Sunday Talks: Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Impeachment by “Anonymous” Complaint…

Lots of people, lots of analysis, lots of obfuscation, and lots of pundits stuck deep in the forest losing perspective…..  This interview with Senator Lindsey Graham doesn’t help.  If you are cynical of politicians, avoid the confirmation bias and don’t watch this interview.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can impeach a president for just about anything, because impeachment is a political process.  The offenses are supposed to entail “treason, bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors.” However, ultimately a majority House vote is all that’s needed for a technical impeachment. If Speaker Pelosi wants an impeachment vote against President Trump because he’s OrangeManBad, she can do that.  All she technically needs for any impeachment vote is a majority agreement.

Technically, Speaker Pelosi can tear the country apart, and destroy her political party with a brutally obvious political ploy to defend life in the swamp.   As a result Speaker Pelosi can also hold an impeachment vote framing an impeachment resolution, based on manufactured ‘articles of impeachment’, created by hearsay, rumors, gossip and innuendo.

However, a President should not be “removed from office” because some anonymous complaint makes an accusation.  The removal from office is another kettle-o-fish entirely…. Unless, well, unless the Senate concurs with Speaker Pelosi.

Anyone who thinks Senator Lindsey Graham wants to get his hands dirty amid this highly partisan political process is very much mistaken. Watch Graham hoping the entire impeachment operation collapses before it reaches a UniParty Senate… Wait for Barr…. Wait for Durham…. Wait for Horowitz…. Wait, Wait, Wait, bottom line, for 2020:

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237 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Impeachment by “Anonymous” Complaint…

  1. JackB says:

    Sundance is spot on. Nancy has enough votes to impeach for any reason or no reason. The question that GOP senators need to ask themselves is how will future generations regard them when they convict the first president in US history not for high crimes but to safeguard their Swamp. A political decapitation!

    The GOP will not survive the backlash. And the Democrats will only realize it too late that the weaponization of impeachment that they’ve unleashed will come back to bite them as all constitutional norms will then have been broken. The only ones who will benefit will be the Deep State as they will usurp all power as the constitutional republic will be dead.

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  2. USA First! says:

    It’s astounding that the left and the media act like investigating corruption is as crime simply because it’s Joe Biden etc But they had no qualms bringing fake investigations against the actual president of the United States simply because they lost control ofthe levers of power for once.

    These people are demented.

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  3. Zephyrbreeze says:

    Lindsey is a horse’s behind. He has absolutely no empathy for the frustration of the average American. He could have said the same thing but with compassion and understanding. He knows who’s names are going to be in that IG report. There’s no reason that he couldn’t be interviewing them. Heck, I could write the question, the crimes are that obvious. Drain the Swamp including old croc Lindsey.

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  4. JC Calhoun says:

    Graham better understand that if Trump goes down, South Carolina will discharge him in short order. They know he has the power with his seniority and chairmanship to make this go away quickly and he had best start representing the wishes of his constituency.

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    • Dutchman says:

      If “Trump goes down”, the last thing any of those in Congress need to worry about is re-election.

      There is NO place they can hide, where they will not be found, dragged out and hung from the nearest lampost.

      It really IS that simple.

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      • TigerBear says:

        Exactly! 👍🏽👍🏽

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      • Rhi says:

        Nailed it Dutchman!
        If Congress critters think they can pull off a blatant decapitation coup and only have to worry about their next election, they sorely underestimate cold anger of much of the populace. Tree of liberty……, nowhere to hide.

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        • Dutchman says:

          My one concern is this; Nancy made these plans, back at the beginning, (Sundance nailed it).

          She has gone “all in” on this plan, which shows a lot of confidence in the outcome.

          McConnell is OBVIOUSLY ‘in on’ the Coup, the cover up, the ONGOING coup, and the corruption.
          And, he and Schumer have absolute control over what does or doesn’t happen in the,Senate.

          So, is it possible that THEY think they can, and will actually vote to convict in the Senate?

          That this is not simply a plan to politically damage PDJT, going into the,2020 election, but to ACTUALLY remove him from office, prior TO the election?

          Its hard to apply logic to the Dems actions under the BEST of times, but thats the only way their actions seem logical.

          And frankly, the actions, and inactions of McConnell and Graham give me NO comfort or reassurance at all. In fact, just the opposite.


      • chipin8511 says:

        We the people are locked and loaded former Military guy here is ready.. I pray it doesn’t come to that.. We have God on our side Democrats are pure EVIL satan is their leader…

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        • A LOT of MILITARY just like us will stand shoulder-to-shoulder and not blink an eye!!!

          Pity the poor b@stards who get in the way!!!

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        • ann says:

          And you military have people like me, willing and ready. 🙋‍♀️🇺🇸💪🏼


        • Dutchman says:

          Many are ready, praying we won’t be called upon, but prepared if we have to.

          In a purely hypothetical way, I DO like our chances, tho,…
          NOT because we have most of the guns, although WE DO.

          NOT because,we have most current/former military and LE, although WE DO.

          Look at the “can you hear us NOW?”, “Impeach THIS” electoral map.

          Generally, Big cities, high density and TOTALLY dependent on a constant “just in time” supply of food, transportation fuel, potable water and electricity, are Blue.

          And those supply lines run through thousands of miles of RED territory. And, we Reds KNOW how “things” work. We MAKE ‘things’, and repair ‘things’,…which also means we know how to break ‘things’.

          Nuff said, and keep praying, …

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      • dawg says:

        EXACTLY. 100%.

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      • paulyho39 says:

        “If Trump goes down…” This will be the end of the GOP…and I don’t think most of the stupid Repubs in Washington even have a clue! All they care about is getting their big bucks from the money boys supporting them! It’s too disgusting to even think about! Lindsey Graham…and Trey Gowder before him…all they know how to do is TALK! They can talk the leg off a horse..but never DO one thing!!!

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    • JC- I have always thought of Madame Lindsey as being a third rate actor.


    • Bill Hollinger says:

      I think that was the reason today he offered Rudy the opportunity to come before the Senate and tell them about Biden’s corruption in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Imagine if any of us lived in SC – we would be raising hell with Graham.


  5. JunkerGeorg says:

    I forget to be realistic about Trump, Maga, and the Swamp. I mean, Trump is significantly different from the status quo GOP in D.C. (i.e., NeoCon). Every other GOP candidate running for Prez back in 2015, was a NeoCon, that is, except for Rand Paul. (Sorry, I don’t think Ted “Goldman Sachs” Cruz is that much different from the rest.) Trump defies an exact category, though perhaps PaleoCon (e.g., Pat Buchanan) comes closest. But the standard was and mostly still is NeoCon, linked to the Dems largely via a shared globalist perspective. So I sit here ticked off at the GOP for not being more pro-active both in supporting and defending Trump. But Trump is a shock to the GOP system. A welcome shock, but still a shock. Aside from a handful in the House, who is really a kindred spirit, a compatriot, of Trump in D.C.? So we say we need to drain the swamp…to primary in a whole new breed of Reps in Senate who will be Trumpians (or better yet, just PaleoCons). But that process is neither easy nor quick to achieve when you have “established” senators like McConnell and Graham. But say Trumpian challengers rise up to campaign against every one of these established NeoCons. It’s uncertain as a newbie that the constituency will automatically vote for them over the establishment guy. Which does Trump endorse? Does he take a risk in endorsing every newbie, despite the uncertainty of their chances, and thereby losing much support from the establishment guy after he is reelected? I don’t have the answers. But I do think this whole draining the swamp and filling it in with new PaleoCon ground will not easy nor happen overnight if it ever fully does. As I said, that’s just trying to be realistic. But yeah, I still will dream of a fully achieved MAGA agenda as Bannon envisioned, and support such an end insofar as one can.


    • Dutchman says:


      Please read the posting guidelines. Youvwill see they ask that you leave spaces in your postings,..

      Like this. Especially for long posts like yours, it makes it much easier for people to read, especially on these dumb smartphones.

      I don’t agree they are all Neocons, I think such labels, is how they destroyed the “Conservative” movement.

      I was a William F. BUCKLEY conservative, but a George Will, or Bill Chrystal? HELL no!

      “True Conservative”? Thats,what Romney said he was. “REAGAN Conservative”? McStain, Graham, Rubio and,Cruz all called themselves that.

      PDJT said “I am a NATIONALIST”. You mention Bannon. He calls it “Economic Nationalist”,..I would perhaps add “Populist”,…Economic Nationalist/Populist.

      As for the Republicon leadership, just like Dems, they are CONmunists, forget the ideology, thats the CON. And the purpose is to have a relatively small committee, politoburo or Congress, an elite, rule over the masses and acrue incredible wealth at the expence of the masses.

      What is the,difference between members of CONgress, and members of CCP in China, or Politoburo in former USSR? Answer is, very little.

      Very wealthy, unaccountable to the people they rule over, have ‘gamed’ the system so elections DON’T have any real consequences, especially for those at the top.

      UNIPARTY= ONE party, two faced as hell.

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  6. ooicu812 says:

    There’s no freaking way the founding fathers would give person the power to impeach. There are 3 branches for oversite. Just think if they would of impeached the KENYAN BORN CIA PLANT OBAMA, THERE WOULDN’T BE A TRUMP. Take them all down for treason.


  7. HillaryisGuilty says:

    Looks like Marine Reserve units have been activated. Other Marine units on high alert. This is happening around DC. Internet chatter going on about this since last night. Anyone else hear about this?

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    • Rhi says:

      Yup. Posted it last night.

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    • steviedawn says:

      Are they saying what’s up?


      • FrankieZee says:

        I wonder if it has to do with the IG report coming out in 2 weeks? Or is Barr finally going to convict some serious higher up people.


        • HillaryisGuilty says:

          Maybe both. There might be an active coup in the works. There’s an ex Marine (Steve Motley) who says things could go crazy in a couple of weeks. Right around the 19th of this month. He posted a video advising everyone to stock up on food and water. Internet and cell phone service could go down for a few days. He seemed to know what he was talking about.

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    • Just so everyone is ON the same page…the Marine Units are for what the PRESIDENT DEEMS IS A NATIONAl EMERGENCY!!! A possible coup would be one and also moving DEEP STATERS OUT OF A GOV BUILDING!!!

      I DO NOT THINK that the “coup” is going to go on much longer. Funny how gramhcrackers goes on TV and the ORDERS are done POST HASTE!!!…

      Everything is on PDJT’s timeline…NO ONE ELSE NEED MATTER!!!

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  8. John-Y128 says:

    Senator Graham-nisty is ALL talk and no action. To Maria’s question about ‘Where are your [Senate] Subpoenas?’ (to counter the House’s), he says he’s waiting on the IG’s FISA Abuse Report. Rubbish, he’d turn on the President if it’s politically expedient for him.

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  9. Cecelia Power says:

    To this SC. voter, Lindsey is sitting in his fire truck with all the needed equipment, watching my house burn and opining “Someone should do something.” We have voted EVERY TIME for this odious Fraud…and donated to him as well.

    My disgust toward him now is boundless. Luckily I live in a very pro-Trump part of the state and in particular, a very Pro Trump community. I have already started MY campaign to deflect as much support from him as possible. I will be “relentless” in sharing information about his duplicity, his betrayals, and his collegial attitude toward corruption.

    This is my promise. I will do everything…write, call, email, discourage donations…everything I possibly can to deny him support and re-election.

    So far, the response I get…is as livid toward him, as reviled by his inaction… as I could wish.

    What hogwash that he is “waiting” for information on the FISA mess…the Biden Father/Son corruption is a separate issue. But he admitted on CNN that he can’t touch it because these criminals are his friends! He admitted he is collegial with corruption!!!

    Stop with the “trust the plan” farce now resurrected here…to protect this Fraudster, Lindsey Graham.

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  10. digleigh says:

    Graham may be a bit sneaky…Him asking press to ask Repubs is they would vote based on the ONE CALL TRANSCRIPT?? I would want to know if any lawfare folks, whistleblower lawyer, or DNC folks have met with Lindsay?? I hate to be so skeptical…but I sense that Lindsay knows there is more information, so they can say, “SEE!!! I supported Trump at first, but NOW …it is a bridge to far….IF more comes out??….” So, yes, I am skeptical , and I am not a troll!!!


  11. dawg says:

    I think the politicians need to be made aware that if our President is unduly removed from office, that We The People have a duty to remove the tyrants who did it.

    And We are ready to uphold that duty.

    Our government is BY the people and FOR the people. If the House and Senate were to remove President Donald Trump form office, they will have ceased to be a govt BY the people. They will have become their own corrupt cancer, a rogue faction of OUR government. And they will not have impeached the President FOR the PEOPLE, but for THEMSELVES.

    This would not be allowed to stand.

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  12. AIM says:

    I’m tired of waiting. It’s been 3 years of the swamp trying to take our President out. I know. They have to be meticulous. We have to be patient. Maybe the Swamp and Dems will destroy themselves. But at this point we need SOMETHING to show us that the hammer is dropping. Stories like Tony Podesta being fully let off the hook of lobbying for a foreign entity in Ukraine, while Manafort rots in solitary confinement do not give me much hope. We are twisting in the wind out here with no personal recourse but to wait for the election which the Dems have most likely already figured out how to steal. God help us.

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  13. Ellis says:

    I hear everyone and I have the same concerns about weak republicans in the senate, but why stop your enemy while it continues to shoot itself in the foot? I think the GOP in the senate in particular are allowing Pelosi to go down this bogus road because ultimately she will be made a fool. McConnell has tipped his hand a bit with his new political ad and his mention that the senate will have to take it up, but won’t have to spend much time on it.

    The plan for the left now is to introduce more “whistle blowers” after the transcript has been released that directly disputes a “whistle blower’s” opinion? What kind of idiot thought of that?

    The entire Ukraine story has fallen apart. If you don’t believe that see Chuck Todd’s meltdown yesterday over the mere mention of what is behind all of this farce. The activist press is panicking now because their messaging is not working.

    Yesterday we did see some republicans go on the offensive and it was marvelous. Bit by bit pieces of the spying scandal are being dropped into the public conversation and the democrats and the media have lost all credibility to dispute it.

    It’s easy to see why Pelosi wanted to do this quickly because time has now expired on this story. People are wise to this scam now. Even my apolitical wife commented that she doesn’t understand what the Ukraine fuss is about and is asking since when is the president not supposed to fight corruption?

    Timing is everything.

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  14. g briggs says:

    Agreed, for three long years, we have been on constant defense. I am tired of all the baseless accusations with NEVER and accountability on the Democrats. (Meuller, Kavanaugh and now Impeachment). They tell lies, the media runs with it full speed, and when it’s disproven, NO accountability, the story just fades away until a new narrative/accusation. I hoped Trump would have shown the Republicans how to fight. Either they are stupid and don’t get it, or they are complicit in what’s going on. Hence, there are a lot of RINO’s that make up the swamp.

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  15. 13wasylyna says:

    Who was always at John Mcains side… the ukrain…in syria…in libya…..yes Lindsey Graham

    NEVER trust anything coming from Lindsey Graham


  16. 13wasylyna says:

    McConnell will use impeachment to get Trump to stand down on China


  17. Rob says:

    Graham is a political animal who will go where the wind blows. If Trump has the upper hand then Graham is 100% MAGA. If the Libs or the Never Trumpers seem to be winning, Graham will turn in an instant


  18. tozerbgood8315 says:


  19. lovearepublican says:

    I don’t think anybody cares about norms or processes anymore. This is about prison. This is also about fear. If there are enough Senators in the Senate that are dirty and afraid of being charged for a crime, they will impeach him. They will lose their race and have to get a real job, but they won’t be in prison and they will keep their money.


  20. Bob Parker says:

    “Flimsy Lindsey’.

    I would strongly recommend to Hannity that he drop Senator Lindseed Graham from his list of guests.

    Gramnesty is simply a “Do nothing” RINO that will kiss President Trump’s ass, but will do NOTHING ELSE in terms of AGRESSIVELY INVESTIGATING so Damned many Dem crimes/corruption.

    Sen Graham, your inactivity PROVES you are as spineless/feckless as the inimitable/interminable Sen B*tch McConnel.

    Get OUT!!


  21. ChampagneReady says:

    He makes me sick. He’s just a hot air gas bag spewing his “intended” action garbage on the TV shows. An absolute disgrace to what a Judiciary Committee chairman, the most powerful committee in the congress, should be.

    Who has he subpoenaed during this ENTIRE Russia fart-fest and now this despicable Ukraine democrat mirage ?

    Absolutely …………not one damn, NOBODY !!


  22. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Great article by Professor Jacobson today over at Legal Insurrection.

    Democrats’ Impeachment ‘Star Chamber’

    “Circulating claims of Trump-Russian collusion prior to the 2016 election didn’t work.

    Using foreign-supplied fake intelligence, from a British spy who utilized Russian sources, to obtain surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition team didn’t work.

    Intimidating Electoral College Electors to change their votes after the election didn’t work.

    Having the Director of the FBI lie to, set up and try to entrap the president didn’t work.

    Having that same FBI Director leak memos to the media to manufacture grounds for a Special Counsel didn’t work.

    Trying to invoke the 25th Amendment to declare the president unable to perform the job didn’t work.

    Two years of the Mueller Investigation didn’t work.

    Three years of a permanent crisis news cycle meant to paralyze the Administration didn’t work.

    After all these failures to unwind the 2016 election, Democrats and the mainstream media are trying a new tactic: Create a Star Chamber ‘impeachment’ process fueled by anonymous whistleblowers and selective leaks that is not so much designed to remove the president, though they would if they could, but to manipulate the 2020 election”


  23. rustybritches says:

    If anyone watched Lavin last night the guest he had on was apart of the Clinton impeachment and he said that there is nothing that the house can impeach President Trump on He has not done anything that would be impeachable No Treason No bribery and No harming of Finance laws so there is nothing there and they can send in as many WB as they want and so let them in the end they will lose this one too.. LG is just another back stabbing little scum bag and he will go what ever the wind blows No more and no less


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