Nikki Haley Just PROVED Beyond Any Doubt That UniParty DC Republicans are Intentionally Disconnected…

Forget the nonsense from President Obama’s State of The Union diatribe of same/same left-wing nonsense cloaked in claims of incivility from his opposition.  Forget that nonsense, it was predictable. Most of the electorate were more interested in whether the DC Republicans had received the message within a six-month-leading Donald Trump candidacy.

And…. the answer is a resounding NO !

nikki haley

There is only one party in DC and that is the UniParty run by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  There’s not a hairs difference between them, and Nikki Haley just affirmed the GOPe commitment in that regard.

[…]  “We need to be honest with each other, and with ourselves: while Democrats in Washington bear much responsibility for the problems facing America today, they do not bear it alone. There is more than enough blame to go around.

“We as Republicans need to own that truth. We need to recognize our contributions to the erosion of the public trust in America’s leadership. We need to accept that we’ve played a role in how and why our government is broken. (link)

….And then Haley went on to outline exactly the same lines of horsepucky spouted by the same White House who got everything they wanted in the recent and ridiculous Omnibus spending bill.  Notable in almost every word she uttered including the continual demand for comprehensive immigration reform and open borders:

[…]  “Today, we live in a time of threats like few others in recent memory. During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation.

“No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country.

“At the same time, that does not mean we just flat out open our borders. We can’t do that. We cannot continue to allow immigrants to come here illegally. And in this age of terrorism, we must not let in refugees whose intentions cannot be determined.

“We must fix our broken immigration system. That means stopping illegal immigration. And it means welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of their race or religion. Just like we have for centuries. (link)

….“During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation“…. a transparently obvious statement targeted directly at candidate Donald Trump and his supporters.  But what the GOPe is really doing here is targeting 50% of their own party.  Trump holds the vast majority of support as the frontrunner for the past six months, and the insufferable elites can’t stand it – so they target their own base of supporters with scorn and abject disdain.

Hate for their own base of support wrapped up in GOPe talking points so entrenched in the cucumber triangle sandwich tour even the pontificating Charles Krauthammer was seen jumping out of his chair and clapping with applause.    Fox News George Will and Stephen Hayes high-fiving in the background. YESSSS !!

The Weekly Standard will quickly opine all manner of praise and accolades for Nikki Haley.   Staggering how far this wretched soul has dropped from the necessary support delivered by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in 2010.

Quick put in the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal part:…. “We would encourage American innovation and success instead of demonizing them, so our economy would truly soar and good jobs would be available across our country”.

Bill Kristol says: “Attagirl” !!

America says: “B**ch” !!

Now sneak in the Common Core bit we’ve been lobbying for:… “We would reform education so it worked best for students, parents, and teachers, not Washington bureaucrats and union bosses“.

Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce couldn’t have written a better script.  However, it is remarkably understandable considering the GOPe have put all their chips on Marco Rubio and it’s now crystal clear that Haley would be the chosen VP pick for Romney to try and create a firewall in South Carolina.  It would have been Jeb, but, well, you know what happened there…  Everyone who will praise Haley will directly come from the Marco Rubio MSM and political camp, watch.

It would appear the right side of the UniParty is doubling down on disconnect and will continue their own objectives regardless of how much the America-first base demands they change.

So fellow Vulgarians, it would appear Nikki Haley and Paul Ryan are in full alignment.  GOPe lives matter, and the rest of you, you, unwashed masses, slope-heads, and whack-o-birds can just go spit.

OUR  fight continues….

Trump rally mississippi


trump rally michigan


trump rally raliegh 4

North Carolina

trump rally georgia macon


Trump rally Ohio


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280 Responses to Nikki Haley Just PROVED Beyond Any Doubt That UniParty DC Republicans are Intentionally Disconnected…

  1. timmyofoz says:

    Ann Coulter really tore into Nkki.

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    • I nominate Ann Coulter to give Nikki Haley a verbal wedgie of her UN flag underwear every day from here until the election.

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    • Ray Caruso says:

      South Carolinians should be a little more racist and not elect someone like this as governor.

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      • Ian Macpherson says:

        Believe it or not, she was acting and performing as a true conservative, and was the best choice for us in South Carolina at that time. However, she has been seduced by the establishment Republicans, and she is now, just another in the long, long line of political shills, looking for power and influence.
        As well, Trey Goudy has given his support to the RINO’s golden boy, Rubio. Good grief.
        The apocalypse must be near.
        I believe that both parties are thunderstruck by Trump’s continued success and skyrocketing popularity. It is starting to dawn on them that he could actually be our next President…but that would decimate the very foundation of their power and control, and they will do anything to keep that from happening.
        It will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out.
        Personally, I believe Trump is EXACTLY what this country needs at this point in time. I admire people who have the stones to call an idiot “an idiot” when they are being…and idiot.
        Our country needs someone brilliant, cocky, and who isn’t afraid to make tough choices, and despises political correctness.
        At this point, he certainly has my vote.

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        • don L says:

          Nikki has free will and so choose to reduce herself to being a knee-jerk puppet of the GOPe co-rulers. There are no excuses–just credit or blame depending upon how much you love America as she was founded.

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          • Totally agreed, but let me just point out that the gaslighting of our politicians is 100x what they did to us. Haley may have an inkling of reality at this point, but at her “bubble reinforcement factor” (number and effectiveness of Uniparty shills surrounding her and working her case, 24/7), she will pass through a stage of serious F.U.D. where she is wise to the game, but has to pretend she still trusts the very people she’s doubting.

            TL;DR – she may not only come around – she could be there already, but playing smart. Hence Trump’s answer.

            If it looks like I’m encouraging careful defection to our side, that would not be a mistaken impression. 😉

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          • She went down the tubes when she crawled in the sack with Mitt, and she didn’t really need to cuz Palin had already pulled her over the finish line.

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        • seventhndr says:

          Not my state and I don’t know her, but I no longer buy the “they changed in DC” meme. She’s just a few years ahead of Cruz in the plan. Deceive conservatives, get elected, talk a good game, never advance a major conservative cause, advance left wing causes under the guise of bi-partisinship and needed compromise.

          I have no doubt she is the same person she has always been, but like so many others, Trump has pulled her mask off.

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          • Haley is a Governor. Nothing to do with DC. Tyranno has a great post on what has probably happened to her. I’ve seen it in local contexts. The gaslighting is brutal and constant.

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            • When I went “off narrative” in cyberspace, I was stunned by what happened IRL – a “get back with the program” confrontation that was so obvious, it made my head spin. The only possible explanation required Snowden-type stuff, so when he happened, BAM. Everything explained. And you can imagine I was keeping very quiet and “Sgt. Schultz” until I had that understanding of what was going on.

              They keep very close tabs on the potential opposition. Jarrett knows what Haley is thinking before Haley does, because she knows what people will tell her next – and keeping what Haley thinks “on narrative” is very, very important to her.

              Even if Trump is elected, and we beat the commies back to Chicago, don’t expect them to stop trying to reassert their stranglehold on America.


        • NCPatrick says:

          Yes, Ian, we know how that goes … sounded and looked like a serious conservative candidate, got to DC and went hog wild. Just like Rene Ehlmers here in NC and Richard Burr as well. And for what it’s worth .. I was devastated to see that Trey Gowdy had gone over to the dark side; I really thought he was different.

          But in the end, I guess they are all the same, and the only thing that will bring some of these slimy snakes to heel is Donald Trump who won’t pay any attention to their little problems. Is it any wonder the country is in the state it is in? We need President Trump and his hard nosed team to begin to clean out the filth.


          • I am in NC too. I am always sorry to see Burr win in his primary. Happy to see the voters were smart enough to vote Elmers out. Not in my district, but I would have voted for her challenger as well.

            BTW, Drudge has an excellent account of what’s happening in our Gov’s race. May God Bless McCrory to win if voter fraud is stealing this election from us.


      • AdukeLAXobserver says:

        That’s just not right. You don’t really mean that? They did the right thing, looking past her ethnicity, and voting for her. Although that is proving to be a mistake. The republicans of SC elected Tim Scott (black). They keep reelecting Graham (confirmed bachelor) even though he kicks conservatives in the teeth every chance he gets. The republican party has shown it’s self not to be a party of bigotry. They can’t claim the SC republican party is the party of bigotry, if they now vote for Trump, after the parties recent track record in SC. Trump doesn’t want to end all immigration and they know it. He just wants people coming here to follow the law.


        • gina says:

          Tim Scott is a good guy, a good conservative. I do not regret voting for him. And Miss Lindsey keeps getting elected because he brings home the bacon and because SC is a huge military state (more bacon). (I didn’t vote for him.) Nikki Haley talked like a real conservative at the time she ran for governor. I’ve been very disappointed with her.


    • cynthia says:

      Same old Talking points from the Globalist republicans.

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    • Carl Davis says:

      Ann Coulter is as uneducated as those she talks about. Trump is a liberal. He changed party affiliations 5 times. He supported obummers first election. He supported obummercare and claimed to be it’s number one cheerleader. He supported Hillary’s senate bid. Donated hundreds of thousands to the Clinton foundation. He has made donations to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Don’t be fooled the trump is a liberal


      • EllieEnlightened says:

        If what we have in DC in CONSERVATIVES I will take LIBERAL Trump. They don’t represent me they threw us under the bus.

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      • AdamSelene says:

        How much do they pay you to betray your country? Like $8/hour?

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      • Regina says:

        You’re not going to get much ground with that “changed party affiliations” garbage around here LOL
        So Have WE!!

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      • Sandra says:

        Who do you support, Carl?


      • Martin says:

        Where are all these trolls coming from?

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      • Josie says:

        Alert: Concern troll in the midst. Go away now. Concern noted and dismissed as irrelevant.

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      • Colt Lending says:

        Carl that Carrot is but a stub now. It’s been trotted out too often.

        I will only speak for myself.

        As a Chicagoian who has voted Republican since Reagan, it is has become evident to me since ’08, there is only one party in D.C. and that is the Uniparty, which is more concerned about the elite Democrats and Republicans and pulling our country more Left and into the NWO fold.

        Many are done with being played by the GOPe

        The GOPe jumped the shark going fetal after the last mid-term.

        We are never, ever, ever getting back together again 🎶

        I had my concerns about Trump, but what a lot of us here realize and what our host Sundance has put forth in his forum, The Last Refuge, is that the the Uniparty has to be politically obliterated — now — and at this juncture Trump is the only guy positioned to do it.

        As a bonus, Trump may actually be the real deal. With each passing day, it looks more and more like it. But, g-d forbid, even if he’s selling us, it’s a no brainer to take that risk in lieu of how destructive to our country the Uniparty has been.

        Trump is appealing to an epic spectrum of voters.

        If there were no Trump, in all likelihood, it would be Jeb/Hillary or possibly Jeb/Bernie (in the unlikely event Hillary fell down and hurt her head or got indicted). In which case, I would be voting for Hillary or Bernie in order to accelerate the reset and rebuilding that would follow after people lived with the consequences of another term of a Marxist, divider, possibly not voting at all.

        Thanks for stopping by, but I think you are pissing up a rope here.

        Come back though and join the yuge Revolution.

        I believe millions have, millions who have never voted, millions who haven’t voted in decades and millions who have never voted Republican (or Independent if that’s how it plays out).

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    • Nikki Haley just signed her political destruction. SC is extremely supportive of Trump, has been all along. This was a handout to her from the powerful DC cartel. It was a coordinated attack on Trump by the Uniparty. They said to her attack Trump and we will give you the opportunity of a lifetime, the SOTU response and VP spot if all goes well. Has anyone noticed how many candidates have conflicting allegiances in their background. It’s ridiculous. Ted Cruz (Canada & Cuba), Marco Rubio (Cuba), Jindal (India), Haley (India). They will all support massive immigration from their respective countries of origin or from anywhere. I believe this is why they are all being courted by the establishment. Marco was a Tea Party plant.

      I thought it was disgusting that Haley chose to attack the front runner and today she compared his hate speech to the Fergason and Baltimore anger. Vote her out of office SC decisively. Send a message to all, if you go against the will of the American people you go to the unemployment line.

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      • Uniparty has seeded the field with all these ineligibles for a reason. It’s a brilliant ploy. Force Trump to VP with a technically ineligible VP. In the event of a Trump win, “do what is necessary”, then challenge the VP’s eligibility. Who becomes President if it can’t be Trump’s VP? Paul Ryan? Hmmm.

        Cruz better take Trump’s advice and get a declarative judgment, IMO. Trump isn’t giving that advice without reason. Trump ALWAYS has a reason.


        • I hope he goes completely outside for VP. He needs someone incredibly loyal.

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        • Millwright says:

          TC, I wouldn’t be “surprised” if DT seeks an apolitical running mate with a very strong business and/or legal background. Smart exec’s always seek the best they can find to install in positions of power. How this plays out politically is another question, but if DT hits the GOPC with a large majority he could pull it off. It would be a watermark in American politics TBS ! Traditionally VPs have been pretty much non-entitys installed to satisfy some political need.


    • Trump has to speak up due to his YUGE audiences! Notice how reserved and calm he is during his one-on-one media interviews.
      Do you know where the anger is, Ms. UniParty? His audiences!
      BTW, Rush and Laura are pretty p.o’d, too.

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    • tempo150101 says:

      I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this sanctimonious adulteress sluht.


  2. jello333 says:

    You’re right, Nikki. The Republicans are as much to blame for what’s happening to this country and the world as are the Democrats. So you’ll be happy to know that in a few short months, BOTH parties — the UniParty — will be on their way out, thanks to the landslide election of Donald Trump.

    So… sorry Nikki, but you and your buddies are about to become obsolete.

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  3. sheridan says:

    Donald Trump is the only choice!!!

    The Uni Party is aligned against him, the media aligned against him, Barack obama is against him, BUT
    The people are with him

    Get ready to vote! As Phyllis Shaflly said Donald Trump is the only one who can take on the king fakers (makers) and WIN.

    Donald J Trump for President.

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  4. Is it just me or does nikki look like she could use a little “work” ???


  5. Doodahdaze says:

    Looks like none of us were in the FOX/Frank Dunce focus group that gave her the highest rating ever. Where does he find these dopes?

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    • booger71 says:

      Unlike the refugees pouring into America Putz’s groups are carefully vetted

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    • yy4u says:

      I turned Fox News off and went to Fox Business which was WAY better in the after the Stake in the Heart of the Union speech. Fox Business, however, replayed the Stake in the Heart of the Union so I went over to listen to a movie (Armageddon) to sleep. (The TV is set to go off by itself). Interesting how a year ago at this time, it never occurred to me that Fox News was as big a liar as MSNBC or CNN. Which brings to mind. Have they claimed to be “Fair and Balanced” recently. I’m not sure even they can say that with a straight face. Frank Luntz wants to work. The CoC, Wall Street, big fat cats, GOPee are the ones who hire him, so he gives them what they want. He no longer is believable either.

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  6. Stephen Mac says:

    If you agree that political correctness, the expression of how the liberal mind thinks, it is somewhat easy to see. Nikkie saying our immigration system is broke. The truth, both parties do not enforce the laws we have. Allowing people into this country who are a real and present danger to United States citizens is morphed into; we have always been compassionate and have let enemies of our country pour across our unprotected borders. She is no different from Angela Merkel. The MSM is hiding what is happening in Germany. They support what is happening there and want the same thing for their “New America”. Another example of “It is not that something is not right here in America, it is, something is terribly wrong here in America”.
    Trump for POTUS. He is the point of the spear that must destroy this madness.

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  7. shirley49 says:

    Of course the Republicans are responsible also. They let this incompetant get away with whatever he did. Hope they all pay dearly. We must also be careful because for the rest of this year they are going to try tp placate us by pretending to do great things for us.

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    • AmyB says:

      Great things like putting the bills to repeal Obamacare and federal funding for Planned Not-Parenthood on Oblahblah’s desk for him to veto after they fully funded both programs with the Omnibus spending bill? Great things like that? They must think their duplicity is invisible and that we are complete morons.

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      • I got an email newsletter from Oregon’s only Republican representative. He bragged about how much money they voted for and got approved on the budget, but “forgot” to mention that they funded Ocare and PP and ended up with a Trilliion $$$ budget. Never talked about spending cuts – ever. Talk about Free! Free! Free!


  8. Duchess says:

    Nikki Haley is now going on a media tour to convince South Carolinians and the rest of the country not to vote for Trump.
    She and GOPe could not be more obvious. It isn’t going to work this time! We are on to you, thanks to Sundance educating us on the game.

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  9. ctdar says:

    Republicans and Democrats in congress are like the old married couple, they look and sound alike.

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  10. The Boss says:

    Nikki Haley is a useless political whore who needs a massive pimp slap from Palmetto State voters.

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  11. georgiafl says:

    TEN LIES in the Obama SOTU address that Nikki Haley did not address.

    Wanna bet none of the GOP enablers and co-conspirators do so?

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  12. Dave says:

    Excellent analysis by Sundance. This woman Haley is a freakin RINO joke who needs to be thrown out of office ASAP (along with her butt-buddy the whacko-bird SC senator with a woman’s name Lindsey Graham-cracker). This dimwitted governor said the following: No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country.

    Base calling Haley (the Republican base that is). Who pray tell is this mysterious group of hard working, law abiding, tradition loving immigrants that have somehow been made to feel unwelcome in this once great country of ours? I would really like to know who the hell these people are considering we are currently welcoming with open arms rapists, drug dealers, murderers, terrorists, scores of other criminals and low lives from every single continent except Antarctica who either hate or have no respect for American laws & American traditions.

    Also when she talks about resisting the siren call of the angriest voices she is of course talking about anyone who supports Trump (or Cruz), is in favor of enforcing the rule of law and against rewarding law breakers with any type of amnesty. Also why are damn RINOS (stands for Republican In Name Only Scumbags) always accusing us the Constitution loving base of being angry when they always attack us first in the most vitrialic manner and like demoCraps are always questioning our motives? I am not a Trump supporter (at least in the primary) but who is angrier Jeb! forget-my-last name is-Bush, Chris-I love NSA data mining-Crispy, John Boy Kasich, South Carolina’s own Goober Graham or the Donald? It’s obvious that Trump is having a ball and is not the least bit angry. The other aforementioned candidates are all constantly blowing their stacks over the fact that Trump is kicking their ass in the polls.

    The dunderhead gov also said “We must fix our broken immigration system. That means stopping illegal immigration. And it means welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of their race or religion. Just like we have for centuries”.

    You should take a class on American History madam governor, the U.S. stopped almost all immigration for 4 decades from 1924 to 1965. And when it comes to religion I don’t recall hearing about hordes of Irish Catholic or Chinese Buddhist immigrants who were chopping off heads in the name of Jesus or Budda back in the year 1900. On that note FYI, we are a nation of Pilgrims and Patriots many of whom fought to the death for Freedom. We are Not a nation of immigrants.

    By the way Ms.Haley I unlike you am from California not South Carolina but even I know that the Confederate freakin flag has not caused the death of one single person (at least not since about 1865). However you may remember way back in December of 2015 there were were 2 Legal immigrants who killed 14 people in my state. Maybe we as a nation can grow a spine, dump this mushy PC happy talk and start enforcing our laws so that we no longer have to hear the Siren Call of cop cars and ambulances responding to the scene of Americans who Died at the hands of terrorists or illegals (neither of whom should be in this country).

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Wooohooo, Dave! What a great post, from someone who gets it, feels it, hates it and knows how serious the situation is. I’m going to save your post to re-read again because it was terrific! Thanks for taking the time.

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  13. Jeff says:

    Haley is toast on South Carolina just with her surrender on the Confederate flag and reluctance on the refuJIHAD . This is her final nail . Senator Lee Bright for Governor of SC !!

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  14. Dave says:

    Breaking news, RINO and supposed Tea Party supporter Iowa senator Joni Ernst said on Fox Snooze (I mean Fox News) that she agrees with the president and is willing to work with the president but that she would still give His Majesty lower marks or even a borderline fail grade (gasp) for his SOTU speech! So bold of her.

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  15. Duchess says:

    Just sent her an email telling her we are on the the game the GOPe is playing. Local talk radio callers her in my area of SC are really angry at her.

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  16. aximand88 says:

    What they said: “Blah blah blah, PC bull crap garbage.”

    What they meant: “Alright listen up you dirty peasants, this was funny at first but now it’s getting out of hand. If you elect Donald Trump we might have to actually start doing real work or risk getting voted out of office. So do as you’re told and vote in our next empty suit.”

    What we heard: “Look, we’re weak, corrupt, self serving cucks and it’s easier to bow down to donor money than it is to stand up for our constituents, so please don’t vote in Donald Trump or we’ll all be out of work! Who will live in our mansions if we can’t afford them anymore?!”

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  17. RM says:

    The first group that Trump needs to deport is made up of politicians, bureaucrats and pundits. Solve the ongoing problem creating all the other problems, then turn to taking out the rest of the trash. GO TRUMP!


  18. itsy_bitsy says:

    While talking about illegal immigration, Haley made a great mistake by saying we should allow all legal immigrants in, regardless of religion. NO WE SHOULD NOT! Until the day comes when you can read a terrorist’s mind as he “legally” enters this country we should allow NO MORE ISLAMIC immigration, period! This is a religion whose followers, for the most part, will not be satisfied until we are either all devoted Islamics or dead! As for the rest of her speech, I have this to say – no more telling US, the voters, what to do. GOPe members listen up because times have changed. You no longer dictate to us, the people you WORK for. If a lot of us have our way YOU ARE GOING TO BE FIRED OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS!

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  19. don L says:

    An establishment pawn in a skirt is..well…an establishment pawn in a skirt.

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  20. didn’t watch the SOTU or the “response”….i’d rather have put a cigarette out in my eye and stuck a chainsaw up my butt. its even hard to stomach reading all the morning after commentary…if i win the powerball tonight i’m going to buy me an island (or build one) and move there. someone call me when the insanity train stops.


  21. Ok… it is time for moderate Republicans to show our own anger. We are the party of Lincoln, not Jefferson Davis. We are not bigots and know-nothings. Even if it means losing power, it is time to stand for principals. We don’t hold klan rallies in SEC football stadiums to make our voices heard… we can do that in the ballot box. And we don’t vote for pasty-faced, flabby-a**sed, too old egomaniacal billionaire boomers who are desperate to “make themselves great again.” Trump made his fortune off gambling and playing monopoly in Manhattan with his daddy’s money and whenever he failed he ran to bankruptcy court… and he’s a man of the people? They must be drunk!


    • Southern Son says:

      DJ Trump made his fortune Legally. Very Unlike All the Uniparty Establishment. They are bought with campaign slush funds, foreign contributions, and insider trades. They work together to protect each other. MANY of them would be in prison if they didn’t colabarate. Trump has Never been accused of illegal activity. If he contributed (with he doesn’t deny) to anyone of them, it was because he had to, to operate in the corrupt system elites have constructed.
      Unlike any of THEM, he wants to give our system Back to We The People, as homage and repayment for his Success!
      He is proof positive what can be accomplished in America, and he owns the fact that he had a head start compared to most of his fellow citizens. He is the Only One in America offering a hand up, not a handout. And it should NOT be negative, that he is focused on Americans, NOT foreigners and Illegals. We Should shut down immigration (all), Build a Wall, Stop TPP, undo nafta, renegotiate trade pacts, and UNDO all the Damage Obomao and non Patriots have done to our country. As far as being consistent, google his positions last thirty years. NoOne has been more ProUSA than Trump. trusTed has flipflopped like a mud fish on the river bank. Who are you advocating? Go back to daily beast carl n jane. TRUMP!!
      Wolverines!! 2016.

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  22. Carl Davis says:

    My friend you are so out of there and wrong. Trump is a liberal. He changed party affiliations 5 times. He supported obummers election and obamaCare. He aimed he was obummercares number one cheerleader. He supported Hillary’s senate bid. Said she did a great job as Secretary of State. Donated hundreds of thousands to the Clinton foundation. Wake up. Trump called Iowa voters stupid. Wake up and really educate yourself

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    • Sandra says:

      You already wrote this. We read it. Many of us disagree.

      Carl, who are you supporting? Bush?

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    • winky says:

      I believe Trump had to make the contributions he did to do business in New York but I do not doubt for I minute that Trump believes today what he believed then. IMO I believe Trump learned a lot about what was going on and about all the rampant corruption when he got involved in the birther situation and that was enough for him. When Trump was making contributions to whoever he had to he WAS DOING BUSINESS , he was not an elected official betraying the people who elected him ….thank God he now has the funds to self-fund…..I truly believe Trump would have liked if O had succeeded as the first black president but I believe he later learned of O’s evil plan for the US and he was done with O.


    • Martin says:

      You, your two little friends can take a hike and stop trolling.


  23. lo says:

    Nothing the GOPe says means anything to me. I simply do not listen to them just as they do not listen to me (and millions of others). I cannot be won back, or talked back into their web of lies and destruction.They do not know better than I do. They need to stop attempting to tell me what I should think.It will not work ever again.

    We have to understand that the destruction we see around us is intentional, so they don’t need to get any message we are sending. They do not care! And as tough as that is to comprehend, we must accept it and get into battle mode. They see us as the enemy, so they ARE our enemies. We must be fearless.The destruction of our way of life is intentional. Think about that. We have no choice but to fight. Our lives are worth fighting for.


    • stringy theory says:

      I roger your comments and feelings exactly. Nothing will ever bring me back into the GOP. I’m done with them except I will be voting both in the primary against my current Rep and Senator. If they make it to the general, I’ll pull the lever for the D regardless of who that might be. These traitors all need to be shown the door and quickly. As for Haley, I hope the good people of SC vote her ass out of office at the next opportunity and ditto Ms. Lindsey though believe he’s got several more years before facing the voters again. And ditto Scott–what a disappointment.


      • pochas94 says:

        Trump doesn’t need a gridlocked Congress. Before you vote against Republicans (or stay home) consider that Trump will clean house at the RNC and bring the party into line behind him. But Democrats will be Democrats.


  24. chasingfacts says:

    “lo says: We have to understand that the destruction we see around us is intentional”

    Can it be turned around? We need to vote in a strong/ from the people candidate like Trump-
    (it is Trump). but also “work” at dethroning all the fakirs we can identify in each of our little corners of the country. That is my learning curve….


  25. cohibadad says:

    The people at Trump’s rally in Cedar Falls yesterday weren’t angry people, but they were tired of being played for fools. The loudest roars from the crowd came when Trump said how stupid our leaders are and stopping Common Core. The Romney campaign lady was there to hear one thing from Trump primarily. Illegal immigration. Her #1 concern. The political establishment lives in their own bubble.

    Liked by 1 person

    • pochas94 says:

      “The people at Trump’s rally in Cedar Falls yesterday weren’t angry people, but they were tired of being played for fools.”

      Right. I don’t like the term “anger.” Anything done in anger is likely counterproductive. You cool off first, then decide what to do. Sometimes, you pay your fine and forget it. This time, we vote for Trump and any other Republicans on the ticket, even if they were supported by GOPe. Let Trump sort them out.


  26. Doodahdaze says:

    She sure ain’t no Carolina Peach. That’s fer suure.


  27. Art Hyland says:

    I’d like to hear Sundance discuss Trump’s knowledge and recognition of the Constitution; I’m all for his anti-PC sentiments, and appreciate his independence from the establishment. So tell me how a President Trump will recognize and appreciate the limits that come with the office of president. Although I would obviously prefer a Trump over anything on the Dem side even if he were as dictatorial as Obama/Reid/Pelosi, I’d like some inside information,if available, as to whether we’d simply have another person who’d expand government rather than contract it. Cruz’s actions, experience and words seem closer to promising to be such a president, it seems to me, but I’m willing to listen to Sundance give us evidence Trump would do as good or better job than Cruz in this important area. Or is it just that Cruz can’t win and therefore there’s no choice but Donald? I confess I’m at wit’s end here, perhaps wanting a country that can never be what it should be, and falling inevitably toward bureaucratic rule and insolvency.


    • BenY says:

      I’m no constitutional scholar but I know inherently what is right, and most often it is constitutional. I prefer right, as opposed to a shill like Cruz who has learned to speak it but not mean it.


  28. Richard_Iowa says:

    So, the curtain that Nikki has been hiding behind was blown open a bit, and what do we find? A GOPe, establishment, country club, elitist RINO pushing and pulling all kinds of knobs and switches.


  29. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    All those people were allowed to win their primaries by the people


  30. deanna laurence says:

    Haley and the GOPe are seeing, to the disbelief of their eyes that Donald J Trump IS the incumbent President of the USA, AND they know their salad days are over


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  33. Lane says:

    Has anyone seen Haley Comets actual quotes on her Governor web page ? She is quoted “encourages people to find and use the power of thier voices”.. Really ? I guess that discounts anyone aligned with Trump and Trump supporters. She is a puppet, a robotic minion. She needs to apologize to Trump and we the people who support Trump. Look at her quote below. I guess she should start eating these words after that disgraceful SOTU speech. Hi Ho Silver !

    Quotes by Haley.
    South Carolinians are strong, independently-minded people. At the end of the day, they make their own decisions. And I respect them for that. And I welcome that. And I told them
    I encourage people to find and use the power of their voices just as much when I do not agree with those voices as when I do agree with them.


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