Multifaceted – Brazil’s President Bolsonaro to Visit White House March 19th…

The White House has announced that Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro will visit with President Trump on March 19th for bilateral discussions.  The media are framing the visit around the ongoing crisis within Venezuela; however, there’s also an important element as it relates to the panda dance.

President Donald Trump and President Jair Bolsonaro both have a strong nationalist perspective and share a common geopolitical outlook.

In fact, during the 2018 election many dubbed Bolsonaro the ‘Brazilian Trump‘.  President Bolsonaro also made headlines last year when he said he was open to a U.S. military base and alliance.

Yes, it’s true the turmoil in Venezuela is a likely top issue for discussion, but the U.S. and Brazil are now aligned with a commonality toward China…. and it just so happens the U.S. and Brazil are #1 and #2 in production of China’s number one import, soy beans.

China has an almost unquenchable thirst for soybeans, which are crushed to make cooking oil and used in the protein-rich animal feed ingredient soymeal.  The U.S. is the worlds largest producer of soybeans at 108 million metric tonnes. Brazil is the second largest producer with around 87 million metric tonnes.

In July 2018, when China initially wanted to strike back against the U.S. for import tariffs, Beijing initially tried to boycott U.S. soybeans and purchase their needs from Brazil and Argentina; However, that didn’t last too long.  There’s just not enough global production of soybeans to supply all of China’s needs without the U.S.

At a critical juncture in the U.S-China trade negotiations; and with China seeming to slip back into manipulative dragon-mode recently; the timing for a Trump and Bolsonaro summit couldn’t be better…. almost, well, as if it were by design.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump will host Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in Washington on March 19, the White House announced Friday. They are expected to discuss the turmoil in Venezuela.

Bolsonaro was elected in 2018 and his upcoming visit to Washington comes as Brazil’s border with Venezuela has become a flashpoint in the ongoing political crisis facing the oil-rich country and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Brazil has sided with the U.S. in supporting Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, as the legitimate head of state.

Food and medicine shortages under Maduro’s rule have caused a flood of Venezuelans to flee across the border into neighboring countries. The U.S. has sent relief supplies to the region but the political and economic crisis shows no signs of ending soon.

According to the White House, Trump and Bolsonaro are also expected to discuss trade issues and military ties between the two countries.  (read more)

In the dance with the dragon, always watch the more subtle gestures.


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  1. redtreesquirrel says:

    I always wondered what all those soybean plants were for.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      And since the Chinese eat a lot of tofu, they truly needs a huge amount of soybeans as not able to grow enough themselves. In other words, they are between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      There was OPEC and now SOYPEC.

      Nice pigs and chickens ya got there Be a shame if they all starved to death.

      Opens the possibility of export tariffs.

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      • Why can’t China grow soybeans? They have massive land and labor?

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        • ristvan says:

          From someone who has owned a Wisconsin dairy farm for over 30 years (growing corn, soy, and alfalfa), a simple answer: geography.
          Northern China is too dry and cold, they grow wheat like North Dakota. Southern China is too hot and wet, same problem that limits Brazil as they tried to expand production north toward the Amazon basin. The hot/wet enables soybean rust, a killer fungus. Eventually the fungicide control cost makes production economically unviable.

          So even though soybeans originated in China, the cropland area suitable for cultivation just isn’t very large by comparison to Brazil and US. BTW, is same reason Argentine Soybean is limited to the northern partbof the country. Vast Southern pampas is too cold and dry, but great for grassland beef ranching and gauchos (Argentine cowboys).

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          • Larry says:

            It’s surprising how soybeans are starting to be grown on the Canadian prairies. 10 years ago in Saskatchewan, no one talked about growing soybean. The growing season (degree days) was too short. Now, there is significant acreage grown on the prairies.


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            • montanamel says:

              With the changes we are already seeing from this solar Grand Minimum — I would not be investing any of this crop sector until after 2032. Those degree days are slipping away and depending on how far to the north of the border these fields are — I could easily see some “northern edge” failures sooner than later. YMMV.

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              • Guillermo Maguire says:

                The Grand Minimum…..thanks for that reference. So many dont think about global warming and its near exclusive dependence on solar activity.


        • mtk says:

          Actually, though China has a large land mass, only about 10% of its land mass is suitable for any type of farming, put a billion plus people on and around that 10% and you will start to get idea.
          Besides, the influence of climate zones on what can and can not grow, the real factor is in tempature zones where crops can be grow, much of that land is hills and mountains.
          That is why, if you ever have the pleasure of visiting China, there are these massive earth moving projects. The Chinese govt is actively moving hills, to create farmland.

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    • rf121 says:

      Oh by the way. Soy is slow poison for humans. Keep it out of your diet. Unless you are Chinese of course.

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  2. Sentient says:

    The lamestreams always want to tell us how the president’s tariffs
    aren’t working – or are working against us. Criminy, we’re only in about the third inning of that game.

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  3. During the Zero years, the press and Zero Administration promoted Brazil as a huge storehouse of natural (stratigic) resources. Press also reported that due to our “bad” trade policies all those (stratigic) resources would be going to China.

    Speaking of soybeans as the headless queen once said “Let them eat rice cakes.”

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  4. Joe O’Mara says:

    Heaven and Earth are being moved to make MAGA work, and most of what Trump is doing is being done BEHIND the curtain.

    This just announced meeting with Balsanaro is part of the plan and has been in the works for probably six months or so, using it now for best effect. Similar to firing a warning show across
    China’s bow.

    He seeks no applause or accolades. The Press Conferences that announce victories are enough. Just our prayers and support. God Bless Trump for HE FIGHTS.

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  5. Dennis Leonard says:

    This also includes the two most beautiful first ladies in this hemisphere..

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    • davidsstones says:

      The Left is dissing Bolsonaro because he’s been married 3 times. Trump also has been married 3 times. Both to beautiful smart gracious women, both men became Presidents.
      Both are Conservative men. Both are in geographically large area countries and both countries have enough fertile soil to feed themselves and other nations.

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      • arete55 says:

        Trump has recently emphasized that his Socialism “No Go Zones” will be the Americas..(all of the North and South American Continents)…..this is a corollary to his principal “America First” doctrine.

        Brazil, under Bolsonaro, represents the strategic power center of South America. To have a policy unity, in dealing with The Dragon in the American hemispheres, would go a long way to controlling the opportunism cast by the agents of Totalitarianism (both internal and external).

        A man who continually thinks Big, is thinking very longterm Bigley.

        His agenda setting genius is on display…While the democrats are spiraling in their insanities……… The Trump Train is Highballing

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      • GB Bari says:

        At least they BOTHERED to get married, unlike a large and increasing number of hedonists on the Left.

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        • ristvan says:

          Careful there. My significant other is a devout, childless, divorced Catholic. I am a 30 years before divorced Lutheran (her call, not mine) with two great kids and three terrific grandkids.
          We can NEVER get married because if she did, under present Catholic doctrine she would lose her treasured High Mass communion service and receipt priviledges.

          Does not mean we are not mutually committed, now over 19 years together. Life is complicated. Archaic Religion rigidity does not help.

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          • GB Bari says:

            Hah. Obviously there are any number of exceptions to my statement.

            But I said “on the Left.”

            My impression, having read you now for many moons, is that you are not of the Left, ideologically speaking, no? 😉

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          • Tiffthis says:

            Lol, if you pay he Catholic Church enough they will forgive you anything. My friends dad is on wife number 6 and she is Irish Catholic and wanted to be married in the Catholic Church. He paid a fee, went to a class and poof! They were allowed to be married in the Church.

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  6. Suite D says:

    I love this guy! Fighting for his country and for freedom just like Trump! And the stabbing he took was a lot more than a flesh wound. MAGA/KAG!!!

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  7. ristvan says:

    Been to Brazil on business countless times. Many do not know that it is the 5th largest country by landmass, 5th most populous, 8th largest GDP. For example, Brazil private equity owns HeinzKraft (together with Warren Buffett), Burgerking, and Inbev (Budweiser). Embreaer Boeing tieup. Most profitable non US market for Ford. On and on.

    Is the absolute key to latin and south america despite portugese rather than spanish language.

    Very resource rich (not just soybeans—iron ore, hydoelectric (Iguasu), timber, coffee, beef, citrus, oil (offshore subsalts)) so a key target for Chinese ‘investment’. Having Bolsonaro and PDJT on personal friendly terms with like minded policies (Brazil’s swamp is much deeper and bigger than the DC swamp) will bring nothing but good in the future.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      ristvan, thank you for this information. Hopefully, he will start upgrading the lives of so many living way below the poverty line. With all these businesses there, perhaps he could also start an “apprentice” project with companies for many to learn skills. Don’t know much about the educational system there if it for all or just some. Definitely a great country to connect with as our President is a great connector. China has to keep a “good face” but eventually I believe a deal will take place. If Kim thinks he is smart to start up rebuilding nuclear stuff, then he, too, will have to be dealt with. You can only give so many good talking and action to anyone who has a problem being a real human, which it looked as tho Kim would be for the good of his own people who live and work in poverty and fear. I pray everyday for our President and his accomplishments and will enjoy more clear up thru 2024 in spite of communists/globalists fighting to take us over. I guess we could say many countries have awakened to real facts that your people are important and your place on the planet can also be important.

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      • ristvan says:

        Brazil has great economic inequality, and Bolsonaro campaigned on reforming the education system to improve the situation. Many kids in the favelas (shanty town slums) had/have little or no access to quality education.

        I will never forget my very first Brazil visit in 1979. Was having dinner with the head of Brazilian operations for a VERY large German multinational (we were conversing in German). He said (I am paraphrasing in English): ‘Dr. Istvan, you have to understand one thing about Brazil. Half the people don’t count’. He meant the half that ‘didnt count’ were so poor, uneducated, and unskilled that the ‘effective ’ economic GDP per capita was near double the ‘official’ mean.

        There is another long standing Brazil ‘saying’ amongst us Brazil fans: “Brazil is the next ‘America’…and always will be”. That refers both to its natural resource blessings (first part) and to its swampy corruption (second part), now being uncovered and punished by Operation Carwash and another reason Bolsonaro won. He pledged a complete cleanup.
        Both PDJT and Bolsonaro pledged to ‘drain the swamp’. I remain hopeful.

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    • Foz do Iguacu maravilhoso!

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      • ristvan says:

        Been there! When Iguasu dam was being constructed, I and one of my partners were in Brazil on business. Since a longish two week stay, we had our wives along. A Saturday morning we charted a plane from Rio to fly over the dam project Nd then drop us off. Immense!
        That afternoon after dropoff we checked into the government run Iguasu Falls hacienda. Memorable, since we were relaxing with horderves (sp, dunno) and drinks by the hacienda pool when a troop of monkeys came racing out of the forest, over the fence, and stole all the food.
        Next day we hiked about 5 miles of the Brazilian side of Iguasu Falls. Magnificent and memorable beyond what your great photo shows.
        BTW, if you ever see part of an amythist (purple quartz) large geode with a smooth green outer shell, it is probably from this same Iguasu geologic formation.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Brazil sounds like another country with amazing potential that has never been realized because of corrupt government. A glimpse of our future if we don’t start kicking the Swamp’s azz.

          PS – It’s another one of those crazy French words – hors d’oeuvres
          In casual company I’ve heard some folks ‘murder’ the French spelling and say “horses ovaries”. I use that in my mind to remind me of its spelling. Well, that plus 3 years of French….

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    • WVPatriot says:

      ristvan…thank you for the economical view of Brazil. Very interesting indeed!

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    • If Then says:

      That’s all well and good … but, did you know that in 2011 when my son lived in São Paulo they did not have/sell peanut butter!!??!! He was not impressed! Hehe! But he did love their cuisine, otherwise!

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      • WSB says:

        Yes but there are other things that make uo for the peanut butter free existence.

        On a layover between Miami and Buenos Aires, as we were landing, all of the young flight attendants told me they had bathing suits on underneath their uniforms and were heading straight to the beach. At least, I THINK they said Birth….I mean bathing suits.

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    • Sofa King says:

      No swamp is deeper than Washington…


  8. Publius2016 says:

    US Brazil Trade Deal would be great! Get USMCA approved too!!

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  9. Watch for an USA-Brazil Bilateral Trade Deal, including a commitment to BILATERALLY CONTRACT all Soybean sales, with China Contracts placed LAST – given their LACK of a Trade Deal.
    [Originally posted 10/28/18]

    Not a bad opener, since our two countries supply the majority of the world’s soybeans:
    • 194 Million Tons produced by USA & Brazil
    • 102 Million Tons produced by Countries #3 through #10
    • 12 Million Tons produced by China at #4 [Ruh Roh]

    The KICKER would be following up with a USA-Argentina Bilateral Trade Deal, including a commitment to BILATERALLY CONTRACT all Soybean sales, with China Contracts placed LAST.

    The COUP de GRACE would be requiring China to PAY-in-ADVANCE, preventing them from jerking us around again.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      I guess we form SOPC (Soybean Organization Production Coop) LOL

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    • Source (Updated 8/30/18)
      • 108 Million Tons produced by #1 USA
      • 87 Million Tons produced by #2 Brazil
      • 53 Million Tons produced by #3 Argentina
      … 84% of Top-10 Produced by the Top 3!

      • 12 Million Tons produced by #4 China [Ruh Roh]
      • 37 Million Tons produced by Countries #5 through #10

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    • FTA below (4/4/18):

      China gobbles up about 60 percent of globally traded soybeans to feed the world’s largest livestock industry. Factories crush the oilseed to make meal – a key ingredient in animal feed.

      • “There simply aren’t enough soybeans in the world outside of the U.S. to meet China’s needs,” said Mark Williams, chief Asia economist at Capital Economics.

      • “As for reducing dependence on imports, there are a few options, but none is a magic bullet that could hurt U.S. farmers without generating costs at home.”

      Brazil supplied half of China’s imports last year while the United States shipped around 33 million tonnes, about a third of the total. Replacing those U.S. tonnes will be no easy feat.

      Crops in Argentina, the world’s No. 3 producer, have been hit by a drought, cutting exports from there to less than 7 million tonnes in the 2017/18 season, its smallest in a decade, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

      Outside of Brazil, the United States and Argentina, about 17 million tonnes of soybeans comes from a handful of countries.

      China grows only about 14 million tonnes of soybeans, mainly to make food for human consumption.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Can you spell out the implications of “China Last”?

      Higher price, or SOL if production lags?


      • Watch for a USA-Brazil Bilateral Trade Deal, including a commitment to BILATERALLY CONTRACT all Soybean sales,
        … with China Contracts placed LAST
        • To give our Allies and Trade-Deal Partners FIRST ACCESS to available Supply,
        • To prevent China from purchasing everything for re-sale at a PREMIUM, and
        • To create CONSEQUENCES for China’s past Trade VIOLATIONS and
        • To end China’s DELAYS in completing a Trade Deal.

        China would have to contract and pay IN ADANCE, or take their chances at harvest on both sufficient supply and price. The last thing they could afford is subsidizing massive price premiums or slaughtering hogs on a widespread basis for lack of soy feed.

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      • WVPatriot says:

        I second that…seems we are all of the same opinion.


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    • WVPatriot says:

      BKR…great points!

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    • montanamel says:

      FAS is the term you would use…Free At Side…meaning load it on your ship yourself or at your expense….. vs FOB, ie: Freight On Board …. Then, you have sort out the “inside” vs “outside” customs too…. Funds “immediately available – good, cleared, funds” upon presentation of loading weight/scale certificates, prior to clearance to slip lines and sail. (This way, their funds don’t transfer cleared, their ship doesn’t sale….ie seized. Let the Captain argue with the Bank of China when it doesn’t clear the wire…he’s at the dock and owes his own fees/costs/etc for that birth space….very spendy….
      With China so “dependent” on Soybeans….perhaps there is a reason for a BEAN marketing co-op?…a’ la OPEC…. One world price, adjusted for grade and protein content. Heck – I’d be inclined to make them pay in “Good Delivery Bars” of 99.5+ pure gold…bars on the dock before one bean flows!… Might even do some drillings for verification – unless the bars were papered as “held by depository until presentation”…. I don’t think Shanghai or even Hong Kong qualifies. Someone needs to drag the cart under Klotin runways wiith Urich and Hans witnessing it being placed in the proper vault… The WTO/BIS/IMF would have a collective hissy fit!… Check-6

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  10. BigMamaTEA says:

    {quiet snicker}

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  11. Dan Joppich says:

    My daughter’s roommate’s family are 7 generation Indiana farmers. They switched some of their corn production (think ethanol) to soy beans in 2018 while Trump was rattling sabers with China over soy beans. I mentioned this to a CNN-loving friend and asked him, why would they do this? He said because they are stupid. I asked him if he thinks that professional large-scale farmers are
    not as smart as CNN and people that live in ivory towers in NY, LA and D.C.? He said yes.
    Trump and these stupid Indiana farmers DO know things that the Leftist in government and the media don’t. This is just one more example.

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  12. decisiontime16 says:

    During the last 16 years, GMO soy production has reached 80 million hectares. It is almost 80 percent of total acreage worldwide.: 100 percent in Argentina, 94 percent in the United States; and 93 percent in Brazil.

    These developments make it extremely difficult to find GMO-free soybeans and soy additives, particularly in the three largest soy producing countries, which dominate the global export market.

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    • Snow White says:

      GMOs are so bad for humans and animals. Monsanto should be relegated to the dustbin of history for all the evil they’ve perpetrated on human race with their poison like Roundup and GMOs.

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      • RLTW says:

        You people are so ignorant. Every dog on this continent that is not a wolf is a GMO. Every cat on this continent that is not a bobcat or a mountain lion is a GMO. Every bovine on this continent that is not a buffalo is a GMO. Every bit of produce that you buy at the Piggly Wiggly is GMO.

        Man has been genetically modifying plants and animals for thousands of years in order to perfect a bloodline or strain that suited man’s needs. It used to be done through selective breeding which took decades to produce results. The only difference is that now we have the technology to instantaneously modify genetics to suit our needs (i.e. drought resistant, disease resistant produce).

        GMOs built civilization (research the history of grains and beer and the beginning of civilization). God made man to rule over and be the husband of nature. But of course you snow flakes have been taught that the life of a snail darter takes precedence over humanity and is more important than the life of a new born human baby. All part of the left’s plan for this Country. You poor indoctrinated useful idiots.

        Next time you’re at the Piggly Wiggly look at the “organic” section of produce. Then walk over to the same produce that was grown using herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer and you will notice that the produce is much larger, colorful and vibrant. Also much more nutritious.

        But of course you don’t shop at Piggly Wiggly. You only shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s where you can purchase sub-standard organic crap grown by hippie farmers at twice the cost. At least you have a clean Commy conscience. By the way. All those hippie farmers are growing GMO produce and livestock. And they don’t even know it. Commy-tards.

        And Roundup rocks! Killed weeds real good when I grew up spraying that stuff on the farm.

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        • Paul says:

          You are mistaken about the dogs and stuff. Breeding is not analogous to GMO.

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          • RLTW says:

            When you select an animal with a specific trait and breed it with another animal with the same specific trait you are genetically modifying that organism. Where did all the dog breeds come from genius? The Chihuahua came from the Wolf. Humans systematically selected traits from the Wolf over centuries until we bread and produced a genetically modified GMO freak known as the Chihuahua.

            I am ripping my hair out right now in frustration. The Socratic Method is dead. Science is dead. Reason is dead. You kids are morons and it’s not even your fault. It’s my fault. We allowed the Marxists to take over the education system. I don’t blame you. I blame my generation for allowing this to happen.

            The Redneck in fly-over country who you were taught by your Marxist college professors to despise is currently driving a 600hp turbo-charged, fossil-fueled, John Deere beast that is planting GMO food in 50 ft swaths at 10 mph 20 hrs a day on a family farm in the mid-west.

            That Redneck and the fact that we are not a socialist Country is the only reason that you are not currently in a fist-fight over a piece of flamingo to bring home and feed your family.

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            • Sofa King says:

              We don’t breed dogs with fish.

              You are mistaken.

              The effects of what we are doing cannot be undone.

              Guess you didn’t hear about the cows that died because the GMO grass started producing cyanide?

              As far as round up, the tests are in.

              So eat whatever you want, and I’ll do the same, thank you.


        • azgulch says:

          RLTW, thank you. These crops feed the world, and cloth the world.

          Organic foods – the organic component has to break down to its inorganic component for it to be available by the plant. Holy cow batman, commercial fertilizer comes in the inorganic form! Available right now. Add micronutrients from compost from waste treatment plants. (A sad clue -much of what you buy as compost from Lowe’s or Home Depot, etc. is composted human solids from treatment plants —especially in California.) It’s actually good shit.

          Roundup- it kills weeds but takes forever. Now, roundup tolerant cotton has eliminated all the cotton choppers from Mexico- 40 people for 4-5 months wages for 1000 acres. That is a huge savings. This is why you can buy cheap cotton products today. BC Corn is another huge advancement, no insecticides on your food. Drought tolerant wheat has save millions of lives.

          Go try to grow heritage crops. Less yield, lots of insect damage, tons of additional labor, and poorer nutrition.

          All these crops would grow 4X better with about 1.1 % CO2, today it’s at .04 %.

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      • ristvan says:

        SW, Let me try a bit of physical fact GMO orientation. Cause you clearly do NOT know.

        All proteins of all sorts are broken down in the gut before ingestion into the 20 basic amino acids. Period. Else, those digested alien proteins would trigger immune reaction.

        The exception, Crohn’s disease, proves the general rule. Because the Crohn defective gut does not break down glutin protein before it triggers an allergic absorptive reaction.

        So, with very few and very well known exceptions, all GMO crops have exactly ZERO ingested impacts, since digestion means by immune system definition that no proteins or protein fragments remain after absorption. Only the innocuous constituent amino acids.

        All else is easily disproven junk science. Do not bring that here.

        BTW, golden rice does NOT incorporate vitamin A, rather only its metabolic vitamin precursor, beta carotene. Same that makes carrots orange. You eat carrots?

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  13. “Soy Ahoy – there’s a clear moon arising!”

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  14. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    I come here to get smarter! Fascinating stuff. The left in this country is absolutely in the dark and apparently happy there.
    It was a long liberal bs filled week.

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  15. sundance says:

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    • Online translation:

      “On the next day 19/03 embarking to the USA, where, among other commitments, I will meet with the President @realDonaldTrump . A great opportunity to resume the strong ties between our nations in search of a west with freedom and prosperity. We have a lot to add!”

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    • felipe says:

      per Google translate:
      On March 3, 2007 I embark for the USA, where, among other commitments, I will meet with the President @realDonaldTrump. A great opportunity to retake the strong ties between our nations in the quest for a West with freedom and prosperity. We have a lot to add!

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      • RLTW says:

        President Trump needs to consult with President Bolsonaro regarding Bolsonaro’s plans to purge all Brazilian Universities of Marxists. We desperately need a similar plan here in the US.

        Furthermore, Trump needs to confiscate all of the multi-billion dollar trust funds that US Universities have built at the expense of the US taxpayer.

        Obama has long advocated for the US taxpayer to pay off the college student debt in this Country. Use these University trust funds to pay off the trillion dollar college student debt in this Country. Watch Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist college professor colleagues scream bloody murder when we confiscate their wealth.

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        • deeperinfo says:

          You spark an fir idea for Liawatha Fauxcahantes: 2-3% annual tax on University trust funds⚡️ Used to reimburse US Government for student loan default losses.
          I’d vote for that: tax to pay for direct economic cost caused by University receiving a subsidy in form of student loans and grants. A reasonable and logical tax.

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        • WSB says:

          I believe there is a simple solution.

          Since student loans are now under US Governmental control, what the Government gives, it can take away. Deny student loans to anyone trying to get into a sanctuary city, state, and college,revoke any from schools that deny First Amendment rights.

          All these loans from the government were money laundering vehicles anyway.

          Should all be fixed in one semester.

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  16. Kleen says:

    Stay away from Vale but look into buying brazilian stocks.

    Brazil is about to open their doors to fair trade and investment.

    PBR Petrobras Oil Company is my favorite. They produce ethanol from sugar cane. Not the same as corn or beets ethanol. In Brazil it actually works.

    Also Itau bank, Eletrobras, I’m in! ( NYSE)

    I am very hopeful about Brazil’s future.
    If this meeting results in some trade agreement or plans, Brazilian stocks could go higher.
    My opinion. We will find out soon.

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  17. Kleen says:

    Democrats will want to build the wall.

    Latin America is moving right.

    Marxists’ worse nightmare.

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  18. railer says:

    Obama strongly supported Brazilian oil production (World Bank and other means), even as he wanted to depress it in the US. It was likely very expensive as it’s offshore and deepwater and thus very expensive to extract. Now that US production is rising due to onshore means, it may hurt Brazil a touch. I’m sure Trump will entertain their thoughts and needs if so.

    Poor Xi had a meeting all teed up with Trump to finalize a good deal, but apparently he’s holding out for Trump to surrender, which he isn’t. That meeting is now cancelled and Trump immediately schedules one with Bolsonaro. One door closes and Trump always turns to the next phase of the plan. Xi really needs to figure out that the time to make a deal with Trump is almost always right now, because it might just be the best deal you ever see tabled by him.

    Perhaps the Trump-Bolsonaro axis can break up the multinational corporations’ commodities scam, cheating both farmers and consumers by manipulating the market. Start with soy, then perhaps overlay these methods onto other commodities. Our consumers could benefit and perhaps even the Chinese might even benefit, which I’m fine with as long as our consumers and farmers do too.

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  19. Sunshine says:

    That’s going to be a very interesting visit. Both have so much in common. Make Brazil Great Again.

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  20. LBB says:

    Bolsonaro bombarded by bad press stories last week. Felt like a try to diminish him a bit. Should be a productive meeting with PDJT though.

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  21. Pyrthroes says:

    Quite sure that Rocket Man’s 3-day stopover in Peking en route to Hanoi kiboshed Trump’s studied peace-making… it’ll be some time before he jets around the world again to conduct good-faith negotiations with bad-faith Hsi and Kim.

    As for Bolsonaro, why not cement Brazil relations with only the second State Dinner of this Administration? (The first was Macron’s in 2017, whereupon “bourbon” lapsed to Kentucky firewater rather than a failed dynasty.) Soybean references all but write themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Tiffthis says:

    Trump of the Tropics


  23. omyword says:

    It would be good to see the US absorb a goodly quanitity ofnBrazilian goods. China would have to forage else were and its tenicile penetration of South and Central America would be curtailed.


  24. redline says:

    While Socialism can’t even feed itself, Capitalism feeds the planet.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Lou Zimmer says:

    The possibilities here are game potentially game changers. First create a trade treaty for the Americas. Manufacture in our hemisphere, not Asia. Will solve many problems. No need to emigrate to US when there are jobs to be had in your own country. These poor countries will gladly supply a low wage alternative to China. We will all prosper. US gets lower cost lower transport cost products. Americas get jobs, jobs, jobs. Our future is in our hemisphere. The China market is important, just not in the current one way street. China on a backburner will more easily come to our terms. They need us more than we need them.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Upon being told that many Brazilians favor Socialism over Capitalism, AOC exclaimed “OMG! How many is a brazilian?”


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