Senator Lindsey Graham on Spygate: “I Know We’re Going To Find Out About That in Two Weeks”…

Senator Lindsey Graham played a round of golf with President Trump last Saturday.

Curiously on Monday night, Sean Hannity asked Graham if he believed the U.K., Italy and Australia participated in a covert scheme with U.S. intelligence to subvert U.S. laws and target the Trump campaign?   Graham’s response was a little surprising:

[03:30]…”I don’t know, but I know we’re going to find out about that in two weeks.”

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165 Responses to Senator Lindsey Graham on Spygate: “I Know We’re Going To Find Out About That in Two Weeks”…

  1. Just in time for wizards and warlocks. Ghouls and Ghosts.

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      • alonzo1956 says:

        Thank You.


        • Bill Durham says:

          Miss Lindsey is on fire 🔥 lately. He may have actually purchased a ticket on the Trump train. I am more worried about mccconnell. But cocaine 😂 Mitch is up for re election. I don’t see a Senate double cross. In 2 weeks the Trump boomerang will strike and the polls will change. Republicans will circle the wagons around POTUS. Lindsey is very clever. He is ahead of the curve and knows what’s coming. Even Burr has kept his mouth shut.

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          • dd_sc says:

            Senator Graham is also up for re-election in 2020.

            As far as the lawfare coup goes, Graham is former JAG and still has integrity when it comes to the law; I suspect he doesn’t like seeing President Trump (or anyone) get framed the way Trump, Flynn, Papadopolus have.

            Don’t expect Graham to be in Trump’s corner when it comes to immigration, budget etc …

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          • alonzo1956 says:

            I’m sure Burr and Warner will still pull a stunt or two. They’re snakes in the grass who should be in prison. I like some of the stuff I see in Lindsay yet Mark Levin was correct in their lack of a spine to defend POTUS. The time for being on defense ceased months ago and the Republican representatives need to get with the program. Mitch and his wife both feed too much from the public trough while benefitting from a cozy relationship with China.

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            • Kitty-Kat says:

              Mrs. McConnell is from Taiwan; which is a much different story.

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              • H.R. says:

                Ah… Taiwanese. I did not know that but it would explain President Trump’s tolerance of Sec. Chao beyond just a political deal with Mitch.

                There’s China and then there’s Taiwan and never the twain shall meet.

                Thanks, Kitty-Kat. I’ll remember that.


            • vikingmom says:

              I am hoping that Mitch and the Missus are sweating bullets right now because there is way more Chinese dirt on them than anyone else…would love to see the Turtle get knocked out in primaries by a good MAGA candidate in Kentucky. Is there anyone running against him that would be worth supporting?

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              • Tl Howard says:

                Unfortunately, constituencies rarely throw out an elected official who is powerful and delivers the pork.

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                • vikingmom says:

                  But it did happen in 1994 with The Contract for America. Tom Foley, the Speaker of House was ousted by voters who were appalled by the House Banking scandal. Newt Gingrich was able to tap into a wave of seething anger against the entitlement mentality of those in Congress, just as the Tea Party did in 2010 and Donald Trump did in 2016.

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          • thomas says:

            Name one person lindsey and his committee in the senate have subpoenaed…?? Name one thing he’s actually done to help Trump… I’m sick of all talk lindsey, do something already..

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            • Old Dawg says:

              Hear, hear! Miss Graham is a chickensh!t weasel and IMO, most likely as big a traitor as his big buddy NoName was. The people of SC should be a lot smarter than they’ve shown themselves to be by the fact they keep sending this POS to the senate.

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            • Mr e-man says:

              What do you mean? Lindsay is going to write a letter! I am sure it will be a very strongly worded letter. That will be ignored by the recipients. But he is going to write one.

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          • FrogTongue says:

            Don’t worry about Mitch . . . cleverly said, law requires we have a trial . . . doesn’t say how long that trial will be. Given what we know about the SSCI, I think Mitch was warning the RATs to back off or else. There will be no impeachment. Just say’n.

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            • mikeyboo says:

              I agree, Frog. McConnell has come through in some interesting moments. I also felt his willingness to have a trial in the senate was actually a warning to the Democrats that the dirt will ALL come out and they won’t like it.

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              • treehouseron says:

                Mitch is an ego maniac, and he’s not a fan of President Trump, but like Graham he’s found a common cause with President Trump. McConnell knows WE support Trump, and there’s money to be made snuggling up to President Trump.

                On the other hand too, McConnell prides himself as being the most knowledgeable person in the senate on parlimentary procedure…. so there’s no way he’s letting Nancy snowball him with some fake inquisition where there’s no vote. So he very particularly said if there was a vote he would have no choice but to start a trial, because he knows there’s no vote.

                Essentially they’re trying to use McConnell for a procedural thing and he’s not going to do any procedural thing he doesn’t want to do.

                Now if the money was there for him to stab President Trump in the back he would, but financially it’s more beneficial for him to support the President at the present, so I personally don’t think we have anything to worry about.


          • LIG says:

            I don’t see the “Never Republican Courier Journal “give Mitches Democrat opponent much ink in Louisville. Appears to me a stand down order by the swamp because they are all about replacing the Republican Governor. but hey I only read that rag at my parents house . My congressman is the only D in the state. I email him frequently about No impeachment. I wrote on my request for funds from the RnC. No money unless I see you shoulder to shoulder on the Capitol steps defending POTUS .$$


      • chipin8511 says: This the most disturbing thing I have listened to in the past 3 years It is with Larry Nichols Clinton former hitman.. Being interviewed by Jason Goodman….Crowdsource the
        I also just put something together about Barr. How and why did Barr arrive on the scene remember he and Mueller are best friends June 2018 he wrote a op ed that said Trump could not be indicted as a sitting President. So after Sessions was fired in comes Barr to shutdown the Muller investigation shortly thereafter was this preplanned remember Barr former CIA lawyer and I am sure there is coup in progress.Nicholas says we will know soon if he doesn’t indict Mccabe or others its over the coup will succeed..Nicholas is hoping Barr wants to stop the madness in DC and not just cover it all up we will know by end of October I beleive. This is very difficult to listen for me it explains how the coup is done in other countries… I can only pray Barr is the real deal but there is to much at stake for the deep -state not to pay him off.Remember they are all friends Barr holds the keystone of America in his hands..What will he do…


    • Anons broke this months and months ago, and the UK is NOT friendly to us…

      Much much moar to come!

      You popcorn eaters better stock up… 😉


  2. Sentient says:

    Graham has a reputation for being independent. Hopefully he’ll convince Romney and Sassehole and Collins and Murkowski and even Burr to do what’s right – should the senate end up holding a trial (as seems likely).


    • Mike says:

      Don’t trust Graham, a McCain acolyte. He talks a good game, but he has not held any hearings on the Russian and Ukrainian hoaxes. Remember, it was Graham who co-sponsored legislation to stop Trump from firing Mueller. I wonder when Graham found out about the Steele Dossier now that we know McCain found out about it sometime in August 2016. IMO Grahamnesty is part of Deep State.

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      • FishtheDish says:

        I agree – Lyndsey is actor. In front of talk news talks and talks. But what has he actually done? Meanwhile in the slow motion time delay of Barr “investigations” – the Dems and MSM are firing shot after shot after shot. It is a hustle problem.

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        • Disruptor says:

          Lip service. Graham and McCain were joined at the hip. I don’t believe him.

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        • TeaForAll says:

          Cindy and Megan are already out trashing our President, I hope sunlight will shine on the evil doings of McCain.

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        • Reminds me of Trey Gowdy, keeps talking but never seems to get results. It’s going to happen, we’ll get the answers soon, people will pay for their misdeeds – two peas in a pod, different sock puppets but the same hand is moving the lips…

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          • Lawton says:

            Graham has been saying for months that they wanted the IG report to start the hearings. That makes sense so the media can’t deflect as much.


        • The IG’s reports are the work product of hundreds of methodical professional investigators. It is important to have this information in front of you – sworn testimony – before starting a legal case that can now rely upon it. This is something that you don’t have to prove the authenticity of.

          And, as the Democrats hustle to try to stop the investigations and to impeach the man who is above all others responsible for it, it’s very obvious that they know just how much trouble they are now in. They also know that the foreign countries which they “dusted up” aren’t going to keep their mouths shut – quite the opposite.

          America’s Temple had become a den of thieves. Trump has fashioned a cord and is using it as a whip to drive them out.

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        • Linda K. says:

          Well. if Lindsey is an actor he is playing for team Trump, and in politics, appearance seems to be everything.


      • Summer says:

        “It was Graham who co-sponsored legislation to stop Trump from firing Mueller.”

        And in hindsight, perhaps that was not a bad thing, because otherwise the Russia Russia collusion BS would have only intensified, and the obstruction of justice charge would have been very difficult to dodge. Instead, now the Trump team can say that “Mueller was not fired, his investigation was not obstructed in any way.”

        Trump’s lawyers were giving him the same advice — don’t fire Mueller. Hell, we learned that even Corey put the “letter” in his safe and went camping with his children.

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    • Matt Bracken says:

      The problem is that the Republicans are just as deep into Biden-style family corruption as the DemSocRats. Family enrichment is very bipartisan.

      Just look at McConneil’s wife’s family, and how they have become millionaires off China connections.

      McConneil knows where this will go next if the Biden’s get a complete corruption exam. HIS FAMILY. That’s why he’s eager to schedule and impeachment trial.

      Don’t rule out enough GOPe (rhymes with dope) Senators voting against Trump to get him tossed. Enough GOPe senators may be just as corrupt as Biden and McConneil to vote to convict out of self-preservation, or they may be under deep state/CIA/FBI blackmail control.

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    • nattyrem420 says:

      The Establishment (banking cartel) will hold its trial in the attempt to wrangle the Trump administration and its a tactic right outta the Regan era playbook. Make no mistake about it this is a soft coup d’ etat and if the bankers that own the politicians gather enough support from US Senators and Congressional reps with 2/3rds needed (which they always do because everyone in Congress has dirty closets and love their cushy jobs as opposed to a jail cell) and public support which is currently at 57% (likely a fictional number/poll) again 2/3rds approval needed then they will either impeach or at the very least neutralize and nullify us and our President as they did Ronald Regan. Let us hope that we can get their crony politicians behind bars before they have the upper hand on us. Mitch McDonald should have been removed in his last election as he is the Deep State leader in Congress. Meanwhile Paul Ryan sits on the board of executives at Fox News and is also Deep State ops. Nancy P, Chuck and Mitch have been very sloppy and this may win us the war. Let us hope that Trump has made enough friends to pull this off. He has the public vote in 2020 if the banksters fail at this coup. IMO this clumsy critter crew in Congress falls short of evidence to convince a woke America that Trump is guilty of anything but a booming economy and unlike Ronald Regan Trump is a very clever Fox with deep connections and has had plenty of time to analyze his playbook prior to game time (2016). Just ask China and Iran! This is why the trade deals are being held up also.


    • WDS says:

      Graham has a reputation all right. Those of us in SC know it well, we only hear from 2.Zero in the the run up to his re-election campaign where he swears he’s the most conservative Senator of all time complete with staged photo-ops firing a AR-15 at PSA .

      Look at the man’s entire record, it’s shameful. Even Conservative Review grades him a solid “F”.


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Maybe this is why I always drank bottled water
        when I’d visit my inlaws outside Greenville.

        Didn’t realize it then, but part of me might have
        figured out that whatever was put in the water
        there resulted in Graham and Gowdy being
        continually elected.


    • Kitty-Kat says:

      Romney will never be convinced, imo.

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  3. wodiej says:

    ……”It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace²but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”-Patrick Henry

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  4. Shop says:

    Isn’t Lindsey the head some committee in the Senate? Why isn’t he opening an investigation?

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    • Miss Lindsey learned long ago that etiquette requires Barr to lead the dance while Lindsey follows his lead.

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    • wightmanfarm says:

      EXACTLY. Why does he keep saying he “hopes” someone outside politics will open an investigation into Biden. HUH ? Like who? Isn’t that his JOB ? SMH !

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      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        C’mon, man….Wightman, he just told you. I was watching this on Hannity (not popular with you guys, I get it….) and listening to Rudy last night, and then Lindsay came on…..I’m not the brightest bulb in the room, and I was jumping up off the couch and rewound it so I could believe my ears that they both just dropped the bomb. I posted about it, too, if ya’ll just saw and heard what I did…… It’s done. Finished. You talk about this sh!t when you’re just about finished. Damn, dude……


      • mopar2016 says:

        This is the Biden investigation so far, even after the self incriminating quid pro quo that Biden brags about.

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    • I sincerely think that he is – wisely – waiting on the second IG Report to be completed and published. He seems to expect it “in two weeks.” These findings will be hard evidence of wrongdoing on the part of many people in government. Armed with this, the Senate will have clear justification to investigate and a clear path forward in doing so. Right now, what we have is speculation. When the IG presents his findings, it will be proof.

      Wiley defense lawyers are going to fight back hard against everything. But when you can say, “five hundred investigators reviewed more than a million documents and this is what they concluded,” that’s very powerful and badly needed.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Mike, “500 investigators” and they didn’t even talk to Carter Page, the alleged foreign asset under the fake FISA Warrant, who was actually a CIA/FBI asset?
        IG Horowitz donated to, and his wife worked for hillary?

        c’mon man….

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        • Electra says:

          Indeed. We are told that the impending Horowitz report deals only with the Carter Page FISA application. Yet they never interviewed Carter Page? Unbelievable.


    • dawg says:

      He is going to bring in the IG after his report is released. But Ive told his office that Im sick of hearings and investigations. We all know whats been going on. No need to investigate or “hear” about it any longer. The only thing left to do now is indict, prosecute and convict and he cant do that.


    • Linda K. says:

      Lindsey keeps saying he does not want to take on this Biden case, because they are friends, but a Special Prosecutor should look into it.


  5. J.Thomas says:

    That was a rich interview.

    The Democrat/Deep State Corruption is beginning to take on shape and form. The corruption is MASSIVE. Its incredible. Billions and billions of dollars. Its going to be legendary and historic.

    This “whistleblower” sound and fury may be the last breath before the death rattle. This is an incredible panic move with no clear and true strategy. Its flimsy and haphazard.

    At some point our Justice Department needs to see beyond the MSM, Deep State, and the Dems and see what’s coming on the horizon. One of these other nations is going to expose this corruption. They are going to use it to tarnish us. There will be VERY public international trials with gawkers lined up to watch America fall.

    Who will be the nation that does it to us? Just you watch…it will be Russia.


    • donna kovacevic says:

      Russia again? Good Lord, but would you blame them? Three years of totally false allegations smearing Russia and her people. How much can a country take. You reap what you sow. God Bless PDJT.

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      • Well-l-l-ll … no kid in the 50’s ever did “duck and cover” under his desk because “the Brazilians are coming!” 😀

        Anytime the Americans need a “goon,” The Russians™ are their go-to resource.

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        • treehouseron says:

          It’s because it’s the only country that it’s even viable could start a world war with us. They know China won’t do it, and any smaller country we would just completely anhilate. If they can get us into war with Russia though, hell that will last a long time, it will cost a fortune, and they can all get their hands on the defense contracts.

          The citizens of the US should thank their lucky stars that Putin is too smart to go to war with us.


      • Linda K. says:

        Any country that reveals USA corruption might be doing us a favor, but sadly, money and corruption make the world go around. Most countries are not riding on a high horse of purity and truth and freedom, so, are not disappointed or surprised to find out their leaders are corrupt.
        I am really disappointed in our media! They should be jackals ripping the politicians apart, not covering for their favorites.
        Thank you Sundance for exposing this story.

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      • PBR says:

        donna K, no tears for Russia. More than 30 years ago a defector KGB agent told the USSR would always be coming after the USA, and they would do it through the INSIDE and through educators. Has anything changed??? NO, we still must distrust Russia.


    • John says:

      Excellent post.You can be sure that lots of nations have goods,lots of them,starting with the assassination of JFK.They cannot tarnish America,the tarnishing was self inflicted.


    • The Far Side says:

      J. Thomas, “At some point our Justice Department needs to see beyond the MSM, Deep State, and the Dems and see what’s coming on the horizon. One of these other nations is going to expose this corruption. They are going to use it to tarnish us.”

      As SD has stated about companies fleeing China, “your first loss is your best loss.”

      The US must inflict this first loss among many in our corrupt intelligence agencies if we are to remain a country that self governs.

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      • J.Thomas says:

        Yes. Then you can somewhat manage the loss and maintain the power to use it to redefine your culture and build again rather than have another nation ruin your power structure and redefine you on their terms.

        Our perception in the world is not good, and very little of that is due to Trump. Ironically, its due to the CIA and the globalists…the same cabal that is fighting Trump tooth and nail.

        If I’m managing Trump’s campaign for 2020, I frame the entire campaign around the image of Trump as the hope to finally defeat the corruption that has plagued the US for these past 50 years…the corruption that has caused a recession, that has created the international environment that fuels terrorist attacks and proxy wars, etc. Trump is the foil to all of that. He’s really a bipartisan candidate in that regard.


    • grumpyqs says:

      Does it matter WHO tarnishes America after having our own former POTUS, Congress, Courts, MSM, FBI, DOJ, CIA and State Dept make absolute fools of us and our Constitution? Something or somebody has to blow apart the politics of America before the politicians destroy America themselves with their sick ambitions and greed.

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  6. Patrick healy says:

    Sorry Mr Thomas, that is not how it works. As a non American I hope and pray your great Mr Trump can defeat these Satanist – for that is what they are.
    If the United States ‘falls’ it will not be “the Russians” but domestic suicide resulting from years of corrupting the minds of children from kindergarten upwards.
    Just look at the other greatest fraud in history – man made global warming.
    “They” are now running all government departments just like over here in Britain/Europe.
    Keep praying as I cannot see any other solution.

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    • M33 says:

      Two weeks?

      Interesting… Isn’t that the same time the so-called impeachment thing begins?



      • linda4298 says:

        Schiff is pushing back now saying end of the year. compete b.s


      • 1stgoblyn says:

        The two weeks that the House is supposed to be ‘back home’ meeting with their constituents? They have had this WB BS as plan B if Mueller’s Report didn’t pan out. This time tho they need to fast-track it b/c they need the people to jump the Trump Train. He has too much support still even with all the ‘slings and arrows’ hurled his way. They have been taking note of the crowds at his rallies.


    • PBR says:

      Patrick, education= Russian infiltration


  7. Christopher Burke says:

    Prediction – just like the last 2 reports, Horowitz mails it in and glosses over the corruption. He is a swamp rat. His wife is a swamp rat. No way he kills the golden goose. I am afraid Graham is too – he makes a stink when when it is safe (I.e. cavanagh headings), but when it’s clean up time, he will go missing. I hope I am wrong, but this is bigger than we all imagine – like SD says, trillions at stake –

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    • Holmes says:

      Yes. As past is prologue, Horowitz’s report will be a big nothing. Let’s not hang our hats on his upcoming report the way the Dems did with Mueller. We will meet with the same disappointment. In addition, the media will say “.. well, you got your Horowitz report and it practically exonerates the intelligence community. Now, let’s talk about Ukraine …”

      If anyone is to do something about the IC’s crimes, it will be Durham.


  8. “2 weeks.” That’s when Dem’s return from recess with freshly written draft articles of impeachment prepared by Committee staff. Major League Baseball will have nothing on the Clash of the DC Titans.


  9. BitterC says:

    1 other things of interest…
    1) Lindsey asks if the “whistleblower” has any connection the the IC, the OLD IC that was corrupt as hell. Does he know something we don’t know?

    2) in closing he says it again. “what if the whistleblower or people around the whistlblower were tied to the folks that opened up the investigation vs Trump in the first place?”

    Just something that makes me go hmmmmm. Lindsey is given to unfounded speculation

    I also thought he said when I watched it live that some folks on the Mueller team might find themselves in trouble

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  10. Lionel Mandrake says:

    “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
    Frederick Douglass

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    • jrapdx says:

      Sure sounds like Sen. Graham is running low on patience with the Democrat would-be tyrants. As are the rest of us who are not soaked in the delusions of TDS. With a couple of notorious exceptions I think it’s very likely Republicans in the Senate will line up behind President Trump if the impeachment farce gets that far.

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      Love that quote Lionel. Judging by all of the insomnia on this site tonight, I think there are many who have endured too much.


  11. BitterC says:

    Anyone else notice that he recited the countries he is going to write to & that Barr should be talking to didn’t include the Ukraine?

    I am guessing he was in on the coup with McCain there, or it was a subtle back stab by not backing the president re: Ukraine?

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    • Newhere says:

      It’s probably more simple and mundane. The IG report on FISA is due for release. That’s probably what Lindsay is referring to, which will come out in two weeks. It probably addresses UK, Italy and Australia as specifically tied to Steele Dossier. So the IG report won’t touch the Ukraine piece.

      We shouldn’t get to excited by this. The IG report is likely to disappoint. The Durham/Barr investigation is the one to watch. Maybe it’s timed with the IG report. But so far, all we know to expect in the near term is the IG FISA report.

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    • dawg says:

      No, he was talking about our allies involved in the attempted frame up of Trump campaign. Italy, UK and Australia.

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  12. Rock Knutne says:

    Lindsey Graham is President Trump’s favorite golfing partner.

    They just played this weekend with Annika Sörenstam and Gary Player.

    It takes about 4 hours to play a round of golf. A little lunch or drinks afterward…

    That’s a long time to have someone’s ear.

    Lindsey Graham is what he is and President Trump is fully aware of how to best utilize him, whether Graham knows it or not.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      “Lindsey Graham is President Trump’s favorite golfing partner.”

      Surely that HAS to be the other way around. I’m no golf fan, but can you even imagine golfing with Donald Trump and his buddies?

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    • TexanInFL says:

      THIS^^..I get a little frustrated with all the pearl clutchers around here. You act like POTUS has NEVER played hardball. I know that he is in the fight of his life …FOR US..the American People…Remember POTUS is one of the best at this kind of world…and he made billions beating his opponents. We must stand behind him, vote for him, get rid of the politicians who try to stand against him by voting them out and stop choking out every time someone throws him a curve ball.

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    • dawg says:

      Watch the interview with him by Margaret Brennan on NBC from Sunday I think? He seems sincerely pissed off about this latest manufactured impeachment push. She asked him if he had a problem with the call, and he says point blank multiple times “I have no problem with the call and as a matter of fact, Id have a problem if he wasnt looking into this, and Barr should be too……etc etc,” He says “I want to know who the whistleblower got his info from” She says, “WH officials” (Like thats a sufficient answer.) Lindsey responds “WHO ARE THEY! WHO ARE THEY!”


    • Landslide says:

      Our very stable genius-in-chief keeps Lindsey on a short leash. 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸


  13. getfitnow says:

    Letter included in article.

    FTA – A letter emerged late on Monday from the Australian government that directly disputed the accuracy of a New York Times report that claimed that President Donald Trump “pushed” Australia to help Attorney General William Barr investigate the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in an attempt to “discredit” the investigation in what The Times claimed was an example of Trump “using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal political interests.”

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    • Lee Moore says:

      You don’t need a letter from the Australian government to dispute the accuracy of a New York Times report. The words “New York Times:” at the top of the page is quite enough..

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Unfortunately, many people who are following this saga will hear about the false report in the New York Slimes but not about the letter from Australia.


  14. Merkin Muffley says:

    Any time a man involved in a crime tells me about the investigation of that crime, I tend not to believe it.


  15. wtd says:

    Lindsey Graham: And here’s my question – “Is this whistle-blower, whoever he or she may be, do they have any connection to the intelligence community, the old intelligence community that was corrupt as hell. There are CIA agents out there risking their lives and they are patriots, but Brennan and Clapper?

    Lest anyone forget. . .
    Maxine Water’s revelation about the powerful OFA databank Obama created for use in coming elections.

    NYT Jan. 12 2017: N.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted Communications
    UKDailyMail Exclusive: Barack Obama’s close confidante Valerie Jarrett moved into his new DC home, which is now the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump

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  16. FreedomLover says:

    Let’s just take the Senator at his word. Regardless of what Hanity asked, he repeated these two points: It appears that The New York Times is attempting to help stop Barr from investigating what caused the opening of the counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign (as Sundance has well laid out is going to be attempted), 2) Is the “whistle blower and ICIG and people around that the same group of corrupt people who were in on the whole plot to surveil the Trump campaign? (again, clearly laid out by Sundance). He showed a lot of message discipline there. Didn’t really entertain or answer Hannity on anything. Except to say he expected the IG’s report in two weeks.


    • olddog35 says:

      Is the “whistle blower and ICIG and people around that the same group of corrupt people who were in on the whole plot to surveil the Trump campaign?

      I hear this statement as a lawyer’s way of saying, “Co-Conspirators”.

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  17. namberak says:

    Anytime you get a nugget from Graham, you have to filter it through the lens of “is this Lindsey 1.0 or Lindsey 2.0 talking?” There’s been so much vacillation on his part over the years, I never quite know which version is engaged.


  18. (06:34) (As Hannity is talking over him as usual …) (When will the IG Report come out?) “In a couple of weeks.”

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    • dwpender says:

      Thank you. I heard this interview live, and thought Graham never had a chance to answer the question. Hannity asked, and then talked nonstop for a minute plus. By the time Sean was done meandering, the original question had been lost.


  19. Bogeyfree says:

    Let’s assume for this thread, AG Barr is 100% white hat and fully committed to upholding the rule of law for all.

    If that is the case IMO he has enough facts and evidence to know the Russia Collusion investigation was not properly predicated, supporting his original question months ago.

    Meaning he knows it was based on a fraud and used as a possible cover up.

    His immediate second question to himself would be, a cover up of what?

    I use to think the cover up was all the illegal spying on Americans that they wanted to hide.

    The spying IMO was a required TOOL or an information gathering mission needed to support, drive and use as future LEVERAGE to allow what I call The Shake Down Syndicate (SDS) to organize, thrive and expand.

    I think Barr is on to this and is why countries like Ukraine and Italy are reaching out to him and folks like Rudy to tell their story.

    So if my first sentence is correct and you can begin to see the forest through the trees what the real predicate or cover up was hiding, then IMO AG Barr is NOT going to allow Articles of Impeachment to be voted upon PT, knowing he is an innocent man.

    I now believe before or when the House reconvenes in 2 weeks Barr will either:

    1) introduce indictments of many
    2) speak about uncovering a coup
    3) introduce evidence of Shake Downs

    In the end, this has always been about power, influence, control, $$$$$$$$$$ and covering up!


    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      Thanks, bogey, so much for the program guide notes/scorecard….now we can see which of the 3 it is…and this will, if true, settle, I believe, once & for all whether AGBarr’s hat is white or not.


  20. Zorro says:

    Sundance, Listen to Lindsey’s last statement to the effect that “we will see if the whistleblower or people around the whistleblower are the same people tied together with the folks that opened up the investigation against Trump to begin with”.


  21. Mike in a Truck says:

    STFU Lindsey you menstruating little girl. You’ve had almost 3 years to fight back and all you do is appear on T.V. The good people of S.C should throw your ass out.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dawg says:

      Pipe down. He cant indict or prosecute. Only the DOJ can. He can defend the President, and he has been doing that. At this point, that is the only thing our representatives are useful for considering nothing is getting down in the House or Senate. Any (R) who does NOT defend the President is USELESS to me, and at this point, that is all I am looking for them to do. Job #1. Defend the President. President Trump has provided the security and prosperity, which is all I need. So all I want from Senators and Representatives is defense of the President in the face of this unprecedented onslaught of manufactured hoazes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beau Geste says:

        Graham can initiate hearings into the corruption, subpoena witnesses, request records, refer findings to the DOJ for prosecution.
        Which he is avoiding.


        • dawg says:

          Lindsey has said he will be bringing in the IG after he drops the report.

          Dems have been making negative comments about AG Barr for a while now thats making me think he is doing something which I think is why Lindsey may be deferring to the AG on other matters.

          I think the Dems realization that Barr is doing this, and then they heard PT say “Crowdstrike” on a phone call made them defecate in their britches and initiate this latest, seemingly haphazard and desperate impeachment push.

          They have no choice, they have to attempt to deflect and cover up their own corruption somehow.


    • JCM800 says:

      Never Forget,
      Gang of 8 Treason Class, South Carolina vote him out.


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Mike, there is no need to get so nasty in your comment. Make one think you might be from the ‘dark side.’ We are not like them.


  22. Ray Runge says:

    Lindsay has conquered the Hannity talk over you bloviator syndrome. (all due respect to Hannity.) Lindsey repeatedly returned to the point of Dimocrats attempting to paint Barr as in bed with POTUS Trump simply by following through to investigate the foreign CIA wash rinse and repeat maneuvers that began the Coup attempt #1.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Zippy says:

    “but I know we’re going to find out about that in two weeks.”

    Any actually journalist’s next question: “HOW do you know that? I ask because we’ve heard this ‘just around the corner’ BS many times before. Also, will this be yet another ‘avoid any dots leading to evidence of an obvious conspiracy,’ too-limited-scope, slow-walked nothingburger like every ‘investigation’ thus far?


    • Beau Geste says:

      And “why do you think IG Horowitz didn’t even interview Carter Page, the subject of the fraudulently-obtained FISA Warrant? Why were 7 FBI disappointed agents waiting for Papadopoulous at the airport, expecting him to have $10,000 cash? A “whistleblower” objected to DoD payments to Halper, and was harassed and fired. What do you think about that? You have the authority to subpoena witnesses, to find out. Why don’t you do that?


  24. Zippy says:


    IG Horowitz – A Democrat Donor – Feared Pulling Punches To Protect Establishment Operatives

    Of note, Horowitz “volunteered on the political campaigns of several Democrats while in college and later donated to the campaign of Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, a former colleague who is seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination – and who has slammed Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” according to Sperry.

    Horowitz is also married to a former Democratic political activist, Obama donor Alexandra Kauffman Horowitz, who helped run campaigns for liberal Democrats before producing content for CNN’s Washington bureau.

    Inspector General Michael Horowitz – tasked with investigating and exposing wrongdoing at the highest levels – is feared by some to be pulling punches in order to protect establishment darlings, according to RealClear Investigations’ Paul Sperry:


    • Kleen says:

      Exactly! Typical loyal leftist.

      And we have all of our eggs in the Horowitz basket.

      Ohhh and Barr.

      It’s not about Barr being good or bad, it’s about Barr being willing to take down DC.
      Dismantled the agencies and expose everyone in DC.., pretty much

      The question should always be: Do you believe Barr is willing to expose hundreds of the most powerful people in the world and basically take down DC swamp?

      House, Senate, agencies, Law Firms, Soros, Google, FB, Obama, Hillary, Horowitz, Muller etc..

      Is that even possible?

      The bad apples are every freaking where! IRS, EPA, NSA, CIA, Embassies around the world, Media…

      There’s no cleaning up, there’s no fixing anything
      Only demolition and rebuilding.

      The only way to solve this mass corruption is to bring down DC with everyone in it. Expose all of them. Start with the ghost of John McCain.

      Barr good, Barr bad? That’s not the question.
      Is Barr capable of dissolving the swamp? Can any person? Is it possible for anyone to do that? Could superman do that?

      Any small targeted solution will allow them to regroup and take over again. Just like ISIS, Taliban.


  25. trapper says:

    “Two weeks.” Yeah, he just confirmed that the Ukraine Dossier and impeachment “inquiry” are rushed and desperate attempts to get in front of something they already know is coming. “Two weeks.” All hell is about to break loose on the attempted coup plotters. Graham now confirms the timing. “Two weeks.”

    Hannity referred to a possible “Durham/Barr report.” NO NO NO NO NO!!!

    These guys are Justice Department, the AG and a prosecutor. The ONLY proper form such “reports” may take are indictments by grand juries. Take what you find, present it to grand juries in the proper jurisdictions. If the grand juries issue indictments, those are your reports. If the grand juries don’t indict, you keep your mouth shut and move on.

    NO more extralegal reports or Comeyesque press conferences. Let’s put this ship back on course and do it the way it’s supposed to be done.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Here’s another example of the democrats’ bold faced lying. In this instance they are pretending to be sad about their 3-years long dream of impeachment apparently coming true.


  27. Dscottv says:

    Cmon Graham…launch an investigation into Biden and son’s dealings with Ukraine and China.


  28. Kleen says:

    No wonder Zeenzee Graham is a politician

    He is a terrible actor and would never make it in Hollywood.

    He tries so hard to act like he is so mad… terrible acting! He is incapable of being convincing about his outrage. He measures his words carefully.

    He likes the swamp, they are his family. He can’t bring himself to criticize them harshly. He kinda criticizes them in a general manner, but always throws in the benefit of a doubt, even with all evidence already public

    He acts like those evidences could just be conspiracy theory or something insignificant. He will find out… he will look into it to see if there’s any wrongdoing. If, maybe, he doesn’t know yet.

    Jay Sekulow was on before Zeenzee and he was clearly angry! No acting, no *if* true, no no… he knows there was wrongdoing, he laid that out perfectly! And he knows what happened. He already looked into in it and figured out the game. It’s like listening to Sundance lay out the facts.

    But Zeenzee is just so mad… he will look into it sometime to find out if anyone wasn’t very nice to POTUS. If anyone did mean stuff. Then he will probably be sad about it and tell them not be so mean.

    Go ahead and watch both interviews

    Jay Sekulow and Zeenzee. The difference is night and day. One sincere and the other acting.

    If you believe Zeenzee, good for you! You probably sleep well at night and that is good for your health

    Me? I’m worried and I don’t trust most of them.
    Hard to sleep at night knowing there’s an ongoing coup and only a hand a full of people are trustworthy.


  29. bobsunshine says:

    I read from Jack Posobiec (OANN host) that according to the constitution, if the House impeaches our President and the Senate fails to convict, then his first term is basically nullified. Thus he can run for 2 more terms per the constitution. This would drive the Dems really bat…. crazy if correct on the constitution. Can anyone verify the interruption of the Constitution on this?


    • Beau Geste says:

      Does that mean slick willie could run again, after not being convicted as a result of his own “whistleblower?” ecch….


    • Sammy Hains says:

      The President is limited to two terms only by the 22nd Amendment.
      I do not believe the 22nd Amendment establishes such a exemption.

      “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.”


  30. mtnforge says:

    As I read everyones comments, and thank the Lord for humble favors this honorable blog has not been silenced yet, what seems clear to me and many of us Deplorable’s, is a good thing…
    It is the purview of the dirt people, and no others, for in all history who else is there, who effects real, living, practical real life, positive change on this mortal coil?
    “We” are all we have. No one is coming to save us, as the truth bears out we are the ones we are waiting for. Thus it always has been. Nothing new on that truth. Only we are having to relearn and re-discover the ways and the means after too long a hiatus. But no loss, as nothing is lost as these are things of the heart, even though it is a war for hearts and minds as things stand. For now…
    How else was the god emperor going to be literally, actually, honestly, as intended, as is our sole purview and no others, elected by us and our will, in this great experiment of republican form of sovereign destiny known as the will of the governed and providence of living Liberty and it’s fabulous blessings of our civilization, called America?

    The false persecution of our, us being us Deplorable’s, of our President and the attempt to drive him from office, is nothing more than the act by despicable scalawags to persecute and subjugate the will of the American people, us, you and I.
    For as sure asa they will ultimately fail, you got to ask yourself, what lengths will they go to to stop us and our will?
    Will they murder Mr. Trump to obtain there absolute power, as they surely have murdered Freemen, from LeVoy Finnicum to Andrew Breitbart and countless others who have stood un their way?
    Will they murder all of us who fear them not?
    We outnumber them not only in body, but in spirit and audacity.
    As they are want to remind us at every opportunity “we have too many guns”, as Andrew Breitbart so succinctly pointed out.
    Any question why they killed Andrew?

    Same Oligarchy, Different Day

    Remember, Hillary began her rise with Watergate and ended her career by trying to recreate Watergate, Bill was chosen by Ol’ “Fabian” Rhodes of Yellow Journalism’s, along with Purlitzer as fellow marxian founding actors, as Bill & Hill where to be the most effective Manchurian candidate’s in presidential elections they ever infiltrated and rigged by sly margin of vote fraud…

    Collusion and interference in elections much?

    They are all consummate professional liars…
    …indeed, it takes a certain kind of pathological psychosis to enter into the realm of Mordor on the Potomac…
    …and after vote rigged gerrymandered careers spanning decades consolidating absolute power, and the associated regimes of corruption which has created the largest group by far of feckless millionaires in history who never worked an honest day in their greedy lives, they will and are committing the ultimate of highest crimes and treason to preserve their place at the table of spoils, even at, in spite of, bringing it all down around them, ie, it is all theirs or nobody gets anything, full stop.

    “The allure of filthy blood-soaked lucre and the intoxicating ideological fumes of absolute power” to rule with total impunity promised for the chosen emanating from globalism like an explosive noxious toxic swamp gas rising over a putrefying open cesspool, with the primal primitive fear as motive power of Pizzagate Blackmail nipping at their heels, and the promise of even more hedonism, us dirt people could never fathom in our wildest darkest intimate moments of examining our own souls and sins…the guilt of omission verses guilt of commission, is a gap measured in light years, that’s the benchmark for reference and grounding in the truth of all this madness around us… does it bake your noodle then, because it should, right to your core… what these swamp things posturing and preening, with their moral superiority like gods themselves in human skin suits are and where they are leading this sorry ass’d wore out republic they have strip mined and raped with abandon that would make Genghis Kan blush if he were alive today

    Nothing else matters but one thing, or you will be naked without any effective recourse remaining, dignity, or honor, for whatever else you do, do not give up your guns, or you are toast.

    Because one thing is sure and history proves out, those who ignore the past of all tyranny and tyrants, take the dirt nap first, that everything, everything sure as the sun rises will come down to guns if these clowns go full retard, for they are knocking on that door as we speak of things, everything else will be relegated to nothing-ville, as in this they will be doing what they do best, weaponize everything, food, water, energy, to divide and conquer us in the most ultimate terms possible, and what has transpired as a divide now, will be a fart in a mitten in a class 5 hurricane if they have their way with us…
    Get us to go for each-others throats Balkan’s style, do their dirty bloody wet work for them, while sipping champagne with their Pizzagate Pinkies in the air waiting to divide the spoils of internecine war that destroys MAGA and everything it is.

    This is their endgame, but it is not ours, why is defined in no uncertain terms, the proof absolute is the god emperor would never have usurped the ultimate usurpers the devil could raise, beat them at their own game, right under their noses and they never saw it coming, they thought she would never lose. They thought it was in the bag.

    And you clowns thought you destroyed all those nice respectful Tea Party people.
    You clowns created a monster of grass roots under the radar open source insurgency, your worst nightmare. Proscribing us Deplorable’s and Bitter Clinger’s, classifying us now as the greatest threat domestically to your rule is going to come back with a vengeance with a bone in it’s teeth.

    The power of our withdrawal of consent is the most powerful weapon ever devised. That is the beauty of Liberty once it became natural to our blood and birth right. This legacy, who we are, can never be stuffed back in it’s bottle.
    We are Legion
    And we have only yet begun to fight

    Liked by 3 people

  31. Luckstone says:

    And while we’re all waiting, Lindsey can do what he does best…nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Mark says:

    Why didn’t Hannity ask Graham when we can expect to see some accountability via indictments. Graham met with Barr one on one regarding releasing the information. Other than repeating the same thing 4 times on Hannity about them trying to silence Barr I have zero confidence in Graham.


  33. Tparty says:

    In depth monologue from Flynn defense lawyer regarding the corrupt SES and DoJ lawyer Weisman. How does this slug maintain a law license?


  34. Screaming Eagle says:

    Irks me that people still complain that the media isn’t “doing its job”. Wrong. The Liberal Gimmydat / Deep State owned media is doing its job in earnest. When your house is on fire, and your neighbor keeps bringing buckets of gasoline, it should occur to you that maybe your neighbor is with “them”, not with you?


  35. Donzo says:

    I cannot fault Hannity for his dogged perseverance in reporting on the scandals, HOWEVER and despite his insufferable repetition and ingratiation, he really needs to stop spreading the falsehood that the corruption is only at the top. This misunderstanding of the facts leads viewers to conclude that a few prosecutions will suffice as resolution to the whole affair when it is patently obvious the corruption pervades deep into the recesses of not only the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI, State, the courts, the media and every other alphabet agency, but even into the White House itself, (Whistleblower case in point). All the machinations we have seen have required hundreds if not thousands of lower level co-conspirators who cannot use the excuse they were only following orders as they dishonored their oaths of office. Hannity, WAKE UP!


  36. paulashley says:

    What frustrated me about that interview (saw it last night) was Graham stressing that he wrote a letter to the DOJ, as if that’s the be all end all of his power. Our leading GOP Senators need to more than write letters.


  37. Sammy Hains says:

    Lindsey is onto the coup conspirators’ scheme of using a “whistleblower” to advance their scheme.

    He knows this “whiatleblower” is part of the Small Group.


  38. Beu Geste says:

    Yes, how about subpoenas and hearings into DOJ/FBI/CIA corruption?
    How about repeal of the SES protection of the permanent, unelected government cabal?
    How about even one Senator putting an end to the false charade that the Senate is ALWAYS IN SESSION” to prevent President Trump from making recess appointments so he can govern as he was elected to do?
    scum. spit.


  39. Donzo says:

    Regarding Lindsay’s efforts to help Trump check out the schedule of this most important committee for the month of October. It’s blank.


  40. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Dear Senator Graham, it’s never too late to get on the Right side of history. Thank you for supporting us in our support of the President. I pray you always “do the right thing”.


  41. positron1352 says:

    Two weeks? I hope that’s not football time. Been waiting and waiting…….


  42. Hal_S says:

    I think I am on to something here-
    The whistleblower violated the terms of the whistleblower law by leaking their complaint directly to Burr and Schiff on August 12, 2019

    On August 12, 2019 the CIA whistleblower filed a complaint with the ICIG. The whistleblower immediately broke the whistleblower law and ILLEGALLY leaked their complaint DIRECTLY to Congress

    August12, 2019
    The Honorable Richard Burr Chairman Select Committee on Intelligence United States Senate
    The Honorable Adam Schiff Chairman Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence United States House of Representatives

    Dear Chairman Burr and ChairmanSchiff: I am reporting an”urgent concern” in accordance with the procedures outlined in 50 U.S.C.§3033(k)(5)(A). This letter is UNCLASSIFIED when separated from the attachment.

    The relevant section of ICWPA (Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act) is §403q(d)(5)(D) now re-numbered to 50 U.S.C.§3033

    D(ii) An employee may contact the congressional intelligence committees directly as described in clause (i) when the ICIG refuses the complaint or fails to actonly if the employee—
    before making such a contact, furnishes to the Director, through the Inspector General, a statement of the employee’s complaint or information and notice of the employee’s intent to contact the congressional intelligence committees directly; and
    obtains and follows from the Director, through the Inspector General, direction on how to contact the congressional intelligence committees in accordance with appropriate security practices.

    This interpretation, THAT A WHISTLE BLOWER IS PROHIBITED BY LAW FROM DOING DIRECTLY TO CONGRESS is bolstered by a recent law review article


    page 493
    The ICWPA protects a government employee only if he discloses a matter of “urgent concern,” narrowly defined to include “a serious or flagrant” violation of law or executive order, a false statement to Congress (or willful withholding of information from Congress), or a reprisal against a person who reported a matter of urgent concern.275
    Bowing to the executive’s concerns, the legislation does not permit intelligence community employees to make direct disclosures to Congress.276 Instead, the employees must make disclosures to the appropriate Inspector General,277 who in turn must notify the relevant agency head.278 Furthermore, the employee may report directly to the congressional intelligence committees only if several onerous conditions are met.279

    275 50 U.S.C. § 403q(d)(5)(G)(i).
    276 Id. § 403q(d)(5)(A).
    277 Id. (“An employee of the Agency, or of a contractor to the Agency, who intends to report to Congress a complaint or information with respect to an urgent concern may report such complaint or information to the Inspector General.”).
    278 Id. § 403q(d)(5)(B).
    279 Id. § 403q(d)(5)(D) (explaining that an employee may report to intelligence committees if the Inspector General does not find the disclosure credible, the employee gives written notice to Inspector General, and obtains instructions from Director on how to contact them).


  43. John-Y128 says:

    Say Senator Graham how many conservative Judges have you confirmed in the past month?


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