Devin Nunes: “The Spying Began in 2015″….

Finally…. F.i.n.a.l.l.y, Devin Nunes outlines the origin of the spying operation as it began in 2015 and extended into 2016.  During an interview to discuss his criminal referrals to Attorney General Barr [see here] Devin Nunes outlines the big picture.  WATCH:

[Transcript @02:08] Devin Nunes:  “Well Sean, let’s just, let me make it as clear as I possibly can. Okay, and now, thank God, we have an attorney general who calls spying for what it is.”

“In late 2015, early 2016, spying began on the Trump campaign.”

“That information leaked; that led to, what they consider to be, “legal spying” that began, that they’ve acknowledged that they started doing in the end of July; you just had Carter Page on; they considered that all “legal spying.”

“They then leaked that information, right, shortly after the election all through the spring that was leaking out; why? To create a narrative that Donald Trump shouldn’t have been President that he’s a Russian asset, etc. etc. So ‘spying’ and ‘leaking'”.

“Then you have the culmination of the ultimate spying, where you have the FBI Director spying on the president, taking notes, illegally leaking those notes of classified information; why?  So they could appoint a special counsel to spy on an acting president again.  So there’s a lot of spying and a lot of leaking, and that’s as clear as I can put it.”

Finally Devin Nunes is outlining what CTH has been calling attention to for over two years.  The spying began in 2015.   “Spygate” was part of the larger “Russian Conspiracy and Collusion” operation.   This was all planned well in advance.

The spying began in 2015, and was part of the collaborative process -and reason- for Nellie Ohr to join the political opposition research being conducted by Fusion GPS.

CIA Director John Brennan had his OCONUS lures, Joseph Mifsud and Stefan Halper on standby awaiting targeting information.  They needed targets.

Fusion-GPS and Nellie Ohr were researching targets based on candidates.  Donald Trump was the most likely candidate to win the GOP nomination.  Trump was the focus of identifying targets.

As the Fusion and Ohr research was ongoing, and when it became transparent that Trump was going to be the victor in the Primaries; the media began demanding to know who were the foreign policy and national security advisors to candidate Trump.  This DNC inspired effort to demand names and lists was in alignment with Brennan, Fusion and Ohr.

Once they had some names identified (March/April ’16), ie. Papadopoulos, Flynn, Manafort and Page,…  Brennan tasked Mifsud and Halper to run the spygate operation.

In/around late June and early July of ’16, Brennan was in position to turn over the outcome of his operation to the FBI via an origination EC memo.

[April 22nd 2018] According to House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes; who is also a member of the intelligence oversight ‘Gang-of-Eight’; that EC contains intelligence material that did not come through “official intelligence channels” into the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

The EC was not an official product of the U.S. intelligence community. Additionally, Brennan was NOT using official partnerships with intelligence agencies of our Five-Eyes partner nations; and he did not provide raw intelligence –as an outcome of those relationships– to the FBI. {Go Deep}

CIA Director Brennan formatted the same intelligence to the White House where Susan Rice and Samantha Powers were doing the unmasking to facilitate the leaks.

The FBI took Brennan’s two-page “EC” memo and originated the official counterintelligence operation known as “Crossfire Hurricane” on July 31st, 2016.

FBI Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok wrote out the operational instructions and objectives for the operation.  As noted by Trey Gowdy, included in those instructions was the targeting of the “Trump Campaign” specifically.

That’s how the whole damn thing began.

The intelligence outcomes were then continually distributed to the White House and in August 2016 to the Gang-of-Eight as noted by Brennan’s testimony.

Brennan: [13:35] “Third, through the so-called Gang-of-Eight process we kept congress apprised of these issues as we identified them.”

“Again, in consultation with the White House, I PERSONALLY briefed the full details of our understanding of Russian attempts to interfere in the election to congressional leadership; specifically: Senators Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr; and to representatives Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff between 11th August and 6th September [2016], I provided the same briefing to each of the gang of eight members.”

“Given the highly sensitive nature of what was an active counter-intelligence case [that means the FBI], involving an ongoing Russian effort, to interfere in our presidential election, the full details of what we knew at the time were shared only with those members of congress; each of whom was accompanied by one senior staff member.”… (LINK)

In the background, Nellie Ohr worked with Chris Steele to format the extracted, some open-source, intelligence information into a Dossier.  The Steele Dossier was the laundry process for political opposition research to be formulated into official intelligence and returned back into the FBI for use in the official counterintelligence operation.

[NOTE: •On July 31st, 2016 the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign. They did not inform congress until March 2017. •At the beginning of August (1st-3rd) 2016 FBI Agent Peter Strzok traveled to London, England for interviews with UK intelligence officials. •On August 15th, 2016 Peter Strzok sends a text message to DOJ Lawyer Lisa Page describing the “insurance policy“, needed in case Hillary Clinton were to lose the election. That’s where Carter Page comes in.]

(link to Nunes Referral Letter)

♦ Prove the July 31st, 2016, Crossfire Hurricane operation originated from fraud by exposing the CIA operation that created the originating “Electronic Communication” memo. Declassify that two-page “EC” document that Brennan gave to Comey.

♦ Release and declassify all of the Comey memos that document the investigative steps taken  by the FBI as an outcome of the operation coordinated by CIA Director John Brennan in early 2016.

♦ Reveal the November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702 search query abuse by declassifying the April 2017 court opinion written by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer. Show the FBI contractors behind the 85% fraudulent search queries. [Crowdstrike? Fusion-GPS? Nellie Ohr?]

♦ Subpoena former DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) head John Carlin, or haul him in front of a grand jury, and get his testimony about why he hid the abuse from the FISA court in October 2016; why the DOJ-NSD rushed the Carter Page application to beat NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers to the FISA court; and why Carlin quit immediately thereafter. Squeeze this bastard’s nuts in the proverbial legal vice.

♦ Prove the Carter Page FISA application (October 2016) was fraudulent and based on deceptions to the FISA Court. Declassify the entire document, and release the transcripts of those who signed the application(s); and/or depose those who have not yet testified.

♦ Release all of the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages without redactions. Let sunlight pour in on the actual conversation(s) that were taking place when Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the FISA Application (Oct ’16) were taking place.

♦ Release all of Bruce Ohr 302’s, FBI notes from interviews and debriefing sessions, and other relevant documents associated with the interviews of Bruce Ohr and his internal communications. Including exculpatory evidence that Bruce Ohr may have shared with FBI Agent Joseph Pientka. [And get a deposition from this Pientka fella]

♦ Release the August 2nd, 2017, two-page scope memo provided by DAG Rod Rosenstein to special counsel Robert Mueller to advance the fraudulent Trump investigation, and initiate the more purposeful obstruction of justice investigation.

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719 Responses to Devin Nunes: “The Spying Began in 2015″….

  1. Mark McQueen says:

    Ending Mueller’s SC investigation without any interference was the key. It’s on. “Come out. It will.”


  2. beachbum31 says:

    Harris Falkner – the only person on FOX today I have seen use this Nunes interview on air so far,
    Perino does a great teenage girly ‘I just so don’t know the details of this spy thingy’ act.
    Shemp will feature the wild daisy comeback in the painted desert.


    • yy4u says:

      Perino is one of the reasons I no longer watch Fox News.

      While we’re at it, what’s with the Foxettes all having long hair which they fling over each shoulder with a blob in the back which looks like a tail in the rare instance when the camera catches them on the side..


    • Harris is the only one I watch between F&F and Lou on FBN. Then Tucker.
      Charles Payne is ok too. The Murdoch boys are working hard to make it Faux News.


  3. jmclever says:

    “Fusion-GPS and Nellie Ohr were researching targets based on candidates. Donald Trump was the most likely candidate to win the GOP nomination. Trump was the focus of identifying targets.”

    So, the Clinton machine was gearing up against every R candidate using a weaponized intelligence community. They just had to sharpen their skills and try harder to take down Donald J Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yy4u says:

    For Sundance and anyone else keeping a time line of these events for posterity or to figure it out for themselves in case the Deep/Administrative State buries it, Liberty Daily has a link:

    Apparently Bill Priestap’s testimony as to where he traveled internationally was heavily redacted along with the dates but someone checked Strzok’s and L. Page’s emails and Strzok referred to Priestap being in London May 9 2016. According to the redacted testimony Priestap had traveled to REDACTED on REDACTED to meet with “a foreign government partner”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • beachbum31 says:

      wrongdoing? wrongdoing?? how dare they use the word wrongdoing! lets not forget we were under attack! by russia! then! could have called it erroneously advised activity!


    • beachbum31 says:

      LOL chuckles todd was still calling the truth ‘wild conspiracy theory’ yesterday. Its like war of the worlds looping.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. 6x47 says:

    SpyGate began in 2015 as yet another instance of the Obama administration abuse of power. Misusing government agencies for partisan political purposes had always been the M.O., especially after Obama successfully suppressed the TEA Party in the 2012 election cycle. I have no doubt he used NSA to perform opposition research on others besides Trump.

    They never thought Hillary could lose. Nobody was ever supposed to find out about this.

    Candidate Trump presented a special challenge to opposition research because unlike a politician he didn’t have a record to mine; he was a celebrity and public figure but all of what would normally be considered damaging bombshell information was already public knowledge and nobody cared. Hence the need to dig deep using unorthodox methods.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hugh says:

      It would indeed be good to know if other candidates were being spied on in 2015. If so, the narrative of “much Russia” will finally be stripped away, leaving the Left in ruins.


    • Norm says:

      Why should we think that the Trump campaign was the only one spied upon? In late 2015 it was not certain that Trump would be the Republican nominee. Knowing how the Obama administration used the IRS to attack Tea Party types, why should we believe that Trump was the only victim?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Spamf Roming says:

      And NOT just on Trump. It was on ALL the candidates, including Dem candidates. Plus on pundits, journalists, bureaucrats, law enforcement, CONGRESS, and just plain old schmucks like you who Obama hated. It was a WIDE NET operation. There were NO WARRANTS! None. They finally had to go for the FISA a year later to COVER UP their crime. That’s why Hillary said if “he” got elected, they would all hang. That’s why the panic. Because they got caught. But it wasn’t just Trump. He was just the unexpected catalyst that destroyed their treasonous conspiracy. This den of snakes needs to be busted.


  6. Derangement Syndrome says:

    When Mifsud was interviewed by the FBI in February of 2017, did they not write out 302’s of the conversation and of what specifically was discussed?

    The FBI interviews the “Russian agent” Mifsud at the center of all of this, and then let’s him go?

    I want the Mifsud 302, that puts the nail in the Russian collusion coffin for good.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. CaptainNonno says:

    Remember, they (Obama’s FBI & DOJ) leaked to the press & who then published unconfirmed the leaks so that the FBI & DOJ would include leaks as original justification for FISA apps. Certain ‘press’ are culpable and need to be identified and prosecuted.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. cheryl says:

    I just want to live long enough to see Barack Obama exposed for the fraud he is by some brave patriot who exposes the truth about his photoshopped birth certificate and who brings out his college transcripts where he went to college on a foreign visa, and then gives him a military tribunal and a full reckoning for his crimes against the United States. Then I want to dance on his grave after he’s executed.

    Am I asking for too much?

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Kent says:

    …nail’em Devin….


    Liked by 1 person

  10. clipe says:

    I’m getting ‘video unavailable’.


  11. Derangement Syndrome says:

    Nice one


  12. Papoose says:

    @ sundance and Compatriots.

    We have the Confession of Treason.

    Yes, the ruby slippers here. And, lest we forget that Evelyn Farkas admission.

    Have a great weekend. Drop by wthpotus@wordpress. We love you there. Neighbors!

    USA! formerly known as the United States of America. Wow. USA!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Rongordo says:

    Weren’t Cruz and Jeb being spied on too? I thought i read that. If so, what excuse was used? Were they also supposedly possibly Russian assets too? Predication by the books, and all that.


    • Spamf Roming says:

      No excuse. No warrant. Not even a FISA application. That’s why the panic when Hillary was obviously not a shoe-in. Well, her shoe was in. The street, that is.


  14. Sue Fowler says:

    The very word “spying” has a nasty connotation. $25,000,000 wasted by criminals on trumped up charges–pun intended. Mueller will no doubt collect a govt pension and continue to suck off taxpayers until he takes the chute to mc cainville. He is traitorous scum as is everyone involved in this.


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