Nikki Haley, President Trump and MAGA Convenient Friction…

You might have noticed today how former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N, Nikki Haley, has grabbed multiple headlines.  Apparently within her new book, the former South Carolina republican – who removed historic monuments and then moved her permanent residence to New York, has outlined Rex Tillerson and John Kelly as stealth insiders working to undermine President Trump and attempting to bring Haley into their clique.

This move is so typically Nikki Haley it would almost have been predictable right?

Well, it was.

In 2018 CTH foretold and forewarned of exactly what Nikki Haley would do.  She is as predictable as the sunrise.  [SEE HERE]  Everything about Nikki Haley is opportunistic, political and false.  Nikki Haley is the female version of Mitt Romney.

CTH Archives […]  Due to the increasing success of the MAGA or Trump Republican apparatus, Haley will need to carefully position herself as a stealth Decepticon and not upset the vulgarian hordes; ie. the new republican party base voter.

As a smart and tactical politician Haley will invest heavily in the optics of supporting the MAGA movement; and embrace President Trump to avoid any conflict. (more)

I’m not going to write about it again.  CTH forecast exactly what would happen.

Nikki Haley relies on people with short memories.  She is a liar, a manipulator, and a purely political animal.   She wants to be president.  She will manipulate anyone and everyone in the process in order to achieve her career goals.

Remember in January 2016 when Nikki Haley gave the State of the Union rebuttal so she could attack the outside candidacy of Donald Trump?   A month later she endorsed Marco Rubio for president.  Or maybe you remember in June 2016 when Nikki Haley blamed Trump supporters for causing violence in San Jose?

Nikki Haley has one priority, Nikki Haley.  Everything else is a transaction.

She claimed South Carolina as her home in order to advance her political career.  Haley would never have become Governor without the endorsement of Sarah Palin and the help of the Tea Party; months later Haley openly rebuked, dismissed and disparaged Ms. Palin.

Haley enamored herself with the uniparty political ruling class, and after the politically correct and opportunistic response to the Emmanuel Church shooting, including the removal of all confederate flags, civil war monuments and historic South Carolina history….. she bailed out of South Carolina permanently and moved to New York.

Haley is for Haley, and she will do anything, sell-out anyone, and hitch her wagon to any helpful enterprise (ie. MAGA) to attain her political ambitions.  In 2016 she thought Marco Rubio was her best play; then she moved to join the Trump administration.  Now she has her eyes on the oval office.

She is the worst form of politician.

If Nikki Haley can ride a coup into the White House….

Don’t take my word for it, ask Rex Tillerson and John Kelly.

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431 Responses to Nikki Haley, President Trump and MAGA Convenient Friction…

  1. dallasdan says:

    “Everything about Nikki Haley is opportunistic, political and false.”

    Well said. This is an excellent Executive Summary of her chronic self-aggrandizing and opportunistic persona.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      the key point is opportunistic – meaning when she SAW THE TIDE TURN – she may of told PDJT of those two gentleman

      This is a big question I’d like to know the answer to … PDJT is supporting her book.. and she did say this when she DID NOT NEED TO.

      it LOOKS Like it HURTS Trump and supports the narrative that people believe he is unfit and they are saving the country , BUT THE PATTERN IS – PDJT sets somethign out there that LOOOOKS bad for him that BOOMERANGS. hence the april 21st call transcripts bommeranging the Biden politcal opponent (biden wasnt announced yet)

      Biden announces april 25th — after the april 21st call between pdjt and Ukraine
      Biden spys told him to run for cover…..
      july 25th call is the current conversation… to ENCOURAGE the narrative of TRUMP GOING AFTER POLITICAL OPPONENT to SNIFFFF OUT all the NEVER TRUMPERS smelling blood in the water..

      Fools they never learn


      Biden Announced april 25

      PDJT call Ukrain April 21st (transcript dropped one day before public hearing AGAIN to encourage them to STOP)

      We are only talking of July 25th CAll.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Haley just said she DID TELL THE PRESIDENT on hannitys show.

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      • dwpender says:

        I too heard the interview. It confirmed my suspicion that this whole controversy is simply book sales hype (she said 1 page out of 250). She claims (no doubt truly) that Tillerson and Kelly disagreed with some of DJT’s views, and asked for her help/support in changing the President’s mind. I have no doubt this sort of activity among senior advisers happens in every Administration. Big deal.


    • G. Alistar says:

      Yep….watching her interview with Hannity tonight. A different take: Nikki is an opportunist and she sees great success in Trump’s future. She would have never taken this stance and been so positive towards the President 2016-2018…..when half the country, all the dems and media and especially the never Trump RINOs were all daily sucking up to Bob Mueller. She does have a great smile…..I don’t trust her.

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  2. GMW says:

    Haley is not constitutionally eligible to be POTUS. She is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Just like aka Obama, Harris, Gabbard, Yang, Cruz and Rubio to name a few notable frauds.

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    • ann says:

      Uniparty is getting far easier to identify. 🇺🇸

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      A while back I raised a similar point with respect to another candidate (Kamala Harris. I think). Ristvan promptly corrected me, referring to a SCOTUS decision that had changed the requirement to simply having been born in America. To me that’s horrible because it means any anchor baby, raised abroad and having no sense of allegiance to the USA, could run for POTUS. But that’s my opinion and SCOTUS couldn’t care less about what I think.

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    • Drakon says:

      Haley was born in Bamburg, South Carolina, according to Wiki


  3. rightmover says:

    “Everything about Nikki Haley is opportunistic, political and false. Nikki Haley is the female version of Mitt Romney.”

    I have never trusted her, and am in 100% agreement with Sundance here. But how many people will forget this about Nikki Haley in 4 1/2 years when she is debating the likes of Mike Pence and Jim Jordan in the 2024 primaries?

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  4. carlov says:

    I believe her , those 2 have always been creepy and critical of our favorite president

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  5. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Here’s a big IF.
    If she told the president at the time that these two guys were conspiring against him then she deserves a certain amount of respect. If she kept it to herself then she is indeed an opportunist speaking out now who didn’t have the guts to do the right thing at the right time.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

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    • jdintx says:

      It will be interesting to hear POTUS’ take on this..

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        Harold FORD on FOX (with Brett during the day show) ust SIGNALED PELOSI will PULL THE IMPEACHMENT on FRIDAY after the hearings if they dont go anywhere!!!!!

        they smelled blood! so she jumped –
        PELOSI signals after to assist Trump

        Trump’s style is to recruit the submitted enemy but allow them to still look their part. Pelosi has assisted Trump, and Trump has assisted Pelosi with killing the radical wing of her party.

        Pelosi handed Trump Nikki haley on a platter – …

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    • JL says:

      I don’t have much of an opinion about this, but it’s important that we have all facts available. Trump tweeted about her book for a reason. This probably has something to do with it:


      • WhiteBoard says:

        BOO M HALEY Flipped – opportunistic people are always useful when you are winning.

        this is probably the same time Bush met with Trump at his Father’s funeral.


      • TrustyHaste says:

        Bullshit. I can’t stand this bitch. Sorry for the cussing, but nothing else fits.


        • JL says:

          I’m guessing the reason President Trump fired McMaster and Kelly, and is now promoting Haley’s book, is because she probably did report their insubordination to the President. Even if she is ambitious, that’s still a positive.


    • CathyMAGA says:

      Unless she told him knowing that it wouldn’t really matter at the end of the day, because she was in the loop on him being impeached(and removed)…🤔


  6. L. E. Joiner says:

    For those who are claiming the Nikki Haley is ineligible to become President under the ‘natural-born citizen’ provision: The Founders never defined the term definitively, and it has been the subject of litigation, speculation, and some legislation ever since. It is generally considered settled law that ‘natural-born’ (or ‘native-born’) includes >anyone born in the United States (except to foreign ambassadorial staff, who are officially representatives of other countries). The definitive word was Lynch vs. Clarke (1844). Note that today many of us think that we need legislation (or an Amendment) restricting ‘birth-right citizenship’ because of the practice of illegal aliens having babies on our soil, which in itself testifies to the current understanding of the law.

    Here’s the relevant part of a decent Wikipedia article on the subject:

    Interpretations by the courts[edit]

    Although eligibility for the Presidency was not an issue in any 19th-century litigation, there have been a few cases that shed light on the definitions of natural born and native born citizen. The leading case, Lynch v. Clarke[48] of 1844, indicated that citizens born “within the dominions and allegiance of the United States” are citizens regardless of parental citizenship. This case dealt with a New York law (similar to laws of other states at that time) that only a U.S. citizen could inherit real estate. The plaintiff, Julia Lynch, had been born in New York while her parents, both British, were briefly visiting the U.S., and shortly thereafter all three left for Britain and never returned to the U.S. The New York Chancery Court determined that, under common law and prevailing statutes, she was a U.S. citizen by birth and nothing had deprived her of that citizenship, notwithstanding that both her parents were not U.S. citizens or that British law might also claim her through her parents’ nationality. In the course of the decision, the court cited the Constitutional provision and said:

    Suppose a person should be elected president who was native born, but of alien parents; could there be any reasonable doubt that he was eligible under the Constitution? I think not. The position would be decisive in his favor, that by the rule of the common law, in force when the Constitution was adopted, he is a citizen.

    And further:

    Upon principle, therefore, I can entertain no doubt, but that by the law of the United States, every person born within the dominions and allegiance of the United States, whatever the situation of his parents, is a natural born citizen. It is surprising that there has been no judicial decision upon this question.

    The decision in Lynch was cited as persuasive or authoritative precedent in numerous subsequent cases, and reinforced the interpretation that “natural born citizen” meant born “within the dominions and allegiance of the United States” regardless of parental citizenship. For example, in an 1884 case, In re Look Tin Singg,[51] the federal court held, that despite laws preventing naturalization of Chinese visitors, Chinese persons born in the United States were citizens by birth, and remained such despite any long stay in China. . .


    • swissik says:

      Thank you L.E. Joiner for the excellent anlysis. We have three offspring. One born in the US before we became citizens but had an immigration visa, two born in England after we attained US citizenship. With the first born, the delivering physician said to me “your daughter is an American and one day may be president”. While we registered the births of the other two at the US Embassy in London an administrator confirmed that neither of them would qualify for the US presidency. Granted all this happened a long time ago but I’ve never forgotten it.

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    • Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

      Read the unchallenged debate of the Minor v. Happersett decision.

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    • Reserved55 says:

      No. Wikipedia is a source for zilch.

      Most anyone can edit Wikipedia.

      Also see Minor vs Happersett it defines natural born citizen.

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      • L. E. Joiner says:

        Yes, Wikipedia articles can be and often are skewed, especially on controversial topics. Woefully, the Founders never saw fit to define ‘natural-born’ in the Constitution, hence two hundred years of argument (this from Conservapedia):

        . . . there is still discussion over exactly who meets the definition of a natural-born citizen. It is clear that someone who was not a citizen from birth, but acquired citizenship through naturalization, is not one. One view is that all others, meaning anyone who is a citizen from the moment of birth, are natural-born citizens. There are arguments that a third category exists, of those who are citizens from birth by law or status, but are not intended to be considered as natural born. The most common reasons given are that the birth did not take place within the US, or that one of the birth parents was not a US citizen.

        The Wikipedia article suggests that case law has fallen on the side of ‘birth-right’ rather than parental (father) descent.

        Note: ‘Minor vs Happersett’ that you cite was about a woman’s right to vote (denied back in 1875, long before the 19th Amendment).


        • jessetmims says:

          @ L. E. Joiner… Re from Conservapedia: “It is clear that someone who was not a citizen from birth, but acquired citizenship through naturalization, is not one.”

          By posting that single quote, you just destroyed your entire argument that Nikki Haley is a natural born citizen. While she IS (at least, according to the currently accepted interpretation of the 14th Amendment) a US citizen because she was born on US soil. However, she is granted US citizenship for that reason ONLY due to US Immigration and Naturalization Law. Her US citizenship is automatic upon birth; which, means no application or other paperwork is required; but, it’s still GRANTED by naturalization law!

          Therefore, according to YOUR OWN SOURCE, Nikki Haley CANNOT be a natural born citizen!

          Mmmmm…. What’s that saying about giving someone enough rope..? LMAO….


    • WhiteBoard says:

      she ineligble by DEFINITION of no one will vote for her. Traitor –

      and where is the AWAN case that compromised 80 dmeosrats and Jackie Spier signed off on their security clearance.

      Haley was forced to tow the Trump agenda to be viable to Pounce in 2020 to hurt him. If tulsi bonds with her in some woman with all due respect theme… you will see the Hillary Angle for promoting Tulsi into the news (with the calculated Russia Asset comment)

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    • jessetmims says:

      @ L. E. Joiner… Re “The Founders never defined the term definitively…”

      I think you meant “Framers;” but, it truly matters not. The Constitution was never intended to be a dictionary. Therefore, NONE of the words or terms making up the text of that document were defined therein. There was no need. The Framers used words and terms whose meanings were common knowledge at the time.

      Re “it has been the subject of litigation, speculation, and some legislation ever since. It is generally considered settled law that ‘natural-born’ (or ‘native-born’) includes >anyone born in the United States (except to foreign ambassadorial staff, who are officially representatives of other countries). The definitive word was Lynch vs. Clarke (1844).”

      First of all, the only question Lynch vs. Clarke (1844) ruled on was whether or not Julia Lynch was a US citizen; whereas, the question WE’RE discussing is related to whether or not a particular person (Nikki Haley) is a NATURAL BORN citizen. Therefore, Lynch vs. Clarke has no bearing on this discussion.

      Secondly, Lynch v Clarke was a case brought before the District Court of the Southern District of New York.


      Therefore, it does not and cannot supersede decisions handed down by the US Supreme Court. So, again, Lynch v Clarke is moot to the question at hand.

      What does the US Supreme Court say? That court has found reason to cite a definition of natural born citizen several times in the process of deciding various cases. In EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE, it has cited a definition stipulating that in order to be a natural born citizen, one must be born in a country to parentS who are citizenS OF that country. So, to paraphrase specifically to the USA, a natural born citizen (of the USA) must be born on US soil to two US citizen parents.

      Again, for absolute clarity, the US Supreme Court has NEVER ONCE cited ANY OTHER definition! Furthermore, in Minor v Happersett (1874), that court cited that definition in a way that make it legal precedent; meaning, from that point on, that court and all lower courts must cite the same definition when deciding cases.

      Click the following link to see ALL the details about the definition of natural born citizen…


  7. Sports-Comics-Obits says:

    We are going to have a female President and I’d much rather have Nikki Haley than the women running from the SODIM party. A governor with executive experience and an ambassador with international experience I believe will serve us all very well.

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  8. SR says:

    She is making tons of money by selling her contacts and influence as BOD in Boeing. She did very good for herself and playing both ways for 2024 primary.

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  9. jessetmims says:

    Here are the details as to why Nikki Haley cannot be a natural born citizen and is therefore never eligible to become president…


  10. Saveedra says:

    Thank you Sundance for your perspective of Haley. Why would she write a book at this time in her life but for political gain/run for the Presidency in 2024?! I have zero interest in her or reading her book. Maybe if she runs she’ll ask Mittens to be her vp.😂🙃

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  11. Charlie Yup says:

    The writer should contact Will Folks, publisher of He claimed he spent a lot of “intimate” time with ms. Haley during her time in SC. I’m not sure if she paid him or threatened him, but he stopped publishing some of his wild stories about her. If she does make a run for office I’ll be reading his site daily.


  12. doofusdawg says:

    “I did… thank you for your interest”

    Wondering how many of these new posters are trolls. Please tell me our side isn’t this rabid.


  13. Boxerpaws says:

    if i live long enough to vote in 2024 have no one in mind at all.Haven’t given anyone a look see yet Too far out We have to get Trump re-elected in 2020. It’s going to be a tough battle and one we can’t afford to lose. We get through this then i may give ’24 some thought.

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    • doofusdawg says:

      And Nikki hasn’t announced anything other than stating over and over that all she wants to do is campaign to get Trump reelected… in 2020.


  14. jackalix says:

    Never knew now I do thanks Sundance and crew 😉


  15. Shelby Johnson says:

    I will Haley credit…she supports our POTUS Trump. That being said, maybe she is only looking for a POTUS endorsed book launch and/or for future endeavors. I will be weary and pay considerable attention to her future endeavors. I will say that I was impressed with her originally but Sundance has the intuition to see beyond the BS…I like her but my position will be that of hesitancy before I make any decision on her political future.

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  16. JaimeInTexas says:

    Haley claims she told Trump about the conversation with Tillerson and Kelly.


  17. Southern Trumpette says:

    The snake, Nikki Haley, will be appearing on Hannity tonight.
    Let’s see if she told the President about Tillerson and Kelley’s treachery.


  18. Zero says:

    Nikki Haley was removed from office as Governor of South Carolina when President Trump offered her the ceremonial and toothless job of UN Ambassador. She was then replaced as governor by a real Republican.

    Predictably, Haley had difficulty with Trump, and chose to leave her post. In the game of musical chairs, there were no jobs left for Nikki anymore; she had been defanged.

    Now Nikki is trying to fool people into thinking she is good for anything except testing the air with a wet index finger. Haley’s calls to remove the historic Confederate flags and statues makes her into a duplicitous virtue-signalling, Cultural Marxist. This from a woman who had no appreciation for South Carolina’s rich history.

    Authoritarian impulses like Haley’s only come from someone with a leftist bent.


  19. Alan webb says:

    Thanks for not forgetting her contribution to the destruction of American history through out the south and northeast – monuments defied and flags removd
    – she is a camilian of the worse kind . She has never adopted the Trump way


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