Ho-Lee-Cats, is it Happening? – Chairman Xi Announces Visit to North Korea…

Well, well, well….  Against the backdrop of everything we have been discussing about the nature of the U.S. – China – North Korea geopolitics; and considering the current position of all the players; THIS is a very interesting development:

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit North Korea for two days from Thursday, state media in both countries reported on Monday, making him the first Chinese leader to visit in 14 years.

Neighboring China is reclusive North Korea’s only major ally, and the visit comes amid renewed tensions between the United States and North Korea over efforts to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.

“Both sides will exchange views on the (Korean) peninsula situation, and push for new progress in the political resolution of the peninsula issue,” China’s official broadcaster CCTV said in a lengthy report that led the evening news. (read more)

The possibility here is one most CTH readers will immediately recognize.  Is this the predictable face-saving approach Chairman Xi Jinping has selected?

For two-and-a-half years U.S. President Trump has been working on two connected objectives: (1) removing the threat posed by North Korea by severing the ability of Beijing to use the proxy province as a weapon (Kim is hostage to China); and (2) deconstructing the growing economic influence of China.

Both issues are directly connected to national security; and both issues are being approached by President Trump through the use of economic leverage to achieve national security results.

At first blush, there’s always a possibility of Chairman Xi going to see Chairman Kim in dragon mode… looking for a way to weaponize the DPRK despite the budding relationship between Chairman Kim (hostage) and U.S. President Donald Trump.  However, that dragon perspective is blunted by the open media indications that the talks are centered around denuclearization.   So that puts more weight on the second possibility.

The second possibility, the more optimistic possibility, is that we have finally reached that point in the U.S. -vs- China economic confrontation where Chairman Xi is now facing defeat and attempting to save face, and gain a better economic outcome, by releasing his hostage.   This would be an incredible, almost unfathomable, win for President Trump; and an astounding visible affirmation that the year’s long strategy has been successful.

When we began watching this journey in 2017, there were indications President Trump was working specifically to create an outcome of a hostage release.  And in the years that have followed there have been multiple highly-nuanced indications of the strategy Trump was following.  This visit by Chairman Xi to North Korea in advance of the G20 summit has all the indications of this could very well be the culmination; ending exactly where President Trump has intended. As we noted in this graphic two years ago:

Caution is the word of the day.  After all, this is the cunning and duplicitous China we are talking about here…. they have a history of using deceit and stall tactics to achieve victory.  However, President Trump has shown he is well aware of what lies behind the panda mask.

That said, it’s worth watching very closely now to see the details of the G20 and whether Xi and Trump actually meet.

Beijing has announced Chairman Xi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are scheduled for a meeting….  and we know on the issue of DPRK hostage release Chairman Xi will need to save face very carefully.

One way for Xi to avoid the appearance of acquiescence to Trump would be for him and Beijing to place the victory at the feet of Moon Jae-in instead of President Trump.   I would almost guarantee, if indeed Xi is now giving up his hostage, China will position themselves as magnanimous panda and South Korea as the beneficiary.

“Peace is the Prize” ~ Donald Trump

Ultimately, I don’t think President Trump really cares about who gets credit for the victory and hostage release of Chairman Kim.  The world will know, though the media may not assign, the victory is only because President Trump has outwitted Chairman Xi and his communist regime…. and Trump did that though strategic economic pressure.

We should be able to get some indications from public and media discussion ahead of the G20 summit in Japan this month, as to how -specifically- the hostage release will take place; and/or the terms and conditions within that release.   Will Chairman Xi meet with President Trump?

…or will Xi tell Kim (or an emissary) to inform Trump there will be no meeting, but the face-saving terms and reasons are understood by all the principals.

Incredible development.

Lastly, as it relates to the continued U.S. -vs- China trade and economic confrontation, if Chairman Xi expects POTUS Trump to retreat from the massive geopolitical leverage he has created that won’t happen.

President Trump has been openly, albeit with coded messages, telling the world North Korea is no longer a threat.  The secondary purpose of making those statements is to blunt the value of Xi giving up his hostage.  In essence, Trump has been telling Beijing: it’s a victory already achieved, so magnanimous panda isn’t providing Trump anything of measurable value.

Remember, two connected objectives: (1) removing the threat posed by North Korea by severing the ability of Beijing to use the proxy province as a weapon; and (2) deconstructing the growing economic influence of China.  With #1 achieved, President Trump still fully intends to get #2.  Heck, Trump has spent 30-years openly advocating for the principle of restoring American wealth.  That means the economic pressure will continue until Beijing is defeated.

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195 Responses to Ho-Lee-Cats, is it Happening? – Chairman Xi Announces Visit to North Korea…

  1. Bob Parker says:

    If the outcome happens a SD has postulated, I wonder if we shoudl begin considering canonizing President Trump.

    I am dead serious!! It is nothing short of remarkable all that PT has done/is doing DESPITE all of the grief/aggravation/ & yes HorseShiff that the Dems have been throwing on him since he won election!!

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Do God’s Chosen need to be canonized?

      I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.


      • boogywstew says:

        No, they don’t NEED to be canonized. We WANT to canonize President Trump.

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        • SwampRatTerrier says:

          Then President Trump needs scores of Nobel Prizes too!

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        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          There’s also room for one more face on Mount Rushmore….

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          • PBR says:

            Perhaps he can be on the monument with Sitting Bull?


            • jbt says:

              Yep and replace Teddy with Sitting Bull, a very wise and forthright leader.


            • De Oppresso Liber says:

              Sitting Bull doesn’t have a monument per se, but rather a trashy looking shrine surrounded by chain link fencing. Perhaps you misspoke, and are referring to the Crazy Horse monument in the nearby Black Hills….?


          • I sent a comment to the Whitehouse right after President Trump announced the “Fourth of July Celebration” in D.C. It was obvious the D.C. mayor and regime was trying to enrich themselves. I proposed to President Trump moving the celebration to Mt. Rushmore and after his speech during the fireworks display projecting a “holographic” bust of himself right nest to the rest of the past Presidents. If he were to do so the left would likely be SOOOOOOOO upset half would likely die of a heart attack and I’d feel really bad for a few minutes while the rest of us deplorables would be proud to be rolling in the aisles laughing our proverbial a$$e$ off..

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      • Linda K. says:

        So, if North Korea announces that they are giving up their nukes, Trump will have to give China something? Or not. Perhaps that is how the big boys play . You really win or you really lose.
        Will the dems still talk impeachment, as the economy soars, North Korea joins the rest of the world and,,,maybe, Iran will overthrow the mullahs. (I can dream). Not bad for a first term President,for a newbie politician with all of Washington against him.


    • ElTocaor says:

      Saint Donald the Vulgar…I love it.

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    • Esther says:

      Sundance – I sincerely hope that you are already in public service in Trump’s administration, or you plan to be involved sometime real soon. We’re grateful to have you do the vital job of keeping the public informed and updated against the fake news of the MSM. But even so, being part of the Trump team could probably help even more than keeping us informed. Anyways, Thank You!

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    • Ready Steady Go says:

      No deal. Stall and negotiate. Damage their supply chain to the maximum. This is a rare opportunity. The Chinese are fat and weak. They have become closet capitalists. Their wealth is their weakness. Their uniparty is globalist oligarchs. They are furious at the ego and posturing of Xi. He has cost them trillions. Xi does not rule China. The oligarchs control Xi. They will not tolerate him losing their wealth. Trump smells fear and weakness. Put your foot on his throat and walk that aisle Donald j Trump. You are Ric Flair baby! You play the game like a boss! Deal out some pain. You are the world champion. You fly on AF1 and are married to a super model. Humble these people and teach them respect.

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    • jc says:

      I’m going to postulate that HorseShiff and the Dems are a lot closer to China than we might hope.

      Who gains more from their antics than China?

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    • bertdilbert says:

      China is an island. They are dependent on ships and open shipping lanes to survive. The US controls the seas. Secondly, the US is their best customer. There is no way to win a war either economically or militarily.

      Two million protesters in HK against China must have been the wakeup call. Economic defeat means the population will rebel against the government. Xi’s position as King for life would be short lived.

      China must have plugged in the Dragon scenario and discovered that the only winning move is not to play.

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      • snellvillebob says:

        Don’t ignore that all their 400 million pigs might have to be killed due to African swine fever. Pork is really big in China who consume 49% of the world’s pigs.

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        • bertdilbert says:

          A Chinese man once told me that in China, you were not allowed to kill and eat your own pig. You had to take it to the government butcher and sell it to them and to get pork you had to buy it back from the government butcher. It was probably a form of taxation.

          Maybe that was how they funded the strategic pork supply.

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      • “Two million protesters in HK against China must have been the wakeup call.”
        This thought was crossing my mind as well. At least what little of it is left.
        An article at American Thinker was referencing the “Strategic Withdrawal When Confronted by Concerted Opposition” from the “Art of War”. ( https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/06/china_strategically_withdraws_in_art_of_war_offensive_.html )

        Could the potential for Hong Kong to be a conduit for opposition to China be the straw that breaks the camels back and forces the Chinese to fall back and regroup when “chaotic opportunity” once again presents itself?

        And would allowing the Chinese to “save face” be enough to bring them to a more cooperative and “ethical” partnership with the world at large? I know that allowing the Saving of Face is important, just not sure how important.


      • David A says:

        Yes, two million protesters. One can say that the Statist don’t care about the people, but millions of people can do a lot.


    • Mrs.E says:

      More like giving him a third term. He wants it. Others do too.

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  2. Yep, the “beatings” will continue until morale improves.

    L 😀 L

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  3. “Against THIS?” Oh yeah, “Joe Biden.” Got it.

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  4. KUDOS, Sundance:

    “Lastly, as it relates to the continued U.S. -vs- China trade and economic confrontation, if Chairman Xi expects POTUS Trump to retreat from the massive geopolitical leverage he has created that won’t happen.”

    [My immediate reaction to your headline – Bless You for getting us there!]

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    • There will likely be many twists, turns and minefields along the path:

      • Seems like this could be a Big Gamble to create an unexpected China Win in Xi’s battle with the USA … eliminating the Economic Drain from subsidizing the DPRK, saving face by displacing President Trump in the Lead Role to take credit for DPRK Denuclearization, and pulling South Korea from the USA’s orbit into China’s.

      • Moon Jae-in may become Xi’s surrogate in a plan to subsume the Korean Peninsula.

      • The plan might expand the DPRK vassal state to encompass SK’s industries and entice their acquiescence by making a consolidated Korea China’s MFN partner.

      • Xi might then pull Korean Corporations into JVs with China’s Private Businesses to overcome massively-growing distrust of Chinese Tech.

      • Once these JVs have fulfilled China’s ENTANGLEMENT STRATEGY by entrenching themselves into the world’s infrastructure, China’s State-Owned Enterprises can “progressively” complete a full ASSIMILATION.

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      • Maquis says:

        Enter Sneaky Dragon.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Would agree many slips, betwixt cup and lip,…but;
        PDJT has gamed this out, looking at,all Xi’s options, including co-opting South Korea. So, I am thinking he has this covered?

        If this is Chess, Nork is Chinas Queen. Manuevering to take your opponents Queen is tricky business.

        But I suspect PDJT has ‘gamed’out every scenario. The co-opt S.Korea, the stir up ME, (reinforced alliance between SA and Israel, to ‘check’ iran), etc.

        So, cautious optimism but I’m thinking he may have Xi and CCP on the ropes.
        And, soon to be on the canvas. Fingers crossed.

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        • regrulz says:

          Sometimes you threaten the queen, but your real goal is checkmate . . .


        • Rhoda R says:

          China is more dangerous now than they have been for many, many years. But I’ll be the President has contingencies for that as well.


          • Dutchman says:

            Dangerous situation, but mainly for China. There is no scenario where there is a military option to solve their problem.

            People feared the Reagan vs. Soviet Union confrontation would lead to war, but it was NEVER in the cards.

            And its not in the China/CCP vs. PDJT confrontation, either. Thats the beauty of confronting Conmunism using economics; bullets and bluster don’t work.

            They simply can NOT compete, economically. Just as Soviet Union collapsed, CCP/ China will, as well.
            And territory will shrink, with OBOR being a pipe dream, withdrawal from HK, Singapore and China sea an eventual certainty. Many ethnic enclaves will break free, on the mainland.

            The question isn’t IF, only WHEN, and how messy? But no shooting war, not in the cards. IMHO

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            • ichicinnabar says:

              You are very wise. I pray that the possibilities that you see in the future come to pass. Your analysis, I believe, is the most likely of all stated here tonight.


      • st. louie says:

        I’m no Foggy Bottom careerist but if I’m Xi I try to peel off Moon of South Korea, he’s a lefty isn’t he? Propose the entire peninsula becomes a demilitarized zone or at least “foreign powers” out. Yankee go home! Then the question becomes is the Korean left looking around at Taiwan and Hong Kong for likely outcomes of that? Just my thoughts.

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      • Muthaucker says:

        You ever been to South Korea? The current President might be left of center but there is no way South Korea ever becomes a client state of China. South Koreans are bad a€¥ motherf@#$&*%s who will never bow down to China. Ever.


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      With all of the potentially wonderful outcomes being postulated, I would offer a yuuuuge word of caution – the Chicoms are undeniable liars, cheats, and despots, BUT let’s also not forget the literally thousands of progressive, “State Dept” type bureaucrats/apparatchiks, “diplomats” infesting our foreign service who would love to sabotage this momentous chance at victory, simply to prevent President Trump from claiming any semblance of a win.

      Ol’ Sparklefarts is in France actively undermining our nation’s foreign policy, but of course, he’s in no danger of being held to account for Hatch Act violations, or John Kerry, or Finestine…..let’s see how it works out.

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      • I don’t think that many in those positions are going to be a nuisance,,,due to WHO PDJT is taking with him to the G-20 Summit…

        Also, I believe that once the unveiling continues with Xi,
        but the rest these ones in the State Dept positions will be found out right quick…Not ONLY is this the play for the PDJT bUT it is also to bring out the REST OF THE DEEP STATERS!!! AND THERE ARE QUITE A FEW STILL AROUND!!!

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      • De Oppresso Liber– I b’lieve “Ol’ Sparklefarts” is in Italy, today, taking secret meetings with the former Prime Minister, in an attempt to have everyone’s stories in concordance so that there won’t be any surprises as the Papadopolous investigation proceeds.

        But, *still* eligible to participate in Hatch Act violations!


      • Uncle Al says:

        You mean Logan Act, yes?

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  5. Ready Steady Go says:

    Fascinating. But I tend to think that no deal is possible with China. They will not honor the terms and conditions. Time is on POTUS side. Stall and drag things out until China goes of the cliff and inflict reAl damage to their economy. It is the Chinese who are usually patient. With their economy imploding, they are weak. POTUS should take advantage. Stall….

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    • Maquis says:


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    • bertdilbert says:

      Xi does not have to go to NK to tell Kim what to do. Xi’s visit is to signal Trump/China. Xi could be using this to say “I tried” at the G20. However, since Trump and Kim have a good relationship, that might be hard to pull off.

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    • Shall we substitute STRETCH China for STALL Deal?
      Overextend them.
      Bleed them.
      Drain them.

      IMO, a legitimately-enforceable, America-First China Deal will be possible ONLY when China has nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

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      • Ready Steady Go says:

        I can work with that. POTUS goal may not be a “deal”. That may be for appearances. his goal may be to seriously damage China. But he can’t say that and keep Mitch and the CoC at Bay. Navarro Ross and Lighthizer have been waiting for this their entire careers. The military wants to damage China and the Chinese mineral theft in Africa must be stopped. Trump is changing supply chain s. This is big

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  6. deepdivemaga says:

    This is beginning to feel like a movie and Sundance is spoiling the ending for us!


    Important days ahead!

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  7. Deplorable Saint says:

    It is time for the old one-two punch Mr. President.

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  8. Guyski says:

    It’s all connected.

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  9. OhNoYouDont says:

    Courtesy demands reciprocity. After Kim Jong-un visited China four times in less than 10 months, President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Pyongyang on Thursday and Friday. This would be the first visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by China’s top State leader since 2005.

    Unlike the conventional practice — the Foreign Ministry usually briefs about Xi’s foreign trips in advance — this time his visit to Pyongyang was announced by the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on Monday evening, highlighting the special significance attached to the trip.

    That the Foreign Ministry has responded to questions on Xi’s possible visit to the DPRK several times since last year shows the high hopes the world has pinned on China leveraging its unique influence to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

    Yet both Pyongyang and Beijing apparently want more than that, as both define Xi’s visit, which has been arranged despite his busy schedule in June, as a crucial move to usher in a new chapter for their ties at their 70th anniversary, carrying forward the camaraderie and brotherhood forged through the historical sacrifice of lives and blood.


    • OhNoYouDont says:


      (opinion concludes)

      Also, it is almost predictable, as Kim’s previous four visits to China have indicated, the two leaders will take the opportunity to further strengthen their strategic coordination on many regional and global issues concerning their common interests, particularly the denuclearization process of the peninsula.

      Xi’s visit is expected to inject new vitality into the ongoing peaceful resolution of the Korean Peninsula issues, which is based on the conditions that Pyongyang’s core interests and security concerns are assured. Cherishing how far all relevant parties have come to reach this point and carrying forward the momentum of a political resolution to the peninsula denuclearization issue are in line with interests of all peoples.


  10. Aeyrie says:

    Here’s hoping….with prayers for good measure! This would be an incredible move forward for all if it happens.

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  11. DJT2020 says:

    If this unfolds as predicted it should be a Pullitzer prize for SD. Of course it won’t happen due to the corrupt political nature of the prize but in a fair world tell me a story covered by no one else of such consequence that can compete. Pro tip, you can’t.

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  12. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    I am getting low on popcorn. I was anticipating getting resupplied with various types from Ohio Amish country last month. However, the vendor had a water pipe burst and cause a temporary closure. They are open now, so I guess I will just have to pay shipping.


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  13. alligatriot says:

    Incredible possibilities! Sundance, thank you again for your analysis and providing perspective some of us (okay, me) do not readily consider.

    In the meantime, I’m sure the following is just a coincidence??

    FTA: (from AP)
    “Seismic activity has been detected in the same area previously following North Korean nuclear tests.”


    A similar post from Reuters reports at least one dead, assigns a stronger seismic reading and makes no mention of this area’s history of nuclear testing/earthquake activity.

    ….Restocking the popcorn.


  14. Fata Morgana says:

    ”You gotta fight on even if everyone is booing.” George Forman

    Soon, all will be cheering!

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  15. Bigly says:

    I’ve read all your posts Sundance including the Hong Kong development. You have an immense talent of breaking this down for us – sadly the media can not see the history that is trump.

    I think the fake polls today are direct counter measures attempting to influence the G-20 players, specifically Xi. The media is so rabid with hate, they are setting up “Trump is hated and therefore has no power”. Meanwhile, trump is the ultimate puppet master. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if trump actually wants to tariff and destroy chinas economy – and Mexico’s, to regain our once global position in the world. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit – that the last 2 years have been a rouse to economic alliteration of all countries not aligned with our interests.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Agree with you, but would word it
      “Trump actually wants to tariff and destroy Communism…..”

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yes, and media don’t want to sabatouge PDJT’s efforts to destroy Conmunism because they hate Trump, they hate Trump BECAUSE he wants to destroy Conmunism.

        And the order of things is IMPORTANT.
        THIS is why I am sceptical any other ‘Republican’candidate in 2016 would have been spied on, crossfire hurricaned, mueller mauled, etc.

        NONE of them would have taken on CCP/China the way PDJT has, and he made his intent known, for many years.

        I make the assumption ANYONE who is against,DJT at this point is working for/with CCP/China. Any other explanation for their antipathy is an excuse, not the reason.

        “Don’t like demeanor/tweets, brash, ‘unpresidential’style”,..Bullshirt. You are ‘siding’ with a mortal enemy, in an existential battle for the life of this country.

        There are NO excuses, and only ONE reason. You are a “Globalist” (cause that ‘sounds’ better than Conmunist).

        The media, both faces of the Uniparty, CoC/Koch, etc. All Conmunists all enraged at having their dreams of world domination dashed.

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        • Reloader says:

          I have said before I LIKE your use of the term “CONmunism.” And I have always said that it is NOT an economic system, and NOT an ideology. Conmunism is simply where the Criminals are completely in charge. Liars, Thieves and Murderers.

          The Founders of America ALL, –this includes Lincoln, too– Thanked God for all of the blessings that America has and that it represents. In the earlier era, this is the country where God reigned. (Perhaps not so much anymore … ?)

          Conmunist countries are where Satan reigns. And the “Children of Disobedience” will all certainly support each other. Hence, those in this country support all of those in other countries. And. They. Hate. Donald Trump.


    • Good point on today’s Fake Polls.

      Let’s hope China’s gullible enough to rely on them.

      Every passing month without a deal consumes more of their Foreign Currency Reserves and brings their over-leveraged Private & State-Owned Enterprises, along with teetering Banks that funded them, closer to collapse.


      • Dutchman says:

        There have been posts of Xi waiting out till 2020, or even 2024.
        Last day or so I have become convinced there is no way CCP can hold out to 2024, and am really starting to doubt they can even make it to 2020.

        They can’t “make it up in volume”, and with all their vaunted “100 year plans”, they were so focused on the forest, they didn’t see the trees. In short, TIME is not only not on their side, its joined with their enemy, against them.

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  16. noswamp says:

    Amazing how China kept fighting this until recently. I disagree a bit though. I think Xi goes to Kim and tests him as to whether he believes Trump is sincere or not. If Kim equivocates then Xi reminds him of his protection and Kim goes back to sabre rattling, and China uses the pie in the face of Trump to gain leverage over Trump. Tariffs will be placed on China, but it would not matter, Trump will lose the elections because he failed with Kim. I think while the second option is realistic, it does not seem consistent with what we know of Xi. Just ask the people of Hong Kong.

    I hope for Sundance’s solution, but China are listening to some of the billionaires here in the States and the DNC that could care less about the well being of America. The number 2 construct makes sense, but not to these folks. They want to get Trump out of the picture, and China is willing to wait a year in order to get the results it wants. Sad, while I hope for option 2, I think we will see option 1.

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    • Esther says:

      Noswamp – Try to look at the big picture. Xi’s economy has disintegrated and He’s losing his grip all round. Xi is fighting for his life very literally. There’s a price to pay when a Chinese leader causes his country to lose so much face on the international stage. Kim already made his choice about what he wants for himself and his country. He sits on top significant mineral wealth, and a strong work force. Kim wants to rule over prosperity, rather than continue to be under Xi’s thumb as a hostage in his own country.

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      • Kitty-Kat says:

        Plus as President Trump’s developer mind has noted re NK: Location, Location, Location.


      • noswamp says:

        I agree with you, it’s all about face and perhaps Sundance’s point is correct. To me it makes sense.

        China however as other posters point out, owns our political system, especially the Bidens and Finsteins of the world, while move number one will not work by itself, why should we think that China has finally seen the light? Until now, every move they have made has been for China and against the US.

        They are on a downward spiral economically. We all agree on that. Meh! Maybe I just don’t trust them. Remember how the first move post tariffs was to hit our farmers? That was a
        political move. They work with our politicians against Trump. We all know this.

        Last I heard the Dems and Nadler have not called it quits and now want to work with Trump. Follow the politicians. China is not giving up on getting its way. Notice how they “suspended” implementing the extradition law in Hong Kong. They will try again, they never give up.

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    • Mark Miller says:

      President Trump will NOT lose the election in the scenario you described. ” Trump will lose the elections because he failed with Kim.”

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Don’t lose sight of the fact that Divine Intervention is involved! The impossible we can handle, Miracles take a bit longer!


  17. BroMole says:

    I have a hard time believing they would not be willing to try and wait out the election next year. If you thought Russia’s $20K in Facebook ads was “influence” on our elections, wait til China tries to buy themselves a better candidate.

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    • Kent says:

      …bill Clinton would likely have never won election were it not for the Chinese….and he in turn rewarded them richly….with the security of the USA at the very least…

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    • clulessgrandpa says:

      China is already meddling in our election. Their tariffs go straight on our agriculture, which is mostly Trump territory. Notice that China didn’t pin any tariffs on Hollywood? I am surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet.

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      • Weylan McAnally says:

        The Chinese do not need to put tariffs on Hollywood products because the govt already strictly controls all the Hollywood products that are released in China and share in the profits. The Chinese govt censors Hollywood movies all the way down to individual scenes. No ghost stories allowed to be released. The only exception was Disney’s Coco due to its uplifting family themes. In many instances, just like other industries, they force the movies to be shot and produced in China with nearly 100% Chinese workers. Nearly every Hollywood movie now has an Asian (Chinese) cast member. Many Hollywood movies are financially backed by Chinese companies (read govt).already.

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      • BroMole says:

        Given that Hollywood is very rarely pro-American thematically, I’d say there’s little reason to shut that down.


    • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

      I tend to agree BroMole.

      This looks like Xi doubling down, “pssst Kim, Trump won’t be in charge in 2020, and besides, you can’t trust the Americans”.

      Watch for more “leaked articles” ahead of G20, with renewed determination by Kim/status quo.

      This is Xi’s message to President Trump….”I control the nukes, now about those tariffs”.


    • Dutchman says:

      Wake UP, Bro! Have you never LOKKED at Hillary and her pantsuits? ( can’t BLAME you, but she should have some stars and “CCP” tattooed on her forehead!
      As should Mitch, Flake, Biden and Obummer. China has already been DEEPLY involved in our elections, for MANY years!

      The CCP OWNS Congress, both faces of the Uniparty. Has for at least 3 admins.

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  18. Kent says:

    …where there is prayer there is hope…..

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Scott says:

    China should be smart and see the potential of we-nuking NK and be a big part in developing NK into a strong economic neighbor. They would reap some of the benefits.

    NK will need food. China does too. Who can supply it? We lost a lot with the flooding but may be Brazil and Mexico can assist there.

    Intetesting development. Very interesting. I don’t see this meeting being a status quo one. It’s to get NK to be a bit more belligerent or the start of the face-saving Sundance suggests. Right before the G20.

    I’d suggest Xi and Trump meeting secretly. No announcement. No press, No liars, just two leaders meeting in secret to hash out the prize.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      We can supply food. Rice, pork, corn, soybeans … the American farmers are phenomenal. Surplus due to trade tiffs.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Rhoda R says:

        China is facing losing their entire pork harvest while the corn crop is being eaten by caterpillars, so what does China do? It puts a tariff on food imported from the US. Just what the Chinese people need – even more expensive food. Talk about biting your own ass.

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Gbear says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if China does an about face and we are seeing the equivalent of the Berlin Wall falling.


  21. Publius2016 says:

    NK sits in the middle of One Belt One Road! 45 showed the World the possibilities of economic development for all people!! Whether tyrant or Communist, the key is economic opportunity based on Western Life LIberty and Pursuit of Happiness ideology. 45 is not demanding system of government change: only change to Private Property and Intellectual Property Protections and access for Everyone!!

    with time…Real Change!!


  22. ESther says:

    Trump needs to get this credit for getting the prize – if for no other reason than to shut the mouths of the left, and the traitors in congress. North Korea denuking would be fantastic, but we still want to see China humbled and declawed significantly. So, getting the prize of China signing that trade agreement as it has already been negotiated is the very visible victory Trump supporters want to see, as do the rest of the country. It would go a long way in change a few people’s mind from TDS and wake them up. So, our VSGDJT needs to keep his foot on Xi’s neck and keep applying pressure to it. All of our country needs to see and feel the victory to help heal the wounds of division among us. WINNING!!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. G says:

    This is a great article, gives me hope that we are headed for a great economy with PEACE close at hand.
    GOD bless our President.


  24. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    Pardon me for not believing anything positive for the US can come out of a meeting between DPRK and Red China. Of course I’d prefer whirled peas. Be overjoyed to be wrong.


  25. Victor Laszlo says:

    Wonder if Hussein or Kerry will be there


  26. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Cautious optimism. Hong Kong citizens push back on Beijing mission creep. However, given Carrie Lam “sincere” apology for
    harried roll out of extradition treaty does not bode well that Xi is any less committed. That said, international support for HK citizens is a clear message to Xi his foes outnumber his friends.

    Stoic realism. Given “report” of today’s announcement “NK military told (a year ago) that Kim Jung Un will not give up nuclear weapons”. Regardless of accuracy, the timing of the report would indicate Xi is still in the propaganda phase of negotiations.




  27. The DPRK denuclearizes and China guarantees Kim’s security. After all, what difference does it make if the nuclear weapons are just across the border in China. Everyone saves face.


  28. William Schneider says:

    Let us hope your optimistic view prevails here Sundance. I like your overview of this complex geopolitical chess match. May the best player win-and with God’s help I hope it is the US and Trump. Of course the Chinese will be winners in the long run also and Xi will look like a hero. The Chinese economy will thrive with a fair trade deal with the US.- a superb win-win deal for both the US, China and the world economy.


  29. Bogeyfree says:

    Clearly the economic pressures PT has used on China coupled with his relationship with Kim is what is driving this possible NK denuclearization.

    But I also think Xi has seen the 2 million people marching in protest in Hong Kong and the fear could be that those protests spread very quickly to the 1.5 Billion people in China who are suffering from the economic downturn and the swine pig epidemic.

    My guess is the heads of China are concerned about their people revolting and cheering for Trump thus Xi is trying to head this off at the pass before it really gets ugly for their leadership.


  30. Mike Dennis says:

    Xi ain’t gonna de-nuc the DPRK for nothing. Expect a deal along the lines of remove the tariffs for peace in NK…putting the ball right back in DJT’s court.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      No thank you.

      As I state below, maybe the trade off is o new tariffs on the $200 to $300 Billion in Chinese exports so far not tariffed.

      And food stuffs for starving North Koreans. Send them rice, soybeans, pork, and maybe even older MREs. And a trip to Mar-a-lago for Chairman Kim.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’d vote for a 2-STAGE SOLUTION:

        • Ag Deal to feed China and NK – FOLLOWING VERIFIED DENUCLEARIZATION.

        • SCHEDULED FUTURE TARIFFS on China’s remaining $325 Billion Exports beginning July 1st and continuing UNTIL the full China Trade Deal has been signed, implemented and SUCCESSFULLY ENFORCED for a period of 12 months, with no unresolved violations or new issues.


    • GB Bari says:

      Trump will tell Xi to pound sand (politely, of course).


      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        President For Life Xi, I’ve brought you a giant size sand garden.

        Oh here’s a hammer for it!

        Your sincerely,
        President Donald J. Trump


  31. Bogeyfree says:

    Can we swap out Kushner for Sundance as PT advisor?

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    China controls 2 puppet states, Russia and N. Korea. Chairman Xi has visited both in the 2 weeks. He clearly sees he has no one that can help him. Iran just attacked 2 tankers in the Gulf of Oman and still oil prices are going down. Despite the fake polls he knows Pres. Trump will win re-election. China will make a deal with Pres. Trump.


  33. chojun says:

    Sundance, I think it would be appropriate to put this into context with Chairman Kim’s recent “very warm” letter to President Trump.

    Additionally, I think everyone should understand the importance of the locations of the US/DPRK summits – both in Singapore and Vietnam which are somewhere between neutral and friendly to the US. I believe this was of the utmost importance to allow both leaders to speak _candidly_ and discretely with one-another without suspicious Chinese handlers listening in.

    Chairman Kim was raised largely with a peaceful western upbringing. The Slave/Master relationship between NK and China is very likely unfamiliar and distasteful to Chairman Kim.

    North Korea is destined to break free from China’s grip.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. Perot Conservative says:

    Long way to go. Maybe the trade off is no, or limited, tariff on the additional $200 or $300 Billion in China exports so far *not* tariffed?

    Could we negotiate a sped up de-nuclearization of North Korea?

    – send an IAEA SWAT team ASAP?
    – retrieve safe nuclear-related material ASAP?
    – destroy long-range missile capabilities?
    – IN RETURN, we could send the suffering of people of NK boatloads of rice, soybeans, pork, etc. (And maybe every package a goodwill note from leaders Trump and Kim?)


  35. USTerminator says:

    I think the Huawei ban is much bigger than anyone thought. This ban can set back China technology ambitions couples decades. China would careless if we do not buy toys and plastic craps from them. But choking their technology conquests is making them in hyper panic. China originally thinks they can wait until 2021 and just hunker down but Huawei can totally collapse their China 2025 and become China 2045

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Kleen says:

    I have a feeling this week will be a good one for POTUS.

    “My sources” in Brazil are telling me the crap is about to hit the fan. ( this week)

    Glenn Greenwald former Guardian current Intercept was just busted for possible corruption and his emails hacked exposing his Russian hackers connections and communications between his radical cabal. He is linked to Snowden, Manning and WikiLeaks.

    “Likely will go to jail” for alleged Corruption…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kleen says:

      Russian hacker’s name is Evgeniy Mikhailovich

      Apparently Greenwald paid him in bitcoin laundered through Panama then to Russia and ending up in Shanhai for hacked emails of Brazilian investigators who have been exposing the communists in Brazil.

      In a major backfire fashion, Greenwald’s emails were hacked and now about to be exposed. All of his dealings with the hacker and commies around the world.

      How do you say popcorn in Russian?

      Liked by 1 person

  37. lfhbrave says:

    Rumor has it the globalists (Wall St. and the multinationals) convinced the Chinese leadership during their one road one belt summit in early May to break off the already negotiated trade deal.


  38. Robert Smith says:

    I guess Xi could be the guy that makes peace! 😉


  39. zombietimeshare says:

    One last problem to sort out. Both China and Russia have borders with North Korea and neither of them wants a South Korean economic success story, or its ally the U.S., on its border—ever. If it means keeping North Korea starving and impoverished they don’t care.


  40. Perot Conservative says:

    Maybe Chairman Kim could house some illegal immigrants for us?

    Liked by 1 person

    • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

      I saw a article on transgendered illegal aliens recieving hormone therapy & other nonsense via the us tax payer. Maybe lil kim can take in these odd ones. Some how i feel north koreas not to kind on lgbtq, trans, mental illnesses. Even though kim looks like he could be one.


    • If we want to stop the Illegal Invasion, we should fund a BOAT-LIFT from Mexico to North Korea, where “migrants” can find plenty of new work and a new home

      … until we’ve processed the 5-year Asylum Backlog.


  41. James W Crawford says:

    Xi went to North Korea rather than Kim to China, or Xi and Kim to a neutral meeting place. Xi just lost a dominance game to Kim.


  42. Rowdyone says:

    I certainly welcome the optomistic analysis by Sundance vis a vis the DPRK but when it comes to our trade dispute with Beiging I’m inclined to believe that Xi will try to stall any fundamental agreement to change China’s position until the outcome of 2020 is known. I think, for him, temporary uncertainty now is preferable to a long term deal that may not have to be struck should Joe China prevail.


  43. DJSnyder says:

    China needs to be CRUSHED UTTERLY before they will ever agree to anything. A little ‘regime change’ would be nice too.


  44. saskamare says:

    This is for sundance and all, a bit of humor


  45. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Reminder. The prophet Daniel’s vision given in reference to an arrogant world leader in his time:

    “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.” Daniel 4:17

    We can speculate, but the most High knows how He’s going to “use the basest of men” in “the kingdom of men” to do whatsoever He wills.

    Fascinating times we are living in and are witnessing the end being played out that He told us from the beginning. Isaiah 46:10

    Liked by 1 person

  46. ed furman says:

    Forest Trump, dumber than a stump. How does he always, and I mean always, luck out with every dumb move he makes? How does it keep happening? It can’t keep happening, right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Bogeyfree says:

    Xi recently met with Putin, now Kim so I suppose the other side of the coin is the Axis parties, (China, Russia, Iran and NK) are planning their counterattack strategy meaning who is doing what and who has who.


    • Dutchman says:

      You are assuming Putin ‘sides’with China, and they MAY be an unmerited assumption.

      For 20-30 years, DJT has been talking about CHINA. And geopolitically, its obvious any squeese play on China would involve trying to get Russia on ‘our’ team.

      Everything domestically against PDJT, Crossfire Hurricane to Pee dossier to Mueller has had the effect of interfering in PDJT’s ability to work with Putin; INTENTIONAL?

      And, has it been SUCCESSFUL?
      Remember how upset they were when he took Putin at his word, that Russia didn’t hack DNC? Remember how Putin and PDJT both looked like cats that swallowed canary?

      I’m thinking Russia, for its,OWN interests, may be perfectly willing to play its part, in bringing down the CCP.

      Russia has no interest in a globalist, one world government run by CCP. So if China turns to Russia for help, they may be,…disappointed.


  48. Nigella says:

    China “meeting” with NK probably means some arm twisting to keep little rocket man from working with Trump… That’s what i see

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Ken Maritch says:

    And not a word about this on the MSM.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Xi is pinned between aroused Chinese nationalist sentiment and a cratering economic outlook which will bring with it inevitable political unrest. POTUS’ very public tweets allow him no public recourse to back down. So he has to formulate an oblique retreat. NK may offer him that recourse.

    I subscribe to the Jim Rickards thesis (which mostly parallels SD’s thinking) that the CCP wields the economy to maintain political control and forgo pluralism. If it can’t prevent massive factory layoffs, the upward mobility escalator breaks and the unrest will be a b*tch. That’s going to happen anyways inevitably.

    In the US economic interests dictate political outcomes. So it’s mostly reversed. I’ve found when talking to Chinese nationals that the best way to sidestep the jingoistic stuff is to speak in terms of the CCP and not China in general, since the former is the real impediment. Xi has the temporary support of the people only until the economic slowdown really bites, bank failures, departing manufacturers, etc. Then he loses the honeymoon. POTUS’ policies ultimately put the pinchers to the CCP. Xi’s really screwed up by misreading Trump. Fascinating how everybody misreads Trump initially, foreign and domestic. He inspires early underestimation, which may be a conscious tactic of his.

    With Trump, every arrow kills the archer.

    Liked by 1 person

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