their heads? No this is not normal, all brought to light, for nothing to happen is insanity. Who is kidding who, or do they believe the people are stupid and not reading and paying attention, after all they started this shit show. No con, pray for the President and his administration many, many more evil ones are to be exposed one by one. Sundance is doing an amazing job exposing it for all that are interested and for that I am so grateful.

  36. appraisher says:

    If Sundance knows this and we know this, and Devin Nunes knows this, it’s more than obvious that Barr, Durham, the DOJ and every democrat congresscritter also know about this Trump set-up …just as ham-handed as the Mueller circus, but also fully protected by well-placed Obama appointees and the MSM.
    Will anything be done about it? Of course! The Obama appointees are already working on naming a Lawfare attorney to investigate their fellow Lawfare members, and are ready to issue a pre-written document, swearing that everything that was done was as innocent as the driven snow… to quote Susan Rice, it was “By The Book”.
    We’ve become as delusional as the lefty Trump-haters, that were told by the dems/MSM that every “new”, “blockbuster” piece of info was “The End of Trump!”…and they bought it. The only difference is, the left actually puts people in prison. We’re being conned!

  37. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    This Lawfare group believes that they are a separate branch of gubmint.

  38. “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them.”
    What about when the defendant doesn’t get to appear, Your Honor-ish? Did Carter Page, and by extension, Donald Trump, get to appear before your extraordinary, dedicated hand-picked FISA judges?
    No. It was the perfect closed loop of crooked and/or incompetent judges signing for crooked FBI/DOJ seditionists. And like Obama, you knew. There is no way your judges agreed to wiretap a presidential campaign without your knowledge.
    Judge Collyer has been sent into Witness Protection and her replacement, Obama Judge Boasberg, has chosen Lawfare groupie and Obama stooge David Kris as Beach Friend of the Court. I guess Syd Blumenthal was unavailable.
    John Roberts should recuse himself from the Impeachment Trial for malfeasance. And the FISA Court should be destroyed. You people have proven you can’t be trusted with that power. You can’t even be trusted to clean it up.
    If the Founders were here today, the Deep State Uni-Party would put them under surveillance and arrest. And Justice Roberts would assist them.

  39. nerveman says:

    So Schiff releases Nunes phone records to try and discredit him because he know what sunlight might come?

  40. Wethal says:

    If the Senate trial gets to witnesses (and at this point it’s unclear if Collins is just doing some kabuki to help her in her re-election), Trump should reconsider the Bidens, Ciarmella, or Schiff.
    Just say he wants to subpoena McCord and Atkinson. Then watch the Bidens, Ciarmella, and Schiff freak out, along with the rest of the Dems.
    Nunes knows what’s in the Atkinson transcript, so he can help draft the questions.
    Off-topic, but interesting: Rod Rosenstein now works for King & Spalding, the same firm that Sally Yates went to after she was canned.

    • mr.piddles says:

      “Nunes knows what’s in the Atkinson transcript, so he can help draft the questions”
      Just pick the top 20 questions from his testimony. Then remind him that he’s under oath.

  41. Brant says:

    Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division, Mary McCord.
    If your title is more than 4 words long, you don’t need to be there.

  42. kleen says:

    Sundance never sleeps.

  43. Maybe I am delusional but I still think that Bolton plants the story (becomes Schiff’s fake call transcript) and Vindman and Ciaramella bite. Schiff will take calls for naked Trump, so you know he will go for it. Whitehats watch all this go down, should provide hard evidence as well as expose Ukraine and related corruption, in the end all will be ok.
    I speculate that Tehran Nancy helped coordinate Baghdad embassy at UN climate boondoggle beginning of Dec. needed the impeachment vote before Christmas break to set up Trump for an entanglement with Iran, Trump counters with a drone strike taking out Solimani et al. Iran drops the passenger flight to entice further. She hoped to turn public opinion to help bolster case for Trump removal. This of course backfired on Stretch Pelosi.
    Moves and counter moves.
    Trump empowered the Iranian people to take back their govt beating back pelosi and the corrupticrats again. No WWIII, weak impeachment started by conspiracy involving House Dems and the ICIG, no collusion no obstruction, FBI knowingly set up Russia hoax and its just January 12!!
    Maybe just the thoughts of a frustrated delusional citizen. Nothings happening…

    • Zydeco says:

      You forgot Iran, working with House Democommunists and ex Obama officials, takes down Ukrainian airliner to turn Ukraine against Trump and any cooperation or investigations that could damage Deep State players.

    • Zydeco says:

      You forgot Iran, working with House Democommunists and ex Obama officials, takes down Ukrainian airliner to turn Ukraine against Trump and any cooperation or investigations that could damage Deep State players.

      • It’s funny that Biden began his campaign, Where’s Hunter left Burisma just 4 days after Poroshenko is voted out of office, Zelensky is on board withTrump. That aircraft was owned by PrivatBank(Ihor Kolomoyskyi) who is in the middle of the Biden/Ukraine drama

        • carterzest says:

          ^ This ^
          Once you see the strings on the marionettes, it’s impossible to NOT see them.
          Trump didn’t bite. They shot down the pre-arranged target trying to blame it on Trump…why that airline, known to be owned by the party you mention….the flight route known to be helping Iran smuggle weapons components into itself….
          Because Zelensky is pro-trump.

      • It’s funny that Biden began his campaign, Where’s Hunter left Burisma just 4 days after Poroshenko is voted out of office, Zelensky is on board withTrump.

      • Pelosi worked with Iran in the set up of the embassy attack, UN climate meetings dec2019 + Kerry

    • warrprin1 says:

      Holy crap, Stephan. SotH colluding with Tehran, and as the dominoes fall, this results in the downing of a passenger plane? If your speculation is correct, the ever prayerful, daily praying, Roman Catholic SotH has so much blood on her own hands. How many Hail Mary prayer repetitions will be enough for this Penance? May the Almighty Father God help us all.
      When good is called evil, and evil good…

  44. hokkoda says:

    Trump seems primed to fire Wray…

  45. McCord, Atkinson and Yates are vicious Pretorian Guard who are protecting Obama’s legacy through their acts of Resistance. These are the exact people who need to be disbarred and convicted if America is to survive this ongoing coup. They will never stop of their own accord.

  46. And these no-good bastards are laughing at us Deplorables………….

  47. Jennifer Verner says:

    Why aren’t these people in jail?

  48. Hussein O’Bozo says:

    “There’s a very strong likelihood this entire impeachment construct was manufactured out of nothing.”
    Um, duh.

  49. Kent says:

    …but will she be run to groud?

  50. delighteddeplorable says:

    Good grief, this has more twists than the game. Slightly OT – anyone seen ristvan lately?

    • Greg1 says:

      No……..and I’ve looked for any posts he makes.

      • delighteddeplorable says:

        Hmmmmm…curious, isn’t it?

        • Greg1 says:

          Some time back he and Sundance were in disagreement on something. He said he would likely revert back to mostly lurking, and so far I’ve not seen him post again.
          I have a world of respect for Sundance and Ristvan both. Even in disagreement, sometimes especially in disagreement, people can advance arguments that are thought provoking. I enjoy points of view from many different people on here, and I hope it can be the case that those times where disagreements occur do not keep people from contributing.
          I hope I have accurately reflected this. I’m not looking to offend or annoy anyone……..although, after being married for going on thirty years I do find I can be gifted and talented at being offensive and annoying, albeit unintentionally. Apparently.

          • delighteddeplorable says:

            Thanks for the info, Greg. I must’ve missed that. Agreed that varying points of view are a good thing. There’s room for all in the CTH tent, IMO.
            Nothing offensive or annoying in your post so no worries. ??

      • donna kovacevic says:

        Ristvan has not been here for at least a week from my recollection. There was a person, not sure it was a true treeper, but he said some negative things about him implied he was a plant in the Treehouse, it was insulting. Since that post I have not seen any posts from Ristvan. Please come join us, praying all is well in your family Ristvan, you did mention a health issue with your wife. God Bless.

    • Amy2 says:

      I was wondering that yesterday….

  51. Kent says:

    ..ground….durn it…

    • Les Dee says:

      It’s Trump durn it. He approved promoting this swamp rat in ’18, When does Trump learn to have somebody not a swamper vet these guys. Atkinson, Rozy, Wren, Cohn & McMaster and their 100 leakers, Kelly, Amarosa, the list is lengthy. PT has dangled releasing ass-kicker classified doc’s Congress has wanted for years, and then he gives that power to DOJ swamper do nothing Burr. They will never be released while Barr is there.
      If wish I could understand how he appoints a bureaucrat Democrat ex US Atty from Baltimore to be Asst AG (Rosy) defies common sense–and this 50 year old never Trumper took Trump by the crotch along with the country for three years of turmoil, including an impeachment. Somebody please ask Rosy when he first noticed Mueller had a Cognitive Disorder because that didn’t start anytime near his farcical congressional testimony.
      Most of PT’s wounds are 100self-inflicted.

      • fuzzywzhe says:

        The wonderful thing about appointing these criminals is to expose them as criminals.
        I knew our government was corrupt 3 years ago, but I had underestimated the corruption by about 100 times, and I am an extremely cynical person when it comes to the government.
        I am astounded by just how corrupt our government is, and I wouldn’t have known just how corrupt it was if Clinton or Jeb Bush was elected. Would you have known?
        The entire government is illegitimate. It amazing. Now I know why we are constantly at war, now I know our media really is complete, abject, propaganda. Now I know our justice department is equally corrupt. Now I know our intelligence agencies work exclusively against the public interest. I suspected that there was corruption before, but now I know the corruption is absolutely complete. The entire federal government is entirely corrupt.

  52. DeWalt says:

    It’s the President in the crosshairs. If he isn’t taking this serious enough to take decisive action that is in his powers to do. Maybe I’m looking at this wrong and shouldn’t take it serious either.

    • Alfred Barnes says:

      It’s treason, but the way this was typically handled was how this group operates, by making them disappear. It’s now the one’s making people disappear who are the problem. Unfortunately, it crosses the line of a totalitarian state, and how do we, as citizens of the state, including Donald Trump, ensure “never again”? By sweeping the entire apparatus into the dustbin of history, including the members of congress getting rich through appropriations kick backs. It’s disgusting, and hopefully, enough “woke” Americans see it for what it is, and the solution. As citizens, it is our duty to fight back against the injustice and corruption taking place under our very noses, starting with General Flynn. It’s time to declare war, starting with a POTUS pardon of Flynn, but everything is slow walking to the election. It may become necessary to monitor polls on election day. I know I’m up for it.

      • Lonnie S Albertson says:

        There are so many traitors in our government, that it is a failed organ.

      • Lonnie S Albertson says:

        There are so many traitors in our government, that it is a failed organ.

      • doohmax says:

        At this point in our political history, the only difference between Liberia and the United States is that the US Intelligence Community uses crooked lawyers to get rid of the President. In Liberia, they just shoot him.

    • randyinrocklin says:

      Gina Haspell has her fingerprints all over this BS. She needs to go.

  53. Right to reply says:

    Government agencies working privately to enrich themselves using information gathered on the job. This what ALL of these as***** are guilty of. I want to see their bank accounts!

  54. Troublemaker10 says:

    Good gosh and God help us.
    The deep state digs in and grows deeper. This needs to blow up. Ukraine was the second organized attempt to take down the President of the United States. If good men from some of these institutions don’t step forward and lead these institutions with truth, reform and accountability; then evil corruption will prevail and overtake us as a country.
    Nunes offers the next best solution. Abolish the Fisa Court and build something else from scratch. Perhaps they should expand that solution to other programs and government institutions established in the past that are now out of control .

    • As I have said, I think that “FISA, PATRIOT, and possibly several other existing statutes” have no choice now but to be repealed.
      And – I would very quickly add – “it will not be easy at all to determine what we should replace them with!”
      Nor will it be easy to fight against the now well-entrenched Government Contractors who are very-contentedly slopping at the stys that these laws have created . . .
      However: “we must get back to the Fourth Amendment.” Our ancestors were right, after all. If each and every one of our citizens(!) cannot in fact be “be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, yes, even in this digital age …” …
      … then in fact we have no National Security at all.

      • Our forefathers knew that “National Security” begins and ends at Home. This is why they gave us two critical amendments: the Second, and the Fourth.
        Today, although the Second amendment has not yet been completely demolished, the Fourth most-certainly has.
        Today, you really don’t know how many “faces” your phone has identified – and secretly transmitted “somewhere, without your awareness nor consent” while you innocently slept. It never bothered you to “tag your friends” on Facebook. Who cares that your city is installing cameras on every street-corner … aimed at you?
        “I said nothing, because they had not come for me. Then, they came for me.”
        Gentlebeings … unfortunately for all of us, “we have met the enemy, and he is us.” This threat is profoundly real.

    • Garavaglia says:

      FISA court will not be eliminated. Not realistic.

      • Troublemaker10 says:

        Why not? Don’t renew it…which ends it…and build a new system (process) to replace it. One that has safeguards, citizen protection from abuse, and some type of serious oversight.

        • litlbit2 says:

          You mean like, campaign financing, insider trading? Sorry hard to legislate corruption with so many employees.

        • Tony Clarke says:

          You almost lost me at “replace,” then did at “safeguards.”

        • Issy says:

          There are excellent safeguards in the current fisc law. You have to have honest people follow the law. Criminals like those in the fbi don’t. They know how to make end runs around it. You have to have honest judges. Serious oversight?? How would that work? You can’t have oversight if everything is kept secret.

      • Mark Smith says:

        I would much rather have foreign terrorists running around this country than the domestic terrorists in D.C. that take away my 4th amendment rights multiple times every day. I am far more concerned about treachery within. FISA and the Patriot Act encourage that treachery.

    • Dutchman says:

      Need to add to the list, dismantle (at a minimum) this FBI/NSD, supposedly focusing on National Security, THESE are the people at the center of much of this.
      A nest of VIPERS. Along with abolishing FISV/FISA, abolish FBI/NSD.
      Granted, take out the top two floors,at FBI main, if not the whole building, or the whole organisation.
      Hard as it is to believe, they actually make,Hoovers administration of the FBI look good, by comparison.
      THATS how bad they are!

      • be says:

        agree.. FBI corrupt bunch of weasels
        World Order/globalism/Soros all working to take America down. Toss Wray in there too.

    • fuzzywzhe says:

      “If good men from some of these institutions don’t step forward and lead these institutions with truth, reform and accountability; then evil corruption will prevail and overtake us as a country.”
      There are no good men in the federal government at this point.
      You should have realized this when the president of the United States violated the Geneva Conventions that our nation forced Nazi Germany and Japan to sign in order to lie us into a war in Iraq, killing between 100,000 and 1,000,000 Iraqis.
      We don’t even know the number.
      Ever since that point, it’s been nothing but corruption. Obama weaponized the IRS, nothing happened, Joe Biden sold his office – who cares? Syria was a lie as you know from the OPCW whistleblowers, Ukraine didn’t have a revolution it had a US led coup.
      Where are the good men stepping forward? Haha. Our federal government is as corrupt as the USSR’s was.

  55. Troublemaker10 says:

    The House has to turn over all documents to the Senate for the impeachment trial don’t they? So, the Senate could choose to release the IG Atkinson docs if they want to once they possess them, I would think.

    • thedoc00 says:

      Not just IG Atkinson’s materials but also all the materials still held by Crypt Keeper Schiff as “classified”. If there is even a shred of accuracy in the claims by House Republicans, those unreleased materials alone are enough to support the dismissal motion.

  56. TheDAwg says:

    McCord is the key?
    What utter nonsense.
    When are you going to wise up SD that you follow every little bit of bait they drop for you to chase down? Its pathetic. Stand back and take a look at yourself.
    If you are going to be in the game,play to win. You are just another willing stooge for the past umpteen years talking bollocks and are just another version of “tick tock”.

  57. JImmy says:

    Very interesting find and great works as always by SD.
    However, my new years resolution is that I will express free opinion even if it is against the floe here in CTH. Here it is:
    All of these analysis that we have seen in CTH (like the big ugly and all the sketches, flow chart of evil russia hoax players etc) could not prevent Trump from being impeached. There were no proactive action. All was reactive. it is like Monday morning quarterback analysis. We would like to see action where evil players are brought to justice, and evil plans are thwarted by decisive actions.
    Now explain to me what is the end result of this effort by Nunes? Will we see justice or will it change any public opinion? remember, it is election year. Within few months there will pressure on trump to talk about agenda, focus on positive things etc. When will this dirty operation be confronted? Can CTh say barr-durham will yield anything good? if not, what is plan B? Why is Wray still there? Previously there was fear of obstruction and impeachment against firing Wray, taking action against rod etc. Now everything is lost. What is the fear? removal from office ??
    I dont understand. Hope moderators will not sensor such opinion.

    • TPW says:

      If you would care to hear my opinion….it is this……I am of the same thoughts ….that PT has been lied to cotinually about bringing forth the documents. From what I can see it has only benefited the DS players. And If PT does not release the evidence before the election….there is a chance he may not be re elected (cheating their ars off) then the evidence will be buried forever and so will this country. There is a lot riding on PT revealing that evidence and me personally…I can not see 1 good reason to withhold it. On the contrary… it would be a betrayal of this nation and its people. We have every RIGHT to see evidence of those who are traitors against us. There has been much blood spilled for our existence. PT does not have that right no matter how good he is as President. All will be for nothing if they aren’t prosecuted. Now as for those whose responsibility it is to make sure this happens….it is first our leaders. If they refuse then US. If it weren’t for Sundance and company we would know squat. Don’t kill the messenger. The more it looks unlikely that our leaders will step up and do the right thing ….we MUST find a way to organize and demand. We see this going on around the world …..imagine this they all look up to us …..But the truth is that bravery may have been lost a generation ago and all that is left is a bunch of whiny brats who are worried about their personal lives more than the collective…truth hurts no?…..If we don’t take care of this one thing I can promise, in the future,,,near future …everything you hold dear will be taken from you/us little by little. Its just a shame that people can’t see that coming while we still have some freedom and the things we worked our lives for that are still in our grasp. Yes ….if Sundance has any ideas to get things moving I would love to hear them…Or even suggestions as to what we need to do. I have no idea what he has done privately and not told but I imagine he has done something. This is a SAD and SCARY time in our history….where are our heroes…..we have seen plenty of organizing by the enemy.

  58. Skidroe says:

    trnathens, they are NOT spying on them because they are all Using encrypted blackberries.

    • spinoneone says:

      Do you really think that the NSA doesn’t have a back door to all of the Government’s encrypted blackberries? Uh, I wouldn’t bet on that.

  59. oldguy05 says:

    Why is it unimportant that Ciaramella was NSA H.R. McMaster’s personal aide? Is McMaster squeaky clean? I’m surprised we hear crickets about that as well as Susan Rice’s relationship with Ciaramella. Both of those two have nothing to do with any of this? Something just doesn’t sit right with me.

  60. montanamel says:

    BURN it all to the ground…
    Plow in the salt….
    I just don’t know “where/who” we are going to get to reconstitute any workable form of Govt???
    Snow Flakes, Millennial’s, in-betweener’s…..are all so screwed up, we’d be worse off with them…
    Maybe “the gray hair’ed old farts” will have to pitch in again…. As overseer’s and trainers of those that follow, eh? Check-6

  61. TwoLaine says:

    Don’t forget to mention Sheldon Snook, Mary’s also well-connected DC hubby.
    Deep Stater Mary McCord Wants Your Guns

  62. Liberty ONE says:

    Sundance layed out VERY succinctly the origination of this Impeachment HOAX and hit the nail on the head. They REPLICATED the scenario that resulted in the MULEer investigation.

  63. hawkins6 says:

    The USA is very fortunate to have a successful P Trump (obviously) who can endure the egregious Dem hoaxes and the perpetually slanderous media and fight back hard himself.
    But POTUS is also very fortunate that he has a very competent and patriotic array of Conservative pro Trump supporters and groups defending him and always digging for the truth. ie. Rep Nunes, the FC and other Republicans, pro Trump FNC people and of course the NGO CTH which is being humble and humorous when it refers to itself as a “Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits.”
    They are very effective pros and it’s too bad there isn’t a fairer and more dedicated Justice system willing to act judicially on all of these and other hard earned findings by those not in the Swamp.
    This post isn’t sycophantic. I just realize at times how much worse these hoaxes might have turned out for POTUS if didn’t have the support of the aforementioned and all his loyal MAGA supporters. I like to acknowledge that once in a while.

    • hawkins6 says:

      I intended to add Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch to the very short list of his most effective supporters. Too many to list them all.

  64. Genie says:

    Atkinson’s attorney could claim Atkinson is incompetent to stand trial at proving himself incompetent. Insert eye roll here.

  65. ann says:

    Clearly the JD needs intervention . Who or what platform is available besides an uprising?
    Is Obama’s still operative DoJ prodding us to revolt? That will turn violent, because their agit prop operatives will disrupt, intimidate and assault any assembly that is not politically aligned with thee DNC. Then the police have stand down orders,
    I want to organise public forums to discuss FISC abuse, which IN A NORMAL SOCIETY should be a civil informed discourse. But it won’t be. It will get disrupted and blockaded to intimidate sane people,
    I don’t have the skills or power to eject a herd of Resist agit prop operatives. These Resist pets enforce community Conformity.
    This cabal, including Wray and the IG’s are neoauthortarians. It’s frightening to see them smirk and do nothing to help us , when they have all the power. .
    Our districts safe seat DNC worthless Congress People suck. The quality of our representatives engagement with the electorate is unrecognisable from what my parents had. They are unavailable, reluctant to expose themselves in an open forum with their constituents.
    So I figure, okay, let’s go to them, better in a group That’s my plan,
    Suggestions on how to organise a safe, courteous event to talk about surveillance abuse in this WEIRD Orwellian place Resist DNC turned my country into?
    This network of proto-neoauthoriarians institutional monopoly on fed law are escalating their attacks. This is aimed at nullifying citizens right of self governance, Plus face saving & revenge
    Our DoJ needs to be deconstructed, devolved and broken into manageable chunks!
    And FISC has got to go!

    • dixiechik74 says:

      Do away with our representatives going to DC. I want to see him/her in the grocery store and at church and know their comings/goings !! Let them phone it in or vote via computer (with strict audit controls, of course). These people are NOT representing us in MOST cases. Once they get to DC….here comes the corruption

  66. Donzo says:

    Manufactured out of nothing. Reminds me of Russian collusion. Plant fake evidence. Spread the fake evidence around and get into the media. Then have the the IC investigate the fiction it created to give it credence and finally use the organs of government to prosecute the wholly fictitious case.

    • Dutchman says:

      An accurate, concise description.
      However, in the DOJ/FBI NSD, they have a shorthand term for what you so thoroughly describe; F*ck.
      Thats,EXACTLY what they meant, when they said,”First we,F*ck Flynn, then we,F*ck Trump”
      And both the speaker and the listener know instantly what the,”gameplan” is, without the need to elaborate.
      Which means, they did not develop this ‘technique’, just for DJT. They had already developed,and used this, many times before.

      • X XYZ says:

        Rather than the “F” bomb, the older, more acceptable term for it is the word “frame”. They frame their enemies, or anyone who stands in their way.
        Framing someone is “bearing false witness” on steroids. There is a special place in hell for anyone who tries to frame an innocent person. What makes this even more reprehensible is that there is a veritable army of people in positions of power, both high and low, who are all working in tandem to do the framing.
        The Founding Fathers framed the Constitution. These covert “framers” are committed to demolishing it and framing anyone who supports it – starting with the Bill of Rights.

        • Dutchman says:

          Sure, “Framing”, it is THEY who used the F bomb as a shorthand.
          Still, that we see the SAME exact modus operandi in Flynn, Stone, PapaD, etc. (I would include ALL the victims of Mueller, including for instance Cohen) and of coarse at least twice PDJT, shows they have developed it to an art form, and it includes in almost all cases useing a compliant media to further the narrative.
          How many are languishing in prison, having their lives destroyed, by terrorist prosecutors using exactly the SAME tactics,….but because they aren’t associated with PDJT, we don’t know their names or,stories?
          This is a well established set ‘blueprint’ that they have practiced and refined over many years.
          No doubt experienced prosecutors/operators have ‘apprenticed’ newbies, teaching them how to subvert the Bill of Rights, and rule of law to perpetrate these fraudulent prosecutions, for personal aggrandisement or political advantage.
          As frustrating as seeing the injustice of the guilty going unpunished, the injustice of the innocent being wrongly accused and punished is even MORE aggregious.
          And here we are clearly seeing BOTH! It makes the blood boil, and makes it therefore difficult to maintain “COLD anger”.
          It is easy for some to succumb to hopelessness and give up, OR to allow the simmer to boil over, to lose FOCUS.
          We just have to “hang in there”,…

        • Mary Morse says:

          Didn’t First Lady Melania gift one to former FL Michelle, wrapped up in a Tiffany box?

      • G Michael says:

        Because, in the end, they are after US!

        • Dutchman says:

          In the end, in the beginning, and in the middle.
          And they have been ‘after’ us, for a LONG time!
          The trade deals that exfiltrated manufacturing jobs, and the resulting middle class lifestyles OUT of our country, occurred pre-Trump, and were a direct assault on US.
          The media assault on our values predates PDJT, by many years, and was aimed at US.
          The conversion of education to indoctrination, media in to propoganda, etc. was ALL aimed directly at us.
          The corruption of a sensible immigration policy, where legal immigrants required ‘sponsors’ to insure they wouldn’t become a burden, would be screened for disease, and borders were enforced (Operation ‘Wetback) being turned into an amnesty farce, etc. was also a direct attack on US.
          We just,weren’t paying attention.
          But hey, we sure as He!! ARE paying attention, NOW!
          And they don’t LIKE it!

  67. It’s hard to say what came first. The corrupt politicians or the corrupt deep state. My bet is the politicians.
    In the beginning, someone in the deep state, instead of going to the authorities with evidence of a corrupt politician, blackmailed the politician. Eventually they had more and more deep staters doing this, so they all got together and decided to institutionalize the corruption. To the point where, if you weren’t corrupt, you were silenced in more ways than one.
    What a hot mess. I don’t even think burning one institution down is going to matter much. But I sure hope I’m wrong. Because the alternative is going to require a whole lot more than what some people would have the stomach for.

    • Robert Smith says:

      SES must go. Public unions must go. Decentralize DC.

    • Monadnock says:

      “…I sure hope I’m wrong. Because the alternative is going to require a whole lot more than what some people would have the stomach for.”
      Indeed – probably a significant percentage, too. Still, there would be way more than plenty of patriots available to return our govt to functioning in the manner the Founders intended, far, far more on a percentage of the population basis than the Founders had at their disposal.
      But we only succeed if, when the Left crosses a true, “nation-changing point-of-no-return/a bridge too far” Line, those of us willing to roll up our sleeves and get kinetic do so by the millions. It has to be overwhelmingly massive and visible everywhere. I’d say within 48 hours, tops, the Left has to be able to see that we are too many for them to stay ahead of us. They have to be made to genuinely panic. You’ll know that point has been reached when bureaucrats and elected office-holders start exiting DC in numbers big enough to cause Los Angeles-style gridlock.
      If, instead, we only get a spattering of pushback in a few locales – millions may hesitate, and doom our efforts (and us) before anything can get moving.
      We must be ready to move, en masse, everywhere, so no hiding place is safe, inside DC or outside.
      Make sure you’re ready; make sure like-minded friends are ready; and when the ” oh no YOU DIDN’T! ” moment arrives, pack the vehicle your choice and get moving… and every time you stop to eat, sleep, use the restroom, speak to the people you meet and tell them where you’re going and why – make sure you can explain quickly.
      You’ll encounter some Leftists no doubt – doesn’t matter – when they see you are deadly serious, they’ll feel drawers-soiling fear – let them start telling their friends. Some might rat you out to local law enforcement – I’m betting that won’t amount to much. But the word will travel with the Left. And so will the fear.
      You’ll also encounter a surprising number of like-minded patriots – some will come with immediately, others within hours or a day or two.
      But know that at some point, it will get ugly in a way we’ve never even imagined. Don’t wilt or go wobbly when it does.
      WE MUST WIN… or our children, their children, and their children, etc, will become cattle for the Elite Left, locked in a tyrannical nightmare for decades, possibly generations.
      WE MUST WIN.

  68. GTOGUY says:

    Durham needs to start indicting people now. This has been going on way too long. 2 years for this and two years for that….Meanwhile the Democrats and the Deep State plotters come up with new allegations against our President who was elected in an Electoral landslide in 2016. Ever since then he’s been under attack from them using any and all illegal and unethical methods they can find. This is a DISGRACE !

    • Dutchman says:

      I’m sorry,…but your STILL holding out hope for DURHAM? Really?

      • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

        Both Barr and Durham will simply attempt to run out the clock all the while by talking big. The Donald has no friends that can really bring the hammer but he knows that. I believe his focus is to survive his own party and win in 2020. If he can do that then he will blow up DC in term II.

        • Dutchman says:

          Yes, and his smiling all the time, happy warrior is not an act, IMHO.
          His enemies are desperate, because they have him, RIGHT where he wants them.

  69. OldSaltUSNR says:

    And, around and around, we go.
    If no Democrat goes to jail, then there was never a “Coup” against this President, it’s business as usual and there’ll be another attempt and another and another. If somehow, President Trump is re-elected, and survives the next 10 lawless attempts by seditionist Democrats within the Federal government to take him out, if another Republican President is elected, no matter who it is, this whole routine will happen again.
    They’ll keep on doing it until a Democrat is in jail for doing these crimes, or someone is dead. If there is no law, there are no elections, because then they mean nothing. All that is left is feudalism, tribalism, survival of the fittest, might makes right, what’s left is the will to power,as the Democrat love to say, “… by any means necessary”. That’s what the Democrats are doing. That’s the course the Democrats have chosen since 2016. They have chosen the lawless course that they WILL NEVER relinquish political power, regardless of electoral results.
    The end result will certainly not, be what they are expecting.

    • Boots says:

      someone is dead
      Once the first one is found the rest will panic. When the 3rd one is found, the others will turn on each other.

    • X XYZ says:

      “…if another Republican President is elected, no matter who it is, this whole routine will happen again.”
      I can’t agree with that. If McCain or Romney had been elected, there would not be a coup, nor an impeachment. If the next Republican president after Trump is a RINO (“Democrat Lite” – a Republicrat), the left will embrace him. No coup, no impeachment. Then it will be back to business as usual, with the RINO party playing ball with the Dems,as they did before the Bad Orange Man came along.

  70. philip lee horner says:

    Good thing there isn’t any foreign powers lurking to do us harm while these patriots spend their waking hours on these domestic witch hunts.

    • botchedcasuality says:

      Before this happens are there any Billionaires
      who will reward whistleblowers? Reward those who can document and lead to an arrest?
      Can citizens go fund a team of lawyers to start suing or is there a law group in place that we can support? I’ve wanted to join a sovereign state movement and I am 2.5 months away from pledging my time to a worthy action oriented group. I just can not sit on my thumbs any longer.

      • X XYZ says:

        Be careful with that “Boys” stuff. There are more than a few tough ladies present here.
        As for funding a team of lawyers? You are free to throw your money away, in any way that you might please. We need careful not to ‘disrespect’ lawyers here, lest we get a sermon in response from those who admire lawyers and the profession of lawyering…
        But why do you pose these suggestions? What is the meaning of “2.5 months” that you mentioned mean? I don’t understand that reference.
        BTW, Would you mind telling us here why you call yourself “botchedcasuality”?

  71. Doug Amos says:

    Such fantastic work and never a word of it refuted. Basically, such ingenuity and commitment to the truth all becomes public record and it can never be destroyed. All Deplorables, please donate to the truest ally we will ever have.

    • TPW says:

      If PT is not re elected….how long do you think places like the CTH will exist? They have already started the weeding out.

  72. John-Y128 says:

    Where is a Mitch Rapp type to help cleanse us of Obama administration treasonous players.
    The Russians are harassing our Navy in the Mediterranean Sea because there no consequences for their behavior, the same applies to our Democrats and their Mullah comrades in Iran. [Death to Democrats]

    • dimbulbz says:

      Read the Mitch Rapp Books. He is likely a Dem as well. Certainly a deep stater who sees the interest of the CIA/government survival more important than preserving individual freedom. He killed a lot of bad guys, but notice that most of the domestic bad guys were from the right, while the left were all the good people… Rrrright….

      • dimbulbz says:

        Of course, its a fictional character set within a fictional government. I should have mentioned that

      • John-Y128 says:

        “…a deep stater who sees the interest of the CIA/government survival more important than preserving individual freedom.” Sounds like AG Barr and his DOJ institutional protections, among others.

      • John-Y128 says:

        Vince Flynn’s Rapp killed RINO’s, maybe your referring to Kyle Mills’ Mitch Rapp books.

  73. hocuspocus13 says:

    Those “shadows” that were/are lurking within our Government now have “faces” and “names”

  74. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m thrilled to see that Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Sundance’s thread.
    “There’s a very strong likelihood this entire impeachment construct was manufactured out of nothing.”
    This above is a very powerful statement by Sundance and if true does it not deserve an immediate investigation by AG Barr?
    After all, if true do we now have a second attempt to possibly frame a sitting President of the United States?

  75. libertydemandsmemory says:

    Who protects the “Thief State”?
    “Compromised” is an excuse to commit treason for personal gain.
    those we pay to protect us and our Constitution betray us as they knowingly and willingly join the evil gang that openly steals our tax money and natural resources and ravages our Liberty.
    Without protectors, the boosh/kkklintun/obamimam triad has no power.
    Who protects the “Thief State”?
    AGs, Directors, IGs, judges, SCJs, and SPs –
    classifiers, Committees in CONgress, FOIA deniers, redactors, and SESers –
    bark-but-no-biters, bondobarrs, drip-drippers, and fixers.
    “investigators” who intercept and hide Truth.
    Why do we continue to count on the crooks who protect criminal institutions to protect us ?
    It is time to re-direct our focus and “cold anger” onto the protectors of the “Thief State”.

  76. JimWVa says:

    Thank you, again, Sundance! In my view, your analysis on the roles played by McCord, Atkinson, Venman, Ciaramella, Schiff and Pelosi proves that the impeachment of President Trump has no basis in fact. My thoughts are: What else do these people do all day to earn a federal government salary? My answer: Nothing else. We are paying hard earned tax dollars to this useless political scheme (as I’m preparing my IRS Estimated Tax Payment for 1/15/2020). By 2021, all these lawyers need to be off the federal payroll, as employees and as contractors.

  77. TYSHAB says:

    Several books help to highlight all that is going on though Sundance does a masterful job giving us summaries all must do some additional research to actually internalize how wide and large the threat is to our liberty.
    Some places to start are:
    The Intimidation Game by Kimberely Strassel
    Power Grab by Jason Chaffetz
    The Smear by Sharyl Attkisson
    Witch Hunt by Gregg Jarrett
    The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncoveredthe Biggest Political Scandal in US History by Lee Smith
    Demonic by Ann Coulter
    The Corruption Chronicles by Tom Fitton
    Clean House Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies
    Secret Empires: How American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Famil and Friends by Peter Schweizer
    Resistance at All Costs: How Trump Haters Are Breaking America by Kimberely Strassel
    The Road to Serfdom by Fredrich Hayek
    And finally a reminder of where our apathy will inevitably lead
    The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    A few days ago someone posted the following passage from the Gulag–
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    — this one has resonate with me every since I read the book:It should chill us all to our core because we post and rail but continue to stay safe on the sidelines.
    There are many, many more chronicles of the abuses of the state and federal governments–SWATting, federal bureaucracies and political organizations, social media giants, educators, and so called charities targeting and crushing everyday people and yet we take no action because it has not yet targeted us. As much as it is alien to conservatives we must organize and MOBILIZE to end these abuses of power. Voting is no longer the answer.

    • Boots says:

      Voting is no longer the answer.
      True. We must vote, yes, but Dem vote theft is now committed openly
      We must present a show of arms. Armed pro-Trump, anti-Dem marches, with captivating speakers who called for armed resistance, thereby legitimising that resistance.
      Millions of armed Americans gathered all across America, firmly denouncing the coup and naming all the participants month after month is desperately needed and necessary.
      Without seeing real protestors with real guns the DS will continue to laugh at us.
      That’s where we are. Bloodshed can baverted if Trump wins in 2020, but between then and 2024 Americans darn well better have war plans laid down, and national and regional commands.
      If not then like Solzhenitsyn we’ll all burn with remorse for not shooting the enemies who imprisoned us in a nightmarish, Kafkaesque tragedy from which there is no escape.

  78. Alaric Balth says:

    The “Whistleblower Complaint” was the Plan B of the coup plotters if the Russia collusion, Mueller investigation turned up nothing but air (which it did). There was probably collusion and coordination between the Mueller attorneys and Mary McCord as to the status of the Mueller investigation. As the Mueller team realized there was nothing with the Russia hoax, they bought time for McCord to get the “Whistleblower” hoax launched. That is probably why when the Mueller attorneys realized early on there was nothing to their investigation, they did not drop it right away. Look for contacts between McCord and her team and the Mueller attorneys.

  79. TYSHAB says:

    It is our turn to act or submit. These are the only choices left.Trump has and is doing what he can as are some other patriots but without large numbers of people literally pushing back all these chronicles of corruption will be lost words with none free to access them if they even remain. Words are not enough.The risk grows exponentially every day we stay on the sidelines.

  80. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    “We have to get the entire FISA-702 process stopped, and that includes using the FISA Court against U.S. citizens. Why? Because, as President Obama’s term highlighted, it’s a massive surveillance database that is being used to gather black-ops and political surveillance against our elected officials.”
    I would say they use it against anyone who will advance their agenda. That would include, in addition to elected politicians, judges, bureaucrats, judges, prosecutors. meciw billionaire hedge fund managers, etc. The list can go on.
    What’s it take? Use a dirty, compromised player to give a billionaire hedge fund manager inside information a few times, and presto, you get a super PAC financed by said billionaire to advance you political party, or else billionaire goes to prison. The players can even get cash thrown their way.
    The possibilities are endless.
    This needs to end now!

    • mortgagesforthemasses says:

      Can you think of any business owners who support open borders whose factories are known to employ illegal aliens. Support our agenda and we leave you alone.

  81. L. E. Joiner says:

    I’m sending a link to this terrific SD post to a few friends, with this comment:

    How the Shampeachment got started: A conspiracy involving Michael Atkinson (Intel Community Inspector General [ICIG]), and Mary McCord (formerly Asst AG of the National Security Division of the DoJ, for whom Atkinson was Senior Counsel). McCord retired and became a member of the private ‘Lawfare’ group advising House Intel committee Chairman Adam Schiff. Atkinson, McCord, along with Sally Yates were principals in the framing of General Flynn, and the construction of the ‘Russia Collusion’ fantasy. After the popping of the ‘Russia’ balloon, McCord worked with Atkinson and the Schiff committee to enlist Brennan (and Biden!) associate Eric Ciaramella as the Whistlefaker, going way outside the purview of the ICIG (the President is not an employee of any Intelligence agency), and modifying whistleblower rules to allow for second-hand complaints.
    Rep. Nunes (as usual) is on top of this conspiracy to create fake grounds for ‘Impeachment’; the big question is: where is AG Barr? It’s nothing less than a continuation of the Russia-Collusion Hoax, involving a lot of the same people, so should be within the purview of the Durham investigation. The President’s view seems to be that all this should come out during the Senate trial of the Shampeachment. The Democrats want witnesses? OK, let’s get McCord, Schiff, and Atkinson on the stand (not to mention the Bidens). /LEJ

    Have I summarized this about right?

    • mimbler says:

      My impression is that PDJT has recently been signaling he’d like the charges dismissed without a trial. I agree with that position.

      • L. E. Joiner says:

        My impression is that PDJT has recently been signaling he’d like the charges dismissed without a trial. I agree with that position.

        I think I do, too. My wife says a dismissal would just let the Dems cry “Partisanship!” (as if the House proceedings weren’t), but they will cry that in any case. So I’d say, either the President calls in the big legal guns and goes after all the conspirators in a show trial, or the Senate lets the House D’rats pontificate for a day or two, and then votes for acquittal; nothing in-between. /LEJ

    • Issy says:

      If someone knows, please correct me, because I don’t remember the Clinton Impeachment too well. I don’t think new witnesses were called after the house delivered the articles and there was no public testimony on the floor of the senate. The witnesses answered any questions from senators behind closed doors. It was not a public show trial the dems want now.
      I know this is not a legal procedure, but the basic premise is the house is the prosecutor, finder of facts and votes on impeachment (indicted by the house grand jury) based on their findings. The senate is the jury looking at what the house has found and makes a decision to remove from office. Senate rules say what the senate wants them to say. The rules are fungible and open to their interpretation just like the house rules.
      Pelosi & lawfare want to choose when they want this process to mimic a legal procedure or to go by rules each chamber chooses to at the time. It is all so convoluted, I can well understand why people are confused as to what role each chamber plays in the process.
      This nonsense of calling for a fair trial in the senate is disingenuous at best as if this jury is far from unbiased.

    • Issy says:

      I think you have correctly stated the facts re who did what in both hoaxes. It is a convoluted ball of the same people, but I don’t see AG Barr playing any part in it.
      If we have a trial with witnesses, it will never end, the courts enforcing subpoenas or not, Executive Privelege, Hunter going to rehab and Joe can’t remember anything except his son did nothing wrong. No matter how the senate chooses to do this, the dems will scream coverup, so let’s get it over quickly based on their fact finding , which was nil.

      • X XYZ says:

        “The more the turd is stirred, the more it stinks”
        (That quote is many centuries old. Life is a continuum. Isn’t it amazing how some ideas still pertain?)

  82. cantcforest says:

    A thought for the morning:
    CTH and fellow treepers are contemplating a vast swamp of corruption which has been brought to light through leaks, a few good people asking why, Judicial Watch, and even congressional hearings. The mass of evidence is so great that many people could be convicted of an assortment of crimes just based on CTH archives (any legal eagle treepers want to give me cover here?). However, I’ve come believe that our country can only be saved by a dramatic Reset. The Reset can’t be accomplished through our court system although indictments might trigger the Reset. Otherwise, the Reset will have to be triggered by impeachment, President Trump,or us.
    I’m very afraid that the globalist left will not let the election give further guidance, and we will have to take action or provide specific support before then.
    God bless us all.

  83. Devin Nunes Discusses Sketchy Issues Surrounding ICIG Michael Atkinson and Origination of the “Whistle-blower” Complaint…
    Why should I trust Devin Nunes…. My President Can’t !

  84. tyshab says:

    I would add all of Mark Levins books to the list above. There are many sounding the clarion call. Now what shall we do? The winners write history.

  85. Sundance, While you have explained this beautifully, I believe that if they hadn’t used the July Zelensky call as a pretext, they would have used something else, anything, they seem to be quite expert at claiming that the normal operations of transitioning, executive functioning, anything, is illegal when President Trump or anyone associated with him does it.
    When we read daily about all of the massively criminal behavior during the Kenyan’s regime, about which Congress had no concerns whatsoever, it blows my mind that The People’s President is “impeached” for … wait for it … Abuse of Power.
    Nunes plain speaking style is appreciated and meshes well with that of our President.
    I have no doubt that the enemies within are following your every word.

  86. EatItTards says:

    McCord & Snook reside IN “the Swamp” ….Alexandria Va…….just sayin’

  87. tyshab says:

    The election is already lost. In many many states illegals have been allowed and encouraged to get driver licenses. Most states do not allow poll workers to ask for identification and in many cases forbid them by law. Due to voter motor act they are allowed to register to vote. Felons have had their voting rights restored in contravention to many state laws but many states have also endorsed and passed measures to support this. Voting drives are being funded by states to register inmates. Overwhelmingly criminals register and vote democrat.Add that to retirement homes, and social offices and facilities for the impaired being targeted for ‘help’ with voting.
    Ballot harvesting is legal and being used . Untraceable money is flowing into the coffers of those who seek to subjugate us. In other states the 2nd amendment has made it difficult if not impossible to exercise this right. It is clear the checks on power have been thrown away and that no one in the elite will ever be held accountable.
    Just how long should we wait for someone to do something? Do we wait for them to take power or stop it now?

  88. Steven a joseph says:

    Not quite. The process likely was started when the unofficial resistance intelligence-gathering collective raised the issue and recruited zelensky and ciaramella to play their roles.

  89. Spooky says:

    If the Demonrats won’t release Atkinsons testimony then why doesn’t Nunes or one of his staffers leak it through a secure back channel? The Dems do this all the time and even when they get caught (James Wolfe) they only get a slap on the wrist. In other words why are the idiot Republicans like Nunes still playing by the normal rules instead of THE NEW RULES! Until Republicans start using their enemies tactics they are doomed to fail.

    • mimbler says:

      I agree that we need to push it to the limits, but I’d prefer we maintain our side following the law. I think it is a distinction between the parties that the voters notice, and we are getting dems and independents drifting to our side because they dislike the lawlessness of the dems.

  90. Guertie says:

    Complaint was likely pushed by Joseph cofer black. He is on the board of directors of Burisma at the time it all started. Former powerful cia director for bush

  91. Bendix says:

    Here’s more, and there is also a shout out to Sundance:
    “I speak of the “whistleblower” scheme cooked up by a network of officials who have actively plotted to overthrow the president for three years, as laid out at The Last Refuge website Sunday night: Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson in league with former colleagues from the Department of Justice National Security Division and the Lawfare org — a group dedicated to weaponizing law, in service to the political Left.
    As I have averred in this blog as far back as October, Mr. Atkinson’s previous job before being appointed ICIG was counsel (lawyer) to the Department of Justice’s Chief of National Security. During the first half of the election year 2016, that was John Carlin. Mr. Carlin’s job was not just to sign-off on FISA warrants, but to actually write them. It also happens that Mr. Carlin had previously served as chief of staff to Robert Mueller, when Mr. Mueller was FBI Director.”***-nation/sedition-in-real-time/
    Do read the whole piece.

  92. Bill Henslee says:

    There is no apparent end to the rat’s nest of cronies and operators in the Deep State. The good guys can’t simply stop at one place because there is always another creep either up or down in the structure.When Sundance or Solomon or Sara Carter or any responsible sleuth in the journalistic profession exposes them to sunlight, the rest of the conspiracy closes ranks around them.

  93. JimFromNH says:

    Joe Biden might be the best ‘happy face’ for the deep state technocrats & Obama holdovers.
    He has no viewpoint too deeply held that couldn’t be washed away by Washington insiders.
    All it would take is $$, past dirt, and a few handlers to compromise any plan that he could articulate.
    True power could be vested in his VP, Chief of Staff, and special advisers.
    Of course, NoMalarkeyJoe’s not one that many would wish to go to war for.

  94. hokkoda says:

    My family and I just finished watching Season 2 of “Lost in Space” on Netflix. The character of Dr. Smith is maddeningly able to get away with crime after crime after crime. She is manipulative and devious while also able to navigate the technical issues to forge her identity and so forth. You watch it, and it drives you insane, “Why don’t they just blow her out the airlock and be done with her?”
    You watch that, and she seems like a totally unrealistic character, right? Nobody is that stupid to let somebody that dangerous walk around free, right? People who commit crimes, open crimes, always get caught and held to account, right?
    Then you turn off Netflix and read Conservative Treehouse or watch the news, and you realize that fully half or more of our Government is staffed by the very same malicious sociopaths as Dr. Smith.

    • X XYZ says:

      Just a suggestion…
      Instead of watching that, maybe you might consider shutting off the tube and have everyone in your family read pages of Orwell’s Animal Farm aloud. Even kids can enjoy and understand the story. But don’t forget the last page. Have everyone read that last page and absorb it. It’s the moral of the parable.

      • hokkoda says:

        We like lots of thing, I see no reason to be so black and white in our media consumption. We often play a game called “spot the lie”, usually with commercials, but also with regular programming. Like the commercials with a “nuclear family” consisting of a mixed race couple (usually black-white), and three kids one Asian, one POC, and a little red head girl. It gets comical after awhile, at which point I go back to reading Gorsuch’s book…
        The read Animal Farm at school anyway. Gotta love that classical education they’re getting through our local charter school…

        • X XYZ says:

          Black and white is not for everyone. Some prefer the cult of moral grayness.
          It’s good that your kids read Animal farm at school. At least they read it. Maybe that’s all that matters. 😉

          • hokkoda says:

            I’ve been really happy with their school. It’s not perfect, but they do a pretty good job combating the prevailing bizarro-world culture.

          • hokkoda says:

            I’ve been really happy with their school. It’s not perfect, but they do a pretty good job combating the prevailing bizarro-world culture.

            • X XYZ says:

              No school is perfect, and I’m sure you provide a countervailing influence for your family when needed. I realize that you and others here know there is no substitute for being the best parent that you can be for them..
              Raising children in this society seems to be more challenging with each passing decade. All we can do is to keep trying, to do the best we can, and hope for the best. 🙂

  95. spud75 says:

    Time for a special prosecutor to investigate the overthrow of the President. Evidence is in plain sight. This is a swamp wide conspiracy.

  96. spud75 says:

    Time for a special prosecutor to investigate the overthrow of the President. Evidence is in plain sight. This is a swamp wide conspiracy.

  97. […] of officials who have actively plotted to overthrow the president for three years, as laid out at The Last Refuge website Sunday night: Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson in league with […]

  98. CaptainNonno says:

    Seems like the pool of corrupt FBI/DOJ swampers is congealing as they move from tactical spot to tactical spot. At some point it should be easy to establish treason here and send to military court.

  99. CaptainNonno says:

    Seems like the pool of corrupt FBI/DOJ swampers is congealing as they move from tactical spot to tactical spot. At some point it should be easy to establish treason here and send to military court.

  100. The coup conspiracy gets bigger and bigger. It includes Obama but goes way beyond…he was installed in the Presidency for this purpose…to completely transform our country into a fascist state. It’s international in nature..Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Iran…all part of this massive fascist takeover of the world, I guess.

  101. rcogburn says:

    “This process is almost identical to the Fusion-GPS/Lawfare network handing the Steele Dossier to the FBI to use as the evidence for the 2016/2017 Russia conspiracy.”
    And nearly identical to using Alexander Downer to send a report of the Papadapoulos meeting that was used to open CrossFire Hurricaine. Vindman / Papadapoulos report something incriminating (Vindman, witting, Papadap, unwitting) to Ciaramella / Downer, who deliver it to the ICIG / FBI, who use it as a predicate for Impeachment/CrossFire Hurricane.

  102. David Vicknair says:

    They are a corrupt brood of vipers who answer only to the rulers of darkness of this world (cf. Eph. 6:12-13). They may well escape earthly justice; it is not in our hands. Eternal justice? Most definitely! I shudder to think upon that day…

  103. golfmann says:

    Hang them ALL…
    Problem solved.

  104. Mary Morse says:

    …”Alexander Vindman starts a rumor”…
    If Mary McCord is a key, the Vindmans are a door. Time to find out what’s behind the door.

  105. Bruce says:

    First rate journalism. Kudos!

  106. Watch Sharyl Atkissons interview here:
    “We know, and not just from my case, that there are dark groups employing the same tools authorized by the FISA court, that wsre NOT approved in DOJ Baltimores spying on me…”
    (Headed by Rod Rosenstein, by the way…)

  107. Test Rat 152 says:

    I had a crazy idea early on that the conspirators were set up by Rudy G. and Pres. T When the whistle-leaker claims did not match up at all to the transcript I found that very odd. Shiff and Pelosi seemed almost stunned by this turn of events. Then Shiff does that bizarre stunt attempting to put the whistle-leakers words into Presidents Trumps mouth. While watching an interview with Rudy right after they launched Ukrainegate the concept of a setup popped into my head. When he was asked about it, he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary – totally confident, amused, almost smug. With all the leaking and opposition from inside I foud it reasonable to pretend that T’s team had gotten vigilant and knew that Eric Ciaramella was dirty and had done enough digging to know that Atkinson and others were also dirty AND knew that Shiff and Pelosi were dying to get something, anything, to use for an impeachment -absolutely anything. So in my swamp-vodka fevered mind I conjured up that T and Rudy G. fed the little rat-face a fake transcript, and then sat back and waited for the fireworks…. Vindamen being part of the call and part of the conspiracy threw a monkey wrench into that screenplay, so I am back at the vodka.

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