Proceed With Caution – Media Reporting ODNI Dan Coats Possibly Being Replaced…

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, ODNI, was created post-9/11 at the recommendation of the 9/11 commission. The purpose is to serve as the central hub of intelligence information, gathered by multiple intelligence agencies, to insure equal distribution to all elements of the intelligence apparatus.

Due to the structure of the ODNI, the cabinet member filling that position has an important role in: (a) knowing what each intelligence agency is doing; and (b) sharing intelligence operations and outcomes, beyond the originating agency, to those national security offices who may have an operational need/interest in cross-agency information.

President Obama saw the ODNI structure as a problem. The ODNI would know what each agency is doing. The structure of the ODNI means corrupt CIA, State, DoD and/or DOJ and FBI cabinet officials couldn’t keep secret intelligence operations hidden from review by alternate officials.  The structure of the ODNI was a risk.

President Obama together with Donilon, Holder, Emmanuel and Jarret, solved this problem early on by placing an abject idiot named James Clapper into the position of ODNI.

Yes, James Clapper was purposefully put into the position due to his lack of competence. Clapper’s stupidity was a purposeful asset asset for the corrupt -politically motivated- officials that President Obama placed into the intelligence apparatus (ex. Brennan, Holder, Comey, Clinton, Panetta, Carter et al).  Cue the audio/visual evidence:


Oh, there are dozens more examples, but you get the point!


President Trump placed Senator Dan Coats into the ODNI position, and many critics of Dan Coats have surfaced as a result of various declassification requests that appear to have stalled in his office.  Some of the criticism is valid, some, notsomuch.

It could be true that Dan Coats is part of the aggregate deep state problem. However, there are both Pro and Con examples of ODNI Dan Coats on both sides of this argument.

(1) Dan Coats declassified and publicly released the April 2017 FISA Court opinion of Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer. At the time there was no-one looking for that very serious criticism of how the Obama administration weaponized the FISA process and abused the FISA court. ODNI Dan Coats could have easily kept that 99-page report classified and hidden in the vaults of the deep state.

(2) You might remember the aftermath of President Trump traveling to Helsinki, Finland, for a meeting with Vladimir Putin. The media and former Obama intelligence officials were at the apex of their “Russia Collusion/Conspiracy” claims. The day after Brennan, Yates, Comey and Clapper went media crazy with the anti-Trump fuel, ODNI Coats arbitrarily declassified and released the FISA Application used against Carter Page. That release supported President Trump and immediately crushed the resistance narrative.

At the time of the FISA application release, SATURDAY July 21st, 2018, everyone was so caught up in the substance of the explosive information that no-one stopped to ask: hey, wait, where did this come from and why are we getting it? At the time no-one was looking for the FISA application and it would have been very easy to keep the highly classified document hidden. The declassification and release appeared without anyone really asking for it.

So, it’s possible that Dan Coats is keeping stuff hidden that would disparage the institutions; however, it is also true that Dan Coats has released stuff that does exactly the opposite.

All of that is said to remind everyone we should pause before jumping to conclusions about media reports of Coats demise that originate from Axios and then spread through the media bloodstream – Fox News example. There is always a possibility the anti-Trump media is just trying to stir stuff up.

Remember, the Lawfare resistance is connected to more than just currently employed, and consistently corrupt, DOJ and FBI officials along with their political allies.  The Lawfare resistance is heavily associated with their media cohorts and fellow travelers.

DC is a very deep swamp.

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208 Responses to Proceed With Caution – Media Reporting ODNI Dan Coats Possibly Being Replaced…

  1. Athena the Warrior says:

    President Trump did an end run around Coats regarding declassification. There were procedures that would go through DNI-Coats but instead, PDJT had them go directly to Barr.

    As for him releasing the Carter Page FISA, that could have been nothing more than him establishing a false confidence front that he was on board with getting the truth out. Release that while dragging feet on actual declassification.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      He was part of the cover up and Coup he is being blackmailed.
      Epstein facts

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    • inspectorudy says:

      I would consider ANTONE who has been in DC for the last twenty years to be suspect. They develop “Needs” that are met by lobbyist and others and that becomes their master, not the country or their constituents. DJT cannot be expected to know who is and who is not his ally. He is not of the swamp and is not part of the inner club. It actually makes me throw up when I see McConnell and Patrick Leahy talking and smirking together. How can anyone tolerate such a person? It just shows that they are first and foremost brothers in the Senate and then rivals in the press.

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  2. evergreen says:

    There are those who are reliably with you, and there are those who CAN be useful, occasionally a friendly ally.

    The latter are to be regarded with suspicion, for they are not the former. Coats could very well be somewhere between Graham and Grassley.

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  3. Raghn Crow says:

    Interesting, indeed. And that whole Mueller testifying thing never made any sense — from the Dems’ perspective. I, too, seriously doubt he’ll be testifying. And for Heaven’s sake, A.G. Barr has given him an get-out-of-testifying card for free from the DOJ, after all. So, what does it all signify? The simplest solution is the Dem’s are idiots — never underestimate government denizens’ stupidity — if I may conjure the shade of H.L. Mencken.

    But that’s too easy. Of course, the Democrats started the Civil War, and no more stupid thing could be done. They insisted on keeping Blacks slaves, also stupid (and as immoral as starting the war). They got us into WWI, and created the first Fascist state (even before Mussolini coined the term!) Their list of enormities is astounding. Booing God at their convention some cycles ago? Booing a minister at a subsequent national convention? Advocating infanticide and trashing citizenship, something of such ancient and high honor that even St. Paul boasted about having Roman citizenship from birth!

    But despite all this evidence of utter stupidly, their penchant for fraud, mendacity ,and perfidiousness literally knows no limits,

    So I think “they’re up to something.”

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  4. mutantbeast says:

    Agreed, The Clap was an abject idiot. Id also say Coats is an abject azzhole. He knows what the Clap was doing, he knows what the entire Pigbama cartel was doing, and deiberately us trying to undermine Americas national security for political reasons. Stop playing nice with azzhos like Coats and come down hard on them.

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  5. To the precise extent that Coats has either aided the traitorous, criminal Insane Left, or hindered the release of the truth…well, I would say that way of putting it speaks for itself. We have been in exactly the same situation with regards to Ryan, for example, when he was still fighting President Trump and pretending to be honest. Now we all know that, just like the coup plotters, he hates the President, for being so much less than he, Ryan, thinks himself to be. A swamp full of puffed-up adders (puff adders…snakes, get it?) Too many chiefs, and not enough indians, as the old timers used to say. They all have refused to get behind Trump, WHO WE ELECTED AND WHO IS DOING WHAT WE WANTED TO SEE DONE.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      For decades now I have bristled every time I hear a politician start a sentence with personal pronoun “I”. In my view, the height of arrogance, ignorance and stupidity. Its your constituency you are here to present. Your personal views matter no more than mine if they conflict with the will and direction of the group.

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      • Music Of Life says:

        You said, “Your personal views matter no more than mine if they conflict with the will and direction of the group.”

        For clarity, are you referring to the “group” of majority voters by definition of a democracy (mob rule) or are you referring to “individual” voters by rule of law under the American Constitutional Republic?


  6. Bubby says:

    FTA “Coats joined the administration in March 2017 and has since angered the president on multiple occasions, including when he contradicted Trump on Russian meddling in Helsinki last July. Coats then reacted awkwardly at the Aspen Security Forum when he found out that Trump was planning a second summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin…“Say that again,” Coats responded to the news, laughing. “Did I hear you? OK, that’s going to be special.”…Coats apologized for that reaction, saying he did not intend to disrespect the president….A source familiar cited that incident as the “beginning of the end” for Coats…“His performance at the Aspen Institute … it did not go unnoticed,” the source asserted. “He was around all of these people who hate Trump, and he wanted to be loved, and he decided to be snarky about the president, and it was a big mistake.””

    I was on the fence until I read this article. President Trump doesn’t suffer fools, snark or disrespect gladly like so many Republicans before him! Godspeed President Trump!

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  7. railer says:

    Yes, Coats is obviously becoming a threat, likely due to document releases and testimony, and Deep State likely would feel better if a fresh dolt was placed in that job. The noose is closing around the Muh Russia conspirators recently, and this is a sign of it. Coats is an idiot and always has been, not even anybody Trump has trusted or cared about, so I can’t imagine he’s suddenly decided Coats has to go. He doesn’t even know Coats is ALIVE.

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  8. dscottv says:

    4 hours ago at The Hill:
    “A brief timeline of Trump’s clashes with intelligence director Dan Coats”


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