Newly Empowered Chairman Jerry Nadler Moves on Second Front for Impeachment Assault – HJC Moves To Enforce McGahn Subpoena…

I’m going to attempt to remove the legal linguistics and explain what appears to be a highly predictable process most are ignoring.

BASELINE – After the 2018 mid-terms, and in preparation for the “impeachment” strategy, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Lawfare group members to become House committee staff…. Chairman Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman (link), and Chairman Nadler hired  Obama Administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke (link).  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then hired Douglas Letter as House General Counsel – all are within the Lawfare network.

♦On October 25th DC Judge Beryl Howell granted the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) request for legal authority to receive 6e grand jury material underlying the Mueller report.

Additionally, within the Howell decision she officially recognized the HJC effort was predicated on a constitutional impeachment process.

In essence Howell’s opinion granted the HJC with “judicial enforcement authority.”

♦The DOJ moved to appeal the decision and requested a “stay” pending appeal.  Judge Howell rejected the “stay” motion.

The DOJ appealed to the DC Court of Appeals.  A panel of three judges issued an “administrative stay”, blocking enforcement of the Howell ruling while the appeal was reviewed.

The temporary administrative stay was granted to freeze the status quo while the court considers whether to grant a longer stay that would remain in effect until the DOJ appeal is argued or decided (deadline tomorrow).  The outcome is pending.  Judge Merrick Garland is the Chief Judge of the DC Appeals court.

After the full House voted to authorize the ongoing “impeachment inquiry” today, Nadler’s team immediately opened a second legal front.

♦Using the baseline predicate of Howell’s recognition of HJC impeachment authority; and now using the full House vote as further affirmation therein; the HJC is now moving to another Judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, an Obama appointee to the federal district court in D.C., requesting judicial enforcement authority to compel testimony from former White House legal counsel Don McGahn:

WASHINGTON DC – Lawyers for the House Judiciary Committee urged a federal judge on Thursday to force former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress about President Trump’s possible obstruction of justice, arguing that his refusal to comply is harming House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Democrats’ counsel said that even though McGahn’s role in the obstruction investigation carried out by former special counsel Robert Mueller was described at length in Mueller’s report, lawmakers still need to independently evaluate his testimony. (more)

The HJC objective is simple: gain judicial enforcement authority for their subpoenas so their targets cannot legally refuse to give testimony.

The premise for both fronts [(1) document subpoena 6e material, and (2) testimony from McGahn] is predicated on penetrating a constitutional firewall that exists within the separation of powers.

Under existing SCOTUS precedent, the White House can be compelled to deliver Executive Branch documents and testimony so long as an official legislative branch impeachment process is underway.

Judge Beryl Howell was the first person in the judicial branch to recognize and accept the HJC position that such an official impeachment process was ongoing.  Judge Brown Jackson will likely be the second. The House vote today is fuel for that twisted-legal approach.

Some have asked for my opinion on where this is going…. My opinion is not outlining success or failure, merely the likely approach they are taking with this scheme:

It would appear that Nadler and his Lawfare group are collecting evidence for their Impeachment Managers.  The decision to impeach was reached long ago; these moves by the HJC are moves to gather evidence for the Senate trial.

The Pelosi-Schiff optics of open House impeachment hearings is a pantomime, intended to give the illusion of customary and traditional impeachment proceedings taking place.  The impeachment report Schiff’s Lawfare group will deliver to the HJC Lawfare group is meant only to bolster the pre-existing conclusions from Barry Berke and Norm Eisen.

In essence, the usurpers began with the end in mind, and they are now back-filling the pre-scripted articles of impeachment with supportive evidence.   The HJC subpoenas are intended to do that back-filling along with the Schiff committee product.

Unfortunately, I do not foresee the DOJ succeeding in their appeals.  The DOJ has put their weakest lawyers (half-hearted attempts) into the fight.  As an outcome it looks like the Judiciary is aligned in favor of the constitutional predicate claimed by the HJC.

Ultimately it will take a much stronger republican house effort to stop Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and their host of Lawfare contracted agents.  Simultaneously it would take a much stronger team in the DOJ fighting to retain the executive branch position.  Neither is currently present.

Show me an action by U.S. AG Bill Barr to change the impression the DOJ is intentionally tanking the external fight and I will change my opinion.  However, so far the push-back from the DOJ has been very weak considering the stakes.  [Too weak to be accidental]

Thus my opinion: despite the strength of their constitutional position, the DOJ will fail to protect the office of the presidency.  It’s a gut-sense impression; but we should be able to get a better feel of DOJ motive from their approach toward the appeals court.

♦ That brings up the Senate trial.   From a review of their signaling and positioning, it appears to me the objective of the Lawfare group, via the impeachment managers, will center around modifications to Senate Impeachment Rules and the use of a Senatorial Trial Panel.

The senate rules on impeachment processes can be changed and modified [Example here from 1986].  Additionally there is nothing in the constitution that requires an established number of senators to sit or convict during the trial [Constitution, Article 1, Sec 3]:

This is my interpretation of what the Lawfare group will attempt.

Concurrence of two-thirds of the members present

The Democrats will argue their 2020 candidates cannot spend all this time on a Senate trial…. the media will be sympathetic….. Because the constitution is ambiguous to the construct…. and intentionally differential to the size of the Senate…. the democrat approach will be to empanel a bipartisan jury of an unknown number of Senators to sit for the trial “under oath and affirmation.”

There is nothing in the constitution that would stop the Senate from assembling a jury of 10 republican senators and 10 democrat senators. It would then require “two-thirds” or thirteen for a conviction.  Or the jury could be 40 or (fill_in_blank).

This type of a senate construct is what the left has been hinting about in their discussions.  This is what Lawfare has been discussing since they successfully gained the Nixon Impeachment Roadmap during their lawsuit a few months ago.

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  1. Fools Gold says:


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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      POTUS needs to bring in Larry Klayman Immediately!
      Another Sidney Powell.

      The man that started Judicial Watch is now

      The problem though is, as per Larry, Roger Stone tainted any help he could provide to POTUS Because Stone is a crook.

      President Trump, circle the wagons sir and bring in the BIG GUNS now!

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  2. Dennis Leonard says:

    ‏ @TheLastRefuge2
    3h3 hours ago

    TheLastRefuge Retweeted Mark S. Zaid

    First move in warfare or propaganda. Control your opposition.

    In war control or neutralize the weapons of the enemy.

    In media, control or neutralize the weapons of the enemy.

    TheLastRefuge added,
    Mark S. Zaid
    Verified account @MarkSZaidEsq
    I worked w/#CatherineHerridge, FORMERLY of @FoxNews and now @CBSNews, on many stories over the years. Total professional.

    For her to say this says a lot (my caps):…


  3. Dennis Leonard says:

    Isaiah Washington
    ‏Verified account @IWashington
    9h9 hours ago

    There a more African Americans that want to ‘see’ the @DNC ‘burn down’ than you’d ever believe. How do I know this? The streets and The Hill talk to me. The Presidential Election of 2020 will be more than spectacle, it’ll bring about the most unified course of action since 1776.

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  4. Dennis Leonard says:

    Candace Owens
    ‏Verified account @RealCandaceO
    9h9 hours ago

    The move to impeach Trump is the waving of the white flag from the Democrat party.
    Our economy is revived.
    Black Americans are awakening to the fact that we were saved by Christ and have suffered unimaginable evils by the hands of the Democrat Party.

    Trump 2020, LANDSLIDE.

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  5. DebbieSemms says:

    How is it possible that evry judge has been an Obama judge so far? The odds of this are unbelievable. Especially with the 3 judge appeals panel.

    I am also worried about McGhan, I don’t believe he is on Trumps side,

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  6. gearhound99 says:

    This farce and attempt at a coup will FAIL. No way in hell Democrats get away with this.

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  7. annieoakley says:

    Judge Merrick Garland. Just the name says: poison ivy.

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  8. ltravisjr says:

    I am keeping the faith. There is no 4D chess plan where rinos can convict or abstain from voting and not be committing political suicide and they know it. There is no way Turtle can rig things without him committing political suicide and he knows it. Most importantly, the president knows if he were removed, the deep state would not just let him and his family just ride off into the sunset. If he ever thinks he could possibly be convicted he *will* react – with full force.

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    • neal s says:

      Should the corruptocrats manage to remove PDJT via impeachment before the 2020 election, I have no doubt that PDJT would be easily re-elected by a terrific landslide, and that if he were removed before primaries, that traitorous rinos would be primaried out whenever possible. Many incumbent dems would lose such as they have never lost before. After his second inauguration, PDJT would use all legal ethical and moral tools at his disposal to drain the swamp and would find many patriots as determined as he is.

      The only way to get PDJT out of office and keep him out, is if the actual impeachment takes place after his upcoming 2020 win. I hope that the corruptocrats cannot successfully impeach and remove PDJT if it takes them that long.


  9. Every day, every week, reach out to Republican senators and let them know that you will never vote for a Republican again, not even for dog catcher, if President Trump is impeached. The one thing that polticians are good at is self preservation.

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    • Boots says:

      Really? What makes you think R’s give a ___ that you’ll never vote for them again? Haven’t you learned by now that R’s are the enemy? They run interference for the D’s plan to topple America and turn us all into serfs.


  10. taxpayer here says:

    If shoe were on the other foot, there would be some lawsuit preventing any number less than the full Senate voting. A judge would eventually agree and the lawless coup players would be stopped in their tracks.

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      More importantly, why would the republican majority in the Senate allow it? Just as the House has gotten to make their own rules for the “impeachment inquiry”, the Senate gets to make theirs. Why would they agree to help the 20 some Dem candidates? They should review the Articles when they get them and refuse to hold a trial due to “irregularities” in the House proceeding


  11. tav144 says:

    This situation…
    This “LAWFARE” group of lawyers…
    is as the den of vipers who conspired to condemn and kill Jesus.

    Jesus compared the Pharisees, the teachers of the law (lawyers of their day who twisted and contorted the law so they could justify their desire to sin), ..He compared them to a brood of VIPERS.

    At every opportunity, the Pharisees tried to trick Him, and trip Him up, but always failed….until, that is, He allowed Himself to be betrayed with the kiss of a friend. Who might that be today??

    Jesus was accused and convicted of blasphemy by the very ones guilty of blasphemy, and which was a direct challenge to Roman authority, i.e., TREASON.

    If the House is as the brood of lying vipers, LAWFARE lawyers, then certainly the Senate is as the Roman authority that carries out the punishment if convicted….

    And it is is the voice of the mob that will influence that decision.

    Perilous times….indeed.


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    • Boots says:

      Besides SD’s analysis and that of a few attorneys here, this is the best post ever regarding what’s happening in the unseen spiritual world that’s the true origination and source of this 4 years long coup.

      If I were a Jew in Jerusalum during Jesus’ time, I’d have joined the Maccabeans in the physical fight to throw off Rome. I’d have been at Masada maybe. I’d have used sword and bow without mercy. I’d probably have died a hard death. And I’d probably have missed the greatest deliverance of all time. The freeing salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the true and only source of the power and goodness that overcomes evil.

      If the coup succeeds it’s because He allowed it. He’s probably disgusted and fed up with the paganism, humanism, and virtually complete turning away of America – the most blessed country on earth – from His precepts, laws, and commands. The blood of millions of unborn cry out constantly to Him. And he has heard their cry. If or when America is taken down by the socialists, communists, and perverts that constitute her current ‘government’, it’s because He has turned His back on us. Because we first turned ours on Him.

      I’m still not giving up my guns, though. Not a single one. That’s my Masada. The difference this time is I know the One who died for me. He’s put my name in His book. It is well with my soul.

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    • tav144 says:

      I cannot help but view the man with “money” in his name as playing the role of Judas.


  12. va22033 says:

    I am not a lawyer but I know you certainly must be aware of where I am going with this Sundance. The first official measure of the Senate trial by God must be a motion to dismiss. Vice President Pence can be the tiebreaker even if they lose Pierre, Collins and Murkowski: end of discussion. (VP Pence will vote for the President. He has been a tremendous asset for PDJT representing the Trump agenda unequivocally and unabashedly!) The Turtle should immediately move to bring a bill to the floor for vote exclaiming to America that Republicans are here to do the People’s business and do not agree with the democrats baseless subpoena driven agenda for America. Poof in a moment it all goes away process wise. There will certainly be a holy hell political cacophony but there was when the Turtle held back Garland for a year. He knows he is safe in Kentucky. Anyway just my non legal thoughts….. 🙂

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    • Magabear says:

      Agree with the motion to dismiss thinking.


    • Revenant says:

      In fact, the House GOP appears to be positioning this for a motion to dismiss on process grounds.

      McConnell can’t monkey with setting up a “trial panel” and not blow up the party. There is no precedent at all for such an approach. If it moves to a trial, “Impeachment” is going to be the only thing the country has eyes on for weeks/months. The Senate will be at a standstill. All 100 Senators will be “present.”

      Any scenario where Senate GOP somehow engineers a conviction will end the Republican party. Period.

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  13. Magabear says:

    Sorry, Sundance, but I think you’re being to Eeyorish about how this will play out. The left always has the early advantage with charades like this due to the media working in tandem with them. But the longer the charade goes on, the more holes that get poked into it. The dimms look more foolish every day this nonsense goes on, which will lead to a voter backlash (if that hasn’t happened already. And the more senate republicans see how this is playing out in public, the less likely this even reaches a senate trial

    Just my humble two cents.

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    • jeff montanye says:

      what is also important, maybe crucial, is getting the true facts of muh russia, spygate, crossfire hurricane out to the electorate. no way more compelling than public trials. one would hope that the pressure of impeachment and conviction would be sufficient to concentrate the mind and resources of the president to get maximum action under the rule of law from his subordinates.


    • willthesuevi says:

      Not arguing with you Magabear. Just an observation.

      Sundance, and adRem are human beings like the rest of us. As with all of us, the weight of the bullsh!t being shoveled yesterday, today, and tomorrow can be overwhelming.

      I can cut him some slack for being human. Heck, I have to put a boot in my own backside some days, just to stay out of a funk.

      I agree with the bulk of your comment.

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  14. William Schneider says:

    I can only pray that Sundance is wrong on this one-for a change. I will put my hope in prayer to help win this war. Trump is living proof that the best laid plans of the satanic left do not always win.
    We the people must step up to help stop this mad scheme from succeeding. We will not let them take down our duly elected president. Their will be marching in the streets-literaly civil war!! We must let our reps know we will not stand by and see Trump ripped from office for no good reason.

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  15. mg says:

    Barr is in on the hoax against American voters. Guard your women and children.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      I agree.


    • Chump Change says:

      Barr is a Bushie and deep state until proven otherwise.


    • willthesuevi says:

      mg, I’ll be a little contrarian here. I don’t think Barr is actively in on the hoax.

      But, (really big but), from what Sundance has written, my take away is that he does have a vested interest in protecting the institution -vs- letting the full truth see sunlight. In other words, his priority is to save the institution by having a nice quiet, proper, legal ruling instead of cleaning the DOJ house with a flamethrower.

      I think most of us would rather see the flame thrower.

      I don’t think Barr is intentionally working to destroy POTUS. My opinion only.


  16. gda53 says:

    For all their ‘clever Hans” ability, LawFare somehow forgot to do the most important thing of all – prevent Bill Barr from becoming AG.

    They may be clever, but so were the Japanese in WWII. Then we dropped two atomic bombs on them and it suddenly didn’t matter HOW clever they were.

    I would consider the effects of the long-awaited IG FISA Report, and the devastating Durham prosecutions, to be the equivalent of those two bombs.

    Word is, tonight the President is feeling “extremely confident”.

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  17. Shirley U. Geste says:

    That’s not a pumpkin-head, that’s Brett somebody-or-other. He’s a Fox News regular.

    I wonder if obama appointed any real judges. If so, they must be burning with embarrassment now, to be wearing the label “obama-judge”. It’s a term which will enter the language to mean – you all know what it means. (It means obama-judge.)

    Any real judge would resign and hope to be re-appointed without that embarrassing label.


  18. jx says:

    When was the Judiciary Cmte authorized and by what rule?

    This is not rhetorical.

    Pelosi MUST specify the date this committee was authorize and by what rule it was authorized to conduct any investigation and she must provide evidence.

    Pelosi is bluffing. FAR FAR TOO Many are falling for it. Make her answer the question.

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  19. jx says:

    Let’s make this clear: Nadler has no power whatsoever. The Speaker has not identified any authorization to the Judiciary Cmte to conduct any impeachment inquiry or any inquiry incidental to an impeachment inquiry. FULL STOP.


    > On September 24, 2019, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives would continue with its impeachment inquiry

    WHEN was that inquiry authorized and by what rule?

    Don’t be Pelosi’s patsy. The Speaker must identify the specific date, committee, and rule.

    REPEAT: The Speaker MUST identify the specific date, committee, and rule.

    Absent that these proceedings are illegal.

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    • map says:

      Just to echo jx’s point, the current proceedings are conducted to severely restrict the ability of the minority to defend their candidate. There is no way any evidence obtained by these rulings is not tainted. The who impeachment will be dismissed.

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  20. Bigly says:

    The president will announce a 15% tariff on Mexico and Canada – announcing that Pelosi blew up the world and he has no choice. USMCA is dead.

    Instant game changer.

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  21. In the Land of Poz says:

    I don’t see how the math of the “number present in Senate” could work out against Trump, compared to the historical approach of a trial in front of the full Senate.

    There are two possibilities to consider. (1) voluntary self-recusal and (2) the Lawfare option that Sundance posits, where a simple majority of Democrats and Never Trumpers, aided and abetted by Mitch McConnell, votes in new rules designed to rig the vote against Trump.

    In (1), the senators with a incentive to not participate are anti-Trumpers in pro-Trump districts. These are people who would vote to impeach but don’t want to go on the record. Recusing themselves instead converts their full vote to 2/3 of a vote, helping Trump.

    In (2) bipartisanship defined by party membership doesn’t work as a fig leaf for rigging the trial. The Senate is already close to 50-50 by the nominal criterion of number of D versus number of R. There is no way for McConnell to decide who gets to vote in the trial without being seen, by all sides, as blatantly stacking the deck, and he is up for re-election in 2020. Also, any appeals to bipartisanship will ring hollow insofar as they would passively accept the outcome of the ultra-partisan House process as an untouchable starting point (rather than nuclear-optioning the impeachment out of existence, or any of the other options actually available to the Senate majority should it choose to use its power).


  22. Elle says:

    Insightful. In some ways it is the reverse of the American Revolution. The Red Coats lost because they could not adapt to the change in warfare. The rebels broke the “rules” and did not fight the way the generals were geared to fight. Thus the attacks from the briars and the bushes were effective, But the problem for the Lawfare people is that they are now exposed Their tactics are visible, the corruption has been laid bare for all to see. their names and battleplans are known , They are fighting a 20 th century fight in the 21st century.

    They may be successful running the same plays they have run for the last half century. But their major advantage of hiding behind the bushes has been removed and they are now the ones counting on their opponents to not firing back as they march forward.


    • jx says:

      These idiots are picking a fight they’re gonna lose. They’re going to lose badly, the only question is how much damage they cause on the way down. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and lying degenerates who will go down in history worse than Benedict Arnold.

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      • smartyjones1 says:

        Pelosi led the fight against this quagmire of an endgame. Gets a start with a scam of lopsided rules. People will learn it’s a scam on the level of the Russia Collusion Hoax and Worse.

        Graham already condemned the Dems to a fiery grave. McConnell and 50 votes lined up condemning this farce, again, no evidence.

        That IS NOT changing.

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  23. Mike in a Truck says:

    The following PSA is for all the Leftist Kooks: “I’m President and Your not” This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by the committee on IMPRESIDENTYOURNOTIMNEVER LEAVING. Thank You.

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  24. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    “let them know that you will never vote for a Republican again, not even for dog catcher, if President Trump is impeached.”

    This is how Dems want you to respond. This is exactly why they are going all in on impeachment. What you need to say is that you will PERSONALLY get involved in the battle with every thing you’ve got to ensure no Democrat will EVER be elected again and you will PERSONALLY see to it that the Republican Party will enforce the will of the people. The day you leave the Republican party is the day you surrendered, period. This is an ideological fight not a vindictive one.

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    • Boots says:

      “let them know that you will never vote for a Republican again, not even for dog catcher, if President Trump is impeached.”

      Must be Troll Friday. R’s don’t GAF if you “never vote R again”.

      Because there are no Republicans. Only lying SOB’s.


  25. Boots says:

    “Let’s shoot all the lawyers.”

    Didn’t Shakespeare write that? How prescient.


  26. smartyjones1 says:

    Didn’t lose a single vote in the House. Not one.

    50 signed in Senate against the no evidence impeachment.

    It’s going to be a rout. Thank you Sen. Graham.
    Can’t believe I said it but it’s true. He stayed the Rats right out of the gate.

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  27. butch cassidy says:

    If the dems are able to impeach Trump do you think they will stop there? They will go after all the top repubs because if they impeach Trump the republican party is over. Impeaching Trump puts all these repubs in peril, Mitch probably being near the top of that list. Are these repubs willing to take that chance? And what about Kavanaugh and Barr, they have talked about impeaching them as well.A lot of people other than Trump have skin in this game.

    The radical left is now running the dems and they have stated that if people don’t agree with them they want them jailed (think climate change). Yes there are rinos in our party but they still have an R after their name and unless they switch parties that R is a target. This is not just a war against Trump (and America) but all republicans in congress, Are they all willing to leave their fate in the hands of the type of people like AOC?

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  28. “Ultimately it will take a much stronger republican house effort to stop Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and their host of Lawfare contracted agents. Simultaneously it would take a much stronger team in the DOJ fighting to retain the executive branch position. Neither is currently present.”

    This is sad but very telling. This is the strongest House leadership in over 20 years and they are still limp. We have a communist state like government truly run by bureaucrats no matter who we vote in. Why couldn’t Trump clean house with bureaucrats over a 6 month period? Trump might want to try hands up dont shoot.


  29. littleanniefannie says:

    So Nadler hired a defense attorney? Wonder who, besides himself, he thinks might need one? This impeachment is going to morph into a Clinton/Obama trial too. Is NoNads getting ready for the Schifft to hit the fan?


  30. frank field says:

    Article 1, Section 3 will hold if McConnell adheres to it. Will Roberts? Doubt it, as he’s bought.

    RBG may get “Scalia’d”. She’s nearly walking dead as is.

    God help us. Trump needs human allies!

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  31. So basically we have Nancy Pelosi speaking an impeachment into being, and an Obama hack judge says, “Good enough for me!”

    I can’t wait for the third judge to say “The Senate doesn’t mean it. HE’S CONVICTED. REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE.”

    This whole thing? It STINKS. Lawfare has invented new constitutional principles to test and they ALL need to be tested at SCOTUS and if John Effing Roberts doesn’t get it right, the Republic is finished.

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    • Boots says:

      ….the Republic is finished.
      Not if 100 million gun owners turn their guns against those who orchestrated, carried out, the coup. And aren’t afraid or squeamish to do what needs doing.

      So I guess you’re right. America is finished because there won’t be 1,000 gun owners who’d do that. Probably not even 100. There may be 10 who are willing to risk all, including death or prison. But not 100.


    • northerncanuck says:

      The Chief Justice wields a mighty big hammer (so to speak), and has a huge role to play in the SC and this charade the Democrats are pushing forward.

      Any reason anyone can think of why President Trump wouldn’t declassify any and all records in regards to the rumors of the Chief Justice having bent adoption rules, and the subsequent burial of said records by Obama?

      Only if, let’s just suppose, this farce actually gets out of the House – or looks rather likely to? I mean….fight fire with fire, no?


  32. ToolsforLiberty says:

    I know they are clueless, but they can’t be so dense as to think the American People along with…, many former members of our highly trained SPECOPS community would sit by and do NOTHING while they conduct a slow motion coup. Do they? They have to realize the powder keg that they along with the propaganda wing of their party, the ‘media’ would likely be be the first ones selected for…, eh…, hem…, removal from office. Should they actually go through with this. I get the general sense that the overwhelming majority of Americans, save for the 20% on the hard left understand that something is very wrong with our Fed. intel and law enforcement agencies that needs to be rectified. The intel community has clearly taken the position that they need to ‘correct’ the mistake “we the people” made in 2016. The only reason these people’s arrogance is such that they feel this is their patriotic duty, is because our schools have been corrupted and taken over by the left and this elitist ideology that they know better and we are smelly Walmart people. These agencies have chosen to take the very trade craft they’ve been taught using the money provided by us to educate them to subvert the will of the people (although historically and legally they’ve reserved this activity for foreign country’s), they are and have been operating in the US out in the open since the 2016 pres. campaign. Using the Edward Bernard method for manipulating the masses they’ve had a lot of success when employed here at home and abroad. However, with the advent of the internet far too many of us are wide awake and see right through this charade. The people will not sit idly by. If the senate were to convict and attempt to remove the president from office. They WILL ignite the powder keg. At that point, they will have to face the music for their crimes and it won’t be the police and/or our judicial branch they’ll have to worry about.

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    • Boots says:

      The people will not sit idly by.
      Aadly, yes, they will. They will be too afraid of the consequences of taking decisive action.

      Hell, we the people are so disorganized and effed up that we haven’t even marched on DC. You think those same people are going to start shooting those orchestrating the coup: politicians, lawyers, judges? Once the hammer falls everyone but for a few dozen, *maybe*, will meekly accept their fate.

      When they start coming for the guns is when some may pay the ultimate price. And those’ll only be the foolish tools of LE that pay the price; not the leaders who killed America.

      The military will do nothing to stop the death of America. Obama purged the military of nearly ever single leader who might have led a junta against the socialist takeover of the Republic. The common foot soldier *will* follow orders to shoot you and I, because if he/she doesn’t they’ll be court martial and their career will be over. Not *all* milper will shoot, but more than you can imagine *will* shoot.

      Shay’s Rebellion. Whiskey Rebellion. Bonus Army. Kent State. Waco (Delta was present, evidence shows their participation). And look at Dan Crenshaw. Tammy what’s her name who lost both legs. And other milper who got elected as R’s then turned against the bedrock principles of what R’s(used to) stand for.

      Current sitrep is very bad. May get much worse before Senate trial even begins.


  33. Bill Dumanch says:

    Constitution PROTECTS the citizens
    Democrats vote AGAINST the Constitution
    NOW to overturn our elections?

    The SUSPENDING of the 6th Amendment is from
    How she was REMOVED from the WATERGATE COMMITTEE (for cause)
    ATTEMPTING to deny 6th Amendment rights to witnesses

    THIS is how democracies die…on a party-line vote AGAINST the people!


  34. Kleen says:

    Freeze Soros assets. Problem solved.


  35. Kleen says:

    I hate how the left controls the narrative.

    They say, for example Texas is next to Georgia and we all know it isn’t, we have proof ( a map) but some reason we spend months trying to prove it and debating why we are right. We spend time laying out the facts over and over.

    Here people, look at this map…

    Good gawd! We are still debating why Trump is innocent… and why this or that.

    It’s sick

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Jederman says:

    Given how thorough the lawfare schitstick planning has been thus far, it’s hard to believe they haven’t nailed down (and greased the rails) for a couple of coa to get a senate conviction. Obviously ethics, honesty, fairness, deference to the constitution and respect for the voter are not elements in their plan.

    Counting on the senate is as much of a firewall as Barr bringing indictments to the coup plotters. More likely outcome imo is senate goes the “bipartisan” route for the “good of the country” IOT get their guy (a much more malleable pence in the Oval office ) and Barr investigates thoroughly but refers NOBODY and NOTHING for prosecution. Evidence then disappears. Think Epstein, suspicious, unbelievable but, in true obama chicago style, “…yeah so what, we did it but you can’t prove it… .

    Separate but related. As odious and rotten as the Left is on a daily basis, I find their vain attempts at claiming this corruption to be legit because they’re patriots that love the country and the flag pretty damn disgusting. It is, as I often mention, a perfect example of the msm propaganda arm only talking to THEIR half of the country, they don’t bother targeting us with that sort patriotism message because they know that we know they dems (DS/socialists) do not love this country.


    • Boots says:

      I find their vain attempts at claiming this corruption to be legit because they’re patriots that love the country and the flag pretty damn disgusting.
      Exactly right. If ISIS beheaded every one of them on the beach, and if I were in charge of an entire regiment of armed soldiers 100 yards away, I wouldn’t lift a finger to save a single, solitary one of them. Not until the last one was extinguished would I move against ISIS.


  37. JuzSayn says:

    If they remove Trump they are coming for us next.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. cheering4america says:

    On a near daily basis during the Empty Suit’s Administration I recall reading evidence for the oft-repeated thought that we were living in a “Post-Constitutional America.” You know, fundamentally transformed America, from a Constitutional Republic into … what may yet turn out to be not just massive division of Americans, but total anarchy.

    Why is it I now read Sundance and that phrase comes to mind? Post-Constitutional America


  39. Never in my life have I ever seen so much resistance against one man, DJT. Note even OBL saw this level of defiance, IMHO. This is extremely troubling and I truly fear for this country and DJT. I just don’t see any good coming out of all this. If the Dems regain power, they will never let go.


    • And now, without the typo:

      Never in my life have I ever seen so much resistance against one man, DJT. Not even OBL saw this level of defiance, IMHO. This is extremely troubling and I truly fear for this country and DJT. I just don’t see any good coming out of all this. If the Dems regain power, they will never let go.

      (Edit function needed please)


  40. Vickie Mamula says:

    Great article on Jerry Nadler and HJC!
    Hope Republican congressman and Senators have read your article. Shows how devious Democrats are .


  41. Paprika says:

    Well now, I’m not a constitutional expert, nor even a lawyer, But I do think there is a simple way to shut down the possibility of there only a select portion instead of the whole Senate involved in the impeachment trial. And I don’t think it would take many people to get it started.

    Very simply state loud and clear that you will not accept a trial of the President in the Senate without being represented by your State’s Senators. Think about it. Anything less that a full Senate present means that your State(therefore you the citizen of that state) are not being represented in this most important and serious trial. Does New Hampshire gets left out with no voice in this national event? North Carolina? Florida? New Mexico? Which state and the people thereof don’t get a voice?

    Now you can’t just pick one Senator from each state because there are many states that have divided party representation. So both parties must be included or that would also raise a stink.

    I can not see a Republican, Democrat, or Independent not wanting to be represented at this trial and not agreeing that all should be represented. If faced with this question/reasoning, What Senator would/could tell his constituents that he/she will not represent them and their State?

    How can each state and that state’s citizens not be represented in an impeachment trial of The President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

    Yes, I realize there are still many problems to be addressed, but at least we could take this possible deep state move off the board. And, yes, in some ways I would love to have a panel of just 10 staunch constitutional America First Senators to make the decision, but that would be unAmerican and against the very concept of the Constitution and We The People.

    Just my 2 cents. And I’ve already expressed this view to my 2 Senators.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. LULU says:

    Nadler is now in Fat City (pun intended). He had to sit and watch Schiffless grab mic after mic, news cycle after news cycle, and not it is His Turn. Unfortunately for Nadler, the wind is out of the sails of the Lawfare vendetta that they started with Schiff.

    Schiff and Nadler and poor old Engel are just figureheads for Lawfare’s action against President Trump. Never forget that the founder and principal at Lawfare is Ben Wittes, Comey BFF, and all the refugees from the FBI went straight to Lawfare for jobs. No coincidence.

    But even Lawfare can’t do a darned thing about witnesses, under oath, who are contradicting each other. And ones like Vindman (sketchy, obviously biased toward Ukraine, clearly not a “real American”), and Ciaramella, the Yale pajama boy out to make the Big Time by leaking, spreading gossip, and generally stirring up a ruckus without having to take to the streets in dirty jeans with a mask over his face, The whole impact of the Impeachment Show – and certainly its effect – the optics – is unraveling. The tough case against the President is looking murky and murky creates reasonable doubt. And all those Congressmen have to go home and explain why they went for such a messy procedure.

    We’ll see.

    BTW. Nadler looks like a sick man. And the woman who is sitting in for Cummings looks like a frog. Carolyn Mahoney. More bad optics after Crazy Eyes Schiff.


    • LULU says:

      And don’t forget. Moving along quietly, as Pelosi and the Dems jam the airwaves and take votes on their Kangaroo Court, AG Barr and U. S. Attorney Durham are pursuing those who put the Russia hoax together – tried to keep Donald Trump out of office, then tried to get him out of his duly elected office.… No cameras, no mics. Just pursuit of justice. Can’t wait.


  43. MightyMustardSeed says:

    President Trump,

    If God be for you, what does it matter who is against you, or who stands beside you.

    Thy will be done Oh GOD.


  44. Salt of the Earth says:

    I have the utmost respect for Sundance and those who follow this website. This is a legal question. The name of the whistle blower is out there. If true, (snicker) a CIA analyst was embedded in the White House and acted as an FBI confidential informant as he spied on President Trump, is this legal?


  45. austinhayek says:

    That “The senate rules on impeachment processes can be changed and modified” is surely true. The unwritten part of this article is what would it take to change these rules? Surely, Cocaine Mitch is savvy enough to see the gameplan and not to allow this to occur, forcing the Dem Senators to keep their butts in their Senate chairs until this thing is done — hurting the Dem Presidential contenders and the Dems up for re-election. This article needs more analysis to complete the picture.


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