Governor Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck, MSM, Brad Thor, Blame Trump Supporters For Violence…

No one exposes the real political danger behind hidden ideological alignments as good as Donald Trump.  The beating of the Trump supporters in San Jose last night, and the responses, highlight a case in point.

san jose 9

What do Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and Brad Thor have in common?  They are all on the same page blaming Donald Trump for not accepting the physical beatings that come with expressions of free speech and challenging the orthodoxy of their political views.

Each of these voices in their own way telling Trump, and by extension his supporters, to shut up and sit down; failure to do so will result in your beating.  Trump has a remarkable way of drawing out the pervasive progressive and culturally Marxist beliefs.

If you need further affirmation of Trump’s ability to spotlight the anti-American sentiments that underpin the majority of the political opposition, you only need to reference this little *hidden* snippet about San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. [Those of you familiar with the DOJ Community Relations Service agenda will immediately spot the tell]:

Reached by phone in Washington D.C., where he flew after the protest late Thursday night, Liccardo said he condemns any act of violence committed against anyone expressing their right to free speech and assembly. (link)

Candidate Donald Trump, accidentally or purposefully (I believe the latter), is warming up the generators which power the largest political spotlight ever witnessed.

trump smile 3From prior research into his approaches, one thing is certain – Trump doesn’t nibble around the edges, he targets his sunlight directly into the belly of the beast.  It appears candidate Trump is well prepared with a strategy to take this sunlight where it is needed most.

Like the CTH discussions of the 2014 GOPe road map when almost all were disbelievers, we don’t want to tell people what to believe, we just direct attention to the predictable pathway where all of this activity converges.

Do not expect Donald Trump to shy away from “Sanctuary Cities” for his rallies.  Indeed, they hold the potential for the greatest exposures of sunlight, as the underlying ideology of the political opposition is easiest to display directly in their back yard.  When adversaries go to war against Trump, he’ll be the first to show up on the door step and make himself an easy target.

Those of you familiar with the CRS and the politics behind the Trayvon Martin case will find additional interest as you review this resulting outline as written by ABC’s Candace Smith in her reporters notebook: 

[…]  But Thursday evening, in San Jose, California, was the worst of nights. What began as a gathering of young people and labor rights’ groups outside of Trump’s rally here, turned into a raucous, bloody, dangerous affair. The crowd of hundreds became disorderly as a large group broke off with seemingly pernicious intentions; to seek out anyone they suspected of being a Trump supporter and intimidate, harass or even beat them into submission.

I watched an elderly couple get their “Make America Great Again” hats snatched off their heads, their signs ripped from their hands, their bodies shoved and their movements trailed by the angry agitators all the way into a parking garage. It did not end there. One young man stalked a Trump supporter shouting obscenities, threatening him.

The dimly lit garage provided the perfect setting for the next wave of terror; agitators surrounded a car where presumed Trump supporters sat parked, trying to make their way out. Suddenly, we heard the sound of breaking glass; their tail-light had been smashed right in front of me. It became a rallying cry, and the rest moved in toward the car and began to shake it violently. The terrified passengers finally were able to speed off.

I watched a lone woman holding her Trump sign in the middle of a horde of people. I wished she would leave but she stood her ground. Sure enough, a young woman spat in her face, another pushed in her face, ripping her glasses off.  (read more)  The attached video is ABC

Then there’s this:

[…]   Friday morning, radio hosts and social media exploded over Liccardo’s comment Thursday to the Associated Press that “at some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for his irresponsible behavior.”

KGO’s Ronn Owens called Liccardo “irresponsible” and most of his call-in viewers agreed.

Reached by phone in Washington D.C., where he flew after the protest late Thursday night, Liccardo said he condemns any act of violence committed against anyone expressing their right to free speech and assembly.  (read more)

Having listened to much of that California “radio talk show” being discussed.  I can confirm, the backlash against the anti-American mob is entirely beneficial to the candidacy of Donald Trump.

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315 Responses to Governor Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck, MSM, Brad Thor, Blame Trump Supporters For Violence…

  1. R-C says:

    We are engaged in a clash of cultures: Those of us who stand for law, order, and liberty stand with Trump on one side; totalitarians who call themselves “liberals” stand on the other side. Only trouble is, there is absolutely nothing remotely “liberal” about them. They are ‘My Way or the Highway’ despots hell-bent on denying liberty to any who oppose their narrow world-view.

    The battle is joined. It’s playing out before our very eyes; among us.

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    • Americans vs unAmericans
      we can be the shirts, they’ll be the skins.
      many Americans are of one mind with trump – you hit me first and i’ll hit back ten times as hard…. gee, that’s American history in twelve words, now isn’t it?

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    • kellymoncus says:

      If I have the opportunity to see DJT here in Texas, I will not let the “Fascist” endanger my wife and I when we prepare to leave. In Texas we have the Castle Doctrine that gives legal authority that extends your home to mode of transportation. Bam Bam, I’m not taking a beating !

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      • GoodNews says:

        Suggest a “cane” or better yet a walking staff and some martial arts study to use it.

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      • 123loulou says:

        I was wondering why none of those protesters have not been shot by now. The only thing I can think of is you can’t carry in the venue. I see the signs that we are trespassing in California. These uneducated idiots apparently don’t know California was bought and paid for by the US. This mayor should be recalled for dereliction of duty.

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    • GoodNews says:

      The fact is the totalitarianism is the status quo.

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  2. satmfs says:

    Haley completed her conversion to nutjob liberal Democrit today. She should be tarred and feathered and run out of the Republican party on a rail.

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    • Cameron says:

      If you are familiar with the leftist strategy if “entryism” you will understand that people like Haley are just part of a 5th column that has infiltrated the Republican party to under mine it’s core principles.

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      • In AZ says:

        Exactly. What is happening in America and Western Europe is orchestrated by the globalist elite communists.

        Globalism started in the early 1700s by one very, very evil Mayer Rothschild. Every country they wanted to conquer they did the very things we are witnessing today in America and Western Europe. President Andrew Jackson threw the Rothschild clan and their cohorts out of the U.S. Unfortunately Rothschild was able to buy their way back into the U.S. They tried to undermine Hitler and when Hitler rebuffed them, WWII started. John F Kennedy was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve and dismantle the CIA. He was assisinated.
        Their ultimate goal was the West as it was the most free of all nations. This is why the elites are fighting Trump so hard.

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    • teaparty turncoat.
      sarc: flippin dot sarc/

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    • corimari2013 says:

      Haley has to be a member of Hillary’s harem.
      She talks like Cheryl Mills, et al., and her positions echo Hillary’s.
      This must be the explanation for Haley’s sordid statements tying Donald Trump to mass-murderer Dylann Roof: “I know what that rhetoric can do. I saw it happen.”
      Haley told the Associated Press that the rhetoric Trump uses is dangerous rhetoric,
      HALEY is the one guilty of inciting hatred and violence.
      South Carolina residents should recall her.

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    • The Defiant One says:

      Nikki Haley, who basically used the Tea Party to get into power is to add her to the RINO’s that should be Cantor’ed.

      But first on the list should be Paul Ryan.

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    • We Love The Treehouse says:

      EVERYONE in government/politics today is corrupt and they ALL NEED TO GO. The one thing Donald Trump’s campaign has done for sure is brought to the sunlight who is corrupt and who isn’t. The people who jumped on board with Donald Trump from the beginning are the true conservatives. Rubio, Bush, Cruz, (all of these types), they ALL of them need to go.

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    • Nikki is a total fraud, clearly a paid-off, sold-out troll for the left now. She is finished in politics. Hope she has a side-line arranged soon.


  3. Backspin says:

    Here is an idea for the safe let out of the next rally held in Liberal Land. This could be practiced at other , quieter , venues first too. As Trump rally ends , MEN exit first. Forming a line outside the venue with 100 to 200 MEN. If police are around , 10 guys back up each cop. Line looks like ..^..^..^..^..^..^..^..^… Push the DIRTbags back. Establish a safe walk to and exit from parking area. Then bring out groups from the Hall , while police hold the line backed up by citizens if needed. Maximum backup for ALL.

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  4. itswoot says:

    “What do Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and Brad Thor have in common?”

    Old saying: “Too many books, so little time”

    Updated saying: “Too many crooks, so much slime”

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  5. joanfoster says:

    Obama is filling the country full of cockroaches and those like Beck, Haley, Thor etc. who do not condemn these acts of violence are no better than invading cockroaches. We should work to get Beck off the air, Haley out of office, Thor selling no more books and defeat the lying MSM and the unindicted felon Hillary Clinton so resoundingly that they never see the light of day again.

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  6. TexasRanger says:

    Thugs Start Riot – Harass, Beat and Terrorize Trump Supporters in San Jose, CA Jun-02-2016.

    White Trump Supporters Attacked and “Chased Down Like Prey” by Latino Mob after San Jose Rally .

    This is Clearly Organized and Planned Violence Against Trump Supports But, The Democrat Mayor of San Jose Sam Liccardo Blames Donald Trump.!

    KPIX / KBCW TV News Video:


    • vietnamvet says:

      While searching for a particular video of the San Jose riots, I happened across this image. I must admit to feeling some empathy for the message … in spite of the misspelling.


  7. jojo says:

    I used to pay for the blazetv but stopped when he started his hatred toward TRUMP. Cruz is gone and I hope he is not elected to dog catcher. What part of secure the border and send ’em home is not Constitutional or conservative? They are way too caught up in their hatred and jealously of TRUMP. Break ’em all. They’re all on the same list as Target & Starbucks.

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  8. sundance says:

    Keep pushing back folks, we’ve got them on their heels:

    Wolverines !!

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    • lvdancer says:

      LOL OOPS! When will they learn! Attacks have consequences in the real world.

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    • emma says:

      YAY! Thank you for posting this!

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    • Backspin says:

      ……Yes , accountability …They DO speak it. ( Please let me keep my overpaid job)

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    • MissV says:

      Thanks for the encouragement.


    • Sherlock says:

      I love this–a concrete victory, and in less than 24 hours! GO TRUMP! GO TRUMP SUPPORTERS!

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    • Viola Thun says:

      Last night I emailed Paul Cicala. My message follows: It takes a special kind of man to blame the assault victim for the mob violence in the sanctuary city of San Jose. NBC’s Paul Cicala is such a man. He is the poster boy for the war on women. All the best, V
      Today I emailed Bshaw@kvoc with a copy to My message follows:
      Hi, So the KVOC news 4 Tucson staff believes as does Paul Cicala, the poster boy for the war on women, that the female Trump supporter had taunted the mob, who you refer to as protesters. As you are well aware the mob had surrounded her and backed her into a door. As you are well aware the mob screamed vile sexual insults at her, spit on her, lobbed eggs on her, and some threw water bottles at her. Some flashed gang signs and some carried Mexican flags.
      Sunlight is always welcome, so I am thrilled that your war on women is out in the open.
      All the best,

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  10. Kathleen Rady says:

    That was not a great interview Trump did with Jake Tapper. Wish he would say the judge’s politics is in question instead of his ethnicity. Go after Hillary

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    • Martin says:

      You must have watched a different interview than I did. That was a great interview Trump did.

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    • He has to be more careful, and I’ve been saying this since last summer. The mainstream media is watched my MILLIONS of Americans each evening and it is their sole source of political information. All too often there are mere snippets of his interviews which seem to pull a 180 on what he actually said.
      Trump needs to be sparse and to-the-point in his words. With respect to this judge, mention the La Raza advocacy, donor connection to Clinton, then stand up and conclude the interview.
      Save the fiery rhetoric for the debate stage when you can personally work the crowd.

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    • GoodNews says:

      I don’t think you give enough credit. The Donald is fully cognizant of the issue Tapper was trying to push, but the fact is there is a NECESSARY tension and Donald is using that to help people decide to join the good guys.That’s all.


  11. The guy on KGO radio or his listeners, not sure which, still blame Trump and his supporters. This is 3rd world despot crud. No one should be afraid to dress a certain way, attend a rally, support who they wish to support, etc.. NO ONE!!! This makes me so angry. To use a favorite phrase of the liberal left crazies: “This is not who we are”.

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  12. cohibadad says:

    The #1 thing I hated about going to Trump rallies: gotta leave your gun behind. I’m ALWAYS armed, so for me to go unarmed, it has to be pretty important. I take personal protection and protection of my wife and children as top priority. They know these Trump supporters are unarmed and rely on police and security to protect them from the thugs. It is a dangerous problem.

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  13. mamadogsite says:

    Wishful thinking on my part, but all terrorists at these rallys should be arrested, their visas or green cards revoked, and they should be returned to their country of origin…no bail, no hearing…nada. They should be photographed, fingerprinted and all information entered into a global data base. If these terrorists are Americans, then bail should be set at a minumin of 2 million dollars as these crimes are serious hate crimes causing terror.

    And I don’t want to hear “we can’t afford to deport” or “but we’re breaking up families”. Too bad. You might get away with this shit in your home country, but not here.

    We have some tough sheriffs around this country that are just going to have to turn their backs on the Washington wimps and do what they do best….and Trump Americans have to band together and offer them our love and support…let them know we’ve got their backs.

    I have a concealed weapons permit, and when I walk my dog, I carry a flashlight with light taser, And, also, depending where I am, carry my gun. I no longer go to large venues, malls or movies…btw…I am a Senior who has to use a walker….a lot of gang violence.

    ….this is unfortunately the world we live in. Trust me…there are thousands of women, young and old in Florida who know martial arts and carry weapons. Y’all don’t want to mess with a Florida Mama. AND, esp. up where I live, we have some mighty fine Jurrasic gators who would just LOVE a terrorist appetizer…and don’t forget the pythons.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “breaking up families”

      I support family reunification. Back in Mexico.

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      • Breaking up Families. I’m waiting for a Dem or Lib to say that. Then I’ll bring out how the corruption of NY and the NYS government with their spend spend spend and tax tax tax idealogy has chased almost all legal means of making money out of this state. This HAS broken up families. Two of my siblings moved down south with their jobs. They had no real choice, there is very little to replace those jobs left where we live. And they were already commuting south to Westechester County. I commute daily to NYC and have for 25 yrs. When my Dad passed away last summer, they were running down the hallway to his room as he passed. They and my niece who goes to school down south collapsed in tears. There are plenty of other families in the same boat all over.

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        • I want to add, I am waiting for them to say it to ME.

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        • mamadogsite says:

          Came to Florida 45 years ago from upstate NY and NEVER went home. We literally ran away from home 😉 Told my Dad to sell and give away all of my belongings. We started a few businesses and have thrived in Florida.

          That being said, we had to close our manufacturing businesses in 2001 thanks to NAFTA. 140 highly trained, (many had worked for us 20+ years) out of work. Heartbreaking when you have lived through the American greatness, only to see it crumble and feel helpless to do anything about it.

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  14. citizen817 says:

    “We moderns often laugh at walls and fortified boundaries, dismissing them as hopelessly retrograde, ineffective or unnecessary. Yet they still seem to fulfill their mission on the Israeli border, the 38th parallel in Korea and the Saudi-Iraqi boundary, separating disparate states.”

    “Apparently, like their ancient counterparts, modern migrants on the poorer or less stable side of a border are ambiguous about what they want. They seek out the security and bounty of mostly Western systems — whether European or American — but not necessarily to surrender their own cultural identities and values.”

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  15. Media states there were 400 protesters. San Jose Police chief states there were 250 uniformed police AS WELL AS plain-clothed officers at the convention center. Yet they had to stand down and create a skirmish line…. something doesn’t add up.
    Either the protesters were several times that number or the police had orders to not protect the rally participants who were being assaulted in front of their eyes.

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    • aprilyn43 says:

      @Jason Toss – We all saw the police doing nothing – standing, sitting on bikes, doing NOTHING! Even when the one guy comes up to the police officer and shows him his head wound, it’s surreal – the officer doesn’t respond like a police officer or even a human being. There was little to no response from the officer!

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  16. wondering999 says:

    If San Jose is “Mexico”, journalists and politicians should begin to educate themselves about what to expect when they happen to hold and voice a dissenting opinion. They need to be educated about Ana Flores Salazar:
    “Mexico is reeling from the news that the body of reporter Anabel Flores Salazar was found a day after an armed group kidnapped Monday her from her home in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The 32-year-old mother of two was a crime-beat reporter for newspaper El Sol de Orizaba and is the third journalist to be killed in Mexico in 2016….”
    and Gisela Mota:
    “Mota, who was part of the left-leaning Democratic Revolutionary Party, had vowed to “combat organized crime frontally and directly,” according to Agustín Basave, the party’s national president, who sent his condolences to her family via Twitter. Prior to becoming mayor, she had been a congresswoman representing Morelos state since 2013…She was shot dead in her home …about a two-hour drive from Mexico City, by a group of armed assailants…”

    People better be careful what they wish for. Clueless

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  17. b4im2old says:

    You would have thought after the fine job Anaheim and Orange County LEOs did that other locations would have followed their example, but sadly not even close in the sanctuary Cities where the illegals and thugs and gangs routinely get away with this kind of criminal behavior… but Sundance is sooo right…Trump is shining the sunlight on the reality there and exposing the truth yet again!

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  18. aprilyn43 says:

    There’s a danger here, a huge danger. Someone or many someone’s are going to die!
    Then there’s the assisination attempts against Trump. Assisination is a real possibility! Look they got to Kennedy, they can get to Trump! Trump is much more out spoken!


  19. rsanchez1990 says:

    This is what happens when America’s children grow up without learning respect, honor, decency, how to behave themselves at all. The left isn’t raising citizens in schools, they’re raising subservient dogs who attack on command.

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  20. TheLastDemocrat says:

    I believe one great strategy to get regular people to wake up is to point out the Drive-Through Safari Park Rule Number One:

    Don’t get out of the car. If you do, all consequences are yo own damm fault for not following Rule Number One –

    The Liberal view is that these people are animals – their mind cannot control their heart – and so if you climb into the Gorilla cage, the fault of provoking violence is yours, and by the Drive-Through Safari Rule, you should have known, thus YOU are responsible for the violence of the animals.


  21. Chance says:

    “Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these violent and unruly people with which we have had to contend. Grant us the strength for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as righteous soldiers who call Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies, and establish Thy justice among men and nations. Amen.” ~ As paraphrased from the prayer written by Chaplain Fr. James O’Neill.

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  22. yakmaster2 says:

    The guy with the sign saying “This is Mexico. You are not welcome on Native/Mexican soil” is a priceless visual. A thousand words couldn’t convey the sense of entitlement and hubris of many pro-illegal immigrants better than that one photo.

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    • ShibaDad says:

      I think the photo of another guy at a prior rally, holding a sign that read, “I may be illegal, but I’m no criminal” is a good one as well. I just can’t remember where I saw it.


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  24. Dorothy says:

    I fear for our country. I cannot understand this backlash against Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has the ability to get our country back on track. What has Clinton done?? Those who plan to vote for her need to read the books published on her and Bill ‘s escapades. SHOCKING!!!!! She has not accomplished anything, nothing for women or the blacks. She should not be able to campaign for President, she should be
    in jail. Love our country or leave. Read and think for yourself. GO TRUMP!!!!

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  25. acumenmac says:

    This is what the uni-party has given us. Enemies of America in our own country allowed to break laws and attack American citizens.
    That is the reason the founding fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment.
    There is no patriot out there that is surprised about this. La Raza, radical Mexican organization with the publically announced goal of getting the south western United States back to Mexico. The same category as Cair. Radically accepted muslim counter insurgent organization operating openly as a propaganda and financial bribery source (and covert operation center for covert activities for radical Islam. Office is blocks away from capital rotunda.

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  26. Frank Muller says:

    The mayor is the one who pulled the police back.


  27. Nam Marine says:

    The protesters are employee’s of George Soros !


  28. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    “What do Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and Brad Thor have in common? They are all on the same page blaming Donald Trump…”

    Sadly, those listed wrongfully blame Donald Trump just as he wrongfully blamed Pamela Geller and her fellow courageous counter-jiihad heroes Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and Bosch Fawstin for their exercise of free speech in resistance to creeping islamic sharia law last year in Garland, TX.

    Trump needs to make a clear statement admitting his dangerous error borne of lack of sophistication about the stealth jihad regarding that “Draw Muhammed” contest.

    If he does so, his landslide margin will be even greater.

    If he doesn’t, we can’t be disappointed if he fails to be shrewd about islam once in office.


  29. Kokanee says:

    Mexico is funding and organizing these violent protests because if Trump is elected they lose tax money.

    TRUMP 2016

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  30. Sue Tipping says:

    Well, now, that’s kinda like blaming the victim for the crime, now isn’t it? Trump and his supporters are striking nerves all over America. Trump’s rise is due to the government and elitists currently in power. Trump has money, more than likely debt, he loves women, takes no crap and is almost frighteningly outspoken. You can’t have it all. Common Americans see Trump as a representative of the American worker, outside our media and government. To hell with everyone else.

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  31. Nikki Haley has joined the ranks of Glenn Beck- both are frauds now!

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    • It is fantastic that Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck, MSM, Brad Thor, and anyone else who blamed Trump and his supporters for violence YESTERDAY. Yesterday when it was easy and seemed like the popular and safe thing to do — BEFORE all the press came out TODAY vindicating Trump and his supporters. Today, when it hit international news and aired such dirty laundry and such disgusting scenes no decent person could deny how repugnant the rioters were that even Obama was shamed into having to denounce the rioter’s actions.

      This leaves these circle jerks with mud on their face sinking deeper in TRUMP SAND.

      They just never learn! 😀


  32. v4ni11ista says:

    3 Hood Rats with Bernie hats,
    3 Hill’ fans with baseball bats,
    3 Brown Shirts and STAZI men,
    3 BLM to The End,
    went out to march and kill the brats
    who dare to show “MAGA” on their ball caps.
    Who’ll break a face with eggs and bars
    of women and kids as they run to their cars,
    while the city police and the mayor stand down,
    ‘cuz, OBVIOUSLY, those who vote for a clown,
    deserve to get hit with a bat on the head.
    I’m sure old Liccardo would like them all dead.


  33. “illegal immigrant” is a term that is not only an oxymoron (like “law abiding criminal’), but it serves to blur and obfuscate between an immigrant and an alien. It is by design and done on PURPOSE. It is especially aimed at ignorant and uneducated people who have no idea of what it means to be an immigrant, the paperwork, time, money, change of tax and jurisdiction, keeping a clean criminal record and/or spending lots of money to clear any misdemeanors up prior to even getting a VISA, establishing legal residency, learning the language, getting a job, and other regulations and requirements involved. If anyone has ever been through the immigration process they know there is no way they could confuse the two: immigrant vs illegal alien or undocumented foreigner.

    It is EXTREMELY insulting and demeaning to immigrants to hear illegals being referred to as “illegal IMMIGRANTS.” They are NOT immigrants and they have no plans to be, many have bad criminal records so they’d get refused a VISA in the first place, others have no money.

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  34. vietnamvet says:


  35. These people may be called protesters by the media However; their actions in many cases show them to be nothing but common criminals. They are certainly not Americans standing up for their beliefs. These people are paid fools, thugs and/or criminals committing acts of civil disobedience, assault, arson and grand theft.

    Why do they throw rocks, burn buildings, destroy businesses, steal, issue death threats and create chaos etc.? The fact is there is no logical reason for their actions. They simply terrorizing people and destroying property for at best payment and at worst because they are easily led fools. For the fools rational thought has no part to play in their actions as their actions do not result from an actual thought process or critical thinking. They perform based on “feelings” and “emotions” created by professional agitators.


  36. Brian Bivins says:

    As A Republican I fear for my life living here in Washington state and friends have told me Oregon and California are no safer. It is sad when you fear for your life for political beliefs, those things happen in communist nations but shouldn’t here in the United States. They compare Trump to Hitler but Hitler believed in PC Speech and Trump is against PC Speech. Washington, Oregon and California are beautiful states and were once great places to live, but with the liberal take overs they have become crime filled hell holes.


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