Brazilian Election: Nationalist Congressman Jair Bolsonaro Wins Presidency – Another Rebuke of Establishment Politics…

Some have called him the Brazilian Trump, a populist candidate for the presidency. His mantra: “Brazil Above Everything, God Above Everyone”.  The professional political elites who rule within international circles have been throwing every attack possible at candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Two-months-ago his left-wing political opposition stabbed him in the liver in an attempted assassination.  Bolsonaro believes in open market free-trade; Brazil-first nationalism, and protecting the integrity of the Brazillian national identity.

Today he wins the presidency.  The global progressive movement is going bananas

(Via Associated Press) 7:50pm – Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal has declared far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro the next president of Latin America’s biggest country.

With 96 percent of ballots counted, Bolsonaro has 55.5 percent of the votes. Leftist Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party has 44.5 percent.

Voters in Sunday’s runoff election apparently looked past warnings that the brash former army captain would erode democracy and embraced a chance for radical change after years of turmoil.

Bolsonaro went into the election the clear front-runner after getting 46 percent of the votes to Haddad’s 29 percent in the first round of the election Oct. 7.

After opinion polls in recent weeks had Bolsonaro leading by as much as 18 percentage points, the race had tightened in recent days. But Haddad was unable to make up the difference.  (read more)

The video embedded within the tweet below shows the assassination attack when Bolsonaro was stabbed in the liver.  Horrific.

Bolsonaro’s win today is another rebuke to the globalist system of elite central planning authority controlled by multinationals.

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216 Responses to Brazilian Election: Nationalist Congressman Jair Bolsonaro Wins Presidency – Another Rebuke of Establishment Politics…

  1. hugofitch1 says:

    Somewhere, Carl Sagan is looking down and saying, “Hey! That guy looks like me!”

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  2. It is quite interesting to consider the new Brazilian president in the context of the Trump Administration National Security Policy (see link below). There are some relevant comments regarding inspiring partners that follow like-minded policy (p 37) and in the regional section (p 51) for Western Hemisphere.
    Certainly if Bolsonaro can achieve success in reducing crime that will provide a bulwark against the instability in Venezuela, and perhaps also hurt the transnational criminal elements that fund a lot of illegal immigration. And as wolfmoon and others above noted, the impact on trade has to be good–and certainly more transparent.

    It is good to hear positive news after the distressing events of the last week, particularly in Pittsburgh.

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  3. Critical Mass says:

    “There’s An Awful Lot Of COVFEFE In Brazil

    Frank Sinatra was a man ahead of his time. This song was recorded in 1946.

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    • cali says:

      @Critical Mass: Absolutely!

      The Brazilian deplorable are beyond pleased and joyous having their own Donald Trump as president.
      Now we can add another populist win to what began with the election of our own president. More countries will follow as the populist uprising against global elites continue to take hold.
      Citizens across the globe took a page out of the playbook of 2016 and replicate our win. The media would never report these facts but the American deplorables set the standard for others in how to take back their own countries. Scanning twitter every morning travelling via tweets to other countries citizens are woke and the Awakening has taken hold.
      What has the Brazilian deplorables absolutely delighted is the fact that president Trump immediately called their newly elected president to congratulate him.

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  4. RAC says:

    This sounds like a bit of good news, I remember posting shortly after PDJT’s election, a hope that his brand of national sovereignty and anti globalism would spread out like ripples in water.

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    • piper567 says:

      RAC, iirc, Columbia’s new Pres is conservative, and Chile and Argentina both have conservative Leaders now.
      SA is shaping up, especially from a Trade pt of view.
      imo, President Trump threw down the gauntlet with his Historic speech in Poland.
      Put some spine in a few good men.

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  5. Critical Mass says:

    There’s An Awful Lot Of COVFEFE In Brazil.

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  6. Boy this win made Twitter really entertaining tonight for two reasons:

    1) Listening to members of the “cult of diversity” call the citizens of the largest South American country stupid.
    2) Watching the “defenders of democracy” push to overturn the results of a fair democratic election.

    LOL You can’t make this stuff up! #MoreWinning 😀 😀 😀

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  7. Maquis says:

    Via con Dios!!!


  8. Eilert says:

    “..Voters in Sunday’s runoff election apparently looked past warnings that the brash former army captain would erode democracy and embraced a chance for radical change after years of turmoil.”

    Does AP have an agenda here ???

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    • Kaco says:

      “..Voters in Sunday’s runoff election apparently looked past warnings that the brash former army captain would erode democracy and embraced a chance for radical change after years of turmoil.”

      If I had Twitter, I’d tweet them, “Says who? And this is why you are called Fake News, the least of which extremely biased.”

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  9. Kaco says:

    I put in #Brazil on twitter and it’s a complete Leftie meltdown which sounds awfully familiar complete with identity politics, climate change, etc.

    Having the same extreme Left agenda in every westernized country really does solidify it is a globalist indoctrination plot.

    And of course, they call him “far right” when his stance is where we were at 10-20 years ago. Real tired of “far right” when it means NORMAL.

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    • Maquis says:

      Really tired of people buying the European Left-Right political scale. They put Communism on the Left and Fascism on the Right, with no Freedom in between.

      In America, Fully Far Left or Right represent the extremes of a continuum depicting the level of Freedom versus the Power of Government. The Rightest end of the scale has no Government at all, supposedly fully Free, yet, without Law, Anarchy reigns and Rights are neither recognized nor enforced, thus, only the strongest/cruelest are “Free.” No Conservative wishes to go there.

      The Left end represents total domination of the Individual by the State. All acceptable thoughts actions and states of being, including if you are to be permitted to continue to be, are the perogitives of the Absolute State. Rights do not exist and are not protected. Constitutions proclaiming Rights exist only to deceive and obfuscate. Only the stronsest/cruelest gain power in the State and thereby possess a portion of what is denied all others. ALL Liberals want to go there.

      Conservatives wish us to conserve the best balance, where Government possesses the power to protect but not the power to persecute, to enforce Rights but not to deny Rights. It’s about balance. It’s about respect for the History and Traditions and Wisdom of our Fathers that promote Liberty and enable Prosperity.

      Our MainlySlimeMedia knows the difference in these scales, and shamelessly promotes and abuses widespread misunderstandings not only of the differences, but even of the very fact that there actually is more than the single idiotic European Anti-Freedom scale they use to manipulate the minds of our people.

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      • cattastrophe says:

        In my opinion Left and right are made up names with no way to conclude what an extreme from the middle in either direction really represents. We are a Constitutional Republic and those who represent that should govern those who don’t shouldn’t. If we want to use the term right and left and we say the right represents the Constitution then anyone on the left is unacceptable. However I think your description is interesting and makes more sense than what you usually hear describing far left and far right. The media on the other hand doesn’t know what they’re describing and just make up what sounds the worst about anyone who disagrees with them.

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  10. Wai cheah says:

    Best news of the day. Nationalists win, globalists lose, again.

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    • dginga says:

      I saw a headline this morning in which renowned political pundit Cher commented that the new President of Brazil was a poopyhead (or some similarly intellectual remark) so I knew something good must have happened!

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  11. Pyrthroes says:

    “There is a tide, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.”

    All voters truly ask is a halfway decent, honest incumbent with their country’s national interests at heart. We shall see, but for Brazil’s sake let’s hope that Bolsonaro follows in Trump’s footsteps, with AMLO close behind.

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  12. daughnworks247 says:

    The geopolitics of it all are fascinating to me. Human spirit is alive and well. No matter who and for how long the people are oppressed they rise to the top and yearn to breathe free.
    Back in the 90’s, a dear friend met Lech Walesa, former leader of Poland. Walesa related the story of Soviet communism by telling the story of one man. The man bought American chewing gum, Juicy Fruit, on the black market. He would cut each stick of gum into 6 pieces and sell the pieces of gum for a slight profit. The ‘elites’ knew capitalism lived and thrived in the black market, even behind the iron curtain, but the black market was dangerous and full of corruption. When Walesa saw the one man, a worker, dividing a stick of gum, he knew communism wasn’t working. It was Walesa’s inspiration for their revolution.
    My friend, who was a senior exec at FEDEX, wondered aloud, how we could instill that kind of love for freedom across the globe…., what could provide the impetus.
    Little did we know Brexit and the election of Donald Trump would speed the rebirth of freedom. Leaders lead by example.

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    • MysticRose80 says:

      The usual suspects come crawling out of their holes to weigh in. Can Cher EVEN find Brazil on a map?

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      • mimbler says:

        I honestly doubt she could

        And the left has surprised me again. After what has happened in Venezuela they seriously are melting down about another socialist losing an election?

        They are obviously more concerned about their “side” winning than whether a nation will literally starve.

        I swear I try, but I am literally unable to understand the depravity of the left.

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      • kea says:

        LOL so true!!!! Oh that was a good one. And no I doubt she even knows where its at. Only that its bad.


  13. Autonomous Collective says:

    This is a huge result in the hemisphere. More votes were cast in the Brazil election than the UK and Germany general elections *combined*


  14. jello333 says:

    Even if this guy is “far right” as the MSM keeps claiming, I couldn’t care less. The number one issue in Brazil seems to be massive crime and violence, and so if he can help in that regard, I think even those on the left will eventually see that he’s what’s needed.

    The only thing I’ve heard about him that concerns me is regarding the Amazon, the rain forests. I’ve heard that he’s willing to open it all up to “commercial” ventures, with no concern over its ultimate destruction. (I know there’s already been a lot of that, but the claims are that Bolsonaro is much worse). NOW… before anyone jumps on me, just let me say this: Despite what I’ve heard, I really VERY MUCH DOUBT there’s much truth to any of that. I assume that he’s getting more of the Trump Treatment from the media and his enemies: If you can’t find anything negative that’s truthful to accuse him of… just make stuff up!


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