There It is – Chairman Xi Jinping Announces Magnanimous Panda: DPRK Hostage Release is “Correct Direction”…

As we noted on Day #1, if we watch how Beijing scripts the messaging we should be able to identify if Chairman Xi Jinping is taking the dragon approach toward his captive Kim Jong Un, or if Xi would instead reshape the geopolitics by announcing his release of Kim as a hostage: The magnanimous panda approach.  [Critical Background HERE and HERE]

It looks like we have an answer today as Chairman Xi writes a personal op-ed, published on the front page of North Korea’s state newspaper, where Xi is releasing Kim from proxy province captivity:

…”China supports North Korea’s “correct direction” in politically resolving issues on the Korean Peninsula.”…

Yes, though important details are yet to follow, it appears Beijing is acquiescing to the unrelenting pressure from hostage rescuer President Donald Trump and allowing the DPRK to exit the controlled captivity of China. Likely denuclearization will commence.

SEOUL (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping said in an op-ed in North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun on Wednesday that China supports North Korea’s “correct direction” in politically resolving issues on the Korean Peninsula.

The front-page op-ed is an honor rarely granted to foreign leaders and comes a day before Xi is set to visit Pyongyang on Thursday and Friday at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, making him the first Chinese leader to visit in 14 years.

[…] Xi’s visit kicks off a flurry of high-level diplomatic activity around the Korean Peninsula ahead of the G20 summit in Japan later this month. Xi said the two Asian countries will “strengthen our strategic communication and exchanges,” adding that China will firmly support Kim’s achievements in “socialist construction” aimed at economic development and improving people’s lives, according to the newspaper.

Xi said North Korea and China would expand and develop relations in civilian sectors, including education, culture, sports, tourism, youth and rural areas.

“We will actively contribute to peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region by strengthening communication and coordination with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” Xi said. China will also engage with other stakeholders “by jointly expediting progress on dialogue and negotiations on the issues of the Korean peninsula,” he added. (read more)

We now enter a phase of great nuance and subtle signaling where we will need to carefully evaluate the scale of hostage release. Obviously western media -writ large- are oblivious to the multidimensional hostage dynamic; heck, most major western media don’t even acknowledge that China controls North Korea… So we have a front row seat to review the generally coded signals.

Two days ago (Monday) Beijing announced Chairman Xi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in were scheduled for a bilateral meeting at the G20 (Osaka, Japan – June 28th and 29th).  Obviously Xi has a plan to position the best face for his magnanimous panda approach.  We also know on the issue of DPRK hostage release, Chairman Xi will need to save face against President Trump very carefully (hence the phone call between Xi and Trump on Tuesday).

One way for Xi to avoid the appearance of acquiescence to Trump would be for Xi, with Beijing approval, to place the optic of victory at the feet of Moon Jae-in.  As we noted from the outset the most likely scenario is China positioning themselves as magnanimous panda and South Korea as the beneficiary. Hence the pre-planned G20 meeting.

“Peace is the Prize” ~ Donald Trump

Ultimately, I don’t think President Trump really cares about who gets credit for the victory, hostage release of Chairman Kim, and denuclearization of North Korea. The world will know, though the media will not say, the victory is only because President Trump has outwitted Chairman Xi and his communist regime…. and Trump did that though strategic economic pressure.

For two-and-a-half years U.S. President Trump has been working on two connected objectives: (1) removing the threat posed by North Korea by severing the ability of Beijing to use the proxy province as a weapon (Kim is hostage to China); and (2) deconstructing the growing economic influence of China.

Both issues are directly connected to U.S. national security; and both issues are being approached by President Trump through the use of economic leverage to achieve national security results.

In the dynamic of the denuclearization of North Korea, the most likely scenario is Chairman Xi playing the role of magnanimous panda and *guiding* Chairman Kim Jong Un into the world of nations. Hence the op-ed outlined today.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will be positioned as the hero so that Xi doesn’t look like he lost Kim to Trump.  However, what we don’t know is how much autonomy Chairman Xi will allow Chairman Kim.  It’s the “guiding” part we need to watch closely.

Beijing isn’t going to let Kim go fully antonymous and independent; not when they share a border; and certainly not after generations of strategic influence and control over the DPRK as a proxy province and hedge against the West.  Unfortunately, South Korean President Moon Jae-in will be useless as a counter wedge against the cunning of Xi Jinping in this very important aspect.

Moon is essentially the Asian Obama; and has about as much strategic intelligence, foresight and usefulness, as a bag-of-rocks being used as a weather vane.  Moon is good for the international optics of unification and dancing joyfully etc, but he’s oblivious to how Beijing may infiltrate and influence all things in/around Korea. Ideological naivete’ makes Moon the perfect person for Chairman Xi to work with.

So we need to keep eyes open for the amount of freedom Chairman Xi will give to Chairman Kim; however, simultaneously we can enjoy watching President Trump exploit the shifted dynamic by engaging with Kim as a freed hostage with full independence.

We can expect that President Trump will immediately start engaging with Chairman Kim Jong Un very openly, as if his captivity never existed.  That will drive Beijing bananas, as they will not know of possible private influence by Trump.  In turn, President Trump will know the engagement with Kim will drive Beijing bananas; and so Trump will take the U.S. engagement to even higher levels of independence just to watch the dragon flare his nostrils.  But that’s still a long way from today….

Remember, two connected objectives: (1) removing the threat posed by North Korea by severing the ability of Beijing to use the proxy province as a weapon; and (2) deconstructing the growing economic influence of China.

With #1 achieved, President Trump will still intend to get #2. Heck, Trump has spent 30-years openly advocating for the principle of restoring American wealth. That means the economic pressure will continue until Beijing is defeated. If Chairman Xi expects POTUS Trump to retreat from the massive geopolitical leverage he has created, well, it’s doubtful that will happen.

President Trump has threatened more tariffs and more consequential action as it relates to non-tariff barriers, IP protection, forced technology transfers etc as a result of China reneging on their prior agreement.  Additionally, President Trump has been openly, albeit with coded messages, telling the world North Korea was already no longer a threat.

The best offer -the most likely offer- from President Trump at the G20, is a return to the original 150-page agreement, constructed by USTR Lighthizer and Vice-Premier Liu He, that Beijing and Chairman Xi walked away from.  However, even that offer by President Trump is tenuously optimistic at best, because Trump knows China is on its heels.

President Trump has simply outwitted and outmatched Chairman Xi in this economic confrontation.  While Xi thought he was outmaneuvering his rival, it was President Trump who was the one wearing the Panda mask all along.

In hindsight every move since early 2017 including: (1) the warm welcome of Chairman Xi Jinping to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate; (2) the vociferous praise poured upon Xi; (3) the U.N. sanctions where China and Russia agreed; (4) the November 2017 “golden ticket’ tour of Asia; (5) the direct engagement with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un; (6) the strategic relationship with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe; and a host of smaller nuanced moves were all quietly building toward this conclusion.

For President Trump to have navigated Chairman Xi into such a position is the pinnacle of strategic success.  The Chinese culture doesn’t even have a frame of reference for a position that includes ‘less losing’ as their better option.

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304 Responses to There It is – Chairman Xi Jinping Announces Magnanimous Panda: DPRK Hostage Release is “Correct Direction”…

  1. 335blues says:

    Xi is a conniving snake of the lowest sort.
    He lies repeatedly because he knows no other way, and because he likes it.
    He imagines himself the conjurer of fantastic and amazing wool that he alone can spin to pull over the eyes of those who would have the temerity to get in his way.
    Among his many weaknesses his psychotic delusion of being superior to all will be his downfall. His arrogance should be met with a stern lesson. Trump should raise the tarriffs now and put the CCP in doubt.

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    • M says:

      Democrats are desperately trying to start a war or cause a depression. Only by damaging the Country in these ways can they hope to dupe enough people into voting for their Communist repression. The Peace and Prosperity brought by this President MUST be destroyed by these Communist monsters in their quest for full dictatorial control. …The Hag did not hand out Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book in college for no reason.

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      • A Moderate Man says:

        M, a few years ago, your comment would have been called extreme right-wing rhetoric. But today, your comment is only an unbiased look at what is happening in the democrat and progressive party. Truly remarkable that they would want to ruin our country. Thanks for your observation.

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    • Trump is a snake, too. But more like a Python than Cobra.

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    • Guffman says:

      Xi is as you describe because he has never met any political pushback. And he is looking out for China, not America. I don’t blame the man for that – a smart politician takes everything he can get for his country – especially if your adversary is offering it up.

      It’s up to America to look out for America and FINALLY there’s a leader in power who is doing exactly that. Xi thought he could tame Trump with large gala military receptions, flattery and state dinners, but has quickly found out that while Trump enjoys all of those things, they do not sway him one iota in his political resolve to fight tooth and nail for America.

      President Trump is doing an impeccable job at de-toothing and extinguishing the dragon, and taming the panda. Books will be written and documentaries will be made on this study of epic political persuasion in the years to come.

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  2. MfM says:

    “Ultimately, I don’t think President Trump really cares about who gets credit for the victory, hostage release of Chairman Kim, and denuclearization of North Korea.” Sundance I agree, he wants the resolution more than he wants credit.

    What China did says they believe that Trump is a shoe in for a second term. I believe they know they can’t wait that long and are trying to control the situation.

    What is amazing is that Trump isn’t just working on NK, he’s working on illegal aliens, Jump starting the economy, getting conservative justices on all levels, China’s multiple issues, Russia, the Middle East and South America.

    The left has made people think he’s a fool, clown and stupid. When they find out he’s not they are already in his trap.

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    • Kitty=Kat says:

      Great points in your post; I especially liked your take on Xi believing that President Trump is a shoo-in to win.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Or, (and given their long penchant for cooking their books, we would have no way of knowing for sure)), but CCP WOULD) they are projecting out, and realising it DOESN’T MATTER; that is, that even IF DJT lost in 2020, it would be too late to do any good.

        Anyone ever gone thru bankruptcy?
        You know, at a certain point before ‘the end’ that its inevitable.

        Its just POSSIBLE that CCP/Xi have realised they have reached that point.
        EVEN a DJT loss wouldn’t save them now.

        This point may have been driven home, by PDJT THREATENING, in a tweet, to increase tarifs on remaining $300 billion. And, he still may say;
        THANK YOU, I’ll TAKE DPRK, but unless you stop currency manipulation, I’ll STILL Tariff the remaining.

        Another Irony; by tweeting a THREAT to tariff Mexico, he gets them to more than Congress, on the border.

        By tweeting a THREAT to tariff China, he gets THEIR central bank to do more than the FED.

        Too bad he can’t Tariff Congress and the Fed!

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    • helix35 says:

      And Trump did all this in the face of unrelenting attacks by the filthy, treasonous, rotten-to-the-core dregs of the Obama Administration. Bravo, Mr. President.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      I disagree. Xi will continue to work for the defeat of Trump in 2020 because a Democratic victory would mean an immediate return to the status quo ante-Trump. IMO he’s ‘releasing’ the DPRK from overt control because Xi knows that if he continues to be confrontational with Trump he would be removed from power BEFORE the 2020 Presidential election. Which if I am right would show how politically weak his position is despite on paper being the most power tyrant the Empire has seen since Deng.

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    • John Lott says:

      Mr Trump knew all along he would have to give China a way to save face. When the media savages any deal made by Trump as ‘caving’, look at the deal and don’t listen to the story. China likely made the deal a while ago, the posturing and timing of the announcement were worked out in advance.

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    • noswamp says:

      Great job! Seems as if Xi is positioning himself for a serious deal. But if not made or if the Chinese are playing games, the tariffs will begin. Weird, all the Trump wants is fairness and China cannot even give him that.

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      • Dutchman says:

        45 has already demonstrated, TWICE he is perfectly willing to walk away from an unsatisfactory deal.

        In fact, I suspect Kim and he had akready agreed he would walk away, in order to demonstrate this to China.

        Game playing, he walks and they know it. And, he has a pretty good idea of what their situation is “Oh, China wants a deal, I ‘m just not sure they are READY for it!”

        Can’t remember the latin, darn it,..
        Translate as “when you have them by the,…testiculares, their minds will follow, and you have their undivided attention!”


  3. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Stunned! This post by Sundance is electrifying on so many levels. Trying to take in what it means that the VSGPDJT correctly assessed the real threat from NOKO, then calculated the plays, then calculated the leverage necessary to bring about the desired calculated outcome.

    Also trying to take in what it means that Sundance correctly assessed the real threat from NOKO, then calculated the plays, calculated the leverage necessary, then calculated the possible outcomes.

    In my lifetime, I have not witnessed genius at these levels. China’s Xi, and all of his men, have been out-foxed on a historical scale. Treepers have only been able to witness this epic event through Sundance’s interpretive genius.

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    • drg13miami says:

      I completely agree. It’s as if the brilliant Sundance is writing the script. Kudos, Sundance. You are amazing. Thank you.

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    • sjtp says:

      Right on! Thank the Lord for PDJT and Sundance!!! These are very blessed people, and we are blessed by them.

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      • Jeff C-C says:

        Thomas Wictor, back when he was on Threadreader/Twitter, did an excellent, complementary job positing that our military took significant, subtle actions that pushed the process along as well.

        I believe it was also Wictor who put tremendous pieces together about Kim Jong Un personally; that he was a normal kid at boarding school in Switzerland, right at the time that the Chicago Bulls were setting the world on fire (and thus the root of his admiration for Dennis Rodman) Wictor, too, should get praise for understanding the issues.

        I don’t remember who pulled in the Christian roots of the Kim family, and the possible conversion of Kim Jung Un. It’s another extraordinary piece of this.

        We are all truly blessed to be watching this unfold. God is so good!

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        • jrapdx says:

          Yes, I too remember Wictor’s comments on Kim and events in NK. In my recollection It was Wictor who first brought up the idea that Kim was hostage to NK military and Chinese influence, and that President Trump was striving to release Kim from captivity. Perfectly congruent with the picture painted by Sundance. Almost certainly Wictor and SD arrived at their similar conclusions independently, in effect confirming the correctness of the ideas about Kim presented by these brilliant authors.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Ah, another unsung hero, that has GOT to be the most unlikely agent for clandestine diplomacy on the face of the earth;
            Dennis Rodman

            If THAT isn’t compelling evidence of;
            Divine intervention AND proof positive that,God has a TREMENDOUS sense of humor, I don’t know what is!

            Seriously, NO ONE could have been able to visit Kim, and spend time with him ‘unchaperoned’, but ANY background check by Xi’s security people would have detirmined there is NO WAY this,…guy (?) is an agent of U.S. Government!
            Brilliant move on Kims part!

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            • Dutchman says:

              Forgot to mention, Rodman said when he returned from Nork, he TRIED to tell Obama, and O refused to meet with him, shunned him.
              Good thing, too or O would have told Chinese, and Kim would have been fed to dogs.

              Ditto Hillary, and I seriously doubt any difference with Jeb. ONLY DJT would A) LISTEN to Rodman and B) believe him and C) know what to do with the information.

              And some scoff at divine intervention, and say miracles don’t happen?


            • jrapdx says:

              Perhaps people have underestimated Rodman, that he has more on the ball (no pun intended) than usually credited. The “stealth diplomacy” conducted under the guise of athletic celebrity has proven valuable just as you say. But of course the Good Lord must have a vast sense of humor, considering there are far too many clowns on the loose these days, so no other conclusion is possible.


        • Interesting post JeffC-C.

          North Korea is a horrible prison state because of the iron grip that China has on it politically and economically.

          Chairman Kim keeps it there for many reasons, to keep his family alive and other unsavory ones that we are unaware of.

          To me this tell us more about China than it does North Korea.


      • LafnH20 says:

        AMEN and AMEN!!

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    • bertdilbert says:

      One day we are going to pull back the curtain and there is Sundance!

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    • Inspector 71 says:

      MMS: I do believe there is some genius involved here on our POTUS’s side, but I also think previous admins and Congress have been complacent due to the money the Chicoms have used to buy them off. Who wants to kill the Golden Goose? Trump can’t be bought, but the Feinstein’s and Piglosi’s of the world can.

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    • John Lott says:

      Glad to see you’re on board.


    • Dutchman says:

      While I totally agree, I strongly suspect DJT would say;
      “Its ONLY ‘common sense’, folks!”

      I was fortunate enough to have a boss like this, once. He constantly went through life, surprised that he had to explain to others, that which was so OBVIOUS to him. On the one hand, he had ‘learned’ to expect others wouldn’t ‘get it’, but on the other hand each time, there was just a little sense of disbelief.

      “How is it I have to EXPLAIN this, isn’t it OBVIOUS?” It wasn’t EGO, or HUBRIS, he was just genuinely puzzled that everybody didn’t see what,was SO obvious to him. He was another VSG, and I was fortunate to work and learn from him for several years. Very formative time in my life!

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    • piper567 says:

      MustardSeed, a friend of mine emailed me last night saying she doesn’t think she’s ever seen a man become a legend while he is still living.
      I think she may be right.

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  4. Psycho Monkee says:

    Open letter to Chairman Xi Jinping

    Socialist communism fails economically. It fails your people and snuffs out productivity. Your nation is starving spiritually and literally. Now is the time to drop the silly and predictable panda mask. The dragon is losing.

    The United States of America, under the guidance and skill of President Donald J. Trump is an economic powerhouse and it’s people will never be defeated. The USA is the envy of the world because our foundation is supported by a FREE MARKET economy.

    Sir, stop the dithering and get with the USA program fast! Our FREE MARKET economy can halt your dying swine situation, commence shipments of soy and help undo the unproductive and historic failures of centralized socialist communism.

    Lastly, President Trump is fair minded and wants you to leave a lasting positive legacy. When you meet at the G20, I suggest you promise in writing to:
    Stop the persecution of Christianity.
    Never steal protected intellectual property.
    Drop the import tariffs.
    Fire most of your closest advisors.
    Free North Korea.
    Stop the South China Sea island building.

    P.S. Reconsider your talks/affiliations with Russia, Iran, Venezuela and other socialist countries. Socialism is a dead-end state. Stay far away and let them wither away by themselves.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      One step at a time!

      When you plant a seed in the ground, It’s unrealistic to expect the full corn the very next day.

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      • So true Kitty Kat!

        And long before you plant the seed you must take a lot of care to prepare the soil.

        You must plow, disk, level and then smooth the seed bed out.

        Then you can finally, carefully plant your crop.


        • Kitty-Kat says:

          LIKE *****
          Thanks for your improvement on the metaphor … It seems he started preparing the ground during the campaign when he talked so much about China, and then after elected, the Mara Lago visit … He indeed devotes much thought, time, patience, and energy to preparing the ground …

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    • Will J. says:

      They can’t change. They don’t know how. They are not innovative. They are not creative. They are bottom feeders that steal from everyone else. That’s reality. I’ve been doing business with them for almost 20 years and I learned very early they have absolutely no idea why capitalism actually works when practiced properly.

      They are destined to fail. Trump just finally called them on it.

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      • CirclinTheDrain says:

        Someone needs to send the CCP 2 books as required reading:
        Socialism, by Ludwig von Mises
        Road to Serfdom, by Friedrich Hayek

        After reading those, the CCP might understand capitalism and communism better.


  5. OhNoYouDont says:

    Xi ‘to Watch N.Korea’s Notorious Mass Games’

    Chinese President Xi Jinping could watch North Korea’s notorious mass games when he visits Pyongyang on Thursday and Friday, U.S. website NK News said Tuesday.

    North Korean performers last November created a huge mosaic picture of Xi’s face when a Chinese art troupe was watching a performance, so he could end up admiring his own face.

    Xi is to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and visit the China-North Korean Friendship Tower dedicated to the Chinese army’s participation in the Korean War.

    His visit seems intended to show off the friendship between the two countries amid China’s trade war with the U.S., as well as distracting attention from pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

    Pyongyang could secure support from Beijing in its denuclearization talks with Washington and get food and fertilizer aid.


    • Sofa King says:

      ” Xi said North Korea and China would expand and develop relations in civilian sectors, including education, culture, sports, tourism, youth and rural areas…. ”

      And there it is. China will get a head start in the construction and reform boom.
      China will reinforce it’s control over a new, kinder, gentler N Korea.
      And China will NEVER let it be free, or allow reunification, unless S. Korea expels American troops and S. Korea ALSO becomes a client state.

      America has a 200+ year history.
      China has a 2000+ year history.
      In that time, it was conquered by invading Koreans, and also Japan, that used the same strategic beachhead.
      Surrendering Kora would be similar to us surrendering Florida.


      • Jeff C-C says:

        But you know that Trump was drooling over the development opportunities! (And wants them for US!)

        God really put the right man at the right place at the right time.

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      • Historians have always talked about how China absorbs their conquers Sofa King.

        The U.S. under the Trump administration is not out to conquer China, and China has never come up against the REAL Americans.

        So far all China has met is the sissy, fawning American politicians who wanted to line their own pockets.

        America under Pres Trump is a whole new ball game and one that we will set up to Make America Great.

        They can either play or not, up to them.

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      • Dutchman says:

        The Hapsburgs had been one of the power families in Europe, and I’m sure people said they would never NOT be such.
        Empires fade, and NEVER is a very long time.
        Many said Soviet Union would NEVER be defeated.
        Never is a very long time.

        When you are starving, you pawn the gold watch you inherited, cause knowing your time of death isn’t nearly as important as POSTPONING it.

        I have experienced significant life changing events, that have caused my priorities to change, radically.

        Something that was SO important to me, now doesn’t mean a thing!


        • Sofa King says:

          China’s greatest threat is within.
          They won’t be able to keep the Hong Kong million-man-march hidden for long….


          • Dutchman says:

            Spend considerably more on internal security, than on defence.
            Says a lot, right there.

            Things continue,…right up until they DON’T.
            Chinas percieved strengths, large population and ‘long view’ approach have not benefited them at all, and second has already proven to be a vulnerability, as PDJT moved so fast, in such a short time, he has boxed them in.
            The massive population, turned against the CCP, definetly not an ‘advantage’.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      re. the Chollima tweet, above:

      …”a clear commitment to enhancing diplomacy and **ties** with the country”…..(my emphasis).

      Not sure about the Chollima’s interpretation of these messages. The Chinese characters seem to be a pretty clear statement of NK wanting to go Independent of China, at least to some extent.

      Zizhu (Independence), Zizhuhua (becoming independent, or independent-ization- if there was such a word, hehe), etc. etc.

      They are not unfriendly messages by any stretch. But they also indicate the value and recognition of individual autonomy.

      In a way, they seem to be saying “Make NK Great Again” ….by getting out of our hair a bit! In a very subtle, kind way, of course. haha.

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  6. Fascinating analysis…thanks!


    • bertdilbert says:

      Xi started of the negotiations making himself king for life. This however was a sign of weakness and not of strength. Perhaps China was trying to signal they were in this for the long haul and time was not of the essence.

      Now things are falling apart rapidly and they need a deal in order to hold the country together. Whatever kind of gain they were hoping for when they reneged on the deal has blown up in their face.

      Not only does China know they have a weak position. They know that Trump knows how horrible their position is. This however, allows Trump to give them a win while losing. China will conclude negotiations feeling very rucky.

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  7. BroMole says:

    Not like I am surprised or anything,… but I’ve made a habit of checking the mainstream sources when interesting events like this happen, to see how they approach it. I have a hard time stomaching any of it, even as oppo research now. Unbelievably low brow.

    I go there and I see nothing of substance at all. It still makes me sad how little intellectual heft is left where so much opportunity exists. At any moment one… just one reporter… could do his/her job and offer some deeper analysis than the equivalent of screeching and high-school-level headline generating and inform his audience just a little better. An audience that is starved for better quality analysis… that there might be more going on than PT’s hair or Melania’s use of verbs.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      The MSM is largely devoid of intellect, having replaced knowledge with devotion to ideology.

      Consider that they are devoted to a demonstrably failed economic scheme that has a consistent record of creating misery. Not intellectually very bright people.

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  8. Kitty-Kat says:

    I think Putin has been a magnanimous bear in his own right, with his recent withdrawal from Venezuela. And in his recent meeting with Xi, I’m sure he contributed positively to Xi’s direction re Kim.

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    • Dutchman says:

      A second goal of muh russia was to make it impossible for PDJT to enlist Russia, in his battle against China.

      However, I’m thinking it DIDN’T WORK.
      China is a big, overbearing bully, and probably TRIED to treat Russia as its little brother, which Putin would NOT appreciate.

      I suspect PDJT enlisted Putin on ‘his’ side, despite attempts to make it politically impossible.

      So, in addition to nuetralising Iran, and DPRK, PDJT got Putin “on his team”, further isolating China.

      Its a natural fit, really. Putins Russia is extremely Nationalist, and has NO interest in a Global Conmunist one world government, dominated by the Chinese.

      And they are once again a Christian nation, with no interest in the ‘make collectivism and the State your religion’ of marxist stalinist ideology.

      When China called Putin and said “Hey, buddy! Can you help us out, here?”

      Putin said “Uh, sorry ‘buddy’, (who has been ‘lording’ it over me for YEARS) But you are on your own!”
      And Xi said “Drat that Trump, foiled AGAIN!”

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  9. 335blues says:

    “said the two Asian countries will “strengthen our strategic communication and exchanges,” adding that China will firmly support Kim’s achievements in “socialist construction” aimed at economic development and improving people’s lives, according to the newspaper.”
    Seriously, this sounds like movements for appearances sake only. The editorial spells out that the CONTROL NK WILL BE LESS OBVIOUS, BUT MORE PERVASIVE.

    “Xi said North Korea and China would expand and develop relations in civilian sectors, including education, culture, sports, tourism, youth and rural areas.
    “We will actively contribute to peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region by strengthening communication and coordination with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,”
    It sounds like THIS COULD BE AN “OPTICS” PSYOP, to give the appearance of loosening up while turning North Korea into another chinese “province” vis-a-vis Hong Kong.
    It makes sense to me they intend to stage a show for the world to give the right appearance, but not giving anything up at all. Feeling that Trump is likely to win re-election this is a stall tactic to wait out Trump to 2024 when the communists will again help engineer another MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE
    REMEMBER GLASNOST? (“openness”) AND PERESTROIKA? (“restructuring”)
    They were just communist propaganda psyops. They were never intended to give anything up, but to shore up a weak position. Xi’s actions are designed to shore up his weak position.
    Trump should raise the tariffs now while the chicoms are weakened.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      “REMEMBER GLASNOST? (“openness”) AND PERESTROIKA? (“restructuring”)”

      Yes, I do. I also recall a nation, now a part of history, called the “USSR.”

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      • I remember them also TheLastDemocrat.

        And I also remember a country the USSR that was starving, dreary, full of sick people without any hope.

        It was a real nasty place right before it was no longer a country and became suddenly Mother Russia again.

        It was also a horrible place to be a female.

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  10. hoghead says:

    I am old enough to remember President Eisenhower. I watched in horror as the quality [!] of our presidents rapidly fell from poppy bush through little willy and w., ending with the blatant anti-American sotero. (That’s correct, I am DISRESPECTING former presidents! How improper of me!)

    After all of this, I find myself unexpectedly living through the term of the greatest President of my lifetime. (Horror has turned to joy)

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  11. Esther says:

    Sitting at on the edge in awe at Trump. Al those years dealing with corrupt politicians, developers and NY and NJ mafia who types have brought to our presidency the greatest skillsman. Only one thing would not make sense, and that is if Trump lets Moon get the credit. It is important that the world knows Trump’s skill and strength. that kind brings the same type of respect that have a very strong military does. On its own it is a deterrent. Plus we don’t want Moon and his idiocy to be able to control any more power. He’s shown many times he’s more China leaning than is comfortable for the USA. Moon really needs to be gone, rather than have his position consolidated for another term. He’s the wrong person to be at the helm, idiots are unpredictable.

    Xi is really not as smart as he thinks, he is vicious, but his over abounding ego is (hubris) is his downfall. He listened to US politicians and media on how they disrespect Trump and by so doing missed the implications of Trump’s significant initial play. While having wonderful chocolate cake at Mar-a-lago for desert at dinner with Xi and his wife Trump left the room and return to say, he just started bombing Syria. Xi did not read just how confident Trump was to make that play.

    As loud and belligerent as China has been playing their hand, for most Americans a quiet concession will never be enough. Xi must be publicly humbled whatever that entails. To the victor goes the spoils, and the world must know it. Let’s continue our ardent prayers for our VSG President Donald J. Trump.

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    • Inspector 71 says:

      What is scary is how utterly stupid Biden is. Imagine Biden in a meeting with Xi and Moon. Xi and Moon laughing their arses off at “plugs” Biden pontificating about his last bowel movement.

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    • Lactantius says:

      Talk about hubris: “Xi is really not as smart as he thinks….”

      Could Putin, Trudeau, May, Trump, or anyone here step into Xi’s shoes and survive over night???????

      Sinologists are forever getting China wrong. Anyone pretending to “understand” China is first tasked with developing an ability to have a critical appreciation of the living past in China’s present.

      The dominating culture of the Chinese Communist Party and its rigid ideology, policies, control of mass media, control of education and its internal and global propaganda efforts are promoted as “Official China.” Meanwhile, Chinese students flood the universities in the United States and they encounter a parallel universe which is not dominated by government controlled ideology. Ditto for Chinese world traders.

      China, since Deng, has been experiencing a global convergence due to its powerful and expansive industrialization. This “new China” engaging globally challenges the “reality” of the PRC constructed and ideologically controlled “reality.” One must understand that Communist Mao-Leninist ideology is rapidly becoming provincial and less effective in the industrialized and urban settings in China. Western intellectualism, classical-liberal core values and the concept of “universalism” are causing the PRC endless angst. China has begun to have a taste for freedom of movement, freedom of employment, freedom of choice and freedom of directed individual destiny.

      Zhōngguó (China) is written as a rectangle with a vertical line bisecting it. The interpretation of that written character is that China is the center of the world. As a locked away center of oriental mystery, that characterization suited China. But China has emerged into the world for the first time since the massive fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He explored the globe c. 1420-1440.

      I have no clue as to how “smart” Chairman Xi is. Nor do I have any clue how he stacks up against the brain of President Donald J.Trump. In fact, it is a bogus issue to consider. Out of nearly 20% of the population the globe which is Chinese, Chairman Xi has managed to wrest control and set himself up with a lifetime tenure. President Donald J. Trump has under 2 years left leading about 4% of the world’s population.

      Chairman Xi has to watch his back 24-7-365. President Donald J. Trump has to win reelection. Both men are sizing one another up and playing hardball with trade and finance.

      Way too many hard-core types think that Chairman Xi is an expansionist who seeks world domination. Then, the same hard-core types yammer on about three dimensional chess. As complicated as three dimensional chess is, it is a simplistic analogy. Chess is a mind game played on a static board with limited chess pieces each having limited ways in which they may move. The real world does not work that way. Neither President Donald J. Trump nor Chairman XI has a clear view of how the game between each other will proceed or what “unknown” will pop up. Chairman Xi could be crushed by a meteor tomorrow and throw the PRC into immediate upheaval. Ditto President Donald J. Trump.

      It is not refreshing in any way to red comments from so many people who have it all “figured out.” We have buildings full of people who analyze “contingencies” and plan for them and then get blind-sided. That is hubris.


  12. MVW says:

    Trump is playing the strategy of ‘Quick Sand’ with all of his opponents, enemies of America and Americans. In that strategy, the more they fight, struggle, obstruct, the greater their loss and in the end, they will drown.

    So, Xi is smart by half. Instead of going full on ‘Populous’ like Trump, Xi will play it ‘smart’ and be cunning; Xi will do as Sundance says, “We now enter a phase of great nuance and subtle signaling where we will need to carefully evaluate the scale of hostage release.”

    Too Smart by Half.

    To grasp the difference between ‘Communism’ and ‘Populism’ it is critical to realize that free people are smart, they get it. Compare and contrast Trump’s Orlando rally to the Hong Kong protests of a million angry Chinese digging in against the HK political ‘elite’ who were going to pass a law enabling Xi to extradite.

    Xi is facing something what Communists have in the past dealt with with death camps. Politics. Propaganda has failed with the advent of the internet, and Populism has won with the genius spear of Trump.

    Xi and the Communists, like America’s Globalists, DhimmiRats, Media lackies, have not read the script on their headstone, ‘Too Smart by Half, Died in Quick Sand.’

    And, by the way, at the Trump 2020 rally, didn’t Melania look like the new ‘Lady Liberty’ glowing like the noonday sun in her stunning dress!

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    • MVW says:

      Still, I don’t put my faith in Trump, populism, internet, free people, etc. as all can be undone. No. I see the hand of God in this, in our darkest hour; the noonday sun gleam of salvation. The hand of God can’t be undone. That is what I see. The rest is mechanics.

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  13. Raised on Reagan says:

    Trump ordering the bombing of Syria over dessert (chocolate cake) with Xi at Mar-A-Lago was a masterstroke.

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    • Inspector 71 says:

      It showed his ability to handle very complex subjects quickly while multi-tasking at the same time. Right then and there, Xi knew he was outmatched.

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      • jrapdx says:

        Don’t know if Xi knew at that moment he was outmatched though subsequent events should have shown him that he indeed is facing a brilliant adversary. Despite the President’s strong record of successes, worth noting the massive evidence that his opponents consistently, repeatedly underestimate his strengths and abilities, So it would not be surprising if Xi is among those who fail to catch on to the President’s moves and will outsmart PDJT. OTOH we will go on confidently predicting the high odds that President Trump will keep on winning just as he assured us he would achieve.

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  14. gymcy81 says:

    Incremental successes and growth along a life journey takes some humility to win (or lose) and at the same time respect and love thy neighbor (such that they – rival, country, team) feel honored and be motivated to want to continue to compete on a sporting, geopolitical, and re-leveling – or new leveling -of the home and away fields (of rules, culture etc.)).
    An exercise of Peace through strength (used or unused – economic or military) can be a managed tool to help others to rationalize their options towards mutual successes, over time.

    [Being able to sustain a consistent approach through a generation is a part of the ongoing challenge…as perhaps some of those (ideological and proven to succeed) good pieces begin to gather and subtly move into place (with support of ‘we the people’…)…2024…2028…]

    Polar opposite…
    [I.e. being nice by giving away, or selling out, or overtaxing the farm (literally or figuratively)…has its limits…and results in inequities and angst amongst people .]


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  15. Texian says:

    Trump is ok with the thespians getting the applause..
    Because he is the one taking home the prize..

    And it is a present that benefits all the American people..
    That’s why he’s doing it.. It’s all for you..

    Making America Great Again..

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  16. M says:

    It was so much easier for the muslims and Chinese to deal with Obama rather than Trump. All they had to do was bend Obama over on the World Stage and penetrate him. And to be honest about it, they BOTH liked it….. Trump is another kettle of fish entirely.


  17. CopperTop says:

    “Ultimately, I don’t think President Trump really cares about who gets credit for the victory, hostage release of Chairman Kim, and denuclearization of North Korea.”

    ^^This^^^ a 1000 times.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Translation: Moon and Xi will get the Nobel Peace Prizes. Trump will be excoriated during the presentation for being a warmonger and imperialist-capitalist pig-dog.

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      • CopperTop says:

        Ha. Next time on Hannity:

        “I’d give myself the peace prize. No one else would give it to me. But I’d give it to me. I mean I would but probably not because they way they hand it out now is kind of meaningless isn’t. But someone on fake news will report that they gave it to someone else but me and say that it is meaningful because I didn’t get it’


      • Fake Nametag says:

        Has anyone ever won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize for Economics in the same year…?


    • Kitty=Kat says:

      I dunno about that; the credit would make for some mighty powerful leverage in his quiver.


  18. permiejack says:

    Apple through Foxconn is considering moving another 15 to 30% of production out of China. Yet more pressure on Xi to sit at the table.
    Apple explores moving 15-30% of production capacity from China: Nikkei

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  19. Xi is buying time and finding a way to get economic concessions from Trump until Trump is gone in 20 months, and then it will be back to business as usual for China and the multinationals… unless Trump makes no concessions.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      China does not have time. They need to stop the blood letting now and complete a deal to remove uncertainty. Even if China strikes a deal tomorrow, businesses will remain on tenterhooks. Nobody will want to go “all in” on China.

      Political risk diversification will be the new rule.

      Now here is another thing that is problematic to China. That territory grab they made with those islands in the South China Sea? That now works against them because it is a high level unresolved issue. Those islands become a lability over what they are worth.

      Business will now judge political risk with an eye towards potential unresolved issues. Those islands now signal future supply chain disruption. It is only a matter of time before Trump makes an issue of the islands.

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    • ElGato says:

      Trump is gone is 20 months? How so?


      • The Other Sean says:

        Yeah, it should be either 19 months, or 5 years and 7 months, but 20 months is right out – unless somebody knows that President Trump will be reelected but die a month into his second term.


    • red_desi69 says:

      “Until Trump is gone in 20 months” Are you kidding me? What makes you think he will be gone in 20 months?

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  20. Lactantius says:

    There are three flies in the ointment that are yet to be worked out: Japan, Taiwan and Red China militarization.

    Within his own borders, Chairman Xi Jinping is holding a tiger on a cobweb leash. Dengism under Deng Xiaoping modified Maoism and by 1992 Deng declared gǎigé kāifàng; reform and opening-up. As a result, China burst onto the global scene. However, Chairman Xi Jinping has rolled Dengism back to some degree in order to take a more firm control of Communist socialism and modified adherence to Maoism.

    Like Vietnam, China and North Korea will remain dictatorships. The competition with South Korea, Japan and Taiwan will be edgy, but positive. The next great hurtle is to get Communist China to recognize Taiwan as a free and independent nation.

    Chairman Xi Jinping achieved a lifetime rule for himself and he would be wise to consider the form and style of the dictatorship in Singapore as his goal. The incredible growth of cities in China has resulted in the creation of would-be city states and all of the urban problems associated with such aggregations of population.

    It appears to me that Chairman Xi Jinping has found his equal in President Donald J. Trump and is grasping hold of an opportunity to step into the future with American help and approval.

    No one should ever underestimate the power infrastructure within China which Chairman Xi Jinping controls. 18.4% of the world population lives in China and it is likely closer to 20%. Life expectancy in Japan is 83.98 years; in the United States it is 78.69 years and in the People’s Republic of China it is 76.25 years. This is no slouch figure. To keep that many people fed, housed and healthy is a great achievement. Gone are the days of starving-off millions of excess people.

    China has no particular need to militarize if it would be content to stay within its own borders. The people are diligent, patient, frugal and prone to live with and engage in corruption. Law and order can be both swift and harsh. Therefore, the government machine is pervasive and decisive.

    There is no reason why an independent Taiwan, South Korea and Japan can’t continue to exist. That is really up to Chairman Xi Jinping. From India to Thailand and from Laos and Cambodia down through Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines to the coast of Australia, Southeast Asia is full of “basket case” governments which barely hold on. Since Mao, China has made a very quiet giant leap forward and has become an amazing accomplishment on the global scale.

    From a practical business point of view, President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Xi Jinping are doing “what comes naturally” to great equals living side by side. Kim Jong Un would be well advised to let America and China show him the way to bring Korea out of the dark ages and into the light.


    • Esther says:

      Lactantius – Xi Jinping is NOT Trump’s equal, he is a worthy opponent but not nearly an equal. Xi presides over people who have no rights, and in many cases no humanity as individual human beings, not even over their bodies. Xi Jinping is a communist dictator who orders prisioners to be brutally slaughtered for their body parts to sell on the black market. In China Xi and the CCP hold all the power with such an imbalance it does not take a genius to rule., only a person who is vicious, evil and a dictator. On the other hand, what President Trump is accomplishing is against a backdrop of his own government that is against him at every turn. He does not get the support or the help of the US Congress, and yet he is severely beating Xi Jinping.

      When you grasp this you will rethink the convoluted gibberish about ‘great equals living side by side”. No such thing!! You write like a Chinese infiltrator to this forum. I may be wrong, but this is exactly how it comes across, because you are so obviously and completely off base, and so prolific in praise to Xi Xinping.
      Trump is crushing Xi, live with it!

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      • Lactantius says:

        “Equal” is a concept term when it applies to things which can not be measured. Globally, there are many established nations with differing fundamental principles. My “convoluted gibberish” is global realism, not some false endless comparison between opposing or vastly different realities of governance. Summits of leaders convene in search of commonality, not to pitch a bitch about differences. World War I and World War II were wars of supremacy. An “arms race” is based on inequalities being closed in terms of military supremacy. At some point, the kill power is measured (as it is now) by how many times each human on the planet can be killed. The kill power of the USA stands at above 7, at this point in time.

        The history of China is very familiar to me. Chairman Xi Jinping has his dictatorial hands full keeping his vast machinery of dictatorial government on track. You entirely misread me. However, if you are of the opinion that Chairman Xi Jinping is cowed by President Donald J. Trump, that is a great error on your part. Underestimating China and Chairman Xi Jinping is a very dangerous and foolish road to take.

        Genghis Khan created the government organization used in China today. It is the decimal system beginning with “arbans” or groups of ten. Ten locals have ten families each which they “watch.” So, the “arban” knows the dealings of 100 families. One member of the arban”He arranged his army into arbans (inter-ethnic groups of ten), and the members of an arban is in the “zuun” with nine others where 100 families are known, one member of the “zuun” is on the Mingghan” along with nine members who know 1000 families. One Mingghan serves with 9 other tumens who know 10,000 families. These regional organizations are responsible to other broader groups which report all the way to Chairman Xi Jinping. It take no time for information to flow to the top and for orders to reach the bottom in this highly efficient and simply organized dictatorial structure. If Chairman Xi Jinping wanted to stop intellectual property piracy, it could be wiped out overnight. But, why should he? What’s in it for him or China????

        I’ll stop here. I have traveled China regularly and extensively over twenty five years and I am no fan of its form of government. But I am no idiot who does not admire how “efficient” the dictators have been in controlling what would otherwise be uncontrollable. You, on the other hand, seem to have only an emotional understanding which is akin to Xenophobia.

        We either do what we can to co-exist or …… what??? Nuke them? I have never seen the first inkling in President Donald J. Trump of being bellicose with any country other than Iran and North Korea. And in those two examples, President Donald J. Trump is just speaking truth to their weak power. North Korea has got the message and Iran is considering getting the message.

        What a fool President Donald J. Trump would turn out to be if he saber-rattled with Chairman Xi. The first thing Chairman Xi would do is occupy Taiwan and dare the rest of the world to do something about it.

        You write like a Chinese infiltrator to this forum. I may be wrong, but this is exactly how it comes across, because you are so obviously and completely off base, and so prolific in praise to Xi Xinping.

        It is to laugh.

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        • Jeff C-C says:

          Lactantius, I was enjoying your conversation with Esther very much. If your last comment was directed at her, here is my observation. You are both knowledgeable, just looking at things from a different perspective.


          • Jeff C-C says:

            Whoops, it was Esther who accused you of that! My apologies! I am glad you didn’t take more offense.

            Esther, ahem. Please see my comment above.

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        • Esther says:

          Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying!!!
          I assure you, our VSG President Trump is no fool, and for that matter neither are his supporters or the Treepers. Proselyting on Xi’s strengths and trying to inject disinformation about Xi’s greatness, and China’s stench ( oops strength,) won’t sucker in posters here who think for themselves. We don’t nuke them, we crush the CCP so that Chinese can be free to live like humans in possession of their God given rights of freedom. Again, that option comes from the mind of one who has not been trained in creative thought. Its why you cannot see an alternative option other than nuking. We don’t destroy under Trump, we set free and allow people to be reeducated to their innate Godliness.

          You wrote “What a fool President Donald J. Trump would turn out to be if he saber-rattled with Chairman Xi. The first thing Chairman Xi would do is occupy Taiwan and dare the rest of the world to do something about it.” That’s the chinese communist perspective showing through again. So what will Xi do about Hong Kong, occupy them too? Oh, by the way, Trump just agreed to SELL ARMS DIRECTLY TO YOUR INDEPENDENT TAIWAN. He’s getting them read to resist just like Hong Kong. How much more international embarrassment and losing face can Xi take before your beloved CCP feeds his body to the piranhas?


    • Mac says:

      As you note, the PRC is a totalitarian state. It is really an oligarchy rather than a dictatorship. The ultimate goal of the PRC is world domination, just like every other communist state in history. But, the Chinese are a careful people. They tend to take the long view. For that reason, their method of domination is economic. Once the Chinese mainland had been secured and the internal struggles between members of the ruling oligarchy were resolved, China began a program of worldwide, economic trade dominance. Whereas US businesses seek to control the US government to facilitate their goal of making money, the Chinese government controls its businesses and economy to facilitate its goal of dominating the world, economically. The greatest impediment to the realization of the PRC’s goals is the USA. Militarily, it would be impossible for China to dominate the US militarily. And, even in its weakened condition, the fact that the US still comprises nearly 30% of the world’s consumer market and has sufficient manufacturing capacity to satisfy a large portion of its consumer market as well as the real potential to expand that manufacturing capacity to satisfy all of its consumer market as well as supply a significant number of foreign markets makes it extremely difficult to dominate the US economically.

      What the Trump administration is doing is making the US less vulnerable to economic pressure by strengthening the US economy, while, at the same time, using the US economy to block the further expansion of the Chinese economic domination plan. And, it is working.

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      • Lactantius says:

        Mac writes: As you note, the PRC is a totalitarian state. It is really an oligarchy rather than a dictatorship. The ultimate goal of the PRC is world domination, just like every other communist state in history.

        The “oligarchy” has handed the keys over to Chairman Xi Jinping for “life” with “life” being until he needs to be pushed out. It is, however, a dictatorship by oligarchy which is a distinction without a difference — other than the tight control comes out of one panel instead of one human.

        Personally, I have long been doubtful of the “world domination” concept as a probability. The incredible computing pioneer, Admiral Grace Hopper, liked to tell people to “mind your nanoseconds.” She would hand out 11.8 inch lengths of wire to those she was lecturing. That wire showed how far light traveled in one nanosecond. A nanosecond being one billionth of a second. In a microsecond, light travels 984 feet. In a millisecond, light travels 186 miles. This is what “world domination” is up against today. The speed of information flow and computer analysis is measured in nanoseconds. Talking to people is at the rate of snails racing.

        The world is an enormous place. “Dominating” it reduces the “dominator” to physical control and the incredible organizational and transportation challenges which would be required.

        In recent years, I have been observing the shift in how the totalitarians rule in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur operate. They all have their feet firmly planted in world-wide commerce while tightly controlling every aspect of who comes and goes and regulating everything of which they disapprove out of existence. Singapore has several political parties, but the People’s Action Party (PAP) is in control and internal-security laws allow political “dissidents” to be held indefinitely without trial. Public morality is rigidly enforced. This elected system is headed by an oligarchy, but it is clearly dictatorial.

        World domination would force China to figure out how to capture all these and other world-wide golden-egg-laying geese without destroying the process that creates the golden egg. Of course, if world domination means slavery, mass executions and subservience, it would be a heck of a scheme to carry off and require incredible control to keep it going. That scene is for the writers about dystopia, not for general scholarship.


        • Mac says:

          First of all, the oligarchy did not make Xi a dictator. If it had, we would not have seen the rescinding of the agreement that Chinese negotiators engaged in with the US, recently. Dictatorial control would have been exercised prior to the negotiations or, at least prior to the tacit acceptance of the agreement by China. That occurred because other influential members of the oligarchy were opposed to the deal.

          China is a totalitarian state. And, it is become even more totalitarian by the day. Look at the recent trouble in Hong Kong, as one example. And, all totalitarian states desire total control of their environment, i.e. the world. China is no exception. China recognizes the fact that it can not gain this control through force. Two world wars proved that was not possible. Cultural assimilation will not work, either. So, all that is left is economics. China has embarked upon a two fold process for dominating the world economy. The first is by establishing itself as the premier producer of general consumer goods and electronics. This is still underway, but has been progressing nicely. This allows China to influence emerging economic nations, as well as established nations. The second path is through debt purchase and, eventually, currency replacement. Holding another nations debt, in significant amounts, allows China to put financial pressure on that nations. And, of course, if China could ever replace the Dollar with its own currency, as the world reserve currency, it would be able to exert tremendous control over the rest of the world.

          Totalitarian cultures are all about control and dominance. That is the basis of their natures. It is not necessarily rational. And, China is no different. Americans have trouble understanding that mindset. Even though there are segments of the US culture which desire total control, the majority of Americans want maximum personal freedom. And, personal freedom is what has driven the culture of the US since its inception.


          • Lactantius says:


            We may have different usages of “oligarchy” and “dictator.” My usage is the classical definition in which the “dictator” is different from the “tyrant.” Dictatorship is complete control by one or a small group over every aspect of the lives of the controlled population. Dictatorships are not inherited although they can be.

            An oligarchy is control by a small and homogeneous group which can (and often) exercise dictatorial power. Neither the dictatorship or the oligarchy has any set form for attaining power.

            China is a totalitarian state. We agree on that. Mao was the lone and all powerful dictator. After Deng, China became less totalitarian due to the influence of an enormous growth in wealth among some and its entry into international trade in a huge way. You are correct that Chairman Xi has been tightening down on some of those acquired freedoms. But the growth of the service industry in China has not been rolled back.

            The first is by establishing itself as the premier producer of general consumer goods and electronics. This is still underway, but has been progressing nicely. I would disagree here in several ways. China has had a huge internal migration to the factory areas which has lessoned the national costs of socialism, but the problem with industrial underemployment has become a nightmare for the state powers. To that end, China has been forced to overproduce and dump product. China is not particularly well placed to organize production on a demand basis.

            China is overloaded in holding foreign debt. There is no way to collect. Furthermore, China manipulated the Yuan so frequently, that it is impossible to calculate the value except by date of purchase valuation of the Yuan. This does not work in cases where China took national securities in payment for that nation’s purchases. China can not force anything meaningful on a nation that “stiffs’ cashing its bonds. The best they can do is roll them off to, say, Singapore at a deep discount. Of course, China can stop buying U.S. debt and likely will.

            My first trip in the early 1980’s was to consider sharing the basic oxygen furnace technology in making Chinese steel. The plant I visited had 1,000,000 employees who were little more than burros. By the year 2000, China was dumping steel. Hardly anyone can comprehend managing nearly 20% of the world’s population.

            Chairman Xi has to keep employment opportunities steady and face the blowback from the one child policy simultaneously. You are correct that the “oligarchy” acceded to Chairman Xi becoming “the” dictator for life. That does not mean that Chairman Xi is not walking on eggs or free to ignore his back. The real issue lies within the oligarchy how those individuals are being shuffled around, up and out. I will stay out of that nitty-gritty as we observers know better than to pretend to know who is on the move.


            • Mac says:

              While you are correct that the aims of the Chinese government did create significant problems, we call these unintended consequences, you are ignoring the reason why these problems occurred in the first place.

              There was a large move to the manufacturing areas of China because the government wished to expand its manufacturing base of consumer goods. It did this for reasons beyond simple profit. It intended to use the sale of manufactured goods to establish itself as an economic power in this area. This would naturally allow China to exercise more control over the international environment.

              The accumulation of foreign debt was designed to do the same thing. Holding the debt of foreign nations would usually grant the holder of that debt the ability to exercise influence and control over the nation whose debt it was holding. But, as you note, there is a point of diminishing returns. If the debtor can not, or will not pay then the value of the debt instruments is essentially zero, unless the debtor can somehow take possession of the debtor’s property. In the case of democratic nations, such as the US, there is not much useful property which can be confiscated.

              I have long thought that the Chinese government does not really understand consumer markets, foreign trade, or high finance. Former colonial areas of China, such as Hong Kong, seem to have a far better understanding of international trade and finance than does the central government. Where a capitalist society would more naturally develop a deep economic base, from raw material supply to final markets, the Chinese economy never developed a solid raw materials base for its internal manufacturing and it failed to develop deep enough internal markets for its manufactured goods to support its manufacturing sector. It depends almost entirely upon foreign trade to support its manufacturing sector and that sector employs most of its workers. Disruptions in raw material supply, foreign sales markets and finances can sink the economy is short order. It is always better to go to sea in a battleship than in a fishing boat. This is especially true in an economic war. Remember the US accounts for about 30% of the world’s consumer market. China accounts for about 7%.

              The Chinese economy is well suited for conquest, but not so well suited for commerce. And Commerce is what it is all about.


              • Lactantius says:


                Chairman Xi is holding a tiger by a cobweb leash. (As I said before.) China began emerging as player on global trade stage in 1978. Deng Xioaping was the last of the Mao era dictators and he looked at the meagre living standards under Chinese Communism and the decrepit infrastructure and decided to industrialize. His Dengism was aimed at realigning Maoism to deal with the reality of China’s backward isolation shut away from the global economy. In 1978, there were no private automobiles or even restaurants in China. People were given a blanket, a Mao jacket, and, maybe, a Flying Pigeon bicycle. He decided on “kai fang!” – opening up China.In his Oct. 10, 1978 edict Deng stated: “For a certain period of time, learning advanced science and technology from the developed countries was criticized as ‘blindly worshiping foreign things’. We have come to understand how stupid this argument is. Therefore, we have sent many people abroad to familiarize themselves with the outside world. China cannot develop by closing its door, sticking to the beaten track and being self-complacent.” He famously said that it doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice. That was the beginning of bringing “controlled” capitalism to China.

                Forty one years of Dengism and its corollaries have made China a global power. In 1978, I was 36 and at the beginning of a lifetime spent travelling on US delegations and industrial consultancies throughout China that lasted in my early 70’s. I learned their rules, their court systems, their cultures, their prejudices, their fantasies, their anxieties, their boldness, their corruption, their propensity to lie, and so very much more. I have been curried and favored and I have been rudely abandoned only to be graciously “retrieved.”

                The Han people make up 92% of the Chinese and 19% of the world population. The 8% “minority” Chinese present little problem because the “problem” minorities are overwhelmed with tight control. But, why do you imagine that China has never used its might to expand and dominate so much as even Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, or Japan? The oversimplified answer is because the Han people don’t want other people.

                In 246 B.C. Ying Zheng became the first Emperor known as Qin Shi Huang Di. He standardized coins, weights, measures, built roads and canals to link the many states he conquered and built the first type of Great Wall. From him emerged the Han Dynasty which has recorded its history for 2265 years of “continuity.” That is a great deal of culture, history and pride. But until 1978, China was immersed in self-imposed isolation.

                Today China is a nightmare of traffic jams, High-rise building sprouting up like asparagus, crowed trains and unimaginable cities. Yet, the countryside has basically retained its Maoist village plans and organization. Corruption is expected and rather passively controlled. The smartest 10% of the population numbers about half of the population of the U.S. China has searched the world for rare earth deposits and moved them to China. They spy on each other and on everyone else. Underestimating China is as foolish as trying to oversimplify them.

                It is a fool’s errand to try to unpack who and what Chairman Xi is by Western standards of understanding and then go about “explaining” him.


                • Mac says:

                  You continue to miss the point.

                  China may not have turned other Areas of Asia, with the exception of North Korea, into vassal states, this does not mean that they are not actively attempting to gain control over external nations. It is being done through dumping consumer goods onto international markets and gaining financial influence in other countries. This is well documented.

                  Now, what you have to avoid is looking t the surface of China’s successes and assuming that this runs deep. China has a very shallow economic system. It is largely designed to flood markets with cheap consumer goods, in order to generate dependence upon Chinese goods by other markets. However, China has small raw material reserves and a lack rae material sources. The stockpiling of rare earths was more for controlling the world supply to deny it to other countries rather than to secure resources for China’s manufacturing needs. So, if international markets are disrupted, as the US did with tariffs on Chinese goods, or disrupting China’s access to necessary raw materials and the Chinese economy founders and sinks.

                  I notice that people are always trying to cast the Chinese, and other Asians, as being somehow inscrutable to Westerners. This is absurd. The Chinese are human and respond to common human needs. In the case of today’s China, the Chinese leadership has chosen to adopt a a totalitarian type of society. And, totalitarian societies always share common traits. The first trait is internal control. This is achieved by oppressing the residents of that society as well as strictly controlling entry into the country of outsiders and outside ideas. The second trait is to control external areas and groups. While this is usually done through force of arms, it can also be done by establishing economic and financial control of these external areas. And, China has been doing this for the last 60 years. Unlike many Western nations, such as the US, which grew its economy, or allowed it to grow, for the sake of that economy and the residents of the nation, it has grown its economy to be a means for the state to project power. As i said earlier, in China the state controls businesses for the benefit of the state, while in nations, like the US, businesses attempt to control the state for the benefit of businesses.


        • Jeff C-C says:

          The Belt Road Initiative is a great example of this. They want to make it easy for countries across Asia and Africa to do business with them. But once they are locked in, the Chinese can change the rules however they want.


          • Jeff C-C says:

            I share Sundance’s preference for Main Street over Wall Street. As such, I cheered for the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to figure out how to build a world outside of World Bank/IMF dominance.

            But Sundance is so right. Behind the Panda mask is the Dragon. Now, Trump has pulled Brazil completely out of that (BRICS) orbit. I agree with Dutchman’s earlier comment that Russia is being incredibly patient while Trump gets the swamped drained and we can ally with them against the Chinese. While presently we are threatening India with tariffs, I think they will become solid allies of Trump/US in the second term. South Africa is a mess.

            All that to say, Trump isn’t just deconstructing the US Swamp and the Eurozone. He is managing to bring the most important up and coming nations in the world to our side.

            Not to mention all of the manufacturing that is leaving China and will be relocating elsewhere in Asia. Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and others all stand to benefit from it. Really, Trump is building his own version of the Belt Road Initiative without anyone noticing.

            The things that amaze me about Trump are how thick his skin is; the support he must have from Melania to put up with all that he has to put up with; and the things he is pulling off that no one can see.

            Praise God!

            And Sundance, thanks for running such an incredible service and community.

            Liked by 1 person

  21. Esther says:

    Watching carefully the shinanigans going on in the UK with the lead up to choosing the next leader. China has got to be watching this too. There’s a chance Trump will have much stronger allies in UK to break the NWO and China’s push for world domination.

    Boris Johnson is the British version of Emmanuel Macron. But seems like too many of the Brits do not want to wake up. Thank God video preserves everything in these modern times. Not only did Boris ridicule Trump and supported Hilary, he recently attempted to snub Trump on his State visit with the Queen. All Boris wants is power for his puppet masters, but it won’t be long-lasting. He has also snubbed Nigel Farage, stupidly ignoring the fact that Farage is the kingmaker that cannot be avoided. Come October there is a great likelihood that there will be a Prime Minister Farage. That would be the icing on the cake to have both Farage and our VSG working together against the globalist.s God is good. Boris is doing what Xi Xinping and too many others have done before, i.e. permitted vaulting ambition to blind them, while underestimating Trump and Farage.
    Trump speaks of Boris the same way he does Xi, but Farage is who Trump will quietly help snag the leadership of the UK. That will be an awesome truly strong and powerful alliance that could not happen with May or Boris at the helm.
    Trump already has Poland and Hungary working with him. Adding the UK will weakened Germany and bring it to its knees. Next stop? Brussels is the cross-hairs. Its a strategy that dismantles the ambitions of the EU and Germany’s quest to dominate the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Chump Change says:

    If anyone thinks that the Chinese are done trying to dominate and then subjugate the world under the Communist Party of China under Dear Leader for Life Xi, that would be a grave mistake.


  23. boomerbeth says:

    Live: Rush critiquing Orlando Rally.
    “Trump exudes confidence: That’s why they all hate him!”


  24. Chump Change says:

    Next move for Jedimaster Trump: Get China to let go of Taiwan and end China’s attempt to dominate shipping lanes by establishing bases in international waters.

    In trade, there is no need for China to lose…there is only the need for the USA to stop losing.

    Free trade has not meant “fair” trade…and Trump is using tariffs for as long as it takes to get “fair” trade with China.


  25. This is absolutely earth shaking. And as SD notes, movement on China/US trade is also occurring now.

    SD should have another of his graphics showing what Pres. Trump focuses on vs. the media. Consider that in 2 1/2 years, despite incessant opposition, via implacable determination and creativity, and having thought through the strategy and potential actions of his adversaries, Pres. Trump has made SUBSTANTIAL progress on China, NoKo, immigration–all of which are considered “foreign policy” but actually have HUGE impact on domestic conditions and economics.

    MAGA/KAGA indeed. And this is not even counting the progress with NATO and unveiling the true nature of Iran. Iran’s multiple provocations will prompt others (likely first UK) to leave the insupportable Iran deal.

    Thanks be to God for progress, and for a tough and brilliant POTUS. (With some great people on the team–all the Trade and Economic folks and Pompeo, and others).

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Mac says:

    I have a slightly different take on this situation.

    First of all, most world leaders know that the DPRK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PRC. That has not changed, nor will it. The Xi strategy is simply a rope-a-dope. It is designed to do two things.

    The first is to make it seem that China is ready, willing and able to assist the US in the possible denuclearization of the DPRK. Of course this will never happen. The Chinese are careful and they studiously avoid reminding the rest of the world that they are a nuclear power. But, the threat of the use of nuclear weapons is a potent force. Therefor, the PRC uses the DPRK as that threat. Essentially, they have Kim act like a heavily armed madman and then step in and “calm” the situation. Kim knows that he can get away with it, because he has a heavily nuclear armed PRC backing him up, if any world power looks likely to invade or nuke him.This is an obvious play to the members of the G20 summit, which is upcoming.

    The second thing is, Xi is emphasizing the fiction that the DPRK is an autonomous country over which the PRC has no control. His Op-Ed is saying, “China has no control over North Korea, but we will use all of our influence to aid the US in controlling the lunatic Kim”. The obvious reason for doing this is because Xi intends to allow “lunatic Kim” to run wild, at some point in the future. The PRC strategy, in its ongoing economic war with the US, is to use both economic weapons, which are not very effective against the US, and the threat of armed action against US allies. But, China does not want to be seen as an aggressor. It prefers to portray its military actions as strictly defensive. Offensive actions, in the region, it hands off to proxies such as the DPRK.

    Xi’s action means nothing. it is all smoke and mirrors leading up to the G20 summit. It sends the message that the PRC wants peace and tranquility in the region while also publicly stating that it has no real control of the DPRK. if China gets no concessions from the US, Kim will start throwing missiles around again.


    • citizen54 says:

      That’s my take as well. China is going to stall and hope that a Democrat becomes president in 2020. Any promises/concessions they make will be meaningless and will not be kept. China’s goal of global domination has not changed and will not change.


  27. Dutchman says:

    It may be a nuance, but two additional points on VSG’s tactics; it wasn’t JUST the meeting with Xi at Mar a lago;
    It was calmly telling him “I just launched 50 cruise missiles in ME!”;
    What that,was saying, IMHO, is;
    “Don’t even think about using your “other” proxy, Iran to draw me into a quagmire; Ain’t gonna happen. IF I ran does something provacative, so politically I am forced to respond, I WILL respond! But NOT with U.S. boots on the ground; with the alliance I built with Israel and the Sunni nations (SA), we will level Iran till the rubble bounces. It will be swift, it will be decisive, and there will be no ‘occupation’.
    Basically, putting Iran in check, and making it irrelevent.

    Second thing was his fatboy, rocketman tweets. He was poking the bear to show “see, norks aren’t these crazy, irrational people who will launch nukes at the first provocation.

    Ah, Trump, you glorious bastard!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Esther says:

      Dutchman – agree with you for the most part. But people are discounting the fact that Kim wants out from under China’s thumb. He wants his own power and his own country, rather than continuing to be a serfdom to China. So really we THREE factions fighting for independence from China. These being, Taiwan, Hong Kong and North Korea. Those are a whole lot of balls for China’s Xi to be balancing in the air, while dealing with Trump’s tariffs and starvation at home, along with the outpouring of funds from china mainland as well as Hong Kong. There is also a chance that Tibet who has long opposed China’s occupation may soon join in the fray. If the Dali Lama or one of his people hits the news any time soon that would indicate that the rebellion against CCP is spreading.

      Kim would be a fool not to take the chance for freedom, and become a hero to his people amidst a prosperous North Korea. The human spirit is endemically conditioned to gravitate towards freedom, and Kim is no different. Trump promised Kim he won’t be assassinated ‘under Trump’s auspices”. Xi on the other hand would have no problem taking Kim out like he did his half brother. SD refers to Kim as a hostage for a reason. A real hostage is never a willing participant, so their ultimate goal when given the real chance is going to be Freedom.

      Watch Iran buckle when the EU is forced to pull out of the Obummer agreement. China’ forced alliances/proxies are falling in a domino effect. Xi simply has too many balls in the area, and while he’s trying to juggle those balls, Trump is chopping at the roots. Every dying dragon lashes his tail in anger and agony, and yes that can do some damage, but death still comes to the dragon.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dutchman says:

        You and I are in agreement. And tibet isn’t the ONLY ‘ethnic enclave’ China has brutally oppressed, and forced to assimilate. ALL of them are in danger of rebelling, if they sense weakness.
        Just as with collapse of USSR, when they realised they simply couldn’t assert control over the baltic states, and Hungary, Poland etc.
        So, when it comes it will be fast, and we can pray bloodless. It is inevitable, and hopefully CCP will recognise that.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lactantius says:


          Tibet is tightly controlled and the old section of Lhasa is tightly surrounded by the military.. The Dalai Lama is 83 and not well. Meanwhile the Chinese Foreign Ministry has decreed that there are “clear rules” in choosing the 15th Dalai Lama.”Reincarnation of living Buddhas, including the Dalai Lama, must comply with Chinese laws and regulations and follow religious rituals and historical conventions.” “Historical conventions” being PRC norms. (The Tibetan monks are completely supported by China in terms of finance and controlled in their numbers by China. They are little more than a tourist attraction in fact.

          Tibet is an “ethnic area” under the “protection” of Beijing. The Han make up 92% of all of China. The minorities under Chinese control include: the Zhuang (18 million), Manchu (15 million), Hui (10 million), Miao (9 million), Uyghur (8 million), Yi (7.8 million), Tujia (8 million), Mongols (5.8 million), Tibetans (5.4 million), Buyei (3 million), Yao (3.1 million), and Koreans (2.5 million).

          The “Free Tibet” crowd is all but clueless about how China regards Tibet. The fact that “reincarnation of the living Buddha” must comply with Chinese laws and regulations should be an indication of where China stands.

          Each and every minority has its own story and history. Be that as it may, none is able to reestablish its regional supremacy. China has anywhere from 1.4 to 1.9 billion people. Groups which range from 2.5 to 18 million are just a rounding error in the grand scheme of things.


          • Dutchman says:

            Its all about TOTALITARIANISM.
            TOTAL is in their because you can NOT be successful with half measures. ANY resistance not brutally suppressed spells the end.
            Look at the velvet revolution. 3 small baltic states, with little strategic sugnificance. But they were forbidden to sing patriotic, pre soviet occupation songs.
            First several large sporting events, 10,000 people attending, they sung with impunity. Several such events.
            Then, a RADIO station crew barricaded themselves in, and began to broadcast the forbidden songs.
            Russian troops surrounded the,station, attacked and killed (I think it was 13) with it being broadcast.
            The WHOLE population of the three countries (which was only like 3.5 million, IIRC) spontaneously STOPPED whatever they were doing, walked out into the street, and began walking towards the Capitol.
            You simply can NOT machine gun everyone.
            The Soviets withdrew, and I BELIEVE this was the ‘beginning of the end’, before Hungary, Poland, etc.
            The population wasn’t that much, in relation to rest of Soviet Union, or even Russia.

            And, it wasn’t really PLANNED;
            Its just that some times, people COLLECTIVELY reach the point my dad called “there is SOME sh*t up with which I will not put!”

            And when that happens, if your Not prepared to kill every one of them, your totalitarian rule is OVER.
            I personally think its over, CCP is a dead organisation walking, but “We’ll see what happens,..”
            And it could still take some time to play out.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Esther says:

            Lactantius – hhmmm. SMH at your positions for numerous reasons.

            Get informed about Tibet and what the Dahlia Lhama has done. He has moved the monks and Tibetan culture all across the world. Its not a hidden strategy, he said exactly why. It is to preserve the culture and monks who could not continue to survive under Chinese rule. There are strong enclaves of Tibetans both in and outside of Tibet ready to move against China when the opportunity arises.

            The way you continually discount what is really happening and the troubles that are avalanching on China in your obvious tilts towards China and the CCP unmasks that you are not who you pretend to be. You think very much like a Chinese.. hmmm.. a CCP type Chinese at that.


        • Jeff C-C says:

          Wow, Dutchman; the collapse of China would be incredible. Talk about living in historic times.


  28. LafnH20 says:




  29. Og Oggilby says:

    Magnanimous Panda very very good for MAGA….


  30. rcogburn says:

    Sundance, this is an amazingly great catch. Time and again, you’ve nailed it on China and NK.

    MSM is still ignoring it, but Bloomberg has the globalist talking points already up. Psyop/propaganda piece disguised as journalism.

    1. Frame it with a familiar emotional narrative: “victims unite to resist Trump” template. Extra points to the psy-ops team for working in the Korean War as a problem for Trump.

    “Both China’s Xi Jinping and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un have suffered from President Donald Trump’s penchant for walking away from talks. Now, he’ll have to worry about what they tell each other behind closed doors.”

    “Xi’s state visit to Pyongyang…will showcase a renewed camaraderie between two neighbors that battled the U.S. together in the Korean War. ”

    “For Kim, it’s another chance to demonstrate he’s got options beyond a third meeting with Trump, after the second ended in collapse in February. The North Korean leader may find a more receptive audience for complaints about U.S. after Trump rejected China’s latest trade offer last month.

    Orange Man Bad. Xi, Kim Good.

    2. Define the problem as the opposite of what is, distort facts and invert reality so the desired conclusion is reached:

    “The problem for Trump is that China — as North Korea’s dominant trading partner and sole security ally — is key to maintaining the economic isolation the U.S. is relying on to force Kim back to the negotiating table. While China has repeatedly affirmed its commitment to the international sanctions regime it helped erect against North Korea, the country has shown its limits amid the trade showdown with Trump.

    China Trade War = Bad For America. Trump’s Fault.

    3. Carefully pepper in a few nuggets of truth.

    “Xi’s visit…is part of series of moves to repair ties strained by Kim’s weapons tests and other efforts to assert his independence after taking power in late 2011. The first meeting came in the early days of the U.S.-China trade dispute last year, when Xi told Kim in Beijing that he had made a “strategic choice” to have a friendlier relationship.”

    “Trump may have facilitated Xi’s trip to North Korea by playing down Kim’s recent tests of short-range ballistic missiles in an apparent violation of UN sanctions — approved with China’s vote. During a trip to Japan last month, the U.S. president referred to the missiles tested as “some small weapons,” saying the operation “disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.”

    Yeah I Remember That

    4.Obscure with meaningless doublespeak from experts.

    “It is in China’s interest to comply with UN sanctions without necessarily enforcing them, mainly for two reasons — so as not to put strain on DPRK-China relations, and to ensure that North Korea survives prolonged sanctions” said Rachel Minyoung Lee, a Seoul-based senior analyst with NKPro.

    The Expert Said So

    5. Mention a Big Truth by dismissing it.

    “Earlier this week, Lu dismissed a link between trade talks and the North Korean visit, saying: “Whether or not this meeting will be used as a marker or leverage, I can only say that people who think this may be over-interpreting.”

    Xi Wants Peace


  31. SHV says:

    “Apple explores moving 15-30% of production capacity from China: Nikkei”
    Interesting article. IMO, Pres. Trump has PRC and Xi by the b*lls. New to me, all of the Apple and many other Brand name electronic mentioned are manufactured by such companies as Foxconn, Pegatron Corp., Wistron Corp., Quanta Computer Inc., Compal Electronics Inc., Inventec Corp., etc.. These are all multi-billion dollar, world wide, development, design, engineering and manufacturing OEMs that are Taiwanese corps, not PRC corps. They have large assembly facilities in the PRC but also many other countries and can be moved. Seems to me, it’s a similar situation to motor vehicles, appliances, etc, “Hecho en Mexico”; Mexico isn’t manufacturing, for example BMWs, they bolt the parts together; same with PRC and i-Phones, Macs, etc. China “prosperity” here today, gone to India tomorrow. (Stupid me, I thought PRC companies were running the show and Xi had leverage)


  32. Jeff C-C says:

    Big news from Zerohedge on the Chinese economy today,

    When the Powers that Be let Lehmann Brothers fail, it send shock waves around the financial sector because they were “too big to fail.” A similar thing happened in China recently. The government let a regional bank fail. No one thought that that could happen. It changes the rules, just like when Lehmann Bros was allowed to fail.

    Add this on top of the restive “colonies” of Hong Kong, North Korea, and Taiwan; plus the economic pressure that we are putting on them. It’s a world of hurt right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Jeff C-C says:

    I am shocked at the ease with which companies are moving out of China in response to the tariffs. Chinese companies, too.

    I work in battery energy storage. Our current favorite supplier is Chinese. They keep their word, are priced competitively, and do great R&D.

    Already, we are told not to worry about the effect of the tariffs. They will source the batteries directly from Korea (where they are manufactured) but shift the inverters and assembly to India. Without skipping a beat for 2019 deliveries. Stunning.

    I am very glad, too. I didn’t want to lose them as a supplier as a consequence of MAGA.

    (Tesla, on the other hand, wouldn’t deliver systems last year that we had put deposits on through a Master Supply Agreement.)

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Wit's End says:

    Among the nuanced moves is one I consider number one, if only chronologically. It set the news organizations after an electric rabbit and …

    On 2 December 2016 President Trump called President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China (Taiwan), making that his first act of international diplomacy.

    I said to myself, “Self, he’s playing the Chinese Communist Party like a gypsy violinist.”

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Jeff C-C says:

    Where is the commenter Dark Knight Rides? I’m missing your insights. We really got rolling about China not long ago. Here it goes again.


  36. David R. Graham says:

    That Yellow dress! Spectacular showmanship. The deep fascination with the Yellow Horde, whose eyes and coloration she bears along with the statuesque, voluptuous grace of the ancient Celt. “My husband,” she says, speaking to women.

    A movement for sovereignty and a movement for mutiny are clashing before our eyes, and we belong to one or the other, not neither. The sovereignty movement is ripping the Republican Party away from the Islamocrat-RINO (D-R) UniParty.

    As in 2016, this election is about foreign policy (includes borders). The principled, old USA foreign policy establishment — clergy and professors, politicians and bureaucrats, think tankers and IC officials, defense contractors and military personnel — rightly is accounted mutinous because its members’ interest is themselves rather than their countrymen and country.

    What if Kim flips NORK to USA/ROK? MENA is legacy interest of USA, easily wrapped up through entente with Russia. The Asian littoral is central USA interest, whether Kim flips NORK or not.

    As mutineers against USA sovereignty, USA foreign policy establishment is unprepared for, unserious regarding actual USA strategic interests, which are to the west, not to the east. POTUS Trump knows that, at least intuitively, and labors to make it patent.


  37. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    The analysis of the trade war with China and talks with North Korea on this sight is truly exceptional. It is also very educational and eye-opening. I know the drive by media will never cover any of this. I just wish some of the conservative voices out there would start getting this info out to their audiences. More people need to understand what is taking place here. They could take a break from the IG report James Comey, Brennan etc. and what stupid things were said on CNN every so often and talk about this.


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