Beijing Shocked President Trump Maintains Wrong Thinking to Magnanimous Panda Ahead of G20…

Oh dear, China is unhappy.  According to the Global Times President Trump is not “showing enough good faith” to demonstrate he “wishes to ease the trade tensions” with magnanimous panda. Sincerity is not being observed.

The G20 is coming up next week.  Magnanimous panda has exhibited great gesture with North Korea.  Expectations of reciprocal acquiescence abound, and yet President Trump is maintaining wrong thinking toward trade conflicts with China.

Beijing is not pleased; not pleased at all:

Global Times – Ahead of President Xi Jinping’s trip to attend the G20 summit, which takes place from Thursday to Saturday, the US is not showing enough good faith to demonstrate that it wishes to ease the trade tensions, Chinese observers said.

G20 members should unite to oppose protectionism and unilateralism at the summit, and be realistic about the prospects that the two largest global economies will reach a deal in the near future, they said.

Xi will attend the 14th G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan from June 27 to 29, at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said in Beijing on Sunday.

At the request of the US, Xi had a phone conversation with US President Donald Trump on June 18, and the two sides agreed to meet during the G20, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University’s Institute of International Relations, told the Global Times on Sunday that “a meeting between the two leaders could ease the tension to some extent, but the international community should not be too optimistic, since the complicated disputes between the two sides can’t be solved by only one meeting.”

The US put five more Chinese tech entities on a trade blacklist on Friday, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

Observers said the move shows the US is not showing enough good faith ahead of the G20, and it may even add to the difficulty of easing the tension. (read more)

Unless President Trump adopts a conciliatory tone, the glory of great panda will be diminished…  Currently President Trump is not displaying the approach required to facilitate global panda unity.

The pre-G20 signals tomorrow and Tuesday should be quite fun.



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249 Responses to Beijing Shocked President Trump Maintains Wrong Thinking to Magnanimous Panda Ahead of G20…

  1. Graham Pink says:

    What will happen when 1 dollar stores turn into 2 dollars stores?
    Not much.


    • treehouseron says:

      When you really run the numbers, and take into account shipping…. the stuff in China that costs $1 would cost $1.20 in the USA.

      Since the discrepancy in price is so minor, I’m amazed more companies haven’t proudly proclaimed they’re made in the USA….. properly promoted I honestly think that would really go over well with a large portion of the buying public.


  2. Luke of the D says:

    I guess Chairman Xi does not get this little fact: The USA does not need cheap Chinese crap.

    The USA has the largest industrial capacity in the world. The USA has the largest economy in the world. The USA has enough natural resources (including precious metals and food) to provide for our own economy and a large chunk of the rest of the world on an essentially infinite timescale. The USA has the largest and best equipped military in the world – no one, including Russia or China, poses a threat to us. China will collapse overnight without trade with the USA. The USA holds all the cards. President Trump knows this, as does Chairman Xi.

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  3. Pat Thomas says:

    Read Jonathon Ward’s new book: “China’s Vision of Victory” if you really want to understand China’s thinking, and why they are on track to become the #1 economy and the #1 military by 2049 (a key date for them… 100th anniversary of becoming the People’s Republic”). The US is playing checkers while the Chinese play 3D chess.

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    • Pyrran says:

      And the Third Reich was supposed to last a thousand years.

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    • kevin says:

      The best laid plans of men and naughty Pandas. The Chicoms never give up a position once attained, the Korean war demonstrated that. There is a Chinese saying about the tree that bends with the wind survives which is not current Chicom thinking and this makes them a bit vulnerable economically (I think)


    • cali says:

      @Pat Thomas: The Panda – Xi – forgot to include in his futuristic domination this little nugget: “God willing….”. Being that Xi loves being worshipped in place of God all his endeavors are based on fortune cookies and lick.

      These things don’t work that way. Tyrants have only limited capacity to rule by force if necessary.

      President Trump on the other hand thinks about the welfare of the citizens of America no matter which way to look at it. He is looking out for us all including his opponents.

      One does not need to ponder over who is the better leader. Honesty and concern for ones country and its citizens always brings fruitful results whereas China is only looking out for the communistic party and its system.
      Look back at history and you’ll find similarities like that of Stalin and the Nazis. leather, rinse and repeat. They all going about the wrong way while being responsible for the millings of millions in their attempted endeavor of conquest.

      Look at the concentration camps holding China’s Uighurs Muslims and the Falun believers. Human Rights? China is guilty of forced organ harvest on alive Falun followers whom are expandable daily for westerners and others to get needed organs on the same day they ask.
      If nothing else these prisoners are starved, gang-raped, tortured and abused beyond imagination and yet – are not charged with a crime at the time of their imprisonment. Thousands plus never to be seen again by their family members.
      That alone should place China on the blacklist of trade. Of course the media wont really report about these human rights affecting China’s Uighurs and Falun members. Only Canada really taking steps to bring awareness to these citizens are their plights.

      Tell me again who plays checkers and who plays chess? I thought so!


  4. Scoot says:

    GTFO: Gross Trillions in Financial Outflow


  5. 1970novass396 says:

    The folks at the State Fair are going to make winning a prize stuffed animal more difficult for us this year unless The Donald has a change of heart on the tariffs.

    Wie Se Soon

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  6. Screaming Eagle says:

    Hey Jinping, – Whoooooooos yo Daddy ??


  7. Trump to Xi: “No ticky, no laundry!”


  8. A badly underestimated Fox figure, Steve Hilton:

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  9. Pa Hermit says:

    Ahhh Xi, you don’t like the the Eagle mask? Just wait ’til you get the Wolverine mask!


  10. rcogburn says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Xi is an idiot when it comes to propaganda, another predictable, tin eared, ham fisted 3rd generation communist dictator.

    Xi and the sclerotic apparatchiks around him are upset that Xi gets nothing for what they’re sure was a masterstroke of global leadership: a North Korean photo op and 50 year old talking points.

    Xi must be really good at cementing ruthless totalitarian control at home, but he’s really bad at negotiating with anyone who isn’t following the same old script (no doubt written by Henry Kissinger & Associates decades ago).

    He’d better be careful or he’ll become the Leonid Brezhnev of China.


    • Kevin says:

      Naughty Panda is in a nasty situation at the moment because if he concedes anything (a no-no in Chicom vocab) his politburo will crucify him and if he doesn’t, Trump will by slapping on more tariffs. Dragon who play with fire get tail burned.

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    • treehouseron says:

      I agree that Xi hasn’t impressed me at all. Out of all the world leaders I’m most impressed with the socialist running Mexico, he seems to be the only one with a head on his shoulders. Xi seems hell bent on fighting a losing battle that will hurt his people badly, at least the Mexican President had the good sense to negotiate what he could for his country.


  11. Fools Gold says:

    Reminds me of a poker game when you’re holding 4 aces and there ain’t no wild cards. Trump seems to hold a lot of aces any time he plays cards straight up.

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    • treehouseron says:

      I’ve been studying him and trying to figure out his tactics. One of the things he does, I think , is that if he ends up with some bad cards, he knocks the table over and takes another hand. He does this over and over again until the hand looks good, then calls.

      He waits until he has everything lined up just right and the leverage is just right, and then pushes THAT issue. If the stuff isn’t lined up and he doesn’t have the leverage he wants, he resets somehow and throws things into chaos a little bit, then sees how that shakes out while he works on some other issue that he has the right leverage in, etc.

      By doing this all he does is win win win. If he’s in a situation to lose he shakes that part up somehow until he can win.


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