Mexico President Lopez-Obrador Enlists Support from ‘Big Club’ Chamber of Commerce (Donohue)…

Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise.  Hoping to keep the borders open and fend off the Trump tariff’s on Mexican imports, Mexico’s President Lopez-Obrador (AMLO) enlists the help from Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s president and the top U.S. business lobbying group called on President Donald Trump to back down from a threat to impose punitive tariffs on Mexican imports, in a dispute over migration that could shock Mexico’s economy.

[…] The ultimatum from Trump is the biggest foreign policy test to date for Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and a tall order for Mexican security forces struggling not only to combat migrant flows but also to fight a record level of gang violence and homicide.

Mexico’s economy, which is heavily reliant on exports to the United States, shrank in the first quarter and would reel under U.S. tariffs that could reach as high as 25% this year under Trump’s plan.

The influential U.S. Chamber of Commerce is looking at ways to challenge Trump’s tariff move against Mexico, including legal options. “We have no choice but to pursue every option available to push back,” Neil Bradley, the business group’s executive vice president and chief policy officer, told reporters. (read more)

On a positive note AMLO is not counting on Jesus Seade to bridge the diplomatic gap; that implies he recognizes he cannot influence President Trump based on personal affiliations. Apparently AMLO is sending Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard to lead the “negotiating” next week.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said he started negotiating with officials in Washington on Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened tariffs on imports of Mexican products but face-to-face talks will not happen until next week.

Ebrard said on Twitter that he had spoken to senior White House adviser Jared Kushner and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by phone, and that there was a willingness to resolve the dispute.

“The negotiations have started,” Ebrard said before boarding a plane to Washington. “I heard interest and respect about the letter from President Lopez Obrador. We are moving forward.”

However, Ebrard said in-person talks would not take place until Wednesday in Washington, and that Pompeo would lead the U.S. delegation. Ebrard will be accompanied by deputy foreign minister for North America, Jesus Seade, a veteran trade negotiator. (read more)

I wouldn’t put too much faith in media statements about Mnuchin and Lighthizer being opposed to the tariffs beyond normal disagreements that would take place inside group debate by advisors.  Factually, I would fully expect Lighthizer to be adverse to the Mexico tariffs because he is appropriately protecting his work product, the USMCA.

However, as with the history of President Trump, he is looking at a bigger picture than all of the individual advisors on their specific area of responsibility; and ultimately it will be President Trump who makes the decisions.

Bottom line, the goal is to stop the insanity at the southern border and CTH fully supports any and all measures President Trump might take to deal with it.

Peter Navarro, assistant to the president and director for the White House Trade and Manufacturing Council, to discusses President Trump’s calls for Mexico to stop illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border:

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234 Responses to Mexico President Lopez-Obrador Enlists Support from ‘Big Club’ Chamber of Commerce (Donohue)…

  1. TradeBait says:

    In what ways does it benefit America to continue to allow unchecked illegal immigration? Well, there are the left’s usual lies and manipulations. But in what actual ways does it benefit American citizens to have unprepared people flood our country? Use logic.

    It doesn’t. I strains resources, takes away jobs and money from current citizens. It creates more crime and damages our culture.

    Diversity? Why change our successful culture for those of failed states? Faux Pope Franks says we should as he hides behind security, bullet proof cages and the walls of Vatican City. Yet, we know diversity happens normally without effort when we have legal immigration administered by laws and law enforcement. The Chamber reveals their evil ways. Truth too light. They are part of the left and cabal.

    Stay the course, PDT. We the People understand and support. After all, we are one nation under God…

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    • Nobodysfool says:

      Stay the course, indeed, Mr. President. Let the Chamber of Commerce file a lawsuit on behalf of Mexico’s unfair treatment of our country. Go ahead, Chamber. Continue to show your true colors because they certainly aren’t red, white and blue. Better yet, let The almighty Chamber move to Mexico. Let them set up shop in every little town and village and teach Mexican businesses about their brand of prosperity. We’re good, here in the States. The Chamber should take off and go peddle their wares south of the border.

      Go ahead, Mexico. Threaten us with increased avocado prices. Who else buys so many of your avocados besides the USA? Nobody, that’s who. If you’re so worried about those avocados rotting on your trees and your hearts are breaking for poor Americans crying about the price of guacamole, then get your heads on straight and work with our President, instead of against him. Your help will come from Donald Trump, not the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Boyz, Obama or whomever else may be whispering in your ears.

      Hey, Mexico. Keep your avocadoes AND your citizens. We seriously don’t need one more uneducated, sick, or poor man, woman or child that you don’t want in your country. We also don’t need another shipment of your lethal drugs or another single one of your criminals. And BTW, have you heard Australia its producing avocadoes 5x larger than Mexican avocadoes? We Americans would rather work out an avocado trade deal with The Land Down Under and only have to peel one avocado than 5 of yours. Thank you very much.

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    • stopimmigrationcrimes says:

      “Why change our successful culture for those of failed states?”
      Excellent in-a-nut-shell comment!

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    • MBT says:

      They talk constantly about th cost of the tariffs to the American tax payer but never mention the staggering cost of illegal immigration and the drug trade.

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      • I Hear You Now says:

        MBT: Good point!

        OANN has a useful and informative running set of totals on the cost of illegal immigration to the USA — and to US taxpapers — on a screen graphic (constanting updating) that they show each day.

        That is the only place I’ve seen it displayed like that regularly.


    • nats1mom says:

      I Agree with you TB, I agree!


    • WA2TN says:

      My thoughts to a tee, thank you tradebait.


  2. john says:

    Mexico is an narco-terrorist enemy combatant and we must treat them as such. PDJT should move regular army to protect our border in conjunction with tariffs with the RoE to stop invaders with extreme prejudice.

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  3. StanH says:

    Keep up the good work Mr. President, free America supports you. Play with the dollars and all of a sudden you have focus.

    I know, the cabal could start the NAFTA arguments back up and tell us how the tariffs are bad for American jobs. Of course the MSM will dutifully carry their water, they are forming panels for the Sunday morning shows as we speak. They should have Mitt (the weasel) Romney tell us how bad this is for our economy followed by Bob (the Irrelevant One) Weld tell us how it’s raaaacist, and the pièce de résistance Adam (the Pencil Neck) Schiff with Jerry (the Tub) Nadler tell us, Orange Man Bad, impeach, impeach, impeach.

    Oh and just for the entertainment value rotate Maxine (the Imbecile) Waters to discuss the economy as a whole as the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, see that’s funny just typing that. Oh, with fully edited subtitles so it will appear she has a cogent thought and an IQ above room temperature.

    KAG! …by ignoring the swamp weasels, because now he’s messing with the money flow. Get’em President Trump.

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  4. Joshua2415 says:

    I fear that the “War Caucus” in DC is going to push POTUS to ask “AMLO” for permission to send US troops into Mexico to help secure their borders. This would be a disaster. I can’t even begin to imagine the cost in American blood. If the US military is needed to do the job they can do it on American soil where they can properly defend themselves
    PLEASE pray for our President that God may continue to grant him wisdom.


    • Query says:

      Grow up.
      Mexico is a 3rd world cesspit.
      Its military is a joke.
      If the US chose it could overrun the whole country in 48 hours…..
      The drug cartels would provide more resistance than the BS Mexican military.

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    • Chad C. Mulligan says:

      What is the cost in American blood of leaving the status quo in place? Drugs are chemical warfare against our people. Narco-crime has spread to every major city and a lot of smaller ones. Rape, torture, gruesome murders are in the news every single day.


    • William D Miller says:

      We need to take out the cartels


      • flova says:

        No, no, no–the cartels are just fine.

        As various states attorneys are suing Big Pharma for distributing legal prescription drugs and the gubmint is regulating pain killers out of existence and treating the doctors like dealers, the cartels are whooping it up, knowing the market has just opened even wider when the 5 million addicts in the U.S.and chronic pain patients will turn to heroin and black market fentanyl.

        Soon Big Pharma will go the way of Big Tobacco and we will be a third world country with Bill and Melinda Gates passing out antibiotics and birth control.pills.

        And the cartels will be raking in trillions.

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    • iwasthere says:

      Meh, just tell Mexico to hire blackwater. Oh wait, I forgot about the cartels paying $100’s of millions to Mexican politicians. Can we really believe with that kind of money sloshing around some of it is not finding it’s way into our Congress?


  5. Phil McCoxwell says:

    Liberalism is a nasty virus. It’s mechanism for infection is the threat of personal destruction. To see an otherwise intellectually intelligent person contort logic to never state the obvious truth about anything that does not comport with the party line is the first outwardly sign that a person has been infected with liberalism. The funny thing is though, it is easily disinfected with the truth. Add to that, it is the epitome of the Potemkin Facade. It appears to have real structure behind its facade, but in reality, if you push back on it a few times it topples rather easily. The willingness to take the slings and arrows from the infected is all that is required. Once they realize they cannot scare you, like most bullies, they move on. The virus of liberalism is under full assault under the leadership of President Trump. Their Potemkin facade comprised of the media, Hollywood, wholly owned politicians and corporate cronies is starting to wobble. Their greatest fear that a collective push from us, which is a majority of the country….and the world… will expose their weakness and they will lose their disproportionately large amount the political Landscape. Once the walls fall, the collective unwashed will see these leftists are really few in numbers and their power, derived from the pockets of we deplorables, will dissolve faster than a news cycle. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of this virus.

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  6. curtisblacklabel says:

    Can you imagine CNBC talking heads berating and bashing an Obama official this way?


  7. nuwildcat1977 says:

    To the Chamber of Commerce, I would say that protecting Americans and our way of life is more important than money. It’s that simple.

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  8. scrap1ron says:

    The narco-Marxists running Mexico have been running drugs and illegal aliens into the US for years. This is an act of war. Treat them and their advocates accordingly.

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  9. I wrote the following in one of my Chicagoboyz blog posts vis a vis Trump Administration policy versus the Globalist economic reality we have lived for the last 30-years. This is the train the CoC and AMLO wants to keep running —

    The Macro-Economics of the Trump Administration’s “America First” Economic Policies

    What Trump’s “America First” economic policies have shown me in the last 2.5 years is the hollowing out the working & middle class in the late and post Cold War period was an artifact of American Cold War Macro-Economic policy to re-industrialize the rest of the Western World, and later China, as a tool to fight the Soviet Union.
    This policy killed the growth of American productivity in the early 1970’s because the bond markets could make more via foreign investment via defacto and de jure US Government subsidies of foreign investments than they could investing in the USA. (The former being in the form of allowing European/Asian trade barriers to US goods and the latter being US Government foreign default guarantees).
    The run down in US capitol investment in the 1960’s through 2000’s, combined with the arrival of “the Box” AKA ISO standard cargo containers — See: Marc Levenson’s “THE BOX: How the shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger” — meant the Mid-Western industrial economy collapsed from a prolonged starvation of capitol investment. Effectively the Midwestern economy was strangled in a US Government macro-economic siege driven by the Financial “Renter class” in the NY City Bond Market from 1989 onward.
    Going back almost three decades chronologically from 1989, at the same time all this started, to get big business to buy into this policy in the long term in the early 1960’s. Sen Kennedy in 1963 got “Open Borders” immigration to keep US labor costs low via foreign immigration. Today’s US population would be 200 million vice 300 million simply based upon the effects of that immigration legislation.
    Returning back to the post-Cold War era, NAFTA and all the other multinational trade deals represented the final victory of the multi-national financial and corporate “renter class” over the American national economy and it was cemented by the Clinton Administration and ratified by both the George W Bush and Obama Presidencies. The American financial/Multinational Corporate Renter class’ victory was so complete they lost sight of the real roots of American political power, the white working and middle class.
    All this macro-economic policy over 50 years meant the coasts prospered while the heartland suffered and became foreigners in their own country. I refer to this Financial Renter class enrichment process as “The Great Hollowing Out.”

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    • And – “a world-wide race to the bottom.” No corporation exists in a vacuum: it is dependent upon those who supply it and upon those which it supplies. Globalism (sic) was always based on finding the least-expensive source of labor and ignored the true cost of international shipping and the associated delays. It presumed that products made “anywhere else” would be allowed to compete with (now, non-existent) domestic production. And, for many foolish decades, this was so.

      But “Globalism” was always a flawed strategy. A true “global” economy must consist of strong, sovereign, independent nations who protect their own ability to do so, even as they trade with other countries similarly situated. “America First!” should be ” First!” and every in the world should be doing the same … knowing full well that every other country it’s trading with is “doing the same.” This should be the new, accepted, Ground Rule.

      Immediately, we would have robustness, fault-tolerance, abuse-tolerance, and choice. It would be a rising tide that lifts all boats both great and small. “Globalism” has done exactly the opposite. It is an intrinsically flawed strategy that should be abandoned immediately … everywhere. It committed John Ruskin’s error of “considering price alone.” It does not work, because it can’t.

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      • Mike,

        There is no such thing as “free trade” between a free and unfree society.

        There is only managed trade because “comparative advantage” is determined for political advantage in the unfree society and not mutual economic advantage as is the case between free societes.

        Since NAFTA to Pres. Trump, China has managed US-China trade.

        Since Nov 2016, the Trump Administration has.

        The difference in U.S. economic growth reflects this new reality.

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    • evergreen says:

      I was a Larry Kudlow kind of guy, staunchly conservative and free market (but with a nagging wonderment below the surface) until Trump cured that. I read and agreed with Bastiat’s arguments about tariffs…until Trump described what the acts and the consequences have been. I now have reconciled Bastiat and Trump finally.

      Tariffs serve a purpose, and a good one at that.

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  10. you go trump. long over due for these everything and everybody exported to the usa. well we are full of your one way with goods and illegal people who you want to kick out any way. how do you like AMERICA NOW ???

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  11. askandgettruth says:

    never get tired of winning for america. what i am tired of is mexico and other countries having their 1 way trade and taxes on our goods. MEXICO KEEP YOUR GOODS AND PEOPLE we do not want them here

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  12. James Street says:

    Last week I was moving some computers around at work and there were two identical Dell monitors that looked like they were from the same manufacturing lot. I had to record serial numbers of everything and I noticed the serial number on one of the Dell monitors began with “MX” and a sticker under it said “Made in Mexico”. The serial number on the other one began with “CN” and a sticker under that said “Made in China”. They both had other stickers on the back with information in Chinese.

    This raises a lot of questions with me, like does Mexico have a skilled and trained work force for creating tech products, or does “Made in Mexico” mean it was built in China, shipped to Mexico where a “Made in Mexico” sticker was slapped on it and then it was repackaged and shipped into the U.S.? If it’s the first them Mexico is ready to step into the 21st century. If it’s the second then I can see why they need to cheat.

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  13. Caius Lowell says:

    Thank you SD for showing how clearly that Tom Donohue is an enemy of the American people…

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  14. fred5678 says:

    We need a 12 step program to get over our relationship with Meh-hee-co.

    Step #1 — admit Meh-hee-co is a corrupt S…hole country, run by bloodthirsty drug cartels.


  15. FrankieZee says:

    Why doesn’t Trump go after companies that hire Illegals. That would be a big benefit of stopping the flow of Illegals. Go into Florida and check every construction and you will find the majority of their workforce is ILLEGALS.

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    • davidb says:

      @ Frank…the laws are already on the books since R Reagan signed it. They don’t enforce them.


    • An American says:

      We are way past that point now. That should have been done a long time ago. Those illegals would then have to rely on our welfare system to support themselves.


      • Clinton is the last President to enforce those laws; Bush stopped doing it; Obama,well, need I say any more. They have done a few raids here in NC in the past few months. I agree with the construction crews..all illegals.


  16. gildie says:

    Seems like AMLO is in a bit of a bind. According to Ed Calderon, an interview posted yesterday,
    el presidente declared a truce with the cartels. Human trafficking has become quite the money maker for the Mexican mafia, not to mention all the precincts along their route. Everyone gets a piece. Federales, State & local police, coyotes, charities. etc..
    Is he really going to pick a fight with the cartels by cutting off one of their revenue streams?
    AMLO, you said you would help Trump with the border problem. You didn’t.
    You messed with the bull, now..

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  17. Lactantius says:

    Globalism, multiculturalism, diversity and open borders are all one in the same. The border wall is a line of demarcation: Cross this and become an American and all that it means to be an American. The wall is about keeping multiculturalism out and protecting the melting pot which creates Americanism.

    We the People have been total wimps in permitting the globalist-multiculturalists to blow holes in the melting pot. Multiculturalism creates tribes. The more tribes there are, the more conflict. Multiculturalists place a high value on division over nationalism and patriotism. Multiculturalism is identity politics and identify politics is always focused on the tribe and negativity.

    The leftists in America refuse to admit that MS-13, drugs, disease, sex-traffickers, and more are among the “yearning to be free” border hoppers. They just chant “multiculturalism, diversity, downtrodden, tolerance” and more such baloney about “social justice.”

    Justice is at the heart of what divides us. The tribe loving left is about hemorrhaging bile over “injustice” piled on this tribe or that. And that injustice may be now or in the past, real or imagined. Whatever it is, leftest “social justice” is required for a fix.

    Social justice defies definition because it is unique to what bellyaches each tribe claims as their brand of injustice. Globalism has nothing to do with tribalism other than the fact that globalism in anti-nationalism and anti-patriotism.

    The tariffs on Mexico will automatically “offend” the globalists and the multiculturalists because: “social justice.” Globalism and multiculturalism are the terms of today just like socialism or Maoism or fascism or any other gelatinous blob of superior ideology that charlatans of hectoring have come up with in the past.

    Historically “America First” became isolationist and earned a bad reputation. So, nationalist and patriot President Donald J. Trump reworked it into “Make America Great Again.” He does not waiver. Everything he touches is filtered through the lens of MAGA. Everything.

    Anyone with common sense knows that national unity and purpose is far superior to continued negotiation with bellyaching tribes. These tribes include Black Lives Matter, Sharia, Here-a-gender-there-a-gender, Gay Rights, Quotas, Haters of Hate Speech, Feminists and countless Loony-Tunes wannabes. Tribes are for the cultural identity of the tribe and separate cultural identities resist fusion. Therefore, multiculturalism is all about dividing ourselves into little units of pride and prejudice.

    The DemonizingRats have used rhetoric very persuasively to sucker people into tribalism and play to their worst fears. Joe Biden: “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.”

    We need to stand up to multiculturalism and phony diversity and undefined tolerance. Conservatism is about order and ordered justice. We need to start answering back and confronting the demonizing which the DemonizingRats have used so effectively.

    Our first battle is to stop this runaway “equality” myth in its tracks. Everything in the DemonizingRat playbook is about owning the definition of “equality.”

    The United States Chamber of Commerce is not about nationalism or patriotism. It is entirely about the wealth comes from commerce and what fulfills the needs of the captains of commerce. It is not about the U.S. economy or jobs in the rural areas and small towns all across the United States.

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  18. YvonneMarie says:

    Peter Navarro is still working & speaking genius.
    Too many pundits are either stupid or very anti United States Republic.
    They do not want a republic run government.
    Well, let’s defeat them ☺️


  19. Mr deplorable says:

    The chamber of rich bitches again comes out against America’s middle class. Screw these assholes, I’ll be getting in my local bitches faces every chance I get.


  20. rojobirds says:

    Hold fast Mr. President. Tariff the crap out of Mexico. I can live without their manufactured garbage.

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  21. MVW says:

    1000 crossed the border at one time. This was the dumbest stunt imaginable. It gave Trump full optics and full opportunity to 100% solidify his base, drag in the doubters, electrify black pilled sit at home voters, at the same time force Donahue to push DhimmiRats in congress to go to the table and puts the blame on AMLO (who won’t dare cross the cartels & will do nothing). Here comes 25% tariffs!

    Plus tariffs & tariff threats further forces businesses to move their supply chains to the US which Trump wants to do plus this gives Trump full justification to take the perfect action to ensure it.

    Trump is pure magic. It is unbelievable.

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  22. p'odwats says:

    Flooding a First World, technologically advanced nation with unskilled, non-educated Third World people will never end well. We in California can certainly vouch for that fact!

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  23. lcpusa says:

    I can’t over emphasize how well tariffs on Mexico and China play here in Michigan.
    There’s going to come a tipping point where the GOP decepticon senators have to choose america over the chamber of chinese commerce.

    Trump told you. Trump told us all. These trade wars are very easy to win.
    Only those who have been bought off could lose these showdowns.

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  24. Whitehouse Clown says:

    I cancelled my business membership in the local Chamber of Commerce a few years ago citing the national organization support for open borders. The local chapter was not happy when I told members how much of their dues went to National.

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  25. trapper says:

    This isn’t rocket science. Stop the damn caravans.

    They are in Mexico for weeks, mostly after having entered Mexico illegally, heading for America. Stop them. Turn them around. Instead of bussing them north, bus them back south where they came from. Stop letting them go through Mexico.

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  26. An American says:

    Trump is pitting the Mexican President against the illegal criminal organizations and the legal organizations of commerce in a three way standoff. Who will the Mexican President side with?
    It could easily be solved by the Mexican government. Simply confiscate all the buses and transportation that are illegally trafficking these people north, empty them out at the southern border. Then drive the empty buses up north under armed guard and transport all the illegals back to the southern border.
    Also, make the tariffs retroactive. If the tariffs get held up by a court ruling, let them know that as it works its way through the courts, the original timeline still stands and they will be liable for 5% starting June 10 and so on. They will have to gamble on whether the ruling will ultimately be upheld or shot down. If it takes 6 months to be resolved and they have not started to resolve the border problem in that time the cost will be staggering.

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  27. tonyE says:

    So AMLO is a fascist too?

    I thought he was a plain Socialist but with his alliance with the US Corporate CoC in DC he has adopted crony capitalism and become a full fledged fascist.

    What’s with these Mexican politicians? They’re all corrupt to the hilt.

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  28. Kookooracharabioso says:

    I am not pleased that those among us that can least afford it will be bearing the cost of these tariffs & I note that none of the talking bobble heads are even considering the concerns of my economic class when expressing their outrage. Ooooohhh . . . .avocados! Ahem . . . for many of us whose cultural culinary inheritance includes avocados – they have already been priced out of our diet with no concern to explain from our media. We also know that we have suffered decades of a taxation without representation situation. We are forced to pay into the social safety net but when one of ours falls on hard times we can never access it. It has taken so many years to get these truths out. “Generational wealth?” Gone. The vast wealth transfer written about here in recent article is already possibly gone too far. We believe that the value of our citizenship has been lessened & that our generations of contributions discounted entirely. The surveillance state leaves us feeling hopeless. So we grab onto the hope that Trump gives us with the tariffs and we support this action 100%. We already know how to live on what the Honduran slut called ” pig food.” The media dares not talk to us or ask us. BRING IT!


    • facebkwallflower says:

      Avacodo is a gourmet, luxury food.

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      • I haven’t noticed any increase in avocado prices. I buy a couple every week and I buy organic, mostly. Trader Joe’s has great prices on organic vegetables including lemons, tomatoes and cauliflower. Actually my regular grocery store has organic lemons frequently costing the same or less than non organic.


    • CirclinTheDrain says:

      You will bear almost no cost of any tariffs. Most will be paid by subsidies or absorbed by the companies, because you are not locked onto any one product with a tariff.

      Don’t buy a car made in Mexico – buy an almost new used car. Buy avocados from California. Etc.

      Chinese goods have been tariff’d almost 25% – you don’t see 25% inflation in chinese goods, do you ? Won’t be any different with Mexican tariffs.


  29. Pat Childs says:

    Gateway Pundit says Huber’s inaction was known by Sessions. Perhaps even ordered by Sessions himself. Sessions was trying to bring down Trump.


  30. ATheoK says:

    There are plenty of videos showing Mexico aiding and abetting immigrant marches North.

    The bald facts are that Mexico is a corruptocracy, where corruption decides the actions of politicians down to police officers.

    Until tariff penalties reach a level surpassing what Soros and others are willing to spend supporting their seditious plans, the immigrants will keep flowing North.

    * Raise the tariffs!
    * Raise the fees on monies sent South from immigrants!
    * Penalize those nations that encourage illegal immigration and/or terrorism!
    * Penalize those billionaires who actively seek to destabilize or disrupt governments with their advocacy.
    * * A) Remove favorable IRS status and then heavily tax every alleged political or charitable group linked to Soros and others!
    * * B) Declare every organization even remotely linked to terrorism or illegal immigration as terrorist organizations and seize all of their assets; this includes organizations like Rothschild, Ford, Rockefeller, Open Society and anything Soros.
    * * C) Fine every organization that supports terrorists or illegal immigration triple damages. Damages that include all costs to America including welfare, medical care, society support, etc.

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  31. mutantbeast says:

    Dont a Hue wants sto call hi mself an American, yet he colludes witha KNOWN COMMUNIST O radolt, when its convienent for the COC to rip off the American taxpayer. The COC and Business Roundtable need there lobbying rights revoked. They are a large part of the problem with the lack of a border wall.


  32. Lone Gunman says:

    Ah, why not stop the illegals at Mexico’s SOUTHERN BORDER instead?? Then there’s that much less chance of them sneaking across ours.


  33. Greg Dane says:

    The Chamber of Commerce USED TO BE the stalwart of American business – unfortunately the C of C has become the Chamber of Communists filled with anti-American liberal progressives who want cheap labor at the expense of all Americans.

    Does anyone but me find it amusing that the President of Mexico calls on the C of C to try and stop the President from imposing tariffs on them to stem the flow of illegals into this country instead of calling on the President to try and work together? The simple fact that the C of C even entertained the idea of supporting Mexico when the nation is being overrun with illegals says more of who and what they have become. America First is more than a slogan to the President and his followers, it is the cornerstone of our desire to be a sovereign nation with laws that are enforced not ignored. The C of C has shown itself to ignore our laws in favor of cheap labor. They need to just go away!


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