USMCA Update – Kudlow Discusses Pelosi Playing Politics With Trade Ratification…

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo had Kevin McCarthy and Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss the status of ratification for the USMCA agreement.   After McCarthy outlines the politics of Nancy Pelosi intentionally holding back the ratification vote, and states if the agreement is not passed prior to Thanksgiving it will not be done, Larry Kudlow follows up with a more optimistic outlook.


Keep in mind, Speaker Pelosi doesn’t know that close trade followers are aware of her deal with Justin Trudeau to hold back on ratification in an blatantly political effort. Here’s Kevin McCarthy’s full interview.


The bottom line is that Nancy Pelosi is waiting and hoping to see the outcome of the Canadian election on October 21st. If Justin Trudeau loses the election in Canada there will be massive pressure on Pelosi.

As we previously pointed out, the October 21st election in Canada will be an influence.

Justin Trudeau made an agreement with Pelosi to stop the Canadian Parliament from considering ratification. If Trudeau loses the election October 21st, his replacement will likely move more quickly to ratify the USMCA, this will be a defeat for Pelosi.  However, if Trudeau wins, he will help keep the pressure off Pelosi by simultaneously stalling ratification in Canada.

This dynamic has yet to play out.

The U.S. multinationals on Wall Street do not want the USMCA to pass because they don’t want President Trump to have leverage that allows him to continue the fight against China and the EU. It is a simple dynamic, USMCA ratification makes the Wall Street prior investments in China worth less.

In all of these efforts U.S. multinational corporations, big companies on Wall St, are heavily opposed to President Trump because they have invested in those overseas operations. Those companies facilitated the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

There is also now a clear alignment between those Wall Street multinationals, and democrats like Nancy Pelosi. Wall Street’s ability to pay Pelosi and political leadership to protect their multinational interests; in combination with corporate promises of funding to Pelosi’s party; has created the unholy alliance of united interests.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi instructed Justin Trudeau to stall the Canadian ratification of the USMCA. That’s the motive behind why Pelosi is working to stall, perhaps even eliminate, the USMCA ratification in the House.

It is a political strategy and calculation for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to attempt to sink the U.S. Main Street economy. Weakening Trump’s China confrontation; blocking the USMCA; and impeding a trade agreement between the U.S. and U.K. are part of that calculation.

The aligned interests of Wall Street, media pundits and Democrats are all contingent upon harming the U.S. economy. That is how severely ideological modern democrats are.

The democrats are willing to destroy Main Street in order to retain power.

There are trillions at stake.

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91 Responses to USMCA Update – Kudlow Discusses Pelosi Playing Politics With Trade Ratification…

  1. DaPicayune says:

    Headline: “Trudeau’s Reelect Chances Now Looking Darker”.

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  2. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    HEY YA’LL!!!

    Did ya ever think that trade policy, trade negotions, markets, and money could be SO SEXY????


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  3. Guyski says:

    Anything happened very recently that might change his mind about USMCA? Which might help his re-election? 🤔

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  4. CharterOakie says:

    PDJT doesn’t seem too concerned about it, which implies (to me) that he hasn’t yet played his Ace of Trump (heh) and/or is perfectly willing to let Pelosi & Co hang themselves with this ploy vis a vis their labor union rank and file constituents…the ones that didn’t already vote for Trump in 2016.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      There was a posting here on CTH that the Treaty would supercede state laws (such as “right to work” laws, and recent Supreme Court holding that government workers such as teachers do not need to pay union dues).

      Does anyone know if this is true? If so, the USMCA should be rejected.


      • ristvan says:

        Am fairly certain neither is correct.

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        • Beau Geste says:

          Thanks Ristvan. IIRC, the comment was that some United Nations unionization labor rights requirements cited by the Post would govern, and supercede State law.


          • Mr. T. says:

            Beau Geste, since when is President Trump a big fan of anything the United Nations does or wants to do, including controlling, We, The People?

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            • Beau Geste says:

              Absolutely agree.
              Mr. T.

              “If the UN’s involved,
              it must be dissolved…”

              Someone here was posting that the UN union rules were involved to supercede State laws and our Constitution. I am just checking. I don’t think PDJT is a “detail person” or can have the time to read every government paper (I am a “detail person, get a very bad headache when I have to read the Code of Federal Regulations, or the newer styles of legislation).

              I hoped someone remembered this post from a few days ago, that I can’t find now…
              My apology if it seemed I was criticizing PDJT.

              PS, Mr. T, I used to see you drive along the highway in your Rolls every once in a while , after “The A Team” finished. Enjoyed your show.

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              • Mr. T. says:

                Beau Geste, I ain’t no fool, fool. lol Seriously, I don’t think that my neck could withstand wearing all that gold. Gotta go. Face and I are having lunch together.


  5. Zephyrbreeze says:

    PHOTO: And there is a third photo of Justin Trudeau in blackface.
    PHOTO: And there is zipper gate. Pants down fly open.

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  6. Pelosi should go back to being Miss Lube Rack or whatever she was.

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  7. sarasotosfan says:

    Trump should let everyone know we are withdrawing from NAFTA and if the USMCA is not ratified by the date of withdrawal then tariffs will begin as needed.

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  8. TexasDude says:

    Don’t we go to pre-NAFTA trade deals if it doesn’t pass?

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  9. rutwood says:

    The “People’s Party” displays their true colors.

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  10. JBS says:

    Well, if USMCA does not pass, I expect the Dems failure to pass it or even bring it up for a vote in the House will be a big campaign issue for Trump’s reelection. I can’t imagine Dems would win on this issue during the 2020 campaign.

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  11. KnowSERENoFear says:

    If USMCA is not passed, and President Trump nixes NAFTA, how does that help Wall Street?

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  12. ristvan says:

    I like Kudlow’s optimism. But also think Pelosi has no real choice but to proceed on an ‘American’ deal.

    First, Trudeau has been placed in a very poor light by the embarrassing disclosures of the past day, and by the SNL Levalle scandal in Quebec. He probably won’t win, Scheer will ratify, and that almost forces Pelosi. And if Trudeau does win, he will be inclined to quickly ratify also—it is his deal, after all.

    Second, if Canada delays, or Pelosi delays (or both) PDJT has another good option. Declare NAFTA dead in 6 months under section 22(5); Pelosi cannot stop it. Go to AMLO and put the US Mexico part in place on 6 months plus 1 day using 19USC§2902 10 year bilateral authority. Pelosi can do nothing. Then pass either USMCA or permanent bilat after PDJT takes back the House using Pelosi intransigence as a major campaign issue.

    All PDJT has to do is let Pelosi know what his alternative option is, and she will move on it. That is a November move, after the Canada election result.

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    • Once POTUS starts the 6 month clock on NAFTA cancellation, he can revert to Bilateral Deals, announce one with Mexico and give Congress a week to vote on it.

      Then he moves to BILATERAL Executive Agreements like the one with China.

      The best deal will be the first offer.

      Mexico will be first … if the UK doesn’t beat them to it.

      Canada will have screwed itself, courtesy of Justine.

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    • rivstan…prayers still with you and yours…Always look forward to you’re posts and legal insights!!!!

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      Ristvan, think Midwest House Seats and Sen Peters from MI. She can’t screw things up for what is essentially a Blue-Collar Bill. Imho the backlash would give me more tailwinds to PDJT in these states. Now whether the GOP will have candidates to make for the loses in these states ( 11th in MI comes to mind as Dave Trott’s retirement was a total screw up and loosing Mike Bishop in the House in MI-8), is another matter….


    • Yippeekiyay says:

      👍 x 100
      Thank you!


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      I would love to be a fly on the wall of that meeting with Pigglosi (when she arrogantly tries to squeeze a concession out of the president), just to watch President Trump channel his inner Corleone.

      “You can have my answer now if you want it, Speaker Pigglosi…….my offer is this NOTHING…..”

      Unless, of course, President Trump feels he could get more with sugar than with shinola…..he is the master after all; I would obviously defer to his judgement.


  13. BigTalkers says:

    Kudow’s old partner Kramer (still with CNBC) just interviewed Ms Pelosi the other day and pitched her about supporting the USMCA. He saId he believed it would pass overwhelmingly in the House.

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  14. Speaking of Mexico…
    POTUS is ENDING CATCH-and-RELEASE in 2 weeks!

    RE: Press gaggle yesterday on Air Force One,

    ACTING COMMISSIONER MORGAN: Yes, sir. So hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, because of the network of initiatives and policies by this administration that’s really been supported by several different entities within DHS — USCIS, ICE, as well as CBP — we’re confident that in a couple of weeks, we’re going to be able to end catch and release at the southwest border.

    THE PRESIDENT: There will be no more catch and release. Nobody coming into the country.


    THE PRESIDENT: It would be a big — a big step. And that’s without the Democrats. It would have been easier — you know, if we could have done it the other way. But because of what we’ve done through regulation and what we’re doing with Mexico, we won’t have catch — within two weeks, we’ll be free of catch-and-release — releasing people into the country.

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    • JC says:

      Stunning news, BKR. Whodathunk it was possible with an obstructionist Congress? This President… 😎

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      • It looks like POTUS has pretty well exhausted his campaign promises list.

        He’s now moving to the BIG STUFF … which has been in the works for the past year+.

        Look at what each Cabinet Member has begun to announce over the past month.
        Incredible and Unprecedented in both scope and scale.
        [Twitter feeds and White House news]

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        • thesavvyinvester says:

          Big Stuff indeed BLR. This CA emissions deal is all about these rouge blue states doing things that are anti-federalist /nullification including; 2ndA, Sanctuary City / States, all the new Abortion Bills, and maybe even the Fracking Ban in NY. I’d love to hear Ristvan’s take on this. Nix CA emissions rules on how it violates Federalism especially if it makes it to the Supremes post RGB and you have a game changer for generations. It would be as if the Patriots were pre-signing all the top Pop-Warner Football kids to keep the dynasty going……

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          • The game changer would be SCOTUS removing any judge (or non en-banc panel of an Appellate Court) from the bench for 2 rulings overridden by SCOTUS or 1 nationwide injunction that is overridden.

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          • ristvan says:

            At your service. I looked this up from personal curiosity couple of days ago when PDJT first mentioned it. Figured would arise at CTH. Just grabbed my written note sheet.

            The Clean Air Act (CCA) was passed in 1970. To get it done, California (and only California) was granted the power to apply for a waiver from national standards (meaning tougher) because of the then LA smog.
            The provision is CAA§209(a). CA applies for waiver to EPA in writing. Then EPA holds a hearing and allows for public comment per APA46 (administrative procedures act). Then MUST grant the waiver unless EPA can show:

            1. Tougher standard was set by arbitrary and capricious means. CA ARB held hearings to suck in climate change believers concerning its tougher proposed fuel milage requirements to reduce CO2, so PDJT team cannot argue that.
            2. Inconsistent with CAA§202(a), the pollutant endangerment findings provision. The problem here is that Bush EPA refused to issue an endangerment finding for CO2, so Massachusetts sued. SCOTUS held in 2009 in Mass v EPA that the EPA could issue an endangerment finding for CO2 if warranted using. the APA46 process. So of Course Obama’s EPA promptly did so Feb 2010. Now that is challengeable because used provably funky IPCC reports, but will result in interminable lawsuits. Best fix is take back House, then pass a CAA amendment redefining what a pollutant can be. (CO2 being a vital part of the carbon cycle and essential for plant photosynthesis ISNT a pollutant under CAA legislative intent of ‘pollutant’ like NOx, SO2, VOCs. Is in the Congressional record. SCOTUS got this wrong, in my opinion.) PDJT cannot prevail here either.
            3. Tougher standard not needed to meet compelling and extraordinary conditions unique to CA (think LA summer smog in 1970’s, when it may have been). PDJT can win here (although CA will sue) and properly revoke Obama’s CA waiver. CA is NOT uniquely affected by supposed climate change. Nor do they face any compelling (immediate) circumstances. Automobiles emit only about 15% of US CO2. And US CO2 was 14.8% of 2018 estimated world total while China was 27.5%, near double. So a uniquely tougher CA automobile fuel economy standard just not going to fly legally under #3.

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  15. Dixie says:

    I personally believe Nancy Pelosi has WAY too much power.

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  16. Dutchman says:

    Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Rep.McCarthy. Give credit where due, don’t shortchange the RepubliCON leadership, as they are,all in on the plan.

    THEY don’t want it to come up for a vote in the House, or for Mitch to face the conundrum of exposing himself by stalling or instructing his caucus to vote sgainst, and he REALLY doesn’t want to put it up for a vote and pass.

    Its UNIPARTY all the way, NOT just “Dems”. IMHO,..

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    • I”m not sure about that. Since I am reading “Obstruction of Justice” right now it appears that the Dems are criminal conniving pond scum specializing in smear jobs and the Republicans are morons.


      • Dutchman says:

        Oh, littleflower, and any who agree with you,…
        You are falling for “Republicans are the ‘party of STUPID” lie.
        A great “line” it was created by a Republican Party STRATEGIST.
        “The greatest lie ever devised by Satan, was the ine that says he doesn’t exist!”
        And, theres this;
        THIRD time? Enemy action.

        HOW many times, in HOW many ways, have Congressional Republicans failed, before we recognise it is not stupidity, cowardice, meekness or even greed?
        The,Republicons are 1/2, of one face of the Uniparty, the,Dems are the other.
        ONE agenda. And it is ANTI-MAGA. PRO-GLOBALIST. And Congressional Republicons leadership are,FULLY on board.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        littleflower481 – if you are new to The Treehouse, I say welcome!

        You will soon learn that Treepers are somewhat different, especially in our more advanced understanding of many of the issues confronting us today, as American citizens. We are most blessed to have Sundance’s very, very hard work, experience, and courage to help us achieve that level of understanding.

        Listen to Dutchman; Dutchman is wise; Dutchman is knowledgeable.

        Mitch McConnell is bought-and-paid-for by the intertwined interests of BOTH the Chicoms AND the USCoC (U.S. Chamber of Commerce); he is a TRAITOR of the first order, as is his whole “club”consisting of Cornyn, Sasse, Romney and others….they are NOT to be trusted regardless of what they say.

        The Uniparty basically consists of the entire democrat neocommunists combined with the republican establishment (sans pro-President Trump supporters). Their interests are aligned financially as the corruption is so entrenched and pervasive, that the two sides don’t really care who’s (D’s or R’s) in charge, except for who controls committees and thusly pursestrings, as long as it’s NOT ANYBODY who upsets the applecart by EXPOSING the corruption – Trump supporters.

        It’s much more complicated than that, and it even encompasses global interests as well. The more you hang out in The Treehouse, the more you will learn!

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  17. Ma McGriz says:

    Very interesting…….
    Earlier this morning I found a piece on yahoo reporting pelosi claiming the vote on the canada/mexico/US trade deal is forthcoming very soon.
    Unfortunately I didn’t grab a link, and now there’s no sign of the story anywhere I can find.
    Funny how that works……


  18. Ma McGriz says:

    Does anyone else have to sign in multiple times in order to post?
    Am I the only poster whose posts sometimes disappear instead of posting?
    I just made a post about the usmca and having seen a story earlier on yahoo wherein pelosi assured the vote is coming very soon. I didn’t grab a link at the time and the story appears to have been taken down.
    Anybody else see it?


    • Ma McGriz says:

      So now my earlier post is visible, although I had to sign in a second time to post.
      Word Press is weird.
      Ya gotta double-clutch to change gears.


    • They don’t disappear, they eventually will post. I find that frequently, not always, first I have to post something, then I have to get a like to “take”, then the posting will show up. To get a “like” to take, I keep clicking clicking clicking…then I reload page, then the like and the post will show up. Now, last night, I couldn’t get the like to take until I made two posts….but your post will eventually show up if you persevere. Hope this helps! You are not a lone.

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      • Just now, this posted the first time…I sometimes think it has something to do with how busy this site is. If lots of people are attempting to post at the same time it takes longer to get it to post…just a thought.


        • SteveT says:

          When I have experienced posting failure, it has usually happened after taking longer when constructing a more detailed post.
          When I saved a longer post (so as not to lose it, if it failed) and re-posted, I eventually got a double post.

          I think you are right about it posting eventually, but when it happens to me I close the tab, then close my browser (firefox) and then restart my laptop. When I re-enter the tree house it has been posted. There appears to be something that resets. Closing just the browser didn’t seem to do it.

          I have never logged into wordpress.

          Hope this helps.



      • Ma McGriz says:

        Yep, the posts and likes eventually do appear. And I understand admin is also having to do some real-time moderation today, due to troll presence, so the key word would be patience, I reckon. Thank you for your kind reply. : )


  19. Gary Lacey says:

    Well, it appears the tariffs on Canadian goods are going to be re-imposed.


  20. iSapiens says:

    What would happen if Pres Trump says the US will add a 5% tariff every month until it reaches 25% if Canada doesn’t ratify USMCA?

    Pretty sure that would expedite things in Canada, Pelosi or no Pelosi…

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  21. CTH Fan says:

    There appears to be quite a few Dems that want this deal. I have been watching the circus today in the Judicial committee between Al Sharpton and Repubs. I cannot believe moderate Dems are pleased with what is going on. It is making them all look like fools.

    I look for Ms. Pelosi to face a serious challenge to her chairmanship if she holds out on USMCA much longer.


  22. GB Bari says:

    I don’t know Steve Schwarzman’s background, but in the Larry Kudlow interview, Maria played a minute for two of that Globalist making the most blatantly moronic statement and I think Kudlow knew it but didn’t want to call BS on the air.

    At about 5:30 in the interview, Schwarzman makes this absurd assertion (paraphrasing):

    The Chinese may be sympathetic to many items in the trade deal….we should consider that the Chinese started with almost nothing 40 years ago – maybe $300-$400 per capita and now are about $10,000 per capita…the “greatest economic miracle”…and then we show up and say ‘hey why don’t you drop that system and do it the way we do it’. You can understand their enthusiasm for that would;dn’t be wild.

    Is he in any positions of fiduciary responsibility? That statement ought to disqualify him from any further opinion-making on any respectable financial program.

    “Greatest economic miracle” ??? it’s NO miracle when the reason their GDP per capita went through the roof is because they stole and coerced Intellectual property and technology out of other nations’ companies (particularly ours) and subsidized their Chinese manufacturing of the stolen and copied products so that true production costs were never born by the manufacturers or the customers.

    Then, to add insult to injury, the Globalist Multinational Corporatists enthusiastically abandoned all manufacturing in the US, leaving millions of workers and their families – and entire towns and cities – unemployed and broke, unable to find replacement work.

    Economic miracle my azz, Mr. Schwarzman. That was grand larceny on a Global scale.

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