REPORT: Huber and Horowitz Investigations Deep State Cons Constructed by DOJ…

Paul Sperry has an interesting report posted at RCP-Investigations outlining numerous interviews with DC politicians and would-be witnesses, if any actual DOJ investigation of the FBI and DOJ misconduct was taking place.  What Sperry discovers is the year-long narrative around John Huber and Michael Horowitz is factually false. [SEE HERE]

Just like the false framework surrounding the long-forgotten U.S. Attorney John Lausch; the guy who was supposedly hired to facilitate DOJ record production but actually did nothing of the sort; Sperry discovers the framework around U.S. Attorney John Huber was manufactured by career officials inside the DOJ to tamp down problematic demands for a second special counsel.

Worse still, and absolutely confirming information from our own contacts within the OIG, Paul Sperry outlines how Michael Horowitz has not interviewed key people who would be part of any authentic FISA abuse inquiry.  [READ HERE]

Unfortunately, this information is directly in-line with information received by CTH in September of 2018.  According to people with knowledge of DOJ-OIG operations, and restrictions upon the IG imposed by chain-of-command authority, Horowitz’s investigation has been limited by Mueller’s team.

According to our own independent sourcing, as a direct consequence of the Sessions recusal issues, DAG Rosenstein was in charge of approving all OIG investigative document production and DOJ/FBI scheduling for testimony.  Mueller’s team gave Rosenstein a list of restrictive lines of inquiry that would be considered obstructing their own investigation and should thereby be considered ‘out-of-bounds‘ for OIG review; those instructions broadly created limits on what Horowitz could see, and who Horowitz could interview.

According to a person directly involved, an internal investigative complaint was filed to the AG; however, due to recusal issues that complaint was forwarded (by Sessions) to FBI chief-legal-counsel Dana Boente.

General Counsel Boente, hired by Christopher Wray, ultimately concurred with Mueller and Rosenstein’s decision thereby blocking any internal investigative efforts under the auspices of protecting the integrity of the ongoing Mueller probe.

A bureaucratic catch-22.

As a result of team Mueller’s moves, multiple people including John Carlin, Mary McCord, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Carter Page and any other inside official with knowledge of the FISA application and downstream issue, is off-limits for DOJ-OIG questioning.

This decision was stunningly ironic considering that Dana Boente was the ultimate arbiter inside the internal debate.  Remember, Boente was “acting AG” after Sally Yates was fired.

See the BS construct?

Sometime just after President Trump agreed to back-down from his declassification request (9/21/18), under threat from Rosenstein over obstruction, around early October it was reported to us that INSD (FBI inspection division) was planning to wait-out the Mueller probe and continue the OIG investigation once the Mueller report was filed.

However, after the election it became obvious the small group, who make up -and control- Mueller’s team, were going to expand their inquiry; and it was unlikely the probe would end.  The result of this bureaucratic mess and tug-of-war is that Horowitz cannot see the information DAG Rosenstein promised President Trump he would review.

CTH is told this outcome is entirely by design.   DAG Rod Rosenstein knew that Horowitz was being blocked by Mueller at the same time Rosenstein promised President Trump the inspector general would review the FISA issues.   The internal complaint passed to Boente had already taken place prior to September 21st when Trump met with Rosenstein.

In essence, DAG Rosenstein was lying to Trump about allowing Horowitz to review the information behind the declassification….. well, sort of lying…

You see, here’s where Mueller and Rosenstein are Machievellian.   IG Horowitz will be allowed to see the material, but only *after* the Mueller team is finished with their probe.  So technically Rosenstein wasn’t lying to the President – he just wasn’t being entirely forthcoming with the timing.  So long as the Mueller probe exists, the IG is blocked from review.

Here’s where it gets interesting…. Remember, as you saw yesterday from Deputy Director David Bowditch, the ODNI (Coats), AG (Whitaker/Barr), DAG (Rosenstein), FBI Director (Wray) and Deputy FBI Director (Bowditch), along with Robert Mueller and/or any leadership member of his team (Weissmann), can block or deny any declassification request.  However, they need an excuse to do so; Mueller is that excuse.

None of these DOJ/FBI officials have any intention of declassifying anything while the Mueller probe exists.  Mueller’s team holds all the power; arguably, by design.

But wait, it gets worse…

If DOJ Inspector General Horowitz were to write an incomplete report, obviously it would not be of value; but if he did, and it cited his inability to review certain information – and/or conduct certain interviews – that draft report (during the notification to principles phase) still has to pass through DOJ channels who have the ultimately authority to remove any language concerning to their interests, and transfer it into a classified appendix which no-one can legally discuss. Thus, the Inspector General is not an autonomous official; Horowitz doesn’t work without bosses.

With Paul Sperry’s reporting today as additional support, CTH continues to outline the true motives and intents of Horowitz:

♦(1) Create an investigation – Just by creating the investigation it is then used as a shield by any corrupt FBI/DOJ official who would find himself/herself under downstream congressional investigation.  Former officials being deposed/questioned by IG Horowitz or Congress could then say they are unable to answer those questions due to the ongoing special counsel investigation.  In this way Mueller provides cover for ideologically aligned deep state officials.

♦(2)  Use the investigation to keep any and all inquiry focused away from the corrupt DOJ and FBI activity that took place in 2015, 2016, 2017.  Keep the media narrative looking somewhere, anywhere, other than directly at the epicenter of the issues. In this way, Mueller provides distraction and talking points against the Trump administration.

♦(3) Use the investigation to suck-up, absorb, any damaging investigative material that might surface as a result of tangentially related inquiry.  Example: control the exposure of evidence against classified leak participants like SSCI Director of Security, James Wolfe; and/or block IG Horowitz from seeing material related to the FISA abuse scandal and “spygate”.  In this way Mueller provides cover for the institutions and the administrative state.

In all of these objectives the Mueller special counsel has been stunningly effective.

The efforts of Rosenstein, Wray, Bowditch, Boente et al, to cover-up the institutional corruption extends far beyond their blocking activity of the declassification requests; and shows up in the lack of substance behind the Wolfe plea agreement when compared to the devastating evidence within the original indictment.

There is a clear pattern.  In addition to the disparity of outcome within the Wolfe indictment/plea deal we exhibit: ♦redactions in material evidence provided to congress; ♦refusal to release material to congress; ♦fighting declassification of documents that would be damaging to the previous officials; ♦refusal to discuss events with congress by officials who hide behind the shield of the Mueller investigation; the list is long.

Additionally, the Mueller control agenda also extends into the two previous IG reports submitted by DOJ Inspector Michael Horowitz.

With Robert Mueller in charge of an ongoing investigation, the two previous IG reports (1. Investigation of McCabe and 2. Clinton email/FBI bias) could not outline anything tangentially connected to the Mueller investigation without first passing through his teams approval and review.

That level of Mueller influence kept the most severe elements of investigative sunlight away from public review.

These officials defending the administrative state are still in place.  We know they are in place because their influential conduct is visible. Three of them are inarguable:

(1) By redacting innocuous, albeit highly damaging information, within the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages and emails.  Officials within the agencies are hiding information and even eliminating the most damaging material.

(2) By controlling what records IG Horowitz has access to; in addition to who he is interviewing. The IG is only as effective as the material he has to review.

(3) By shaping the executive summaries of the two previous IG reports to ensure the specific material within the report is diluted as much as possible in the summary and conclusions.

In essence, and against the understanding of how these officials manipulated the recusal of AG Jeff Sessions; DAG Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy FBI Director David Bowditch, FBI Chief Legal Counsel Dana Boente, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the affiliated network of political operatives within the DOJ/FBI; this crew has held free reign to shape everything in the past two years.

That is why there has been ZERO progress.

Everything past to present, has been a complete con-job by the officials within the DOJ and FBI.


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695 Responses to REPORT: Huber and Horowitz Investigations Deep State Cons Constructed by DOJ…

  1. Jerome Corsi is still fighting.
    Sundanace, is there anything that can be salvaged from the Judge Sullivan debacle.? You may need to revisit that.

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    • Lee Snyder says:

      I suggest, If the President orders release of documents related to fisa, mules investigation, IG Horowitz investigation, a liberal federal judge will place a hold, expressing that Trump doesn’t have the authority to make such an order.
      Even though the President has the authority, the deep state will find a friendly radical, liberal judge to make an asinine ruling. Remember, the DC fed courts is loaded with klinten and obozo appointees. They will never allow any investigation that might expose the appointers.
      Federal judges were thought to be independent of political related decisions due to their life-time status. Yea, right! The fed judiciary, especially those appointed by liberal presidents are rabid in their hatred of the Constitution. They stomp on our founding documents at every opportunity.

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    • Hope says:

      And that is why it is accurate to say that Jeff Sessions betrayed the president and the American people. He was too proud to simply resign when he should have. The folks who try and defend him do not have a leg to stand on.

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  2. Appalled says:

    When a room is dark, one doesn’t blame the room, but rather the light fixture. The church needs to accept a measure of responsibility for the growing darkness in our culture and our government. Thomas Jefferson said,
    God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath?

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  3. lydia00 says:

    This is Sessions’ legacy. Expect him to start publicly supporting Mueller. It’s us against DC. Trump is one man who had few to trust in DC and was put in a catch 22 by his own AG —over lies. It’s so convoluted now, few understand it. It’s how the Soviets operated. Change will have to be forced at the local level. There is no “waiting for Superman”. Eat your wheaties.

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    • Sessions was totally incompetent and was blind to the swamp.

      I have been saying for a year now that PT does not have a DOJ. The SD summary of the current status of investigations shows Obama people still run things.

      When a new and real AG is selected by PT and confirmed there will finally be some movement. But that will take more time.

      Perhaps a good start for the new AG is to ignore Mueller since he is not winding down (As I predicted since he has no incentive to do so as SD has pointed out).

      Put new people in charge. Send Boente and others to Minot ND to the FBI office there (sorry Minot).

      Clean house! Until this is done there will be nothing. We will see if it is ever done. If not done soon, then nothing will ever happen and they have won.

      Republicans are the stupid party and act like Jeff Sessions. Start acting like Democrats and get tough!

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    • MGBSE says:

      …and my lingering question is about session’s…deep state from the beginning…or just easy to fool and use?

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      • redgrains says:

        Both. Truly both .

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      • Marsha Frey says:

        Ego and the opportunity for power does funny things to people who cannot handle it. Regarding the Swamp or Deep State — anyone in office when Trump took the presidency is most likely deeply indebted to this evil vicious danger to America. It’s time the people physically joined Trump in returning the Republic to her home. Why is it just the Liberals and paid Soros people who protest? When that changes — we will see change.


        • Louis Genevie says:

          Conservatives do not protest because, well, they are conservative. Think about it. Every going to wear an anti-pussy hat? Storm the Supreme Court building and pound on the door? Of course not. Reasonable thinking people do not do such things. Even the Founding Fathers did not fire the first shots at Concord. It was a bunch of farmers whose guns were about to be taken away.


      • formerdem says:

        My theory is, soft spot for flattery due to his insecurities and anxieties, such as his Honnah, and desire to be the hero who would vindicate Alabama, and the person who knew how to play to that could do anything.


      • Louis Genevie says:

        Does it really matter?


  4. lydia00 says:

    No. We allowed it. The only way this worked is decades of huge government and allowing an oligharchy to form.

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    • lydia00 says:

      People “choose” right and wrong. Typical deterministic Christianity. I weary of it. If our nature is totally corrupted there is no hope— here and now. That’s nihilism. That ain’t Jesus, buddy. He taught the opposite.

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  5. Lucille says:

    All is NOT lost. Buck up, man! Our President is strong and resolute and working on solutions this very minute.

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  6. David Farrar says:

    It means the coup has already taken place and the establishment won. Pres. Trump hasn’t released these documents because he is powerless to do so.

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  7. Ross says:

    So the obvious question is –what can be done to break the impasse/ deadlock and more importantly who can do it ?

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  8. Ishare says:

    This is already a strong case for impeachment of the Special Counsel due to obstruction of justice. Add to this, Mueller deleted LIsa Page and Strok emails from their cell phones. It is also sedition by Mueller and team, FBI and Rosentein, CIA, Obama, Clinton,cabal in DOJ, etc. to unseat a duly elected President. The President just doesn’t have good lawyers. He should hire Atty Klayman, previously of Judicial Watch and currently Corsi’s lawyer.

    People need to organize to support the President from hereon in because unfortunately, when this case against Mueller and cabal goes to the Supreme Court, (In)Justice John Roberts is probably going to side with the cabal.

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    • Electra says:

      Yes! Before Roberts flipped on us, I thought Pres. Trump would prevail in any “constitutional crisis.” Now, I don’t know…


    • JayLib says:

      They are an open and notorious criminal conspiracy. The list of laws broken and policies and protocols ignored is now a mile long. Trump needs to realize, all he needs to do is call out the obvious. By the way, where in the Constitution does it say the POTUS has to go through a DOJ chain of command to initiate investigation or prosecution?


  9. Mark Ryyan says:

    Tick, tock,….thunk. Why the disparity of information among the “sources”? Somebody is being made a fool of. I’ve placed my bet on who.


  10. Doppler says:

    I have beaten the dead queen Pollyanna until my arms are weary, and my soul wearied, too. I fear you are right, Sundance, but also fear that Trump is not finding his footing in the swamp, finding instead he is half-buried in quick sand, with no help in sight.


  11. Mr. T. says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that Huber wasn’t doing anything, and I’m sure that most Treepers aren’t surprised either. President Trump learned a lot during his first two years in office, especially that some but not all of the ones he thought he could rely on to get things done have been nothing but a major disappointment, including and ESPECIALLY Jeff “RINO” Sessions. Apparently Sessions, being one of the good old swamp things, was more interested in protecting corrupt politicians than he was at exposing the corruption. Makes me wonder if he backed President Trump for the sole purpose of keeping a close eye on what was going on in the White House and POTUS’s inner circle so he could then report back to his GOPe buddies. I smelled a rat when Sessions went to great lengths to protect Rosenstein. Sessions, although recused, still had the power to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation and yet he didn’t. I hope the rat bastard gets what’s coming to him.

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    • Patrick says:

      Hoping I’m wrong here, but maybe Trump learned that Swamp can’t/won’t be drained.

      We know they kill people. They might not be able to get to Trump – but he has family, grandkids, etc.

      One thing I’ve learned the last couple of years, maybe I was slow to the party, but the Deep State is real.


      • Orson says:

        The Swamp – all federal bureaucracies – are 90 to 95% Democrat controlled (if DC voting figures mean anything). These Swamped bureaucrats are rich sinecures for Democrat activism. The Swamp cannot be drained unless these institutions are destroyed first – then carefully rebuilt with new federal law requirements to be representative of the partisanship of the People they purport to work for.

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    • Cpdesert says:

      Will all due respect to SD and Sperry, even though I have learned a great deal from SD, more so than any other available source on the subject, I cant accept this as fact. Yes there is evidence to support SD and Sperrys findings, but there is other evidence out there that contradicts their conclusions. No one knows definitively. For me, it is quite a leap to suggest that Sessions, Huber, Judge Sullivan all just woke up one day and became turncoats. There are so many inconsistencies here, only time will tell. Don’t lose hope.


      • Orson says:

        Oh, Come on – WHAT “other evidence?” That is completely undermined by the fact that federal institutions are entirely the cats paw of Democrats. Rich sinecures for Leftists. It’s been that way since the 1970s, when the President still had the power of recision, keeping the partisanship of federal bureaucracies in check through the power of the purse. Decades of protectionism has built the Swamp into the m9sty powerful instrument of perpetual government. Only violent REBELLION \can achieve genuine reform.

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      • Zorro says:

        “Turncoat” implies that one is an active subversive. I think many of them are passive subversives. They know there is wrong doing going on but they are “go along to get along” types that are not going to rock the boat and risk their careers and, subsequently, their families by exposing the wrong doing.

        It’s going to take courageous action of historic proportions to achieve justice. The kind that the Founders had risking life, liberty, and fortune.

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      • fakenoozisforfools says:

        Who said anything about them becoming turncoats? I believe they were accomplices from the get-go. Some were willing, others were unwilling but unable to refrain from buckling under the pressure applied to them. In the end, it doesn’t matter why they decided to go along, just that they did. Right now, the way things are rigged, Mueller is the most powerful man in the world.

        Name one thing anyone (including Sessions, Huber, Horowitz, and Sullivan) has done that has provided so much as a speed bump to the 0bama administration coup that has continued under Herr Mueller for the last year and a half? We’ve been told over and over again that this weasel is playing 4 dimensional chess, that that weasel is going to spring out from around the corner and shout “aha!”, and that weasel over there has a slick plan up his sleeve that is going to blow us away when he springs his trap, blah, blah, blah. SO WE CAN”T LOSE HOPE.

        The evidence of criminal activity is obvious. It is staring us right in the face. It is undisputed by anyone with an IQ higher than his hat size what was done from 2016 to the current day. Yet not one of the people who was siding with the forces to exonerate Clinton and overthrow Trump has even been charged with a crime let alone punished. A few people lost their job. BFD.

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  12. If Whitaker does not step up to the plate within days, I feel we’re permanently screwed. There isn’t enough alcohol at the corner saloon to soothe my fears. God bless everyone – in case I prematurely tip over on the way back. MAGA

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  13. titan28 says:

    The whole thing was a joke, then. So they all get away with it. If this is so, why would anybody think DJT is going to outmaneuver these swamp rats? I’m tilting toward all is lost.


    • Orson says:

      Me too.


    • formerdem says:

      Because PDJT never lets an insult slide, and this is an insult not only to him. Further, he hates hates to see the innocent suffer and Mueller has done a lot of that. PDJT is big on dramatic timing…. And I am kinda suspicious of all these people telling him to hurry. I think they are giving bad advice on purpose. Luckily I also think he will ignore it.


  14. Lynda says:

    New to comments here and trying so hard to grasp it all…. Could PT just fire them all, clean house and start a fresh?


  15. Reality says:

    It’s not a crime if you don’t get prosecuted.
    The DoJ is owned by the Deep State.
    Hillary thought the Don would replace her people with his. Hence her conclusion that if Trump wins “we are all screwed”, referring to her clique.
    Never in a million years did Hillary think Trump would leave her people controlling DoJ and FBI.
    The Don has even APPOINTED her people.
    How they must laugh in wide eyed wonder.

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  16. Johnny AA says:

    There is so much crazy going on now that it is impossible to make sense of anything. Like most of us, I’m frustrated at apparent lack of progress. On the other hand, to believe that PDT is getting railroaded requires us to believe that he is a) powerless b) a poor judge of people c) not very clever or d) all of the above. You don’t have to subscribe to the Trump 4-D chess theory to think that none of those seem very likely given his lifetime of accomplishments. So, we mere mortals are left wondering WTF is happening. My plan is to focus on my work, family life, and prayer. Nothing else I can do. Trump either has a plan or we’re all a bunch of naive fools. Time will tell.

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    • Hi new to forum – @Johnny AA I disagree. Fro as much as I sure seems all may be lost, I continue to find rays of hope… Example. We can all agree POTUS is shrewd and an excellent strategist. Right now the entire world is totally consume with what they view as Trump’s downfall a shuttered govt, Cabinet and “key” staff falling away in droves, the Fed erasing his economic successess, RINO Republicans coming forward hinting at a 2020 primary run – all bullshit. Field McConnell Abel Danger has been hinting at some action between 12/21 thru 12/27. He has an inside track with his military buddies so I have faith what he’s been saying may be true. But I ran across something that tied it all together for me. Constitutional arrest privilege – Article II says Senators/Representatives are immune to arrest while Congress is in session! They are on recess right now and NOT in session – all those pedos and criminal Seditionists and Traitors can be arrested. Also POTUS has unique powers to appoint during recesses – he could easily appoint/backfill Fed positions resulting from these massive arrests. He’s unusually quiet and in Washington…no mention of his family – strange. My intuition tells me they are all tucked away safe and he’s ready to command the midnight raids 12/27…and in Cabal fashion 0300 is a significant time for those Satanists. Any thoughts? Anyone else catch dots that connect in this fashion?


    • JX says:

      Trump has all the right enemies. We’ve got his back.


  17. Sharon says:

    The fool is you Marty!

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  18. Sharon says:

    Marty go to the leftist site your he is done BS is old!

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  19. Marsha Frey says:

    I beg to differ with you, my friend Lopez … it is the GOP Congress who has been made a fool of by their anti-Trump and lack of will to take advantage of these two years. It is the fool Sessions, who betrayed his president and set up a “lose, lose” for Trump. And perhaps, we the people, who claimed to support the President are somewhat fools also. We expected government people such as Horowitz and Huber to come to our rescue, to obliterate the bad guys. Obviously that isn’t going to happen. So — at 79 years old, as a woman, (and we have great intuition according to Rudyard Kipling) – my advise would be…make sure your cupboards are full, keep you powder dry and if you live in a big city – get out. The future is only going to get worse – so, while you have time use it wisely.

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  20. logboom says:

    Swamp always wins. Money and corruption are force multipliers.


  21. formerdem says:

    i do not agree at all. he is winning over the American people by focusing first on the economy and on their interests, rather than on insults against himself. this strengthens his hand against DOJ long term. And as for hurrying him, he is a master of dramatic timing and apparently No Body else is as good. He also very much does not like being insulted, so I do not think these items are truly off his schedule. But – DOJ wrongdoing is not as important to unemployed people as getting jobs is.


  22. Summer says:

    Sundance, you neglected to mention that in order to drag it into 2019 until the Democrats retake the house, while render the “right wingers” complacent and inactive, Q and “his” bullshit Trust Da Plan narrative was successfully deployed as part of the Deep State psyops. Mueller (and others) would not have been able to operate for 2 years without the Q team lulling the gullible masses with false hopes and crumb trails, in my opinion.

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    • Zorro says:

      Q or No Q. MAGA people are not going to storm the beaches. There is no organizational structure for that to take place.

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      • Summer says:

        So, who is supposed to create that organizational structure? There was a Tea Party once so it is possible to motivate people. Maybe if the mood was different (less oblivious “be patient”, “Trust the plan” and “relax, Trump got it” and more urgent “we need to do this and that ASAP or we lose”) something could be organized.

        Two years wasted. That was the Plan, as a matter of fact.

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    • formerdem says:

      Plus also raising their hopes unreasonably so that when PDJT has done so MUCH, they’d be mad because he didn’t already fix DOJ also. So now they’re all threatening suicide over the delay


    • maiingankwe says:

      Gullible masses eh? I don’t think so. I will be honest, I was a big supporter of Q until he was silent for twenty some days. However, I did take something positive away from it all and that was to always research and verify. Q pushed that endlessly, and I’m sure he still does. How this works in the favor of the Deep State I don’t know. In addition, I think it is just far too easy to put Q as a deep state operative. It makes it so easy to just write it all off.

      You don’t know if Q is really working for our President or not. You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever to prove he is of the deep state. None. Nada. And neither do I.

      Lastly, Q has brought millions of people together. One would think that would be the last thing the deep state would try to do.

      I will take what Q says with a grain of salt. I know whatever is said must be verified if possible and surprisingly it can be for the most part.

      I’ve been silent on Q because Sundance has asked that of us. However, I’ve gotten quite tired of all the snide remarks and attacks. Enough is enough. Let it go. Well, until you have actual evidence to prove your accusation, and I will do the same.
      Take care,


  23. litlbit2 says:

    Well Merry Christmas, Mueller is President, Rosy vice-President, Comey SOS, Hillary Sec of the treasury, Soros heads up Justice, can we bring back Sessions to coverup voter fraud?

    Considering all, we have been provided a remarkable President Donald Trump. 2019 should be a barn burner.

    Time to get to it Sundance we certainly trust you and your work.


  24. E.jay Miller says:

    The only real option plan for Trump to save himself, his Presidency, the Presidency, this nation;
    1.declassify the incriminating documents
    2. appoint Joe DiGenova head of the FBI to clean house
    2. direct the AAG to Whitaker to Indict, arrest, and bring to trial the leaders of the Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice.
    3. establish, by directive, a new US Army Base; “Southern Border Unified Base of Operations”
    4. begin bulldozer/gravel construction of operations roadway along the border.
    4. begin building the 30′ tall tube steel with spike top fence/wall along with the roadway
    5. Ignore any Court Order that contradicts his Constitutional Responsibilities and Duties as Chief Executive
    6. get re-elected in a landslide.

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  25. Lo says:

    Sounds hopeless.


    • Reality says:

      PDJT refuses to use the military budget to build the Wall, when all the time he can.
      We are being presented with false choices. “Congress won’t give me money for the Wall, so I can’t act”. Wrong.
      Hopeless alright


  26. Monticello says:

    Peaceful protest is the only answer. Or perhaps a class action civil suit or both.

    At least we are arriving at a picture of the truth. If one man can raise millions for the wall then millions can be raised to protest. When are we going to roll? I’m ready!


  27. cali says:

    @Sundance: Looking from a 40,000 feet height I suppose it looks as though to be a con job.
    When you lower the heights another picture emerges that reflects reality including clear but more appropriate one: Yes there is an open case of investigation. John Huber was not assigned to the CF investigation. His task is to investigate was solely the uranium one case of the Clintons while the FBI is solely to investigate the CF.
    While it only made a blip on the news cycle it was reported that there was another investigator(s). My hunch is that this prosecutor(s) is our military branch itself for the following reason: Based on the EO dtd. 21 December 2017 we are still at war and even more so that we are under a ‘national security threat’.
    The give-away was the Huber 470-strong team/investigators. This just so happen to be the 470th Intelligence Battalion. Additionally this case like SpyGate involves enemies domestic and foreign.

    There are a number of moving objects involved.

    John Huber is just the face of it all. Think about it – all of it implicates the CIA/Mossad, FBI, MI6, MI5, SIS, AU, NZ, State Dept/Ukraine and others. This is the stuff our military intelligence handles. That also includes the Old Guard like Mueller et al and more taking and carrying out orders given by the UK.
    That would also involve NDA’s as a consequence of said investigation.

    If there were no investigation(s) that would president Trump a liar, would discredit Admiral (ret) as well as LTG (ret) Michael Flynn.

    I am convinced that all of it is a military operation as well and a sting to boot!


  28. haug01 says:

    Evidence that things are happening re: Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation.

    Tracy Beans has a YouTube rebuttal re: Paul Sperry’s article. The link is here:

    Must Watch: Is Nothing Happening?

    Regarding The Clinton Foundation, she cites the recent House testimony by the self-funded IRS bounty hunters who felt there was an active investigation by Huber et al.

    Regarding Uranium One, she shows court records regarding the indictment (1/12/2018) of a trucking firm president (USA vs Lambert, Mark T., Maryland District Court) for conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering, etc. The Maryland Federal prosecutors say that the DOE records are part of a massive investigation. She shows a transcript from a court proceeding dated 9/4/2018 saying there is a massive DOE database compiled by criminal investigators.”This is the database by the agents that were involved in investigating a very broad case”.

    On the DOJ website, I found that Lambert settled for a $2 million fine on 3/14/2018 but Tracy shows that the sealed case is still ongoing.

    Understand the significance here. That case is NOT being prosecuted in Washington. Any prosecution not in DC has a much better chance of a conviction against the Deep State.

    Seeing this, I remain hopeful. However, an essential part of the internet entity known as (P + 1) plan was to get a majority on the Supreme Court. It is now clear that Chief Justice Roberts will be siding with the Deep State (he voted to overrule DJT revision of the border asylum rules). There is no conservative majority on the supreme court yet. The question arises as to whether there is the possibility of a supreme court majority during DJTs tenure. I truly do not wish for anything bad to happen to anyone ever but it is public knowledge that RGB just underwent a thoracotomy and partial lung resection for 2 malignant lung nodules.

    An anon who writes with medical lingo fluently posted the following argument which I pared down:

    Had the nodules been small and non enlarging she would not have been taken to surgery. She has no risk factors for primary lung cancer. With her history of pancreatic and colon cancer, this is more likely to be metastatic pancreatic cancer which has a very poor prognosis especially at her age and stature. Her recent rib fractures may have been related to metastatic bone cancer. Her recent memory problems may have been due to metastatic brain cancer.

    I agree that this interpretation is reasonable.

    To summarize:
    1. There is evidence of an ongoing Clinton Foundation investigation. It is still possible the Clinton Foundation documents (taken from Arkansas to the Langley Air Force Base via a DOJ 757-two trips) are being scrubbed, deleted and/or lost by Deep State actors as part of the continued self-preservation Sundance has documented so eloquently.

    2. There is an ongoing prosecution of a trucking firm president related to Uranium One and court documents indicate a broad criminal investigation is in progress.

    3. There is still a chance of getting a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. This would mean that any guilty verdicts from non-corrupt lower courts have a fair and just chance of being upheld on appeal in the Supreme Court.


    • Zippy says:

      How is youngster Roberts, the actually unknown quantity Ann Coulter warned us about way back in 2005, going to be replaced? He isn’t.

      Since the Swamp/Deep State is every elected pol and government bureaucrat who would refuse to give up their job or reduce their degree of control for the good of the country, you can see that that contingent consists of probably 99% of government at every level.

      Considering that, can you see why there were so many cynics here who were, as usual, absolutely correct in predicting that nothing would happen to any of the many high level perps involved in the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One deal, and all of the Spygate crimes?

      Another question: with a mostly clueless and easily propagandized electorate, do you still think you control your government on any really important issues? I don’t and haven’t for many decades having recognized long ago the UniParty for what it was and is.


      • Zippy says:

        BTW, the -ONLY- fix for this insanely corrupted system is what Dylan Ratigan ranted about on MSNBC years ago just before he gave up and quit his job – a President who -SERIOUSLY- kicks CONgressional ass with abandon while using his bully pulpit to explain to the electorate what he’s doing and why regardless of impeachment consequences for him which, BTW, is going to happen to PDJT anyway. PDJT hasn’t been that, something some of us had hoped for and being the reason we voted for him.


  29. John says:

    My fellow Americans are we the people for the people going to continue to let our leaders in our government continue to destroy our nation? I pray not its time to get up off of our assess and defend our country and exercise our constitutional rights. For now is the time more than ever to do so we must demand our president Mr.Trump put a end to this corruption that’s deeply inbeded in our government. The department of justice FBI, CIA, and any other agencies involved in this investigation Obama H.Clinton, L.Lynnch, J.Comey, Yates,Rice, Mcabe, Susserman, Ohrr, Storkz, Page, Muller,Brennan, The list goes on any senators congressmen or congresswomen that may be involved. They think there above the law they think that we are stupid.Enough they have committed Treason against us we the people it’s pretty damm plain. Now Mr.President we the people for the people who elected you sir as commander and chief of our country Who has the power and authority of the United states constitution by the people to charge all those involved and bring them to justice. Put them sir in jail where they belong do it Mr.President for the sake of our country and our people. Also any news organizations that’s misled lied or covered up for any political parties DNC and RNC it’s a known fact the DNC is involved in this scandal bring them all to justice. For WE THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE Sir elected you to clean it up its way past time. Don’t fear them sir for we stand with you if they don’t believe we do call on us together we as God fearing people will move them our prayers are with you may God bless you and your family and all Americans and forgive us as a nation an a people for our transgressions.


  30. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    “A bureaucratic catch-22.” …. on a rather superficial level it is.

    The REAL issue was Sessions’ recusal. We are advised that it was even based on an incorrect rule. The harm that single stunt did was immeasurable. A huge act of malfeasance, apparently, will allow the coup cabal members to skate. It is most unfortunate the GOP does not have the foresight seen in its opposition Party.

    At least, Mr. Prez, please unmask those emails and texts so at minimum the citizens may see who what and the depth of their sedition. They have moved us to a 3rd world two tiered justice system. At minimum, the People should have the opportunity to remove the despicable miscreants at the next election.


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