WARNING – Troubling Statement by President Trump: “We’re dealing with Senator Burr. We’re dealing with the committee”…

During a press conference with the media yesterday, President Trump was asked about the vetting and selection process for the next Director of National Intelligence to replace outgoing DNI Dan Coats.

President Trump said the White House was working with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Admiral — as you know, Maguire — Admiral Maguire is a very talented man. He’s a great leader. As an Admiral, was always a great leader. He is a man who is respected by everybody, and he’s going to be there for a period of time. Who knows? Maybe he gets the job. But he’ll be there for a period of time — maybe a longer period of time than we think. We’ll see.

We’re dealing with Senator Burr. We’re dealing with the committee. We’re dealing with probably 9 or 10 people that want the job very much. You know the name of almost every one of them. They’re truly outstanding. Everybody wants DNI. Everybody wants it.

And I will say that the Admiral is such a great choice from the standpoint of now. And maybe he goes further. We’ll see what happens. But we’re dealing with the committee and Senator Burr. We have people, all of whom you know — highly respected people. We’ll be making a decision in the not-too-distant future. (link)

One of the troubling aspects to President Trump’s answer is the implication of the White House relying on the SSCI to approve the next Director of National Intelligence.

That process is troubling because the SSCI, specifically Chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner, have a vested interest in steering the selection. The SSCI was at the epicenter of the Legislative Branch coup effort to impeach the head of the Executive Branch, President Trump.

During the 2016 effort to weaponize the institutions of government against the outside candidacy of Donald Trump, the SSCI was headed by Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein; after the election Senator Feinstein abdicated her vice-chair position to Senator Mark Warner in January 2017.

While the SSCI was engaged in their part of the 2016 effort Vice-Chair Feinstein’s lead staffer was a man named Daniel Jones.  Dan Jones was the contact point between the SSCI and Fusion-GPS.

After the election, and after Feinstein abdicated, Dan Jones left the committee to continue paying Fusion-GPS (Glenn Simpson) for ongoing efforts toward the impeachment insurance policy angle.

Feinstein left because she didn’t want to deal with the consequences of a President Trump, IF he discovered the SSCI involvement.  Dan Jones left because with a Trump presidency the SSCI, now co-chaired by Senator Mark Warner, needed arms-length plausible deniability amid their 2017 operations to continue the removal effort (soft coup).

The blueprint for this plausible deniability process surfaces with Dan Jones appearing in the 2017 text messages between Senator Warner and the liaison for Christopher Steele, lawyer and lobbyist Adam Waldman:

In those March 2017 text message you can see Senator Warner attempting to set up covert “no paper trail” communication with dossier author Christopher Steele.  Adam Waldman represented Chris Steele and Steele’s employer, Oleg Deripaska.

Less than a month later you can see within the text messages that Christopher Steele is in direct contact with Dan Jones.  “[Chris] said Dan Jones is coming to see you” etc.

(Text Messages Between Feinstein’s replacement, Mark Warner, and Chris Steele’s lawyer/lobbyist, Adam Waldman, noting the importance of Dan Jones)

Dan Jones talking to Christopher Steele in 2017 is critical to understanding what was going on after Trump won the election.

Jones raised $50 million from those who were behind the 2016 stop Trump effort, and the purpose was now the 2017 impeachment effort [SEE LINK].  Jones having left the SSCI (now outside govt.) then paid Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS to keep up their efforts.   As you can see from the texts, Jones was now talking in person (“coming to see you”) to SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner in April 2017.

[Side-Bar:  The role of Fusion-GPS in 2017 shifted, and was now weighted toward feeding a specific media narrative that would aid impeachment (through the FBI, Weissmann and Mueller obstruction angle).  Fusion-GPS was now the conduit for arms-length media leaks from the usurping small group still inside the DOJ and FBI.  Dan Jones was paying Fusion on behalf of those with larger interests. Fusion was feeding the media.]

So you can clearly see the SSCI was heavily involved in the impeachment effort after the election.  Secondary documentation of the connection between the DOJ, FBI, Fusion, and Dan Jones shows up in the FBI investigative 302 notes of Bruce Ohr, just released by Judicial Watch.  [Pay attention to the May 8th, 2017, interview – pg 18, 19 of pdf]

The highlighted bottom portion of page 18 (May 8, 2017, interview) shows a heavily redacted text, but holds enough material to overlay with other research.

This is where Bruce Ohr is talking about Dan Jones efforts as they were currently aligned with Fusion GPS: “and had been on the staff of the [Senate Intelligence Committee]”…. “At the time of the interview [Jones] was working with the [Vice Chairman of the Committee Mark Warner]”… etc.

This part is heavily redacted because the corrupt agents within the current DOJ and FBI once again don’t want people to piece together what was happening.

This is not sources and methods being redacted. This is not national security being redacted.  This is the trail of the connective tissue in/around the small group plotting that is being hidden.

At the top of page 19, the investigative notes of Ohr’s discussion continues.

Bruce Ohr is telling the FBI investigator, likely Agent Joe Pientka, about Glenn Simpson and Dan Jones visiting Christopher Steele sometime after May 8, 2017, and they were in the process of “lawyering up”.

Now before I go even deeper in the SSCI weeds, let me just pause for a moment and explain a more specific part of why the FBI is interviewing Bruce Ohr about Chris Steele and what was going on in/around early 2017.

Chris Steele wasn’t alone in the dossier; heck, much of the purpose for the FBI engaging with Steele was the laundry value of having an intelligence officer validate political opposition research which the FBI could use against Trump.   Most of the raw material and research inside the dossier was from Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr at Fusion GPS.

Everyone carrying out this operation, all of the corrupt entities within it, knew material from Chris Steele was essentially political opposition research.  Many of those same people weaponized the research into the FISA application to give it higher import and value.

That set’s up early 2017 – where the FBI was evaluating the extent to which Chris Steele was willing to remain on public record to support a false framework about the dossier itself.   This was a key issue because the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials were about to hand-off the dossier to Special Counsel Robert Mueller (figurehead only) as the basis for the ‘small group’ and him to launch the special counsel aspect of an ongoing operation.

If Chris Steele suddenly walked away from the dossier, and/or admitted publicly the dossier was political opposition research primarily from Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr, the FBI would have a shit-storm on it’s hands…. and they needed to evaluate the position of Steele.  That’s the driving purpose behind all of this “re-engagement” with Steele through Bruce Ohr.

The small group in the DOJ and FBI planned to continue, pass-off and modify the Trump investigation by shifting it to a special counsel.  The centerpiece of that investigation would be using the dossier as justification for a need to investigate Trump as a Russian risk.  The DOJ/FBI small group needed Glenn Simpson and Chris Steele to stand by the false narrative all of the players had assembled over the prior year.

The wildcard to retain the false story was Chris Steele… Steele was an outside participant, albeit aligned with the ideology and the purpose.  Evaluating Steele’s willful participation in keeping the narrative as assembled was the reason for their urgent talks; however, the “small group” couldn’t run the risk of direct talks in the same way that Mark Warner couldn’t risk of a paper trail.

Adam Waldman and Dan Jones were facilitating a plausibly deniable information pipeline from Chris Steele to Senator Mark Warner.  Bruce Ohr was facilitating a plausibly deniable information pipeline from Chris Steele to the FBI/DOJ small group. The purposes were the same, everyone needed assurances Steele wasn’t going to back-out.

That’s what the current DOJ officials are hiding behind the Bruce Ohr 302 redactions.

Someone warn President Trump not to rely on the advice and counsel from the SSCI.  Those Senators are at the heart of the impeachment effort against him.

[*Note: more information to follow]

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243 Responses to WARNING – Troubling Statement by President Trump: “We’re dealing with Senator Burr. We’re dealing with the committee”…

  1. HickTick says:

    I don’t understand all the whining over the Presidents picks , You know most were served up to
    him by the deep state , some he had little choice , but why all the second guessing . Some of
    you act like you never heard of Divorce , sometimes things change and the wheels come off .
    Remember Jesus had a disciple named Judas and He picked him and let him handle the money .

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  2. “That process is troubling because the SSCI, specifically Chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner, have a vested interest in steering the selection. The SSCI was at the epicenter of the Legislative Branch coup effort to impeach the head of the Executive Branch, President Trump.”
    And President Trump doesn’t know this? .. doesn’t know all about SSCI and Burr / Warner?
    His comment at the presser was ‘table talk’, something he does a lot.

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    • swissik says:

      Well I found it disturbing also, he almost kept hammering it as he repeated it over and over. Personally I have had concerns about several of his appointments because I expected him to be more of an expert when picking people to work with him. After all the hiring he would have done while running a business.

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      • Dutchman says:

        He is NOT going to get Senate approval, for ANY appointment to replace coates, than doesn’t get ‘sign off’from the corrupt SSCI.

        SO, I view this as being like negotiating with China. He negotiates with SSCI, “maybe he gets a deal acceptable to him, MAYBE he doesn’t.”

        Meanwhile, like with China, he can’t be criticised, cause he’s negotiating, right?

        Maybe this guy will JUST be an interim, maybe more. Maybe he’ll be there for now, maybe for a long time.

        And yes, either one if two possibilities;
        PDJT is a very unstable idiot, and doesn’t KNOW the SSCI and McConnell are his mortal enemies, and is blithely going to nominate who they reccomend.
        Or, he is a VSG, knows EXACTLY what they are. Recognises they are fighting so hard BECAUSE, this is an important position, and, since he has been working to get Coates out for awhile, has figured out a,way to finesse this.

        Perhaps he keeps the Admiral as interim. Perhaps he has a ‘sleeper’, or does the old “float a name that has them spitting blood,….THEN float who you really want, and they are so relieved that they agree.

        Let the man work,…I say.

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        Whaddya know! I expected PDJT to eventually tell anybody who wants to listen (and very especially Burr and Warner) that he knows that these two fellows were directly involved in criminal activity against him.

        Now they’ve been forewarned by the president himself. They better perform as PDJT expects before he takes the lid off the pressure cooker. I suspect these two swamp creatures don’t taste two well, anyway. Let them burn.

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      • Pew-Anon says:

        The Manhattan real estate world Trump comes from is fundamentally corrupt and, frankly, I wonder whether it really bothers him that much.

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    • TreeClimber says:

      That’s what I was thinking too. PDJT isn’t stupid, he has to know this. He’s just using euphemisms.

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    • best hope, you are spot on which is why PDJT is doing what he is doing.
      First he nominates Ratcliffe who is hated and feared by the deep state. This exposes the deep state GOPers when Burr and Mitch snub Ratcliffe. I believe PDJT expected the snub and prefers Ratcliffe remain in Congress, possibly run for Cornyn seat in the Senate.
      Next PDJT places highly qualified Adm Maguire as acting DNI. Adm Maguire will not be challenged. Maguire can remain in position for 210 days and if no nominee is confirmed he can continue acting DNI for another 210 days. So PDJT keeps nominating who he really wants until one gets approved or keeps who he wants, Maguire.

      Win win for PDJT.

      As for Burr, it is great PDJT calls him out. Maybe McConnell takes the hint and replaces Burr.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Probably puffery to allow them to feel they have “hand” while he’s about to cut them.

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  3. Mrs. E says:

    I have no doubt that the president will not be fooled by Barr. He is intelligent and has caught on in the past. I trust him.

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  4. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Your facts on the motivations are all right but you somehow act like Trump is a naive dummy who doesn’t know who Burr and Warner are?
    I’m glad you bring all this up though. In the end it’s the peoples fault who they elect to congress and Trump is trying to deal with it.

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    • sundance says:

      Spoken like a Q-Bot.

      All Q-Bots believe if you don’t accept an all-knowing omnipotent President Trump, then you are calling him stupid (“naive dummy”). It’s the largest wholesale group psychological projection in modern time; and it’s a premise that is also ridiculous.

      It’s also the primary reason I suggest Q-followers leave this website.

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      • Derangement Syndrome says:

        They’re an insufferable bunch. Especially the ones that claim Jeff Sessions “get it all set up” and that Comey is not completely implicated in the coup, but rather a honest man who wanted to “protect” his country.

        The problem with Barr is, his pro-bono work for the FBI shooters of Ruby Ridge. And, Barr’s dad hired the completely unqualified Epstein, and also wrote a book called “Space Relations”, not just a clever name. Notice Barr assigned the “Inspector General” to look into the Epstein suicide. Just like Rosenstein would have. Also, Durham (who Barr put on the case) covered up the CIA destruction of the torture interrogation tapes, nobody charged in that case.

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  5. MLK says:

    I disagree. Admiral McGuire is Acting DNI, not Gordon. The malefactors established a deep bench in each of the agencies. Barr/Trump needed to not only move Coates out but Gordon as well.

    Radcliffe was named to offer Burr/Warner a choice, either agree to McGuire or have a very public fight on your hands. Or did you believe the POTUS when he said in so many words that Radcliffe wasn’t up to the nasty confirmation process? Uh huh.

    There is nothing that can be done about Burr, Warner — the entire corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee except keep them close and neutralize them for what is to come.

    Unless I miss my mark, this is just a successful predicate for the coming similar showdown over Wray/Bowditch at FBI, which must play out similarly.

    That, as I’ve mentioned previously, will signal the next chapter of the reckoning has begun (including indictments).

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  6. TheWanderingStar says:

    I have a question: Why would President Trump go to the trouble of hustling Dan Coats and Sue Gordon out of the way if he didn’t have a plan to at least replace them with people to carry out his plans for the country (that may or may not include exposing more of the coup)?

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  7. OldSkool says:

    Nominate Admiral Mike Rogers and see what those bastards do.

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  8. Mike in a Truck says:

    As a fellow( former) New Yorker I know that you dont become someone like DJT, and get to where he is in that city without having a network of informers, P.I.’s, wealthy political contacts, union cohorts, and yes even a few spies and snitches. He’s the type that breeds loyalty even from unsavory individuals. They all didnt just melt away when he moved to the White House either. They’re…around.

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  9. Ellen A. Lopez says:

    Love Sundance; but like many comments on this report, I believe the President knows exactly what he is doing and where the obstacles are and how to go around them as he cleans out the swamp.

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  10. fangdog says:

    I imagine there are times Trump asks himself, “How in the hell would I had built a billion dollar business had I hired the kind of people I seem forced to hire now”?

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  11. mark says:

    1st 210 day end run by President Trump. I hope he keeps it up and puts lots of patriots in positions to help him for 210 days and if needed longer.

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  12. The Boss says:

    I posted this a couple days ago. It’s worth posting now.
    Here is one thing President Trump can “deal” with Burr and his corrupt committee over.


    I also take some comfort that the admiral, according to our president….

    “…Maybe he gets the job. But he’ll be there for a period of time — maybe a longer period of time than we think. We’ll see.”

    Yes. We’ll see,

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  13. Joemama says:

    I sent the following e-mail to PDJT. I did not include the signature line in the message, since it has my real name.

    “Dear President Trump –
    I urge you or your trusted advisors to read the following article written by the news blogger “Sundance” on a website called the Conservative Tree House:


    Sundance has pieced together information from a large number of sources, most recently the redacted 302 interviews of Bruce Ohr and has concluded that members of the Senate SSCI were active participants in an unlawful scheme to impeach you.

    The storyline described by Sundance is quite compelling and in my opinion, likely correct. Please take a look.

    Thanks for all the wonderful things that you have done since becoming president. You have my enthusiastic support and also have my vote in 2020 for sure!”

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    • I Hear You Now says:


      I write to this President, President Trump probably 2 times a month.

      Very rewarding experience for me each time.

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    • Joemama says:

      I used whitehouse.gov/contact. I didn’t mean to imply that I have some special access to PDJT.

      I don’t know him, but I did see him at the restaurant at one of his golf courses some years back, for whatever that is worth…

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  14. sarasotosfan says:

    Trump often talks figuratively and not literally. Trump dealing with Burr is just more figurative speech.

    This is what the leftists fail to comprehend. It surprises me when supporters of the President don’t pick up on it.


  15. Right to reply says:

    Surely Trump is smarter than this? I’m extremely concerned!


  16. logboom says:

    I think President Trump nominated Ratcliff just to smoke out the deep staters. His current nominee is not of the deep state, and could very well be the right person at the right time.
    There is abundant evidence of Warner and Burr’s corruption and it may mean an expansion of A.G. Barr’s investigations.

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  17. Pat Childs says:

    Burr not only is a Deep Stater…he wants to be corrupt. Warner is corrupt, a liar and a would be traitor….and I for one suspect he had a bit part in the Coup, as did Schiff. They were to publicize the Russian Collusion Hoax, then to stall investigations, which Burr played along with, and now to push obstruction as if protestations of innocence and pointing out the implicit bias of Mueller and his cabal were crimes.


  18. James Bernard says:

    Well I would hope that attorney general Barr has this information and will take appropriate action.


  19. Skidroe says:

    I trust both Sundance and Trump. I just wish Trump would invite him to the White House. LOL

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  20. I dare say Trump is perfectly aware …

    But the American people are too. And the posses are moving.


  21. Douger_F says:

    Maybe PDJT should nominate Senator Burr for a cabinet position to get him off the SSCI. Then pull a Sessions. We in NC should do better than Tillis and Burr.

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    • bofh says:

      Then you’d have to replace him on SSCI. I can’t think of a trustworthy (R) Senator to plug in there, not even one, can you?


  22. Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin says:

    Is it possible that when saying “We’re DEALING with Sen. Burr. We’re DEALING with the committee”, Trump wasn’t saying that he was making a deal with them? Instead, he was signaling that he knows about the alignment of Burr, et al, and is having to deal with them – as in when someone has to “deal with a tumor”…. Could Trump be saying, “Hey, look with whom I’m having to deal with here?” – in getting a non-Deep State person in as DNI?

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  23. davidsstones says:

    Trump is a cagey guy; what if he has something on Burr or Warner and the tweet is a heads-up to the SSCI to not block Maguire? DNI? Perhaps SSCI has signaled they’ll drag the nomination out by investigating all of Trump’s choices for Director? Since none of the choices will be in the boat with Burr or Warner.

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  24. StanH says:

    I don’t like Burr-Warner either, they are swamp leeches extraordinaire. But the reality is he has to get his nominee through Burr-Warner committee. I expect it’s President Trump, the consummate salesman, schmoozing, we’ll see.


  25. SharonKinDC says:

    My reaction to hearing POTUS say he’s working w/ Burr and the committee was to hear him say, ‘complicated business, folks’ in my head. Have no issue w/ the warning. Also think his statement was his way of letting us know, he knows. I’ve been wrong before!

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  26. railer says:

    Trump knows all of this now, and has likely known the general outlines of this conspiracy since the moment Admiral Mullin notified him of the FISA warrant corruption and the anomalies in the contractor access to NSA data, which in combination would indicate a Deep State plot. This was mere days after the election. This guy is a genius, remember, and as wily as they come. He knew instantly. Heck, we all knew, the moment Obama’s drones suddenly demanded Mullin be fired. Something stunk bad.

    Since then, for years now, it’s been a process of him playing rope a dope, fending off the conspirators and their chief enablers McConnell, Ryan et al, who have the entire Beltway Swamp and media supporting them. After all that carefully thought out response, I doubt he’s fixin’ to clumsily stumble into a trap set by the limp-brained Burr. He’s just fingering his first target, somebody below McConnell, somebody he may or may not directly confront soon. Coats’ firing was very carefully chosen as Trump’s line of attack, clearly. He opened fire with a fearsome artillery barrage, and followed through with an aggressive assault on the Deep State, which was the pitbull Ratcliff’s nomination. I’m guessing Trump and Ratcliff gamed out the inevitable outcome, and that his rejection would come swiftly, but Ratcliff did his duty and agreed to be the point man in this assault. Good for this patriot. If Burr stumbles and goes down, and the Big Ugly truly does come about suddenly, he’ll be in line for something big.

    It’s like Rules for Radicals, Alinsky’s book, you shine a spotlight on your target, freeze it, then let the great forces take their toll. Burr won’t stand up to the spotlight. It will be exceedingly difficult to attack McConnell directly, but his minions can be brought down, and that will reflect on McConnell in an election year, when he’ll be facing a tough D opponent. Trump’s going after McConnell, Burr is just a waypoint along the way.

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  27. ristvan says:

    just spent today deconstructing a goofus Forbes article for WUWT. Will presumably post tonight at ~2100. Don’t have the remaining bandwidth to deconstruct an additional comment here to this nonsense. Plenty has already been said.
    Regards to all Treepers anyways.

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  28. The Boss says:


    We are being treated first to the very extremely likely reason Bruce Ohr and Mark Warnner were talking with, or attempting to talk with, Christopher Steele. All we had to do was get past our reactions to President Trump saying he was “dealing with Burr” and read the second part of the article.

    Now that we’re at that point, let’s stroll down memory lane, re-read this article and think about what this means…


    Next thing you know, US Attorney Durham will be labeled a white supremacist because THAT is what desperate, panicking, cornered rats do.

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  29. Nigella says:

    Maybe the “i’m dealing with Sen. Burr” means.. I’m gonna “deal” with him… Like dealing with a “problem.”

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  30. Duke Taber says:

    Whew! All this contention, a post made sticky, and over 200 comments over the phrase “We’re dealing with.” Maybe different regions of the country are different but where I come from you don’t say “We’re dealing with” somebody when they are an asset. We say it when we are dealing with a problem child and have to take care of a bad situation.

    So when I hear President Trump say “We’re dealing with Senator Burr” I hear him say. we are taking care of the problem.

    This place sometimes gets paranoid. Just make sure you understand that there is a possibility you are reading a lot into something very little.

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  31. JLC says:

    Hope it helps but I emailed this article to the President


  32. Cousin Eddie says:

    Pretty simple: either he makes the smart choice and all this rot is finally exposed, or he makes the dumb choice and gets fried in the end. No point in me worrying; nothing I can do about it. All up to him at this point.


  33. Greg says:

    It seems Sen Burr also does not want Sen Graham to hold Spygate hearings in the Judiciary Committee. Or was Graham made chairman specifically to hide the plotting. it’s been nearly a year since Trump first ordered declass, nearly 6 months since Mueller finished and three months since Barr was given authority to declass and still were getting drip fed. Sen Burr seems to have more power than McConnell.

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  34. guybee55 says:

    420 days gets us awfully close to the election. Was Trump signally a stall tactic?


  35. Bork man says:

    This warning smacks of snowflakary,we have fake news telling us what Trump says and what he really means now we’re supposed to start second guessing him on top of that ,another much to do about nothing like that Douglas Letter lawyer warning that had everyone shaking
    Social media is shot tonight with rediculus Epstein spin , far fetched warnings don’t help.
    Wake me up when yall get woke


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