Ed Henry Special Report on Mueller Probe With Devin Nunes, David Bosse and Gregg Jarrett…

Fox News ran a special report on the Mueller investigation concluding with several key interviews.  ♦Devin Nunes discusses the recent revelations around the McCabe text messages, and material he wants to see declassified, along with his intent to submit several criminal referrals. ♦David Bosse discusses the political ramifications of the Mueller probe. ♦Gregg Jarrett discusses the issues within the DOJ and FBI. ♦Alan Dershowitz discusses the FISA court and possible abuse.

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99 Responses to Ed Henry Special Report on Mueller Probe With Devin Nunes, David Bosse and Gregg Jarrett…

  1. pucecatt says:

    Nunes said a couple of those referrals going out “ people will be surprised “ 😎

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  2. Proud American says:

    Thank You Mr. President for doing what you have done and endured the attacks, lies, and slander for all of us..We the American people!

    You were the first one to mean as much to mean as An American President since Reagan when I was five years old! Words can never repay a debt of gratitude for standing in the Gap! No doubt I’ve had my doubts along the way because of Satan but because my God whispers in my ear he leads me back and says he’s got this because I’ve got him..you..and the whole world in my hands!

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  3. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    I didn’t watch . But did dvr and viewed later as “Ed Bucki Baier “auditioned for the Judges timeslot.
    I have faith in Devin Nunes.
    David and Greg speak truth to power.
    Oh …And Derpowithz never met a camera he didn’t adore.

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  4. Steve in MT says:

    The problem is that the FBI takes forever to do an investigation. When they are done, it’s all wrapped up in a nice bow for the Assistant District Attorney, but if patience isn’t your thing, you are gong to be very frustrated. Huber has been at it over a year now, and he started out with Horowitz’s IG report.
    Not holding my breath, but hoping it comes out in the summer of 2020 for maximum political benefit.

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    • bodieisland says:

      I too am frustrated at the time lapse, Steve. As far as Huber and the IG, I read (here maybe?) that both could not have access to almost all documents b’cuz Mueller refused to let them be seen. They also could not interview for same reason, it would interfere with Mueller probe. Now that this probe is over, maybe they can do their job. It’s always been Mueller’s job to cover up, with him gone and Barr in charge, hopefully we will see daylight sooner rather than later.

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      • Mr. G says:

        Well you need to define sooner and later. But it WILL be later. No one’s going to jail-so it doesn’t really matter (big picture). It will, however, provide endless click bait, countless more Hannity “buckle-ups” and “tick-tocks” and pearl clutching headlines.

        But the end result of all that will be:

        No one goes to jail and the beat goes on in The Swamp.

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    • littlequilterkitty says:

      Here’s something to keep in mind. Look at how much ‘granular’ evidence Sundance has uncovered and detailed for us, which is an incredible web of deceit and intrigue. This research that Sundance has so generously shared with us, is only scratching the surface. Can you imagine what we don’t know that investigators like Mr. Huber is having to wade through? Personally, I would rather the prosecutors-in-charge take their time and assemble a rock solid case against the evil doers, than for the sake of speed, produce an error filled case that would afford the defendants freedom via an unnecessary technicality.

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      • WSB says:

        I will admit I was surprised at the connections to the two ambassadors. I shouldn’t be due to EVERYONE and their brother hanging out in Ukraine, but I was surprised at the Albanian nominee.

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        • Newhere says:

          It’s surprising (but I guess not surprising) how seemingly difficult it has been for Trump to (a) get his own people populated into slots and the holdovers out (and I’m not talking career slots — even political slots that don’t require senate confirmation), and (b) to get his own people in who don’t turn out to be swampy.

          Absolutely about Ukraine. In fact, there’s plenty of open source documentation that everything having to do with Manafort/FARA was really concentrated on Ukraine, and all the slimy characters associated with it have ugly connections to McCain and Podesta (not Trump, obviously). Everyone here knows this … but for journalists now to be surprised proves, again, that THEY DON’T READ the very things they report on.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      They did it quickly enough for Blasey-Ford.


  5. Austin Holdout says:

    How sweet would it be for PDJT to hand pick Nunes to succeed him? It would be poetic justice if all the illegals the Dems are ushering in and registering to vote cast their first ballot for the first Hispanic president, Devin Nunes.

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      I think Nunes is Portuguese. But your point is well made and well taken. MAGA/KAG ! (Screen Omar for explosives)

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      • That makes him one hell of a lot more Hispanic than ButtToe.


      • Devin Nunes, American Hero says:

        Huh…I thought he was Armenian. Lots of them in Fresno/Tulare counties.

        Doh! Wrong again!

        “Nunes is of three quarters Portuguese descent, with ancestors emigrating from the Azores to California.”



        • RoninInCA says:

          The Central Valley has several destinct groups.. It is quite diverse culturally.. One thing is all of these groups love this country for the opportunity it has given them.. My general feeling is Illegal Immagration is destroying the value of what it is to be an American and in turn destroying the Valley..

          In my experience with my Armenian friends.. They have ian and yan at the end of their names..


    • Tl Howard says:

      While “Hispania” was the name given by the Romans to the land(Iberia) today known as Spain and Portugal, contemporary common usage for “Hispanic” is usually limited to those people of the Americas and the Indies who are at least in part descendants of the Spanish explorers. The term gets even more complicated in usage when we consider we rarely hear Cubans (descendants of those Spanish explorers) called “Hispanic” whereas we do often hear Puerto Ricans referred to as “Hispanic.”

      The most common usage by Americans, of course, is to refer to the peoples of Central America as “Hispanic” as they are often the descendants of the native Amerindians and their Spanish conquerors.

      Thus, Nunes is not “Hispanic” as he’s a Portuguese-American, not a Mexican-American. Most anchors mispronounce his name, saying it as if it ended in a “z” rather than an “s”. So the name is pronounced with a sibilant sound at the end, not a buzzing sound. I get irritated with people like Laura Ingraham who should realize a “z” and an “s” result in different sounds. By now, I would have expected someone to educate these people.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        BTW, you can tell Nunes is an unassuming guy as he has evidently never corrected anyone on Fox, not a director nor producer nor anchor, about the correct pronunciation of his name.

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        • Mr.G says:

          Gee Howard not everyone can be as smart as you and write a history lesson that has no real connection to what’s being discussed in the thread.

          Perhaps you can send Laura I and the rest of those dolts at Fox and let them know what’s up.

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          I still will pronounce Peter’s last name as STROKE.

          For as St. Comey thus spake:

          “I don’t care”


      • eagle931 says:

        Tl Howard said: “The term gets even more complicated in usage when we consider we rarely hear Cubans (descendants of those Spanish explorers) called “Hispanic” whereas we do often hear Puerto Ricans referred to as “Hispanic.” Those of us whose native county is Cuba refuse to call ourselves “Hispanic” (In fact, no one living in Latin America calls himself “Hispanic” either). The usage of this term became popular only in this country for identity-politics reasons, that is, to turn immigrants from the various Latin American countries with their distinct cultures, racial, social and political make-up, into a monolithic group in order to divide our society into warring factions, but we Cubans will not play that game.
        In other words, I refuse to be called “Hispanic” for the simple reason that the term as is now used subsumes the individual with his own beliefs, ambitions, dreams and achievements into a faux-Collective of supposedly like-minded people who are defined first, by race and, second, as victims of you name-it (racism, oppression, the System, the “Man”, etc.).

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        • MAJA says:

          I think the same thing applies to whites. There are different cultural influences in areas where certain groups settled, ie germans, scandanavians, swedes, irish, polish, italian, etc. Each group has it’s differences but all are lumped together as on huge group of privileged white rascists.

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      • Let’s go with MULATTO and call it a day.

        You’re either MULATTO (Majority) or WHITE (Minority).

        Response to D-rat DIVISION:
        “At this point, what difference does it make.”


  6. WES says:

    Read an article that thought since many of the Obama people are still entrenched they will sacrifice Hillary to save their own asses! Sounds like the Obamap Dems have a plan! No honor amoung crooks!

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    • David A says:

      With what HRC knows I doubt that is possible.
      May they all please turn on each other.


      • SPELL9 says:

        It brings to mind the vision of Obama and Clinton at Dover AFB waiting for the bodies from her Benghazi debacle. Holding hands they were.


    • Jederman says:

      I read it too but it didn’t specify where. Am assuming DoJ, but it’s under new leadership. The courts maybe. None of the obama slugs in the media have any juice in legal/investigative proceedings.

      In any case, if brennan is fingered then it leads to the WH. If obama skates and his peeps remain in place it’ll just be 6 more yrs of the same.


  7. Sara c says:

    Only watched what was posted by Sundance as I no longer watch Fox until Judge J is back. In any event did anyone notice how Ed Henry was a little snide when talking about our President and the investigation ?

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  8. Transparency? Sure. Let’s see the first Scope Memo. Also the second CYA-Scope Memo. Let’s see the CrowdStrike Report since we were supposed to go to war with Russia over this private document. Let’s see the Perkins/Coie payments to avoid paying Steele directly. Let’s see an audit of the Clinton Foundation. And let’s see the questions Mueller asked Dastardly RUSSIAN Super-Spy Carter Page. He was said to be so dangerous we had to take the unprecedented step of wiretapping a presidential campaign. FOUR TIMES the FISA Court said wiretap this dangerous RUSSIAN agent!.

    Yet Mueller let him go without a care.

    Yeah–let’s get some transparency.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Let’s see the CrowdStrike Report


      Also the transcripts of Mueller’s interviews with Christopher Steele—the “author” of the dossier.

      (I wonder if he actually even did one.)

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      • Robert Smith says:

        I thought Mueller never interviewed Steele?


      • farrier105 says:

        Which Crowdstrike report? There were two of them. One given to the WASHINGTON POST that described a nothingburger of a hack. The second one was a hack that constituted an act of war. They were in the DNC network, with unrestricted access, watching everything, too, including all the theft of the documents while doing nothing to stop it.

        We already have damning Steele testimony since a Russian sued for defamation and the fake James Bond had to testify in deposition. He also had to answer a written interrogative.

        Click to access Steele_August_filing.pdf

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    • Beau Geste says:

      I’m still waiting for the New York Times for mocking PDJT for saying he was “wiretapped”.

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  9. Carson Napier says:

    Nunes said the whole Mueller “investigation” was an embarrassment and I think that pretty well sums it up.

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    • Mr G says:

      Embarrassment for whom? i can assure you those involved are not embarrassed. They are just pissed they got caught.

      People that would even contemplate doing something like that do not suffer embarrassment-that’s a common trait of psychopaths.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Devin is embarrassed to be part of such a blatantly corrupt enterprise that has revealed so much of its vile ugliness to the world. We used to believe our country and form of government was a model for many other countries to aspire to emulate. I’d say our pride has been tempered a bit until the government is purged of this cancer.

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    • Kitty Kat says:

      The “glory days” of the investigation took place during the limp days of Sessions’ recusal. It’s amazing how quickly they wrapped it up, once a serious AG was hired.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Nunes is letting his feelings know since the final report is out. If you think it was hard watching from afar here at CTH, imagine how tough it was for Nunes who knew but could not say.

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  10. Katherine McCoun says:

    I think we will see some justice served on this whole mess. The only frustrating thing is that this conspiracy/soft coup completely distracted from cleaning up previous messes. All of this is from 2015 forward, mostly from 2016. What about all of the swamp/illegal/corruption from the Obama years and the Hillary State Dept.?

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    • AmericaFirst says:

      This is my frustration too. When we elected President Trump we were already concerned that eight years would not be nearly enough to effect the needed remedies and see justice for the massive illegalities of the previous administration. Then he had his hands tied on many things for two years. Wish there were a way to add two years to his terms to make up for the stolen time.

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  11. Elric VIII says:

    President Trump seems to have energized the Silent Majority, both in the Electorate and in the seemingly relative few in Congress. If we stick to the law, stay true to our Constitution, and FIGHT the Progressive Liberal Socialist whatever-you-want-to-call-them, we will get our Republic back into a semblance of working order. It will take time, and probably a few election cycles (six-year terms for Senators), but we can do it.

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  12. Republicanvet91 says:

    I have a much better feeling that AG Barr and/or POTUS is NOT going to let this stuff go.

    Why would FOX report on these topics with people speaking on those topics if they knew it would go nowhere?

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  13. geoffcsaltine says:

    Ed Henry creeps me out. He is trying real hard to get back in the good graces of Fox news and he will do anything to get there,even going so far as to help take down P.Trump.
    All paths lead back to Hillary,and I can’t wait to see the lines and the blocks light up red.
    It will take awhile but we have to be patient and let the process play out,it will all come out some time soon.
    P.Trump has the upper hand now and he has been playing it very well.

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    • Jonesy says:

      Fake Wholesome Mirage. Wasn’t he squeezing the melons and peaches of a waitress out west following a campaign while his wife was home with the young kids. Again he projects his own hatred of himself on PT. Get Judge J back!


  14. NC Nana says:

    Rep. Devin Nunez at 9:50 and Tom Fitton at 36:04 – – both worth listening to. (Oh Greg Jarrett was good too, didn’t mark the time.)

    As far as the rest, Sundance has kept us up to date as the scandal progressed resulting in this being “air time filler”. The only thing that I was a little taken aback on was how aggressive the liberal speakers were in talking about the number of indictment brought by Mueller*. Of course neither one mentioned that they didn’t have anything to do with what the Special Council was supposed to be investigating. Nor did either one mention that the Clinton cohorts were not charged with the same “crimes” Flynn was being charged with. They seem to think a 2 tier criminal system (one for dems and one for the rest) is good. They have no shame in their misleading.

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    • GSparrow says:

      I wondered why Tom Fitton was squeezed in at the end. Judicial Watch has uncovered many useful documents and other important findings and they keep on going. They don’t just talk.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Now Mueller’s strongest supporter back Trump’s feeling that the Mueller SC was a farce!

      They reject his findings out of hand without knowing what is in the report because they never needed any detrimental information to remove President Trump. They hated him from day 1 without reason and without reservation. That won’t change for a good percentage of the Democrat party. It’s them and their feelings over the welfare of the country.

      And, Democrat’s stance on everything else should be judged in light of knowing of their hatred for Trump. It’s been summed up succinctly as they suffer from TDS – which affects everything they do. The Media, Democrats, Hollywood liberals, coastal elites, suburban white SJWs, captured Democrat coalition “members”.

      Destroy them. Or, at least, take the levers of power from them.

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      • RobInPA says:

        I am all for the “Destroy them.” option.

        Similar to their like-minded ilk and other similar vermin throughout history, only wanton destruction of their species has proven effective to eliminate them or to slow them down for a little while until they spawn and re-emerge somewhere else to sow their misery, hate and discord.

        May the powers of the Galaxy and Universe from infinity and beyond, channel the necessary wisdom and strenght to our VSG PDJT so that he and his supporter’s can restore the balance of sanity, before a lot of people get hurt or worse!


      • farrier105 says:

        This article describes the history of media coverage of Trump and how some openly called for Democrats to support Trump’s nomination in order to help Hillary win:



  15. MAGAbear says:

    What the demonrats will likely do now is ask for details of the Mueller report that they know can’t be released by law (e.g. classified information, etc.). Then they will say “ah ha, Barr is covering for the President”. They have to keep their base of lemmings fed, so they must keep the muh Russia narrative alive anyway they can. But their base of lemmings is all they’ll have left now that muh Russia resulted in a two year long nothing burger.

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  16. JackB says:

    I will be pleasantly surprised if any of the seditionists will be prosecuted. In the US by & large only those without high-level connections get prosecuted. Hillary skated because Loretta Lynch made sure of that. None of the Wall St mavens were prosecuted for the financial fraud because they have politicians from both parties in their pocket.

    I’m not holding my breath that the Trump administration will prosecute anyone in law enforcement and intelligence agencies.


    • I wish people who post replies such as the one above will look go back to what PDJT has often said — “THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO A PRESIDENT AGAIN!”… THIS SITUATION CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN AND EVERYONE CONNECTED IN SOMEWAY, SHAPE AND FORM will be taken down. We are a country of laws and our laws have been subverted since the clintonista were in the WH!!!…Even the Bushies…

      I have great amount of faith that what is coming down the pike will be travelling at TRUMP SPEED…NOT SOME GOV SPEED…LIGHT SPEED. PDJT KNOWS this country cannot move further until the MOST OR ALL OF THE FRAUD HAS LEFT THE SYTEM…AND YES this includes the “wall st mavens”… The feds horns have been shorn for the rest of the year and the wall st people are going to be looking for crumbs pretty soon anyway.

      So, back away fromt eh ledge!!!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      If any are prosecuted you can thank the Democrats for asking for the full report and backing documents. I think it was full report first and then TDS-afflicted Democrats, and others, moved to the backing documentation when it seemed they might get the full report!

      It’s even more than saying it’s a false narrative as if they made a mistake.

      If this comes to pass, then declassification is warranted and must happen. Then we have to get into the machinery of the Deep State and how they made it happen with respect to the Media-IC Leaking-Fusion GPS (and other contractors we don’t know about) and how they pushed a narrative they knowingly constructed to remove the President for political reasons. A coup.

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  17. Johnny Bravo says:

    When PDT states,

    You know he won’t back down, he’ll stand his ground. Anything less would mean this President would have left a stone unturned, and that my friends is never gonna happen.

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  18. GSparrow says:

    I had mixed feelings watching the “Special Report” in suspended Judge Jeanine’s show time slot and kept my thumb on the FF button. I haven’t heard much about Ms. Pirro lately except that she was suspended for 2 weeks. Is she returning next week?

    Devin, David and Greg were worth watching as usual but I never heard of Chad Pergram “Senior Capitol Hill Producer” (some title) until this show. According to the FNC website, he often appears on the Shephard Smith show, didn’t believe Trump was being Presidential and writes articles like “Is Trump’s Political Capital With Republicans Dwindling?” (2017). Is he an anti Trumpist? Is this a sign of the new FNC coming? One replacement at a time–or not?

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  19. Now Trump has a green light to pave the road to 2020 with the political bodies of Spygate plotters and media co-conspirators.

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  20. omyword says:

    Since the chief scotus justice oversees the FISA court the question of if he will be implicated in these matters is on the table.

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    • … AFTER Ginsberg’s replacement has taken her seat.


    • Beau Geste says:

      Roberts is responsible for the double-secret FISA Court, and for limiting abuse of the 4th Amendment by lies to that Court. As Sundance points out, 85% of the surveillance is documented, The FISA Court was lied to, yet has taken no steps to disbar and/or imprison those responsible, or who carried out the illegal surveillance. Justice Roberts has taken no steps to direct the FISA Court to do so. Remember the FISA judge who had to recuse himself? Roberts has taken no steps to clean up corruption on the FISA Court. If Roberts is shirking his responsibility because “they have something on him”, he should confess for transparency and the Constitution, and clean up the mess on the FISA court. .


  21. farrier105 says:

    Congressman Nunes described the charges against Manafort as dating back as far as two decades. It has to be two decades as it was 11 years ago that FBI agents, most likely ones who worked the Manafort case(s) for YEARS, warned McCain not to hire Manafort for his 2008 Presidential campaign. Right there is over one decade.

    The Manafort charges are complex money laundering, tax evasion, and other white collar schemes that require lengthy investigations employing forensic accounting, grand jury subpoenas, witness interviews, etc., etc. Mueller was able to prosecute Manafort after only months. This was because the cases against Manafort were made YEARS BEFORE by FBI agents and United States Attorneys not connected (that we know) to Mueller’s team. Mueller’s team had the FILES and the access to any “bulky” evidence boxes. That is how it was done so fast.

    This is how Manafort was controlled by the intelligence/foreign policy apparatus for years. Manafort delayed his day of reckoning for all the crimes, about which he apologized at his sentencing hearing. Manafort would work for CIA and the State Department, in countries like Ukraine, in exchange for at least “delays of prosecution.”


    • whjoe says:

      This has been one of the most noticeable part of the coup.
      I would like the names of the folks that recommended Manafort.
      Rince Priebus ?
      These people likely set up Lewendowski with the fake reporterette situation.
      (Which should have been stopped by Secret Service?)

      Also, who were the traitors who pushed the, “where is your foreign policy team”.
      And recommended Pap and Page.
      Ed Cox ?

      Now we know that Rogers alerted PDJT right after the election. And we know PDJT met with Mueller before he became SC.

      I really believe part of this has been staged by PDJT to bring out all the bad guys.

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      • farrier105 says:

        The Corey Lewandowski thing was involved in the affair. Why that was done, I don’t know, because Manafort could have been hired temporarily, just for the convention, while Lewandowski stayed on as the daily “nuts and bolts” campaign guy, like Grant and Meade in the Civil War. They did not have to fire Lewandowski to use Manafort to wrangle delegates. The FBI warned McCain not to hire Manafort. They didn’t do that for Trump.

        Manafort was recommended by Roger Stone, then another campaign consultant. When word got out about Manafort and Ukraine, along with Manafort caught badmouthing Trump behind his back, Trump fired him in August 2016, ALONG WITH STONE. Let’s not get into how Infowars changed once Stone got involved in it. Whole other story there.

        The Foreign Policy Team thing was started by RNC big shots. There were no names included in any of the reports I read about the list of FAKE foreign policy advisors campaign aide SAM CLOVIS had typed up. The list was just a prop to satisfy the unnamed RNC big shots. Priebus was likely one of them. Trump had to have that list. There is no indication that any of those unnamed big shots vetted the list. Carter Page never met Trump. Papadopoulos just hung around a couple of times. Trump’s lawyer McGahan sent Page a letter reminding him that Page was just on the advisory board and was NOT a formal advisor, which proves the list was a PROP to satisfy unnamed persons and the news media.

        Comey called a National Security Council meeting about that list. It is unknown if Comey knew the list was fake. It is obvious they chose Papadopoulos and Page from that list, but Page was already known to the FBI, and I am sure they had a psychological profile on him, and possibly a polygraph test result in Page’s FBI file, which we can be sure exists since Page was helping the FBI catch a Russian spy at the same time this stuff was starting.


  22. Patricia Weir says:

    The American people should be reminded that this is NOT the first time that the Democrats have tried to stage a coup d’état against a Republican president. John Wilkes Booth, Democrat, and his henchmen assassinated a sitting Republican president. Executed for treason.


  23. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Mueller was financed through September. Can I have what’s left?


  24. Let’s remember. This time slot (Saturday evening) is Judge Jeanne Pirro’s show……bring her back !

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  25. askandgettruth says:

    anybody with an IQ of 10 knew this was a stall and spin tactic for clinton. don’t bet the farm on any of the cronies being brought to justice. all that money wasted could have built miles of border wall.i guess meuller will have alot of booze money so he can drink himself more stupid than he already is. we will never be able to move on and stop this kind of abuse , which is the norm these days until the BIG BOYS are put behind bars


  26. bluebongo says:

    There are now a litany of Congress members, senior administration officials, senior administration lawyers, and numerous investigative journalists who have all said, unequivocally, that the FISA abuse is where criminal charges will originate in this entire mess.

    Congressman Nunes and Gregg Jarrett have outlined the specific statutes that have been violated. These violations are all felonies, and carry significant legal penalties, as they should.

    All of this was the result of Obama needing to retain power by owning Hillary for his 3rd and 4th terms. They turned the entire intelligence apparatus, including, as we will learn, our own military against US citizens.

    Nothing short of a public trial, and conviction of the coup attempt plotters will satisfy us. The Mueller report is a very very small victory.

    We demand justice!

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