Robert Mueller Will Testify July 17th – Nadler and Schiff Pretend Phony Subpoena…

Well, it looks like the gang has a plan… the details are sketchy, but the picture of the construction is visible.  According to Adam Schiff, Robert Mueller has agreed to deliver congressional testimony to a “joint panel” of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, on July 17th.

♦ First, to frame the narrative for the appearance, HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff releases a letter signed by *only* Nadler and Schiff, that “threatened” a subpoena.  This subpoena letter is a prop for a pre-planned theatrical event.  How do we know? Because only Schiff and Nadler signed it (no coordination with ranking members).  It’s an optic to set the cornerstone for a narrative that Schiff and Nadler want Mueller’s appearance.

♦ Second, the joint committee approach is also part of the strategy.  With 40 members from both committees there will intentionally only be ONE ROUND of questions.  The size of the committee is part of the design to protect Robert Mueller.  Those who follow politics closely will immediately note this motive.

Knowing Mueller was in deep discussions with Schiff and Nadler to coordinate the appearance, the optic of the letter and the size of the committee are the first two immediate flares that indicate a staged performance is being set-up.

Here’s the letter:

Three days ago CTH shared: “Shifty, Pelosi and Nadler have to be very careful with Mueller to avoid exposing the coordinated enterprise behind the two-year Rosenstein, Weissmann and Mueller scheme. It will be interesting to see how they plan it out.”

Now we have a little more information.  Watch what details surface over the next few weeks; just like the letter and the joint committee issues, I guarantee you we’ll see the construct of a completely manufactured event.

Keep watching.

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328 Responses to Robert Mueller Will Testify July 17th – Nadler and Schiff Pretend Phony Subpoena…

  1. 2020liberty2020 says:

    And Doug Collins and the rest trying to be civil and deliberative. Taking a knife to a gun fight. Will lose again and claim the high moral ground. Hey jerks, Cornwallis was the same and see what happened to him.


  2. “I guarantee you we’ll see the construct of a completely manufactured event.”

    Completely manufactured? The Dems can maybe derail the process provided they are very shrewd and surgical with their limited time. They need one list of coordinated questions where each one picks up at the conclusion of questioning time from the other i.e. serial questioning passed from Repub to Repub.

    The risk of Mueller dropping a big one under Dem questioning vastly outweighs the ambitions of Schiff and Nadler to get him in front of the cameras.


  3. Covadonga says:

    Many years ago, before the Great Renaming of the USSR (i.e. before the carefully planned strategic withdrawal more commonly referred to as “the Fall of the Soviet Union,”) I heard about an event at a college from a patriot who had been a student there at the time.

    There was a talk advertised to be given on campus by a representative of the Soviet Union, to include a Q&A session.

    A group of anti-Communist students, a tiny minority on campus, knew that any of them could catch him out as telling obvious lies in front of their apolitical and Leftist classmates, if only they could grill him. But the format dynamic would be similar to that of the joint committee above. With a large lecture hall as the venue, no single student would be permitted more than one question.

    And any spokesman sent by Moscow would obviously be an experienced professional, highly trained in the Marxist art of dodging difficult questions by making sophistic evasions…

    This situation stumped them for a while, until they formulated a tactic for countering his evasions. They planned out an initial question dealing with freedom of speech and of the press in the West, highlighting the total absence of both behind the Iron Curtain. Then they brainstormed various probable BS responses the apparatchik could give to their question.

    For each probable response, they crafted a follow-up question. Then they brainstormed each of those, as to what the responses would likely follow. I think they went about 3 or 4 questions deep with this method. Then they wrote up the questions and responses in a fan-out flowchart format (at least one of them being a computer science major.). They photocopied it, and all of them memorized it.

    On the night of the talk, they all dressed to blend in as much as possible with the Leftists among their fellow students (i.e. the majority of the audience.)

    The talk was given, and it came time for the first question. They all raised their hands. Eventually, one of them was called. The top level question was asked. The apparatchik gave a response that, indeed, approximated one from the chart.

    For the next question, they again all raised their hands. Eventually, another from their group was called. He asked the pre-planned follow-up to that response, slightly flumoxing the Sov.

    This went on, boxing him in further, until, on the final round, the harried speaker claimed that Communist publications weren’t even allowed in the United States. Well, that was so ridiculous to anyone who had ever visited a local newstand, which carried periodicals from all over the world, including from Warsaw Pact countries, that audible guffaws could be heard even from Leftists in the audience.

    So, mission accomplished!

    Nunes and his compatriots from the Freedom Caucus can ambush Sideshow Bob with exactly the same method, if they are only willing to spend some prep time, and to coordinate their questions, rather than try to grandstand individually, in the normal habit of congressional committee members.


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