All Pretense Dropped – Chairman Xi Calls for Chinese to Support New “Long March” for Trade War…

In a clear signal toward the trade conflict with the United States, Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping is preparing his nation for a protracted trade conflict. Chinese state-run media have been deploying propaganda to shift public opinion toward the U.S. as a direct threat, and the latest developments by Xi showcase that agenda.

(South China Post) Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for the nation to embark on a new Long March and “start all over again”, in the most dramatic sign to date that Beijing has given up hope of reaching a trade deal with the United States in the near term.

Xi is in Jiangxi province for his first domestic tour since the escalation of the trade war two weeks ago. Jiangxi is where China’s defeated Red Army started its fabled Long March in 1934, and Xi’s choice of destination is being viewed as an effort to invoke a spirit of endurance and to rally public spirit amid rising tensions with Washington.

“We are here at the starting point of the Long March to remember the time when the Red Army began its journey,” Xi told cheering crowds on Monday, in footage posted on state broadcaster CCTV’s website on Tuesday. “We are now embarking on a new Long March, and we must start all over again.”

While Xi did not directly mention the trade war or the United States, his remarks are being perceived as clear signals that the Chinese public is being told to prepare for hardships because of the worsening external environment. (read more)

It always appeared that President Trump was fully prepared for this outcome. In hindsight it looks even more obvious how President Trump engaged with China while fully expecting to end-up with a direct and adversarial outcome.

As recently explained to Fox News host Steve Hilton, President Trump is in no hurry to continue conciliatory trade discussions because he has mentally moved into the punishment phase of his geopolitical reset.


The confrontation between China’s communist controlled economy and the U.S. free market system is the most significant geopolitical event since the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The consequences from this reset are far reaching, and extend beyond the tens of trillions of dollars within the combined economies.

The entire system of global trade and supply-chain economics has entered a state of flux.

Within this dynamic there are opportunities for national economies to benefit if they position themselves within a nationalistic free-trade alliance being assembled by President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Ross and USTR Lighthizer.  However, to benefit the political leaders of those nations will have to adjust their outlook.

There are indications within recent political shifts, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, and Australia as examples, that inherently many nations are aware how global multinational systems -and political leadership- were/are aligned to benefit an elitist few at the expense of the larger population.  The visible signs of populist backlash are extensive.

Dr. Michael Pillsbury appears on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs to discuss the current dynamic.  Great Watch:


“Change Politics For Good”

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257 Responses to All Pretense Dropped – Chairman Xi Calls for Chinese to Support New “Long March” for Trade War…

  1. Perot Conservative says:


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  2. Jan PT says:

    Tariffs are ablunt instrument, and can be circumvented.
    They could be split into 4 kinds:
    1) Exchange rate compensation tariffs. If China devalues, that tariff goes up commensurately.
    2) Environmental tariffs. If a nation produces, say rare earths, without mitigating environmental kmpact to the fullest extent possible, kabloom. The saved costs reappear as enviro-tariffs.
    3) Labour cost adjustment tariffs. If a nation uses slave labour, thesavings are compensated for by a proportional tariff. Goodbye NK advantage…
    4) Punitive tariffs. Used to enforce civil behaviour, such as copyright protection.
    Each tariff is calculated and raised indrpendantly. And they accrue.

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    • Jan PT says:

      Excuse typos, please. Just woke up…

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      @ Jan PT
      Your are correct, tariffs are a blunt instrument. But Trump called China a “currency manipulator” during the campaign. China needs every US dollar it can find to maintain the peg to the USD. China needs USD’s for imports. If they cannot hold the peg, and that is going to be increasingly hard to do, then Trump will bump up the tariffs.

      Does contemporary China have the same fiber as the tiny Communist Party of 1934? We shall see. China’s best move is to kick out the Emperor Xi Dictator Party.
      You have great ideas on how to modernize tariffs. Thank you.

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  3. Publius2016 says:

    its a true movement: Nationalism vs Globalism…for some reason, some Americans support China’s continued theft of American Technology and Innovations. They also apparently prefer that Americans continue to loss market share and run trillion dollar trade deficits. 45 disagrees and has moved our nation back to bilateral trade agreements that foster investment that protects intellectual property. Other nations see that there is an opportunity to upset the march to the false song of Globalism and are making a stand…

    Btw China is beyond angry that Japan has the 2020 Summer Olympics!

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    • Just Another Deplorable says:

      Those who support Chinese theft or status quo are likely compensated by the Chinese or are being persuaded by sources who are.


    • sDee says:

      “for some reason, some Americans support China’s continued theft of American Technology and Innovations.”

      Perhaps you give them too much credit in understanding. State-educated Americans are fed by State-Media. They do not understand that their iPhone is made in Chinese slave labor camps. They only care that it is cheap. They only understand what their iPhone and Google tell them. China good. America bad.

      China does not have to steal our IP, it is given to them by the new breed of international CEOs. All engineered and financed by the Globalists and Central Bankers to bring down America. China is their weapon, clueless Americans their advantage. America has always been the obstacle standing between them and global oligarchy.

      Trump’s trade war with China is a proxy war with America’s mortal enemies.

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      • southernsue says:

        America and russia are the only countries that stand in the way of one world order

        putin is also fighting his deep state,at least he can just kill them unlike the US

        trump is also fighting our deep state,too bad trump can’t just round them up like putin and just kill them

        i pray that GOD is with trump and trump is with GOD
        i pray that the US will have a great revival to turn our people back to GOD

        pray pray pray

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      • LEET says:


        Agree 100% with everything you just said, EXCEPT, IPhones are anything but cheap. There is a massive markup from the slave labor cost to produce to the price on the shelf here in America. Also, I hope that it gives people pause, when they understand that all of our cell phones are made in COMMUNIST CHINA…….what could go wrong? 🤔🤔🤔🤔


        • sDee says:

          True on the retail cost of an iPhone but very few pay that. Most buy them “cheap” or “free” through their carrier. Hence the perception that the iPhone is cheap.

          Interesting that Apple’s software and spyware IP is protected in these globalist schemes, allowing the money to be made by skimming user data and loacation. The globalists’ GAFTA monopolies (GoogleApppleFacebookTwitterAmazon) get to play by a different set of rules.

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        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          Iphones. “What could go wrong.”
          BAUTOU Lake, China.
          The world’s biggest ecological disaster, all to mine cheap Rare Earths. Look it up and weep.
          Americans are told they are “Bad People” for not signing onto the Paris Accord. Meanwhile China is the world’s largest polluter, and is destroying the planet.

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  4. Barb Meier says:

    The Chinese sent us poisoned pet food that killed our dogs. The Chinese sent us Fentanyl that is murdering our people. Why on Earth would I ever choose to buy anything made in China?

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    • Conservative_302 says:

      I am done with China. I’d rather pay more for something made in America. People don’t need all the cheap crap they are selling. Time to get back to spending more time face to face with real people. Go outside and do some real work or play that that produces exercise you can’t get on a piece of equipment in a gym. True happiness isnt something you can buy.

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      • Luke of the D says:

        I am with you, Conservative. The problem is so much of what we use every day is made in China. Go to a Meijer or a Walmart and grab any random item off a shelf and 9 times of out 10 it was made in China. Go to an Ace Hardware and nearly everything there is made in China. Buy any DVD or phone or computer part and nearly every piece was made in China. Buy wood from a lumber mill, it probably came from China. I hate it the idea of buying Chinese crap, but how can you not? Honestly, it does not matter if you want to pay more for something made in America, half the time you cannot find anything made in America. I am fully supportive of America First principles, but frankly we are not yet broken from our addiction to cheap Chinese junk and there are few alternates available. Unless you want to farm your own vegetables, raise your own cattle, build your own furniture (with your own hand-made tools), and never buy another electronic device again (no TVs, no radios, no computers, etc), you will have no choice but to buy Chinese junk.


        • lftpm says:

          Don’t be so pessimistic. Prices on manufactured goods will rise. But Anerican factories now shuttered will be reopened, and new ones will be built. For the rise in prices, we will have goods made in America by well-paid American industrial workers, who will pay federal, state and local taxes that Chinese companies and their workers don’t. They will support our communities’ economies.

          At the end of the road, we won’t have as many goods, alas, but most of the ones we will give up do not add to the real value of our lives.

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        • Baby El says:

          You may not always have a choice, but when you do….exercise it.
          As businesses see consumers will pay more for quality products made here in America, they will respond accordingly.

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        • RightAroundTheBlock says:

          I’m not sure anyone here is getting milk from China. I read labels at the grocery store, if it says it was produced in China we don’t buy it.

          Regarding the “no choice” argument, please consider joining us Luke and step outside the box. We buy goods CHEAPER than the “Chinese crap” rate without direct support to the Chinese economy… AND simultaneously support local businesses and local economies while often contributing to worthy charities..

          Wow! Pray tell good Patriot, how is it possible…?

          To your surprise, no, my garage workshop does not exemplify the spirit of Roy Underhill’s spirit of woodcraft.

          Neither do I milk cows or participate in animal husbandry. Though I should disclaim before further encouragement, we do have a Siberian cat. So this all may be an elaborate Russian ruse, proceed with caution:

          In our family we buy nearly all (80% or >) non-perishable goods from garage sales, Craigslist and thrift stores; this includes clothes, most tools, furniture, housewares, electronics and so on. Lots of stuff in our house marked “made in China” but we did not contribute our dollar to support their product we purchased, and as well one less new Chinese product sold today in the USA if it was something we needed and could not find made here stateside.

          We can quibble on details regarding the “support,” or lack of, regarding 2nd hand product purchases but bottom line is that the purchasing choice herein makes a difference in the “we have no choice” mantra. It’s a step in the right direction until more stateside products come online.

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        • lfdale says:

          Factories / manufacturers / importers are moving out of China, China is hurting now and will hurt even more in the future. Their road maybe a dead end. Time will tell

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      • southernsue says:

        i remember when everything used to be made in mexico

        what happened with that

        and why can’t we make our own shit in the USA


        • LEET says:

          Why can’t we make our own sh*t in the USA!

          As per the globalists, America’s economy is now a service driven economy. Manufacturing is a thing of the past for us, we have “evolved into a global economy”.🙄

          The ChiComms would love it if we could not make anything for ourselves here. NOTHING. What could go wrong?!🤔
          Steel industry in America was nearly dead when POTUS Trump became President
          Just think of the ramifications of that ALONE, not to mention other industries.

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          • Orville R. Bacher says:

            Becoming a “Service Economy” was just the cover story as American Corporate Globalists stripped America of its core Middle Class jobs, and the nations strength.
            Nothing, absolutely nothing, about the “Service Economy” and “Free Trade” Media Messaging was an accident.

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            • LEET says:

              Yes, I understand that was a messaging/
              Narrative cooked up by the globalists. I guess I should have put a sarcasm symbol (/S off) after my 2nd paragraph.

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            • lfhbrave says:

              Our business schools at universities have been teaching these “service economy” or “labor intensive economy” junks for the past 30 years. They all need to take a business course with Sundance’s materials on this subject.

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      • NvMtnOldMan says:

        Conservative–Exactly!! My tiny home town recently grew tired of folks walking around looking at their iPhone. We just had a few local “pot luck” dinners and the VFW Club had a “sock hop” that was packed. We are pushing kids to play baseball etc . Many folks commented that they loved the dinners and dance so much better than TV or IPhone.

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        • 4EDouglas says:

          Listening to a local Christian station yesterday and the young man Dee Jay
          was commnting how wonderful Alexia was. “Alexia turn on the coffeepot,””Alexia
          Turn on Christian top 100.” etc.
          Sorry my opinion of intrusive tech (China loves that) is:
          “Alexia did I fire five or did I fire six? To tell the truth, I can’t really remember .
          Feeling lucky?”


    • Coldeadhands says:

      Add another to that list. Jewelry and toys made with cadmium and other toxins.


  5. M Droy says:

    Trade is a key topic, and you are right to highlight how trade developments are important.
    But don’t get sucked into one set of propaganda by calling Chinese comments propaganda. That way lies “obstruction” & denial.
    On trade partners – there is only one trade partner in Europe – the EU. Identifying individual countries that might align on politics with Trump doesn’t help.
    Of course when the Trade war gets bigger, the whole of Europe will loyally follow US, they are just quibbling right now in an effort to show some limited independence.


    • jeans2nd says:

      You assume the EU will remain as is. Are you able to guarantee none of the EU nations will follow Britain and leave the EU?
      Identifying individual countries that might align on politics with Trump is exactly how one goes about changing the world, especially the world of multi-national trade.

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      • BroMole says:

        Last I checked Britain had not left the EU. Given enough authoritarianism, they can and will subvert their people’s will.

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        • pythias27 says:

          Election tomorrow is looking good for Nigel Farage’s new “Brexit Party”. He skipped out after the Brexit referendum thinking the job was done only to have the globalist play kick the can on actually leaving and trying to subvert the will of the people that voted “leave”. So the Brexit Party was formed to finish the job. Though, of course, like the last iteration, lets not hold our breath waiting for them to actually leave but hope the job is finished this go around.

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  6. FGM says:

    The Chinese are betting that Mr. Trump and his policies will be gone soon.

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    • sDee says:

      China is now stuck between the Globalists who created them, and Donald J Trump.

      China will do what its master tells it to do.
      Americans will fight once awakened.


    • WRB says:

      China may try to out-wait POTUS, but in the meantime

      China Labour Bulletin, an advocacy group in Hong Kong that tracks protests, recorded at least 1,700 labor disputes last year, up from about 1,200 the year before. Those figures represent only a fraction of disputes across China, since many conflicts go unreported and Mr. Xi has intensified censorship.


    • BroMole says:

      And you can bet on them spending a lot to try and influence that outcome.

      Good thing our independent media are on the lookout for foreign influence in our… BWAAAHAHAHA… I was unable to finish that joke without laughing!

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  7. Gary Lacey says:

    Xi isn’t interested in a fair trade deal, its business as usual. Trump on the other hand, will deal with the Chinese fairly.
    Watch for America’s enemies to attack Trump from the NYT, WaPo and the WSJ.(Chinese $$$)

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  8. Trent Telenko says:

    The Chinese trade surplus is roughly 1/3 the size of their domestic economy. Ninety percent of that “1/3” is trade with the USA and 10% is with the rest of the world.

    China has to either/or grow it’s domestic economy or. trade more elsewhere to deal with the tariff’s the Trump Administration is applying.

    The problem for China is time and Chinese “well poisoning.”

    The Chinese have been bad actors on trade for so long that no one believes a word they say and most everyone has been hurt by Chinese actions accept big banks and financial investment firms financing China.

    Trump’s tariff’s as payback is drawing a whole lot of not only popular support, but financial ones from those business firms that have been hurt by China.

    Only the transnational financial interests making money off the China trade remain Chinese allies in the world economy, and they don’t have votes.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      The Chinese stock market in the last two months has taken the biggest percentage hit since its collapse. Some folks can read the tea leaves.

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  9. Gary Lacey says:

    If Xi doesn’t act fast, the sucking sound in China will be businesses leaving, especially those in the automotive field(parts).
    India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, could become big recipients.

    PS: A fair deal fixes this! This will be Xi’s best moment or his worse.


  10. John-Y128 says:

    I’m sure Biden, McConnell of the Uniparty are advising China to wait out the Trump administration demise and all trade can be returned to normal, nobody I can think of will continue DJT’s policies.


  11. CirclinTheDrain says:

    No one has yet mentioned that the Chinese economy is built on a mountain of debt. They have, for years, rehypothecated rehypothecated assets, until many have very nebulous ownership. The Chinese economy and so-called strength is a fable built on a very shaky foundation. Igt’s a ponzi scheme, and you know what happens to ponzi schemes – once they slow down, the whole thing collapses.

    In many ways, the Chinese have their backs to the wall and must prepare for a hard recession/depression. When we force fair trade, their economy slows and they cannot service debt. Many Chinese firms will disappear. The transnational banks all know this, hence a second reason they fight Trump – the banks will be lucky to survive the implosion of the Chinese economy.

    Here’s just a sample


  12. Chump Change says:

    China is at WAR with the United States…and Trump knows it.

    If you think this is an exaggeration, listen to this guy…the best description of China’s 7 pillar strategy against the USA:


  13. czarowniczy says:

    All many Americans have known about China during their lifetimes is that drab, gray Maoist China, that hobbling dragon left over from years of Japanese occupation and Communist economic policies. We tend to underestimate it.

    Until the Opium Wars in the mid-19th century China had the world’s largest economy and had for centuries. The perfidy of British trade policy, especially involving the forced and Brit-controlled sales of opium in China and the resulting war that gave Britain even more control of Chinese economics.

    The Chinese have had misfortune and misery and have not forgotten Japanese and Western interference in their internal matters over the last 200 years. The Chinese people aren’t going to vote the current government out and really have no power to change it. If the government wants to have a trade war and visit some discomfort on the population they will do so and the people will have to eat the cookie. The state has enough money in reserve to keep the misery at a manageable level and they will deflect public outrage into anti-US channels giving them an outlet. All they have to do is sit out US regime change and surf the wave of US consumers pissed at not getting their cheap goods fix.

    I’ve been digging through sites where Chinese merchants hawk their goods and from what I see the next Chinese assault will be on the US auto industry. I’m seeing trucks in gas and diesel, that are well designed and thought out that look to be headed to compete with the US pickup truck market. They are $20K or more, wholesale fob, in China less than their US counterparts. I’m waiting to see if they start a dealer/service setup here, that will be the first shot. With US makers dropping lines in favor of sky-high priced SUVs and trucks what would a cheaper and quality Chinese product do in our markets?

    This may be a major trade war or just another shakeout in the international manufacturing order but the Chinese are 100% into the game while we have competing factions here heavily divided about trade and manufacturing. I’m not sure we have the advantage.


    • Baby El says:

      Have you seen the truck sales numbers? It has taken 30 years for Toyota to gain a respectable position. Honda sold 16k units in 2018; Ford 450k.

      Real men: real trucks, real tools, real motorcycles, real women.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Yes, but China’s marketing people have benefited from the experiences of Japanese, Korean and US marketing.

        The US makers are charging for trucks what they used to charge for luxury cars, trucks are fast leaving their work status and becoming the new luxury vehicle. I got into this as in my rural area I couldn’t find a realistically priced work vehicle that didn’t cost more than I would pay for 15 acres of land. I’m not going to pay over $35K for a truck I’m going to use out in the field when I could put that money into more productive veins. I had to go 75 miles to the city where a dealer had some fleet overruns.

        I don’t see the Chinese replacing the US trucks by any means but as US makers transition away from autos to trucks and SUVs it isn’t going to take much to shake their foundations. I’m already seeing a lot of foreign trucks in the commercial areas and small niche non-streetable trucks being imported. It’s economics.


  14. 13wasylyna says:

    Nothing like proving that you are the leader of a totalitarian Govt than commanding the people to stop eating KFC….


  15. 6x47 says:

    President Trump wasn’t just prepared for this outcome – he was counting on it!

    President Trump told China “Go ahead. Make my day.” And Xi decided he felt lucky …


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  16. Q&A says:

    An entire class of blood pressure medicines (ACE inhibitors-sartans) is under multi-national recall for an unknown duration. My father is on his third bp med to find a substitute. We talk about not buying Chinese goods, but how can you control where your meds are produced?

    Note: the FDA should be ashamed as well as the pharma companies…”[there] are allegations that pharmaceutical companies concealed this information from physicians and their patients for months – and possibly years. What is also troubling is that the FDA only began issuing recall notices after 22 other countries had taken sartan medications off of pharmacy shelves.”

    “The valsartan case underscores a new reality in the pharmaceutical industry — a growing reliance on foreign manufacturers to provide the raw ingredients for drugs sold in the U.S. According to FDA data, roughly 85 percent of the facilities manufacturing the ingredients in American drugs are located overseas, many from China and India where production costs are low and experts say local government oversight is less stringent.”

    Makes a person nostalgic for the Puerto Rican pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.


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