FISA Judges Collyer and Boasberg Both Identified NSA Databases Used for Political Surveillance…

There is a serious problem here…

FISA Court judges Rosemary Collyer (declassified 2017) and James Boasberg (declassified 2019) both identified issues with the NSA database being exploited for unauthorized reasons.  We have a large amount of supplemental research to see through most of Collyer’s report and we are now starting the same process for Boasberg.  However, an alarming possibility makes it important to outline a rough draft of what appears present.

Initially when Collyer’s report was declassified in April 2017 we were able to start assembling additional circumstantial and direct evidence.  Two years of releases allowed us to see a more detailed picture.

Additional documents, direct testimony from NSA Director Mike Rogers, and later connected material from court filings, classified releases and ODNI statements made the understanding much clearer.  What became visible was a process of using the NSA database for political surveillance. [SEE HERE]

With the Boasberg report we do not yet have enough supportive material to identify specific purposes.  However, directly from the report itself there is a lot of information that shows a continuum of database activity that did not stop after Collyer’s warnings, and the NSA promises.   It seems, the political exploitation continues; and with that in mind some recent events are much more troubling.

Boasberg notes the “about” query option that NSA Director Mike Rogers halted, technically didn’t stop.   Instead operators used the “to and from” option almost identically as the “about” queries for downstream data review and extraction.  The FISA Appellate Court appointed amici curiae to review Boasberg’s opinion and reconcile counter claims by the FBI.   Boasberg was never satisfied despite the FISC-R amicus assurances. His opinion reflects valid judicial cynicism within his reluctant re-authorization.

One of the weird aspects to both Collyer and Boasberg is that both FISC judges did not ever seek to ask the “why” question: why are all these unauthorized database searches taking place?  Instead, both judges focus on process issues and technical procedural questions, seemingly from a position that all unauthorized searches were done without malicious intent.

Accepting that neither judge had the purpose of benefit to overlay any other information upon their FISA review, their lack of curiosity is not necessarily a flaw but rather a feature of a very compartmentalized problem.

Boasberg and Collyer are only looking at one set of data-points all centered around FISA(702) search queries.   Additionally, the scale of overall annual database searches outlined by Boasberg extends well over three million queries by the FBI and thousands of anonymous users; and the oversight only covers a sub-set of around ten percent.

As a result of the number of users with database access; and as Boasberg notes in his declassified opinion there is no consistent application of audit-trails or audit-logs; and worse yet, users don’t have to explain “why”, so there’s no FISC digging into “why”; the process is a bureaucratic FUBAR from a compliance standpoint; perhaps that’s by design.

All of that said, and accepting the FISC review is not engaged in the ‘why’, here’s the part where seemingly disparate dots start to connect and things are concerning.

REMINDER from the Mueller Report:

My strong hunch is that behind this process we will find the reason why the ‘Steele Dossier” was so relevant to Mueller.  You see, investigating the dossier made the 2017 Mueller investigation an extension of a 2016 counterintelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation (later, those were spun off).

By maintaining the counterintelligence process for Mueller, the FBI was able to continue exploiting the NSA database as a FISA(702) tool for their investigation.  The foreign actors played a key role in this process.  So long as the Mueller investigation was targeting foreign actors they could collect downstream evidence on the “702” (American persons) returns.

In essence, the “small group” was stretching the NSA database rules to conduct electronic warrantless searches and massive electronic surveillance on targets direct (“to/from”) and indirect (downstream).

The violations that Boasberg is identifying (March 2017 through March 2018) must also include FISA database searches conducted by Mueller’s FBI team.  It is all within the same system of electronic surveillance.  The pattern, frequency and specifics of the Boasberg report are identical to the 2017 Rosemary Collyer report. Same violations. Same processes.

Against what we see more visible every day; and thinking about how corrupt we already know the Mueller investigation to be; now consider that without going to federal courts to gain legal authority, warrants, taps etc….  using the database Mueller’s team could continue to exploit the FISA(702) process.

They could gather material for their criminal cases through the NSA database and then transfer those results to their spun off prosecutions.

That’s why the Steele Dossier was so important. The Dossier formed the basis to continue making the Mueller investigation a counterintelligence operation, Title-I. Without the Dossier creating the foreign construct, Mueller’s team would have had to follow Title-III.

There is a better than strong possibility the Mueller team monitored all of their targets, extracted the evidence they needed, transferred it to prosecutors and proceeded to construct cases. They didn’t need to do too much actual investigation because: (a) they knew the Russian-collusion/conspiracy was false; and (2) they could just access the NSA database and pull all the material they needed.

My hunch is that’s why the DNI, Dan Coats, sat on this Boasberg ruling for a year.  Boasberg presented this opinion in October 2018, it wasn’t released until October 2019. That could also be a motive why Dan Coats left right before Boasberg’s opinion was released.  Perhaps IC interests did not want anyone putting 2+2 together if this judicial review was released during the ongoing Mueller probe.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate the Steele Dossier in the second scope memo.  If these suspicions are accurate, the reason Mueller wanted the dossier included would be to maintain Mueller’s investigation as a counterintelligence operation. [An extension of Crossfire Hurricane] As a result, all previous FBI exploits using FISA(702) database searches would be authorized.

To get the Dossier moved from “political opposition research” into valid “investigative evidence” the FBI needed to find a way to get it into the investigation…. Hence, Carter Page and the FISA warrant became the unwitting target and vehicle to carry it.

That explanation also reconciles why Rosenstein signed-off on the 3rd renewal of the Carter Page FISA.  Rosenstein authorized a counterintelligence operation (2nd scope) and simultaneously re-authorized the cover story, the Carter Page FISA renewal.

The ramifications here are actually bigger than the original FISA database abuse. It means the Mueller group had secret ongoing background surveillance on all of their targets; and they did not need court authority (Title-III warrants) to get evidence.  Maybe, just maybe, this is part of the reason why John Durham has expanded the time-frame for his review.

Now, bear with me….  Again, just to be prudent, we don’t have the supportive material yet to see through the Boasberg ruling, so there is some conjecture here.  However, if we  stand back and think about the bigger picture described; and we also think about current headlines continuing to surface; a whole bunch of sketchy new things start to reconcile.

Example:  Listen to the video here for a minute as Chris Ferrell explains how people were being monitored by a State Department “war room”.

Remember all of the State Department “unmaskings” that were taking place?  Hundreds of unmaskings assigned to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, and yet no-one could identify who was doing them?

One of the significant changes between the Collyer report (covering 2016) and the Boasberg report (covering 2017) was an institutional inability to track who was doing the actual database searches.  Some internal process was modified to create IC anonymity.

Well, against the backdrop of Ambassador Yovanovitch in 2017 and 2018 “monitoring” American persons in/around her Ukraine interests; and considering all of these database search queries identified by Boasberg in 2017 and 2018 “incidentally” captured Americans; perhaps this explains how the Yovanovitch “monitoring” was taking place.

Burisma Leadership Meeting With Ambassador Yovanovitch in October 2018 – Link

We know what the FBI and “contractors” were doing in 2016; and given how invested the intelligence community is within the current stop-trump operations (writ large); and given the political stakes for the intelligence community, well, would there be a reason they would just stop electronic surveillance in January 2017 when President Trump was inaugurated?

I suspect this NSA database is being continually data-mined by ongoing institutional operatives and contractors who are working against the Trump administration.  I suspect the surveillance of their political opposition is ongoing….


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561 Responses to FISA Judges Collyer and Boasberg Both Identified NSA Databases Used for Political Surveillance…

  1. Newhere says:

    Seems almost quaint to mention the LAW here, but the Special counsel statute ONLY applies to criminal investigations (Andrew McCarthy was immediately all over this). The fact Mueller’s “investigation” was blurred with counterintelligence was maddening the whole time (no legal basis for Mueller’s appointment), but if Sundance is correct, well FUBAR. The whole thing was blatantly illegal — on its face — from the start.

    This also strongly suggests what none of us wants to face: we already have lost. Our ruling class isn’t afraid of ANYTHING. They get caught (Admiral Rogers follows law/procedure to supposedly close the loopholes) and what do they do? Well they just use other loopholes, and run their own fixes to create anonymity so it’s harder to catch them next time. Our legal system, or the people running it, simply doesn’t match the magnitude of corruption.

    If this is what the administrative state does when it gets caught, we’ve already lost. It is determined to surveil — which means control and oppress — no matter what. They fear nothing. They have turned their toys into the dirtiest bombs and strapped them to our vital organs, daring us to try to cut them out at the expense of “unilateral disarmament against terrorist and adversaries.” Thus anyone who would stop them is hamstrung by U.S. laws the other side won’t follow, and deadly choices deliberately constructed.

    We know we’ve been at war. Looks like the war always was already won; they know Trump will be gone someday; brace yourself for hell when that day comes.

    Some think Trump is actually fixing this in ways we can’t see. He would have to burn it down. Hope, always; but don’t be deluded about where we stand.

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    • Debra says:

      Yes. What you are describing IS ‘lawfare’.

      It is not ‘just’ a group that is representing the coup instigators (Lawfare).

      It is a tactic, used to effectuate a ‘law’ against anyone, anytime, over anything . . .

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Here is my “lawfare”. If what they did was unconstitutional, then it qualifies as a “foreign government” operating in the US. Like what was previously described as a government within a government.

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    • @newhere, while I initially smiled at your introduction “Seems almost quaint to mention the LAW here,”…I sobered up very quickly in reading the rest of your comment. This scares me to the core of my being. If this happens in the USA, the beacon of freedom, what hope do we have in Canada, and indeed the rest of the world?

      Our federal elections in Canada are this month…we gotta get rid of Trudope. …but I fear that too many people are brainwashed by the Canadian bought off by Trudeau media. The CBC believe it or not, is suing the Conservative Party of Canada…

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      • Dekester says:

        British Columbia here, I am a fighter, but understand my limitations.

        Prepare for the worst, may I suggest you search Peter Brown of Canaccord Capital.

        He is brilliant, and very wealthy.

        An email was forwarded to me as regards Pensions.

        In the last few years 150 Billion dollars of capital has fled Canada.

        Folks I hang with despise, and distrust everything to do with politics here in Canada.

        F**k em all, and “ Nae Surrender”

        God bless PDJT

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    • Iwasthere says:

      Yes but it was challenged in court twice – the stupid Russia case and the Maniford case. Judge Ellis wimped out.


    • formerdem says:

      We have not lost, and though exciting the remark is not helpful nor just. Clickbait today, apathy tomorrow. Stoppit. Yay Sundance!!!!!!1


    • Wisc says:

      Perhaps Trump will be “gone someday,” but the spirit if not the people who elected him will still be around. We must support the many people fighting for our country. I hope Trump mentors new strong leaders to carry on the fight.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      It would explain the need for false flags, particularly those that bring out the “Kill the 2A” crowd. Just in case the American public “forgets” about the prospect of ongoing terrorist threats to the homeland, here’s a false flag for all you boys anf girls in the populace. We have disguised it as an attack against you and your fellow Americans – as if it were an attack from a real enemy. Thus, they – artificially – justify their own raison d’être.

      Call me Pollyanna, but it is far too early in this sick cat and mouse game of electronics to declare ourselves losers of the war that our very own DS is waging against us. They believed they had the whole enchilada secured, until Hilbilly was crushed by the 1500+ counties that dressed themselves in blood red and “persuaded” the Electoral College to reflect the nation’s choice in Election 2016. Since then, they have had to scramble and become more clever in their subversion. They are shaken up and they are making mistakes. 😎

      The Courts, some deliberately (thank you, Obama /s); some due to the success of compartmentalization, have thrown the DS a series of ring buoys that has helped it remain afloat. However, one can hear the gasping for life sustaining fuel, as evidenced by the cynical protestations of the Ambassador recalled from the Ukraine, and as further evidenced by the blundering blabbery of the very public corruptocrat, John Brennan. As for the Ambassador, she is toast. Brennan will be too – and then he will cave. He is, at heart, a blustery coward.

      The game is afoot. I refuse to give up. Like so many others here, I await my marching orders.

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    • Black Irish Rose says:

      Thank you, Pres. George Jr., for the Patriot Act/sarc. Whatever surveiling of Americans went on before 9/11, George codified it. Dang, that man was stupid or was in on everything: turning the hunt for Bin Laden into nation building in Afghanistan; the idiotic amnesty he proposed; the Patriot Act that opened the floodgates of private Americans being spied on for political purposes. Feel free to add to the list. He was quite the set up man for Ozero and his criminals to take over in 2008.

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    • Pew-Anon says:

      I appreciate the spirit of your post, and take the “we’ve already lost” rhetoric more as a flourish of sobriety about the seriousness of the situation, rather than as a statement concretized reality, with which some here are taking issue. My only caveat would be to wait and see if PT can fundamentally solve the China problem. All the great choices in his cabinet are in positions that deal directly with the China problem. The rest of his cabinet is garbage, which should tell us something about his priorities. So if PT can fix China, then we might see him turn his wrath on the DS problem, which is entirely downstream from China.

      I get what you mean. We have certainly at least lost ground, but it is ground lost to corruption. If the fountain head of that corruption – China – can be dried up, then we stand a chance of reclaiming that ground from the current flood of corruption.

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    • pal says:

      it will only stop, or subsideat least, when jail sentences are handed out to the conniving, corrupt Democrat suporters. .Until then…corruption as usual.


  2. CM-TX says:

    Well, they screwed up our Intel & Legal System. Let them experience the result of firsthand. Thus ALL Contractors & “Resistant” Insiders who had/have access are GUILTY… unless they can PROVE otherwise.

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    • tarheel69 says:

      All true , but who is going to do anything about it. Two men both America citizens, but I believe were born in Ukraine, were helping Rudy Giuliani gather evidence of all the Obama administration corruption in Ukraine.. Not look what’s happened those two men were arrested a couple a days ago and charged with campaign finance charges, I read the two men were seen in a photo with Don Trump Jr, so the FBI started an investigation on them. This is another case of, well if your a Republican or ,anybody helping anyone in the Republican party you are subject to having the full weight of the federal government coming after you. As we all see ,if your a democratic our laws don’t apply to you. I’m so tired of this double standard . It’s now ok to spite in the face of a supporter of our President. Not one thing done about it. Our laws are now being used as a weapon against us Conservitives. I hate to be a downer but, I’ve seen , and read to much to have any hope this criminals will ever be brought to justice. If the word justice ,ment what I was tought it ment we would not be in such a mess.I am thankful for our great President.How he deals with this crap on a daily basis is beyond me…

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  3. Tom Hansen says:

    In my view, I have always felt the FISA Court was complicit with the FBI and IC requests. The entire FISA Court and process is corrupt. The judges should have referred all of the cases they found to be illegal to the DOJ for prosecution, but all parties involved participated in the corruption, including Chief Justice John Roberts as head of the FISA Courts.

    This is why I do not believe Barr and Durham will not be able to criminally charge anyone. They have the entire Judicial Branch of government conspiring against them.

    By Trump winning in 2016, his presence has revealed this grand scale of corruption of our government and politicians, because otherwise we would have never know how wide spread and deep the corruption in Washington was.

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    • Chaos in NC says:

      Agree this ^^^^^^


    • Chaos in NC says:

      Agree this ^^^^^^


    • jus wundrin says:

      The sad part will be that the sheep will re-elect Ol’ career politician (R), Everywhere, and the beat will go on.

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      • railer says:

        This is the problem. As long as people vote tribally, the Uniparty always wins.

        McConnell has to be removed from the US Senate, but ipeople reflexively vote for a little “R”, he won’t be.


        • Susan Bolle says:

          McConnell may be a thorn at times but he has appointed many judges to important positions. Many of these rulings (typically against Trump) have been made by liberal judges from previous administrations. These sore oz groups and lawfare are attempting to usurp the Judiciary Branch of government (Ex Branch as well) and this will hopefully stop/limit their victories.


          • railer says:

            Why do you think Uniparty McConnell would ever confirm any judge that didn’t comply with Uniparty prerogatives? That doesn’t make any sense.

            Just because he has a little “R” after his name, doesn’t mean he’s on my side. What he really has is a little “U” after his name.


    • Mr. T. says:

      Tom Hansen, I believe that this is all going to come out, one way or the other. The Black Hats are never going to stop until it does, and even then, they will continue to try to find new ways to subvert the safeguards that are supposed to prevent this type of unauthorized covert activity. I believe that some of the rogue players will end up in the hot seat, and in order to save themselves and for the White Hats to get to the bigger players at the top, they will spill their guts. This farce of an impeachment inquiry cannot continue. It is causing major disruption to our government, especially the executive branch. How ridiculous and foolish, for the democrats to continue to conspire against a duly elected President. Their attack on POTUS is an attack on We, The People, who elected him to office. President Trump has accomplished a hell of a lot in the less than three years he has been in office. Imagine what he can do if this country actually had a functional Congress instead of a dysfunctional one.

      During the 2008 elections, I had spoken to many people who voted for Obama. I asked them if they had taken a close look at the man’s qualifications, which to be honest, did NOT qualify him to be president. A junior senator from Illinois whose only real world experience before being elected to office was as a community organizer. The ones that voted for him, and there were quite a few republicans who did, stated that it made them feel good to see Obama elected as the first black president. To those who put that tyrant in office, I ask them, was it worth the damage he did to this country, including the racial division he caused, the attacks on our nation’s police officers, some of whom lost their lives at the hands of the thugs Obama empowered with this racially dividing rhetoric, the harm he did to our nation’s healthcare systems, including to the citizens who either lost their good medical coverage, or saw their premiums rise, including deductibles and copays? Was it worth it to put an extremely dishonest person in the White House, who gave his blessing to all the illegal spying and subversive activity to keep President Trump from taking office, or to remove him once he did?

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        Mr. T: And… their answers???

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        • Mr. T. says:

          Sturmudgeon, I either get a deer in the headlight stare, or they make pathetic excuses for 44, in denial about the damage their false god did to this country and its citizens. On the flip side, I have a family member who voted for 44 in 2008, who did nothing but sing his praises. After Obamacare was shoved down his throat and that of millions of other American citizens, he finally began to see the light about what a big mistake he made in believing all that hopey, changey crap the dems were spewing about 44.

          Very sad that the RNC kept on running losers such as McCain and Romney. They tried it again in 2016, but that time, We, The People, had finally had our fill of their “chosen ones”, and pushed back and boy did we push back against the party. Brought a smile to my face when Jeb Bush lost his financial backing after losing 3 primaries and had to pack it in. The fight isn’t over. We’ve got a long way to go to save The Republic and keep our duly elected President in office.

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          • unfetteredreason says:

            Very interesting post. As this is my first on here I’d like to preface by saying hello to everyone and thank Sundance for an outstanding publication.
            If you look hard enough you can trace the origins of the modern day “Deep State” to George H. W. Bush’s tenure in the WH. While Americans were riding the sugar high of Reagan (rightfully so) we missed the CIA director in chief while he positioned his hawks throughout the government. W saw the rise of the deep state under the guise of the patriot act and for the most part used the power for noble causes. Unfortunately, the next occupant of 1600 PA ave did not use the power for noble causes which begs the question should that level of permanent bureaucracy ever exist and why for the love of God aren’t these agencies kept separate from each other with no way to communicate unless authorized by the chief executive.

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            • flyboy46 says:

              That’s the way it was BEFORE 9-11 and we blamed that on THEM NOT Talking. There has to be a happy medium where they move the information but don’t get the control that the Obama cabal installed. WE better fix this or we are doomed.

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              • Fata Morgana says:

                How about we REDUCE significantly the number of “Agencies” and personnel? I don’t think we will jeopardized national security (the raison d’ etre for them all), by cutting them by 50%.

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            • Bubba Cow says:

              welcome to the Treehouse


        • mugzey302 says:

          #IMPEACH44 !!!


      • Yippeekiyay says:

        Good post, Mr.T.

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      • warrprin1 says:

        This farce of an impeachment is their tool to keep our attention occupied whilst they attempt to keep their crimes against the US citizenry and Constitution off our radar screen: nothing more, but also nothing less.


    • warrprin1 says:

      Amen. It is ALWAYS better to know than not to know. Look the enemy in the face, take its full measure, and fight it with everything you have within you – just as our President Trump is doing. What an example of courage under fire is he!


  4. Cathy M. says:

    Excellent May 2019 thread by Techno Fog on this topic.

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    • Sprawlie says:

      This is DOJ-NSD created by the Patriot Act exploiting this FARA scheme. The Patriot Act is what we thought it was. A power grab to expand the surveillance state which could be easily turned against the American citizen by the ruling cabal.

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      • elmerjfuddmillionaire says:

        When I heard about the “Patriot” Act it sent shivers down my spine. When I saw the huge stack of papers that were the Patriot Act I asked myself what the hell is our government doing to us? That was when my eyes were opened wide. When I heard GW Bush speak of the war on “Terror” that too sent shivers down my spine.

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      • Summer says:


        I can’t even describe how much I loathe the Patriot Act. At the time, this abomination was yet another reason NOT to vote for Dubya.

        The Act was a blatant encroachment on our Constitutional rights, and a huge step towards the Police State in which we find ourselves today. Spying has always been done in the name of national security but not on such a seemingly enormous scale, with who knows how many authorized and unauthorized spies collecting and sharing our private information.

        Frankly, I fail to see much difference between authorized vs. unauthorized because the people abusing the system can be easily found in both groups. “Authorized” does not necessarily mean “honest.” Abuse of the “tools” is not a bug, it is a feature.
        Not to mention that “honest eavesdropping” is an oxymoron.

        I remember how upset I was when Candidate Trump said that Apple should agree to provide the FBI with a back door to the iOS devices. I bet he changed his mind since then.


      • Sgt Stryker says:

        It was always intended to destroy the Republic and turn the USA into another Globalist state.
        PROOF: How many “terrorist acts” were allowed to occur on US soil?
        Oh! they say…. The Patriot Act saved us from thousands….but they had to allow some to occur to keep us convinced of its necessity.

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        • Retired USMC says:

          They only catch the ones they set in motion via sting. Bush one was all about a new world order….welcome to his vision..we have arrived.


          • warrprin1 says:

            Glad that generation of the Bushes is gone. I am one of the former GHWB and W supporters who had to learn the hard way. Thanks for the memories ( /s ), and this mess, Bush pols. You had lots of help along the way. But the monster outgrew you and your ability to control it. No more Oval Office for ANY of you B’s.


  5. Rick says:

    If I were POTUS I’d hire someone like William Binney, someone capable and who I could trust to build a new nsa database with no anonymous access points, with complete accountability vis a vis a required eye scan to get in. Then replace the entire old system with the new.

    All he has to do is declare a National Emergency, which is what this clearly is.

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  6. Dutchman says:

    “Its a counter intel investigation!”

    “Its a CRIMINAL investigation!”

    “Its 2,2,…..2 investigations in ONE!”

    Which is illegal and UnConstitutional as all get out!

    “If blackbriar all goes South, we’ll wrap it up, tie it to Pamela Landry, and start all over again.”

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    • Gerry says:

      It’s now a Counter-Counter Intelligence investigation!
      So secrecy and investigatory overrides should now be in effect for DJT. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. This is a dual edged sword. That’s why Hillary said if Trump wins the election we all hang. It’s a race to find dirt on DJT and associates before the American public finds out the truth about them. How far back does this go? McCain, Romney campaigns? No wonder they folded like cheap lawn chairs.

      Remember the illicit “agreement” between CIA and FBI and their contractors sharing FISA info and knowledge in Judge Collyer’s’ brief? It never was addressed and now made those participants invisible. What was Collyer’s duty and responsibility to her oath and the court in this scenario? If she did not demand immediate changes through Judge Roberts, she’s complicit too.
      “One of the significant changes between the Collyer report (covering 2016) and the Boasberg report (covering 2017) was an institutional inability to track who was doing the actual database searches. Some internal process was modified to create IC anonymity.”
      So Barr MUST charge the lawyers and all those who negotiated and signed off on this MOU, which really is the abrogation of existing law. If they don’t we are all screwed.
      All Treepers. Red to send this link of this article to the Whitehouse. I’m sure they know, but we need to let them know that WE KNOW.

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      • Mr. T. says:

        Romney? Now there’s a real winner. The day will NEVER come when the nation elects that spineless wimp sellout to the White House. I’d like to smack that fake smile of his right off his weasel face.

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      • Dutchman says:

        So, they said “Oops,…thank you Judge Colyers, we WILL make changes to the system! We will prevent people from being able to TRACK our searches, and detirmining WHO conducted them. THANKS for the heads up!”

        We’ll roll up Blackbriar, and start again.”

        We really do need to shut the whole thing down. Need that DISENFECTANT thing, big time.

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        • glissmeister says:

          As was mentioned above we are in the throes of a National Emergency.

          The pernicious scope and institutional depth of sedition being exposed far exceeds lawless treachery.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Maybe the Doublemint twins can come to the rescue.


      • Dutchman says:

        SOMEBODY needs to, thats for sure. Oh, and it was Mueller, the “Honorable man” (according to Lindsey, Mitch etc.) Who signed the MOU, which enabled FBI contractors to do these searches,…AND put Comey in as his heir apperent.

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  7. “over three million queries by the FBI and thousands of anonymous users”

    To use card terms, looks like they went “all in” and “doubled down” in illegality in 2017 hoping to get enough dirt on our president. They failed, and each should hang for sedition.

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    • Fringe Dweller says:

      That number is the tip of the iceberg, and they were not solely targeting the POTUS. Many thousands of patriots can attest to this over the years.

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  8. ann says:

    If allowed to stand, what is the legacy are we leaving for younger Americans?

    A totalarian state secured by surveillance , coercion and overmighty federal internal security masked ax justice ?

    What will following generations name us, if we rationalise rather than act to end the means by which a corrupted ruling order ensures the subjugation of America’s people?

    They should not and will not forgive us..

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  9. Caius Lowell says:

    So this is why the Dems dragged the Mueller “investigation” out so long, because it gave them access to their precious databases — I should have seen and understood that earlier…

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    • Ma McGriz says:

      ….but otoh….talk about giving them enough rope to hang themselves….

      If we know it, we can be assured the President and his team know it in spades.
      POTUS’ track record so far would suggest he’s holding the long end of the rope.

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      • PBR says:

        Meanwhile, the Left is continuing to turn a large portion of America against POTUS. When they think they have enough, the Impeachment Games will begin.


  10. William H Warrick III says:

    The IC has become an openly Criminal Operation running rampant throughout the Trump Administration.

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  11. margarite1 says:

    It’s a mind bogging racket and the politicians do it over and over. Use taxpayer money to coerce “commissions” for deploying “foreign aid”…and hide the commissions in an offshore foundation – a la’ Clinton Foundation- just in case some non-subservient public servant gets nosy.

    But the worst is Planned Parenthood – taxpayer money to PP to rats…over and over – because the victims are completely helpless and the culture and souls are trashed….all to keep rats in power so they can make themselves even richer. I really think Hillary is owned by Satan…seriously.

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    • Maquis says:

      The entire Left is owned by Satan. The terms Right and Left are derived from the description of humans as choosing to be on the right or left hand of God. The Leftist movement increasingly and incessantly glories in their perversions and disobedience.

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  12. Mac says:

    Let me reiterate the Steele Dossier is unimportant, except for the fact that the FBI HAD to use it to obtain the Title I surveillance warrant against the Trump Campaign. The dossier, itself has no intrinsic value. It was total BS.

    The Title I FISA warrant, for which the Dossier was used, was issued on Carter age prior to the election and well before the Mueller SC was authorized. And, under federal code, a SC can only be authorized to investigate a crime, not a counter intelligence matter. That was why the obstruction of justice investigation was opened by McCabe after Comey was fired. To provide authorization for the appointment of a special counsel.

    The Crossifre Hurricane CoI operation was moved to the SCO for three reasons. The first was to protect it from being shut down by the President. The second was to establish it as the predicate for the obstruction complaint. And the third reason was to keep the Title I FISA warrant alive and available to both the SC and the FBI.

    Onne thing which is being overlooked here the fact that the raw numbers of FISA 702 requests, which were granted, was known to the FISA court. A report on all of the requests for access, falling under the jurisdiction of the FISA is reported, annually to the court. While the court might not have seen anything sinister in the number of such granted requests, it surely should have known about them. So, it is no surprise that when the court was forced to respond to Adm. Roger’s complaint of illegal use of the 702 process, at the NSA, that the court simply looked at the process, before it reached the court itself.

    The domestic surveillance program engaged in by the Obama bureaucracy was systemic and illegal. Those involved knew that when they were engaged in it prior to the 2016 election. But, they believed that they could continue it after the election and inauguration and did so. And, while the DOJ/FBI was the lead agency involved, every other agency with an intelligence arm; including the CIA, DNI, State Department, Homeland Security and even the IRS were running their own concurrent illegal surveillance operations, the legality of which are highly suspect.

    And, that is the reason why the current administration, such as the AG, is seemingly pussyfooting around with these investigations. The main purpose of the investigations, now ongoing, is to identify the people involved in these illegal activities. It was so widespread, that the fish caught in the net have to identified and certain ones thrown back. Otherwise, at this point, it could cause unknown damage to the nation. And, the main goal of the government is to protect itself and the Establishment.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      We’ll see. Durham has expanded the timeline, and asked for more resources (bodies). John Solomon says that means he is finding things.

      In contrast, if he were a Peter Strzok or James Comey with Huma’s laptop, recall what they did – they shut it down in a millisecond with a hair brained, slipshod, pretend investigation, sweeping it under the rug in one week with ‘amazing FBI IT sleuth capabilities. s/ Right?

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      The Clinton Dossier served 2 purposes.
      1. Obtain the FISA
      2. Give the media chum to gulp by the bucket full and poison the minds of 1/2 of America.
      We cannot underestimate to necessity of an ill-informed populace.

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  13. litlbit2 says:

    Okay, so as a guideline in almost all corruption or criminal activity, as the news reports cover these stories. We always get, “many are asking why”. Yet with all the 24/7 airtime given to this coup orchestrated by the GOPe, DNC, MSM, FBI, CIA, NSA, Swamp etc. Judges from the highest court of the land, having control over dictatorship actions, in of all places The FISA Court. They turn a blind eye to this basic question, WHY!

    Therefore, why, why? Second explain going forward WHY should you be allowed to continue? Evidently Judge and green stamper is just a path for agenda! Furthermore, now with the search tools not requiring personal sign in, with the Rogers work around in effect, the Mueller/Obama Third Reich employees continuing evil, the FISA Judges no longer needed as the process they approved is on going.

    How is it possible the AG and the Justice Department(or looney tunes) are really going after their funding, Soros, Clinton, Ukraine, China, departments starting with the honest cop Comey, and Scotland Yard Mueller over seen by Chief Justice Roberts? This is a group of the most not normal people allowed the breathe.

    Tomorrow someone may ask approval to vacate prison cells, gets approval. Next a small group starts hanging inmates! Oops forgot to ask how or WHY. Explanation, not my job to ask who or why! By the way will my increase in wages and benefits start on the first of next month? Cya.

    Forgive us Lord we elect some of the most silly people with help from under tombstones.

    Thank God there is another gate to open toward the final destination.


  14. k4jjj says:

    When the judges are corrupt, the system is finished. The FISA judges ARE corrupt. As David Mamet wisely noted, “The Left has to pretend not to know things.”

    The FISA judges KNOW the frauds perpetrated against Donald Trump and his associates. They are accomplices in the fraud.

    Otherwise, they will fall back on the common defense of the scoundrel Left…THE IDIOT’S DEFENSE…

    “We judges had no idea what was going on. We just showed up for work and were clueless. How are we supposed to know what is going on? We had a hard enough time just putting the black robes on, front-side forward. “

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  15. MustangBlues says:

    Burn it down, some keep saying. But ‘it’ is not a problem, the careerists and cultists embedded in the system are the issue; it is they who perpetrate the crimes against the people, not the system.

    Careerists are the bureaucrats who live for the cushy perks of their lifetime jobs, and will do nothing to threaten their lifestyles. The cultists are the true believers, the resistance and media guru types, who are doing their deeds as saving humanity from the cretins on the right who are mindless dolts for President Trump, they believe.

    The information on who the seditionists are is spread wide and far in the current internet data bases, and appear in the CTH posts constantly, one boon of the research of Sundance, and others as well.

    Protect your self and your supporters, be a boy scout from the old days, and respect the live free motto of the early founding of the American Colonies.

    The system of government invented by the founders is the template of American Greatness, and the defect of the government is the crooked people populating the machinery of government.

    Good people, will be the emetic of the parasites.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      Someone wrote an article the other day (can’t find it) suggesting we eliminate the “civil service.” The civil service was supposed to be a professional class of apolitical competent bureaucrats who would run the governmental institutions in place of the former system–the spoils system. The spoils system was when all gov’t jobs went to friends and supporters of whomever had just won the election or whomever was in power otherwise. The civil service was looked upon as an “improvement” over the corruption inherent in the spoils system. But now we realize that our current system doesn’t work either. The author suggested we go back to the spoils system and that after each election, the entire gov’t must resign and the party in power gets to fill ALL the positions in every agency. Author asserted that at least this way, the voters get the say in who runs the institutions and when the voters change their minds, the institutions of government change too. Of course, governing oneself without corruption is very hard. The Founders tried their best to set up a federalist system–supposedly making it hard for the central gov’t to amass too much power.We see not it didn’t work in spite of their best intentions.But of course they knew from their own experience of the world, and from seeing the same kinds of examples that we see today, that it wasn’t likely to work. Hopefully we can pull back at this very last moment from the brink. But from the gist of so many comments here at CTH,and from the articles, it seems most people don’t think Trump and his very small band of helpers will ultimately be able to stop the lawlessness and that we’re no longer savable in our present form. We’re about to find out in any case.


      • Amy2 says:

        We aren’t being serviced, and there’s nothing civil about it.

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      • Lanna says:

        Civil service worked better before public employee unions were allowed to be formed. Eliminating those would be a strong first step to improving the system. And eliminate the SES.

        I’ve read proposals that term limits be put on public service employees — no more than 10 years of any combination of federal, state or local employment. Certainly something to consider.


      • BitterC says:

        LOL. I have been thinking about how we eliminated the patronage system with the civil service, too & allowing patronage to return. Thing is, there are TOO MANY JOBS. Trump still hasn’t gotten the 400-500 political appointees he’s allowed to appoint senate confirmed. Not sure he has even made a nomination for all the positions.

        In other words, it’s impossible to replace all Cabinet departments employees. But, the president should be permitted to fire any bad apples uncovered with no muss or fuss.

        The headlines I’ve seen about the former ambassador to the Ukraine would make you think it was some sort of crime for Trump to recall her for personal reasons

        To that end, you are right. The civil service union as well as SES must go


      • skaebne says:

        I’ve got a better idea. Eliminate nearly all the federal agencies and the civil servants that work for them. They don’t really do anything for us — it’s a con. When the country was formed, the federal government was supposed to be funded by tariffs, and all governance was left to the States (except those 19 powers expressly enumerated in the 10th Amendment). That would solve 99% of our problems (except for California).


    • icthematrix says:

      When I say “burn it down”, I mean get all the facts and stink out into the open, total sunlight, and destroy the infestation of our government by these hideous evil people. Yes it’s the people who bring the evil. Just as a gun doesn’t pull it’s own trigger, our agencies are only the product of how they are used by leaders and their employees.

      There are hundreds of leaders/managers in these agencies placed there under Hussein, with the sole purpose of “transforming America”. That’s a nice word for corrupting and destroying our nation.

      Expose them all. Convictions wherever possible, but firings and exposing the deep state is just as important. No matter how shocking, how bad it is, Americans need to see what happens when greedy communists take over. We must fundamentally return American values to Americans! President Trump is our last hope.

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      • RobInPA says:

        PDJT has repeatedly said that ‘this cannot happen to another President’.

        I think he knows that to identify, address and correct the rot and corruption that exists, a ‘burn it down’ approach as you frame it is necessary.

        As an aside, I wish that PDJT would add something to the affect, ‘If this can happen to me it can happen you’. By making Americans more personnally connected to the level of absolute corruption being committed by the government, more people will want to board the Trump MAGA Train!


        • bill johnston says:

          Exactly. Attempting to dismantle the swamp piecemeal would take too long and just allow the miscreants to construct better cover, Therefor, wholesale house cleaning is the best and fastest way to regain our Republic.


  16. Bogeyfree says:

    Many miss this interesting coincidence:

    Oct 21, 2016 – Adm.Rodgers shuts down about queries and reports findings to DOJ

    Oct 21, 2106 – DOJ/FBI file first FISA Title 1 surveillance request for Carter Page using the dossier

    Interesting timing as the same day Adm. Rodgers submits his findings to the DOJ they issue the first Title 1 surveillance which we all know basically allows them to back date all their earlier surveillance that Adm was was uncovering.

    As they say how convenient,

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  17. trialbytruth says:

    It is time for a leak. Butcher a sacred cow and see how many leftist become Hindus the overnight

    From my vivid Imagination: ( much better then the Corporate media’s)

    Highly placed Justice department officials say Bush loyalists were using a suspicious interpretation of the FARA statutes to set up long chains of espionage on the Obamas and their loyalists for the entire 8 years of the Obama reign.

    This was information was turned up by the Trump administration while they were searching for the early phone call leaks. It is not clear if or when they were then reauthorized by secret order from Jeff Sessions or reauthorized by the acting AG Matt Whitaker. Sources indicate to us they are still active and ongoing.

    William Barr is now considering whether to reactivate These three step surveillance warrants . In some cases they have become 27 step warrants from the original handful of authorized Fisa warrant’s. Contact with foreign nationals.were.found in the associates records1 and 2 steps out creating further 3 step warrants in one case going back in some thirty years.

    It could not be established whether or not Stanley (Ann) Dunham, Obama’s birth mother was caught up in this unprecidented sweep. It is clear however that some of Obama’s earliest contacts have been under continuous electronics surveillance

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  18. Jerry Joe says:

    And NONE of these queries begin with a Warrant, but upon probable cause…
    No different than the logic used in failing to recognize life in Roe v. Wade…
    No different than the logic used to characterize the ACA as a tax…
    No different than the logic used in promoting the restriction of gun ownership…

    All whittling away at God given, fought for, consitutional rights, and all, except for those never having had the chance, toward indentured servitude…


  19. Bluecaper says:

    One additional illicit use of the database by ALL departments is the use of searches to obtain deep background for hiring, promotions and clearances. To think that a CORRECT political ideology isn’t factored into these decisions is folly.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Solution: MANDATED HIRING of Republicans and Independents – independently verified by voter registration going back 2 elections – across ALL DC and Federal departments.

      Imagine how much corruption would drop if every department was 40% Republican and 20% Independent!

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  20. islandpalmtrees says:

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  21. Fools Gold says:

    The Chief Justice needs to walk away but I guess he can’t stand the idea public ridicule for the rest of his life…


  22. arze says:

    The matter of Rep. Ratcliffe

    Using these fantastic surveillance tools to keep spying on President Trump – and from the perspective of the Mueller gang, hopefully to someday discover “evidence” of “obstruction of justice” is what I think was one reason for keeping these queries going and going and going.

    Had AG Barr not come along and told Mueller to shit and get off the pot, Mueller’s gang would still be fishing.

    Trump of course knew this and was prepared to endure it; but at least this stopped.

    Trump can take the heat, and does not care what bullshit those out to silence and remove him do – in the sense that since it’s bullshit, it can’t and won’t stick – he can take the heat — but others whom he wants in his administration cannot.

    I’m sure that’s one thing Trump will Trumpet during the upcoming presidential campaign.

    The Resistance/Mueller, etc., continue to be successful in the sense that though they can’t cow Trump, they destroy his ability to have senior officials in his administration that could begin to seriously roll back this ongoing coup attempt. By threatening to destroy Trump appointees.

    Take Rep. John Ratcliffe.

    What happened to him, related to Trump’s nomination of him to serve as Director of National Intelligence, is among most obvious examples – to put more meat on this bone – about what Sundance is referring to in this essay. [In a slightly different ways, it’s what happened to Sessions, Gen. Flynn, Hope Hicks, and many others***, and now to the attempts targeting Rudy G]

    The Resistance – media apostles, permanent Washington, “intelligence” officials, RHINOS, and the likes of perhaps Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine and Sen. Richard Mauze Burr, R-North Carolina, to name the obvious, and perhaps Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky.

    This amalgamation in various and sundry ways put a stop to Ratcliffe’s DIA nomination in less than a week!

    A few days after the nomination was announced in [late July], the CIA-Blower sent Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California [early August] what has been alleged is a whistleblower complaint – and here we are.

    This Resistance continues to successfully thwart reform of the DIA, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence continues to abdicate their responsibility, and the search for “obstruction of justice” like cockroaches and maggots keeps running amok.

    Good people are scared to serve in the Trump administration.

    He said as much when he accepted Ratcliffe’s declination.

    Who knows, perhaps Trey Gowdy, recently appointed an outside legal counsel to Trump is “auditioning” for something, I don’t know one way or the other at this point.

    One thing we don’t know is what Barr is actually doing and what he has actually done so far.

    This secrecy is productive only because that would mean a real criminal investigation is in process, thus silence must be the rule, otherwise prosecution is tainted and thrown out; it’s unproductive, the secrecy, if nothing is actually happening.

    At the start of the Mueller investigation some actually thought Mueller was going to actually investigate crimes, instead of trying to create them….

    At one time during this process Andy McCarthy at National Review thought Mueller was doing a good job and the right thing; he came to rue that belief.

    Whatever Barr might be doing and has been doing, he has many ways to throw curves balls at us, over and over and over again.

    At the end of the day, it is still a bureaucracy, and they are bureaucrats, and all that that implies.

    Justice for the People? What’s that?

    ***For those with historical memory, another example of a good man pushed out by the Deep State, recall Nixon’s Secretary of State William Rogers. Kissinger did not want Rogers and pushed him out. Rogers previously was President Eisenhower’s Attorney General.

    Later in life, according to Wikipedia: “Rogers led the investigation into the explosion [1986] of the space shuttle Challenger. The Rogers Commission was the first investigation to criticize NASA management for its role in negligence of safety in the Space Shuttle program.”

    In any event, if Trump had his way, everything would be declassified, nothing would be secret, and the chips would fall where they may….and today we have fake journalists protecting fake whistleblowers, shaming and outing real ones, advocating for secrecy on a partisan basis, and for exposure of certain stuff also on a partisan basis.

    Let it all hang out.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      And how little airplay the MSM gives to what appear to be huge announcements.

      1. Durham expands the timeline of his probe.

      2. Durham allegedly has asked for more resources, more bodies.

      3. I believe it was John Solomon of Fox News who said, “This means Durham is finding things.”

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  23. Ana says:

    In other words, this goes much deeper than anyone thought.

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  24. Bogeyfree says:

    So here is another thing that seems to have been forgotten.

    In the April 26, 2017 Judge Collyer order on the very last page, page 99 #10, she provides a clear remedy and documentation for future FISA queries to help curb the abuse.

    Has anyone inquired about this required documentation??

    Someone should ask Barr where is this documentation as required since April 2017?.

    IMO this is a huge Tom Fitton FOIA request as my guess it was all just ignored and if so, shows more corruption and ignoring the law by our agencies.

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    • Firefly says:

      This report was scathing and public. Little to nothing was done about this. Barr has been going around advocating for Comey’s encryption keys being given to IC. Barr stated that people should accept the risk. Offered no additional procedures place on IC to protect. Barr isn’t a constitutionalist- just politically uses it when convenient.

      Since they tolerated this scathing report by doing little- they’ll tolerate whatever IG Horowitz writes in his phone book sized report. We’ll get noise of outrage- but little action.

      The DOJ are brazen and beyond any shame. The GOP just goes thru the motions of being for due process. The Dems already thew out the constitution. The patriot suspended parts of the constitution (classified exactly what was suspended)- we are still in an “emergency” by repetitive renewal. The House is flaunting due process is dead. The patriot act allows what the fbi did to be legal. The patriot act even says err on the side of warrants for any reason. The ALCU even pointed out in their report that the FBI could make up stuff or hearsay to justify a fisa warrant.


  25. Austin Holdout says:

    Maybe this NSA mining was the role of the FBI imbedded on the Mueller team.

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  26. Perot Conservative says:

    Another excellent piece by Team Sundance.

    Recall, Congresswoman Maxine Waters publicly said the Obama Administration had that amazing, never-before-used database – i.e., 24 / 7 access to the NSA database!

    Sundance, how does this tie in from Democrat Inspector General Michael Horowitz?

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    • BobR says:

      Let me throw this out there.
      Barr actually does not know how to proceed.
      Clearly if he has seen the same evidence on
      Mcabbe, Comey, Hilary presented here, there would be indictments.
      All of them are acting like placeholders hoping Trump is not president in 2020.

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      • Skippy says:

        AG Barr strikes me as having a great legal mind so I do not rule him and Durham out at all. AG Barr has been speaking this last week of the impact of the USA adopting “totalitarianism” for us, our kids, our grandkids. I studied Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn (11 December 1918 – 3 August 2008) in great detail back in my college years and read all he wrote and his lectures (he lived here for 20 years). For any of you interested, I highly recommend his novels One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and Gulag Archipelago. He was astute and clairvoyant.

        My busy late twenty something NYC executive daughter was home for a few days. Of the many discussions we had, I found her abject belief Social Security ends with my generation the most frank. While paying in, she believes she won’t benefit in anyway. Not dishonest, just abject probable truth: the US is broke by trillions. Asking me to put myself her shoes (for future potenial children of her own as well as hopefully peace here in the US), I understood. But I gave my reasoned thoughts for not embracing Totalitarism bt wat of socialism but to stick with our Constitional Republic (hard to do with DEMS endowing everything to illegal immigrants).

        For any parents out here that are as aware as myself that our kids (and grandkids) are incredibly worried, I ask that we as the older generation work to claw back the multiple billions taken by our politicos to fill their nest along with our kids. Clearly, US political corruption has taken it’s toll on our society. Don’t give up, speak up!


        • margarite1 says:

          From the USA’s 20 + trillion in debt to Venezuela – no political system can survive the squandering of taxpayer money for massive self-dealing that’s been going on in the last couple of decades. The crooks at the top in the US just pretend that we have a choice – and we see how that’s going now with the “impeachment” coup.

          If the young of today are worried about their social security etc. they need to quit being distracted by the slight of hand that the crooks call a platform.


  27. islandpalmtrees says:


    More on the Now Infamous Eric Ciaramello: He’s Connected to the Fake Steele Dossier and the Transfer of Funds from the IMF to the Ukraine
    Joe Hoft by Joe Hoft October 12, 2019

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  28. beachbum31 says:

    PDJT names Rudy corruption czar.. that’d give em somethin to talk about! lol

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  29. Gary Hunt says:

    Will ask again, how many Republican retirements from House of Representatives are a result of information extracted from database?

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  30. icanhasbailout says:

    Speaking of secret intelligence databases, I would really like to know the purpose of the 750,000+ record strong “Special Population Cognizant”. Is it, as the name implies, a secret list of people who suspected the truth about our government being run by mobsters since the day Reagan was shot?

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  31. Austin Holdout says:

    This theory may also make more sense of the need to manufacture the flimsy Ukraine investigation.


  32. Brant says:

    We all wanted some prosecutors from Wyoming or South Dakota. None from within 500 miles of the swamp. But those good folks would have been big fish in little ponds. Come to DC and they would be minnows in a sea of sharks. Chewed up and spit out in a week. Hopefully, Durham from CT knows the game and can swim with the big fish. Kind of like Sidney Powell.

    And a white hat in the NE corridor is a true white hat.

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    • margarite1 says:

      We supposedly had someone in Utah…didn’t we? What happened with that – was it just to pacify us into thinking the crooks would actually have to answer for their crimes?


      • Firefly says:

        Yep. Barr had an interview where he said Horowitz never referred anything to him. So Barr moved him. Both johns- larousch (documents) and Huber (prosecute/sc) were just a ditch the complaint tactic.

        Remember everytime the gop demanded an investigation Session and RR just would hand it ovef to the IG and say Horowitz added it to his list. He’ll get to the bottom of it all. Then we find out the IG can’t interview and even get records. Chris Farrell is right IG investigation is where the truth dies.

        Horowitz expertise is sentencing . There will be outrage by tough sounding words- but token legal action. Maybe indict a couple of them.

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  33. Perot Conservative says:

    Don’t forget folks, we are in maybe the top 10%, top 5% of knowledge on this whole ClusterBoink!

    You have to be judicious, and careful in how you communicate what you know to newbies & independents. Think high level!

    1. Do you realize many don’t know of hero Mike Rogers? Tell them that POSITIVE story, let em chew on that, and throw in how President-elect Trump immediately vacated Trump Tower and went to his New Jersey country club!

    2. Tell them about the highly confidential NSA database. Ask them what percentages of searches might be illegal. Half a percent? One percent? Two percent? … no, General Rogers analysis found thar 85% of particular search queries were illegal! 85%!!

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  34. MaineCoon says:

    Griffin Bell
    Gary Grindler
    Larry Thompson
    Sally Yates

    Q: What do the above people have in common (besides DoJ AG, DAG, Acting AG] FBI Director?

    A: King & Spalding law firm

    International Offices:

    Abu Dhabi

    Several comments reference Wray potentially being blackmailed. Maybe it isn’t a select person. Maybe the common global entity/firm is targeting individuals or being targeted.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for listing that!!

      Been harping about the evil empire forever. Had
      the misfortune of seeing them in action over 20 years

      A developer built bridge abutments on two nearby
      neighbor’s land. And, then a bridge was built. And,
      then the county came out, and the inspector drove off
      in one of builder’s trucks that had been left there.

      Everything about how, where, why it got built stunk
      to high heaven.

      This happened a two- three years before I moved in.
      No permits, no notice. No stop work. Owner (since
      moved) tried to file suit against developer, others.
      Told me that he, literally, could get no one to represent
      him legally.

      Asked him to see some of his paperwork. Firm representing
      (connected) builder? King and Spalding. I’d been hearing
      stories about them for years prior. Told owner that he’d be
      lucky to get ANYBODY to go up against them. He moved
      the next year.

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  35. gunrunner03 says:

    Cannot believe Republicans, hell, Americans all, are not incensed over this. Cannot believe the media isn’t making this ‘Story One.’ Note to Lindsay Graham and The Turtle: Get off your damn asses and start investing this.

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      Also, PDJT should appoint Adm Mike Rogers to head a task force to go back into the NSA and get this stopped, perpetrators identified, and safeguards in place to prevent further abuse. And where in the hell is the NSA IG in all of this? Audits must be established and annual reports made to the (do nothing) Congress. Livid is what I am.

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    • 56packardman says:

      Asking Miss Lindsey and Mrs. McConnell to do ANYTHING against the Swamp is the equivalent of asking B. HUSSEIN O. to renounce Valerie Jarrett and George Soros. Ain’t gonna happen …


  36. billybob says:

    I have to say that after reading this my optimism meter made a noticeable movement in the positive . When one considers the lay of the battlefield laid out before us this is a stunning speech by not only a public servant but the Attorney General of the United States no less . The fact that I would consider it stunning shows how far the goalposts have been moved in the public arena .


    • arze says:

      Organized Destruction

      I was impressed with Barr’s address at Notre Dame Friday.

      “We are told we are living in a post Christian era.

      “But what has replaced the Judeo-Christian Moral System?

      “What is it that can fill the spiritual void in the hearts of the individual person?

      “What is the system of values that can sustain human Social Life?

      “The fact is that no secular creed has emerged capable of performing the role of religion.

      “This is not decay.

      “This is organized destruction.

      “Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry and academia, in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.”

      William Barr, Notre Dame Law School
      Oct. 11, 2019

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      • railer says:

        This is what gives me hope about Barr. Yes, he’s Swamp and Deep State, but he can also be an ethical and moral actor within that framework. That’s what we need, even if there’s to be a Swamp and Deep State.


  37. montanamel says:

    Time to scorch the earth bare AND plow in some salt….


  38. Willy Nilly says:

    Interesting phrase you’ve identified, SD, “the FBI also embedded personnel at the (SC’s) Office who did not work on the SC’c investigation, but whose purpose was to… send… summaries of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information to FBI offices”. In other words, those embedded personnel, sitting in the SC’s offices, thus had SC’s clearance to access information which they otherwise couldn’t have accessed — yet another variant of the “unmasking” rort, piggy-backing on the SC’s security clearance.

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  39. Child of Morning says:

    Raise your hand if you don’t believe that every move, every call, every bit of correspondence that Rudy Giuliani has made has not been known, watched and documented sinc the moment he engaged with Ukraine. They are going to make a criminal of him.

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  40. Republicanvet91 says:

    “In essence, the “small group” was stretching the NSA database rules to conduct electronic warrantless searches and massive electronic surveillance on targets direct (“to/from”) and indirect (downstream).”

    This makes me wonder if this is why the Demorats are trying so hard to get the Mueller “evidence”.

    Do they know this may be part of whatever would be handed over?

    Imagine the people like Schiffless having access to any raw collection on anyone within Trumps orbit. I doubt Schiff would hesitate a second to leak it, whether it was incriminating or not.


  41. OpenMind says:

    Looking at timelines, the DNI releases of the Collyer and Boasberg opinions are concerning. As soon as the Carter Page story broke, Coates found the intestinal fortitude to release the partially redacted Collyer opinion. Now, when we’re told the IG FISA report is about to drop, the Boasberg opinion is released.
    This stinks of damage control. DNI, NSA, and FISC are all going to claim their oversight is sufficiently strong and there’s nothing more to see here. The simple mistakes were made explanation is all they’re going to offer.


  42. r riepe says:

    Don’t comment often but would like to ask where is Roberts since he is in charge of the FISA Court? Also a comment about an investigation that is illegal having the protection of a legal law?


  43. OldSaltUSNR says:

    Congress has oversight authority. The Senate is held by the GOP, and has subpoena power. There is nothing preventing the Senate from tearing apart this monstrosity, identifying the “why” of every illegal search, building a network chart of the perps, identifying their contacts and actions emanating from the illegal searches, and making criminal referrals, to the GOP appointed AG working for a GOP President. Analogous to this situation, was Ryan’s absolute stonewalling of every GOP investigation involving the Obama administration, or Coup d’etat plotters within the Obama White Houses, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and other Federal agencies. Ryan prevented all and any subpoena’s from being issued.

    In short, there is absolutely no reason for this “mystery” that Sundance documents. It’s a feature. For whatever reason, probably because they’ve been personally compromised by some illegal action in their past, the GOP leaders refuse to investigation, find the answers, and prosecute the crimes. This was Obama’s M.O. in Chicago. He never ran against an opponent until the Presidential election of 2008. In every other election in which he ran, his opponent bowed out after some damning information “leaked” out from a government source, and his GOP opponent withdrew from the race. I assume that at some point just after the 2010 debacle for the Democrat party, he activated this “spying system” for partisan purposes, after his people were in place and at the controls of these Federal agencies. From that point on, as Maxine Waters foolishly blabbed about, Obama had this “fantastic database” which would defeat the Republicans in all future elections (paraphrasing the idiot). I speculate that this was the reason Supreme Court Justice Roberts reversed himself on the Obamacare decision, after he had actually authored the majority/conservative position, which then became the minority dissent, with Scalia outraged by his sudden and unprincipled reversal. Obama used NSA intercepts to discover criminal activity by Roberts in connection with the adoption of his foreign born children, and used that to turn Roberts.

    Again, this is all speculation, but in absence of an effective opposition party to the always dominant Democrats, that’s all we have. We have a President, who is hamstrung by every side, including the GOP. That is why I left the GOP after over 40 years of active participation, and will never return. The GOP is as corrupt as the Democrats, and that’s a tall order. Which is more corrupt; the party which openly advertises itself as “socialist” (read Marxist), opposed to every fiber of the republic and US Constitution, or the party that secretly cooperates with the Marxist party, while proclaiming itself “conservative” and “Constitutional”? Which is the more deadly snake?

    I may vote for GOP candidates, but my loyalties are my own. Those times when I would support the GOP’s Senatorial reelection committee, or any other “GOP” flagged political operation, are long, long gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Boarwild says:

    Don’t think this is going to stop until these types of people drop & never get back up again if you get my drift.

    I fear that is the only thing that will stop them; a “Seven-Ups” (1973) type of retribution.

    Not endorsing that but who we’re fighting are basically fascists/Nazis.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Bob says:

    FISA is like red flag laws and the creation of the CIA. They sound justified and good on paper but when put in practice they are abused for nefarious reasons. If secret FISA warrants were only used to spy on foreign terrorists no one would care because they don’t have have a fourth amendment right. If the CIA only spied on foreigners and weren’t used for political reason, it would be fine.
    The problem is there are never sufficient mechanisms and oversight put in place when these are created to prevent the abuse we know will occur if left unchecked.


  46. mickjt says:

    I want names of the “institutional operatives and contractors”! It is time to put these people and their enablers in PRISON, IT’s as hard core as that!

    Liked by 1 person

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