White House Releases President Trump Warning Letter to President Erdogan of Turkey – October 9th…

President Trump prefers to use targeted economic weapons instead of the U.S. military forces against foreign adversaries.  This is especially true if foreign actions are taking place amid the complex circle of geopolitical interests, against the interests of allies.

Today the White House has released a letter sent by President Trump to President Erdogan of Turkey dated October 9th.   The letter was sent two days after President Trump made the decision to pull 28 members of the U.S. military out of harms way; two days before President Trump outlined the sanctions against Turkey; and five days before President Trump initiated those sanctions through Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The warning is clear.  President Trump is clear-eyed about the motives and intentions of the Turkish president, and Ergodan’s ideological alignment with political Islam, via The Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the reasons this strategy is better than any military action is simply because Turkey is a unique NATO ally, and the NATO alliance within Europe is insufferably incapable and unwilling to take action to defend their interests.

European NATO members want the benefits of a perpetual U.S. military presence. That EU outlook is simply beyond the limits of what President Trump is willing to do.

President Trump wants to bring our troops home.

President Trump made it clear that any action by Turkey into Syria was unilateral; there will be no assistance by the U.S. on any aspect; including if Turkey was counter-attacked by Russia/Syria or organized Kurdish forces.

Essentially, Trump left Erdogan naked to a myriad of his enemies.

The U.S. part of the NATO shield is removed. The Europeans will not evoke the NATO defense treaty without the U.S. Heck, the EU is essentially spineless without the power of the U.S. military.  Additionally, President Trump is calling out the duplicity of the entire situation by calling all of their bluffs. President Trump is calling-out: NATO, weak EU ‘allies’ and Turkey.

In essence, this White House approach is a major Gordian knot being cut. It is unlikely President Erdogan expected to have this framework made so public.

With Europe refusing to stand-up to defend their own interests, President Trump is removing U.S. forces from the untenable position of guarding all the big cat cages, ad infinitum, to keep the zoo status intact.

Instead, President Trump is going to support the Arab coalition and the GCC that has been assembling a military coalition to protect itself from the Muslim Brotherhood.

That, along with the strategic need to keep global oil prices low to offset any influence by Iran and Russia, is why President Trump is willing to support Saudi Arabia with more troops; while simultaneously withdrawing from Syria where the U.S. was having to stand alone to protect the interests of Europeans who will not protect themselves.

In one regional area the U.S. will support and defend Israel, Egypt and Jordan. In the Southern region the U.S. will support the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain and Qatar).

Will political Islam likely have a resurgence in the region, and will Recep Erdogan rise as the head of the Ottoman Empire once again? The former is likely, the latter is unknown.

President Trump is correctly withdrawing U.S. troops from a position of adversarialism against a NATO member. Why should the U.S. protect the interests of allies who will not stand-up to protect themselves…

President Trump is correct.

President Trump will use economic weapons against Turkey…. And, in keeping with the economic doctrine, Europe is also in the cross-hairs. President Trump will use economic weapons against the EU for creating this mess, and refusing to defend themselves.

President Trump will use military weapons to protect allies that are: (A) willing to protect themselves, and (B) willing to pay for the support of the U.S. military protection.

It is really a common sense doctrine… Help those who help themselves.

This is one of those weird “be careful what you wish for” scenarios for President Erdogan, because in his lust to recreate the Ottoman Empire he just might get removed. By isolating Erdogan, President Trump effectively left him naked to an alliance of his enemies

After President Trump talked to Kurdish General Mazloum Kobani Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, President Trump then discussed the options available to President Erdogan. As a result of that conversation, Erdogan requested the U.S. mediate negotiations.

Erdogan’s request happened immediately after President Trump signed an executive order [See Here] triggering the sanction authority of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.


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184 Responses to White House Releases President Trump Warning Letter to President Erdogan of Turkey – October 9th…

  1. AnotherView says:

    Bravo! I am thrilled to see Trump pull our people out. Great analysis as always Sundance!

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  2. islandpalmtrees says:

    I know our President has allot on his plate but when Pelosi and Schiff come after him about Syria. I would like to suggest, if I could that our president use the following. President Trump: what are you looking for Pelosi another defense contract for your friends, like you did in the Ukraine. Let’s stay out of this war.

    SCHIFF-PELOSI CAUGHT IN UKRAINIAN ARMS SCANDAL: Giuliani Confirms TGP’s Prior Exclusive – Schiff and Pelosi’s Ukrainian Donor Was Given Lucrative Defense Contracts!
    by Joe Hoft October 8, 2019

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  3. Deplore Able says:

    I wish President Trump would stop mincing words and just say what he means. (s)

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  4. What a relief! Thank you God, for your gracious protection, our VSGPDJT, for transparency, and Sundance for educating us on what is really going on. Talk about 3D chess ♟!

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  5. railer says:

    Now I see why Erdogan was so butthurt in recent days. That letter is ominous, and when he got it he already had a military operation teed up. Oh Lord, that guy musta had a few bad days there. He still must be, because that threat is literally a potential disaster for him.

    Screw the neocons. They have nothing to stand on. They illegally and unconstitutionally invaded Syria, and Trump is reversing that illegitimate invasion.

    After all the blood and treasure these neocon beasts have cost us, can we finally end their madness?

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  6. tonyE says:

    THAT kind of letter is EXACTLY why we voted a non politician like Trump into office.

    That letter should be required reading in Diplomacy 101 for all diplomats…. Forget the fancy talk, you want something done, cut to the chase, make it short and make your point.

    And dangle a BIG carrot on your left hand while you show they other side the BIG stick on your right hand…

    I figure that someone who could get buildings done in NYC and golf courses in SoCal could easily deal with a guy like the Turks… easy stuff… you ought to see the Unions and the Zoning Department.

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  7. spoogels says:

    Reports indicate, that the “if you don’t do this, there will be war,” threat was used during the phone call between Erdogan and Trump.

    Turkey presented the US with a threat that Turkey would begin its operation regardless of the US presence and begin bombing US partners on the ground, the 100,000-strong Syrian Democratic Forces that the US had helped train since 2015 to fight ISIS.



  8. Fools Gold says:

    OK I’ll just say it! President Trump is up against senators and representatives that want propetual wars to keep their military factories in their states producing war time arsenal levels even during peace time. Many Generals go along with that to get what the dollars they need for sustainment and kick backs.

    This is the one political crap thing I took away during my 35 year career in the defense world making very powerful/expensive weapons used by OUR Air Force and Navy to control skies and provide ground cover.

    President Trump will continue to spend the necessary defense money to sustain all of our military and factories during peace time but these heathens in Washington want to create perpetual war to justify sustaining the same level of wartime production output perpetually for only one purpose, power and money. Trump is onto these bastards with both feet. As Sundance has said over and over there are Trillions are stake but in this instance it’s money spent in certain states but not in all states.

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  9. Wait till the polls – if there are any honest ones – come in showing how much the ELECTORATE approves PDJT pulling us out of endless ME conflicts.

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  10. Republicanvet91 says:

    “including if Turkey was counter-attacked by Russia/Syria or organized Kurdish forces.

    Essentially, Trump left Erdogan naked to a myriad of his enemies.”

    I was wondering what you meant previously by this Sundance, the above explains the enemies Erdogan is showing his azz to.

    What further would help explain things to many, me included because I do not recall the details, would be a short timeline of US involvement in Syria. It would help to remind people of how long things have been going on there, and why. Feckless politicians are talking about their resolutions against withdrawal as if troops were just deployed there last month.


  11. tsmifjones says:

    President Trump is schooling them. Democrats are dumbfounded and they look STUPID! Good Grief..


  12. Tom says:

    A little off topic, but there are plenty of great on topic posts here.
    Everyday President Trump is an inspiration to me. The man is simply tireless, he has to be guided by God. There is no way on earth a man can do as much in a single day, day in day out, as he does. All the while enduring the slings and arrows, not just from his known enemies, but people who should be his allies.
    It is beautiful, heartwarming, and frustrating and maddening all at the same time.
    I will be forever grateful to POTUS Trump.

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  13. 4220ma says:

    I would this letter is a quid pro quo


  14. Jerry Joe says:

    Dear President Mr. Trump,

    We are persuaded that you excel in the department of letter writing. If you could find it in your heart to write a similar style letter to both our House and Senate… Very similar to this military industrial complex, these two bodies have wasted, over the years, trillions of tax dollars with hardly anything to show for it right here in our homeland – not even a damn wall. As soon as you figure out how to Pastor Brunson them, we look forward to reading a similar letter.

    We know it will be a most difficult task as most of them really are fools, but it does seem the few tough ones are already on your side.


    At least 60,000,000 + 1 Deplorables

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  15. dallasdan says:

    The President has made extraordinary efforts to be an honest broker for the best interests of all concerned. If Erdogan insists on flushing his country down the toilet, help him by crashing his economy. It will be a good example for the next guy to ponder.


  16. wmingpt says:

    Simple and to the point, easy to translate…even to Sheila Jackson Lee and Hank Johnson.

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  17. Sprawlie says:

    The coordinated ‘he’s unhinged, unstable’ response to this letter by the twitterati and fake news media leads me to believe impeachment is well and truly dead. They’re now moving on to the 25th amendment angle. 2 weeks from now they’ll be back to the he’s a racist angle until they then finally circle back to the emoluments angle. Repeat ad nauseam.


  18. RAC says:

    Erdogan doesn’t seem to me to be the sort of person who would want the world to see him buckling under. Yet PDJT makes public a very blunt letter, basically saying play nice or I’ll smack you. Is PDJT just itching for a reason to use harsh sanctions and maybe get Erdogan replaced, I wonder.


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