CNN Report: “Thousands of Minnesota Democrats Switch to Support Trump”…

This is interesting.  CNN’s Martin Savage traveled to the democrat stronghold in Minnesota to talk about the 2020 election.  Much to the angst of the production unit they discover thousands of Minnesota voters have switched to support President Trump.

“Thousands of people switching and changing their politics?”  ….Yes, why yes they are.

The two key issues highlighted in the interviews surround President Trump’s economic policies: “he’s the party for jobs”; and President Trump’s immigration policies: “Ilhan Omar is not popular here.”   WATCH:

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209 Responses to CNN Report: “Thousands of Minnesota Democrats Switch to Support Trump”…

  1. Genie says:

    Yeah, that’s well and good, but what happens when we poll the 720 million women to whom Biden has promised jobs? And then factor in his promise to cure cancer, and the beat-down he gave Corn Pop, and his rooting out corruption in Ukraine. He’s like the White Tornado and Mr. Clean rolled in to one.

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    • NICCO says:

      Even in Minn.they are waking up.The people are waking up all across the country and realizing that the demo-socialist-communist only want to take away our rights on every thing.Mark my words there is going to be an gigantic tidal wave which will flush a majority of these cobras down the toilet.

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    • mtk says:

      Don’t forgot the part that Biden has yet to announce his strongest card yet to be played in his campaign, “His running mate.”

      Can you just imagine Mr Biden saying, “In Presidential Campaign calculations, “One of the most import decisions a future POTUS has to make is, “In chosing his running mate.” That why President Obama chose me, “He knew the weight of the Office required someone ready to step in.”


      • snellvillebob says:

        However, to run as a member of the party of corruption, you don’t want to have a running mate who will turncoat or kill you just to get your job. This explains why Biden was selected by Obama.

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      • Biden or whoever the Democrat nominee, will likely select an African American female, such as Stacy Abrams, as VP running mate. Demoncrats are desperate to turn out the African American vote.


        • Claire Peralta Garcia says:

          Stacey Abrams cannot run from her limo to her front door, much less run a country! Can you imagine her in the WH?! {{Shudder}}


          • YeahYouRight says:

            Watching her is the only thing worse than listening to her and her dark vision of America,and how we have to “fight”everything everywhere because nothing is fair. She would be a nice big nail in any democrat candidate’s coffin.


          • rnt says:

            Neither could Biden nor Tim Kaine who was Clinton’s VP pick. Doesn’t stop them. Maybe the more incompetent and corrupt, the better. After all, look at Spiro Agnew. And John Edwards wasn’t any prize.


    • wodiej says:

      Employment for women under PT has skyrocketed. Who needs Biden?

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  2. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    …but, but, but TRUMP IS FINISHED, FINISHED I tell you…

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  3. Kris says:

    CNN should broadcast a test pattern 24/7 if they want better ratings.

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  4. ezgoer says:

    I believe Trump’s economic and trade policies will win a hefty percentage of blue collar union Democrats. These people also know that Biden/Warren sold them out to China and the offshoring globalists and will again. The thing we should worry about is the Deep State. After their criminal opposition to all things Trump do we really believe there is going to be an honest vote tabulation? I don’t. They will do anything to keep him from winning. And the GOPe is worthless in defending him and countering the voting shenanigans.

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    • Ackman420 says:

      A lot of my UA local 393 brothers in Santa Clara voted against Obama in 2012, despite constant Union propaganda. My estimate was 50%.

      In 2016, almost everyone I asked said they were for Trump. Again, we were bombarded with the poster board glossy dem propaganda paid for by our dues.

      It should be even higher in 2020. 393 plumbers and fitters may be pro Union, but we ain’t stupid.


  5. Kaco says:

    This is great news, but I’d like to tell these people he also needs a Congress to pass some of this legislation, including the replacement for NAFTA! Also, their state races that they vote Democrat for, why the ever why? More sanctuary for illegal aliens and refugees? How do they feel about the transgender trend? Yeah, keep voting Dem for state.

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  6. Ron Jaeger says:

    I see Trump going after the homeless issue and ending the shanty towns using the EPA etc. If he gets that done these liberal cities would probably turn Trumpsters overnight.

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    • Judith says:

      I am of the opinion that people need to suffer before they will see the light. Let these liberal cities stew in their own juices for a while longer. Literally rub their noses in their own feces until they beg for relief. These people are disgustingly obtuse.

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      • Bill says:

        My worry is, if these homeless problems get solved before the election, the idiot constituents will think “Hey, my politicians did great job fixing the problem, we don’t need Trump!”

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        • Carl Dene says:

          No worries about that here in Mexifornia, we are in the beginnings of a self imposed, hubris ignited, dumpster fire of a societal apocalypse. They really would rather let a few million oxygen thieves into the State illegally than try to fix our fiscal downward spiral


      • old white guy says:

        Unfortunately the filth spreads disease and puts the rest of the country in danger.


  7. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Im from Minnesota’s Iron Range and I’ll tell ta what……….. The Range loves the Trumpinator as they are mining the iron ore that helps make America’s steel. If he puts on a blaze orange tie for the month of November he would win over not only MN but also WI, MI, ND, PA, Upstate NY, ME, MT, and ID. I think WA is hopeless. Blaze orange this Nov #45….. thx.

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  8. Carson says:

    You can let your congressmen know what you think the House needs to do about Rep. Omar’s mounting legal and ethics issues by contacting them at 202-225-3121.

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  9. zozz1 says:

    What Trump has going for him is his intelligence. Thinks very creatively to solve problems…in ways that simply are not obvious to most people (until Trump does it, of course). Nonlinear thinker. Probably doesn’t hurt that the MSM and his enemies continue to underestimate him (or can’t bring themselves to admit he is brighter than they). VSG President Donald J. Trump… WINNING!

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    • dreamguardian007 says:

      “Probably doesn’t hurt that the MSM and his enemies continue to underestimate him (or can’t bring themselves to admit he is brighter than they).”

      The sad truth is that they’re such mental midgets they don’t even know that he is brighter than they are.

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  10. grlangworth says:

    You know, common sense could actually come back into style…How about that?

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  11. Lester Smith says:

    Bidens going to route out Ukrainian corruption. Well a good start would be for Joe and son to turn themselfs in to the. authorities. As far as putting all those lady’s to work. Should be quite easy as long as the lady’s live in China. As far as a cure for cancer. If Joe is serious he can start by denouncing himself and the rest of the democratic party. The cancer affecting our country is obama and Joe’s sick azz legacy.

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  12. guru1966 says:

    What did I just watch???????
    Its wonderful, but I cannot believe that CNN actually aired this.

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  13. Sprawlie says:

    They need to start programming the message to their remaining audience of poorly educated saps to continue resisting an -in their eyes- illegitimate President after re-election. Notice the Democrat dog whistles and attempt to frame a different narrative?

    A piece about rural Minnesotans switching parties because of the economic resurgence in their community. A turnaround created by the President’s America First, pro-business, pro-industry administration working to reverse decades of globalist policy. Can’t be. So instead, CNN crudely inserts their alternative view in mid-report: ” … they also like his crackdown on immigration. In a state that’s 80% White the influx of Somali refugees has been a contentions issue. Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is a controversial figure here …” and a quick sound bite “She offends a lot of people” “She’s not popular here” “No not at all”.

    Eveleth MN is 200 miles from Omars MN-05 district. I dont know anything about the Democrat Rep 200 miles away from me in my own state. But if I’d seen them disrespect 9/11, I’d have much worse things to say about them than “She offends a lot of people”. The implication is the people of Eveleth and rural MN don’t hold a favorable opinion of Omar, and they support the ‘crackdown’ on immigration, and they’re switching parties because they’re raaaacists.

    Eveleths population consists of 3.65k people, from which 100% are citizens. As of 2017, 0.384% of Eveleth, MN residents were born outside of the country (14 people). Are the Somalis – who make up 1.5% of MN state population and largely concentrated 200 miles away – really ‘a contentious issue’ in Eveleth? How many of them even know of another Somali other than the offensive Omar?

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  14. Graham Pink says:

    There goes the popular vote vs Electoral College argument.


  15. zaq123 says:

    I’m wondering if these “thousands of Minnesotans” weren’t actually aware of the likes of Ilhan Omar and the absolute invasion that is taking place in Minneapolis. Given the way the media reports what they want to push a narrative, I wonder how many folks know what’s going on there.
    If you’re like me and choose not to live in a major city and don’t watch the local news all that much, if you don’t need to go into that city for anything, you’re not paying attention to the day to day goings on.
    So, if you don’t live in Minneapolis, you have no idea that it’s now Little Somalia, filled with folks that hate American and that just want your tax dollars for their Section 8 and food stamps.
    The toss in a few of your Dem friends that may be a little involved in the Dem party, in the state, and learn just how bad things are and how they’ve definitely let the cat out of the bag with Omar.
    Ellison is/was a fraud that used the muslim thing, when he needed to. Outside of that he’s about as muslim as a pig farmer.
    But, Minneapolis and Minnesota have their hands full now. And to think, they guy that replaced Omar in the state house is even worse than she is.

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  16. CNN is shouting a warning to Dem’s that it needs to double down on dirty tricks, ballot harvesting, fundraising, packaging Lizzie Warren as mainstream, etc.

    Remember, with MSM it’s all narrative engineering. They knew exactly what Iron Range residents would say, finally making steel in USA again due to Trump tariffs. That’s why they paid their crew to fly up there and get that story. CNN ran that piece because it wanted to motivate its base.

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  17. Danimal28 says:

    That is MY own MN 8th district, homies!!!!! Trump lost by 44K votes and this district turning red in 2018 will make Minny red.

    Have a wonderful day!!!! #MAGAKAG!


  18. MAGAKAG is BEST Thing Happen for America,
    Trump 2020,


  19. Bob Parker says:

    Sounds to me like Minnesotans are climbing onto the TRMP TRAIN!!

    Welcome aboard people, we have plenty of room for all who want to climb on!!

    I see this story as a very tiny sample of a HUGE REALITY currently going on all over this country!!

    More & MORE people are LEAVING the left & EMBRACING President Trump. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. $$$, $$$, $$$. PROMISES KEPT!! And WINNING, WINNING, WINNING!!

    Proof: Simply monitor each & every 1 of President Trump’s RALLIES wherever President Trump chooses to hold them!!

    Tens of thousands standing in line for DAYS. Tens of thousands unable to get in watching outside on Huge TV;s. And most recently: President Trump’s hauling in $23 Million from democrat CA stronghold in a single day!!

    It’s harpooning people & it is little snippet stories like this that even CNN airs that merely confirm it!!


  20. thedoc00 says:

    This is great news for the President’s campaign but what are Republicans doing to exploit this to gain and retain congressional control?? Great shades of November 2018, as the answer is still crickets from the RNC. Plus, the RNC has done zero to influence current Republicans in congress to support the President, although they all love to fund raise on his coattails.


  21. john says:

    PDJT needs to change Bidens nickname from Sleepy Joe to Quid Pro Quo Joe.


  22. CountryDoc says:

    What kind of defenses do we have against the importation of illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, religious missionary programs which violate the law, and directly provable attempts to subvert the will of the legal voters in this country, and the back bone of the republic?

    What can citizens do? Can we petition and make a law directly
    Can the perpetrators be prosecuted?
    The leftist democrats?
    The socialist immigration organizers?
    Those funding and encouraging immigration
    Those transporting immigrants to sanctuary cities (you know, those tall white vans that travel after midnight and buy groceries at the truck stops that that our crack intelligence services seem unaware of?

    It is insane


  23. kevin says:

    You mean these changed voters don’t want to be like Mogadishu? shame on them.


  24. Espie says:

    Minnesota for Trump!


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