Why all the Outrage? – President Trump Tweets The Heart of the Matter – A DC Tradition of Selling Influence for Personal Financial Gain…

As customary President Trump reminds everyone about the big picture.
The reason the DC system -writ large- is going bananas is because selling the influence of political office for financial gain is the custom and currency of DC affluence.

In the larger picture the severe reaction from DC is not about Joe Biden, but rather the accepted familiarity of what Joe Biden selling office represents….

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236 Responses to Why all the Outrage? – President Trump Tweets The Heart of the Matter – A DC Tradition of Selling Influence for Personal Financial Gain…

  1. joeknuckles says:

    It’s time to bring these crooks to justice.
    No justice, no peace.

    • Roger Duroid says:

      We just want an arress

      • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

        I’m going to make a prediction…
        When things start to become more exposed on all this corruption in government and a democrat actually physically attacks a republican on the house floor, this will be the signal that will unleash the left to go absolutely crazy.
        It’s on like Donkey Kong

        • Garavaglia says:

          So be it.

        • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

          We need to keep in mind, Trump is playing on the Republican baseball team so he needs his team to back him while exposing the lefts corruption. What if he still accomplished what he has so far but as a democratic President don’t you think he’d be exposing the same corruption on the republican side?
          One team at a time Mr. President, one team at a time. The American people know what’s going on and we have your back.
          DROP THE HAMMER!

          • billybob says:

            You reminded me of Hayek and his classic work- “ The Road to Serfdom “ . Chapter 10 and why the worst rise to the top has stuck with me for a long time . A must read book in my humble opinion for anybody with a serious interest in human liberty and government.

            • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

              Great book BTW (the road to serfdom) just like Etienne de La Boetie “The politics of Obedience” mid 1500’s

              • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

                A king is powerless with having only two arms and two legs but… the people provide him the arms and legs to beat you with. (Congress anyone)? Nothing has changed until now, look at the world.
                A world revolution is just warming up.

                • ann says:

                  History demonstrates repeatedly corrupted entrenched networks of power holders do not simply reform or give up control.
                  It’s a bit unrealistic to hope an enmeshed, privileged class which is implicated in multiple well documented patterns of criminal and unethical behaviour will honour or comply with our egalitarian ethos of equal justice .
                  To break the power of gangs requires convincing evidence uncooperative members are at immediate risk of suffering highly aversive consequences.
                  This is not done by showing deference , framing interactions as quasi social exchange as if colleagues & peers and engaging in protracted negotitions.
                  Engaging in international extortion, intell & nat security breaches, and inciting domestic destabilization transcends the Beltway’s code of keeping bad conduct within the personal sphere. Our country’s future depends on recruiting teams of stand up guys determined and prepared to deliver the necessary hammer blows, promptly, repeatedly and effectively.
                  Hell, Treepers already know this, and how to do this far better than I.
                  My non academic experience is very limited planning, direction and consultation within closed, max & med secure mental/behavioural penal institutions.
                  Frustrating, but i am optimistic, as the trickle of transparency has become a torrent, and public awareness has vastly expanded in the last 4 years, compared to 20 , 10, even 5 years past.
                  Americans are a sturdy, practical and independent people . It’s in our nature to fix things, not wrong our hands and wait for rescue.
                  We’ll get there. ?

        • Raptors2020 says:

          Beats him with a cane?

    • Raptors2020 says:

      Trump must use Alinsky tactics: pick a target and personalize it. Don’t just complain about corruption like it’s bad weather. Name names and deeds: name 1 Republican for every 2 Democrats. Romney opened the door: bring up Cofer Black. The Democrat media will jump on it.
      Romney assumed Trump would obey the gangster rule of silence. You’re the Joe Valachi in this story, Mittens.

    • mike says:

      It’s waaaaay past time. Many Dem/DeepStaters’ words, false outrage, provocations and actions indicate that they are seriously involved in manifold coup activities. They need to be arrested with full felony stops or handling for active treason ie. shoot at the slightest, or blow the structure on the nerve centers.
      While we want many trials to expose evidence and massive guilt, I wouldn’t mind significant casualties and KIA too. Treason needs to have it’s own cautions.

    • Marco says:

      Hard to believe the chutzpah of media and Democrats trying to invoke the emoluments clause against VSGDJT! Congress = Emoluments R’ Us.
      “The emoluments clause, also called the foreign emoluments clause, is a provision of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) that generally prohibits federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives. “

  2. Straight… to the point!!! This is why he was elected and will be re-elected.
    He’s draining the swamp folks, and Term Two will be epic. 😉

    • BocephusRex says:

      The pigs have been living in the farmhouse for way to long–time to make some bacon and chops-

      • A Moderate Man says:

        Folks, the President should only say these things about the Biden’s if they are true. And, as of now, no one has proved anything about Hunter except that the optics look bad for the Biden family. This is too reckless a move for PDJT to make. Biden is failing anyways. Why take the risk?

        • rightmover says:

          It’s NOT reckless. Nothing Trump tweets is reckless. Despite the establishment cuck mentality, everything Trump tweets is carefully considered and calibrated, and if he is tweeting out something this specific, you can damn well take it to the bank that it is ALL true.
          Really tired of this Marquis de Queensbury adherence to “comity” and Presidential propriety. Screw that. This is a war, and it ain’t going to be won by the Chris Stirewalts, Rich Lowrys and Ed Morrisseys of the Beltway world.
          Mitt, is that YOU?

          • A Moderate Man says:

            I understand your point of view. The point I am making is that it takes too much energy, capital and time to prove these claims of Biden wrongdoing and no one from the media or congress cares so he will get no help.
            PDJT is already winning, he will easily beat Biden in a general election. Why take unnecessary risks.

            • KAR says:

              Trump never originally intended to publicly accuse the Biden’s without proof. Trump simply asked Zelensky for information about the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine. How else is a prez going to look into foreign collusion (immolument?) except by asking foreign governments? Trump only began accusing the Bidens after the whistleblower blew this up into a flimsy impeachment pretext. Impeachment is a bigger threat now than some schmuck blaming Trump for falsely accusing the Bidens.

            • There are several sworn affidavits admitting such occurred. Proven requires a trial which is what many of us want to see.

              • A Moderate Man says:

                I am pretty sure the affidavits produced were that there was going to be an investigation of the gas company amid suspicions… not… here is what happened… no accusations or facts.

            • I think that most of the energy is being expended by the MSM, the commie dem House, and the corrupt intel community. If the swamp does not get destroyed then the swamp will just do this to every MAGA candidate that dares to run for any office. God created the perfect storm in Donald J Trump: a billionaire who loves America, loves the middle and working class, and has enough money and intestinal fortitude to WIN. Just beating Biden in an election is stupid and short sighted. These people will never stop trying to sell us out and plunder the wealth of the USA. This country doesn’t have a COLD. It has CANCER and it is killing us.

          • A Moderate Man says:

            I guess I have a standard of not accusing someone of wrongdoing unless the claim is true. But that is just my rule for boxing.

            • law4lifeblog says:

              Moderate Man, what is your problem? Do you realize that the Biden camp is NOT disputing the facts alleged? Exactly what part of this is in question? Exactly what further “proof” do you need to believe that Biden used his position as VP to pressure entities who soon after gave boatloads of money to his son AND who fired on Biden’s threat the prosecutor looking into matters that could implicate his son?

        • Irons says:

          Your concern is noted.

        • jx says:

          Hunter Biden has vast experience in the energy industry.
          Hunter Biden speaks Ukrainian.
          Joe Biden did not threaten to withhold $1B in loan guarantees if investigation of Hunter Biden was not ended.
          Joe Biden did not bring Hunter Biden to China aboard AF2.
          Hunter Biden speaks Chinese.
          China gives Hunter Biden a $1.5B contract despite having no experience in equity funds.
          These things are all true, isn’t that right? To say otherwise is reckless.

        • GP says:

          @Moderate Man-That ain’t flying here. We’ve had it. Go elsewhere.

        • FPCHmom says:

          A Troll is more like it. And you’re not even good at it.

        • Debra says:

          To expose the the left hand complement of Nancy’s right hand ‘Wrap-up Smear’.
          Joe’s excuse in all of this is, the media reported that there was no ‘there, there’. Our VSGPDJT is merely showing us all what a ‘Wrap-up Exoneration’ by the press looks like . . .

        • DeWalt says:

          What do you think Rudy was doing for months before Biden started running.

      • benifranlkin says:

        Abraham Lincoln would say “too many pigs for the teats”

    • skipper1961 says:

      I LOVE how President Trump cuts right to the nub of the issues!! Dare I describe him as the “Rodney Dangerfield” of American politics?

    • Sentient says:

      Everything he’s saying is the truth. Dems trying to impeach him for telling the truth?

    • tuskyou says:

      There’s not enough popcorn for the next 13 months—this is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s Happening!

  3. SpotTheSpook says:

    Should be a fun week ahead. I predict more winning.

    • gringz says:

      Yeah especially with closing out the week with the rally in Omar’s district of Minnesota on Thursday,and the rally in La to encourage voters to vote Republican against the Dem governor to force a runoff.

    • flova says:

      Rally on the 10th in enemy territory. Should be a hoot.

  4. everywhereguyy says:

    Drain. It. Now. Long past due.

  5. Robert Fruchtman says:

    Please help to protect our commander in chief, we need him.

  6. Makes me really look askance at Lindsey Graham..such a good friend of Biden’s he looks the other way when his buddy’s corruption is exposed.

    • Chip Doctor says:

      Never, ever, ever trust Lindsay Graham. Snake in the grass. Total swamp rat.

      • Sherri Young says:

        Why would any sentient being ever trust the wingman to the pilot who lost three fighter jets then ran for the senate?

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Never trusted the bff of no name. Miss Lindsey many see right through your govna. President Trump you are smart,I know you do not trust that snake. God Bless PDJT.

    • Sherri Young says:

      Was Lindsey Graham’s request to help Barr with the declas work really an effort to inject himself into the process, get an early look, and cause less transparency?
      That thought has been nagging me ever since Lindsey started talking about this.

  7. Bob says:

    If the swamp gets drained, watch and see if these congress critters stay in their jobs. They would not have their gravy train….so get rid of the bad apples and Implement the Fair Tax. That’s another game changer.

  8. RobInPA says:

    Ouch! That one’s gonna leave a MAGA mark!!

  9. Bob says:

    Whats happening to my comments? I don’t offend or be crude ether.

  10. joeknuckles says:

    The senate will always protect their own.
    They are all corrupt to one degreee or another.

  11. Elric VIII says:

    They call it Free Speech, but it’s all about the Benjamins. Lobbying = Bribery, and our federal government is thoroughly corrupted by it.

  12. theresanne says:

    The lure of the “get-rich-quick” scheme: Run for office and sell your influence. It explains how ordinary people become multi-millionaires on $170,000/yr salary, especially with the high cost of living in DC.
    DC will be a ghost-town if every every crooked politician is sent back home. But there’s one honest man who will still be there, the one now living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • skipper1961 says:

      I second the motion of moving congress to somewhere in the Mid West. How about Ferguson, MO ?

      • ann says:

        Relocation has a compelling argument, esp when jurisdiction disabled the ability of an organ to function : the centralisation of the Bureau & DoJ in the Beltway has neutered our ability to punishment high status establishment individuals for well documented egregious behavior.
        Over time this insistence on concentration of political power & agency within a unrepresentative population has resulted in a new Versailles .
        And that’s not intended as a complementary observation.

      • Dutchman says:

        Hasn’t Ferguson, Missouri suffered enough?
        Alcatraz island, now THAT has possibilities,…

    • annieoakley says:

      Plenty of crooked bureaucrats in DC. Staffers aren’t elected and each politician seems to have about 20 of those at his beck and call.

  13. James Carpenter says:

    The fact that DJT is “going there”, and I mean all the way there, puts his Presidency and very life in ever greater danger.
    How many “Republican” Senators will find a way to justify why they “had” to vote conviction?
    I’d gues that number could roughly correlate to the number that have Bidened their own offshore accounts and would rather risk a hot civil war than being investigated and exposed.

    • Judith says:

      “How many ‘Republican’ senators will find a way to justify why they ‘had’ to vote conviction?” We were already there. It is so obvious the UNiparty can’t handle four more years trying to placate 62 million American patriots. They threw the House to the dimmies so they could do the dirty deed, like hiring a hit man.
      PDJT tried to give them an out, but they threw the olive branch back in his face and doubled down on stupid. NOW we will see the LION showing the jackals just who HE is. And if anything happens to our President or his family it will be the LAST thing these traitors ever did.

  14. Caius Lowell says:

    Imagine the “splodey heads” these tweets are causing? CL can almost feel the detonations! Including Kamala, who has been especially vocal. CL heard that she received her wealth by selling California public treasures to the PRC — can be sure of course, but that’s what he heard. Perhaps PDJT could investigate that too?

  15. Abster says:

    I certainly hope President Trump and all the other great patriots, taking a public stand for our country and constitution, have the best security ever. This is war. The left is willing to do anything to hide the depth of their greed and corruption.

  16. joeknuckles says:

    Do you do drain with the swamp with the critters still in it or do you lure them out first?
    Do you lure out the most dangerous ones first, then deal with the lesser ones as the draining is being done?

    • Lady Sid says:

      Love the recent story about the capture of a huge (19′ long) Burmese python in the Florida Everglades, which is a very large, naturally-occurring swamp that has been invaded recently by the FOREIGN snakes. The purchasers get tired of having these reptiles grow so huge under their care and release them unwittingly, which ruins the natural wildlife present in the Everglades. Similar to the DC version which has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for all sorts of foreign elements and money required for their care and feeding.

      • Chip Doctor says:

        Yes, at one time that was someone’s pet snake “Lindsay”.

      • ristvan says:

        You forgot the part about it was a female gravid with 80 fertile eggs, TG not yet hatched. Everglades fauna (rodents, foxes, wading birds, … ) have been decimated by an invasive camouflaged ambush predator that we likely can never now eradicate.

        • benifranlkin says:

          I think there is hope….there is a bounty on them…have seen TV shows of swamp guys making their living catching, killing and skinning them…..they can make a fair amount of $…hundreds to a few thousand a week

        • chiefworm says:

          Rist, if Florida was ever to get smart they wouldn’t have a “hunting season” but instead put a bounty on the illegal invader and let free enterprise work its magic.

          • Dutchman says:

            I am waiting, to come out of my “tirement” (now I’m ‘tired’, if I do it again I’ll be RE-tired) anyway, they put a bounty on D.C. snakes, to clean out the swamp, and I will go to WORK!
            I’LL skin them, too. And, might not kill them first! They won’t need to offer much, either. $100/head should do it.

    • Judith says:

      I think you have to go for the jugular and cut the head off that snake. The rest will then fall in line. They are merely opportunists, like those who stop to scoop up cash on the highway after the armored car crashes and burns.

      • skipper1961 says:

        IMHO, there are probably VERY FEW who have not “dipped their beaks”. I suspect most had to sell their souls to their (campaign) “donors”.

  17. Bob says:

    This is why our country has been sold out. There have always been crooked politicians but can’t believe it was on the scale it is now.

  18. Michael J. Alexander says:

    Whatever it takes, get the courts involved. Contest the “subpoenas,” if necessary, and this off-the-books “formal” impeachment inquiry, but there are three branches of government — they all need to be heard from.

    • DeWalt says:

      There are no subpoenas, only letters with veiled threats. They have no external enforcement. The last thing the Democrats want is to get the courts involved.

  19. Sharon says:

    I hope that President Trump knows that normal Americans have known these patterns and schemes well, mostly from watching them play out without consequence for all of our lifetimes. People who are in their 80s KNOW all of this. (—-some of them don’t – – they’re the ones still voting democrat)
    What we (I’m in my 70s) couldn’t possibly know is the level of hysteria and fury that would be the open-ended consequence of Mr. Smith standing in Washington, DC, looking around, and telling the truth. Truth-tellers tend to make liars wet their pants right in broad daylight.
    I guess I would have thought that they would have known fairly early that they were being uncovered and found out, that he was fearless, that he was a fer-real American street-fighter, and that they would slink away into the shadows much earlier than this, just to avoid (if possible) the worst possible consequences.
    Clarice Feldman discusses the dynamic.

      • The Boss says:

        I foresee a retweet in the near future.

      • ecmarsh says:

        Lobbying is Newspeak for Bribing.

      • RyderLee says:

        Perfect Sundance !!!

      • Debra says:

        Methinks China has revealed the truth to the U.S. trade representatives: the reason they cannot renegotiate any bi-lateral deals is because they are still obligated to the indebtedness they are paying on all the kickbacks that gave them their trade advantages in the first place . . .

      • Last night Jesse Watters did an excellent segment about the thoroughly corrupt “lobbying” process in contemporary DC.
        Foreign governments payoff our legislators with kickbacks using the money they STOLE from the US taxpayers.
        Wouldn’t it be PURE GENIUS if DJT was behind the “Whistleblowers” and is using them to provoke Dems into a “Circular Firing Squad”?
        It sounds EXACTLY like something a chess player would do.

    • joeknuckles says:

      Of course he knows.
      That why he ran and that’s why he won.
      He knows that we know.
      They know that we know.
      They know that he knows that we know.
      We know that they know that we know.
      They don’t care.
      They think they can keep doing it anyway.
      They are not going to go down without a fight.
      Neither are we.

      • YvonneMarie says:


      • Kristin DeBacco says:

        Ever since Hillary had to get $2 for used underwear when she was in Arkansas and a few years later they were millionaires….
        Same with Obama: no money when he got to be jr senator and now hundred million +?????
        Same with Pelosi…..
        Same with Biden…..
        Add to the list, there are many.
        Then we gave Hore who had 4 children in Ivy League universities…. the Bushes, the Clintons and the Kerry’s.
        Then we have the Kerry, Romney, Biden sons all in Ukraine…. like we can’t guess what’s going on??????
        Our president is right.
        Corruption on America’s and other countries dime.

      • Kristin DeBacco says:

        Ever since Hillary had to get $2 for used underwear when she was in Arkansas and a few years later they were millionaires….
        Same with Obama: no money when he got to be jr senator and now hundred million +?????
        Same with Pelosi…..
        Same with Biden…..
        Add to the list, there are many.
        Then we gave Hore who had 4 children in Ivy League universities…. the Bushes, the Clintons and the Kerry’s.
        Then we have the Kerry, Romney, Biden sons all in Ukraine…. like we can’t guess what’s going on??????
        Our president is right.
        Corruption on America’s and other countries dime.

    • DeWalt says:

      Exactly Sharon.

    • I believe Eddie Murphy’s Distinguished Gentleman showed a decent representation. But that was a generation ago.

  20. joeknuckles says:

    This is where we need that Nancy Pelosi “Save the Wetlands” meme.
    POTUS should tweet it out. Just do it!

  21. Michael Dowd says:

    Yes, hoist them all on their own petard. Thanks Nancy for calling this to the nation’s attention.

  22. k4jjj says:

    Yes, the defense that “this is all legal” is the outrage to the American people. We don’t elect people so their sons or daughters, with no marketable skills, can become rich from Daddy’s or Mommy’s elected position. Influence peddling is no justifiable excuse to hard-working taxpayers.

    • The Boss says:

      Influence peddling is properly called bribery.

      • Lester Smith says:

        It goes to the saying I wish trump would use ” who do you trust more a billionaire who became a politician or a politician who became a millionaire.” Enough said!

  23. Koot Katmando says:

    Yeah but the swamp and MSM will fight hard. Sleepy Joe was a Senator for a long time. How many Senators could he take down with him if he was ever really under threat? The senate will protect Biden and turn on PDT in a heartbeat.

  24. Got243kids says:

    If Sleepy Joe goes down so does the Hildebeast

    • Lester Smith says:

      Joe will be a member of the killery hit list before he sings a song. Just the chance he would sing is enough to send in the dark knight. Justice doesn’t shine when it’s hidden from light. These are powerful, evil and dangerous people. We Elected criminals drawing a paycheck while pillaging America and the rest of the world to boot. We must vote to cleanse the body politic.

    • joeknuckles says:

      She needs to recuse herself from anything involving Ukraine.

    • Mark L. says:

      I think throughout human history cut outs and side deals have been present. At what point does it become excessive and detrimental to the Republic? Difficult to tell. But once the fear of exposure is removed, it’s gone too far. Joe is recorded bragging on what he did in Ukraine with the prosecutor. A media that was not coopted would offer some balance. But that is not to be.
      This is a cage match with victor taking all.

    • DeWalt says:

      I used to think these people were shrewd. Not so much anymore.

  25. Bogeyfree says:

    When you have a DOJ that
    Ignores someone setting up their own unsecure server conducting government business
    Ignores someone who deletes thousands of government emails
    Ignores someone who bleach bits their government issued computer
    Ignores someone who smashed their government issued phones
    Ignores someone when thousands of their emails end up on a citizens personal computer
    Ignores a a know made up Dossier that is used to secure 4 FISA warrants
    Ignores an a 6 months audit where 85% of the of the FISA warrants are non compliant
    Ignores confiscating a server that is alleged to be hacked by Russians
    Ignores testing the alleged hacked server but accepts the findings of a 3rd party
    Ignores that their own SC claims an Mifsud was a Russian agent when they knew he was a western agent
    Ignored the fact that they tried to setup PapaD
    How many more do we need to list.
    This isn’t just about the media and the left, IMO it shows our institutions may be just as bad.

  26. gsonFIT says:

    Didn’t have time to read all the comments, so I maybe repeating someone else’s thoughts. The above is one of the reasons so many Republicans are quitting. They are efforting to cash in from the private sector on their public life before reform comes to D.C. Political class has been corrupt since Eisenhower i.d. them back in the 60s.
    This man is kicking off another Reformation!

    • Jeff says:

      Shoot, it’s been going on longer than that. Mark Twain saw it back in the mid-1800’s.
      “Congress is America’s only distinct criminal class.”

    • doofusdawg says:

      And he’s getting a lot of his talking points from this site… including comments. As are others in twitterdumb.

  27. alliwantissometruth says:

    Of course. I’ve always said the hatred coming from the political class was never about Donald Trump’s conservative views or his attempts at keeping us safe. They’re not too fond of either but that’s not where this boiling rage and hatred is coming from
    No, it’s always been about Donald Trump’s devotion to clean government and his willingness to tell the truth and expose the corruption and criminality
    He’s probably the first President who refuses to look away and the first to truly go after this den of thieves and treasonous whores we call Washington
    Who knows what might have been. Maybe if the corrupt and criminal had just allowed Trump to clean it up and get America moving in the right direction, all of their high crimes and misdemeanors might have been let go and allowed to fade into history
    But lowlifes and scumbags can never just let go of their greed and lust for riches. No, they had to try and protect their crime syndicate and go after the President
    Big mistake, because now it’s personal, and the President isn’t a man who walks away from a fight. He hits back
    Let’s just hope there’s enough courage and conviction left in those able to help our warrior President fight in Washington

  28. icanhasbailout says:

    The basis of the Left’s insincere caterwauling is that Trump was aiming to “dig up dirt on a political opponent”. While their outrageous hypocrisy is a tempting target, there is a simpler counter-argument, in that Biden was never a credible opponent to begin with – he was always just a placeholder for one, the default choice of Democrats who don’t like any of the other clowns.

    • Can’t dig up what isn’t there. So if they are worried President Trump is going to find something it is because they know it is there to find.

    • Judith says:

      Yes, and why would a “possible” contender carry more weight than the person who actually won the election and is, in fact, our Commander in Chief right now? The also-ran matters but our CIC does not?
      Isn’t the one who actually leads our nation and the free world more important than creepy Joe has-been? How can they possibly justify this glaring hypocrisy?

    • skipper1961 says:

      Going by the “political opponent” calculus, it’s a good thing Al Capone didn’t run for office.

    • DeWalt says:

      Trump was looking for something else in Ukraine and tripped over the mess in his quest.The opposition made it about Biden.

  29. MD says:

    Somebody should start looking into the huge book deals these people get. How can any publishing company pay out millions to these people, when I don’t know anyone who buys their books?

    • Garavaglia says:

      Not to mention the speaking payoffs..er..I mean fees they get. Can’t convince me those aren’t back pay for services rendered while in office, or in a position of influence (AG, SOD, etc.)

    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      MD: remember what happened with Newt Gingrich’s book deal? He had to cancel it. But for the Clintons it was all peaches….

  30. Koot Katmando says:

    You would think it would be impossible to at the same time condemn PDT for the phone call and defend Sleepy Joe. Yet the the narrative is plain on almost all channels and News. PDT is a bad man and Sleepy Joe was pure. Rudy Highlighted today on Media Matters. Fox is as bad as CNN on this. Hopefully most voters see the double standard for what it is.
    I am amazed that Media is so bad. They have no dignity they have sold out.

  31. Tiffthis says:

    Drain the swamp and insert term limits on house and senate seats. Prevent this type a thing from happening ??

    • jrapdx says:

      Unfortunately term limits won’t solve the problem, just make the bribery happen more quickly and hugely. The problem is that “lobbying” isn’t just about persuasive arguments in order to “get the votes” of elected officials on certain matters, but now involves giving huge amounts of money (in one form or another) to assure they “vote the right way”.
      Laws restricting what “gifts” lobbyists can bestow on officials are necessary to end the institutional bribery. What are the chances of that happening? No doubt about zero at this point in history. But if we the voters make enough noise about it, the idea could begin to gain some traction.

      • skipper1961 says:

        FairTax would be just the physic to “cleanse” the District of Corruption.

        • jrapdx says:

          Could be one element of the “cure”. Though corrupters will always try to find a way to corrupt.

      • Tiffthis says:

        Jrapdx, I see your point sand it makes sense. I’m down for any real solution to the bribery/ lobbying problem. I’m sure VSGPDJT has an idea for that. I still don’t think Nancy and others should be allowed 30 yrs of votes back to office, especially when they have no accomplishments that serve the public they represent.

        • jrapdx says:

          Question I’ve always asked without getting a satisfactory answer, is how/why do these incompetent, crooked wretches get reelected time after time? Especially when they haven’t accomplished anything for their constituents. If I knew what that was about, the key to cleaning up the mess would be clear.
          ATM the only way to “term limit” the corrupt officials is to vote ’em out of office. It happens only rarely.
          There’s no way Congress will ever vote to reduce corrupt lobbying practices unless there’s overwhelming pressure from constituents to do it and I don’t see that forthcoming.

          • Tiffthis says:

            Jrapdx, I think it’s 2 fold: Some politicians have name recognition and no slander on that name so the uninformed voter votes more of the same. Also, I personally believe it’s easy to rig local elections, ballot harvesting and what not….

            • jrapdx says:

              That’s probably the key thing: the voters are likely uninformed about the activities (or lack of action) of the candidates. OTOH in many notorious districts voters may just not care how inept their elected official is even if info about the candidates is publicized. Don’t know how easy it is to rig elections in various locations, but even if rigged if the voters were truly unhappy with an outcome the grumbling would be audible.
              In “liberal” regions where elections seem awfully one-sided (in favor of Democrats), in a lot of cases Republicans haven’t been putting up strong candidates, especially in local races. Hard to get volunteers to run when the deck seems stacked against winning no matter what is making the odds so remote.

    • Garavaglia says:

      Who has the power to insert term limits?

    • wightmanfarm says:

      Term limits make every member of congress a lame duck. Lame ducks are dangerous. Term limits are NOT the answer.

  32. Bogeyfree says:

    Isn’t it funny how crime seems to only pay in DC?

    • jrapdx says:

      I don’t know about that. After all, the criminal nature of governments in Chicago, Baltimore, New York have been well-demonstrated over the years. Chances are that if you look close enough at state (and many local) governments, you’ll find ample examples of the same conduct as in DC, albeit on a smaller scale.

      • “…criminal nature of governments…” . Not only ours. My first taxi into Nassau from the airport on business, I asked the driver who lived in a very prominent mansion seen on a hilltop. His answer was, “that is the Commissioner that is in charge of the un-kept animals in the Province.” My question, again,” Overlooking the ocean, belongs to the head Dog Catcher?” ans. Well,yes Mon, he’s part of the Government.

        • jrapdx says:

          So true, corruption is universal, or so it seems. Some leadership may be less corrupt than others but I’d never assume any is absolutely pure. As long as it’s minimal we’d probably be able to live with it. “Trust but verify” applies.

  33. Garavaglia says:

    I picture Trump, his children, and Stephen Miller hanging out coming up with these truth bombs. Maybe Melania, but I have an image of her I am trying to protect,lol.

    • Landslide says:

      And Brad Parscale. Maybe even Kellyanne. It’s a full-time job responding, creating vids, etc. I picture them having alot of fun while trying to save the country. They’d go crazy if they fell into the outrage trap. We cannot pray enough for all of them.????????????

  34. Raptors2020 says:

    If Pence is truly loyal to Trump, let him announce his first priority, his first initiative as President, if Trump is convicted, will be fighting graft and corruption within our government
    Let Pence explicitly mention some of the devices being employed now for bribery; consultancy firms run by Congress members and their families, non-profits, and of course, bogus charities like the Clinton Foundation.
    Make it clear to the Congress that Trump’s impeachment means jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    • III% says:

      Pretty sure as a side project they are drawing (making up) articles to why Pence can’t take over were POTUS convicted in the Senate.

  35. Mike in a Truck says:

    Take candy away from a toddler and watch what happens.This is what’s happening with the Communist Democrats, the Lying Traitorous Intel Community and Lobbyists when their candy ( money) is threatened to be cut off.

  36. TwoLaine says:

    First, if Creepy Sleepy Joe cannot even have a conversation with his son and say Obama’s favorite phrase, “Knock it off”, how could he ever stand up to the KILLERS in Russia, China & North Korea?
    Simple. He can’t. Case over.
    He is being kept on the trail on life support. Nitwit Nancy had to pul this whole tyhing off fast cause he was droppin’ like a rock on his own behalf. He’d already given up the first two races which are months away.
    He can’t even tell a reporter why he should be hired for the job. He’s a pathetic wimp of a shell of a man, picked up off the dung heap like President TRUMP said, by The Kenyan. He was chosen most likely because he was corrupt and would happily look the other way while The Kenyan stole our country blind.

    • KAR says:

      Clicked “like” about killers in China and the Kenyan stealing our country. But have to say “RUSSIAN KILLERS”?? Putin never fired a shot. The killers were in Ukraine.

      • TwoLaine says:

        My point is was about world leaders that are KILLERS. Not the current faux topic of the day.
        As the President, the job he’s allegedly running for, if he can’t even have a simple convo with his son about the fact that what he is doing is WRONG, how’s he supposed to peform at the highest level for the most powerful country on earth. Easy question.
        He can’t, neither could the wimp Kenyan. “Knock it off” was the best he could muster against Putin. Biden apparently couln’t even say that to his son.

  37. burnett044 says:

    Crime does pay…and that is why the scum do it..scum covers for scum….
    until the scum pay for their crimes and are held accountable…the crimes will go on..
    when the crooked investigate the crooked …nothing comes of it…
    shining a big spot light on the swamp is a start…but to drain it ..sooner or later someone has to pull the plug…

  38. ristvan says:

    I used to think he meant Spygate perp convictions via Barr/Horowitz FISA/Durham EC predicate.
    This tweet proves I was wrong.
    As PDJT expressly promised to all those young African American future leaders in the WH this past week, he meant Drain the Swamp—completely. And what could be a swampier place to start than useless career politician Quid Pro Joe Biden.
    IMO sensei PDJT now has his whole Team attacking the Swamp like the Karate Kid did to Kreese’s corrupt Dojo under Mr. Miyagi’s tutelage. Expect one or more crane kicks to Spygate or Pelosi ‘peach foty fi’ minions in the very near future. We have so far been watching the ‘wax on, wax off’ practices.
    Based on Rudy’s multiple appearances this weekend, not any longer. It is now fire at will for effect.

    • Greg1 says:

      I am convinced that Prsident Trump knows EXACTLY what he’s talking about before he makes these tweets. I think he’s doing this deliberately, panicking those who need to be panicked, looking for more weaknesses to emerge. And I think he’s enjoying every tweet and the reactions they get.
      He would not do this if he did not already have the answers……..and the evidence.
      “Crane technique. When used properly, no can defense.”

    • georgehumphries9802 says:

      Good to see you here Ristvan. Been concerned about your Missus.
      You are spot-on with this opinion.
      PDJT has the enemy on notice, he has located their “camps”, he has measured them and found them wanting. Fire for effect occurs when the preliminary shots are range-corrected. Then the guns are unleashed in concentrated fire.
      They will wilt. They will retreat. “Victory ahead, victory ahead….” A great old gospel song I’ve known for many moons.
      Blessings to you and your Missus.

  39. Cecelia Power says:

    Someone who tweets should keep asking Biden if Cornpop’s druggie son with-no experience could have gotten these jobs. Ask Black Congressmen the same.
    The Ballad of Biden and Corn-Pop…a parody in the spirit of Rep.Schiff.
    Biden came home from the pool one day
    Daddy, said, “Boy, better get away.
    Working for a livin’ is a son of a Beetch.
    Go to DC, boy, gonna make you RICH!”
    “You don’t have to stand on the factory line
    People gonna pay you to give them time.
    People gonna pay you to vote their way
    People gonna pay just to do what they say!”
    Cornpop came home same afternoon
    Mama said “Son,no more pool for you.
    Get you a job over at the mill.”
    And that’s where Cornpop is working still.
    Cornpop spent years working on the line.
    Till that mill closed down, it’s movin’ time.
    He paid his taxes, he paid his bills
    But ole Cornpop, man, is struggling still.
    Now Cornpop and Biden each had a son.
    Drugs and drink had them both undone.
    Cornpop’s boy is doin time.
    But Biden’s boy is doin fine.
    Biden’s son…who don’t speak Ukraine
    Got a BIG job, a real money train.
    No expertise…his name’s all it takes
    Cornpop’s son is making license plates.
    Biden’s kid flies on Air Force Two
    Wow! China coughs up billions too.
    Beds his brothers widow, dries her tears…
    Cornpop’s son’s doing twenty years.
    The moral of this story I don’t need to say.
    The rotting Mills, the small town decay.
    But the Biden’s who swear they live to serve…YOU…
    Grow obscenely RICH…and their kiddies too.
    They dip their beaks without disruption
    Cause their peers don’t mind…”collegial corruption.” (That’s YOU, Senator Graham)
    Sheet-hole cities, rust belt rot.
    Vote DEM! HA!
    Life never changes for ole Cornpop.

  40. MaineCoon says:

    I pray for our President, his family, our country….I also believe God is sovereign. I have faith that He will deal with these corrupt, God-hating politicians one way or the other. A bolt of lighting is fine with me.

  41. Lee Moore says:

    It seems to me that POTUS and Sundance are rather underselling the case.
    Corruption is ubiquitous, to be sure, and an honest US administration has every justification for rooting it out at home and rooting it out overseas, where Americans are involved. But common or garden American political corruption involves squeezing out secret commissions for things like – building permits, passing regulations that squish your client’s potential competitors, a cosy end to a prosecution or regulatory investigation, bribes to get government contracts, bribes to overlook shoddy work on government contracts and so on.
    It’s certainly arguable that POTUS should not himself be seeking out individuals suspected of this kind of commercial corruption – that can be left to the DoJ (so long as the DoJ itself is in honest hands.)
    But the Biden case is of quite a different order.
    What did Joe Biden have to sell ? Particularly if you look at China ?
    Actual concessions and accommodations on US foreign policy. That sort of thing is certainly worthy of very specific attention by POTUS. He’s charged with conducting US foreign policy and if his predecessors have been selling US policy positions that’s a BFD. If serious adversaries like China come to believe that US opposition can be bought off with a tiddly bribe of a billion or two to the VP, that undermines the position of future administrations very seriously. So whether Biden is guilty or not, this certainly merits an investigation for foreign policy reasons, never mind criminal justice. And there’s certainly a “predicate” for such an investigation both in Biden’s own boasting, but also in his son’s obvious uselessness.
    So having slightly bought into the establishment conservative hype that Trump is perfectly entitled to let the DoJ pursue corruption, but Trump shouldn’t get invoved himself and certainly shouldn’t have mentioned a particular individual – Biden – I find that further thought leads me inescapably to the conclusion that investigating a past office holder for selling US foreign policy is not objectionable at all. It’s a duty.
    Just as it would be a duty if it was Dick Cheney under suspicion instead of Joe Biden.

  42. JoeMeek says:

    And how about all the retired generals who end up on multiple corporate board$ ? I wonder what that’s a reward for ? Such a mystery!

  43. JackB says:

    The problem that Trump has is his DOJ and FBI and CIA are still the same Swamp agencies. He never cleaned them up. Now they’re coming back to bite him.

  44. Bogeyfree says:

    Either Barr stands up for truth, justice and upholds the rule of law or this Republic will be lost and the citizens will be left with non stop crime and criminals in DC.

    • freespeechfanatic says:

      It certainly isn’t going to stop on its own. No book someone writes will stop it. No election will stop it. We prosecute and convict, we destroy these people’s lives, or it takes us all down.

  45. teabag14 says:

    Has no one read Peter Schweizer’s “Secret Empires”? If you want to know who all is involved & how it’s done, read that book.

  46. Sherri Young says:

    This clip is from the documentary film “Ukraine on Fire”. I had been meaning to order a DVD so I could watch and share it. Just ordered it.

  47. gsonFIT says:

    One of PDT’s first EO was 13818 which addresses corruption. Take a look when you have a minute

  48. Shyster says:

    Anybody see that feckless globalist Lindsey Graham on Maria today? Maria straight out confronts him on why no subpoena have been issued and testimony taken. That empty suit responded that he was going to do it “his way” which he explained means waiting for Horowitz to issue is report. What a crock and disservice to our country. That SOB knows all to well that Horowitz has no subpoena power, that at least 20 key players have left government service and that he should be on a parallel track doing a deep dive on those who need to be compelled via subpoena. But no, it’s the same do nothing head fake again that he’s going to wait, and wait, and wait…..

  49. Why is it lifelong successful businessman our great President Donald Trump when he was in business was — as are all businesspeople – held to the highest standards and LAWS against corruption in business, which he followed to the letter, but his adversaries, the ‘I’ve never had a job except to sit in Congress and feather my own nest’ so-called representatives get away with ANYTHING and our only recourse is to vote them out of office and pray our votes are not outweighed by the corruptovote.

    • Kintbury says:

      The people like Susan Collins who feign indignation when The President asks about past crimes is laughable. She and others have sat by while taxpayer money has gone full circle to one organization or another and then come back as donations to a particular party. Now I am going to be honest and say that I think the biggest problem is with Democrats because they give money to people like Planned Parenthood who in turn donate huge sums back to them and our politicians sit idly by while it happens. Did Susan Collins demand an audit of the stimulus money which appeared to only go to Obama donors and had no recourse in case of bankruptcy. Hell no she didn’t. She needs to do her damn job or get out of the way.

      • Mist'ears Mom says:

        Not to mention the wonderful student loan process of wealth redistribution and the indoctrination of our children combined for the mutual destruction of the USA.
        Colleges get an unlimited supply of guaranteed funds to pay outrageous salaries and college costs in which they turn around and send it right back to the demwit candicants.
        Our gov is so inept & corrupt-

  50. cheryl says:

    Trump Stopped Cold When A Black Supporter Asked To Pray For Him
    It was a beautiful moment.

    • corimari2013 says:

      Thank you cheryl for posting the lovely, wonderful, sincere young woman praying for our President, praying for our nation.
      Uplifting and needed–please everyone, do watch and listen.

    • lisabrqwc says:

      The look on President Trump’s face as he looks over at her is just precious. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  51. Bob at Wendys says:

    When people said ” We have the best congress money can buy” i used to chuckle; now I sob

  52. David R. Graham says:

    Yes, penultimately this is about influence peddling at the expense of Americans’ and America’s sovereign national freedom.
    Ultimately it is about the CIA.
    The Agency is eating their funders, taxpayers, extorting their marks, politicians, NGOs, corporations, underworld, and conspiring with their leftist counterparts, ChiComs, Jihadis, UN/Eurocrats, to extirpate the phenomenon of national sovereignty altogether.

    • CNN_sucks says:

      According to Tucker, CIA created the Taliban. ISIS by Obama at the behest of the CIA also. It should be disbanded. Too malignant.

      • Marc says:

        It’s a long time, and often stated fact that the CIA established the Taliban as a force to counter the Soviets in the Mideast. Bin Laden was one of the CIA’s long time assets and beneficiaries.

      • John says:

        Around the world people know that the CIA created the Taliban.The CIA did bankroll them end provided them with weapons.

        • John says:

          Now dicks sporting goods is providing them.
          You didn’t think wilful destruction of 5 million dollars worth of property would fly by the Iris did you?

        • cali says:

          @John: I would like an explanation how it is that the converted to islam muslim brotherhood member John Brennan accumulated his 34 million dollars worth based on media reporting.
          He was never more than a CIA analyst until Hussein appointed his buddy to be CIA director.
          What is not widely known is the fact that the CIA is not an American entity but actually run and owned by the Vatican in Rome.
          Langley/Virginia is just the US HQ for this Vatican owned entity.
          There is a reason why it is said that ‘all roads lead to Rome’
          Last week the Vatican was raided by Italian intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Timely indeed!

  53. albertus magnus says:

    It goes on EVERYWHERE in EVERY party and has gone on for decades. It goes on locally and on the state level.
    Best sign a newly elected Congressman or Senator is up for sale? See which ones set up “foundations for children” once they move to wherever their capital is or when they go to DC.
    If they were so determined to help children, they would have set it up long before they got elected. Look and see. You will be AMAZED at the names you recognize just from the last 3 years.

    • jeans2nd says:

      Or a sign that, once in D.C., the politician has joined the D.C. pedo club (Clintons…Haiti…AIDS drugs for African children…)?
      Other politicians set up foundations for other causes as well.
      Doesn’t matter. The cash is always for influence and always pocketed in some way eventually.

  54. Guyski says:

    Just a reminder from JANUARY 6, 2016
    Explaining Trump: Widespread Government Corruption
    A staggering 75% of the American public believe corruption is “widespread” in the U.S. government. Not incompetence, but corruption. This alarming figure has held steady since 2010, up from 66% in 2009.

  55. Apfelcobbler says:


  56. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Pelosi’s son, Kerry’s son, Biden’s son, Water’s daughter and husband, Romney’s chief advisor-all taking a huge payout for their parent’s/friend’s position. It’s becoming clearer every day what the pay for play is really about and it’s rampant in DC.
    It’s become “just a way to do business”. Nobody thinks twice about it. It’s endemic in our govt. and has to stop.
    I’m sure that McConnell and many more “Conservatives” are just as deeply involved. It really is “normal” for them. They don’t even see the problem with it.
    They, honestly, do not see why we would be repulsed at the graft. Kind of amazing, if you think about it.

    • DeWalt says:

      Who knew all the Democrats offspring were oil and gas experts.

    • Chip Doctor says:

      Mncpo(ret), that is what is so scary about this whole impeachment thing. I really believe that the senate would risk civil war by conviction and removal rather than face losing their way of life and facing prison time. They are ALL filthy dirty and have nothing to lose. Dangerous bunch, they are. This is a death match.

      • Mncpo(ret) says:

        Yes, it is. I fear for our very country and her President. They have tried assassination in the past, they will continue to do so in the future. They NEED him gone.

  57. Baby El says:

    So, our VSG is taking the game to the next level.
    Something ‘s afoot!!

  58. Brant says:

    Hey, wait. All the democrat kids are oil and gas experts. So, how does this square with the lefts focus on going green? No answer required, rhetorical question, but maybe send to your twitter buddies.

  59. Austin Holdout says:

    We don’t even need evidence. No rational person would spend millions of their own money and tens of millions of others’ money for a $300k per year job unless everyone involved understood that there would be much more of our taxpayer dollars to pass around after they’re elected. If there is a single member of congress who is not profiting much more than their $300k salary from side arrangements made possible by their position, I’d be shocked.

  60. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    I’m suspicious of these “book deals” many get, I believe they are just money laundering rings.

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