The President and First Lady Host the Abe’s…

President Donald Trump hosts Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a round of golf today, while First Lady Melania Trump hosts Madame Akie Abe in DC.

The relationship between the Trump’s and the Abe’s goes back quite a while and is rooted in a genuine friendship.  The president and prime minister are strong competitors on trade and economic policy; however, the competition is founded on respect.

Prime Minister Abe’s economic policies are rooted in the growth process taught by Edwards Demming.  If you follow their professional business ideology, it is easy to see how President Trump and Prime Minister Abe would face-off around a standard of excellence.

When combined the economies of the United States and Japan account for approximately 30 percent of all global gross domestic product.

This is really old-school business stuff.  Each leader, is essentially an economic policy coach for his country; creating strategies and championing growth in a challenge to see who can succeed the most.  They respect each-other, but this is old school. PM Abe isn’t about to concede to a deal where Japanese growth is ceded; however, he will not cheat to achieve success (unlike Xi).  So friendly adversarial negotiations continue.  Good stuff.

Meanwhile First-Lady Melania Trump and Madame Akie Abe toured some of the historic sites in the capital, including the Washington Monument and US National Arboretum.

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50 Responses to The President and First Lady Host the Abe’s…

  1. The Demon Slick says:

    It’s easy to understand world leaders like President Trump, Abe, Netanyahu and yes, even Putin. They want what’s best for their own country. As they should. President Trump is having a much harder time understanding leaders like May, Merkel and Macron, who don’t.

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  2. Skippy says:

    Wonderful hosting by FLOTUS! I’ve been to all those sites which are some of Washington DC governments’ best. Thank you for your hard work, FLOTUS Trump. And all my best to Madame Akie Abe and the Prime Minister as well as our POTUS.

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    • vikingmom says:

      I notice that Melania is wearing flats today. Just a simple gesture of courtesy to Mrs. Abe who is quite a bit shorter…She has such an eye for detail and an obvious desire to make guests to the White House feel comfortable! Classy and confident!!

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      • WSB says:

        Very true and astitute, vikingmom. And a smashingly colored suit. phc may have details!

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        • Marygrace Powers says:

          btw…talk about details/ just saw these
          beautiful photos of FLOTUS and Akie Abe
          from Friday. STUNNING SKY HIGH L’s.
          Tons of photos and close-ups.

          Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Celebrates Her Birthday in Sky-High Christian Louboutins/

          JOHN BINDER 27 Apr 2019 153

          “First Lady Melania Trump gave a nod to Japan on her birthday in a white and red ensemble — the colors of the Japanese flag — as she welcomed the island nation’s First Lady Akie Abe to the White House.

          Mrs. Trump was white hot on Friday in a cap sleeve lace sheath dress by American brand Lela Rose. The dress retails for about $1,700 and is made entirely in the United States.”

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          • nwtex says:

            Beautiful. She loves the stiletto doesn’t she, pretty much her standard heel…from what I’ve seen anyway and certainly never seen her in a “kitten” heel….perhaps a “pump” but don’t really recall nah 2-3″ wouldn’t be too flattering for the leg, well may be okay with pants. Anyway, this red metallic color is smashing! Probably the most impressive I’ve seen.
            Not to good for walking around in gravel tho. hahahaha


          • Gorgeous photos! Beautiful First Lady ever!


      • Peter Shaw says:

        Good point. Well spotted,


      • nwtex says:

        Plus more practical when walking on gravel.

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        • felipe says:

          My recollection is than Melania doesn’t seem to have too many issues with high heels in most terrains including, if you remember, the thick lawn at the White House when they planted a tree.


          • nwtex says:

            I didn’t say or imply she had an issue……I just feel (if she chose the flats for the reason I feel she may have) it was a wise and practical choice. Flats are more suitable. Traipsing around on gravel in Louboutin would look a bit odd.
            No need to damage the leather on the heel and having to throw them away @ 500$ and up also there is a risk of slipping and or possible twisting an ankle.


      • MelH says:

        Melania represents a group of American women, almost extinct, corporate wives who were the ultimate of class, manners, and civility, . Their job was to be decorative and entertaining, while their husbands performed the grueling job of making golf less a sport than a means of negotiating the best deal for their stock-holders. For all concerned, it really is grueling!


        • rashomon says:

          Now THAT comment, MelH, made me laugh out loud! Scared the poor pets. Hope you don’t mind if I use this recollect in conversations with due credit to my “pal Mel” notes…?

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      • law4lifeblog says:

        Vikingmom, I believe FLOTUS wore flats due to the variations in walking surfaces in the arboretum and the amount of walking involved. She has worn flats for every WH Easter Egg Roll as well.


      • Good catch vikingmom. Noticed that too.


    • EstebanWV says:

      That looks like Trump’s Lowes Island golf course on the Potomac in Va. I used to live there. Those ponds are flooded sand traps I believe due to the excessive rains they have had. I was there when they built the course. Before it opened, they had a 100 year flood and another one the next year.


  3. free.and.true says:

    Fun fact: One of those bonsai trees at the Arboretum (I think the one behind the two First Ladies in the posed pic) is nearly 400 years old, a white pine tended by the same bonsai-master family in Japan since 1625.

    AND it survived the blast at Hiroshima in 1945, and was later presented to the U.S. by Japan as a Bicentennial gift of peace.

    Perfectly lovely story as background for a perfectly lovely international friendship.

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  4. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • MelH says:

      I doubt ANY other First Lady has been so gracious to those who serve. Melania Trump really is The Real Deal, a shining example of all the pretenders who hoped to be but never were, except for Nancy Regan,of course. She also was the Real Deal.

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  5. CNN_sucks says:

    Awesome description SD. This is negotiation good for the people not to the pocket of politicians.

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  6. GB Bari says:

    Our President and First Lady are going to be a near-impossible team to follow when it comes to hosting State dignitaries. President Trump has made a career of building some of the finest hospitality centers in the country with his hotels. Melania has shown she is very attuned to gracious, formal hosting.

    They both make me very proud of having elected DJT to represent us.

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    • Kay Emig says:

      Exactly! This is why I get so cheezed off at people saying that President Trump is boorish, etc., etc. He has more class in his little finger than you can find in the rest of DC combined. Same for First Lady Melania. Although I still get the chuckles at her choice of china for their first official state dinner…..heh, heh, heh. Way to stick the knife into Crooked.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Yes. I always tell folks to consider this: President Trump built up a “brand” (“Trump”) over many decades. He is extremely proud of that brand.

        He also is determined to put the shine back on the brand “United States of America”. That’s the purpose behind “MAGA”.

        So when President Trump hosts visiting foreign dignitaries, he is very genuinely concerned that they are as positively impressed as is possible, so that they return home with a positive view of America.
        I believe President Trump was taught by his parents that the way one treats their guests says a lot about their character.

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  7. MfM says:

    Melania isn’t wearing her signature heels. I bet it’s because they are doing a lot of walking and standing. It also means she isn’t towering over Mrs.Abe the whole day.

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  8. Is the Washington Monument elevator working now? I was there the past two years and it was closed down for repairs.

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    • Skippy says:

      As I understand it based on local D.C. news, they are close to reopening which suggests “yes”. However, no sooner did they announce the re-opening date for this summer, then they delayed it again by a few weeks. Best to do it once, do it right!

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    Watching President TRUMP play golf with world leaders reminds me of The Kenyan who played with no one except his lousy friends. What a total waste of a Presidency and such great opportunities to make great relationships even better.

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  10. Maquis says:

    Is Melania fluent in Japanese yet?

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  11. Beigun says:

    “Abe will not cheat to create success.” Huh? Tell that to US Steel after the Joint Venture with Kobe Steel. Just a couple weeks after the $400 million deal, Kobe tells the world, so sorry, we fudged on our quality standards. Metal for cars, airplanes, etc. No big deal, no cheating on strength standards. And no US media reported the USS-KOBELCO Joint Venture after the heads bowed in Tokyo either! Now that is a comparative advantage few countries enjoy.

    America has over 100 years of cumulative trade deficits with North East Asia that destroyed the Middle Class and led to the election of a “Disruptor.” 65 years of consecutive deficits with Japan, 30 with Korea, and 20 with the new kid on the block, China. Japan followed the rule of “import one, export many” more than Deming, and Korea and China simply followed the model.

    How did China transform itself from Mao jackets and bikes for transportation to a manufacturing colossus? Japan. Chinese auto parts exported to the US are based on Chinese patents or Japanese? Just like “Mexican” and “Canadian” cars flooding the US market, or are they Japanese?

    There is a major difference between Japan, Korea and China. The latter two nations have experienced conquest and revolution, while Japan, though occupied by America, remains basically controlled by the same elite that Commodore Perry encountered. Abe’s Grandfather was the Economic Czar in Tojo’s Cabinet. 30% of Diet members are from nepotism, so the system is rigged for one party rule. Korea and Taiwan have two-party rule, not Japan. That counts for competition in economics, just ask Carlos Goshn.

    Look at foreign investment in Japan. It lags far behind Korea and China for the simple reason the “trading companies” still hold sway in Japan like the Dutch East India Company of Dejima in Nagasaki 200 years ago. And does not the Bank of Japan now own 10% of the stock of the Nikkei’s top 40 companies? Quantitative Easing for over 20 years. C’mon, you will not find many Wall Street investors willing to risk the Goshn treatment in Japan. And didn’t Peace start trade talks with Aso two years ago? Japan will be the last and hardest trade nut to crack, just ask Nixon, Reagan, etc…


    • jmarshs says:

      “America has over 100 years of cumulative trade deficits with North East Asia that destroyed the Middle Class and led to the election of a “Disruptor.”

      Is this the fault of NE Asia? Or the United States?

      Trump has been very consistent in stating that he does not blame foreign countries for the bad trade deals – he blames the stoopid, near-sighted US trade ministers, economists and past Presidents.

      It is true that other Countries do not – historically or culturally – respect a win/win approach to economics. In the history of the World, only the US understands the economic ideas put forth by Adam Smith (and unfortunately, we haven’t been anywhere consistent in the application of those principles for at least the last 100 years).

      Other Countries that do not engage in win/win trade agreements do so to their own determent. They loose money. They impoverish their own Citizens (something which doesn’t keep the Chinese Communist Leaders up at night).

      Trump is the first President to force them to engage in reciprocal trade agreements – or he denies them access to our market. What Trump does not do (very much to his credit) is try and change foreign cultures that are not based on the ideas of our dissenting, non-conformist Protestant Founding Fathers – who, excluded from English Government and Universities, turned to trade, agriculture, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, etc. in order to earn a living.


    • 2 party system is dysfunctional. Japan does not invite 3rd world scum and Moslem jihadists across it’s strictly enforced borders.

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  12. jmarshs says:

    “Prime Minister Abe’s economic policies are rooted in the growth process taught by Edwards Demming. If you follow their professional business ideology, it is easy to see how President Trump and Prime Minister Abe would face-off around a standard of excellence.”

    Very wonderful and insightful.


  13. Curt says:

    Edwards Deming…. what a very interesting man. He was greatly responsible for the resurgence of the Japanese economy after WWII. His ideas on manufacturing and quality control were adopted in Japan where he is regarded as a hero. He tried to give these same ideas to American manufacturing interests but was rejected. It’s an interesting story for sure. Google him if you’re not familiar…


  14. MIKE says:

    Thank you for the story and pics, sd. That’s the Riley’s Lock portion of the Potomac river in the background, somewhere at the bottom of that portion of the river is yours truly’s original wedding band, lost about 21 years ago when we were slalom skiing on a gorgeous day in December!
    The missus was not amused!

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  15. testpointwp says:

    While Barack had to have his aids round up a few sycophants to endure a round or two of golf with him, Pres. Trump has true friends who can enjoy the time. Iron sharpens iron.


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