2020 Resistance – Dem Operatives Open New Leak Clearing House…

2020 is the year when a variety of prior democrat operations will converge with a single goal in mind.  Predictably we will see several years of prior effort beginning to merge, and it begins today.

NOTE: For interested readers it will be impossible for me to summarize the background for each step prior to putting the next puzzle piece into place.  Therefore I strongly suggest bookmarking posts for later reference because it would take tens of thousands of words to understand for anyone who steps into the light mid-way through. [Just an FYI]

Tomorrow, January 3rd, 2020, the House Judiciary Committeee (HJC) will be presenting oral arguments in the DC court of appeals for their effort to obtain the Mueller grand jury information [6(e) material], and also compel testimony of former White House counsel Don McGahn.

The House has a group of dozens of various DOJ and former Obama officials working on their behalf.  That House network also has several currently employed DOJ, FBI, State Department and Intelligence Community officials feeding them information on current real-time events.   The HJC are currently arguing the Mueller material and the McGahn testimony are needed for the impeachment trial of President Trump.

If the HJC team wins the argument to the three member DC Appellate Court, the DOJ will likely file for a full ‘en blanc’ review by the entire panel.  If the HJC wins the ‘en blanc’ argument the DOJ will likely appeal for an administrative stay by the Supreme Court.

However, if the HJC team loses, they will most likely not file an appeal and will quickly release the impeachment articles to the Senate.   The impeachment articles (Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress) are currently withheld in an effort to bolster the DC appeals court argument.

The primary goal is to gain the Mueller material; by design the impeachment process is a means toward that end.  Impeachment is not the end; impeachment is the means to an end.  Impeachment is the legal standing to exploit the Mueller material.

It is the year-long contention of CTH that Team Nadler (HJC) already has the Mueller material.  The Mueller material is opposition research.  The Mueller team was/is designed, and specifically constructed, to deliver that opposition research to the resistance group now represented inside the House by the aforementioned dozens of contracted lawyers.

It is our further contention to the Mueller material was collected with the intention to deliver this material to the House crews: Team Schiff (HPSCI) and Team Nadler (HJC).

Meaning, and it is important that everyone understand this: the Mueller investigation used their massively expanded scope authority (2017 and 2018), and purposefully went into a bunch of irrelevant sideline issues (unrelated to Trump-Russia) because they were using their legal authority to assemble massive files of political research material – to leave for discovery and use in 2020.

Remember, dozens of Democrat operatives behind Nadler have all of that Mueller collected material already.  The HJC lawsuit is an attempt to gain legal authority to exploit it.  However, if they don’t get the legal authority, meaning they lose the lawsuits, they will use it anyway – through a system of leaks to their resistance allies in the media.

Which brings us to the new phase….

♦ Understanding this ongoing process is the key to understanding a new “Leak Clearing House” created with this intent in mind.  The clearing house is JustSecurity.Org

The “Just Security” group is similar to the “Lawfare” group.  Their purpose is to receive and then distribute leaked material.  They will be leaking material from Mueller, via the House teams, as well as material from current insider operations from the resistance.

The Just Security group will leak material which will then be picked up by specific Democrat politicians and used as evidence to attack and undermine President Trump.

That effort began today:

[…]  Last month, a court ordered the government to release almost 300 pages of emails to the Center for Public Integrity in response to a FOIA lawsuit. It released a first batch on Dec. 12, and then a second installment on Dec. 20, including Duffey’s email, but that document, along with several others, were partially or completely blacked out.

Since then, Just Security has viewed unredacted copies of these emails, which begin in June and end in early October. Together, they tell the behind-the-scenes story of the defense and budget officials who had to carry out the president’s unexplained hold on military aid to Ukraine.  (read more)

Democrat operatives inside government, and inside the Trump administration, leak the material to Just Security. Those leaks are then used by Democrat Politicians:

None of this is organic.  All of this has been pre-planned, just like the planning by Team Mueller when they were investigating President Trump with the intent to deliver the material to their political allies.

The political opposition research against President Trump will either come out legally via HJC, or it will come out illegally via leaks.  The DC Appeals Court and/or the Supreme Court decisions will determine which path.

Most of the Mueller team material is irrelevant for the purpose of Trump-Russia.  There is no there ‘there’, and there never was.  The Mueller investigation in 2017/2018 was never really designed to find evidence of Trump-Russia… it was designed to find dirt on Trump and his family.

Anyone who could deliver rumor, innuendo, gossip or manufactured evidence toward that end, similar to the Steele Dossier was used and included in the Mueller material.  Forget about arguing the Mueller probe found nothing on Trump-Russia therefore… (fill in blank). That argument is moot.  The purpose of the Mueller effort was dirt on Trump; it didn’t and doesn’t matter what that dirt is.  Essentially: find dirt, put in file.

Resistance 2020 is now the use of that material.

♦  The other aspect that will be used in this 2020 effort will be for current insiders to direct those outside government exactly what the specifics are for targeted FOIA requests.  All effective FOIA is a matter of knowing where to look.  The inside groups will be telling the outside teams the agencies, people, dates, times and subjects of specific material that will be helpful in discovering the information. [Example Here]

(Buzzfeed) […] The hundreds of pages of documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, were the subject of a protracted legal dispute between the Justice Department and the House Judiciary Committee, which sought them over the summer as part of its impeachment inquiry. The committee had requested access to an unredacted copy of the Mueller report, grand jury testimony from the investigation, and the FBI’s summaries of 33 interviews. The Justice Department resisted, claiming the impeachment inquiry does not entitle the panel to see those records. A federal judge disagreed, ruling in October that “DOJ is wrong” and that the White House and the Justice Department were “openly stonewalling” the committee. (link)

This is the background context for everything that will be taking place.

CTH cannot duplicate this explanation every time the activity is discovered and highlighted, therefore if you need to share it to someone coming in mid-story, bookmark it now.

This is the 2020 baseline.

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173 Responses to 2020 Resistance – Dem Operatives Open New Leak Clearing House…

  1. rcogburn says:

    What a rat’s nest!

    Justsecurity.org is part of the Reiss Center at NYU Law. Article on them in, of all places, the World Socialist Web Site. Most of it is easily verifiable (e.g. Andrew Weissman is a distinguished fellow and the place is run by ex-Obama people) and seems truthful, judge for yourself.

    Highlights here. Article is in two parts, linked:

    “A think tank for the national security establishment and the Democratic Party.”

    “the Center’s research is intimately integrated with the Democratic Party wing of the State Department and intelligence agencies. Its leading bodies are staffed with top national security and foreign policy officials from the Obama administration. Out of the 18 people on its list of Fellows and Affiliates, 14 are ex-Obama administration officials. Two members of its Board of Advisors and two of its Leadership Team are also former Obama administration officials.”

    “In 2018, following Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency, the center integrated the publication JustSecurity.org, which is playing a central role as a resource for pro-Democratic party media in the impeachment crisis. ”

    “Through both its fellows and its publication, JustSecurity.org, the Reiss Center is closely integrated into the anti-Russia campaign of the national security apparatus and the Democratic Party, and their efforts to impeach Trump on a pro-war and anti-democratic basis. There is a direct connection to the anti-Russia campaign and impeachment efforts by the Democratic Party and intelligence agencies through Andrew Weissman, who is a distinguished senior fellow at the Reiss Center.

    “Rachel Goldbrenner, the center’s Executive Director and a professor of law at NYU, served as a senior advisor to Samantha Power…has connections to Eric Ciaramella.”

    “David S. Cohen, an advisor to the Center, was working in the Treasury Department in the Obama administration and was the deputy director of the CIA between 2015-2017. … Cohen played a critical role in whipping up anti-Russian hysteria with unsubstantiated claims of interference in the 2016 election”

    “Lisa O. Monaco… distinguished senior fellow…was the Homeland Security Advisor of Obama from 2013 to 2017. Jon Finer is another fellow who is the ex-Chief of State at US State Department, where he served as the senior advisor to John Kerry. He was also the US lead negotiator at the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal and the 2016 Paris Climate Accord.

    The co-editor of JustSecurity.org is Ryan Goodman…he served as special counsel to the general counsel of the Department of Defense in 2015-2016”

    “The Reiss Center’s public involvement proceeds through its JustSecurity.org publication. First established in 2013, the website was based at the Law School’s center for Human Rights and Global Justice, before being relocated to the Reiss Center in September 2018, shortly after the latter’s renaming. It is funded by NYU’s School of Law as well as the Atlantic Philanthropies and Open Society Foundations—both founded and chaired by George Soros.”

    Part 1
    Part 2

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  2. Thanks again, Sundance. Just when you think the miserable rat bastards can’t go any lower, they take it down 100 notches.

    We are privileged lot, those of us who have discovered the amazing Tree House and the Sundance School of Technology. Would that more people would sign up to improve their understanding of current events and what we are up against.

    That being said, you can’t fix stupid and there are none so blind as those who will not see.

    Made the mistake of getting into a brief political discussion with a Lib Dem friend that quickly elevated to fully blown Trump Derangement Syndrome on her part. In a matter of seconds this normally low key, pleasant woman turned into a seething mass of vile hatred as she spouted out the most blatant lies and propaganda about the sham-peachment and our President Trump. It was like she had just become possessed by a demon.

    Sadly, there are still millions of these ignoramuses out there who will never change their minds and who will always be our enemies. I’m sure all of you have similar stories. This is the Civil War that the Commie Dems and the media have created. They are hell bent on destroying our Country and our way of life and Liberty. I have no more tolerance or desire to argue the points we know are true. The hell with all of them.

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    • TPW says:

      Yes this is a real illness ….not a joke ….the sort of illness that got all those people to commit suicide…..there is just a % of people who are wired to fall victim to these sort of mind control techniques. I firmly believe that the CIA actively uses this on known mentally ill who end up being these mass murderers ….call me crazy…not a joke….but there has been too many cases where these killers were known to the CIA and the FBI. Just hard to believe and take in mentally that this sort of evil is in our government and how it operates. We have to take our country back President Trump declared this during his campaign many times in the most somber and serious way…he knows…. but we all had no idea ….the depth of the depravity. Surely all of you realize, although some would prefer not…..that this is going to take serious action on all our part….there is no other way… It is just that bad. Who will organize and wake people up. And how many will hear the call and do their duty. We have so many groups that could easily come together ….the shear number would over whelm the cretins. This really is do or die.


  3. franuche says:

    …meanwhile we have the haggard promise that Barr/Durham may someday do something of any real import. I’m thinking that the race car driver we’re rooting for is a lap behind the lead car that only has half a lap to the checkered flag.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Where should we keep watch for the leaks to support Truth, Justice and The American Way?

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      • Wengair says:

        VSGPJDT’s twitter feed

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      • 19tballonboy says:

        One things that slays me is that they are rewriting laws on the Mueller and McGahn stuff. If I knew an understood covenant could so easily be breeched then the input could have been formulated with that in mind instead of forever sealed, so this whole thing is wrong. If you told your most trusted and longterm friend a very deep and important secret knowing that he was a liar and leaker you would probably couch the secret differently than if you knew he would take it to his grave and was truly a friend. Who expects the release of the entirety of the Mueller documents or forcing the breech of attorney client privilege at the POTUS level in out toxic environment? Outrageous. The one possible saving grace which is prima in grand jury information and therefore inferior to our final system is the lack of defense, rebuttal, and confronting ones accuser, which should cause this to never be released or perhaps heavily filtered through a judicial panel,(or force them to just read the final Mueller document), including any McGahn testimony. To release this as God’s honest truth to the ignorant Liberal masses just waiting for their next installment of, “What shall I think today” pablum will leave serious problems and unnecessary divisions. I would hope somebody in authority will just admit that the Democrats are simply using this dodge as their Hail Mary pass to avoid the embarrassing loss in the 2020 election.


    • BlondieFlorida says:

      Exactly. Oh, its going to be the IG report, No, No….. Its Huber (is he a ghost?), No No Its going to be Durham…..No, No, everyone trusts Barr…..the guy who pardoned all the Iran Contra creeps…….a little haggard is an understatement.

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  4. “Given how strong the economy is and how Trump is managing to increase his popularity amongst minorities” this will be the trump card.even if the minorities (mexicans,and blacks in particular)do keep up on whats happening they have been treated worse by dems for years and i doubt anything the dems say will sway them away from trump.

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    • 19tballonboy says:

      Keep your eyes and ears on the Senate, regardless of what the Democrats, the press, the courts and the public does it still comes down to 20 Republicans and all of the Democrats.


  5. jx says:

    Aside from Reality Winner leakers have not been prosecuted.


  6. jus wundrin says:

    “It is the year-long contention of CTH that Team Nadler (HJC) already has the Mueller material.”

    I would bet on it, and even if they lose in the courts, what will stop them from using it as 2020 anti Trump election material? Seriously, what will the repubs do about it besides doing what they do best: sit on their hands?

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Doesn’t even matter anymore. I saw this stupid story about potus today in Washington examiner after hearing it all day from my father-in-law’s echo chamber, in which he is safely ensconced and bombarded with programming from MSNBC and CNN. I knew instantly that sinister forces were at work.

      Happily, I informed my dear FIL that it’s 2020, Trump is still our President, and nothing those meatheads do or say will change any minds. The truth is on our side, they have overplayed their hand, and we are just talking past each other at this point. He will win again.

      He did not disagree.

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    • franuche says:

      It has already begun. Today’s newsfeed has exploded with this material. McConnell, Romney, et al are getting their cover for why they will support removal.


      • TPW says:

        If this really happens then I hope we will finally take a stand for our President……at this point it would be beyond the pale….important ……as our President stated ……we will take our country back….if we all sit by and watch such a thing happen then all is lost for good.


    • 19tballonboy says:

      If this stuff is released and McGahn has to testify then about 50% of our laws are going to need to be changed. This is a serious breech of trust that will echo long after we are all gone. Maybe not obeying a vow or following an oath was the precursor to this fall.


  7. How the heck do we ever get back to “normal”. The system is so corrupt and has put so many layers of resistance and nefarious persons in place. There’s NO accountability for leaking classified information (while this weeks staff reductions were a good start to reducing the pool of leakers). Im amazed that our President has been able to withstand the constant onslaught against his administration and family. I pray for him each day as I worry about the toll this all takes on him. The grasp for power from the left is a terrible force.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Molitva is strong and I pray for the President DJT . God Bless PDJT. Amin. “Molitva is Prayer.

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    • To destroy the cult, you have to take out the cult leader in the minds of his followers. You have to prosecute Obama/Soetoro, the First Fake — and Muslim — President, for all of this. And to do that, you have to be willing and eager to prosecute those who were/are his minions in the ongoing coup d’etat attempt. You can’t “decline to prosecute” ANYTHING; you grab the vermin HARD, and SQUEEZE until they’re flat as a pancake — speaking metaphorically, of course. You release the Kraken. You DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING, and make and keep it front row center from now until the end. “Saving the institutions” — FBI, CIA, whatever — is ridiculous, because they have been outed as THE enemy (and their followers, the voters, need to see them for what they are).

      And by the way, anybody who just bookmarks posts like the above, as Sundance recommends, is a _____ (insert dismissive “pbbbt” words here). Just copy the damn thing and save it on your own computer: HIghlight the whole text by pressing and holding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse from top to bottom of the article. When it’s all highlighted (release the mouse button, being careful not to lose the highlight in doing so), hit Ctrl-C to save it to the internal “clipboard” of your computer; then open “Wordpad” or other word processor, open a “new” document, and hit Ctrl-V to transfer from the clipboard to the new document. If there are images within the text, they won’t be transferred this way, but the text will all be there, and you then return to the post and copy each such image, one at a time, and insert them one at a time into the new document. I also add the URL of the post at the bottom, in html format: conservative treehouse. Yes, I know, you probably all know this; but then why did Sundance recommend bookmarking, instead of saving for yourself? The Masked Pedant strikes again(oh noes! the humanity! ah, nuts…)

      Keep the focus on these guys (the Insane Left), Sundance.


  8. Skeeball says:

    Pfffffft! Like anyone but liberal bedwetters and Marxists will care about what JustMySecurityBlanket.org has to say about President Trump.

    **** ‘em.

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    • Conservative_302 says:

      I agree. Sure, idiots will believe it all, but for the rest of us, the democrats drive to take down the president is getting really old. They expose themselves for what they are which is evil. Good will win the day, and Trump keeps winning. He is a genius.

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  9. ezgoer says:

    Don’t expect much if any help from AG Barr at DOJ. No leakers are being prosecuted. None are being re-assigned to undesirable locations. The only allies PDJT has are We the People and a handful of patriots in the House.

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  10. Republicanvet91 says:

    Interesting advisory board they have. It reads like a bunch of former State Department hacks trying to protect something.


    with Uncle Bob Bauer and Sid Blumenthal as guest authors. I doubt the media bothers to look at the connections of any of these people. George Conway, Norm Eisen and John Dean adds a nice touch though.


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  11. neev1031 says:

    This is what I do not understand about Barr. If anyone claims to have seen unredacted grand jury material, shouldn’t the first step be to find out how they got it? An automatic felony investigation? Even just an announcement that all individuals with legitimate access will be questioned in this investigation?

    Better yet, appoint a special counsel to investigate leaks from FBI & DOJ from 2015 thru 2019. As was done throughout the Muller charade, declare that grand jury material or any leaked info cannot be officially released till leak investigation is completed.

    Being ‘good’ & ‘fair’ will not win this war.

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  12. Jan says:

    The Buzzfeed article is a bunch of excitement over things we already knew.
    I encourage everyone to leave a pithy comment on their article, telling them what a piece of trash it is.


  13. littlequilterkitty says:

    Thousands upon thousands need to be fired in Washington, D.C!


  14. Let me see if I have this right. The Mueller investigation primarily was a coverup for the illegal spying. They never were going to investigate collusion because they knew beforehand that there was none. Investigating obstruction was just a ruse also. The threat of obstruction was designed to try and paralyze the Trump team. It’s primary goal was oppo research to be used against Trump and his administration. Or did that end up being the primary goal after Barr basically shut it down?

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  15. The Devilbat says:

    After the Russia hoax and the impeachment circus I doubt if the democrats can come out with anything that the general public will believe. They have shot their wad and nothing they can do is going to help them defeat Trump.

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  16. KBB says:

    I fully expect the dimocrats to continue their lying, harassment and obstruction of our Pres. Trump to the end of his second term, as they have literally told us they would, specifically Al Green. This is why I want Pres. Trump to have a third term, and I am dead serious about this. Pres. Trump is owed a third term starting in 2024. Never in our history has any duly elected president by the American people been treated like Pres. Donald Trump, including the First Lady Melania and the entire Trump family. Trump has not been allowed to experience one moment of true joy and respect since even before he was inaugurated. He has endured extreme disrespect, frightening threats to his life and limb, actual assassination attempts, humiliation, outright lies about him, been spied upon and obstructed and criticized in every little thing he does every single day, even as he works without salary to make America great again — and for what reason?! After years of digging and finding nothing, Donald Trump is arguably the most honest man in Washington DC!! Among other things, the horrid treatment of Trump by the Democrats greatly negatively impacts Pres. Trump’s ability to interact with foreign leaders, which greatly harms the US. The Democrats, the DNC media, the elected and unelected vile Left and select RINOs have prevented him from operating on 100% of his agenda and capabilities. They constantly physically and psychologically burden him with their vile treatment of him and the office of POTUS. Congress holds soviet-style hearings against Trump, his businesses, his staff and his supporters. Some openly support him yet secretly undermine and stab him in the back. He should be granted a third term to compensate for the horrible first term treatment he’s had to put up with. He deserves it and the Democrats deserve it. And those who are trying to bring him down should be warned: If you continue to actively work against him in a third term, he will get a fourth term, so keep it up, a-holes.

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  17. Bugsdaddy says:

    I’m tired of the “one-sidedness” of all this crap.

    I’m tired of hearing about Barr being the “guy” on the right side of things.

    I’m tired of hearing Durham is going to “perp-walk” these fools.

    Yes, perhaps my faith is weak right now. After 3 years of waiting (plus how many years during the 80’s and 90’s). Please show me a sign. Roll out the indictments, at this point I don’t care if they start with relatively minor charges. Put these assholes on the run, force them to use their resources defending themselves. Force them to take their eye off of their goals. We can always charge them with greater and greater charges as this whole mess is finally revealed in a legal battle.

    Please Mr. President, go on the offensive.


  18. John-Y128 says:

    This year will intensely focus the left on defeating PDJT in November at any costs, the killing of Soleimani, if things escalate, will be turned against the President.


  19. Spryte says:

    I am seething with the,”Cold anger” Sundance has reference before. Sick to death of these bastards and their mean insanity. President Trump has proven himself and I truly believe that the masses have had enough of the crap…trampling on the Constitution, making up their own rules and bipping every time they don’t get their way. Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t hate anyone because she is Catholic….abortion at term, huge lies, letting her city go to the dogs, sanctuary California and on it goes. We cannot let the Dems get a foothold again. I for one am ready to hold up a sign and picket in front of Congress warning of an uprising if they continue this nonsense.

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  20. Bulldog84 says:

    There’s nothing in that garbage that will change the mind of the average voter (non-TDS). If there was, it would have been leaked ages ago.


  21. “Lawfare” never stops, and never stops insisting that its “novel arguments” are valid and should be respected by one and all.

    In this case, though, “where are the high crimes?” In fact, where is any mention of the United States Code at all? Given that an impeached party “shall face indictment, trial, conviction and punishment” for his or her high crimes … what is a Court supposed to do with someone who has been indicted for nothing and is also not under criminal investigation? Answer: there is nothing for them to do. So, why do you insist that you must have Grand Jury materials? You’re not a Court of Law. Even if you do impeach, that’s actually not a criminal affair. But you haven’t even passed a whole-House vote to commence that process, and you’re speaking about toothless subpoenas that were served long before you voted for anything.

    It’s high time that “Lawfare” gets formally rebuked, and disbarred. They don’t care for anything about the Constitution nor the actual Law except that it is bent to serve their own wretched ends. And, that’s not what the Law is for. But, they will not stop until they are stopped.

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  22. Easier to think of this in chronological order
    2015- the “Ohr DossierS” are complied on presidential candidates VIA illegal FISA searches.
    2016- DNC hires Steele to launder the Ohr Dossier material on Trump into the Steele Dossier
    2017- FBI instigates Crossfire Hurricane to launder the Steele Dossier into the Mueller Report.
    2019 Congressional Democrats impeach to launder the Mueller Report into the Impeachment Report.

    In 2015 the CIA / FBI let Nellie Ohr access the FISA database to compile the anti Trump “Ohr Dossier” for the benefit of Republicans who wanted Trump out of the Republican primary.
    Since Ohr is a Rusian intel specialist, she compiles a dossier about Trump’s contacts with Russia.
    This also suggests that Brennan/Clapper/Comey initiated the FISA abuse at the behest of never-Trump Republicans, however I strongly suspect that this sort of FISA abuse is long standing, based on the speed with which the DOJ covered up leaks by HPSCI and SSCI (Congressional Committees responsible for oversight of the CIA / FBI) of material they got from the CIA/FBI.

    I suspect that somebody associated with HPSCI, or SSCI, or Gang-of-8 contacted candidate Trump in 2015 and told him that the FBI had compromising material on Trump that would destroy the Trump campaign if leaked to the media; so Trump should just drop out and accept some Federal appointment. Probably Chuck Shumer, given Trump’s history of donations to Schumer, they would have had a working relationship, ALSO explains the “I told you so” from Schumer.
    I STRONGLY suspect that Trump did NOT react as expected (politicians expect a politician to take the deal). I conclude this because telling Trump that Congress had FBI spy information about him would confirm that
    1) The FBI was dirty,
    2) the Committees overseeing the FBI were dirty, and
    3) if THEY act against Trump, Trump could expose Congressional and FBI corruption about illegal surveillance.
    Therefore, I conclude that the FBI convinced Congressional Republicans NOT to act against Trump in the primaries. Frustrated Never-Trump Republicans then turned the Ohr dossier on Trump over to Democrats, likely Diane Feinstein, who then resigned rather than touch this tar-baby.

    In 2016, the Clinton campaign would have been chomping at the bit to get and release the Ohr Dossier material about Trump-Russia, AND get leverage over the FBI for missing Trump-Russia. The FBI would do a CYA with Crossfire Hurricane but warn that Clinton could not use the Ohr-Steele Dossier material without A) implying that the FBI was incompetent and missed the largest foreign action against the US in history, and B) risk Trump retaliating by implicating the highest levels of the FBI in illegal FISA surveillance.

    Once Trump wins the election, Never-Trumpers and Clintonistas are in a panic, and the FBI isn’t very happy either. The FBI knows that Trump knows that the FBI knows that Trump knows that the FBI was illegally spying on Trump. This means the CIA and FBI have to do a hard-180 degree turn and push the Trump-Russia agenda.

    If you’re going to explain how the FBI missed Trump-Russia, you need a fall guy. That fall guy is Flynn. However Comey is fired before they can finish.

    The reason for the Mueller report is to A) craft a narrative why the FBI missed Trump Russia collusion, and B) use an investigation of Trump to legally re-create the Ohr material which Congressional Democrats want to use in 2018 election.
    Consider, if there WAS a grand scheme of Russian Collusion, then the FBI missed it. The FBI therefore MUST conclude that there was no Trump-Russia collusion. This is unacceptable to Congressional Democrats, therefore the FBI promises a consolation price, access to the Ohr Dossier FISA materials, by way of re-doing the illegal Ohr FISA searches as part of the Mueller investigation.

    Democrats create a distraction with Kavanaugh. With Sessions and Rosenstein gone, Trump retakes (some) control of the DOJ. After the 2018 elections, the FBI brass faces a dilema- if they FIND Trump-Russia collusion, they have to explain their failure to a) find it, b) do anything about it.

    Basically, Barr declares victory, then orders the FBI to retreat from politics. Barr grabs the mike from Mueller, announces that the FBI was not incompetent for missing Trump Russia Collusion because there WAS no Trump Russia collusion. This leaves Democrats just-shy of getting the illegal Orh Dossier materials they wanted, which Mueller re-created via grand jury material. Barr knows this that Grand Jury material can’t be released without a court order, so Barr ensures that Congressional Democrats don’t get the Mueller opposition research for use in 2020 elections.

    Congressional Democrats get tired of playing Charlie-Brown kicking the football, only to have the FBI/DOJ as Lucy, snatch the desired illegal FISA opposition research away from them at the last second. So, the Chairman of the House Committee that is supposed to police domestic FBI spying, coordinates with a FBI domestic spy in the White House, to file a whistleblower claim about a call the FBI spy wasn’t on. We can guess that somebody on the HPSCI was tipped off?
    The Chairman of the House Committee that is supposed to police domestic government spying holds hearings and then uses his position to spy on the journalists and Committee members involved in the hearing, and publishes information about their phone calls.
    This steaming mess is handed to Pelosi, who basically walks away in bewilderment, smiling and waving to the rump viewers of CNN and MSNBC who are now CERTAIN that their Wile E. Coyote plan will work this time.

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  23. Brenrod says:

    Trumps mistake is that he never goes on the attack he’s always operating a defense. With his hundreds of millions of dollars he should’ve had most of those folks scandals unmasked already. The best defense is a good offense!


  24. Moe Grimm says:

    “…dozens of various DOJ and former Obama officials working on their behalf.” Once again, a common lineage among their cadre…. SDNY, one repped Bolshevik Bill, Schiff, Nadler, Goldman, Eisen, Berke (“on leave from Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel” in NYC “commuting” to Mordor). The usual suspects which invariably always reveal a preponderance of memberships in two (2) satanic tribes. This is what it is.


  25. TPW says:

    I am confused….I thought the Mueller SC was to be able to shield and hold onto all the documentation that if released would bury the Dems and some of the GOPe. As ling as Mueller was in an active investigation no material could be released…remember Rod telling PT he could be charged with Obstruction of justice if he released the documents . But then he turned them over to Barr?????? What would prevent Mueller from including in his report all dirt found on PT for all to see….why hide it in GJ material? Even so they would have leaked any bad info on PT anyway no matter if GJ material or not. The Dems are and have been untouchable as far as the rule of law goes…..things are not adding up. MO …but I bet nothing in the GJ material is earth shattering the Dems are just desperate to say that it is GJ material which adds some sort of importance to anything that comes out….they are grasping at straws.


  26. DAVE CRAIN says:

    Sundance. With the oral arguments today, when do you believe they will announce their ruling?


  27. theasdgamer says:

    tldr; just another dem fishing expedition

    Trump should arrest the House lawyers and send them to Gitmo.


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