House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing – 9:00am ET Livestream…

The House Judiciary Committee holds their second impeachment inquiry hearing at 9:00am ET. Presentations from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and House Judiciary Committee.

Lawfare Counsel Barry Berke (representing the majority) and Republican Counsel Stephen Castor (representing the minority) will make opening arguments to the House Judiciary Committee. Lawfare Counsel Daniel Goldman & Lawfare Counsel Barry Berke will then present the evidence for impeachment. House judiciary member questioning will likely follow last week’s questioning of academic impeachment experts.

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585 Responses to House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing – 9:00am ET Livestream…

  1. Patience says:



  2. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Go go Gohmert!
    “How much money you have to pay you for this?”

    What a shit show!

    Nads is stuttering now….. lol

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  3. beach lover says:

    Nadler. pounds gavel… “not a point of order”
    pounds gavel. asked aide behind him.. “is that a point of order”?

    LOL.. what a schiffshow. without schiff. But he is there in spirit.

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  4. burnett044 says:

    any one that buys into to this swamp circus is a damn fool…..

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  5. beach lover says:

    Castor.. “there’s a video”.. LOL


  6. Patience says:

    Castor got in Biden’s video


  7. Amber says:

    This is painful. Castor is weak. He gets flustered easily. Burke is grilling him

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  8. John Rawls says:

    Castor is not a good presenter.

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    • cjzak says:

      Dems on Twitter were giddy that Berke was the guy for them and that Castor was the oppo guy. I know neither but apparently Berke is their ace. Castor is considered very second rate in their opinion and they consider it a big advantage for their side.

      Haven’t been watching but the comments here seem to indicate just this. Why wouldn’t the repubs send a first line lawyer in against Berke?


  9. Daniel says:

    Maybe Sundance had already mentioned this and I missed it. But while it’s unprecedented and utterly amazing that the rules were changed to allow lawfare lawyers to serve as both witness and as ‘interrogator’ I think it may serve one additional purpose — these aren’t elected officials and so there are no constituents to blame for their acts and statements. There’s no ballot-box resolution against these people.

    I pray once the Republicans retake the majority, they make it LAW that this can never happen again. No staffers and especially no lawfare (type) political interests can be allowed to guide and participate in any such activities again.

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    • mazziflol says:

      The witness Democratic lawyer gave testimony as a witness and wasn’t even sworn in then he went and sat with the democrats and interview the other witnesses. Most courts don’t even allow potential witnesses in the same room prior to testimony.

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    • Patience says:

      Daniel, Perhaps that is why Collins just said to Goldman that
      “the chairman (Schiff) is not here and SENT YOU”.


  10. luke says:

    I just got out of a nearly 2 hour briefing on the IG report.

    It is deeply disturbing. Some former FBI and DOJ officials are about to have some serious explaining to do.

    More details to come shortly.

    Tweet from Mark Meadows few minutes ago…fingers crossed and sorry I cannot figure out how to post it correctly lol.

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  11. This Castor guy looks like a hesitant weakling. No good at all.

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  12. Patience says:

    ….”That’s not how THESE THINGS work” ~Goldman
    >THESE things?????


  13. Patience says:

    Berke, Tell us again about your son’s “daddy” question


  14. Og Oggilby says:

    In the whole scheme of things, this hearing is irrelevant. Nonetheless, so far, Castor is a disaster.

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  15. Patience says:

    >What an appropriate name

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  16. Patience says:

    Ms. Williams must have been thinking about the future election; per her “unusual” comment.
    Also, after 9 hours…. that’s all Berke has????


    • Debra says:

      They (impeachment harpies) have reavealed that this Ms. Williams is the witness whom they believe will make their case for them.

      She was ‘placed’ in Mr. Pence’s service, from the state department, was she not . . .?


  17. Castor should have used this chance to take over the bully pulpit. He is weak and allowing them to ride roughshod over him. He is way to deferential to the ENEMY. You think Louie Gohmert or Jim Jordan would ever allow themselves to be treated like this? HELL NO!

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  18. Amber says:

    You know it’s bad when the Republicans are intervening on Castor’s behalf. Poor guy…


    • Amber- I HAVE ZERO SYMPATHY for the Repubs at this point. They knew how this was going to go down. Not like this is their first rodeo with this crew.
      Yet all they can do is make feeble objections that scumbag Nadler gets to overrule.
      They needed to have a better, more aggressive plan going into the hearing.
      Castor is terrible. He is not a warrior.
      They should have put up Jordan, Gaetz, Gohmert and/or some of their own to replace Castor. I’m sure they could have found a rule that would justify it.


      • zimbalistjunior says:

        the republicans are, in effect, the president’s counsel
        they have an obligation to present a vigorous defense
        utilizing a non-entity like Castor who does not know the key relevant facts- the date Biden announced candidacy and that the investigation of bidens predated that— is a disservice to the president and to the country
        Gaetz aside, the Republicans have so far covered themselves in shame


  19. If I was one of the Republicans on this panel I would have a hard time restraining myself from punching that troll Nadler in the nose.

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  20. Patience says:

    The republicans are stressing how really illegal this charade is.

    >To think that the leftist shmucks write and pass US laws. OMG!

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  21. Patience says:

    ….”they concluded” ????
    WHO the he(( are they to conclude?

    LOL “Bang it harder” ~Doug Collins


  22. John Rawls says:

    Why the heck is counsel serving as a witness?


    • Daniel says:

      Though I’m sure it’s a rhetorical question, but it seems abundantly clear in past failures, various testimonies and hearings went really bad for Democrats. Seems to me they hope to head that problem off using these lawfare clowns. Now the stunt of their acting as both witness and inquisitor? I’m guessing their successes in rehearsal never comes close to actual circus performances so they are looking to run this as close to their rehearsals as possible.


  23. Patience says:

    “Um… I think he would have come…, with legal council” ~Castor
    >repeated; again and again LOLING !!!!!

    What’s that about asking the same question (over and over)
    >and expecting a different answer?

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  24. Paydy says:

    The Dem loons have officially turn this great nation into a Banana Republic..


  25. Patience says:

    “corruption” was the topic during the phone call


  26. Patience says:

    What was the “corruption”
    needs to be asked
    ~> and answered.


  27. Patience says:

    Wai…., Goldman gets to talk about the Volkner meeting
    that Castor could not

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  28. Coast says:

    I could be doing a better job than Castor.

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  29. Zy says:

    Lawfare lawyers questioning themselves. Banana Republic achieved!

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  30. burnett044 says:

    So far Castor is a disaster..
    but then the deck was stacked against him.

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  31. And the thing which this committee … fearing for their own skins now … simply refuses to consider that it is the President’s legal obligation to investigate and to pursue lawlessness, no matter who is the criminal. Being “a political candidate … maybe” does not exonerate you.

    And, uhhh, neither does “being a Member of Congress or a senior government official.” Just sayin’ …

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  32. ale81inn says:

    Goldman is a great witness

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  33. Doug Collins- what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


  34. Og Oggilby says:

    Collins is showing you how to cross-examine a hostile witness.

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  35. ale81inn says:

    Damn! Doug Collins is awesome!

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  36. Patience says:

    Anybody still question Castor?????
    Doug Collins and the rest of the good team know exactly what to do.

    >MY President rocks!!!!!!


  37. zimbalistjunior says:

    way to kill momentum, Castor.
    if you told me that Castor is a double agent for the other side, id believe you

    this is beyond embarrassing


  38. Kenney says:

    I can’t take it. The republican counsel is wasteing time. He is awful.


  39. Patience says:

    Goldman’s nose hairs (and other short ones) must be burning for a scratch.


  40. John Rawls says:

    Rs are really bad at this.
    Screaming and yelling, rather than making clear points in calm manner.
    Weak dissembling witness Castor.
    Optics are important.


  41. Mario says:

    Less “Castor” oil and more Tom “Collins”.

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  42. ale81inn says:

    They should just turn it over to Collins, Gaetz and Gohmert


  43. zimbalistjunior says:

    this woman is a trainwreck now too
    whoever planned this strategy and hired this team should be lynched
    what a bunch of morons

    thanks for the revelation


  44. Troublemaker10 says:


  45. Patience says:

    Castor, and now, Ashley Callen have SLOoo.oooWed it all down.
    Can’t wait for the next crescendo

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  46. Patience says:

    Good strategy:
    Speak slowly so as to hear what is actually being said (like a real conversation)
    drive the leftists nuts(ier) because they have no control right now.

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  47. Troublemaker10 says:

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  48. Og Oggilby says:

    My God, Castor is really letting loose now….

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  49. Troublemaker10 says:


  50. ale81inn says:

    Nadler is a bungling fool

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