“Attempted Coup” – President Trump Gives Extensive Interview to Sean Hannity…

President Trump gave an extensive interview to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday evening.  The President made several stunning comments about the Mueller investigation, previous wiretaps, the upcoming inspector general report, the deep state, and his firm plans to declassify a significant amount of background documents.

For the first time President Trump used the terms “attempted coup” and “overthrow” to discuss the coordinated effort against his administration by the previous administration including James Clapper (ODNI), John Brennan (CIA), James Comey (FBI), and lower level officials within the intelligence apparatus.

Background Reports referenced by Hannity:

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283 Responses to “Attempted Coup” – President Trump Gives Extensive Interview to Sean Hannity…

  1. Pyrthroes says:

    Through 2024, we sense that Trump, a decisive executive and “quick study”, will have acquired uniquely knowledgeable moral and practical leverage over Rat’s profoundly anti-American, treacherous Deep State clerisy-mandarinate-nomenklatura. As details surface, Gangrenous’s ineffably corrupt and feckless Red Diaper/Taqiyya Muslump administration appears en par with Rats’ anti-abolition, secessionist-sympathizer James Buchanan (1857 – 1860).

    Now that Judicial Watch reveals that MzBill’s 41,000 meticulously scrubbed (“missing”) E-mails (!) have long resided on internal White House servers, documenting Nadir Shah’s complicity in extremely shady transactions from Valerie Jarrett’s Teheran sellout to the literally treasonous Rosatom (“Uranium One”) transfer of America’s most strategic nuclear material to her sworn enemy, Election 2016 looms as an inflection-point comparable to that of 1864.

    A requisite seventy-two years past Hiroshima, Trump’s 2017 inaugural definitively ended the global Postwar Era, and with it all manner of collectivist/Statist evils from Brussels and Moscow to Peking. As time wears on, we project the Millennial cohort born 1990, due to peak at age 58 in 2046, will find itself “left behind” in the same sense that the depression/wartime “Silent Generation” born 1924, peaked 1982, left little if any mark on public discourse over its technologically seminal postwar term.

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  2. covfefe999 says:

    Excellent interview! I hope everyone who hasn’t yet listened to it has time to listen to the whole thing. It will be well worth their time.

    His comments about McCain and the Obamacare repeal vote were interesting. He said that all day McCain said he was going to vote for repeal and if they had known he wasn’t they would have worked to convince someone else to vote for it. But he said he was going to vote for it … and then didn’t. That mf-er. Because he hated Trump so much and was so livid after Trump won the election, McCain threw many millions of US citizens under the bus, forcing them to continue be ripped off by Obamacare. Good riddance to McCain. I’m glad he can’t pull these stunts any more.

    Oh, also another REALLY important takeaway: GIVE TRUMP THE GOP HOUSE MAJORITY AGAIN PLEASE. A lot of people voted very stupidly in 2018, they didn’t understand how important that majority was. Trump can be even more successful in his second term than his first if the GOP takes back the House (and keeps the Senate). We’ll be soaring then!

    Not sure if anyone else does this, and I didn’t do it for this interview, but many times I change the speed setting on YouTube videos so that it’s running at 1.25x or 1.5x and you can get done a lot more quickly. At 1.5x you can finish this 44 minute interview in just less than 30 minutes. I haven’t tried 1.75x yet. 🙂

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    • L. Gee says:

      That’s a great suggestion about increasing the speed of the video; however, some of us Texans (like . . . me) don’t talk real fast and we don’t listen real fast, either! 😉

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      • stakan says:

        Done this for years. With most folks you can basically by default set it to 1.25 speedup and you’ll barely even notice. For extra-slow talkers, 1.5. But for fast-talking “Yankees,” leave it be, or perhaps go the other direction and actually slow it down 😉

        And once your ear is trained, you can push the limit even further. Listen xtra fast, 1.75 or 2X, maybe stop occasionally & pop back 10 seconds for certain concepts or phrases. Still overall much more efficient. It’s basically skimming, akin to speed reading.


    • tonyE says:

      We did vote for the GOP. We went to sleep thinking we had won by more than 4%…

      We woke up in the morning to find out that after the polls were closed the California Commies showed up with enough vote – via ballot harvesting – and stole the whole damn county.


    • Hangem High says:

      I don’t think a lot of people are voting stupidly, I think a lot of voter fraud is occurring and if we really researched it, we would find we’ve been manipulated for decades. When everything lights off, it’ll be time to round up the treasoners and hang them… hunt them down in their hide-a-ways and drag them to the nearest tree and hang ’em high!


  3. zonefree says:

    Didn’t Pence have a key role in getting Manafort involved in Trump campaign?


    • Sandra-VA says:

      No, he didn’t.

      Manafort offered his services for free and gave a proposal to the guy who ran the Inaugural Committee and friend of President Trump… Tom Barrack.


  4. SSI01 says:

    POTUS is a frantically busy – but organized – man, travels at a physical and mental pace that would leave most folks exhausted. As such he may have had his suspicions about what the spying on his campaign meant but never had them fully articulated by someone to him. Interesting the appointment of AG Barr and Trump’s references to an “attempted coup” seemed to start, or increase in tempo at about the same time. Also the increasingly sustained anger at the actions of those involved. A controlled and directed anger, though – the best kind as it gets things done.

    My belief is he’s at last been fully briefed in on this. Normally the DirFBI would be doing this, but that post is now suspect and the only qualified and authorized person left within the nation’s command structure who can do that is the AG. Before Barr, even that person couldn’t do that. The interim didn’t have enough gravitas and his continued occupancy of the position was chancy. Barr has the clout and the record to understand this, explain to the Chief Executive, use the resources at his disposal, and is smart enough to ask for more and what kind when they are needed.

    I have only one suggestion – I recommend the US Marshal’s Service be used to make all arrests, apprehensions, detentions, interrogations – whatever LE actions as designated by the AG that have to be taken in support of this legal offensive. POTUS can NOT have the FBI involved in arresting or questioning or detaining itself. That should be categorically OUT.

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    • dwpender says:

      Using the US Marshal’s Service is an excellent suggestion! Hope Sundance picks it up. I believe many in the President’s inner circle monitor Sundance’s posts.


      • mutantbeast says:

        Us Marshalls,u nlike the lawyer afflcted FBI, requires that you have to be a actual law enfrocement officer first. It might be best if the highly suspect CIA and FBI shoukdnt be disbanded , and there work sent elsewhere.


    • Petercat says:

      Nah, use the BATF for the raids. Fewer survivors, fewer expensive trials on the taxpayers’ dime.


    • Nicco says:

      Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch suggessted this awhile back on Lou Dobbs.


    • stakan says:

      I thought I heard recently a snippet about Comey or similar personage being proud of the fact that they had successfully transitioned a big chunk of the FBI field agents out of that investigative field work and into something else, like more office or computer work?

      And will they ever record their interviews, or will we still have to trust their 302 notes, their version & spin on every witness or suspect interview? How do we know Flynn really said or did not say certain things, to be called “lies” later, when the investigating agents themselves are either not trustworthy or the 302 forms morph into other versions later?


  5. James Carpenter says:

    The who’s who of indictment, conviction and incarceration will be an accurate predictor of our Constitutional Republic’s chances of recovery from current banana-republic, near-death experience.

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    Thank God Hannity has the good sense to at least STFU when VSGPOTUS is talking,
    Stick a sock it Sean,

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  7. Thank you so much Mr. President, for not giving up on America through this Witch hunt! 🇺🇲♥️👏 I thank Jesus for you. May God Always protect and guide us through the ugly truth


  8. Brenrod says:

    Trump talks like a bystander rather than the president. He talks about all the crimes like it’s just a political scandal rather than a massive breaking of laws. I still don’t understand why there hasn’t been any charges against folks like Comey and some of those FBI DOJ criminals. It’s more like a soap opera than a prosecution, But it should be a prosecution by the book.

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    • The President told a few whoppers in that Hannity interview. Both President Trump and Rudy Giuliani have been playing dumb for the past 26 months, but it is starting to get more difficult for them to pull off with the Big Ugly starting.

      Remember that the President is a black belt in “The Art of War”. There are a few on the CTH that have postulated that you need to take the President at face value at all times. Well, if that were the case, then he would be pretty terrible at “The Art of War”.

      The interview last night reminded me of all of the times that Obama told us that he learned something through press reports. No President Trump, I am not buying that you got lucky with your tweet on March 4, 2017.

      The good news is that based upon the recent reactions by Comey, McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper, that these fools have bought the Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope routine for the past 26 months (what is the opposite term for Intelligence Community). The President winning this war was always the goal, so I can take a little deception from him if that is what it takes to save our country.

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      • Elle says:

        Good points. The rope a dope video is so fun to watch.

        I think Trump would prefer his legacy be The Art of the Deal rather than The Art of War. Art of the Deal is really about best results through working together for mutual benefit. The Art of War is not..


        • MelH says:

          The Art of War is the time-honored rule book behind The Art of The Deal. For me, The Art of War assumes compromise is already off the table. ONE side will WIN. POTUS is not going to negotiate/compromise in the present war against the defamers of his character. He is not going to facilitate any face-saving for the perpetrators of the Coup. He already compromised and negotiated for 3 plus YEARS! Now he is at WAR!


      • Jeff Stanley says:

        Which whoppers are you talking about, specifically? Asking for a friend.


      • stakan says:

        Disinfo is necessary


    • Shop says:

      That’s the exact impression I got from the interview of him behaving like a bystander outraged at what happened to him. Not like a POTUS with full authority stating categorically that he would get to the bottom of it and let the public know through declassification.


    • mutantbeast says:

      understand, Trump is fighting not only the RATS, hs fighting the entire DC establishment. In the GOP hes fighting the likes of McConHO, Lyin Ryan, McCarthy, Grassley, Barr from North Carolina, Mittens, Mur–Cox sheet of Alaska and Snowe. In the AGS office he was fighing his own appointmets like Mr Magoo Sessions. He was being back satbbed by the likes of Preibus and Kelly. Even today, he STILL has to deal with the likes of Stink Wray at the FBI and many in the DOJ who want him to fail. His best move should have been to keep his actual supporters there like Bannon and Gorka, who contnue to support him from positions outside the administration.


    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      That is almost certainly intentional. The stakes for our country are very high. Trump’s best leverage is political power and winning reelection in 2020.

      While a straightforward prosecution works for true believers, the process will be inherently political. The media will be undermining everything along the way.

      President Trump didn’t start this mess, but he’s certainly going to stop it. I would preach patience on this matter.

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  9. Did anyone catch it? Go to 28:38 of the video. PDJT: “…we’ll soon have within a period of around 2 months 145 brand new Federal judges and 2 Supreme Court judges.”


    • H.R. says:

      Ecky: […] and 2 Supreme Court judges.”

      Hmmm… so does that mean Justice Ginsberg really is pining for the fjords and they are playing the sequel, Weekend At Ruthie’s while getting her replacement lined up?

      That is a bombshell and I haven’t heard so much as a pOp!


    • stakan says:

      I think he just means the 2 so far, not 2 additional, although that would be nice. Like a scorecard. But we’re only in the 3rd-4th inning. 🙂


  10. Shop says:

    In listening to the interview I got the impression that PT is expecting Barr to take action on investigation & classification. I didn’t get the impression that he was going to use his ultimate classification authority as POTUS to declassify.


  11. Elle says:

    I was disappointed in Trump’s comments on Horowitz. Because what I heard was an appeal to Horowitz’s honor (or possible lack thereof) to consider his place in the history books (“I think he knows how big this is”). It was an appeal for Horowitz to be an honorable man with the courage to do what was right – as opposed to going down in the history books as nothing more than a weak and spineless minion doing the dirty work of a corrupt cabal.

    That he felt the need to appeal to Horowitz and forewarn us that he was appointed by Obama is not a good sign.

    Also, I noticed he never mentioned Rosey when talking about the dirty cops.


  12. Sue Fowler says:

    Will anyone be PUNISHED?
    “In the interests of national security…”
    Wait for it.


  13. Robert Smith says:


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