Steve Scalise Discusses China, USMCA, Trade and Possible Bid for Louisiana Governor…

Louisiana congressional representative and house minority whip Steve Scalise discusses current trade and economic initiatives from President Trump’s agenda.  Representative Scalise outlines the importance of the challenge to China and the benefits within the USMCA agreement.

Beyond the economics, Scalise notes the recent report about running for Louisiana governor stemmed from a short, off-the-cuff, conversation with President Trump and he dismisses the seriousness of the discussion.

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7 Responses to Steve Scalise Discusses China, USMCA, Trade and Possible Bid for Louisiana Governor…

  1. Well, to my way of thinking, “in this particular exchange, there is absolutely nothing presented which effectively counters Rep.Scalice’s political expressions nor agendas, whatever they might be.” Therefore, “The Press” does not meaningfully become engaged.

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  2. BigTalkers says:

    Steve’s my Comgressman and is doing a fine job in helping hold back The Swamp.

    At the same time it would be great to have a Governor who is as good at business development as gjveaway programs, since our state lags our region’s economic growth badly.

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  3. dogsmaw says:

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  4. Sherri Young says:

    Bless his heart. Playing second fiddle to a RINO like Kevin McCarthy must be less than his dream job. However, taking on the governorship of Louisiana could be downright scary. I live 20 miles from the Louisiana line on I-20. It can be months between times that I tune in and listen to Moon Griffon’s morning talk show. Every time I listen, there is more trouble with the budget in that fair state. Last week, the voters in one of the parishes turned down a property tax rate hike for school district pay raises. Today, the news was that a gasoline tax hike to fund infrastructure was voted down in the state legislature. I guess the tax cow has been milked enough in Louisiana and needs a break.

    Yep, wait for awhile in the northern swamp, Congressman Scalise. Eventually, John Bel Edwards will have to give up or the people will want to toss him out. You will barely have to campaign if you will agree to be governor.

    IMO as a neighboring and neighborly Texan.

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  5. Daniel says:

    There’s nothing quite like negotiating from a position of strength. Trump wins either way. If China continues its “resist” stance, more and more manufacturing will come to the US and more and more manufacturing will move to other countries. If China sees the mistake they are making, we win too.


  6. GB Bari says:

    Yes, Maria, the U.S. gets “impacted” by the tariffs and trade dispute with China. You keep bringing that up in every interview concerning the trade negotiations with China.

    What would you have the President do, give in and completely capitulate to China’s bullying and the globalists, so that your buddies in Wall Street aren’t “impacted”?

    Maria is on-key regarding Muh Russia and Spygate, but the former Money Honey cannot seem to get her financial head fully wrapped around the President’s strategy to defeat the OBOR China 2025 bully.


  7. Masterman says:

    Surely being Louisiana Governor would be a downgrade from being the number 2 Republican man in the House?


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