Bartiromo: USMCA Could Come Up for Vote Next Week….

Well, well, well….  FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo announced this morning that her sources are saying a USMCA vote is possible next week.   This DC source reporting would align with our CTH spidey senses from the visible DC trade twitches.

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159 Responses to Bartiromo: USMCA Could Come Up for Vote Next Week….

  1. RedBallExpress says:

    Dear Nancy,
    The Catwoman you ain’t!

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  2. AleaJactaEst says:

    Spidey Senses Sundance?

    More like the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch.

    100% correct……

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  3. Dances with Wolverines says:

    I wonder if Mexico’s ALMO threatened to withold cartel cash from the Democrats until the bring USMCA up for a vote?

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  4. Perot Conservative says:

    They have to pass it, or with Trump’s (our) fundraising and key TV / social media buys, it could really he a bloodbath.

    POTUS also polling around 34% with African Americans in 2 different polls.

    One group he reportedly could shore up is suburban women?

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  5. The Demon Slick says:

    I’m suspicious because lefties but I sure hope so.


  6. Publius2016 says:

    Still think Canada is the Globalist fail safe…look at O Canada to mess things up…

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  7. dallavise says:

    Not so fast! Nancy could pass to relieve domestic pressure and use Justine for further stalling. Not out of the woods yet.

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  8. hokkoda says:

    Well, her sources were only off by 7 weeks for the FISA report release…so we got that goin’ for us.

    Trump will get some great bragging rights out of this. Not only did he show that Coup Part Two was a hoax and make a mockery of the fake impeachment hearings, he forced a vote on USMCA and got it passed. There’s no way the Democrats can spin USMCA passage as a test of sanity for their lunatic impeachment proceedings. Either Trump is an immediate threat to the Republic, or he is not. Voting for one of his marquee trade agreements clearly says he’s not a threat to the Republic…creating even more cognitive dissonance for Pelosi’s vulnerable members.

    Let’s see if this pans out. They have like 87 things to get done in 8 days. I think the message from those trade representatives flying in today is “This is freaking serious business, stop screwing around with our countries’ economies.”


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  9. Dances with Wolverines says:

    I bet Nancy Pelosi schedules a vote then next week, postpone the vote due to the Judiciary committee impeachment hearings, placing the blame for no USMCA vote until next year squarely on the President’s shoulders. I wouldn’t put it past them at all.

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  10. 335blues says:

    The witch Pelosi has made yet another bad move.
    She hoped the delay in signing USMCA would drive markets down and she could then
    wag and nag at President Trump for a down economy.
    Markets have consistently been up, and are up to a new record high even this week!
    And now?
    It appears she will finally take her witches finger off the artery and let the real blood
    of the economy flow. And the markets will climb to even higher records as a result of USMCA.
    The witch has blundered again as her efforts at obfuscation will again help President Trump instead of hurt him as was her nefarious plan.
    Truly, Pelosi will be remembered by history as the worst House Speaker ever.

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    • bluenova1971 says:

      It is entirely possible for the markets to tank alongside a booming US economy.

      The primary beneficiaries of our current POTUS-inspired employment/higher wages expansion (as SD has previously pointed out) are the lower wage earners in the US. This demographic (Main St.) isn’t very much concerned with what happens on Wall St.

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    • grumpyqs says:

      Accomplished nothing? The witch has enabled her squirrelly minions and blood-sucking lawyers to impede the most productive POTUS this country has had in my lifetime! As a result, millions of workers, tax-payers, veterans and voters are mad about the corruption, furious about the never-ending wars, paying MORE than our share, grieving for Our dead in a 70 year, still active, “UN Police Action”. And on the witches side, they are getting far too many immigrants, feces in the streets, sinister sick gender tricks, lunatic level social thoughts, craving for Communism and abuse of the public education systems.
      She has (finally) woke up the conservative base, has them mad, clinching their teeth and anxious to reclaim their culture, country, patriotism and dignity. Boehner and Ryan couldn’t / wouldn’t do it either!

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    • Bob says:

      That’s why I think she’ll allow it to pass, in order to blunt Trump’s charge that the House has done nothing. Plus Justin’s party failed to secure a majority and they have to form a coalition government, so he may be under pressure to help the failing Canadian economy.

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  11. fangdog says:

    Somewhere along the line Nancy has to realize how many people and three Country’s are being damaged because of her stupid dysfunctional ego. People as Pelosi are just plain psychopathic evil.

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    • saintoil says:

      Gee you think she cares? As her constituents lay in their excrement?

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Agreed. We’re leaving some parts out of equation.

      She’s having to regroup, at this late stage. Her biggest
      unassailable attack dog ( Cummings) died. If a mobster’s
      Lieutenant dies, they’re hard to replace.

      The other, usual attack dogs are either aged or infirm.
      Aged? Hoyer.

      Infirm? Judging from recent pictures, John ( Did I ever
      tell you I was in Selma? ) Lewis. Needs support to walk.

      Schiff dropped the ball, big time. Interesting to see what’s
      in his future. Doubt it’s so bright he has to wear shades.

      “Peach foty fahv” is turning into her own meme. No one’s
      paying attention. Buh bye, Maxine. But, your voters would
      elect your corpse.

      The Blacula look alike dude from Texas got his moment
      of glory with the impeachment quote at the hearings. He’s
      gone. Al Green ain’t singin’ no more.

      Nadler manages to shoot himself in the foot every time
      he tries another trick. Waiting for the ACME anvil for him.

      Any others to add? The usual attack suspects are drying up.

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  12. oldersoul says:

    Nancy has no choice.

    If she doesn’t cave on this, they lose the House outright next year.

    The damage from her fake impeachment stunt has reached critical mass with the national electorate, and is otherwise catastrophic. Even Democrat voters in Philly are now pissed off. And she has insufficient caucus support to even drag it across the finish line.

    She needs a ‘victory lap’ on something — anything — to hold off the Democrat masses from massacring her.

    PDJT played this beautifully, and beat her at her own game.

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  13. Ray Runge says:

    Congratulations on the Spidy Senses scoop Sundance.

    AND the important stuff, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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  14. I S says:

    Humm. Do you think PDJT read rules for radicals? He seems pretty good at throwing the ball back in the dems court. LOL. Love it!!

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  15. Dutchman says:

    This is like some kid failing to do their homework, and then asking for ‘extra credit’, by doing some craft project.

    Every day, in every way, by every action they take, Nancy and the idiots show their contempt for the American people, and just how CLUELESS the elites are, about what Americans are thinking and feeling.

    She/they really thought they could do NOTHING but impeachment, for 3 years, and then quickly ram thru USMCA, and budget, and no one would notice?

    She is just confirming what PDJT has said; that Immigration reform COULD be resolved in 15 minutes, that all the excuses for not getting legislation passed are just like excuses for not getting homework done.

    This also exposes Republicons, especially in Senate, as FAILING to pass legislation, is one of Mitchs go-to stealth moves.

    Reality is, if Leadership WANTS legislation to pass, it moves at light speed.
    If Leadership DOESN’T want it to pass, they can stall it, forever. Yet more exposure of the true nature of D.C. Sewer, and how it REALLY operates.

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  16. mikeyboo says:

    The President will make certain people know Pelosi killed the deal-which would have massively benefited US and Mexican workers -just for the satisfaction of damaging the President. She will have earned the enmity of workers, including those in the Hispanic and Black communities just in time for the election.
    My hunch is the Democrats will try a “graceful” exit from the Impeachment fiasco WRAPPED IN THE STARS AND STRIPES for “the good of the country”.
    President Trump’s theme song for the coming election should be Yankee Doodle Dandy!

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  17. fangdog says:

    Democrat politicians are psychopathic as well as a number of their voters or they wouldn’t be Democrats. I am sure there are a number of Republican politicians who fit this category, just not as many of them. Mitt Romney as just one example as was John McCain.

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    You would want all of the “principals” together if you were going to make a big announcement.

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  19. sir4576 says:

    The demCRACKS just keep getting bigger and bugger….

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  20. sir4576 says:

    The demCRACKS just keep getting bigger and bugger….


  21. sir4576 says:

    The demCRACKS just keep getting bigger and bugger….


  22. Kerry_On says:

    Did I read somewhere that the DNC is so broke, Perez is actually FUNDRAISING IN MEXICO? Could explain some of this. It could e the fundraising is about to get VERY successful, or, conversely, was about to be prohibited


    • jus wundrin says:

      Perhaps hes just courting future voters.


    • bluenova1971 says:

      I’m sure the cartels would financially support the Dems’ open border policy.

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      • snellvillebob says:

        Remember El Chapo donated $10 million to the Clinton Fund then requested extradition to the USA. Everyone thought she would win. About 5 weeks after she lost, he was on US soil and should never be free again.

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        • bluenova1971 says:

          I wasn’t aware of that sb

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        • Your Tour Guide says:


          Writing this from just down 78 (Tucker)

          We had our own version of the El Chapo tale here
          in Georgia awhile back. A former Sheriff of Dekalb
          (white guy) was under indictment for a variety of
          skullduggery. The GBI was close to closing in, when
          the new governor elect ( forget which one) rescued
          him by promoting him to a ready made job.

          Punchline: As soon as said governor was out of office,
          the knock came on the door, and said former Sheriff
          went up river. Ah, the good old days.


          • snellvillebob says:

            There have been worse incidents in the DeKalb Sherriff department. In 2000 the incumbent DeKalb sheriff, Sidney Dorsey sent three officers out to murder the sheriff elect Derwin Brown. It seems the corrupt Dorsey knew Brown would find out how corrupt he was and decided to off him.


  23. Mike in a Truck says:

    So. At what point does the dissolution of NAFTA begin? 6 months after this non vote for USMCA? Or 6 months after POTUS declared the trigger tripped? Something tells me we will be discussing this in August.

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  24. cambee99 says:

    You imagine a moderate Dem or even a liberal suburban dem going back in the holidays?

    “All you care about is politics! What about me and my family?”


  25. rustybritches says:

    Nancy Polosi said yesterday that the dems have reworked the USMCA to some degree to make it better for the Dems and she was hoping that the President will go along with her changes Now if the President wont go along with her changes she will again stand in the way of letting it pass so I am not at all hopeful that she will do the right thing.
    All we can do is hope that she does not get her way and this thing passes as it should have over a year ag.
    According to Bannon on War Room this morning the Dems are going to again make President Trumps trip over seas difficult because they schedule some thing like this impeachment mess just as he is trying again to deal with the leaders over seas They really should be taken to the wood shed for a good beating and pray for PT to do just that.

    I pray for him and his family and By the Way

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  26. Garavaglia says:

    Trump may have honed in on tarrifing interests close to Nancy’s, or her handlers’, pocketbooks.

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  27. trapper says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. That 34% poll number showing Trump with 34% of the black vote in 2020 scared the crap out of the democrats. They are now desperate to come up with something to show for the last 2 years of democrat control of the House. And by “democrats” i mean the uniparty bosses who control them. Trump happened once and took away the Republican base from them. Now he is poised to take down their dominance of the black vote.

    Behold, the growing cloud of dust on the horizon. And hair on fire panic in the elite club room.

    Trump Landslide 2020.

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    • hillariousclinton says:

      That witch will deserve less than 0% credit when USMCA passes given everything these scumbags have been doing for the last three years. 100% credit goes to PDJT and company. Any pressure she’s feeling to pass it now is no doubt coming from Mexico and that wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for team Trump in the first place. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    • bluenova1971 says:

      I’m not taking anything for granted, but Pelosi & Co. do have a knack for shooting themselves in the foot.

      PDJT happily supplies the bullets.

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  28. railer says:

    If USMCA is suddenly passed, this is to be construed as The Swamp waving the white flag. Impeachment would be a bust.

    On to the election, and Bloomberg making a last stand to protect the Chinese.

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    • GB Bari says:

      No white flag from the Swamp. Most of the Swamp will benefits from USMCA, and they know it. The multinationals just have to get off their fat azzes and move their slave-wage mfg ops from China to Mexico or ASEAN nations.

      IMO Pelosi is probably getting pressured by certain influential occupants of the Swamp to stop stalling and sign the damn thing…because if she lets it go, then PDJT kills NAFTA and the U.S. reverts back to pre-NAFTA unilateral trade deals, THEN the Swampians start to really lose money.

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  29. Loren says:

    Its truly amazing to watch President Trump drag the DemonRats and Rhinocrats through the swamp kicking and dreaming to get things done! AMAZING!!!

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  30. TarsTarkas says:

    If USMCA is passed, the Democrats will claim that the last few years economic growth was entirely due to Obama policies and now THEIR USMCA bill that they passed to prevent the next Great Depression Trump was engineering to win 2020.

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  31. beach lover says:

    Watching the moves of the DC rats is so predictable anymore. I’m sure Nancy thinks this will soften the bad taste the American Public has from Schifface and Nadless.

    Giving Trump his win on this USMCA is petty. But, Trump should do what he always does… be gracious and compliment her on her wise decision. And laugh and laugh and laugh.. all the way to re-election in 2020.

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  32. H. Hawke says:

    Poopsie will be in Madrid at the climate summit with Greta Thinberg, Dec 2-13.

    Who will preside?

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  33. dallasdan says:

    MB is a talented, legitimate journalist in the traditional sense of the term, but she loves to create a headline.

    I agree with multiple comments above that the Dems will subtly torpedo the agreement with the negotiated demands they are now making with the President’s trade negotiators, and then collaborate with the msm to spin the failure against the President. It’s how they roll.


  34. SHV says:

    “I agree with multiple comments above that the Dems will subtly torpedo the agreement with the negotiated demands….
    IIRC, Under “Fast Track” trade legislation rules, passage is House and Senate majority votes with no amendments or changes. ie. take it or leave it.

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  35. rah says:

    I never thought USMCA would get a vote this year and said so. Could not be happier to be proven wrong! Completely agree with Sundance’s analysis that it is the foundation for many other building blocks that will propel the US economy and start to really rein in the Chinese economy and thus their global influence.

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  36. A2 says:

    This article is from 7 November, and it seems the timing is correct.

    “ House Ag Chair: USMCA Vote As Soon as Next Week”

    “ n an exclusive interview with Pro Farmer policy analyst Jim Wiesemeyer and Farm Journal news director John Herath for the DC Signal to Noise Podcast, Peterson said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to get the USMCA vote on the fast track.

    “[USMCA Working Group chair] Richard [Neal] (D-Mass.) told me he is going to try to move it when we get back next week, or the week after, so he’s pushing hard,” Peterson said. “It’s going to get done. The question is, is it going to get done in those two weeks or is it going to get done in December?”

    Peterson noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) talked about the push to pass USMCA on a caucus conference call this week.

    “She was pushing and explaining the USMCA on that call, and she wouldn’t be doing that if she didn’t want to get this done,” Peterson explained. “So, this is going to get done.”

    U.S. farm groups have presented a full-court press in support of a vote approving USMCA in recent weeks. Randy Russell of The Russell Group who represents a number of ag organizations said on the AgriTalk radio show that the agreement is crucial for farmers and ranchers.

    “The Mexican government [has] already signed off on it, Canada said they’re just waiting for us to pass it and they will pass it, and I just don’t know what kind of signal that sends to our trading partners around the world,” Russell said. “If we can’t approve a deal that on all levels…I don’t care what level you’re talking about, this agreement is better than NAFTA and NAFTA has been great for U.S. agriculture. I’m very hopeful we’ll get it done, and I think we’ll get it done before Christmas.”


  37. Dave Sanderson says:

    For the next several days of their Thanksgiving break Congressional Dems will be getting their ears scorched by their constituents AND those in swing districts will be watching an avalanche of GOP/Trump TV commercials naming them to their local voters as the evil weasels that they are.

    Nothing concentrates the mind of a politician up for re-election like the possibility of NOT winning!

    When Dems get back to DC next week their butts will be puckered tightly enough to crush walnuts …they’re going to be howling at Pelosi to “give us SOMETHING positive, ANYTHING!” and also howling at ‘the squad’ to “STFU and die before I kill ya myself!”


    • Les Standard says:

      These Prog Dim’s are just criminals and Communists now, and they don’t care what you or anyone else says or thinks. You peons are scheduled to be eliminated and replaced soon anyway….

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  38. Sherri Young says:

    From today’s Mexico News Daily

    “Trump says drug cartels will be designated terrorist organizations”

    Look around on that website though. Mexico is about to roll out an economic development plan based mostly on tourism. They need to clean up the cartel violence–badly. Violence is bad for business. Mexico is calling for talks ASAP. My hope is that a 3-way deal can be negotiated so that Mexico will accept US intervention under the auspices of the UN. Mexico gets its feelings hurt and radar up whenever there is a hint that the US may exert influence in that nation. Mexico alleges to be a sovereign nation that wants to stay that way. They yell, “Racism” as quickly as the Lebanese-Mexican oligarch-owned Failing New York Times.


  39. hawkins6 says:

    There is not a single mention of the USMCA talks on either Trudeau’s or Freeland’s twitter sites. I only found one article linked below. This is at a time when Canadian manufacturing and other sectors are bleeding jobs while “Public Administration” (gov’t) jobs are up. Unlike Canadian pols, POTUS’s twitter site keeps Americans well informed about major issues.

    The dubious “MSM” article portrays the Dems and Canadians as major saviors and contributors of the deal:
    “A working group of Democrats has been wrangling with the Trump administration for months over aspects of the deal —particularly its new higher labour standards and whether they are enforceable, a critical source of concern for the American labour movement….Last summer, Canada and Mexico struck a joint working group to offer “Canadian expertise” as the Mexicans implement new collective bargaining standards for workers at thousands of affected workplaces. Representatives met again in September.”

    “I think we have capacity to help them,” Hassan Yussuff (Pres. CLC-Labor Congress) said, adding that the Mexicans might need funding in addition to advice. “Trade is supposed to raise all boats,” he said. “The last thing we want is for Canadian workers to feel that they’re losing their jobs to Mexico because their standards aren’t the same as in Canada.”

    Imagine what “collective bargaining standards” will actually mean in a corrupt, cartel led country like Mexico.

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  40. Polling must have told this National Disgrace Congress they desperately need to accomplish at least one thing for the American people in two years.

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  41. John Good says:

    I am in Gainsville FL till Sunday & being used to listening to Red Eye Radio all night while I was a Commercial Driver, the only radio stn. to come in clearly here is 97.3 FM.

    Yesterday on the Bob Rowe Talk Show, he had a local politician from Newberry on. He said that he had studied this new USMCA agreement extensively & there are “traps” in this agreement that were put in by Democrats, which would make it way-less effective for the USA than Trump wanted. He said that the University of Ottawa in Canada had said that the USMCA had about 58 % of the TTPP agreement in it , that Trump had cancelled.

    Now Pelosi & Trudeau are setting a “trap” for Trump UNLESS he really reads this USMCA agreement BEFORE he Signs it.

    Also, he said that Mark Rubio knows about the “traps” Robert Lighthauser who Trump trusted to write most of USMCA, once worked for Obama!

    AND to make things worse, the local politcian from Newberry said that the Whole USMCA would have to be re-written, instead of just the “traps” parts of it.

    Will someone here PLEASE get word to Donald J. Trump about this, BUT I feel that he did not get to be where he is in life by being “gullible”!

    Canada is now lost to the Globalists, so lets not let the same thing happen to the USA!

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      The link below just says there will be an addendum, no rewrite. Robert L is sharp!


    • SHV says:

      ““traps” in this agreement that were put in by Democrats,”
      No sure where in the process of USMCA with Mexico that the Dem/Thugs put in “traps”. IIRC, under trade “Fast TracK” process, the USMCA negotiated by the PDJT “people” is pass or fail by Congress, no amendments or changes allowed.

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      • mimbler says:

        According to wikipedia: “The U.S. House of Representatives is proceeding with work on USMCA, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on 26 September.” So it does sound like the dems have their fingers in the pie.


        • SHV says:

          “If the President transmits a fast track trade agreement to Congress, then the majority leaders of the House and Senate or their designees must introduce the implementing bill submitted by the President on the first day on which their House is in session. (19 U.S.C. § 2191(c)(1).) Senators and Representatives may not amend the President’s bill, either in committee or in the Senate or House. (19 U.S.C. § 2191(d).) The committees to which the bill has been referred have 45 days after its introduction to report the bill, or be automatically discharged, and each House must vote within 15 days after the bill is reported or discharged.”

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      • Rhoda R says:

        OTOH, we know how much weight the dems give to their own rules.


  42. Perot Conservative says:

    USMCA Update

    Inside Trade: Seade: ‘Addendum’ to USMCA will fix panel-blocking loophole
    November 26, 2019 at 3:22 PM

    “An addendum to the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement outlining accords struck by the Trump administration and a group of House Democrats will close a loophole that allows the blocking of dispute-settlement panels, a senior Mexican official told Inside U.S. Trade , warning that other enforcement approaches could result in the deal’s rejection. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and a group of Democrats appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have for months been debating the enforceability of USMCA’s labor provisions, among other…”

    [PS Sundance, sorry for the Eyeore!]


    • John Good says:

      Thanks for posting the link!

      Actually, I am surprised that they would even attempt to put in such a loophole (again), as this loophole was one of the main reasons that NAFTA was such a disaster to the USA!

      I stand behind my previous comment, as I just don’t trust the Globalists, especially after Sundance has stated that “there are trillions of $$$ at stake”!

      Anyone who is interested in this, look up the Bob Rowe Show on 97.3 FM & I think it was Wed. morning that Bob had this local politician from Newberry FL on. Since I am here for the winter from Canada, I had no idea who this guy was.


    • John Good says:

      I was thinking earlier today that IMO China has probably “bribed” the Democrats, certain RINOS & whatever else they need to, in order to “win this trade war with Trump”!

      And IMO China is probably behind the “illegal refugees” ruining Europe, GB, my Canada & trying to ruin the USA. George Soros is quite often blamed for this, as we are led to believe that he’s trying to “tank a country’s currency” by ruining it’s economy, but I think that it’s much bigger than this!


  43. CNN_sucks says:

    So the demo rats got played by lawfare? Lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank with our money. Fraud.


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