BREAKING: DOJ Releases 412 Pg FISA Application Used Against U.S. Person Carter Page….

The U.S. Department of Justice and FBI have released the 412 page FISA application used to gain a Title I surveillance warrant against U.S. Person Carter Page in 2016 while he was working as a low-level unpaid adviser for the campaign of Donald Trump.  [The full pdf is available here – and embedded below]

The October 2016 application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to wiretap Mr. Page, along with several renewal applications — was released to The New York Times and several other news organizations that had filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuits to obtain them.  [Link to source pdf here]

The application is heavily redacted, but there’s enough information available to seriously impact the prior narratives as written by the media.  As we review the content carefully, CTH will have much more on this in the coming hours/days.  However, here’s the FISA application – please add your comments on the content therein:


There is a ton of new information within this version of the application. More later…


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1,158 Responses to BREAKING: DOJ Releases 412 Pg FISA Application Used Against U.S. Person Carter Page….

  1. Cathy M. says:

    I expected that most everything would be redacted but the information we already knew.

    All right. I bite.

    ** Why would the FBI redact the exact date of “Derived From” ?? (at top of each application 1st pg ) i.e.
    Derived from: FBI NISCG 10-redact-2016

    And redact the entire date for declassification?

    ** Why would the FBI redact the exact statutes suspected or being violated? (pg 1 verified application.) i.e.
    “ . . . Title 50 United States Code (USC) REDACTED (FISA or Act).” &
    bottom of pg 32 continued(?) on 33 & 67.

    ** And interesting that they also redacted the types of surveillance requested/authorized. (pg. 47/69

    (All the above is same on subsequent renewals/ orders up to pg. 182. haven’t read the rest yet)

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Cathy, years working in law and I never liked redactions because this means they are hiding valuable information. So much blacking out only conjures up ideas about what they are hiding and yet they are also opening up more problems by blacking out information.

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      • Charlotte says:

        More here:

        If you wonder how Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson met Steele, look no further than Ohr. Or Ohr’s wife. Or McCabe.

        Ohr ran the DOJ’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Section from 1999 to 2011, mostly out of New York City. McCabe ran the FBI Eurasian Task Force up until 2006.

        Ohr’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Section and the FBI were debriefed by Steele in London in 2010 on the FIFA corruption crime scheme, a major case for the DOJ.

        According to the Guardian, Steele trekked to Rome in 2010 to also swap Intel on FIFA with a FBI contact from its Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force. That was McCabe’s old squad.

        A portion of the FBI’s official bio on McCabe helps tell the story:

        “Mr. McCabe began his career as a special agent with the FBI in 1996. He first reported to the New York Division, where he investigated a variety of organized crime matters. In 2003, he became the supervisory special agent of the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force, a joint operation with the New York City Police Department.”

        McCabe was the supervisory special agent of the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force from 2003 to 2006 and based on source Intel, the task force iliasoned with MI6 and Steele. Steele was on the Russian desk of the British spy agency until 2009 and worked Russian organized crime in the United States, the identical beat of McCabe and Ohr.

        So, how did Steele simply waltz into FBI HQ in Washington, D.C, before the 2016 election?

        Was it McCabe then who dialed up his old contact Steele to help plot and wage a coup against President Donald Trump?

        And helped pay Steele to write Trumps bogus dossier with tax dollars.

        Or was it Ohr? Or both?

        “This means that basically they are paying a foreign power to take down the presidential candidate slash sitting president now,” one FBI source said. “This is crazy.”

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        • Charlotte says:

          Ex-FBI Director James Comey and lawmakers have tried to make it seem like Christopher Steele, who wrote the Trump Dodgy Dossier, was a new player on the Intel scene in 2016.

          But Steele was well known by the Bureau and CIA long before that and shared Intel with both agencies on cases with British links, especially dealing with MI6’s interest in Russian Organized crime, federal law enforcement sources said.

          It is little wonder the Justice Department and the FBI refuse to release any documents dealing with Steele. Or the payments from government coffers — including the FBI — to Steele or Fusion GPS.

          We are getting definitive Intel from FBI and federal law enforcement sources that Christopher Steele worked with the FBI when he was a MI6 Agent working Russian Organized Crime. Before his retirement from the British spy agency.

          That’s the same desk and the exact same time frame FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe worked before coming the Washington, D.C., heading up the FBI Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force in Manhattan, along with NYPD Intel sources and resources.

          And on the Justice Department side, also in New York at the very same time, Bruce Ohr was working organized crime for the DOJ in the Southern District of New York, beginning in the 1990s through the identical timeline of Steele and McCabe.

          That’s the same Bruce Ohr who was just demoted at DOJ for conducting secret meetings with Fusion GPS, who hired Steele to write the Trump Dossier. And Fusion GPS also hired Ohr’s wife, a former CIA employee.

          “You’re finding that they all worked together,” one FBI source said. “That’s huge.”

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      • Cathy M. says:

        There are legitimate reasons for redactions.
        I also had over 2 decades of federal law enforcement (retired now) and have, on occasion, made Legitimate redactions of a report handed over during discovery. Usually the redaction was solely of a persons name, etc who was under a sealed indictment & would be prosecuted separately at a later date.

        I never had sooo much redaction as those in theFISA applications. I do understand that Nat’l Security docs would have more redactions than those docs that would be provided in criminal courts but come on! Not essentially the entirety of the pertinent parts of the FISA applications.

        The unredacted portions of the FISA applications here provide a bunch of hearsay, i.e. the media & the dossier (stuff we already knew) & shows no corroboration. If the FBI had corroboration I would expect to see, at a minimum, something like-

        “Yahoo news reported blah blah blah. Special Agents corroborated Yahoo by Redacted Redacted and Redacted …”

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    • Sid Farkiss says:

      Why redact anything?

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  2. Cankles Clinton says:

    Except for some details, that don’t change the fact that the corruption is real, Sundance has been pretty much right on target about this fraud for months. Kudos.

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    • Mongoose says:

      Sheesh, going on years now! It’s a frustrating thing and with Sundance and Qanon advising patience, well, what is one to do. Maybe the Big Ugly is coming but I do not hold my breath. But I do thank them from the bottom of my heart for their diligence and insight into the nefarious deeds of the swamp critters over time.

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  3. Marvin says:

    So, let me see if I understand this right? Carter Page was approached by Russian operatives and went to the FBI. He then served as an informant on his subsequent contacts with said Russians including giving them notebooks with microphones hidden inside. He testified against said Russians. His undercover work for the FBI was then used as the excuse for a FISA warrant against him that allowed the FBI you establish surveillance of the entire Trump campaign organization.

    Do I have that right?

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  4. cryan3061 says:

    Did they just make this warrant up? Looks like B.S. with all of the reddaction!

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  5. Paco Loco says:

    Sessions needs to go back home to Alabama and sit on his back porch.

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  6. Craig from Scotland says:

    The timeline of the FBI paid Steele/Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie reports aka as the ‘dossier’ confirms the sole aim. No doubt Bruce Ohr at DOJ was running back n fore requesting more garbage for the FISA application.

    Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd
    Company Intelligence(!) Reports:

    1. 2016 / 080 – June 20, 2016
    2. 2016 / 086 – June 26, 2016
    3. 2016 / 095 – July 19, 2016
    4. 2016 / 097 – July 30, 2016
    5. 2016 / 100 – August 05, 2016
    6. 2016 / 101 – August 10, 2016
    7. 2016 / 102 – August 10, 2016
    8. 2016 / 105 – August 22, 2016
    9. 2016 / 111 – September 14, 2016
    10. 2016 / 112 – September 14, 2016
    11. 2016 / 113 – September 14, 2016
    Yahoo article Carter Page – September 24, 2016
    12. 2016 / 130 – October 12, 2016
    13. 2016 / 134 – October 18, 2016
    14. 2016 / 135 – October 19, 2016
    15. 2016 / 136 – October 20, 2016
    FISA application Carter Page – October 21, 2016

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  7. chooseamerica says:

    Fellow treepers, can you believe this organized crime syndicate preferred this?

    And they have the gall to think we’re deplorables!

    I call them nuts….

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    • Gary Thomson says:

      I wrote a few weeks ago that soon Hillary will be wearing a circus tent. I meant it tongue in cheek but lo and behold, she is wearing a circus tent with a big bag on her leg.

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    • Pat Frederick says:

      i believe that they believe that we would rather spend our time laughing and pointing at Hillary (and snickering too a bit) instead of concentrating on the newly released FISA applications…shows how little they think we think…


  8. Ono says:

    I’m still waiting and wandering / wondering…when the FISA warrents (for collusion against the USA by terrorists) against the DNC, The Clinton Foundation, Robert Muller, Comey, Mcabe, Stroke , Page, Brennan, Clapper, Holder , Rice, Jarrett, Barry , and least but the worst Soros aka Gregorie Schawartz, will be released or better yet…

    Issued! and publisisied in the real free press?

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  9. Sandra says:

    At Last…..


  10. joeknuckles says:

    Will Nunez, Jordan or another good guy come out tomorrow with the big bombshell that the FISA application released by the court does not match the one the gang of eight and the intelligence committee were allowed access to?

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  11. Yancey Ward says:

    I scanned through the initial application and the first renewal. Here are the only things the DoJ relied on to apply for a warrant on Page- the Steele Dossier and the Isikoff story that Steele was the source for- that is it- nothing else. The applications try to make a big thing out of the Burykov prosecution, but Page was a willing witness- an actual informant for the FBI- so it jarring to say the least that it is included in application declaring him a foreign agent. The rest of the justification that you can actually read are references to news articles not all of which are even sourced to named individuals that describe positions that were purported to be Trump’s plans for, example, arming the Ukraine.

    In addition, by my count of the pages in the first two applications, there is no additional justification added to the renewal- it is just a copy of the first application with a few added paragraphs describing “Source 1’s” (Steele) firing and few paragraphs that tell about “Candidate 1” becoming the president elect. As far as I can tell, there is literally nothing new in the renewal, which suggests that after 3 months of active surveillance and the ability to mine all of Pages electronics retroactively, the FBI found exactly jacksh*t. Even when you go to the redacted parts, they look to be line for line copies of the initial application. I will quickly scan the last two renewals later if I have time, but since Page hasn’t been indicted, it is safe to conclude that they found jacksh*t over the last 6 months, too. It is probably the Steele Dossier the whole way through.

    Comey and Yates signed the first two documents, both of which are copies of the approved warrants. The initial application was signed by Rosemary Collyer and the Second by Michael Mosman.

    As to whether or not the court was told who was paying for the dossier, my answer is firm no. Steele and Simpson/Fusion GPS are not named in the application directly, nor is the law firm that was the middleman between the Clinton Campaign and Fusion GPS. There is literally no indication that Steele told the FBI who his, Steele’s, sources were (in other words, these are unnamed, even to the FBI, sources relied on). This would be like me going to the cops and telling them that someone I won’t name told me that Hillary Clinton whacked Vince Foster herself- it isn’t even hearsay, it is one level removed from even that. It is utterly mind-boggling that such things can be used to assert it is probable someone is a foreign agent and a traitor. In addition, there is literally nothing in the first applications that either of the judges could have used to even infer that it was the Clinton Campaign/DNC paying for the only piece of actual intelligence used. The application could have just mentioned that the law firm was hired by Campaign 1, but it doesn’t do that at any point I saw in the unredacted sections. Did anyone else see it?

    All in all, the House Memo was right on all particulars- it was the Steele Dossier and the Isikoff story- that was it. The application tries to make the Burykov thing something, but with Page cooperating, it just looks like filler. I will scan the other two renewals, but I don’t expect to find anything more.

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    • Yancey Ward said: “Comey and Yates signed the first two documents, both of which are copies of the approved warrants.”

      F**k Sally Yates – the most sanctimonious one of the bunch. How many articles recently stated emphatically that Yates signed the FIRST application but the renewals were signed by “Trump appointees” [Boente and Rosenstein]. Her imprint is all over this garbage.

      She should be disbarred.

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    • JoD says:

      Yancey… Great Job…Thanks

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    • ron Milam says:

      I have no doubt they all thought Hillary was going to win, especially Obama who pushed this via the FBI & Brennan. So what was Obama’s true motive for spying on Trump guys? Think about it !! He had no doubt she was going to win so he only wanted to frame Trump.

      Obama is a vindictive twat, if Hillary wins, the same FBI & DOJ goons would have fabricated and planted evidence against Trump and they would have used the NY AG to go after him on the other end.

      They were going to send a message, don’t mess with the Deep State, if you are an outsider stay the hell out of our business. There would have been no push back.

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    • Jan says:

      Thank you so much, Yancey. I hate the redactions, but at least this is a start… All of you Treepers are so good at your analysis. Thanks to all of You & Sundance!!

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  12. Yancey Ward says:

    I quickly went through the last two renewals. Basically copies of the first two applicatoins. Ann Conway approved the 2nd renewal and Dearie the last one. At no point was the court told it was the Clinton Campaign that paid for the Steele Dossier- not once.

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  13. JoD says:

    Could someone post a copy of the official FBI/DOJ statement or a transcript of the official FBI/DOJ press release that exonerated Carter Page?

    While reviewing the FISC application, please note that on numerous pages, the FBI/DOJ verify and CERTIFY with signatures that “Carter W. Page IS a Russian foreign agent.” (spy?)
    If the FBI version of the “facts” presented are to be believed, the evil Mr. Page is the nucleus of the malignant cell that metastasized into “Russian coluuusion”.
    After FOUR (1 original, 3 renewals) surveillance warrants, ALL restating, verifying and certifying that “Carter W. Page IS an agent of the Russian government”, he was finally questioned by the FBI.
    What happened? Hear that pin drop?
    It is mind numbing that the sinister Mr. Russian Agent has so quietly transitioned to being basically ignored by both the FBI and the DOJ.
    He’s on cable news, not on a bus to Leavenworth.
    What the Hell is going on out there?

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    • JoD says:

      Smell that?

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    • Jan says:

      Papadopoulos was such a grave danger to our nation that even though the FBI opened up it’s investigation in July 2016 based on a “bar conversation Papadopoulos had with Ambassador Downey” in May 2016, & Downer put $25 million or so of Australia’s money into the Clinton Foundation/Initiatives, that our FBI/DOJ/CIA people didn’t even interview Papadopoulos until January 2017. Clapper didn’t even know who Papadopoulos was.

      I think we have to get to the end of the game….”unmasking” very soon because we are 3 months from an election where we have to get all Americans to vote against our unAmericans. I would lay down my life for Pres. Trump because I know he gets it. We are in the fight for our lives and our country.

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  14. Steve Summar says:

    Imagine what we could accomplish working for the good of our great Nation, rather than the relentless pursuit of resistance regardless of the ramifications…stop defending the indefensible…trust the plan…WWG1WGA

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  15. itsarickthing says:

    It sure seems the FBI relies heavily on “news sources and articles” in this application.


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    • smiley says:


      3 Russians told Steele..

      then…Steele told Fusion…

      then…Fusion tells somebody else…

      and eventually it all ends up w/ Rosenstein…and he treats this hearsay BS as legitimate “proof” ??

      stinkin rotten fish

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    • Ldave says:

      Worse yet, they purport to say a news article informed them that US law enforcement iswas conducting investigation against this person or that. Shouldn’t our FBI know this without having to read it in the papers.

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  16. unfolder says:

    Lisa Page was correct. There was not much there there. Someone made a significant leap to confirm with absolute certainty that Carter Page was a foreign agent. All while he was working for FBI? No, I don’t think so.
    Multiple opportunities were missed, intentionally, to omit the name of the person who initiated the entire investigation, namely Hillary Clinton.
    The conspirators may have let their guard down by actually including that Senator Reid was also a catalyst for the investigation. How this did not get the attention of the FISA judge is eye opening. Unless, of course, it speaks to the duplicity of the FISA court itself.

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  17. Citizen 817 says:

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  18. stringplayer55 says:


    1) Members of Congress, including specifically Chuck Schemer, are involved in pushing for investigation of Page (and Trump). Bottom of page 23: “According to the September 23rd News Article, certain members of Congress were “taken aback” after being briefed on the alleged meetings and viewed the meetings as a possible back channel to the Russians that could undercut U.S. foreign policy. The September 23rd News Article also stated that, following the briefing, the Senate Minority Leader wrote to the FBI Director, and citing the reports of meetings between an advisor to Candidate #1 (…) and “high ranking sanctioned individuals” (…) in Moscow over the summer as evidence of “significant and disturbing ties” between Candidate #1’s campaign and the Kremlin that needed to be investigated by the FBI.”

    2) Page wrote a letter to the FBI denying allegations in the “News Article” that he had met with sanctioned individuals (bottom of page 25). Further, Page offered to “meet with the FBI to “discuss any “final” questions the FBI may have.” Despite this offer on the part of Page, the FBI asserts (page 55) that “The foreign intelligence information sought by the authorities requested herein cannot be reasonably obtained by normal investigative techniques.” Apparently, unlike the Clinton team, the FBI couldn’t issue blanket immunities and offer to conduct interviews that were to go unrecorded. The person Carter Page voluntarily offered to talk with the FBI. But that certainly wouldn’t be “normal investigative techniques.”

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    • woohoowee says:

      Well, well, well……Cryin’ Shmuck the Buzzard requested the counterintel operation against PT45’s campaign. And then after PT45 won and was sworn in, Cryin’ Shmuck told our President he’d better go along with IC or they were gonna git him “six ways to Sunday.” Then Cryin’ Shmuck wanted Comey fired until after he was fired, at which point Shmucki went ballistic over the firing. And then they all promptly went after PT45, General Flynn, and AG Sessions, too, like a pack of hienas.

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  19. unfolder says:

    Why redact the name(s) and signature(s) of the lead FBI agent that signed the applications, while NOT redacting Comey, Yates, McCabe, Rosenstein, or any of the judges?

    My money says they are all Strzok.

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  20. unfolder says:

    The application states that the status of Carter Page as a foreign agent was determined in October 2016 based on information provided by the State Department. Yet the supporting information in the application has nothing of substance on Page after 2015. The leaks to the media were also taking place prior to October 2016, leaks which mirrored the information in the application. There was nothing new that fell out of the sky in October 2016 on Page, yet that date was named as the date he was determined to be a foreign agent.
    Why? It was not randomly done.

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  21. JamesD says:

    Page 13, heavily redacted. Buryakov. Why was Buryakov in the application? Because this is the only meat they had. Page met with Buryakov, a Russian agent. That’s pretty convincing. But they left out that Page was meeting with Buryakov at the behest of the FBI and was carrying an FBI recording device to record the conversation. That wasn’t mentioned.

    Even though it is heavily redacted, the fact that Buryakov was mentioned is important. The FBI did NOT tell the court that Page was an FBI asset working to bust Buryakov. Only that Page met with Buryakov, BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THEY HAD. This is the most important part of this release. Hammer on it.

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    • Jan says:

      Great point: Another lie to the FISC because Page had clearly given testimony against Buryakov to put him behind bars, while the FISA application points out Page is dealing with a Russian BUT does not disclose to the FISC that Page was a cooperating witness who had helped get Buryakov convicted in the spring of 2016. More dishonesty in the FISA application

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      • Maquis says:

        Cooperating Witness? He was a freaking deputized FBI Undercover Agent! He risked his life to not only share what he already knew, but to dive into the Russian Under-World as an espionage agent, a spy.

        This business takes disigenuousness to an astronomical level.


    • flowerbelle says:

      This backs up the theory that Page was put in by Priestap and Rogers as a check on the criminal colluders. Rogers knew what was going on, so did Priestap. He was the one who ran Page. Page just might be the MAGA insurance policy!


      • thinkthinkthink says:

        Have not read that point of view anywhere before. Does fit with all the strangeness swirling around Carter Page. A double agent against the swamp for the MAGA team? Hmmmm.


  22. JamesD says:

    Very important. Page 16. FBI believed Source 1 was credible.
    Source 1 WAS NOT A SOURCE. He was just a conduit. The FBI did not verify the sources. A violation of the Woods procedure. Hat tip to Bongino.

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  23. DanO64 says:

    I think we should call this the “set-up” because I sure feel the power of MAGA is about to bust wide open. Our VSG is about to kick ass big time. IMO of course.

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  24. Of course the left is doing a victory dance suggesting these releases further prove their conspiracy theories. This is far from over. Coupled with Mueller’s recent arrests, it makes it appear they are moving in the right direction. Again, unless Trump declassifies, this will not end well for us. They will merely contend the redactions are necessary to protect ongoing investgative necessities, and hence it will go on and on… into perpetuity and the end of Donald Trump’s Presidency, whether by impeachment and removal, incapacity to act via lameduck override or, yes, assassination. Sorry for the reality check everyone, but with these redactions, along with the MSM reaction, I see nothing that greatly furthers our cause. It is mere grist for our ongoing support group conversations.

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  25. Susan Iverson, CFP says:

    I’m so grateful to have found this site! So few Americans have any idea our country is under threat and what an extraordinary time we’re in.

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  26. Zippy says:

    Why is this missing from all of the coverage? It wasn’t your useless CONgress that obtained this product:

    Judicial Watch Obtains Carter Page FISA Court Documents

    BTW, it was a Judicial Watch FOIA request that allowed the discovery of the Clinton email scandal.

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    • JimWVa says:

      Only President Trump gave attribution and congratulations to Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton this morning, by tweet, for the FOIA release. The Real Donald Trump: The go to news source for breaking news.


  27. Sarah says:

    Carter page previously worked on John McCain’s 2008 campaign. Are we sure that Carter Page wasn’t himself a plant inside the Trump campaign to spy for the never trumper’s like McCain and Bush early on and then later serve as the handy basis for the FISA warrant?


  28. LegionofOne says:

    Mueller is handing off cases because his commission is based on a fraudulent
    FBI FISA search warrant application. This is all “fruit of the poisonous tree” stuff.
    I also think he has gotten cold feet about sending Gen Flynn to prison because this
    is ultimately an unlawful prosecution.

    I suspect that he is regretting his choice of aggressive, partisan Democrat prosecutors who have been draconian in their pursuit of Trump’s associates.


  29. Asciimom says:

    What about this scenario before april 2016 the contractors were scrubbing the nsa database, for leads/ connections to Russians. In their amateurish scurry did they sweep up the Eugene Burykov / Page connections and didnt catch that Page was a witness for the FBI in May 2016 and spin a Russian conspiracy story without validating the details? How does page go from being an FBI white hat to a Russian spy


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